Why won't apple support the charging cable I bought?

I bought a cheaper charging cable online. It worked just fine before the ios7 upgrade. Now the software won't let the cable charge my phone because I didn't pay apple $30 for it. This is ridiculous and the opposite of why I was an apple fan before. Not to mention how overpriced the apple cable is. Not cool.
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Apple has no obligation to support someone else's product. Why you would expect that is beyond understanding.

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  • Why won`t apple support siri on iphone 4 ?

    Why won't apple support siri on iphone 4 ?

    We are just users like you. So we can't answer that question. However, there are hundreds of posts about it, so a search of the forum might be enlightening.
    The iPhone 4 is four generations out of date. Have you noticed that when any company releases a new product or version of a product it has features that previous versions did not? If it didn't then what would be the point of coming out with a new version?

  • Why won't Apple support printing to mobile 3 rd party printers

    Why won't Apple support printing to mobile 3 rd party printers

    It's up to the printer manufacturer to provide an app for printing from. Many do, and any support AirPrint which is what iOS devices use for printing.
    It's not Apple's job to create printer drivers for every third party printer on the market. Printer manufacturers provide drivers with their products.

  • Why won't Apple activate the FM receiver feature of the Broadcom  BCM4335 chip?

    Why won't Apple activate the FM receiver feature of the Broadcom  BCM4335 chip?
    I paid for it, it uses less energy, less bandwidth, during emergencies, we would have radio access & FEMA would like it activated.
    I asked an Apple tech on chat and they said there is no FM capability on the phone.  I asked if my iPhone has a Broadcom chip and they ended the chat.  I had to give them my phone number twice, but they never called back with me back to answer the question.  According to NPR the chip is activated in other countries.

    could it be because the iphone6 don't have an Broadcom  BCM4335 chip?
    http://www.chipworks.com/en/technical-competitive-analysis/resources/blog/inside -the-iphone-6-and-iphone-6-plus-part-2/

  • Why won't Apple admit the problem with 6th generation nano power button?

    The power (sleep) button on the 6th generation nano is obviously faulty and poorly designed. Why won't Apple step up and make it right and issue a recall to fix or solve the issue so many people are having? Apple, do you hear us? Make it right! You know it's wrong! If a power button fails after a couple of years, that's a sad design. Shame on you!

    No, they don't hear you posting here. My button is working fine after 3 years.
    This is primarily a user-to-user technical support site. You've wasted your time here.
    Go down to Contact Us at the bottom right, get Apple's address and right them a letter.

  • Why won't Apple support Flash?

    I posted this same question on an Adobe Flash forum and the answer I got was that Apple has to approve Flash for its operating system.
    If this is true, why won't Apple do this? Not supporting it means we, the customers, lose out on a great deal of internet content--which we simply can't view in the Safari mobile browser.
    Best, David

    freedda wrote:
    As a non-techie user, this is seeming like a chicken-and-egg sort of thing: the Apple people point to Adobe. Adobe people point the finger at Apple.
    In either case, I and other users seem to be on the loosing end of things. 
    Please show us where we might see a copy of the Adobe Flash Player for IOS then, and we will know who's the chicken, and who's the egg.

  • Why won't Apple register the serial number for my ipod?

    Apple won't register the serial number for my ipod purchased at a Walmart.  Also noticed there is no settings icon in the upper left corner and can't connect to my own internet connection at home.  Any suggestions?

    Purchased new.  Did not try to register thru iTunes.   Just wanted to  hook up via my wi-fi connection at home.  Why won't Apple register my serial number without hook up to iTunes?

  • Why won't an off brand charging cable work?

    The cable it comes with works fine, but I bought a longer charging cable and it won't charge my iPad Air

    because they are cheaply made and can be potentially dangerous.

  • TS1702 Why won't apple support my 1st edition iPad any longer. Apart from greed?

    Why will apple no longer support my iPad 1.
    I am no longer able to read magazines I have subscribed to because the app now needs iOS 6.
    And apple won't let me upgrade my software.
    Rip off I thinks.

    Neither Apple (nor any other company) will support a product forever. The iPad one is, by technology standards, obsolete. It has nothing to do with corporate greed - unless you define greed as making a profit.
    Your iPad still works, apparently. If you wish additional functionality, buy a new one - it is your money and decision.

  • Why won't Apple support "text blocking for teens while driving"?

