Wireless modem and Airport Express.. one at a time

Recently my internet provider upgraded my old plug in modem to a newer wireless model. Now it seems that the current setting allow communication with only one or the other at the same time. If I want to be online with the wireless modem and send my iTunes music via Airport Express to my sound system, no dice. I have to either click on the modem up in the Airport choices to be online and listen to iTunes through the computer speakers, or go offline to listen to music through the sound system and Airport Express.
I'm sure I'm just missing something in preferences or settings somewhere.
Can someone point me in the right direction?
Thanks, and Happy New Year!

No ideas?

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  • Connecting wireless modem and airport express

    I currently run internet with an old Motoirola Sideboard cable modem and Airport Express - previous version. All runs well. Now my Optus provider has upgraded my service with a Premium account for higher speed. They have also given me a free wi fi Cisco modem - DPQ3925. How can I replace my old Motorola modem and still maintain Air play etc with my new modem using Airport Express. I need to know exactly wire per wire help - please, if possible - Thanks

    Hi - I have a similar issue.
    I have a new macbook pro, ATV (3rd Gen) and AXn (purely for Airplay of itunes).
    All three are wirelessly connected to my HG556a Huawei WiFi Router.
    The Macbook pro and ATV work fine and can see each other for airplay mirroring and itunes.
    The AX connects and comes up in Airport Utility (AU) and itunes shortly after you turn it on, but if you either dont use it or stop using it and switch to ATV or whatever it dissapears from itunes and AU says it cant find it. Randomly the light on the AX stays green the whole time.
    I have to switch the AX off and on to get it back working again (i.e. itunes and AU can see it).
    Following other forum posts I've set the AX up by hard connecting it to my router, setting a static iP and reserving ports 5353 and 3689 to that address. I've also turned off ipv6 or whatever using the networksettings Terminal code string. I have also repaired permissions with disk utility!
    It still dissapears from available options in iTunes and AU. ideas?

  • Belkin wireless modem and Airport Express lan problems

    Let me preface my problem by stating the obvious - I'm not very technically proficient!
    That said, I've had an AirPort Express wireless lan connecting three computers on my home/office network for the past 8 months without any problems at all. All machines on the network have been able to access the internet via a Thomson SpeedTouch 530 ADSL1 modem that connects via an ethernet cable to the AirPort Express. No problems.
    The network consists of my G5 iMac (ALS), my husband's Mac mini and my Sony VAIO laptop (XP Pro SP2).
    I should also mention that half-way between my office and my husband's office there is a second AirPort Express that 'boosts' the signal to his office.
    I recently changed ISPs to a provider that offers the faster ADSL2+ service. This meant that I had to get a new Belkin ADSL2+ modem. This is my problem. I cannot connect my AirPort Express network to the internet using the Belkin modem. The Belkin modem connects without any problem if I just have it connected via ethernet to my iMac but that's not what I want to do.
    My existing AirPort details are -
    IPv4 Address:
    Router (this is the SpeedTouch 530 modem)
    Subnet Mask
    I thought I could change the new modem's address(?terminology?) from (which is how it came) to and that everything would work but it doesn't.
    Belkin tech support said 'the problem is with your AirPort Express' (what else would they say)?
    Do I have to keep the and change my AirPort addresses? Or should I try to set up a new network?
    2GHz 20-inch iMac G5 (ALS)   Mac OS X (10.4.4)   Mac Mini; 12inch PowerBook; 120GB external firewire hd; Video iPod; iPod mini;

    No ideas?

