X fi2 does not show playlists

Hi all,
The title is pretty self explanatory. I've got this player for my birthday a few days ago and now it doesn't work properly. I was using mediamonkey to sync playlists/audio podcasts, which was working fine and they showed up in the player no problems. Now I transferred some music and playlists from mediamonkey to the player and now I see?no playlists at all. I just have the following message when I navigate into the playlist category of the player:
"To create a playlist, select <Save As Playlist> from the Now Playing context menu"
I've done this and still no playlist appears.
I've used the latest version of Creative Centrale to create a playlist?and still no playlist appears.
All playlists on the player are visible in;
Windows explorer
Creative Centrale
but not on the player itself.
I'm using the latest firmware.
I have tried resetting the player.
I've read the FAQ posted?
I've run the MP3 player recovery tool posted? http://forums.creative.com/t5/MP3-Players/MP3-Player-Recovery-Tool/td-p/434567" which just seems to download the latest firmware.
I've not yet re-installed the firmware because that is a last resort and I don't want to end up re-installing the firmware every other day just to get playlists to work.
Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?

Here's one file:\Music\theyoungturks.com\TYT Wednesday, September 5.mp3
Here's another with multiple lines:\Music\Atheist Community of Austin\The Atheist Experience\#665- Viewer Calls_2.mp3\Music\Atheist Community of Austin\The Atheist Experience\#659-
Creaming the Data.mp3\Music\Atheist Community of Austin\The Atheist Experience\#660-
Viewer Calls.mp3\Music\Atheist Community of Austin\The Atheist Experience\#66- Islam's tender nerves.mp3\Music\Atheist Community of Austin\The Atheist Experience\#662- Three pillars of apologetics.mp3\Music\Atheist Community of Austin\The Atheist Experience\#665- Viewer Calls_.mp3\Music\Atheist Community of Austin\The Atheist Experience\#668- Viewer Calls.mp3\Music\Atheist Community of Austin\The Atheist Experience\#670- Coming Out Atheist.mp3\Music\Atheist Community of Austin\The Atheist Experience\#672- Viewer Calls.mp3
NB: It was changed when trying to post this, as I received this error message:
Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied.
That makes me wonder if it's perhaps something to do with the text editor formatting.

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    If the movie clip is there, but no thumbnails, I would suggest that you delete the thumbnails, cache, and analysis folders but take care not to delete your original clips. Do this in the Finder after shutting down iMovie.
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    Hello markshepherd1,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    According to the following article, when you're going through the process of burning a playlist to a disc, you have the option to select "Include CD Text".
    If you’re creating an audio CD, choose your options:
    Change the recording speed:
    Choose an option from the Preferred Speed pop-up menu.
    When you burn an audio CD, iTunes automatically uses the best recording speed for the CD. However, if your blank CD is rated for a slower speed than the maximum speed of your drive, or if you experience problems creating CDs, you may want to change the recording speed to match the CD’s rating.
    Change the amount of silence between songs:
    Choose an option from the Gap Between Songs pop-up menu.
    Have all the songs on the disc play at the same volume:
    Select Use Sound Check.
    Include information that disc players in some vehicles can display:
    Select Include CD Text.
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    Take care,
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    My older model Apple TV won't connect to iTunes and does not show up in my devices list in iTunes.  I have two Apple TVs in my house and I can't imagine that this is part of the problem but I mention it just in case.  My other Apple TV is brand new and it connects to iTunes just fine.  I've tried most of the "fixes" and one says to Force Sync but I can't since Apple TV isn't in my device list.  Another "Fix" said to Navigate the Apple TV to Settings --> Downloads --> Check for Downloads, but when I tried that there was no option for "Downloads" under the Settings Heading.  I'm at a loss.  Please help.  Could this be an issue with too many authorized devices?  We have three iPads, two iPhones, laptop, desktop, two Apple TVs, and an iPod and most of them are syncing the same music playlists and whatnot...  have I run out of rope?

