Will version iPhone 5 unlock work on the new tmobile 4g let network

Will version iPhone 5 unlock work on the new tmobile 4g lte network

Only the AT&T unlocked phone will work with T-Mobile LTE and other features.

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  • I have a new mac book pro. Will my old jam packs work with the new garageband?

    I have a new mac book pro. Will my old jam packs work with the new garageband?

    I have same problem, been using a macbook 13" for nearly 9 years but it was failing so I bought a macbook pro 15" and after having problems and error messages when trying to download loops ( I finally went to the App Store and opened garageband from there which install some loops), it finally downloaded some but not all the loops that my jam packs had, also I have tons of non-apple loops that I purchased over the years but I want to know if they will work on my new mac ?
    macbook pro 15"- 2.3ghz - 8gb- 2TB

  • Have just been told by BT that I need a new/different version of Thunderbird to work with the new BTMail system (used to be BTYahooMail) - do I?

    I have had btinternet email for years, and Thunderbird for a long time too and have been happy with both. Unfortunately, I am not technical enough to understand most of the help or instructions on the Thunderbird support/info pages, but did manage to get TB set up in the first place (ages ago) and it seems to have worked well since. However, on Friday both of my BT accounts (two numbers, therefore two sets of BT email addresses) were moved over to the new BT Mail from the old BT Yahoo mail. I was unable to log in to one of them, but the other one was fine - I had some 'screen sharing' help from a BT technical chap to sort it out. However, Thunderbird was unable to conect with the email servers. I told BT and the tech chap tried to sort it out on the screen share, but was unable to (and I was unable to follow what he was doing). Some months ago, I made some changes, as requested by BT, to enable the transfer to go smoothly (!) but the man changed some things on Friday, I think, as well. He was unable to fix the TB problem and I can't figure it out at all, and the lady from BT Tech help who I spoke to this morning (and who had managed to sort out my BTID log-in problem, thankfully) had a look and suggested that maybe I needed an updated/new/different version of TB or 'another email'. Well, I'd really like to stay with Thunderbird and was hoping someone here could explain it in plain english for me, please? I was wondering what would happen, supposing I need to download an updated/different version, if I did that and then sort of re-installed my existing BT email addresses (just as if I was starting again with Thunderbird)? I do hope there is someone here who can help - please - I'm rather fond of that little blue bird. Thank you.

    Just add the account again.
    File|New|Existing Mail Account…
    There should be no need to delete or reinstall anything. Re-installing Thunderbird itself is rarely useful, since doing this doesn't delete account data. Don't delete the old yahoo-based account until you're sure that everything you need to keep is in the new criticalpath-based account.
    CriticalPath is the name of the business providing email services to bt.com.
    Some not very reassuring reading [http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/03/13/bt_likely_to_have_breached_data_protection_act_after_email_accounts_were_allegedly_compromised_over_http_and_details_kept_in_log_files/ here].
    You'd think bt could run their own email service, wouldn't you? Yahoo was generally seen as a poor choice. I'm not sure that criticalpath is any better.

  • Will my iPod 5G Touch work with the new AppleWatch?

      I don't own an Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6+ but only my iPod 5G Touch.
      Will the new AppleWatch sync with my iPod 5G Touch in anyway?
      If not, I might still buy the AppleWatch in hopes that if the rumor of a newer iPod 6 comes in the fall of 2015, then it would almost for sure pair with the AppleWatch. (Please rumor come true!!!)
      If not, then what can I still do with the AppleWatch without buying (yet?) the iPhone 5 up to the iPhone 6/6+ other than tell time?
    Thanks for any responses in advance!

    Okay, good thoughts given. Yes, I didn't think about the iPad's. Apple is smart, they want us to buy up to the newer products. Though in some ways, they are absolutely right because of the improvements they have done 'for us'. I came sooooooo close to ordering the AppleWatch the first hours they started pre-orders, but... I knew I wasn't (really) ready for it until I buy the new iPhone 6 (my choice).

  • Will my printer and scanner work with the new intel mac?

    My first post.. so I hope i am in the right place! (was in wrong place last attempt!)
    I want to buy the new intel...but I would like to know for sure if it will work with my scanner and printer.
    Printer is Epson Stylus Photo 2100 and the scanner is Microtek ScanMaker 4900.
    I have emailed both Epson and Microtek... phoned Epson.. and I still do not know the answer.
    The responses were
    "At this point in time with have been given no information on whether our printer drivers will work or not....".
    "Yes it will work with OSX 10.4"
    "As you know this new intel chip has just hit the market. This particular configuration is in the alpha stage of testing. As of now there has not been any reports or customer correspondence of any concerns."
    I have been scanning these posts and it seems that only the operating system is relevant? If anyone could help I would appreciate it. I am finally able to replace my old, old, well loved G4 but am worried I will make the wrong decision.