  • Wireless Modem and Airport Express USB Printer

    I am already connected to the internet via a wireless modem provided by my ISP. The connection uses Airport. I just purchased an Airport Express to connect my computer to a printer through the USB port. However, I can't get the airport utility to connect to the Airport Express solely for the purpose of connecting to the printer. I have tried to make the new aiport express both a new network and part of an existing wireless network with no sucess. I sitll have a flashing yellow light on my Airport Express. I have not connected the wireless modem to the Airport Express. Do I have to connect the airport express to the modem? Help!
    iBookG4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  
    iBookG4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  
    iBookG4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Hi Andrew Otis:
    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    You'll need to configure your AE via the Airport Admin Utility to Join an Existing Wireless Network, then select the name of your network in the drop down box or enter it EXACTLY as the SSID is broadcasting your network Name. You may also have to configure wireless security if you wireless modem has that enabled.
    I hope this helps!

  • Is there a limit to the number of airport extremes and airport expresses one should have in a network?

    Is there a practical limit to the number of airport extreme base stations and airport express units one should have in a home network?

    Then, I had an older Airport extreme that I was thinking about connecting wirelessly in my living room and connecting the DirectV DVR to it by ethernet cable.
    Is this older AirPort Extreme the "round" version or the "square" shaped version? The "round" version will not do what you want.
    Whenever you extend an AirPort using wireless only, you will experience a loss of bandwidth (speed) on the entire network. That loss might be anywhere from 15-50% depending on how far the extending AirPort device is located from the "main" AirPort.
    Even with an excellent signal, if you have 3 AirPorts extending the signal, you will lose 40-50% of the bandwidth on the network. The other AirPorts that are being used just for music are also slowing things down.
    He thought there might be problems with using that third airport with the DVR and wondered if I should just use an Airport express there.
    It would make no difference whether you used an AirPort Extreme....assuming it was the "square" version or a new AirPort Express as far as performance is concerned.
    As to whether you connect the DVR to another AirPort, it might be OK, but you will not know until you try. 
    If you find that things slow down noticeably, you will need to look for ways to connect the AirPorts together using a wired Ethernet connection. This is always the preferred connection method since there is no bandwidth loss when you do this.
    Since downloading video places a high demand on a wireless network, you might want to look for a way to connect the DVR back to your "main" router directly using a wired Ethernet connection as well.

  • Can I stream music to apple tv and airport express at the same time?

    Does anyone know if I can stream music to both AppleTV and Airport Express (speakers) at the same time?
    I have a TV in my living room and external speakers on my deck and want to stream music to both at the same time so I have the same music playing in both rooms - but I can't get an answer on IF I can do both at the same time or it I'd have to select one over the other?
    Anyone know?

    yes - the built-in music app allows to select one speaker only at the same time.
    now i've found the WHAALE Multiroom Player App (http://www.whaale.com) - and it sends directly from the iOS Device to my 6 AirPlay speakers. One of them is an Apple TV...
    all "in sync" and without any special hardware and additional software.
    And i am able to stream different songs to different rooms...
    Just AirPlay speakers - wifi router - WHAALE -> that's easy :-)

  • Vonage between cable modem and Airport Express is a problem

    I have my Comcast cable modem connected via Ethernet to the Vonage box which is connected via Ethernet cable to my Airport Express. When I try to connect wirelessly via my Powerbook it's a crapshoot whether or not I can connect to the internet. Mostly the quality is very poor if you can connect at all. If I cut the Vonage out of the equation hooking the cable modem to the Airport Express it works perfect. So Vonage is my problem and I need to change some settings either with my computer or my Airport Express, but which ones? I've been given several different ideas from the information I've sifted through (i.e. change the DNS, change the sharing prefs, get a hard wired router). Oddly enough an old HP computer I have in the basement connected to the internet via another Airport Express has no problems with connection at all. If someone could let me know which of these fixes I am preparing to try would work the best I would appreciate it.

    Interesting. So you have two Airport Express devices configured into a WDS, with the one upstairs functioning as the main base station and the one downstairs functioning as a remote base station. And your PC downstairs connected to the remote base station has no problems connecting to the internet. Is that PC cabled to the Airport Express, or does it connect wirelessly to the remote Airport Express?
    What happens if you bring the Powerbook downstairs to where the PC now resides. Does the Powerbook then get the same great internet connection as the PC?

