Will we ever, ever  be able to voice dial through a bluetooth?

I thought for sure that as advanced as this iphone is I would be able to voice dial.
I didn't find out that I couldn't until I tried to using my Jawbone (which works splendidly I might add.)
If Apple or someone who knows what's up with this doesn't tell me there's an upgrade in the works within the next couple of days, I will be returning it, and I will fight the restock fee.

Unfortunately no one here can tell you for sure if that feature will come, or when will it come, as we are users just like you and Apple has not announced anything

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    This has nothing to do with Apple.  You will need to ask MS.  I am not optimistic.  It's now 13 years of people asking MS to fix their product.
    Have you tried Open/Libre/NeoOffice?   It should be most compatible with MS Stuff.

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    Apple needs to have permission from the copyright holder to make them available.

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    You can do already.Lookup http://blog.bluefire.tv/?cat=13 for the built-in Flash galleries or get the SlideShowPro web engine.

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    Thanks for the response.  I was hoping I'd just missed where to turn off faces.  Yes, I can ignore, but it's annoying when it's constantly asking me for the names of light/shadow patterns that have nothing to do with people (most of my photography is not of people).  I'd forgotten places can be turned off, and apparently I do have it turned off, but I still get the box with the world map open all the time. 
    Anyway, thanks for your help!

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    Will we ever be able to buy mp3 on itunes like we can on Az?
    I posted this question yesterday, but someone deleted it.

    hazelnut_ wrote:
    Will we ever be able to buy mp3 on itunes like we can on Az?
    Because AAC is Apple's special little format that they want to push.
    Of course one could also ask the same question the other way... "when we be able to buy AACs on Amazon.com like we can on iTunes?"
    As pointed out, there are many online music stores so you have options. If you don't like the offering from a particular store, then don't buy from them.

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  • Droid 3 voice dialing issues with bluetooth

    I just received my Motorola Droid 3 on Monday.  I'm having issues using voice dialing with my Samsung WEP590 bluetooth headset.  No trouble activating the voice dialing on the phone but it never dials the correct name.  I did the voice training on the phone but it didn't help.  Yes, English is my native language.   Saying "call home" made the phone ask if I wanted to "email" someone.  Very frustrating since I travel for my job and voice dialing over bluetooth is essential. 
    I tried to do voice dialing without bluetooth and had the same issue.  Is anyone else having this issue?  Is there a third party app I can use?
    thanks for any help.

    Good Afternoon, dtownfb!
    I researched bluetooth information about the device and the headset. I found no related concerns from other users. It would appear to be a hardware related issue on either the phone or headset. Have you been able to use another bluetooth with the device successfully? Have you tried the bluetooth paired with another phone and used the voice dialing feature successfully? We can eliminate the issue by asking these two questions. The problem lies in where we can duplicate the problem. 
    Please advise your findings. If it is deemed an issue with your Droid 3, please feel free to PM me so I can assist further with options to correct the issue.
    Thank you and have a great day!

  • Will Lightroom ever be able to match the color/contrast of DPP?

    Disclaimer, I'm a current 3.4 user and I've been using LR since version 2, it's my goto program for 98% of my work.  What i've noticed is that it never quite renders the raw files as well as DPP and in certain high contrast scenes, DPP does a better job overall.  I know or assume, Adobe reverse engineers the Canon raw file format and they do a great job at it, but I wonder if there's a reason Adobe doesn't attempt to license Canon's raw file specs for a perfect match with Canon's raw conversion software.  I spend quite a bit of time making LR conversions look as good as my Canon jpgs opened and simply exported from DPP.  Make no mistake, I have no intention of giving up the flexibility I have using LR, just wondering if they will ever nail it perfectly or is there some technique I might have overlooked that get's me much closer to DPP's output.

    I used to feel the same way when I compared the results from LR to those from CaptureNX for Nikon raw files.  I used to shoot raw+JPEG which meant I could effectively compre the default output of CaptureNX (which was exacty the same as the JPEG image out of the camera) to what ACR was doing in LR.  Note that I'm not saying the CaptureNX/JPEG images were "correct" but just that they were different from what LR propduced.  There was quite a lot of difference and I found the CaptureNX/JPEG images more pleasing.
    Then along came Camera Profiles in LR.  Once I used the Camera Profile which matched the settings I had in the camera (Neutral), I could not tell the difference between CaptureNX and LR in almost all cases.  The few where I could tell ther difference, it was so subtle that I couldn't even say which I prefered.
    I don't know how good the Camera Profiles are for Canon gear, but they work a treat for Nikon.

  • Will we EVER be able to EDIT a post?

    This is the only Forum I've ever seen that prohibits its members from editing their posts. That's a real hardship as we have to add new posts when we just need to edit....makes for a messy and confusing thread. Is anyone here ever planning to do something about that? (come on....keep up with the times....)

    Sorry if you thought I was mean, it just sounded to me like you were expecting some kind of extended editing ability. As mentioned, there is a short period of time (OK, a really short period of time), with an icon added to the post during the editing time. Since the edit time is so short, your messages should be carefully though out, since there isn't time to change much. Sometimes i even wind up creating a message in a text editor so I can think about it for a while.
    Once the editing period has elapsed, the only way to get the post edited is to ask one of the moderators - when you reach level 2, an additional link to report a message will appear, or you can post a request here where a higher level user can flag your message.

  • Will I ever be able to download again???

    I haven't been able to download for a month. I get several downloading problem messages.... network connection was terminated unexpectedly, network connection timed-out, network connection was reset, network connection could not be made are the messages. I have restarted the computer countless times, "checked purchases" and re-entered my password, emptied my recycling bin, checked to make sure that McAfee is allowing i-tunes, made sure that I had the latest i-tunes downloaded, replaced my router, tried to do some of the tricks which I could figure out listed in this forum and I am still getting the messages. Just when I think I have it downloaded (it will have been trying to download for well over an hour....) the bar almost fully green and then BAM! the dreaded message pops up for each one of the shows which is it is trying to download.
    With the exception of taking a hammer to my computer, what should I do next???? Until shortly after Christmas, I have never had any problems with i-tunes or downloading. The changes for me since then.... upgrading i-tunes, using Mozilla Firefox, and installing Frostwire on my computer. Are any of these things adding to my grief?
    Thanks for any ideas you may have on this.

    You need to figure out what happened on your PC a month ago - what changed to cause this?
    Did you click on some pop-up without reading what it really said? Was it some McAfee update?
    Older versions of McAfee, Norton, and ZoneAlarm are notorious for silently blocking iTunes.

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    GeForce Boost already works on several other laptops with Nvidia cards. However, there have been complaints about the MBP already running too hot in Windows. Would activating both GPUs overheat the poor thing? Or could it be solved by forcibly maxing out the fans?
    Will OpenCL in Snow Leopard be able to take advantage of both GPUs, or is that also going to be a cooling issue?

    Keep in mind that graphics rendering on UNIX/Linux systems is significantly different from that of Windows. I'm not sure what Geforce Boost is actually doing on Windows systems, but I think it would be difficult for two different GPUs to be in control of the same display at the same time on any system.

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