    Thanks all for the helpful comments. I am getting closer to going out and buying the intel. As for the Canon printer... its not really an option for me, since the Epson cost me more than the computer will! But I will keep it in mind for the future. And do you think this applies to digital cameras as well Tomzo? I have been considering buying my first digital.. and thought the pentax might be best, since it apparently can use the lenses from my film camera.
    Thanks again all..I will keep checking the apple site list and the web sites as suggested by you.
    Power Mac G4 (AGP graphics)   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

  • HT2948 Will Final Cut Express 4 work with the new Canon XA10 AVCHD ??

    I'm in the process of shopping for new cameras for my students. We edit on Final Cut Express 4 HD. I want to buy the Canon XA10camwras which record to SD cards.  I keep reading AVCHD video and am new to the technology. The B&H website says this camera :
    Product Highlights
    1/3" CMOS Sensor
    Native 1920 x 1080
    24Mbps AVCHD Recording
    60i, PF30, PF24, Native 24p
    64GB Internal Flash Drive
    Flash Memory
    The XA10 Professional Camcorder allows users to record up to 24 hours of clear high definition video to a 64GB internal flash drive or to two SDXC-compatible memory cards. With Relay Recording, the camcorder automatically switches video recording from the internal drive to the SD memory cards when the memory becomes full.
    Video can be copied from the XA10's internal drive to removable SD memory cards. That makes it easy to insert the card into your computer or HDTV's card reader and view your recorded footage immediately. Double Slot Recording allows recording to two SD cards simultaneously, providing an automatic backup while shooting.
    AVCHD Codec
    The XA10 features the AVCHD codec. AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) was announced in 2006 and is quickly becoming the standard for professional camcorders. AVCHD utilizes MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression technology similar to the technology used in Canon's HD DSLRs. In addition to professional grade camcorders, AVCHD is very popular in the consumer market and as a result most nonlinear editing software, both professional and consumer, have full support for the codec; this makes for easy compatibility with the XA10 no matter what system you choose.
    Will I be able to take out the SD cards, put them in a card reader, and simply log and transfer into Final Cut Express? Again, I'm a novice and don't know what a lot of this means.

    FCE should work with the 60i (interlaced) footage this camera produces.
    Also you should be able to load the SD and capture.
    I do not have one or used one with FCE, the specs indicate it should.
    Maybe a current owner can chip in their experiences.

  • Will my LG GBW-H20L work in the new Mac Pro?

    I've got an LG GBW-H20L Blu Ray drive in my Vista machine, but am looking to get the new Mac Pro. I was wondering if I could move my LG into the Mac Pro with no problem? I've read some posts that mention an IDE to SATA converter, but this drive is already SATA. The Mac Pro is pricey enough without me having to buy another expensive drive.
    Thanks in advance

    Erik Rosenbluh wrote:
    I've got an LG GBW-H20L Blu Ray drive in my Vista machine, but am looking to get the new Mac Pro. I was wondering if I could move my LG into the Mac Pro with no problem? I've read some posts that mention an IDE to SATA converter, but this drive is already SATA. The Mac Pro is pricey enough without me having to buy another expensive drive.
    Thanks in advance
    I have one in my first gen Mac Pro. Lower tray, connected directly to one of the motherboard ODD SATA ports. Power is via a standard converter, old type to sata type. I only use it for burning data, never tried movies. Works fine.
    Here is another thread about it.

  • Will my Apple VESA mount work with the new 27" iMac?

    I have an alu iMac 24", model: iMac7,1
    I have the Apple VESA mount kit for it.
    I have just ordered the new 27" iMac and I'm wondering if I can use the same VESA mount for the 27" when it arrives?

    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm not sure.
    Is that the VESA mount that they have always had on the Apple Store for the 24" and now they have just added the 27" in the text, or is it a whole new VESA mount (which then is backwards compatible with the 24")?
    I tried looking for an Apple support email address to ask this, but that seems hard to find.
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  • Will iTunes 10.6.3 work with the new iOS7?

    iTunes version 10.6.3 is the latest possible version of iTunes my that my computer will support (MacBook 2008 - MAC OS X version 10.5.8) and this version of iTunes worked for my iPhone 4S running iOS 6.1.3. Will I still be able to sync my iPhone with iTunes 10.6.3 if I upgrade its software to iOS 7? Thanks!

    You will not able to Syncronization your devices (iOS 7) to iTunes 10.x .
    I have problem here right now with that. if you love iTunes 10 and iOS 6. Keep it better. iOS 7 interface like  use for kinder garden only. Its horrible now. Now apple has changing everything since the genuine LEADER has one.

  • Will Final Cut Studio 2 work on the new 24" iMac?