  • Wireless printer and airport express

    I have an HP officejet 7410 "all in one" printer that use to connect to my Imac wirelessly just fine but now I have to connect it to the usb cable to get it to print. my family has 4 mac bookpro's also and its hit or miss whether or not they will print so would it be best for me to shut everything off, connect an airport express to my modem and then restart everything? I'm just tired of fooling with it and know there must be a better way? Thanks!

    You can connect your printer via USB to the USB port on an AirPort Express or Extreme and share them throughout your network.
    Instructions can be found here.

  • Using TimeCapsule with a Comcast modem AND Airport Express. Way slower after updates! What's up?

    I've been running this set up for two years now without a hitch.  Comcast Modem to TimeCapsule by Ethernet.  Then TimeCapsule to Airport Express via WiFi.  It used to work great because my TC was far away from my family room and the AE extended my network flawlessly. 
    After Mavericks and IOS 7.06 installations on my devices (iMac, Macbook Air,  iPhone, and iPad) my wifi seems to be moving at half speed.  I've rebooted the Comcast Modem and  TimeCapsule. I guess I should reboot airport express as well.  But I doubt thats the problem.  I was thinking of asking Comcast to change out Modems but this is a new problem only since updates. What should I do?
    Any ideas?

    Power off the entire network.....all devices....computers, printers, modem, TC, mobile devices, etc
    Wait a few minutes
    Start the modem first, and let it run a few minutes by itself
    Start the TC next and let it run a full minute
    Keep starting devices one a time about a minute apart until the entire network is powered back up
    Check the network

  • Wireless Broadband and Airport Express

    Where I used to live I had ATT DSL and used my Airport Express to provide a wireless network and the use of my non-networked Samsung printer. My new address won't have DSL or Cable--but there is Verizon wireless broadband. Is there a way I can more or less duplicate what I had with the DSL and the Airport Express? I sure would like to be about to print without having to physically attach the USB printer cable to my MacBook? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    The idea behind the Cradlepoint CBA250 adapter (which I have not tested) is to create an Ethernet output from a USB (or ExpressCard) modem or a mobile phone. This combination would thus effectively replace a DSL modem that has been connected to a WAN port of a wireless base station. If your AirPort Express was used as a base station, and was working with a USB printer earlier (much like this), everything ought to be as before.

  • Wireless modem and airport extreme

    Hi. I recently bought airport extreme with the intention of using it to provide wireless access to my external hard drive and printer.
    I have a netcomm nb5plus4w modem router which is connected to my broadband and currently provides wireless internet to our laptop.
    I am wanting to connect the airport extreme to this current network wirelessly. Is this possible, or will I need to purchase an ethernet cable to connect my modem to the airport extreme??
    I just attempted to connect it, and then had all sorts of trouble getting my modem back running with my isp.
    Please use as simple language as possible. While I am the techno chick in my marriage, I am by no means proficient in the gobbledeygook language!!!!
    i hope I have given enough info.

    I am wanting to connect the airport extreme to this current network wirelessly. Is this possible, or will I need to purchase an ethernet cable to connect my modem to the airport extreme??
    Sorry, but unlike the AirPort Express Base Station (AX) or the Time Capsule (TC), you will not be able to "join" an existing wireless network with the 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBSn) wirelessly to share USB drives/printers.
    Since the router you are trying to connect to is not another AirPort, you will have to connect the two (as you suggested) with an Ethernet cable for sharing.

