Word 2000

I have a lan with about 100 users all using Office 2000. All users are able to read embedded pdf files through Word except one. I have tried reinstalling Word and Acrobat Reader. I have tried older versions of Reader too. All efforts fail, clicking on the embedded pdf causes Word to open the raw pdf file.
The only thing that I can see different between this installation is that there is no "Adobe PDF" entry in the main menu bar next to "Help" in Word.
I have tried to find out how to manually install Reader into Word, but I been unsucessful.

Never mind...I found the solution by deeply studying MS Word's object model, it seems that Microsoft gave an alternate method for referencing an object within it's collection, and that way is the "item" method.
Every collection has this method, which takes an index for parameter, it has to be called using OLE2.INVOKE_OBJ, the code that I gave for example now looks like this:
objSelTables := OLE2.GET_OBJ_PROPERTY(objSel,'TABLES');
objTable := OLE2.INVOKE_OBJ(objSelTables,'ITEM',objArgList);

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  • Word 2000 hyperlinks don't work in .pdf created with Acrobat 9 Pro

    I'm new to Adobe Forums, so please overlook the effrontery of my posting a query previously discussed. Perhaps someone can simply reply with a link to the prior discussion. I have installed Acrobat 9.2 Pro in 2 computers, one running XP64 Pro, the other XP32 Pro. Word 2000 is installed in both. All Word hyperlinks work fine, but after .pdf conversion using Acrobat 9.2 Pro, none of these work. In 'Preferences', I have navigated Convert to PDF > Microsoft Office Office Word > Edit Settings > Add Links to Adobe PDF File and confirmed that the Add Links feature is enabled. Having ascertained that this glitch is not specific to either XP64 or XP32 operating systems, I uninstalled Acrobat 9.2 Pro from the XP32 computer and reinstalled Acrobat 6.1 Pro. Then using the same Word 2000 document, I converted to .pdf using Acrobat 6.1 Pro, with no problems whatsoever. This looks like a serious bug in Acrobat 9 Pro, which the telephone support folks have acknowledged. Alas, they won't give me the tiniest clue how to resolve it, nor any workaround, but merely refer me to AdobeForums.com for help. I suspect a corrective patch or 'upgrade' will be forthcoming, but meanwhile, if anyone knows of a workaround, please enlighten me. Thanks. /rmbrown

    Thank you, CtDave, for your speedy reply and for the 'Acrobat Technical Evangelist' knowledge base article. Word 2000 is one of Microsoft's masterpieces - by disabling 'autosave', the application is totally stable, does not require 'activation' by Microsoft. Acrobat 9 enables 'saving' of interactive .pdf forms, a most valuable feature and one much appreciated by anyone completiing such forms. There must be more to this issue than 'incompatibility', because I can create a test Word 2000 document, hyperlink a valid URL, convert to .pdf with Acrobat 9, and the hyperlink works fine in Acrobat 9. When I attempt to do this using a much more complex Word 2000 document, embedded with scores of hyperlinks, these links fail to work following conversion to .pdf with Acrobat 9, but work fine following conversion to .pdf with  Acrobat 6. I can then use Acrobat 9 to open the .pdf created with Acrobat 6, and successfully edit any of these fully functional hyperlinks using the 'Link tool'. I don't know who prepared the 'Acrobat Technical Evangelist' article (AF1908DCd01) - no credits were cited, and I'm far from certain that this authentically belongs to Adobe's knowledge base. So I appreciate your sharing this information with me, but I cannot say that my question has been definitively answered. If you have any further information or tips, please reply in this thread. /rmbrown

  • Acrobat 7.0 Professional purchased version won't create PDF files from Word 2000

    I am running Windows 7 and have installed Acrobat 7.0 and Word 2000.  I know, it's an old version, but this combination always worked on my old computer.  When I install Acrobat on my computer I received the following message:  "Warning 20225.  Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Setup was unable to create a new item:  Adobe PDF Port & Printer.  The Adobe PDF Printer may be unavailable."  Then it tells me the installation was successfully completed.  When I attempt to create a PDF from a Word 2000 file, I get this error message:  "Unable to find "Adobe PDF" resource files."  And it asks if I want to run the installer in repair mode, but all it does it try to re-install the program and fix things but then I get the same "Warning 20225..." message mentioned above.  If I have the original purchased installation discs of both Word 2000 and Acrobat 7.0, why won't they work together on my new computer running Windows 7?  They worked fine on my old computer using Windows XP.  Help!!!