    hi, just posting to everyone in general..its not you, or your apple tv, it is itunes.
    ok, ive had the exact same issues for weeks now, as with everyone i had done the lastest upgrade and no longer could see/sync my gen 1 appleTV.........so, i removed the upgrade and went back to the prev version, even though it was showing in my prefs under appleTV, it still wouldnt show in the side panel under devices....i gave up.
    This week i was determined to get it to work!  So i started from scratch, totally removed itunes and started back with version 9 and upgrade each version from there, i had no luck, ic clicked find appleTvs but it wouldnt....however i just d/l version and BINGO!. No sooner has it opened and up popped the side panel devices list, showing my appleTV..all ready to be synced etc. I immediately panicked of course haha..and set it all up and its working perfectly.
    ...Only catch now is that this older version will not be compatiable with my iphone, which i do keep music on...seems we cant win. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr   this will be the same for all the latest apple products.
    Apple needs to allow more than one version of itunes per pc OR perhaps they could get their act together and include all of the millions of APPLETV GEN1  owners in there latest upgrading..after all, THEY made the product and THEY do sell the movies/tv shows, perhaps they could stop making all the upgrade all about the music only!......on which i might add why not incluse movies/tv shows in icloud! yet another upgrade that should be included in the APPLETV  GERNERATION 1!..yes we do  still exist!
    at the very least, im happy ive managed to get all my movies etc onto the apple tv, where ill keep them and from now on d/l directly onto my apple tv. I usually d/l to my laptop and then send them to the appletv but while trying to get all this sorted i did a test, i d/l a movie  using my appletv hoping it would somehow let itunes "find" it and getting it to show up in my device list, but it didnt work,  however it did sync/send the movie to itunes..  so at least i could save a back up copy.
    good luck trying, as i said this has been weeks and this is the only solution ive found so far....and going through these forums its obviouse its itunes thats the issue, NOT Our apple tvs.

  • IPod Nano directory does not show loaded tracks

    I have a 7th Gen iPod Nano that was formatted by iTunes for Windows 7 that does not show the tracks loaded on it once it is ejected. Apple has replaced the Nano twice with no change. Working with AppleCare Support I have removed iTunes and everything else from Apple several times in accordance with the "Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8" Knowledge Base article. We tried various cables and different USB ports but they made no difference. In between each removal I have run CCleaner's registry search and cleanup tool and restarted the computer. Windows 7 is and has been up to date and the version of iTunes has always been the latest. iTunes will recognize the Nano and I can load playlists on it but once I eject it and select the music icon it says that there is no music loaded. When I check to see if the iPod knows that there is anything loaded it shows that there is something loaded by virtue of the fact that it shows the same amount of free space as iTunes did just before it was ejected. I have spent a couple of weeks chasing this problem with the AppleCare Support Team in Cupertino and we are all stumped.
         I do not have any problems when I connect my iPod Classic to the same computer and load tracks on it.
         All of the Nano's that have experienced this problem have worked fine when restored on my Mac.
         The original Nano worked fine with this Windows 7 computer for about 9 months and then started saying that it needed to be restored every time it was connected even if it had just been restored. That problem brought about the first replacement of the Nano. After all of our efforts the AppleCare Support Team suggested that we replace the Nano again so that is what we did this week with no resolution of the problem.
         Does anyone know of any Windows software that is known to create problems with iTunes?
         I had not connected a Nano to the computer for about 2 months before I started having problems so I have no way of determining what might have been installed that caused this problem. This is a company computer and all software installations and updates are controlled by our IT Dept. iTunes is supported by the company due to the fact that our IT Dept. personnel and senior management have company iPhones and some iPads. We did connect the Nano to one of the IT computers and it was recognized and iTunes was able to see the tracks loaded but there was nothing available once it was ejected.
         Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
    Tom Davis

    1. Shouldn't you be posting on the Nano Section?
    2. UPDATE your iTUNES
    3. It should be fixed...if not reply

  • How do I find duplicate songs which the latest itunes libary update does not show?

