Windows Media Player in Safari

i have a MBP and i would like to know how i can get Windows Media videos to play DIRECTLY in Safari....i have downloaded Windows Media Player, and it works just fine, but every time i visit a page with a video on it that is a WM file, it opens in a seperate player. i use Safari on my G4 also, and videos play right in the safari browser there, how can i get them to work right on my MBP????
MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

You cannot use the WMP plug-in on an Intel Mac. To make it work you have to force Safari to run via Rosetta. Select Safari then press COMMAND-I to open the Get Info window. Check the box labeled "Open in Rosetta."

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  • Windows Media Player plugin & Safari - Quicktime opens up???

    Everytime I'm on a website and I click on a video clip that is a windows media player video file (wmv), the file opens up with the quicktime plug in - and the whole wmv won't play. I have to download the clip to see the whole thing in my Windows Media Player.
    How do I set up Safari so it will play wmv clips with a windows media player plug in so I don't have to download a bunch of video clips that I just wanted to see on a website.

    This is what you need flip4mac. Just go to the link and download it.

  • Windows media player on safari???

    I want to listen to the radio. I can do that with a stream on the website of the station but I need a plug in for windows media player
    can some1 help me out???
    THX anyway Flempie

    There is no Windows Media Player plugin for the iPod touch - in fact there are no plugins available for Mobile Safari at all.
    Neither is there any standalone player.

  • Windows Media Player in Safari - Rosetta

    There have been some videos embedded in web-sites that I have not been able to view with Safari. They are Windows Media videos that most often I have been able to access with Flip4Mac - a plug-in that translates the .wmv into QuickTime.
    I now find that certain Windows videos can only be viewed when I disable Flip4Mac and go back to using Windows Media Player v. 9. However in order to do that, I have to use Safari in its Rosetta mode.
    I've figured out how to do this. It's quite easy really. In case anyone is wondering: Go to Applications and Control Click on the Safari icon there. Open Get Information and check the Rosetta option. Re-start your computer and voilá - the video can now be rendered correctly. (Remember to disable Flip4Mac via System Preferences first.)
    OK - but why is all this necessary? Can someone explain why doing this actually works, and how come some Windows media-made video clips are fine with the Flip4Mac conversion to QuickTime whereas others require this Safari Rosetta - WMP v.9 procedure? Moreover, besides trial and error, is there a way of knowing which method to use, when I see a link to a Windows Media video link in a web-site?
    Thanks in advance,
    ~ john

    Just a follow-up. Since learning about how to run Safari in Rosetta mode - so simple really, just ctrl click on the Safari icon in the Application folder, Get Info, and as pointed out, check and de-select the Rosetta option as needed. I just want to add, that if some of you are also finding it difficult to run some Windows videos, ie .wmv - with Safari and Intel Macs, in addition to changing Safari to Roseta mode, you also need to de-select the Flip4Mac option from Systems Preferences to run those videos. Only then will Windows Media Player launch (using Rosetta Safari) and play the .wmv clips that are embedded in the webpage - and currently not viewable with Flip4Mac.
    It's worked for me on countless sites I was having difficulty with before.
    Thanks everyone.

  • Windows Media Player on Safari 3.0.4 on Vista

    When I try to access Windows Media player on a site that has video clips in that format using Safari under Vista, I get a message saying that "Windows Media Player could not be found". Of course, the player works under IE7.
    Any suggestions on how to make Safari recognize WMP?

    Surprisingly, Windows Media Player doesn't seem to offer a plug-in for Firefox (which I believe is the same plug-in architecture used by Safari).
    Some enterprising developers have created this though: x
    Give that a try.

  • Windows media player with safari for windows

    Hi everyone
    just a little problem of mine...
    safari seems unable to detect windows media player. I get a message about 'content of MIME type application/x-mplayer2' when I safari tries to use media player. I tried installing the plugin on this page which didn't seem to work. I don't know if this is a mistake but the file name suggests the plugin is for firefox...
    i have also tried installing quicktime and realplayer with no effect
    help appreciated; thank you in advance!

    Hi on_safari,
    I don't know if this is a mistake but the file name suggests the plugin is for firefox...
    Safari and Firefox (and other browsers) use the same interface for handling plug-ins so Safari should be able to use it nonetheless.
    I tried installing the plugin on this page which didn't seem to work.
    Can you describe in more detail what you mean? What did you try and what happened? Were any error messages generated?

