Will firmware version 4.1.7 automatically update to 4.1.9?

I recently upgraded to OS 10.3 from OS 10.0 on my Imac 700MHz G3. The installation documentation said that I would be prompted to upgrade the firmware if I needed to. I was not prompted so I went ahead and did the OS 10.3 installation. The firmware remained version 4.1.7f4 after the install.
Not too long ago I went through the same procedure on my Imac 400MHz DV. The only difference is that I started the upgraded process from OS 9.I, then to 9.2.2 using the updates (ending at the latest version of 9), then to 10.0, and then to 10.3. And finally updating with 10.3.9 combo to OS 10.3.9. During that whole process I never new about firmware and never checked to see what version I had before starting this process. After all of the above installations were finished I ended up with firmware version 4.1.9f1.
My concern is with the 700MHz G3 IMac. I'd like to update to 10.3.9 using the combo update but I'm concerned about the firmware. Will firmware 4.1.7f4 be updated automatically to 4.1.9f1 after the combo OS 10.3.9 is installed? Or should I erase the disk again and start over by first installing firmware update 4.1.9? Actually if that were the case I wouldn't be able to update my firmware since I don't have the correct bootable version of OS 9 on disk that is required for that computer. However my previous experience with the installations on the 400MHz DV suggests to me that that the firmware will automatically be updated. But I would like confirmation from the experts. I'd hate to spend all that time downloading and installing all of the latest updates (Combo 10.3.9, etc.) only to find that the firmware version is incorrect.

I don't understand your anger. In your first message
you posted that you installed OS 9 and updated it to
9.2.2. So why don't you do that again on the 700 MHz
I find it very amusing that somehow you see anger in my post. That is realy very funny! The reason I didn't just simply install OS 9 on the 700MHz Imac is stated in my original post. I would need a special (the original disk that came with this computer) bootable OS 9.1 disk to install 9.1 on this particular computer. However if there are retail 9.2 or greater disks available then that would work to. I own a retail version of 9.1 that I used for the 400MHz Imac. That wont work on the 700MHz Imac. So now I have to buy a another OS 9 disk. Thanks for your input. Al

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    As of Remote.app version 3, these carefully crafted songlists are scrambled, making the App worthless. When I first noticed this I couldn't believe it, must be a bug. Nope, no bug, by design I found out. It's like when Lucy pulls the football away. It's mean spirited to take back features you've sold and promoted and people have grown to rely on in the workflow of their lives. So I downgraded back to Remote.app version 2.
    ((Actually, they're not really technically scrambled, they're actually presented in alphabertical order, which I think is really the same thing to me. Think about it: listening to an artists work alphabetically by title is really the most random and completely scrambled way to listen to their music. Or if you don't want to listen to them alphabetically, you can have them shuffled. Those are now the only two choices. Either way, the lists are jumbled, and like iTunes 11, several of the most powerful features have been taken away. In this case the exact thing that's missing is that the iTunes Remote no longer reflects the sort order of iTunes playlists.
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    I'm now noticing the same thing with iTunes, it's becoming more difficult to find the currently playing song. In iTunes 10, Go to Current Song would open the folder containing the list of the currently playing song, highlight and move that list to the top of the left column and then highlight that song. In iTunes 11, Go to Current Song will only highlight the folder that contains that song and nothing more. At that point you're on your own to hunt town the currently playing song. This feature has been broken—on purpose I suspect.))
    SO—I don't want to be forced into Remote.app version 3 and have my playlists scrambled on my iPhone and iPad. Is there anyone who knows the answer from first hand experience?
    If customer loyalty is as important to Apple as it should be taking away features in iTunes and Remote app will only drive old customers away.