    I just answered this question in http://forums.adobe.com/message/4251547#4251547. Basically you should be able to create a PDF (assuming you are not using a 64-bit system and then I have no clue), but not in the automated way you are used to doing. The first step would be to change the printer port for the Adobe PDF printer (assuming the driver got installed) to file. Then when you print or use PDF Maker, it will ask you for the file name. It will create a PS file (may have a prn extension) that you have to open in Distiller to complete the rest of the conversion. A bit of extra work, but workable. You are looking at a Win7 issue that has caused major problems for many software vendors, not just Adobe. The newer versions of Windows seem to ignore a lot of compatibility needs. Don't forget that with VISTA they had to add the help system back in because their own MS Office needed it.

  • Acrobat 9 will not import bookmarks from Word 2000

    I have a customer who creates sophisticated Word 2000 documents including bookmarks. When converting to Acrobat using 8 professional, the bookmarks convert fine. They are there and point to the correct locations. She insisted that she needed 9 Professional because it handles creating text and check boxes much more efficiently, but 9 will not bring over the bookmarks from the very same document. Our current solution is to have 8 and 9 on the pc simultaneously, create the document in 8, then open it again in 9 to modify all the input fields.
    This happens for all users, local admin or not. I have uninstalled, cleaned out the registry, installed, upgraded, used different profiles, etc. and the result is always the same.
    What could possibly be causing this? I have checked all the bookmark settings from within Word, and they are all correct. I've searched everywhere, and apparently no one else on Earth is experiencing this issue.

    Acrobat 9 does not work with MS Office 2000, Acrobat PDF-capable web browsers and PDFMaker-compatible applications (Acrobat 6.x - 9.x on Windows and Mac OS) .

  • Word 2000 and Acrobat 9 PDFMaker

    I see that it is a known issue that PDFMaker doesn't always install nicely into Word 2007 with Acrobat 9.
    What I want to ask is, is it possible to use PDFMaker with Word 2000? The fact that it seems to be implemented as a dll makes me think maybe it is not possible.
    TIA for all help,

    I don't believe Word 2000 is supported by Acrobat 9

  • SAP - MS Word 2000 (missing form fields)

    I designed a report to download quality notification data into MS Word.
    I use MS Word 2003 on my laptop. The users have MS Word 2000.
    Steps that I followed :
    1. Create a template using program SAPRDEMO_FORM_INTERFACE
    2. Save the template on your desktop.
    3. Upload the Template into BOR using TCode OAER.
    4. Write a report to get the form open in Word & then populate the fields created with the data from the program.
    The ZProgram has the following logic :
    1. Create instance for BDS
    2. Get Document info
    3. Get Document URL
    4. Set application type.
    5. Open Word Document
    6. Check Form interface
    7. Get the Form interface
    8. Get the Form variables
    9. Fetch data from R/3 & populate the structures
    10. Pass the variables to the Form Interface.
    Steps 1-9 are done. The problem occurs in step 10. Using MS Word 2003, I am able to pass all data from R/3 to the respective fields in the form. But using MS Word 2000, users are getting few fields and some are missed. I got MS Office 2000 installed on one of our machines. The problem I face is none of the fields are getting populated in step 10.
    Please suggest if MS Word 2000 form interface is compatible with SAP 4.6C.