    I was watching the Today show and they did a spot on teens and texting.  Did you know that 18 teens die PER DAY because of texting?  Fortunately, there are many products out there that can block texting and phone calls (except 911) while the car is moving.  Unfortunately, Apple will not support any of these products.  Why?  Are they not concerned about the safety of our teens?

    This is a user-to-user forum. You're not actually addressing Apple here. Submit your feedback using the Feedback page:
    You might also want to contact your carrier and have them block text messaging on your teenagers' phones if they have demostrated they can't use texting responsibly.
    Best of luck.

  • Why won't any mfi certified charging cable work on my iPhone 6

    I have purchased over the last year several lightning charger leads from a well known shopping site and have always made sure they are Mfi certified to protect my iPhone 5s...  Now I have my lovely new iPhone 6, they no longer work.. I have tried the expensive ones and the cheaper Amaxon Basics range (all mfi c'd) but still get thst sand not compatible massage.. Is it true that Apple have indeed banned even Mfi accessories from working on their devices??

    Hi all and thank you for your input regarding this issue! This is an update to a problem that has now been resolved and one that may be of interest to anyone with same ploblem!!
    i Took my phone once again to a geneus bar on Thursday and they did a diagnostic on battery which didn't give any errors, I did say this may have been a false reading due to the fact I'd been using a power bank during that day. He insisted that it may have been a software issue even though other genius reps said this wouldn't be the case! Also I'd done a full reset and set up as new to no avail! Anyway, eventually he agreed to exchange handset. 24 hrs later my battery has still got 56% remaining AND all charger leads now work fine with no error messages!! Make your own judgements to what the problem was but my judgement is maybe genius isn't quite all its cracked up to be. I would however say that the service was extremely good in that at no point was I accused as being wrong. He just had May the wrong info supplied by apple. Hope this helps anyone else with a similar problem as was driving me mad having to charge my phone by lunchtime And not being able to use my 3rd party mfi chargers.

  • Why won't Apple support iBooks on Mac

    I am curious as to why Apple doesn't have an iBooks App for the Mac

    Nobody knows, and Apple isn't saying.  The issue has been discussed here many times already in the last year.

  • HT5312 why won't Apple send the verification to my email?

    I forgot my security questions and I pressed "send to email" so that I could change them but every time I check my email there is no email from them. I've even checked spam and all I want to do is download music on my new iPhone 

    You need to contact Apple to get the questions reset. Click here, phone them, and ask for the Account Security team, or fill out and submit this form.

  • Why won't Apple fix the wifi connectivity problem with the iMac and new OS instead of just havin us go through hours of useless mock fixes!

    I have spent hours with apple care about this problem with wifi connectivity.  According to all the posts I'm not alone.  I love my new IMAC
    but i'll be glad to go back to my PC just so I can get my email without all the headaches.  It seems that Apple has lost interest in
    the IMAC and all of the problems associated with the new OS. 

    Keep in mind that ASC is where people go to get help, so yes, you are seeing reports of people who are having WiFi connection issues. But while it might seem like there are lots of people having trouble, given the sheer number of iMacs in use, it is a very small number. Also keep in mind that WiFi isn't totally under Apple's control. There are dozens of WiFi routers. Even worse, the manufacturers of WiFi routers often release firmware upgrades to fix flaws without ever informing the consumer. And just to add to the confusion, while WiFi 801.2 n routers have been sold for several years, for most of that time there was no agreed upon standard!
    So if you'd like help, first, what router do you have and have you checked the vendor site to see that it has the latest firmware?

  • Why won't Apple put the photo name in the Photos app?!

    I keep hoping that Apple will do a very simple thing and that is put the photo name/title in the Photos app for iOS. It's not even available in the iOS version of iPhoto as near as I can tell. This one simple thing would be a tremendous boon to anyone showing photos under any circumstances. "1 of 55" is not very helpful. What possible reason could make this undesirable? It isn't confusing or cluttering up the interface. Nothing is as simple as syncing photos to an iPad with iTunes; I've looked at Photosmith, and while a very nice app, you have to create & publish individual collections from Lightroom one at a time. Does anyone know if it's possible to force the title to be shown? I've read that the information isn't even transferred to the iPad or iPhone but at least some metadata is transferred for iOS iPhoto.

    You can let Apple know that you would like this feature:

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