Windows 7 Boot Camp NO SOUND

Hello - Just got Windows 7 Pro 64 running via Boot Camp v.5 on my 2009 MacBook Pro 17 inch. However, when I boot Windows I am not getting any audio playback through my USB interface or by plugging direcly into my headphone jack (also there is a little red light glowing in my headphone jack).I've scoured the googles endlessly to find a potential solution with no luck.
Can someone kindly tell me if I need to make a driver CD from my Mac OS environment and bring it over or provide an updated link to the needed drivers? (multiple downloads I've done have not worked)..
Ps., have not had luck with the Cirrus and RealTek driver downloads..
Thanks in adavance..
OS X 10.8.2
2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with the Boot Camps

Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
You have to download the drivers. To download them, press X key while your Mac is starting to start into Mac OS X, open Boot Camp Assistant and follow the steps to download them. You will have to burn them onto a DVD or USB drive, so you will be able to install the drivers on Windows. Then, it should work fine.
If you can't download them in Boot Camp Assistant, download the drivers from this website > The links are from Apple and that's safe to download and install

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    After i install window 8.1, i can't see window icon in my start up disk, i see only mac icon 10.10, but i can see both mac and win icon in my window boot camp control. i want to see window icon in my mac Yosemite 10.10.2,system preference, start up disk.

    Third-party NTFS software interferes with the Apple NTFS drivers, which control whether you can see the Bootcamp partition in the Startup Disk option. As a test, can you uninstall all third-party NTFS software and check System Preferences -> Startup Disk?

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    I have a new iMac and an old MBP, I'd like to copy all of the data of my old MBP to the iMac.Would doing that affect the windows boot camp partition?
    and how do I do it? 
    right now im backing everything up on my MBP using super duper
    both the MBP and the iMac are running on Lion

    I am assuming the Boot Camp partition is on the old MBP and that the SuperDuper clone is on an external drive and is bootable. The Super Duper clone does not include the Boot Camp Partition.
    To get the Mac Data moved you can use Migration Assistant and if you want to transfer the Boot Camp partition you would need Winclone to move/copy it to a newly created Boot Camp partition on the iMac. The SD Clone ( and a Winclone backup) is your insurance policy if some kind of difficulty arises.
    Links to more detailed info. ne

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    II have a OS x partition that need reinstall. In the same hd I have a Windows Boot camp partition. The question is, could I reinstall OS X partition without affect the Windows partition?

    Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
    Of course you should backup both.
    Q: why do you think OS X needs to be reinstalled or something?
    Disk directory trouble?
    Because 3rd party disk utility can do better, as well as maybe clone Mac volume so you can boot and do more repairs.
    Or maybe the partition table is shot. Or bad sectors. And bad sectors can require a full format.
    In a perfect world, but disk drives and systems aren't

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    5-inch: 2.3GHz
    with Retina display
    2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
    Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz
    8GB 1600MHz memory
    256GB flash storage1
    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB of GDDR5 memory
    Built-in battery (7 hours

    Windows Boot Camp does not exist, you mean Boot Camp Assistant, which is a Mac program, it is the program you would use to prepare your Mac to run Windows.
    You will need a 64bit retail or OEM version of Windows Home or Professional.
    You will also need to read the Boot Camp Documentation thoroughly, and make a complete backup of your machine before repartitioning.

  • Will genius bar install windows (boot camp) for me?

    will genius bar install windows (boot camp) for me? if so, costs?

    Ask them. We don't know what your local Apple Store will do for you. It will certainly cost you their hourly charge for however many hours are involved. You may have to purchase Win8 from them but if not you must have a copy of your own.
    Or you can take the time to read the Boot Camp documentation and do it yourself. Start here: Apple - Support - Boot Camp. Open Boot Camp Assistant then click on the large button on the left to print the documentation. Then read it very carefully.

  • Windows 8 Boot camp no sound or thunderbolt display

    Today I configured a Windows 8 bootcamp on my late 2011 Macbook pro i5 with 2 internal storage devices SSD Mac boot HDD windows boot.  I installed all apple bootcamp 5 drivers as well as tried to install realetk sound drivers to get the sound to work with no success.  More importantly I can't get my monitor to work.  It is a thundrebolt monitor and it is not detected.  I went on the Asus website and as much as I see ther are no drivers just authorizationg certificate.

    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities
    You have to download the drivers. To download them, press X key while your Mac is starting to start into Mac OS X, open Boot Camp Assistant and follow the steps to download them. You will have to burn them onto a DVD or USB drive, so you will be able to install the drivers on Windows. Then, it should work fine.
    If you can't download them in Boot Camp Assistant, download the drivers from this website > The links are from Apple and that's safe to download and install

  • No Sound in Windows Boot Camp

    hey guys...i just downloaded windows onto my macbook pro via boot camp, and now I am getting no sound when windows is running. Any suggestions? My email is [email protected], you can reach me there, or on this post. I've been doing of searching on problem fixes and nothing seems to work. Thanks in advance

    Just to clear up something simple first. Once you booted into Windows then did you insert your Leopard CD in the drive and let Windows install the boot camp drivers? If not then that is your solution.
    If you did the above then please tell us which version of windows are you using and a little bit about your computer equipment.
    Axel F.