  • Windows Media Player in Mac OSX 10.4

    I recently upgraded to 10.4 a few months ago, and before I did that, I had Windows Media Player installed on Saffari. When I Upgraded, it still worked, but when I upgraded my other Mac to 10.4, I tried to install Windows Media Player on Safari but it did mot work. My guess is that 10.4 does not recognize the .sitx format that previously worked on my 10.3. So is there another version of Windows Media Player that I'm just not seeing, or can I download another player for Safari?

    Hi Tanner,
    My guess is that 10.4 does not recognize the .sitx format that previously worked on my 10.3
    Mac OS X 10.4 no longers comes with StuffIt Expander. You'll need to install that to be able to use .sitx files.

  • Safari cannot open Windows Media videos in Safari - plugin missing

    This is annoying that I cannot see embedded windows media player in Safari - and the page that you suggest (click ok) goes to window media microsoft site and you can download windows media player for many versions bbuutt (but) I already have the latest version of media player -- so what is the solution?

    You cannot use the WMP plug-in on an Intel Mac. To make it work you have to force Safari to run via Rosetta. Select Safari then press COMMAND-I to open the Get Info window. Check the box labeled "Open in Rosetta."

  • Installing windows media player on my ibook G4

    I have on several occasions now attempted to download and install wmp on my ibook (only because some radio stations need it to work) and I get as far as downloading it either to the desktop or in a folder in the documents section, then when I click on the icon in order to install it nothing happens only the itunes start up - but there is no mention of windows media player wherever I look. I know it's probably something really obvious but for the life of me I can't work it out. I hope someone out there can - they usually do.
    thanks in advance
    anne adshead

    Windows media player 9 is still available and downloadable for mac, there's just no updates. Flip4mac is a terrible piece of software in my experience.
    Do you have Aladdin Stuffit Expander installed? It sounds like you're missing that to expand the download file. Once you have installed Windows media player, then Safari will use it automatically [which is highly recommended as myself and plenty others have found the other to be impossible to use].
    Here's the link and down at the bottom of the page you'll find the instructions with the link to Stuffit expander. misc/winmp_osx.xml&secid=80&ssid=8&flgnosysreq=True
    PPMacG5 2.Ghz iBookg4 1.42   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   2.5mem Singin'ShureLynx16x M-AOzonicProKeys88Motu896ARTubesGolden FCS-Lp 7.2.☮

  • Windows Media Player plug-in issues - Safari 4.0.5 on Windows 7

    Hi guys,
    I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 and of course the page to chose a browser popped up. Glad to see my beloved Safari browser to be available I installed it. Of course not all was running smoothly but after the 'mandatory' flash, Windows Media Player and QuickTime plug in I assumed all media content should run perfect in Safari.
    Unfortunately not for WMV files. I get the 'Safari can't find the internetplugin, MIME-type application/x-mplayer2'error message.
    I looked the issue up on the web of course and found out the trouble that Safari had with WMV streaming. What struck me is that this is a Mac only problem I believe (Flip4Mac solution). As I am running Windows 7 I was quite sure that Safari should be able to stream and play WMV files in the browser.
    So I removed and installed the Windows Media Player plug-in again ( but to no avail. I then removed Safari and installed it again, still same problem. I tried the Fire-Fox plug in, no solution.
    It really drives me nuts to open IE8 only to play some WMV files in the browser. I hope someone can shed some light on this issue.
    Strange thing I noticed: I can't see how I can manage my plug-ins. There seems to be no tab for it in the Safari settings and in the program-files folder I can only find Java.
    Thank you so much for your time and effort.

    I looked up the internet but can't find anything on this. As no replies here too I guess I'm the only one. The other thing that struck me is the enormous CPU usage when playing flash in the browser. Up to 95%-100% cpu usage when playing HD flash content. First I assumed it was a Flash issue but Internet Explorer never used more then 35%-55%. I then assumed it was just Flash in Safari. Strange thing is, if I maximize the window the cpu load actually drops to 55%. I only get high cpu usage when flash is played in the Safari window. I guess that means it's something to do with the browser and not an isolated flash 'bug'.
    Also still no luck playing WMV in the browser itself. Maybe time to look for yet another browser. A shame as I like the Safari browser a lot. MobileMe and iPhone are great to sync bookmarks and the look and feel is great. The engine is not so good unfortunately.

  • How do I force Safari to use Windows Media Player as my default WMV player.

