Windows 7 reinstall problem on Lenovo G770

Re Installing Windows 7 ultimate on my Lenovo G770, have deleted all partitions apart from LENOVO One Recovery Partition. The install works fine, installs , reboots a few times, loads files onto the designated partition ... but just as it boots for the last time , it goes into cyclic reboot, but never loads the windows ( no bluescreens, just goes past F2 - F12 screen, and restarts) Am I missing something, in BIOS etc ... ? , have installed Windows XP on machine, it works fine ....

 Hi crumdub12,
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The only thing I can think of in a BIOS setting is the SATA mode, Check it inside BIOS under Configuration,
AHCI or Compatible, check between the two.
If not, Why did you reinstall the OS, Did the previous one had problems? Because it might be the HDD afterall that caused the first issue, I would suggest to have the HDD checked as well.
Solid Cruver

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  • Windows 8 problems in Lenovo G475

    Hi there! I own currently a G475 laptop, that previously ran Windows 7 Home Basic, but now runs Windows 8 Pro. Here is my situation, I have 2 problems.
    1) I cannot change the brightness on my computer, I tried a cmd scan as administrator, no luck. Tried Lenovo Energy Management software for Win 7 and 8 version, no luck either. The brightness is stuck in the lowest settings, and I don't know what to do...
    2)Onekey Recovery doesn't work either, it says it cannot start and that I need to reinstall the driver... Even though it is installed in C drive, with it's Lenovo partion of like 25 gb... And the Nova button doesn't boot into the OKR menu, it boots straight up to Win 8.. I already tried to reinstall it, but no luck either...
    Honestly,  I love Windows 8, but these 2 bugs make me frusterated!!!! Please! I am seriously thinking about reverting back to Windows 7, but I need Onekey recovery to revert to Factory settings, since I still have the hidden folder with the factory image in it.
    Any opinions???
    (P.S: The hotkeys don't work with the Windows 8 version of Energy Management...) Will I need to reinstall my Windows 8?
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    hi Chase23,
    Can you try the following:
    1. Install the latest ATI drivers and adjust the brightness and contrast using ATI’s Catalyst Control Center. If this doesn't work, can you try to immediately press Fn+Up Arrow to increase the brightness before the unit boots into Windows 8.
    2. The One Key Recovery button and the OKR feature will no longer work if you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 - see this Windows 8 Upgrade Guide by Lenovo
    If you're thinking of restoring back to Windows 7 but the OKR button doesn't work and you didn't create a recovery disc using this method then you will need to contact lenovo on how to obtain a copy of the recovery disc.
    Hope this helps
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  • ThinkPad L420 problems! Windows 7 problems! Lenovo support problems! and so on...

    My company has bought 150 ThinkPad's, L420 model, with Windows 7 Pro OA installed but NO recovery DVD.
    The problem comes when we had to reinstall some of the laptops, because we used 4 different types of Windows 7 Pro 64bits kits (downloaded from MSDN), all of them NOT willing to accept the serial no. from the sticker under the battery.
    We tried to contact Lenovo Customer Support here in Romania, using the contacts we find on The surprise is that the phone number is NOT IN USE.
    - we got 150 paper weights for the price of 150 laptops.
    - we payed for Windows 7 Pro and we got almost nothing.
    - we trusted Lenovo to help us after sale and we were wrong.
    Now, my question is:
    Do you think we will ever buy again or advise someone to buy something from Lenovo?

    Did these machines have a Lenovo image installed initially?  Strange that they don't have recovery paritions.  Normally there is a way to make your own recovery DVDs using Rescue and Recovery.  That's why no recovery media is shipped.
    My best suggestion is to try that image from a working machine and see if it requires activation.
    BTW, what you describe is completely normal.  In my experience any Win 7 ThinkPad will require phone activation when using the CoA sticker key and non-Lenovo install media.  At least in the USA it's an automated process.
    The large print: please read the Community Participation Rules before posting. Include as much information as possible: model, machine type, operating system, and a descriptive subject line. Do not include personal information: serial number, telephone number, email address, etc.  The fine print: I do not work for, nor do I speak for Lenovo. Unsolicited private messages will be ignored. ... GeezBlog
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  • Windows reinstall problem when skype is used on both windows and apple os

    i installed skype on the windows os partition of my macbook and it worked fine. after doing the same installation on the mac os partition i was no longer able to use skype with windows i.e. every time i selected "options" in skype my macbook rebooted. i have since removed the windows partition from my macbook hdd but am having problems reinstalling it since. can anyone help?