    How do you find duplicate songs in itunes which the latest updated version of itunes does not show, where the older version did?

    =Downgrading from iTunes 11 to iTunes 10.7=
    Try activating the sidebar, menu bar, and status bar and see if this is close enough to the previous version to make you content.  It is easier than downgrading and eventually you will be forced to run a newer iTunes unless you have an endless supply of the model computer you currently own.
    You may be able to go back with Time Machine but this may involve restoring other items too (https://discussions.apple.com/message/20441404).  Alternatively:
    Back up your computer first, in case the unexpected happens.
    Quit iTunes.
    Get iTunes 10.7 from http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1576 or the direct download link at:  http://appldnld.apple.com/iTunes10/041-7195.20120912.d3uzQ/iTunes10.7.dmg
    Do a few preparatory steps by making sure all iTunes components are not running and cleaning old files.   See https://discussions.apple.com/message/20475394.  Do steps 3 and 4.  Steps 6-8 may be also useful but I don't know if they are essential.  Some of the other steps are not necessary, duplicate steps listed later in my post or are perhaps even unhelpful in the process.
    Replace the iTunes 11 application with iTunes 10.7.  Simply dragging the application to the trash may not work. Lion (OSX 10.7) and newer systems have iTunes integrated into the operating system and deleting is a bit more involved.  Two ways to do this are:
    1.  (Easier) Use the shareware Pacifist utility (http://www.charlessoft.com/) to install iTunes 10.7 including all associated system files. Details at http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=16400819&postcount=6
    2. (More work) Check this reference on how to delete the iTunes application itself:
        Delete iTunes in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion - http://osxdaily.com/2011/09/13/delete-itunes-in-mac-os-x-10-7-lion/
        After deleting the application there may be other files that need downgrading too. See the note about error -42408 at the end of this post. You may want to tuck these away somewhere safe until you have completed the installation of iTunes 10.7.  I have not tested this but ideally if newer versions are not found then the installer will put in the old versions. This may include these files in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/ which apparently get updated by iTunes 11:
    After doing one of the two procedures above you will have to rescue the most recent old iTunes library from your iTunes > Previous Libraries folder. Rename it "iTunes Library.itl"  and replace the existing one in the iTunes folder. A newer version of iTunes irreversibly updates your library file so you have to replace it with the old one or you will get an error message. Note, this will revert your library to the version at the time of the upgrade and you will have to update any changes made since.  See:
    https://discussions.apple.com/message/20401436 - turingtest2 11/2012 post on rebuilding empty/corrupt library from previous iTunes library file after upgrade/crash.
    iTunes: How to re-create your iTunes library and playlists - http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1451
    Other issues:
    - https://discussions.apple.com/message/20432309 - solution to mobile devices saying they need to be restored after downgrading
    - If you encounter error -42408:
    iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting - http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3297 > Specific Conditions and Alert Messages: (Mac OS X / Windows) - including specific error codes.
    Alternatively, check https://discussions.apple.com/message/20441424 which requires you have a Time Machine backup (though possibly if you remove the newer version of these files old ones may be installed with the iTunes 10.7 installer - untested).  A  variant of this is at: https://discussions.apple.com/message/20448184
    - Persistent "Show in iTunes Store" arrows after downgrade - https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4567064

  • When I connect my iphone to the computer iTunes does not show my device but syncs???

    I connect my phone to the computer and it does sync but it does not show my device?  How can I see my device in itunes?