    Hi Anil,
    There is no specific Error Message.
    The Fields in the Word document 2000 are not getting populated appropriately from the program.
    The Method as shown below is getting executed successfully but values are not getting properly passed to the fields in the Word Document 2000.
    This is not the case with MS Word 2003. All fields' data is getting accurately populated.
    *Check form interface
      CALL METHOD document->has_form_interface
                   is_available = v_has.
    *Get form interface
      IF NOT v_has IS INITIAL.
        CALL METHOD document->get_form_interface
                    f_interface = handle.
        IF NOT handle IS INITIAL.
          CALL METHOD handle->protect EXPORTING protect = ' '.
    *Get form variables      .
          CALL METHOD handle->get_data
                     EXPORTING all = 'X'
                     IMPORTING fields = it_tabel1.
          PERFORM get_data.
    *Pass variables to Form interface
          CALL METHOD handle->set_data
           EXPORTING fields = it_tabel2
                     clear = 'X'.
    This method in Italicized code is getting executed successfully but values are not getting passed to the MSWord2000 Document.
    I tried all the 3 document types as mentioed in SOI type group.
                                                  VALUE 'Word.Document',
                                                  VALUE 'Word.Document.6',
                                                  VALUE 'Word.Document.8'.
    No positive result.
    Please let me know if anything else is requried for your analysis/help.

  • Can't convert Word 2000 file to pdf

    I have Acrobat 9 Standard (v. 9.3.4). I try to convert (Create menu) a Word 2000 file, but get the error message "The document or path is not valid." Still, the doc file opens, and the conversion seems to take place, but when completed, Acrobat hangs. Same if I used File - Open.
    I can open the doc file normally without problems. I have repeared my installation of Acrobat, and rebooted. No change.
    What can I do?
    Hans L

    Hi erica81044662
    Are you trying to convert documents from Word PDFMaker or Opening Acrobat and then converting it ?
    Is your Acrobat up to Date ?

  • Word 2000 with SolMan and EWA issues

    Having a number of issues. It seems since updating SolMan to SP24 EHP1 i cannot open EWA reports in Word 2000 (updating to latest version is out of the question due to business politics). I have tried a number recomendations from OSS notes but none work. I get this error message when i select standard or short version
    Required file not found -> see long text
    Message no. DSVAS813
    No usable file was found for the active Office version in the report defintion.
    Processing cannot continue.
    Please notify the person responsible for this session type or for the SAP Solution Manager, specifying the session number, session group, session type, version number and the number of the message short text.
    To find session information, in the Service Session Workbench, choose Goto -> Technical Information. Specify the Office application and version (which you can find by choosing ? -> Help -> About... ) and the number of the message short text.
    To create a message to SAP, choose Help -> Create Support Message.
    The issue can be resolved by changing the report definition in the Service Session Workbench or importing a newer version of the session definition.
    I am not sure how to change the Word version in technical Information, it seems not so "helpful" help page and how to change the report definition. Any help on this would be appreciated
    I also needed to know how to send previous SAP EWA reports. The landscape is setup to send the EWA reports to SAP on a monthly basis and i need to change this to weekly. i have had a look at the EWA setup operations and it is active and all boxes are ticked.

    Hello Mani,
    You can send the data for ABAP system to SAP and process the EWA reports and they can be accessed via your
    Service Market Place inbox, if that was an option you were seeking. How to do so, you need to follow SAP Note 207223.
    The periodic SDCCN EWA task can be scheduled to recurr weekly.
    EWA data on Satellite ssytems is usually only available for the past 3 weeks, as there is no intent to store the data.
    Of course any EWA report can also be opened (click the link on the left side in DSWP) in HTML, so this could be a work around to get any existing or furture EWA reports generated on your Solution Manager system.
    Unfortunately, because Word 2000 is no longer supported by Microsoft, there is little that can be done now, that you are on Word 2000, and have upgraded to an SP level that no longer supports Word 2000. This is your issue.
    However I think I have provided some alternatives to get the reports.