    You performed all of the steps outlined in this link?
    You uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes?

  • Lenovo G770 mit zwei Grafikeinheiten und windows 10 treiber

    Hallo ich habe das Lenovo G770 mit  zwei Grafikeinheiten einemal Intel HD 3000 und die AMD Radeom HD 6650M.Unter Windwos 7 kann ich zwischen denn beiden einheiten Problemlos wechslen über denn AMD Treiber. Hatte jetzt aber auf Windwos 10 gewchselt und da gibt es aber riesen Probleme mit den Grafikeinheiten.Erstens, ich kann nicht mehr wechseln auf die AMD Grafik es gibt die option nicht im Treiber. Wenn ich dann die win 10 Treiber auf der AMD seite lade und Installiere bleibt der Monitor schwarz und nichts geht mehr.Muss dan im BIOS auf die UMA grafik schalten also Intel Grafik, das ich überhaubt wieder was sehe.Bekomme halt einfach die AMD HD 6650m nicht zum laufen unter win10.Von Lenovo gibt es ja noch keine Treiber. Und der Support meldet sich auch nicht.Hat ener von euch ne Lösung wie ich beiden Grafikkarten unter win 10 vernünftig zum laufen bekomme?

    Hallo Kiuziu, ich habe das gleiche Problem.Ich habe einen Laptop B50-30, aber ich glaube das ist egal.Ich habe den Laptop erst vor 2 Wochen gekauft. Hatte auf meinem Alten Win 7. Mit Win 8.1 bin ich überhaupt nicht zurecht gekommen und habe  - ganz mutig - Windows 10 upgedated. Hab' mich total gefreut, alles super. Dann war ich so unklug, am Helligkeitsregler des Displays rumzuspielen. Ich schob' ihn auf 100% Helligkeit und - schwupps - hatte ich 100% Dunkelheit. Nicht ganz schwarz, gerade so dass man die Ansicht erahnen kann, aber keine Maus sieht. Der Hotkey F12 für Helligkeit hat auch nicht funktioniert. Rauf und runter gefahren... nix. Dann habe ich den Netzstecker gezogen und neu gebootet: wieder klare Sicht. Aber jedes Mal, wenn ich den Rechner runterfahre ist wieder alles dunkel.Hab' alle Treiber installiert, die ich finden konnte: nichts. Jetzt habe ich die Lenovo Support Hotline angerufen:
    Das läge an Windows 10. Da funktioniert der Lenovo Helligkeitsregler nicht. Ich habe jetzt 2 Möglichkeiten- entweder das Gerät mit ONEKEY-Recovery in den Auslieferungszustand zurück setzen, also wieder Win 8.1 - oder so weiter machen und hoffen, dass Windows die Geschichte über irgendein update repariert. Ich weiß gerade nicht, wofür ich mich entscheiden soll.... Hilft Dir das, was ich erzählt habe?  VG 

  • How to install windows 8 on a Lenovo IdeaTab K3 Lynx

    Hello all,
    So the warranty on my 3 Lenovo IdeaTab K3 Lynx is expired and all restore partitions are corrupted, although the hardware is in good sound condition im left with paper weights. I have contacted Lenovo Support and spoken to about 12 people in a matter of 3 days. Lenovo options are: 1. purchase extended warranty for $400 (this according to the person i spoke with) 2. Send my Lenovo IdeaTab K3 Lynx to a repair center for an initial cost of about $100 plus whatever they find wrong with the tablet. I would much rather install Windows 8 and all the drivers for the Lenovo IdeaTab myself.  Lenovo Ideatab support unlike Toshiba support refuses to sell a recovery USB or ISO.
    I have tried to boot a windows 8 USB with EFI but no success. ALL Recovery partitions are corrupted, to there is no other way but to reinstall a copy of windows on to the Lenovo IdeaTab K3 Lynx. Ghosting the tablet also did not work.
    at this point i would be happy to install Linux as well.
    anyone have any ideas?
    Thank you,
    Information Technology Specialist

    hi Fabian,
    Welcome to the Forums.
    Can y0u check tjniko s post in this thread as he was able to successfully install Win8.1 on the device.
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  • Uninstall Elements before a Windows reinstall?

    After one week of a new computer, hackers got into it. Long story short, in order to totally wipe clean and secure it, I have to go back to factory specs and reinstall windows. During that first week, I had installed a brand new copy of PS Elements 10 (never opened it-it had sat on the shelf!).
    1) Is there a limit to how many times I can install the program on the same computer? If I have a problem in the future, will I have used up my installations?
    2) Should I uninstall it first, before doing the windows reinstall or just let it get erased during the Windows 8.1 reinstall process??
    Thank you for any words of wisdom!