    I like that I would be able to maintain my iPhoto library data for Faces and Places in Aperture, but am concerned that when the iPhoto library is "upgraded" for Aperture, and I decide I don't really need that program, the upgraded library won't work with iPhoto anymore.
    The iPhoto library isn't changed in any way by Aperture. Aperture will import the Library and you can choose to copy the files to the Aperture Library or reference them within iPhoto. As long as you don't delete files from the iPhoto Library via Aperture (which you could do if you choose to Reference) there is no impact on iPhoto
    Will I still be able to use iPhoto to access and organize my library, or will it be forever converted for use with Aperture?
    They are completely different libraries.
    Recently, iPhoto bugs make Events show up multiple times in iTunes when syncing for iPhone and iPad.
    Fixed in the 9.1.3 update.
    Will I find a better user experience with Aperture, or does it also use the single file library and suffer the same struggles iPhoto users have been seeing lately?
    Like iphoto, Aperture can use the "single file library" or it can use a Referenced Library (just like iphoto can). Note that using a Referenced Library offers not a whit more in terms of features or capabilities. It's file storage plain and simple. Nothing more.
    No you won't see the "same struggles iPhoto users have been seeing..." because Aperture is an entirely different allication.
    But you my see Aperture or Lightroom struggles

  • Firefox automatically updated to a version that will not run on my version of OSX... can I reinstall my old version and keep my saved bookmarks, etc?

    I am running OSX 10.4.11 on my iMac; Firefox automatically updated to version 12, and now it will not run on my computer.
    Is there a way to deinstall the new version while keeping my saved bookmarks, etc?
    If not, how do I deinstall 12 and reinstall the older version of Firefox that worked with my operating system?

    [[Firefox no longer works with Mac OS X 10.4 or PowerPC processors]].
    You can install Firefox 3.6 from [http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all-older.html http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all-older.html]. Please keep in mind that not only is Firefox not receiving any updates (thus rendering it insecure), neither is Mac 10.4 or any of the plugins used on it. Running such an old Operating System is dangerous to your information's security on the internet. something for you to keep in mind.

  • Airport Ver 7.4.1 will not update firmware.  Goes throught the process, reboots with the same firmware version.  Power cycled the airport, did not help

    Airport Ver 7.4.1 will not update firmware.  Goes throught the process, reboots with the same firmware version.  Power cycled the airport, did not help.

    Please see the answer to your other post.

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    Since Firefox version 12, after Firefox automatically applies an update, Firefox will launch and immediately terminate.
    The only solution is to manually un-install Firefox, completely clean the registry of Firefox entries, and manually re-install a previous version of Fiirefox that will work -- I use version 4.0. And then manually update that version to the current version.
    I DO NOT install the new automatic update option -- that is, the automatic maintenance option.
    BUT never the less, EVERY TIME I check for the latest version of Firefox using HELP --> About
    I have put with this none sense for 18 versions of Firefox - MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!
    Thanks, David Breed

    You can use one of these to start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u>:
    *On Windows, hold down the Shift key while starting Firefox with a double-click on the Firefox desktop shortcut
    *On Mac, hold down the Options key while starting Firefox
    *Help > Restart with Add-ons Disabled
    Can you bring up the Profile Manager to create a new profile (possibly when starting in Safe Mode by holding down Shift)?
    Create a new profile as a test to check if your current profile is causing the problem.
    See "Creating a profile":
    If the new profile works then you can transfer files from a previously used profile to the new profile, but be cautious not to copy corrupted files to avoid carrying over the problem

  • How do you upload firmware to Airport extreme with the following message: This version of AirPort Utility requires this AirPort Extreme use firmware version 7.3.1 or later. Use AirPort Utility 5.6 to update this base station. I'm using airport utility 6.0

    The airport extreme at my parent's house has not had its firmware update in some time and it keeps dropping the internet connection and needing to be reset.
    I went to update firmware and opened up airport utilities (I'm running airport 6.0 on Mountain Lion, 10.7.4).  Everytime I open the airport utility I get the following message: "
    This version of AirPort Utility requires this AirPort Extreme use firmware version 7.3.1 or later. Use AirPort Utility 5.6 to update this base station. AirPort Utility 5.6 is available at AirPort Service and Support.
    I've followed the link and tried to update firmwares but none are available and the print says that airport utility will look to see if firmware are available and load them as necessary when prompted by user.
    One link said the only way to solve this problem is open up Airport Utility 5.6. I tried to do this, but 5.6 is not supported on Mountain Lion and couldn't be opened up.
    I'm getting the exact same message on my other computer, a Mac Air.
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    See this article for instructions on how to install AirPort Utility 5.6 for Lion on Mountain Lion:
    http://www.macworld.com/article/1167965/mountain_lion_and_the_ancient_airport_ba se_station.html

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    The reason why is that FF main appeal is the range of extensions, having over half of them non-functional because developers can't keep up with frequent Firefox updates is frustrating beyond compare.