    I'd like to buy the iMac, but not if I can't run FCS2. Will it run it and how do I need to upgrade/configure it?

    Hi there,
    I run FCP2 on a new 24" iMac (I max'ed out the RAM, which I would recommend if you do go that way). Everything is fully operational, but there might be some downsides depending upon what you are doing.
    - the iMac will take longer on rendering tasks, and will not have as much available for real-time viewing in your timeline with effects applied as a beefier Mac Pro will. To elaborate, when you add effects (or if you want to live preview certain effects) you will have to render before viewing your video.
    - the iMac is no where near as expandable as a Mac Pro, for storage, memory, CPU, and video cards. Even the lowest config of a Mac Pro is likely to wipe the floor with a loaded iMac on many intensive tasks. Imagine what a loaded Mac Pro can do! Of course, it will cost you...
    That said, the 24" iMac makes a decent "budget" editing box. I added Lacie Quadra d2 external hard drives on the Firewire800 interface which are ALMOST as fast as internal. I don't add much in the way of 3D or particle effects to the majority of work I do on the iMac, so the performance is quite nice. I work primarily in SD still and the standard editing performance is very snappy (not too bad for rendering either; 2 hours of SD output takes like 15 minutes, I've heard this can take as little as 5 minutes on a Mac Pro)...I think I would abandon the iMac for a Mac Pro in a second if I was working a lot in HD, or if I did a lot of compositing and so on.
    One thing to keep in minding if you are purchasing as you grow in editing knowledge...If you purchased an iMac today as used it for 2 years before you decided you had outgrown it's capabilities and need a Mac Pro, it wouldn't be a waste of money. The Xsan cluster rendering that FCP2 can do is really neat in that you can distribute some of your rendering tasks to other Macs on your network, allowing you to keep the iMac doing something useful while the Mac Pro remains your main editing station.
    There was a post about not using an iMac for "professional" editing, and I would tend to agree. If you make your living by editing, do yourself a favor and buy the "right tool for the job", namely a Mac Pro. My iMac does a nice job for what I paid for it, but if it was paying my bills, I'd upgrade without hesitation.
    However you end up deciding to go, enjoy your new Mac!

  • Will iPod touch 4 cases work on the new iPod touch in white?

    I bought a white iPod touch and a case for the 4th gen iPod touch at the Apple Store thinking it would fit because it is really a 4th gen right? I never had a 4th gen (had 3rd gen) so I'm not sure if it's new but is the power button moved down or something along the back for 4th gen? The case I bought doesn't seem to manage to get this button and it's annoying. :/

    Are you sure there are actual differences between this year's and last year's 4g iPod?  Maybe the case you go is not really right.  The following lists the dimension of the iDevices so that manufacturers can design cases.  It only has one drawing for the 4G iPod. It does include a drawing for the iPhone 4s.
    Designing Cases for iPod, iPhone, and iPad - Apple Developer

  • Why do some keys on my IPhone 4S not work in the vertical position?

    Why do some keys on my Iphone 4S not work in the vertical position?

        Let's get to the bottom of this issue mike4820! What specific keys are not working properly while in vertical position? This is more likely the result of some display settings or an application installed on your phone. Please ensure that you have the latest iOS version installed (7.1).
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  • Is the new TMobile contract free iPhone6 factory unlocked? What I mean is will it work in India or Middle east with a local sim over there?

    Is the new TMobile contract free iPhone6 factory unlocked? What I mean is will it work in India or Middle east with a local sim card over there?

    Previous T-Mobile versions of iPhones (5, 5s, 5C) bought directly from Apple required no activation with T-mobile at all, and would accept any sim card.
    Since you are essentially paying full price for the phone. You cannot be locked to a carrier.
    They simply came packaged with a T-Mobile sim you could discard and replace with your own.
    There's no real reason to think this will change for the new iPhones.
    Cadujr from sao paulo wrote:
    I bought 2 iPhone's 5S that were "contract-free" and they worked just fine with other carriers.
    Could some one from the US check if the "contract-free" iPhone 6 could be used with a local carrier?
    When they are released, I'm sure many people will do just that.

  • Those the iphone 5s unlock works with LTE or you need an especific model for that

    i need to know if all iphone 5s unlock works with LTE only or you need to get an especific model please?

    If you wish to use Verizon, you must buy a Verizon-specific iPhone, and those are only available in the US. Verizon will not allow phones purchased elsewhere onto their networks.

  • I am prompted to download iOS 4.3 for my iPad2 but if I do will my iPhone 3G continue to work minus the new features of 4.3?

    I am prompted to download iOS 4.3 for my iPad2 but if I do will my iPhone 3G continue to work minus the new features of 4.3?

    The iPad update will in no way affect your 3G, no matter what iOS version you have on the 3G.

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