    Nope, there is  no limit on number of installations and uninstallations but make sure that before uninstalling you deactivate your application. There is a limit on number of activations for a serial number which is two. Hence you can use serialized PSE on two different machines.
    Please let me know if ti doesn't answer your question.

  • Lenovo G770 Fan not spinning up after resume from sleep or hibernate

    Hi guys,
         My lenovo G770 is facing an issue where when ever I resume the system from either sleep mode or hibernate, the fan does not spin up, as a result I have to either restart the system or open the system, pull the wire of the fan and put it back in the power socket.
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    Hey Abdul,
    Welcome back.   If the fan runs normally on first boot until you suspend / resume, then I might imagine this is power management quirk, or something confused in the embedded controller.
    1) Try going into BIOS and reload defaults - this might refresh values there.   
    2) Try uninstall / reinstall power management driver and the energy cut software (Idea power manager).
    Did you recently update BIOS or drivers?
    I would also try some temp monitoring software just to see how CPU temps run after you come back from sleep to see if the fan should be running.
    ThinkPads: S30, T43, X60t, X1, W700ds, IdeaPad Y710, IdeaCentre: A300, IdeaPad K1
    Mark Hopkins
    Program Manager, Lenovo Social Media (Services)
    twitter @lenovoforums
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  • How could I restore everything in Firefox having new hdd replaced and Windows reinstalled?

    Due to some reasons (possibly boot sector problems/virus infection) my laptop (running Windows XP Pro) failed to boot up last week. I've replaced a new hdd and just have Windows reinstalled.
    The old hdd is in place and data on it is still accessible.
    Version of Firefox was 3.6.4 (continuously upgraded from 3.0 beta 2), with all defaults installed on the old hdd.
    Is it possible to restore everything (bookmarks, addons, history, preferences etc) in Firefox on the new hdd by copying files/folders from the old one? And what files/folders in specific?
    Thank you so much for help in advance.

    I was using another PC to post the question, please disregard the firefox version and plugins information above.

  • Is it true that your computers dont come with windows reinstalation disks

    I am a fan of open source *nix systems
    and was reading that most hp and other systems dont come with windows reinstalation disks
    is this true?
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    As long as you have the recovery discs, there will not be a problem putting the original operating system back on the unit.
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  • Lenovo G770 switchable graphics

    Hi there,
    does anybody have a chance to install and configure switchable graphics(Intel, AMD) on Lenovo G770 laptop with Windows 8?

    pretty much every windows 8 lenovo laptop driver (beta still) is listed here:
    but no indication of any "g" series.
    from a quick glance at the listed models, my guess is that lenovo is trying to put test versions out for the common business-deployed models. kind of makes sense since IT staff need to get testing done for their shop prior to making budget recommendations and decisions. it's pretty nice that lenovo is making them more widely available so that early adopters can "play", too.
    hope the link helps.
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  • P6N Diamond X-Fi Xtreme, back audio jack not working after windows reinstall

    Hi everyone,
    I've been having a problem with audio since reinstalling windows. Previously under windows xp sp3 i had no issues but after the most recent reinstall of windows xp, the rear jacks for the audio aren't working despite the front headphones jack working perfectly fine. Since this was only a short term measure, i didn't bother trying to sort it out until now, when I've now installed windows 7 on the computer and the issue still exists.
    I'm using the latest driver available on the msi website and I have also tried using the audio driver patch available on the same page.
    The fact that there were no problems before a recent windows reinstall and that the issue is mentioned on the driver download page makes me think the problem is with the drivers and not with the hardware.
    I searched through the forums and while a fair few people seem to be having the same issue or similar issues with audio jacks not functioning properly, i couldn't find a relevant solution for me.

    Yep that sounds exactly like my problem. The issue lies with the on board soundcard and their vista drivers. Creatives' vista drivers are notoriously bad. This coupled with the fact their drivers won't even INSTALL on a p6n board because their drivers do not detect the onboard soundcard adds to the problem. As far as I see it there are two ways to solve this issue:
    1.) Buy a front audio panel addition to your case.
    I am not sure on your setup but here is one with HD audio support:
    And that will fix your back panel port, and give you the option to use the front as well.
    2.) Buy a new soundcard.
    This is what I did after learning that the onboard x-fi isn't even a real x-fi card. I opted to buy the X-Fi gamer (cheapest of the X-Fi cards) and so far the drivers have been acceptable in vista. My non-hd front ports work, as well as my back port.
    Another alternative would be to wait for MSI to release an update to the creative drivers that they provide. No guarantee on that though.

