Why won't Apple support Flash?

I posted this same question on an Adobe Flash forum and the answer I got was that Apple has to approve Flash for its operating system.
If this is true, why won't Apple do this? Not supporting it means we, the customers, lose out on a great deal of internet content--which we simply can't view in the Safari mobile browser.
Best, David

freedda wrote:
As a non-techie user, this is seeming like a chicken-and-egg sort of thing: the Apple people point to Adobe. Adobe people point the finger at Apple.
In either case, I and other users seem to be on the loosing end of things. 
Please show us where we might see a copy of the Adobe Flash Player for IOS then, and we will know who's the chicken, and who's the egg.

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    We are just users like you. So we can't answer that question. However, there are hundreds of posts about it, so a search of the forum might be enlightening.
    The iPhone 4 is four generations out of date. Have you noticed that when any company releases a new product or version of a product it has features that previous versions did not? If it didn't then what would be the point of coming out with a new version?

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    Neither Apple (nor any other company) will support a product forever. The iPad one is, by technology standards, obsolete. It has nothing to do with corporate greed - unless you define greed as making a profit.
    Your iPad still works, apparently. If you wish additional functionality, buy a new one - it is your money and decision.

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    Apple has no obligation to support someone else's product. Why you would expect that is beyond understanding.

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    This is a user-to-user forum. You're not actually addressing Apple here. Submit your feedback using the Feedback page:
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    Nobody knows, and Apple isn't saying.  The issue has been discussed here many times already in the last year.

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  • Why doesn't Apple support Adobe Flash Player?

    Why doesn't Apple support Adobe Flash Player?
    I recently traveled out of the country with a large group and we are sharing our photos on Snapfish and I need Adobe Flash Player to download them to my IPAD. Help!

    No Flash for iPads, iPhones, or iPods
    Here's why there's is no Flash available for iDevices or other mobile devices. Adobe was unable to provide a product that was suitable to the needs of battery powered mobile devices used for Internet browsing. Existing Flash technology used too much memory, ate battery life, and was buggy. Simply put Flash did not work well on mobile devices.
    Apple's Steve Jobs led the escape from Flash dependency when Apple introduced the iPhone, and later introduced the iPad. There was a hue and cry over the omission. Time proved Jobs was right on target.
    So this is why there is no Flash for your iPhone or iPad or iPod nor for most SmartPhones. Flash has been abandoned by many sites in favor of supported technologies such as HTML5 or by providing their own custom app.
    Here is Steve Jobs official comment on his momentous decision to omit Flash from iDevices: Steve Jobs on Flash.
    Here is Adobe's later announcement to cease development of Flash for mobile devices: Adobe on Mobile Flash. Adobe is not providing Flash for Apple iOS devices, and they no longer provide Flash for any other cellular phones. Flash is officially gone.
    Now, you are not necessarily out on a limb. There are some apps that can display some Flash, but don't count on there ability to display anything using Flash.
    A sample of Apps that can display some Flash content:
      1. Puffin
      2. SkyFire
      3. Photon Flash
      4. Browse2Go
      5. Swifter
    Also, note that many sites that use Flash provide their own app for accessing their material. So check with your favorite sites and find out if "there's an app for that."

  • Why doesn't Apple support Adobe Flash player on the iPad?  Very irritating!

    Why doesn't Apple support Adobe Flash player on the iPad?  Very irritating!

    Look to the right under More Like This and you will see that you are beating a dead horse. Instead of doing a search for your issue you will be one of the obligatory 5 or 6 folks who ask this same inane question here every bloody day.
    So there is you answer, just read a few of the links to the scores of other threads here on this very topic and you will have all of the answers. The primary one being that there is no Flash from Adobe for iOS devices. Never has been, and since Adobe gave up trying to make Flash that worked, likely never will be.

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    Another solution is the Air Parrot.

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    No, they don't hear you posting here. My button is working fine after 3 years.
    This is primarily a user-to-user technical support site. You've wasted your time here.
    Go down to Contact Us at the bottom right, get Apple's address and right them a letter.

  • Why won't Apple Mail utilize addresses from Apple Contacts ?

    Why won't Apple Mail utilize addresses from Apple Contacts ?
    Some of the people in my contacts have multiple e-mail addresses.   Using contacts from within Apple Mail I can see these e-mail addresses.  I then select the e-mail address I need to use and it is highlighted in blue.  However, when I drag that e-mail address into the e-mail it uses the first e-mail address on the list and does NOT use the one that is highlighted.
    This worked perfectly with good old Snow Leopard. Why doesn't it work now?  What is the procedure for selecting an e-mail address that is not the first one in contacts ?

    To see if there's a recovery volume installed reboot with the Option key held down and see what volumes are shown that you can book from.  If there is a recovery volume it will be displayed.  The arrow keys can be used to moved to the desired volume and the Enter or Return key to start the boot.
    Yes I did that. I don't no why, but I have no recovery volume.
    However, I do have mavericks on a USB flash drive. I booted from the flash drive and followed your procedure.  This did not fix my Mail problem.
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    I assume Canon 70D came after Lr4 was no longer being fitted with new camera support (i.e. when Lr5 was released).
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    * upgrade to Lr5, or
    * convert to DNG (using free Adobe Converter).

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    Sorry - not understanding. What do you mean by "upgrade"? When you purchase an Apple Product, you get AppleCare automatically - 90 Days of Telephone Support, and a 1-Year Warranty.
    You can then purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac, iPod, and Apple TV, or AppleCare+ for iPad or iPhone.
    AppleCare Protection Protection Plans can be purchased any time within the 1-year warranty period.
    Apple+ must be purchased within 30 days of purchase.
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