    Hi PJ99,
    You should take a look at the Knowledge Base article [[Installing a previous version of Firefox]]. This will show you how to roll back to an older version.
    If you want to turn off automatic updates, just take a look at [https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Updating%20Firefox#w_how-do-i-configure-update-options this article]. That will prevent Firefox from updating automatically.
    Hopefully this helps!

  • I connected my iphone 3g to itunes which was in 4.1 firmware and itunes ask for an update which i downloaded an updated the phone to version 6.1.3 but my phone cannot start it shows no service my sim card is not getting network and i cannot use the phone.

    i connected my iphone 3g to itunes which was in 4.1 firmware and itunes ask for an update which i downloaded an updated the phone to version 6.1.3 but my phone cannot start it shows no service my sim card is not getting network and i cannot use the phone. what should i do.?

    First, you do not have a 3G if you could upgrade it to 6.1.3, because 4.2.1 is the last version that will work on the 3G. So you either have a 3GS or you somehow hacked the phone to install an incompatible version. You can check the model you have by entering your serial number here: https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementWarrantyDynamic.do
    Assuming you have a 3GS the most likely reason for your problem is you have a gray market phone that was hacked or jailbroken to unlock it. When you upgraded it you removed the hack, so the phone is now locked to its original carrier.

  • Will mountain lion automatically update bootcamp to v4.x

    I would like to upgrate to Mountain Lion from Lion.  Bootcamp is v3.1 and Bootcamp Assistant is v4.x.  I am running Windows XP and Quicken as a virtual machine using Parallels 8 and everything works fine.  If Mountain Lion automatically updates the Bootcamp partition to v4.x, I am concerned that I will lose the ability to continue to run XP as a virtual machine.  Thoughts?

    Your Bootcamp version, partition and XP install will not change and you will not loose use of your XP install.
    Only if you choose to reformat your drive within OSx using Bootcamp version 4 at some point may you loose option to reinstall XP.

  • Can't update to the latest (v52) firmware version ...

    Other people can update their software but I cannot, although we have the same Nokia device model. What's wrong?
    Update availability is based on many things, including existing Nokia device firmware version, country, and operator. It may be due to one of these variables that your Nokia device isn't eligible for updates. 
    Please note that your mobile service provider, operator, or carrier may not have approved the latest Nokia device firmware available. 
    Nokia produces many different variants of each product (for different countries and languages) and not all variants have the latest Nokia device firmware. It is our priority to update all variants as quickly as possible, and we apologize for any delay. New software may become available at a later date, however, so please check again soon.
    Is there any other way that I apply the new v52 update for my 5800 XM? Even if it voids warranty? Because I really hate my browser and music crashing, battery eating - from full to empty in ~1.5hour, meanwhile the phone is really hot and it is in stand-by - no programs running.
    I am from Slovenia, my phone model is RM-356, current version V51.0.006 - installed on 19.11.2010. Language Slovene, 7. Serial - under the battery 0579282. Tryed updating via Wi-Fi on the phone, via PC - with "Nokia Software Updater", both said there is no new firmware available, while there is obviously.
    Any help appreciated!!

    I understand that this is a real bummer and painfull.
    There is unfortunately nothin we can do to help you to get the most recent update if it ain't made available for your device.
    From the power consumption, there could be an issue related to hardware which only a care point can fix.
    However, you could back up what you need and perform a soft reset to wipe the phone memory, then install your apps one by one to check if there is an app or more causing this. You can also try to reinstall the fw with Ovi suite. Just connect and check if it's possible to do so, then back up your content and proceed.
    I cannot guarantee that this will fix it, but it might be worth a try if youre without warranty.
    Have you checked if there are a warranty checker tool available on your local Nokia site?
    The Nokia browsers has always been a bit sensitive, so I suggest you download opera mobile or opera mini and install it on your phone memory (C: ) Should be much more stable.