  • No Create Adobe PDF button in Microsoft Word 2000

    I recently purchased and installed Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0 and am working my way through Adobe Acrobat Classroom in a Book. I've learned there should be a "Create Adobe PDF" button in Microsoft Word (and Excel, etc.), but there are none in mine. If I use the Adobe PDF printer, an untagged PDF will result.
    I'm using Microsoft Word 2000; is that version too old to support the addition of a Create Adobe PDF button within the application? I've also recently installed Omnipage and buttons for that application installed in Word with no problems.
    Any help is appreciated.

    Read this:

  • Problems creating a PDF file w/ Word 2000 + Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional

    Hi all,
    we have a problem with some of our word files. When trying to create a PDF file w/ Word 2000 and Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional by pressing on the Acrobat button in Word, sometimes the PDF distiller gets stuck and doesn't create a PDF file. When pressing <Alt>+<F9> we see that the file is overcrowded with fields, e.g.:
    {PRINT \p para "[ /EMC pdfmark [ /StPop pdfmark"} { PRINT \p para "[ /EMC pdfmark [ /StPop pdfmark" }
    { PRINT \p para "[ /Subtype /P /StPNE pdfmark" }  { PRINT \p para "[ /StBMC pdfmark" ] { PRINT \p para "[ /Subtype /P /Title () /StPNE pdfmark}
    When deleting all of these fields it is possible to create a PDF file (which is quite a nuisance). Does anybody know what these fields mean and esp. what can be done to stop Word/Acrobat writing the text felds into our documents?
    Thanks a lot in advance,

    All of the marks are created to provide the tags and other items related to bookmarks, links, and accessibility. Sometimes there is a problem if your TEMP folder does not have enough room. You get these when you use PDF Maker (the create PDF icon in WORD). You can select the preferences in PDF Maker and deselect a lot of the items, particularly tags that tend to bloat the PDF but are useful for accessibility or going back to WORD (you should always keep the WORD file anyway). That may solve the problem. If you do not want any of the extra info, then print to the Adobe PDF printer instead.

  • Ms word 2000 not showing up in software scan?

    Using ZEN 3.2 SP1
    Windows 2000 Pro with SP2 workstation with MS Office 2000 installed.
    Software inventory will report workstations with Word 97 and Word
    but NOT Word 2000?
    Any ideas why?

    I'm guessing something with the MSI as well.
    Now, it WILL show that Office 2000 is installed, just not the
    All workstations in the entire container (I did a search for all
    workstations that had software titled: %word%)
    It will show me Word 97 and Word 2002, but not Word 2000
    Now, if I pick a select workstation and go into Properties -> ZEN
    Inventory -> Minimal information -> Detailed information > Software ->
    By Vendor -> Microsoft Inc it does not list Word or Excel or PP
    but it does list Office 2000.
    So maybe this is how it's supposed to be?
    Keep in mind we use zfd 3.2 with SP1
    Should be upgrading to ZEN 4.0.1 in the next several weeks.
    I suppose I can tell it to look for Word.exe?
    (I see you use Spamcop too)
    In article <Mtgra.4236$[email protected]>,
    [email protected] says...
    > Kevin,
    > is it just one workstation or a general problem ?
    > Could it be an MSI problem ? Because Zen inventory i using the MSI
    > informations placed in the registry to retrieve informations about
    > these products.

  • How do I download and reinstal word 2000

    how do I reinstall word 2000?

    Word 2000 was never available as a download. It was only ever supplied on hard media (e.g. CD-ROM) and that is what you would have to reinstall it from. Although some of the updates to it were available for download, SR1A, which was the first Service
    Release, is no longer available and is necessary before the later Service Packs could be applied. In any event Office 2000 is not compatible with any currently-supported version of Windows.
    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

  • Word 2000 integration with D2K

    I'm working in a project that involves using Word 2000 for output, I'm using the OLE2 package, so far I've had relative success, but there are some objects in the Word object model that seem to be unreachable from D2K. I've had trouble when I try to access any particuar object from a collection using it's associated index
    For example Trying to get the first table of the current selection:
    In VBA:
    objTable = selection.tables(1)
    Using OLE2
    objSel := OLE2.GET_OBJ_PROPERTY(objWord,'SELECTION');
    objArgList := OLE2.CREATE_ARGLIST;
    objSelTable := OLE2.GET_OBJ_PROPERTY(objSel,'TABLES',objArgList);
    I've tried replacing GET_OBJ_PROPERTY with INVOKE_OBJ, but both didn't work and throwed exceptions
    Does anybody succesfully solved this particular issue??