  • Help needed with router setup. Bigpond wireless gateway and Airport Express

    Now I know this is probably more a router question but it is to help my iPad wifi so heres what I have.
    ADSL2+ line in
    Bigponds Thomson TG782T Modem/router which is /b/g
    Airport Express /b/g/n
    I am trying to set it up for maximum speed so basically I am trying to take advantage of the AE's /n.
    I was hoping to use the Thomson as just a modem and use the AE as the router. Please correct me if this isnt the 'best way of doing it'. Can someone savvy give me a few pointers, would be greatly appreciated. cheers

    Chris CA wrote:
    You can download the user manual here (scroll down to Support) -> http://bc.whirlpool.net.au/bc/hardware/?action=hview&modelid=897
    This screen is where you disable the Wireless Access Point. (ignore the red arrows - they aren't mine)
    Uncheck *Interface Enabled* at top.
    @Chris........ Thanks for that..... yes I disable it. So much for Bigpond telling me it couldnt be turned off. I have the system up and running /n 5ghz multicast 5.5. iPad not fluctuating signal strength as much and loading a bit quicker. I think turning off the 2.4 running on the Thomson made a difference when running from the AES at 2.4 but much better with Thomson off and AES on 5ghz. So all up I am doing better thank you.

  • Airtunes, Wireless Speakers and Airport Express:  A Reality?

    Hi all,
    I have an Airport Extreme Base Station that I use to wirelessly connect my iMac and pc to the internet and a common printer. Last week, I purchased the Airport Express (AE) to allow for me to play the music from my iTunes library (on the iMac) on some speakers in my backyard during a party. I wound up purchasing some decent computer speakers and connected them to the AE vis-a-vis a 3.5mm stero jack.
    Ideally, I want to purchase some really good, wireless outdoor speakers, but I do not know how I would be able to utilize the AE in conjunction with a wireless speaker system. Again, my understanding is that a 3.5 mm stereo jack connecting the speakers to the AE is required to enable Airtunes to play via the AE.
    Can anyone suggest a way that I can get Airtunes to play through the AE over wireless speakers without the stereo jack? Are there any wireless speakers that include a subwoofer that would connect to the AE via the 3.5mm stereo jack and then transmit to the speakers via bluetooth?
    Thanks in advance for any help!

    ^^ Thanks, Duane. But how about a situation where the wireless speakers are equipped with a receiver: theoretically, could I attach the receiver to the AE via the 3.5 mm stereo jack and then place the wireless speakers anywhere I desired (within the range of the receiver, of course)?

  • Itunes, wireless networking and Airport Express

    I currently have an AEBS and I am considering getting an Express to extend my network and stream iTunes to my stereo. My network is wireless for my Laptop and hardwired into my two desktops.
    I know that I can set up Airtunes, but sitting near my stereo is a small hub (thats connected to my AEBS) that feeds media to my Xbox media centre. Can I connect my Airport Express to this hub via ethernet to receive iTunes then using the speaker cables feed music to my stereo or will it only work wirelessly in Airtunes mode?
    Also, can you extend the wirless network with your Express by having it wired into this hub then re transmitting the wireless signal or will wireless netwrk extending only work completely wirelessly?

    Hi Martin,
    what a co-incidence - i just bought an IMAC and also have the thought of archiving all my CD's (about 1000) on some kind of harddisc-server, and then be able to access this archive via my Imac (wirelessly), and stream the music to my Hifi system and feed it into my Digital/Analog Converter. Do you think the time capsule wld be ideal for the function of storing/archiving and streaming to the hifi system..? I guess I also need a seperate "Airport Express", as it has an optical- digital output into my Digital/Analog converter...
    Thanks for your thoughts and kind regards from Singapore !

  • I have a time capsule and airport express one floor lower, the signal keeps dropping. Would an airport extreme give me a longer range for wifi?

    I have several computers. My equipment is upstairs in a house, apple time capsule and downstairs airport express. Lately the downstairs computer keeps disconnecting from the internet. Would replacing the airport express with and airport extreme give me a greater range for my wifi connections?

    Yes.  Question is... would the difference be enough.
    The extreme has a bigger & more powerful antena array. But if that alone still doesn't suffice, you also have the option to use the express to EXTEND from the Extreme.

Maybe you are looking for

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