  • Boot Camp Vista Sound Not Working

    Hi, I am using Boot Camp 3.1 with drivers installed from
    Mac OS X Snow Leopard DVD & Apple Software Update.
    I am booting to Windows Vista Home Premium on my
    MacBook late '09 with upgraded 4gig ram, and Mac OS X 10.6.2.
    However, my sound driver is not working on my Windows Vista,
    the system tray icon shows a Red X on audio settings.
    On Control Panel -> Device Manager, it shows a Yellow Exclaimation Mark
    on sound driver Cirrus Logic CS4602 (AB 01).
    I have tried reinstalling Realtek and Cirrus drivers from Mac OS X Install DVD,
    and downloading the latest HD Audio Driver from realtek website,
    but nothing works.
    It was working fine a while ago until I installed many Boot Camp updates
    and windows vista updates. I don't know what caused the problem.
    Please help me.
    Thanks in advanced.

    I'm having the exact same problem!!! When is apple going to fix the drivers???!!!

  • Cannot install windows 8.1 on imac 5k - apple support says "Correct, that machine can't install windows" Boot camp fail

    I have a brand new imac 5k, with 4ghz i7, 295x GPU, 3.1TB fusion drive.  Bought the machine so I could dual boot - I need windows for VR Dev work.
    I've spent the last week and a half on tech support calls with Apple Senior Tech agents, and Microsoft agents as well, and today have been told that indeed this machine cannot run windows 8.1.  Apparently Apple engineering knows about the issue, but says the problem is microsoft's.  Ugh.
    The latest iteration of the issue comes when installing 8.1 onto an external thunderbolt SSD (without even using boot camp) - I go through the EFI installer, convert the drive to GPT, format it as ntfs, but when I select the partition to install onto, the installer says it can't find the partition it just created.  Smuh? 
    I've also tried the install through boot camp.  This installation actually worked twice, but the install was unstable.  After booting back into osX, then returning to Windows, the windows install went corrupt and couldn't be repaired.  Subsequent attempts to install windows yielded a flurry of different errors, including "windows doesn't support GPT in this mode" or "the disk is locked, please unlock the disk" or "MBR must be converted to GPT" (where once I converted to GPT, the drive could no longer be found, despite the operation completing successfully.)
    At any rate, it's a huge mess.  I'd happily return the machine for a different config, but the company I bought it from will only swap it for a similar model -- so I've spent a pile on a machine that does not function as advertised; apple says "too bad, talk to Microsoft." Microsoft says "too bad, we've never seen this, this is an apple issue."
    Has anyone out there gotten windows up and running on an iMac5k with fusion drive?  If so, did you have to go through a crazy maze to make it work?
    Any help is appreciated.

    Michael Conelly wrote:
    After much gnashing of teeth, and a half dozen support calls, I'd all but given up.  I finally seem to have solved this though - sort of - by installing windows 8.1 on boot camp on an older iMac, then cloning the bootcamp disk to an external thunderbolt drive via Winclone.  That worked seamlessly, sticking to winclone's instructions, and I can boot via EFI to Windows 8.1 on the new iMac.  So far so good.
    I usually install W8.1 via EFI by using DU and a Free Space partition. The 3TB Fusion is first split into the underlying SSD/HDD physicals. OSX and Windows OSes are installed on SSD via EFI (no BCA). The OSX part and half the HDD are then used to create a new CS volume. The other HDD half becomes NTFS for non-Windows OS files. The Hybrid MBR method is completely unsatisfactory with the 3TB Fusion drive.
    How is the TB/Winclone image for performance of the OS (since pagefile.sys is also on the TB)?

  • M-Audio ProFire audio interfaice not seen by Windows/Boot Camp

    It seems Windows XP SP2 under Boot Camp, running on a Mac Pro dual-quad Nahalem 2.66 has a problem with connecting to Firewire devices. It won't even boot up with Firewire 800 drives connected, and I understand from reading posts in other threads that this is a common problem.
    The problem I'm looking to get resolved has to do with my M-Audio ProFire FW 400 interface. Windows will boot up in Boot Camp with the ProFire connected and powered on, and I have installed the latest driver from M-Audio. But when I launch the ProFire control panel, it reports that it cannot find a ProFire connected. I use the ProFire in the Mac OS side in Logic and ProTools, so the unit and connection are fine. I will also be contacting M-Audio to see if they know of this issue.
    TIA for any help.
    - Paul

    hey i don't know if this helps but i have M-audio Firewire seems that when you boot windows, if m-audio is "ON" it searches for the pc Bios... but maybe it's not possible on a mac...
    first time i rebooted bootcamp i noticed that i could see the levels volume on the m-audio control panel but i didn't hear any audio from speakers....
    so what i did???
    now every time i boot windows, m-audio first is OFF...then after completely booted, i turn it on...autosearching for its drivers,wait for 2 beeps from the speakers...then
    but i hope they solve this problem soon...