    Never mind...I found the solution by deeply studying MS Word's object model, it seems that Microsoft gave an alternate method for referencing an object within it's collection, and that way is the "item" method.
    Every collection has this method, which takes an index for parameter, it has to be called using OLE2.INVOKE_OBJ, the code that I gave for example now looks like this:
    objSel := OLE2.GET_OBJ_PROPERTY(objWord,'SELECTION');
    objSelTables := OLE2.GET_OBJ_PROPERTY(objSel,'TABLES');
    objArgList := OLE2.CREATE_ARGLIST;
    objTable := OLE2.INVOKE_OBJ(objSelTables,'ITEM',objArgList);

  • All Adobe PS fonts mysteriously removed from Word 2000 font library

    HELP !
    Operating System:     Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4
    Word Processor:        Office 2000 (including Word 2000) with Service Pack 3
    Adobe Type Manager Deluxe:     Version 4 .1 installed May 24, 2000, Serial Number XXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXX.
    Adobe Postscript Fonts:     The entire library.
    On September 12, 2010, I opened up a Word document created in 1992 on my computer using Adobe postscript font AvantGarde.
    I immediately saved the document in the latest version of Word (i.e., Word 2000).
    I then highlighted the bolded caption to change the font size from 12 points to 13 points.     "13" is not on the font size drop down menu, so it has to be typed in manually.  I did that.
    The second I pressed the "Enter" key, the following events occurred:
                   The entire Adobe postscript font library disappeared from the Word 2000 drop down list of available fonts;
                   The installation date of the Adobe PS fonts all changed to the date I hit the "Enter" key (i.e., 9/12/2010);
                    The file size of each font changed to "OK";
                    The attributes of each Adobe PS font changed to "AC";
                    The file name of each Adobe PS font was broken by the insertion of an ____ in the file name; I don't know if it replaced any existing characters in the file name;
                     All the Adobe postscript fonts remain in the Master Font List of Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.1, as well as the Adobe folder containing all the Adobe PS fonts;
                     Every Word document ever created on our computer formatted in Adobe PS AvantGarde - about 95% of all our documents - defaulted to either Courier or Avant Guard (pronounce the same, but spelled differently); "Avant Guard" is a true type font.
    Adobe Tech support personnel were unable to assist me and suggested I present this problem to the Forum.
    I have the name of the engineers who developed Adobe Type Manager Deluxe 4.1, as well as its technical specifications from Help.
    Adobe postscript font "Avantgarde" is practically our firm's logo. Readers recognize our work just by the font.  It's one of the most beautiful and readable fonts in the entire Adobe library.
                     I have no reason to believe the document itself that I opened was corrupted.
                     I have a complete back-up of our entire Adobe postscript library on a 100 MB ZipDisk, but I don't know if simply reinstalling the font files will correct the problem.     I don't want to make things worse by blind experiment.
                     All other font types remain in our Word font library list and are fully accessible; but none are as readable or as beautiful as postscript fonts.
                     Unfortunately, I am not a computer "techie", but I can follow instructions if I understand them.
                     Sincerely appreciative of knowledgeable assistance, I remain
                     Very truly yours,
                                              NORMAN COUSINS
                                            [email protected]

