Why we dont have a sales order in case of Intercompany Stock Transfer?

Why we don't have a sales order in case of Intercompany Stock Transfer?

It is up to the client requirement business scenarios..
U can do stock transfer with so many ways..
1. one step process
In this just stock transfer between two plants but no goods reiceipt only goods issue
2. two step process
In this both goods issue and goods receipt docuements
3. stock transfer with out delviery
Here purchage order NB  with goods issue and goods reciept
4. stock transfer with delviery and billing..
In this Purchage order, goods issue, migo, miro and inter company invoice..

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    Dear Mauryan,
    ATP check will work if you have already turned on ATP check in the following 3 transactions:
    You need to turn on ATP at your checking group, requirement class, and schedule line category. If one of them is off, then ATP check will not work. See note 547512, Q1.

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    thanks and regards,

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    Dear sir
    i have one senario like i  have four sales order which is processing in production . i got  5th sales order. how  system calculate  delivery date . pl z guide  me . 

    Dear ,
    System Calcualte Delivery date  during the ATP Check baesd on the Total Replinshment Lead Times mentioned in the Material Master -MRP3 view .
    If The Total replenishment lead time field is not maintained.In this case, the system reads the in-house production time and, if available, the goods receipt processing time, and interprets the total of these two times as the replenishment lead time for the availability check .(ATP) and arrive in Delivery date and Scheduel Delivery date in Sale Order Schedule Tab .
    Now , when you run the MRP on those Order in MD02-NETCH , 2,1,3,3 with Lead Time Scheduling , planned order gets generated for Finished good based on the BOM and Routing .It arrives in Production Finsih Date , Start Date  baesd on the Operation(Setu Time , Processing time , Tear Down time , Wait Time ,Move Time )  releted time mentioned in Routing , Scheduling margine Key in MMR(MM02-MRP1 View -SMK:  Opening Period , FBP,FAP.Release Period )  .This dates are getting copied in production order based on trh Scheduling type , into Production Order .

  • Problem while creating new item in the sale order  in case of  Thirdparty

    Dear Gurus
    The following error is coming
    while adding the new item with quantity  in the sale order in case of third party  .
    Error Info...   00 671: ABAP/4 processor: SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC
    Update key...   482ACBD89C7D0067E10080000A8C681C
    Can give any idea abt this.

    This error comes up due to number range problem in the
    As you have said this is a third party Sales order, just check if this is relevant to the PR being generated or the Sales order getting created.
    Check the Current number of the PR document type in the EBAN table & check if it is the same for the Number ranges in customizingin OMH7.
    If they are not the same... & the current number in OMH7 is smaller than the Number in the table EBAN , you need to change the current number  equal to the EBAN table.
    If this is the case fior sales orders similarly check for Sales order table & sales order number range object.
    reward points if useful
    Thanks & Regards

  • RE: Intercompany stock transfer order process

    hi SD Experts,
    I really appreciate if anyone explain me how to execute Intercompany stock transfer order with intercompany billing scenario.
    I  used T-Code ME27, but unable to do delv and intercompany billing
    thanks in advance

    Material should exist in both the plants (Delivering  & Ordering),
    Internal customer should be assaigned to the ordering plant ( MM -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Setup stock transport order -> assign the internal customer to the ordering plant and assign the Sales area of the internal customer.
    Assign its Sales area to the delivering plant
    Assign the document type and Delivery type  NB and NLCC
    Assign the Supplying plant --> Receiving Plant --> NB 
    Take the delivering plant and assign the sales area.
    Vendor master has to be created and assaign the supply source ( Delivering Plant).
    Create a puchase order ME21N ---> Save
    Delivery VL10 G ---> Calculation rule (appropriate) --> Assaign the purchase order number here and execute.
    Select the Delivery creation line and do the back ground process.
    Start the log display and see the delivery document number by the documents button
    Goto VL02N --> do picking and PGI --> Then do the MIGO with respect to the delivery document.
    Billing (Intercompany pricing conditions should be set).
    rewards point it helps

  • Intercompany sales vs intercompany stock transfer

    Wat is the main differences between
    Intercompany sales vs intercompany stock transfer.
    More over what are the taxes applicable (India) in both.
    In what case VAT/CST will be aplicable and in what case it will not be applicable?
    G A

    Imagine this scenario
    There are 2 company codes,2 sales orgs and 2 plants entire 2 set ups one in UK and another in INDIA
    Company code UK and INDIA
    Sales orgs UK and INDIA
    Plants UK and INDIA
    Now For a customer in INDIA and the sales order is registered in Sales org INDIA  if the the goods are shipped directly to this customer in INDIA  from plant UK which is assigened to company code UK then it is intercomapany sales
    Intercompany sales means plant will directly sell or supply to end customer
    Now after registering or taking this order from the customer in INDIA and if you transfer the stocks from UK plant to INDIA plant then it is intercompant Stock transfer and after getting the stocks this INDIA plant will supply the end  Customer
    intercompany stock transfer means the stocks are being shifted across 2 plants of different company codes
    The main difference is the same as what is the difference between sales and stock transfer
    Sales will happen to the end customer and stock transfer will happen between plants
    In Intercomany sales the sales is happening to the end customer directly who is assigned to a different company code
    In Intercomany stock transfer stock is moving between 2 plants of different company codes

  • Intercompany Stock transfer order with excise

    Can anyone  tell me about Intercompany Stock transfer order with excise step by step.
    hoping to replu

    Create Stock Transport Order - ME21N
    Create Delivery Challan (DC) - VL10B (this reduces the inventory from supplying plant)
    Create Excise Invoice refering the DC created above - J1IS - Ref document type OTHR (Excise values are transfered in this step)
    Do goods receipt against the DC (outbound delivery) - MIGO in receiving plant. Also capture and post the excise invoice cerated in J1IS.
    Mahesh Naik

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  • I have one sales order but the condition is the stock delivered to the part

    is in various instalments 10%every month up to 100% how it configure

    it is possible through standard SAP, when you create delivery you can give the required qty. of 10% of order ever time, but its possible if the price is same for all months,
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    If you have defferent prices for every month you have to create separate sales order ever month.
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    sai krishna

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