  • Lenovo G770 Fans not working

    Contrary to everyone else's problems here my fans just not seem to be working anymore or something. I have switchable graphics with an integrated Intel and an AMD 1gb dedicated graphics card. When I switch to "high Performance" my lap top gets so hot, around 91 degrees Celsius. But when I switch to Power saving it stays a bit cooler. The trick is that I don't even hear my fans working most of the time. While playing SC2, a few times I've heard the fan go off(pretty noisy) and it cooled my computer off really fast. But most of the times it just builds up the temperature and becomes choppy as hell. I don;t remember it being this bad at first, but it seems that it has some kind of an issue now.
    Pleae help, I'll try to download the latest drivers now, but I think I've already done that. 
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    Lenovo G770 has ThinkVantage System Update? I thought that is suppose to be for ThinkPad system only?
    Go to the link below and Select Win 7.
    Then update the BIOS and Energy Management driver.
    *Non Lenovo employee*
    I have a Y2P (i5) ... Feel free to ping me if you want me to test some applications with your Y2P if you have the same model. I don't mind keep doing recovery on it if needed .... =)

  • A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.  Problem signature:   Problem Event Name:     AppHangB1

    I have received the following error message with Adobe Acrobat Pro XI when working with Portfolio Files. I am operating Windows 7 Professional.
    Has anyone found a fix for this issue?
      A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.
    Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
      Application Name: Acrobat.exe
      Application Version:
      Application Timestamp: 547e97af
      Hang Signature: 8dc7
      Hang Type: 0
      OS Version: 6.1.7601.
      Locale ID: 1033
      Additional Hang Signature 1: 8dc7ed9d7ff41b8cc5ee35b7294b45e9
      Additional Hang Signature 2: e6d0
      Additional Hang Signature 3: e6d001594873a6b1363ccd82616a4edf
      Additional Hang Signature 4: 8dc7
      Additional Hang Signature 5: 8dc7ed9d7ff41b8cc5ee35b7294b45e9
      Additional Hang Signature 6: e6d0
      Additional Hang Signature 7: e6d001594873a6b1363ccd82616a4edf
    Read our privacy statement online:
    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:
    Please help
    John Sorkin [email protected]

    What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 installed?
    How far into the opening of the program do you get? Do you get to the Expert or Quick workspaces?
    And, if so, how long can you stay there? What are you doing when you get this message, opening a new project
    or opening an existing one that has been saved/closed or just trying to launch the program from the desktop icon.
    Are you running the program Run As Administrator and from a User Account with Administrative Privileges?
    Do you have the McAfee antivirus program? Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer
    with Premiere Elements 12?
    What video card/graphics card does your computer use? Have you verified at the web site of the manufacturer of the
    card that the video card/graphics card driver is up to date?
    If you do not know, check the Device Manager/Display
    Adapters to determine if you have 1 or 2 cards.
    Depending on your answers, the next step will be
    Uninstall the program the usual Control Panel way.
    (If you can get into the program long enough to go to Help Menu/Sign Out, please do that to deactivate the program
    before going to the uninstall in Control Panel area.)
    Do a run through with ccleaner (both the regular cleaner and registry cleaner parts) to get rid of leftovers from
    incomplete uninstalls and reinstalls.
    Reinstall the program with the antivirus and firewalls disabled.
    (If you have McAfee as the antivirus, that may be problem, and we can take care of that without having to go
    through this uninstall/ccleaner/reinstall.)
    Let us start here and then decide what next.
    Thank you.

  • Sound & Bluetooth problems for lenovo G 560

        Sound & Bluetooth problems for lenovo G 560-
    Speakers create noise when increase the sound or change window.
    Bluetooth icon & drivers dissappear after sometime.(Fn + F5 doesn't work)
    They appear again after restart.
    Warranty Status Lookup
    Product ID:        Type-Model:        Serial number:
    59304299        0679-N/A        CBxxxxxxxx
    Location:        Expiration date:        
    India                  2012-08-31        
    Moderator Note; s/n edited for member's own protection

    Hi lenovoG60,
    Welcome to Lenovo Community!
    You may want to try updating all of your machine drivers such as
    Lenovo Energy Management (power management)
    Bluetooth drivers
    Sound card drivers
    Chipset drivers
    Look for the drivers from our support site.
    Best regards,
    WW Social Media
    T61, T410, x240, Z500, Flex 14
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