    (1)     Never post a serial number of a product you've licensed on a public forum. We have taken the responsible liberty of replacing that serial number in your post with a series of Xs.
    (2)     This forum is associated with the PostScript programming language. Your problem has nothing to do with that whatsoever, but rather, with an event that somewhat mucked up fonts on your host computer system. If anyone in Adobe Technical Support told you to post on the PostScript forum, they were dead wrong. We are sorry for that bum information provided by our Technical Support organization.
    (3)     Adobe Type Manager Deluxe has not been supported by Adobe in any way for well over five years.
    (4)     There should be nothing that Microsoft Word or the user of same could do within Microsoft Word to cause the symptoms you describe. Neither Word nor Office do anything to uninstall fonts or modify the fonts.
    (5)     Without explicitly invoking ATM, ATM has no functionality or for that matter any known bugs that would cause the symptoms you describe.
    (6)     Windows' Font Control Panel likewise has no functionality or any known bugs that would cause the symptoms you describe.
    Any attempt to further analyze what happened on your computer would be totally a wide-assed guess. However, I could imagine hardware problems with your disk drive causing the type of symptoms you describe. If in fact you are using a computer system that was installed in May 2000 and especially if you are using the original disk drive, I suspect your luck in terms of system longevity may just have given out. (Ten years for a computer system and especially a disk drive is pretty long). Zip Disk? You'd better back that up to something more modern. Neither the drives nor media are readily available for that format anymore.
              - Dov

  • "A supported version of Microsoft Word does not exist. Please install Microsoft Word 2000 or newer."

    I am a new RoboHelp user und I want to import content written with Word 2013 into RoboHelp.
    I'm using RH HTML 9.0.2 and MS Word 2013 (Office 2013) on a Windows 7 professional computer.
    When I try to import a Word-Document (I downloaded and used the example document from Peter Grainge and also tried other Word-documents) I get the following message:
    "A supported version of Microsoft Word does not exist. Please install Microsoft Word 2000 or newer."
    What can I do?

    The error message is wrong as regards the version you need to install. It should state that you need a compatible version and the latest is Office 2010. Even Rh10 does not support Office 2013.
    There is a workaround when generating printed documentation but not when importing. You need to install Word 2010 which can co-exist with Word 2013 if you want to retain that for other purposes. Before using Rh to import, run Word 2010 first.
    To generate printed documentation using Word 2013, right click Properties in the layout, it works from there.
    See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

  • Strange issues while using Word 2000

    Several odd happenings with Word 2000 - the cursor suddenly jumps a line or two, or type one letter and three appear, or page down results in the document racing to the end, and more worringly, today I hit the delete to erase one word in the middle of a doc and the delete ran uncontrollably through the whole edocument, erasing it to the end. Help! This is my work here. I can't afford to lose this stuff.
    Is this a OS problem (XP pro)? Or a driver?
    Gavin Kilty

    Hi Gavin, it sounds like your keyboard is dirty or defected it's highly unlikely to be a driver problem. As for fixing the fault it would probably require opening the laptop to access the keyboard components.
    Have you tried typing with another application??
    Also try pressing all the keys on the keyboard in case one of them has accidentally stuck.
    If the symptoms still persist then it's a trip back to Toshiba if still under warrant or perhaps a new USB / wireless keyboard theyre quite affordable these days.
    Richard S.

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    Hi, In WebLogic Portal 9.2, there was a project facet called - "Mobility framework for WebLogic Portal." This is not available in WebLogic Portal 10.3. At the same time, I don't see any comment in the Release notes or the in the "What's new" section

  • "Improving SQL query performance using secondary indexes"

    I have a very old copy of this document from 1997. I'm hoping to find newer version, if one exists, but the search facility on SDN is not working at the moment. Does anyone have a more up to date copy or link they can point me to ? thanks, Malcolm.

  • The database DLL 'crdb_odbc.dll' could not be loaded.

    Post Author: lurked CA Forum: Data Connectivity and SQL Hi guys.The post title explains the problem...I'm using Crystal Report XI : Developper with Windows Server 2003.I need to display reports over the web, so I'm using the Crystal Report ActiveX Vi