  • If i update a book in iAuthor, will it automatically update online?

    I have shared the book through email - will it automatically update once I make changes for my students?

    You need to mount a vocal campaign on your own to alert them all to go get the new version and delete the old, unless of course they need to keep the old one around, say, for notes and such.

  • Air update phone firmware version

    How do you update phone firmware version?
    1. Download Nokia pc suite and use NSU or Nokia ovisuite (For Windows User only)
    2. Try over the Air update (MAC/Windows User)
    If your mobile data rates allow, try doing an over the air update. Support varies by phone, variant and software
    Go to tools >Utilities> Device manager (location may vary by device)
    There should be an updates tab
    This functionality may not be available in your device. Contact your service provider for more information
    To view or update the current software version of your device or to check the date of a possible previous update, select Menu> Tools> Utilities> Device mngr
    To check whether software updates are available select Options> Check for Updates
    First off BACK UP YOUR DEVICE! make sure you have a back up of the memory card and also the device memory and make sure that the battery of your device has enough power or connect the chager before starting update. To start the update select access point. The device starts to download the device data.
    When the data is downloaded the update description is displayed. Select Accept to accept the download of the update package or cancel to cancel the download. IT may take several minutes and you can use your device during the download but not during installation time.
    Server Profile Settings
    Menu> tools> utilities> Device Manager
    to add a new server profile seleat Options> New server profile.
    Contact your service provider for correct settings
    Server name- Enter a name for the configuration server
    Server Id- Enter the unique ID to identify the configuaration server
    Server Password- Enter a password to identify your device to server
    Access point- Select the access point to connect to the server
    Host Address- Enter the url address of server
    Port-Enter the port number of the server
    User name & password- Enter your username and password for the server
    Allow configuration- To allow receiving configuration settings from this server select yes
    Auto Accept all requests-To have your device ask for your confirmation before accepting configuration from this server. Select NO
    Network Authentication- Select if network authentication is used. Enter your Network username and Network password to identify your device to the server.
    Please THANK me by clicking on the ****WHITE STAR** ( Giving KUDOS) the big GREEN BOX to your LEFT .
    It will help me to serve you better !!!!!
    Thanking You

    Like how did nothing happen  >> no connection >> no message ??
    CAN I UPDATE   >>

  • Xoom Market Your Client is out of date. it will be automatically updated shortly.

    When I click on the Market icon i get Your Client is out of date. it will be automatically updated shortly. I have had the Xoom since yesterday and registered it right away and it has been connected since then. Anyone have an idea how to solve this or how long "shortly" is?

    FWIW, I have been using the Market app every day since 2/28 with no problems at all. I never saw the message about an update being available. Application info on Market says I have version 1.0.16.  I don't know if that is the current version or not. Didn't find information on Market app software version at Market website or Android developer site. 
    Now there is one setting that I changed the first day I had the Xoom. I wanted to install the "Help Center" app I Googled up on Motorola's website, but by default the Xoom only allows installation of apps from the Market. So I went into "Settings" | "Applications" and checked "Unknown sources" in order to "Allow installation of non-Market applications".  I do not know if having this setting checked made it easier for some other service to update the Market app or not, but it is a plausible theory, since there may have been a problem with getting Market to update itself "in band" so to speak, since the Xoom was set to only allow installations from Market. Kind of a chicken-or-egg, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps kind of problem.

  • HT4589 Automatic Update does not give me an update from FCP X 10.0 to FCP X 10.0.5. How do I update? I have version 10.0.0.

    I have never received an update from my original FCP X 10.0. I recently upgrade to Mountain Lion, purchase additional plugins and FCP X cannot use them  unless I upgrade to atleast FCP X 10.0.3. Automatic Update does not give me an update for FCP X. Version 10.0.5 does not show on the Apple Support Download page. I purchased Compressor at the same time and it has given an update. How do I down find the download?  Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    And if it does not come automatically, move your Final Cut.app out of the Applications folder, open App Store, click Purchaces, and Install it from there - it will download the latest 10.0.5 version.
    If FICPX is not listed there, it's because you bought it with another AppleID!

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