    Hello Crenshaw2332
    With the new version of iTunes, it would be the the left of the iTunes Store icon
    If you like how itunes worked before, I will suggest taking a look at the article that will bring back most commonly used features in iTunes.
    iTunes 11: Frequently used features
    In iTunes 11 you have the option to turn the Sidebar and the Status Bar on or off; they are off by default. To do this in the menus, go to:
    Show Sidebar - Choose View > Show Sidebar (this feature will display iTunes features on the left side of the application including Library, Store, Shared, Genius, and Playlists).
    Show Status Bar - Choose View > Show Status Bar (this feature will conveniently display the number of items and playback time for a category, for example, music or movies).
    Thanks for your question
    -Norm G.

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    I have recently bought the E71. Looking at its various features, got interested to download some themes. I got these websites (to download themes) from the nokia discussion's page itself, so no worries there.
    Amazingly, when I finished downloading and loaded one of the themes, I noticed that the TRACKS in galery does not show any sub menus, you know like, all songs, playlistes, artists, etc.
    I tried uploading some new songs and got the same issue, though these tracks showed up in the file manager option and even played.
    I have formated the phone to factory settings but it didn't help. Now I'm going for a software update, but I don;t think that if the software is not updated the phone will give such issues.
    Please suggest and help. It's just been a month that I bought this costly handset.
    I really need a solution.

    You need to go the "Music Player" and select "Options" and "Refresh". Let it do it's thing and then you should see music you uploaded.
    N97 (Product Code: 0585262 (Voda UK)) FW 12.0.026
    95 8Gb (Product Code: 0558787 (UK)) FW 31.0.018
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    My ipod or my itunes does not show my songs, but they both say i have 10 gigs on the ipod.. any ideas what is going wrong and how i can fix it?

    Try restoring your iPod. Just be aware that restoring will erase the hard drive, reload the software and put it back to default settings, so if you have songs on your iPod that aren't on iTunes you will lose them if you have no back up. Once the restore is complete follow the on screen instructions and it should connect to iTunes and give you a prompt to automatically update your library onto the fresh installation. If you want to update manually or using selected playlists choose no and it will default to manual mode and you can choose whatever setting you like: Restoring iPod to factory settings with iTunes 7

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    Hello! I am new to the forum and was hoping someone could provide some advise please. I previously used Windows with my Ipod - they were synced. I have since purchased a Macbook Pro. My previous Itunes playlist (windows) is on the Ipod, but no longer on my current Itunes (macbook). I want to play music from my Ipod on my Mac and possible transfer music from the Ipod to the Mac. I have ticked 'manually manage', when I plug in the Ipod, however, it does not show any music Ipod content on Itunes. Am I missing something basic? Thank you so much.

    possible transfer music from the Ipod to the Mac.
    First, if you have not done so, launch iTunes on your Mac. From the iTunes menu bar top of your screen click Store > Authorize This Computer.
    Now connect the iPod.
    Now from the menu bar again click File > Transfer Purchases from ...
    For "non" iTunes purchases you may need to use a third party utility.
    See Zevoneer's post here >  Moving files from Ipod to Itunes: Apple Support Communities

  • My purchased music does not show in iTunes on my new mac

    I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro.  The iTunes library was transferred over by the Apple store employees, but my purchased music does not show.  How can I get my purchased music to show in iTunes?  (I previously had a Windows PC).  Thank you!

    The 'Purchased' music is just a special Playlist. You can create your own and drag the links into the 'Purchased' PL.
    Using the command CMD-J you can add the Purchase date to your list view - sort by date - drag the tunes to the 'Purchased' PL.

  • The burn command does not show in the iTunes file.  I recently upgraded to Yosemite.  How do I retrieve the burn function? thanks

    Have Macbook  late 2009
    2 GB
    iOS 10.10.2 (recent,y upgraded)
    The 'burn to disc' function does not show in the iTunes 'file'.
    How can I restore this feature?

    Where are you looking for the "Burn"?
    You should be seeing it, when you select a playlist or a smart playlist in the sidebar and then use the command "File > Burn Playlist to ..." or ctrl-click or right click the playlist and select the Burn command from the pop-up menu.
    Does it not show there?

Maybe you are looking for

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