    I am subscribed to a educational program called "the Epson Online Experience", and the entire program is in Windows Media Player videos. I was using Safari and Mac OS 10.3.9 with no problem what so ever, until Quick Time updated itself. Now I can't get WMP to play at all in Safari, or in Camino or IE either. The browsers just keep trying to play the link in Quick Time.
    I did download Flip4Mac, but with no luck. The links now appear to open, appear to be downloading the buffer, but will stay on that screen for hours if I allow it.
    Does anyone know how to make Windows Media Player the default media player in Safari? or for that matter, in Camino (or if I MUST, I guess I would be willing to try it in IE too if I could make it work.
    Thanks for the help!

    Welcome to Apple Discussions. Your post seems to have been lost in a sea of Safari problems.
    Usually items triggering media players create a file, which is downloaded into your system. Check your download folder for the file. If you can't find it, access the same file again via Safari.
    Once you locate the file on your HD, click on it. Then, command key + I will bring up the info panel for the file (or simply select "more info" in the preview panel if you're in the finder's column mode). Go to the bottom where you'll see "open with". There, you see "quicktime" listed as the app. for opening the file. Click on the drop down menu and find the Windows player and select it.
    Back to the info. panel - select "change all". This will revert all files of this type on your HD, plus future files to the Windows Media Player. Double click on the file to activate the video. Future selections in Safari will automatically open the correct media player. One other note, for the player to open automatically, you must check "open safe files after downloading" in your Safari Preferences>General panel.
    Post back with results.

  • Safari with Windows Media Player cannot use PHP as filename/src/url

    I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2 with Windows Media Player 11
    and Safari 3 public beta. In addition to being the absolute
    slowest browser among MSIE, Firefox, Netscape, and Opera, the
    Safari browser has two annoying WMP defects.
    1) Even with WMP 11 installed, the code below for embedding
    can use either the classid for WMP v6.4 or v7+ but Safari
    (or rather it's plugin) always displays a v6.4 looking UI.
    All other browsers display the media player using the v11 UI
    2) Safari will not download the movie if the "filename" param
    is a web url (e.g. getmovie.php?select=1234 ) rather than the
    precise name of the movie file itself (e.g. "movie.wmv"). The
    other browsers may differ in use of the param name="xxxx", where
    xxxx is "filename" or "src" or "url" or "data" ... but Safari
    will not work using any of these.
    Has anyone successfully embedded a WMP object that uses the
    URL as a PHP page (or other server-side script) ? I have already
    my server-side PHP code that works perfectly for MSIE, Firefox,
    Netscape, and opera. Safari is the only problem browser.
    //Media Player v6.4
    // CLSID:22D6F312-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95
    //Media Player v7,9,10,11
    // CLSID:6BF52A52-394A-11d3-B153-00C04F79FAA6
    <object id="MediaPlayer"
    height="300" width="300"
    codebase=" #Version=6,4,5,715"
    standby="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components...">
    <param name="url" value="">
    <!-- For other browsers * Windows Media Player -->
    <!--[if !IE]> <-->
    <object type="application/x-mplayer2" height="300" width="300">
    <param name="filename" value="">
    <!--> <![endif]-->

    I have run into several issues pointing to what you are describing...
    I fixed my Safari by installing the WMP plugin. I am able to view visualizations embedded into a webpage, one of which I created...I am able to view videos and so on.. Before I installed the plugin, All that would load is a place holder which looked like the old WMP and would not function properly. However this is what is displayed beside the media which is embedded.
    I think that I got the plugin by going to the download page for Safari and looking for plugins. Funny thing was that the plugin that I installed was the one for Firefox on its site that nobody every installs because Firefox gets the plugin if you already have WMP11 installed. Anyway this should solve your problem...with most..
    I have noticed just now that PHP served links or applications which launch in their own window and are protected by PHP script do work but still display a lack of functionality showing the Version 6.4 that you are speaking of. I checked it out using the KDGE Live Stream which opens another window, and displays version 11 properly ( in other browsers ), the link which is served is also protected and will close any media player that tries to play it on its own. It soley depends on the script which is coded into the page or window for the player. I can see this method as useful for a corporation as large and well advertised as ClearChannel Productions, because of the lack of bandwidth and cost to the company. Several sources do this and it winds up being an issue for the website administrator and designers to take care of, or update the script, or the person who has written the plugin, which could be from a number of resource; this particular instance would be the author of the WMP Plugin for Firefox.
    For any other purpose though the plugin I mentioned above should get rid of ( MOST ) of that problem.
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    This is also a good link for sources and coding issues when embedding WMP.. Hope some of this helps..
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  • Safari, Windows Media Player, and Proxy Servers