  • Weird DVD drive issue on Windows Boot Camp on Macbook Pro

    Hi, I just installed Windows on my Macbook Pro with Boot Camp. Windows itself works fine, then I tried installing Fallout 3. The installation took a really long time, which I thought was weird. I tried to play the game but it timed out in trying to read the disc. To further test this, I threw in a movie DVD and tried to play it. Windows Media Player said I didn't have a compatible DVD decoder. I tried playing the dvd in Mac OS and it works fine. I've also run the Leopard DVD install for Boot Camp fine. I used the Windows XP video decoder and it has determined that I don't have an MPEG-2 decoder installed. What I'm confused about is that if I manage to get a hold of a decoder, will that affect other processes, such as reading the DVD for video games?

    Hi and welcome to Discussions,
    by design courtesy of Microsoft the Media Player is not capable of playing DVDs unless an appropriate DVD-Decoder is installed.
    You can use an alternative media player like VLC
    But this should not affect the usage of Windows Games, since usually a Games manufacturer puts all needed software to run his games onto the games CD/DVD, so it has to be something else preventing Fallout 3 from running.
    Time-outs when trying to read/check the disc can be sometimes caused by 'dirt' on the disc (fingerprints, scratches, etc.).
    Check for that.
    Also make sure to have not installed programs for 'Virtual-Disc-Drives' like Daemon-Tools and/or Disc-Burning software like Nero, since these can also hinder the game from running.
    Hope it helps

  • How do I remove the old windows boot camp partition which is now useless on my new Macbook pro

    I had boot camped windows Vista to my old Macbook Pro 2009.
    When I bought a new Macbook Pro Retina Late 2013, I restored from my Time Machine backup. It never put Windows Vista on as there was compatability issues.
    I recently tried to partition in Boot Camp to install Windows 8 so that I can use a particular program for work. The "ghost" partition is still there and I can't see an option to make the HD as one again. Boot Camp wants me to format the HD as single and journaled which I understand but if I restore from my backup it puts the "ghost" partition back in. 6 hours of waiting to find that out!
    Any ideas?

    Thanks for responding.
    Boot Camp shows my HD as a rectangle when I go to the "partition" tab but nearly half of it is white. Is this the free space?
    The error message I got was:-
    The disk cannot be partitioned because some of the files could not be moved.
    Back up the disk and use Disk Utility to format it as a single Mac OS extended (journaled) volume. Restore your information to the disk and try using Boot Camp assistant again.
    I was only making a small partition, so it couldn't have been too big.
    There is no evidence of any Windows installation or a physical partition but it must be there to get that message. Is that correct?
    I can't see an option to format my whole HD but even if there was, the problem would reappear when restored from TMachine.
    just tried to make the white area on my HD into a new partition and then erase it.
    I'm trying Boot Camp again to see if that has worked. It just takes about 2 hours to get to the problem stage again!!

  • Windows/Boot Camp printer sharing with OS X

    I have three Macs on a wireless network - 2 MacBooks and a MacMini. The MacMini and one of the Macbooks runs Win XP under Boot Camp. The MacMini has a USP printer attached.
    I can print to this printer from both of the WinXP/BC machines and the OS X MacBook can 'see' the MacMini WinXP/BC environment and picks up the printer for setting up in printer preferences. However, the OS X MacBook cannot print to the printer. The printer is marked to be shared in the MacMini and is accessible from the WinXP/BC MacBook. The correct driver has been loaded into the printer panel on the OS X machine.
    When the print command is given from the OS X machine, the printer panel shows: "Attempting to connect to host (MacMini) for printer. Connecting..." and then hangs on that.
    This is a solid problem. Any ideas would be most welcomed.

    There are links on this FAQ site to printer sharing under Windows etc

  • Connecting MacBook through external display in Windows Boot Camp partition

    Hello everyone! I recently installed Windows Vista Home Premium on my MacBook 320GB. My Mac Partition of the drive works perfect, and connects through Mini DVI-Video through composite cables and into my T.V. When I tried this in Windows, I had no luck whatsoever. yes, all the drivers are installed for my chipset, processor, keyboard, etc. Windows is updated as well through Microsoft, But not through the Apple Software Update because the download failed again to the Boot Camp update. How do I connect an external display(ex. Projector, T.V., anything that has composite input)? Yes, I know some of you will say, "Your first mistake was buying Vista", but thats not the problem here. Windows Vista works perfectly. When you connect an external display, it re-adjusts its screen resolution but does not appear on the external monitor. Is the Boot Camp Update the solution? Please Help!!!
    That was a lot of writing!

    I am using Vista on Macbook and when I connect my PC to my TV, lot of times, it hangs on me and a blue screen shows up with some errors and then it shut downs. I atleast do this 2-3 times and then finally it gets connected but there has to be a way where we can easily connect to TV without any issues. Any help guys?
    Also I have noticed, my resolution on TV when I connect my macbook is 1900 x 1260 something... Is this related to resolutions?

Maybe you are looking for

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