    I'm trying to watch streaming video of comedy central's Daily Show but its not working. I hit play and I get "-19422" in the play bar. I can't find anything about this anywhere online. I used to be able to do play these videos on my old computer but have had no success. It has to be in Windows Media Player format. I have Windows Media Player and have streamed from other sites. The only thing I have found is that the comedy central page requires a proxy to view streamng video. I have contacted my ISP and they say no such proxy is needed and I should be able to view the page. Am I suppose to guess on the proxy server? The comedy central site says it supports safari and apple computers but it doesn't seem like it. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone have any ieas for solving this problem?
    PS- This is what comedy central says.... Also my ISP is Time Warner Cable's RoadRunner
    "If you are on a Mac, make sure your Player is set to only use the proxy, and disable TCP or UDP checking as this will cause timeouts.
    If you choose the Use proxy option and do not know the proxy server name or port number you should use, contact your Internet service provider or network administrator. "
    12" PB 1.5Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   768 RAM

    The videos work fine for me with Safari 2.0.2 and OS X 10.4.3. The section of the help file you quoted appears to be referring to a corporate firewall setup rather than a typical home setup - you shouldn't need to change any of the defaults for Windows Media Player.
    A Google search for that error code you received mentions Flip4Mac in a couple of places - do you have that installed?
    If so, try disabling it to see if that is the cause of your issues.

  • Safari/Windows Media Player problem.

    I have a bit of a problem at the moment with viewing video content on some sites - when I click the link/button/whatever this message appears -
    "Safari can't display content on this page
    Some content on this page requires an Internet plug-in that Safari doesn’t support. The application “Windows Media Player” may be able to display this content. Would you like to try?"
    When I do try WMP, it opens ok, tries to play it, then gives me this message-
    "The file name, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect"

    Do you also have Flip4Mac installed?
    If not, Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows Media Player for OS X but Flip4Mac will continue to be supported which adds a plugin for Safari and other browsers that should work.

  • Windows Media player for videos on Safari...

    I am brand new to a mac...I have been cruising the web and a lot of web sites I frequently visited on my PC laptop are now not working the same. for example. I go to look at soccer highlights, but the videos do not work.
    When the video screen comes up it originally directed me to the microsoft page to download windows media player to be able to view the videos. I downloaded windows media player and the installer and installed it onto my mac. However, still when I go to the webpage it does not work... now when I go to the page it says "Some content on this page requires an Internet plug-in that Safari doesn’t support. The application “Windows Media Player” may be able to display this content. Would you like to try?" When I say OK the windows media player pops up and says "cannot open the file. Verify the path and filename are correct and try again." I am not sure what to do... I know it is not the websites problem as on my PC laptop the videos play fine. I just want to watch my soccer highlights on my new spiffy Mac, please help.
    THANKS in advance.
    MacbBook   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  

    Hi Anni,
    Welcome to  discussions
    Thanks for all the info but I have tried everything and still nothing. I just don't get it.
    You're welcome If I may say, you have tried everything is too broad a statement when trying to get help we need to know what you have tried.
    Have you tried a freshly created test account? See this doc, on how, if you haven't see this on 10.4 & Adding a new user account to your computer, this helps to show if this is a problem isolated to your username account or system wide.
    Do you have the plugin components mentioned?
    Are you running 3rd party Safari extending applications?
    Has Flip4mac ever worked for you?
    Post a Url of the video you are trying to watch, or an example of similar would help, so we may try it.
    Can you view Youtube & google vids?
    • If those are your correct specs you show your os is extremely behind, missing all the fixes
    the subsequent os updates & security updates offer. If they are incorrect please take a sec, to correct, adding the size of drive & ram would help as well
    If you update make sure to back up your personal files & data see this document on,How to back up and restore your important Mac OS X 10.3 & 10.4 files
    Look at A. Brodys post on how to update properlya. Brody now that 10.4.6 is out lets review..albeit it os 10.4.6 it still applies up to 10.4.10, his is the first post, ( this was the start of the double boot after os update.)
    Apologies if you already know all this I can't not know, prefer err on the side of caution.....
    • Note that your problem sounds different then the original posters problem, he doesn't speak of freezing, you are running a ppc ibook he a Macbook on 10.4.10.
    Please post your own topic & articulate what the "everything" you have tried happens to be, you are more likely to get the help you need, no doubt it must be most
    annoying not to be able to view what you know you can.
    Good luck,
    Eme'~[) / Maria

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