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Let me preface this by saying that I have received resolution for my syncing problem.  However, my issue is actually with Palm/HP and their syncing support.  I purchased my Palm Z22 with the understanding that I could sync it with my Windows-based PC.  I downloaded the software and discovered through reading the accompanying documentation that I could not sync the pair through the use of the cable due to the fact that my Windows was 64-bit. The documentation stated that I could only sync with the use of Bluetooth technology and that if my computer did not already have this software I needed to go purchase it. I did so, but after many frustrating hours spent attempting to get my now-Bluetooth-enabled PC to recognize my Z22, I discovered that the Z22 did not support Bluetooth. How is it that it can only sync with 64-bit technology with software it doesn't support?! I contacted Web/OS support and was forced to pay $25 (in addition to the non-refundable $20 I had previously spent on the software) to download software to solve this problem.  Am I correct in the understanding that I had to pay to resolve a problem that Palm/HP initially created?  How is this right? How is this good product preparation? I would sincerely appreciate any response, negative or positive.  Thanks.
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Palm OS and the Z22 are, in relative terms, "old" technology.  Limitations with 64-bit USB synchronization have been discussed ad nauseum here over the years.  Long ago, the Palm OS and Palm Desktp were acquired by a company called Access.  They never released a 64-bit compatible version of Palm Desktop.  More recently, a 64-bit USB driver was released by Aceeca (a different company) and used with great success by many users.
I assume you purchased your Z22 recently?  Nowhere in the Z22's documentation does it say that it can sync with Bluetooth, because the device does not come with that ability (as you now know).
But glad that you have resolved your issues.
I am a volunteer, and not an HP employee.
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  • Companionlink Google for Calendar - OR - ANY Wireless Sync Software

    I've been hacking at a way to wirelessly sync my BBerry Bold 9650 with Outlook 2007 and Google.  Since the BBerry solution offers a good email sync, there is no problem there.  Once you install Companionlink Google for BBerry it is clear that unless you want contacts to multiply you cannot have 2 programs doing the syncing.  So, I erased the phone, backed up my contacts and calendar from Outlook 2007 - then erased them in Outlook, and erased them my Gmail contacts and calendar.  Then I did a clean install of my Blackberry email setup for gmail - and "did not" check to have the contacts sync through BBerry's solution.  All worked so far.  Then I installed Companionlink on the PC (Vista), and configured that it would sync contacts and calendar.  Lastly I had companionlink send a link to my BBerry with the mobile app - which I configured to sync contacts tasks and calendar.  Then I wasn't getting my email.  So I deleted my gmail account from the phone and re-registered it for email only.  This worked.  Everything was syncing like a charm.  Next thing I know (about 3 hours later) Companionlink crashed!!  Has anyone had this happen?  After trying many apps to fully sync outlooks functionality I'm depressed!  Who wants to plug the phone in every night?  Can any one help with a solid and trouble free solution or app that works??  

    Again, not having a Windows Mobile Treo, have you checked the software download section on the VZW customer support area?  I found this article which might be helpful.  If you are talking about the VZW Sync software that sync your data and email with your VZW account, to restore that, you may need to hard reset your device.  As a Sprint user, I don't know for sure.
    Alan G 
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    Hello all can anyone recommend some form of sync software for mac. I have dropbox but I am not so fussed about online syncing just the ability to sync folders from two macs onto an external drive.
    I have tried cronosync and sync standard and the pair work fine but require the application to be open in the dock, so yucky, I was rather hopeing for something that runs in the background with a menu item or system pref pane or something?
    Many thanks.

    Are you always syncing from the Mac to the Network? If so, then its a simple process for rsync and launchd.
    First, set up a folder on your Mac (I'll use TestFolder1 on my Desktop for the Mac and TestFolder2 as the Network Folder)
    Then set up a launchd by placing this in ~/Library/LaunchAgents and edit for your folders
    Now log out and log back in (or restart)
    (This syncs every 15 minutes (900/16=15), but you can change to any time you want)
    NOTE THAT --delete will delete extraneous files from dest dirs (TestFolder2 is a Mirror of TestFolder1) .
    Just delete this line if its not what you want.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
    <plist version="1.0">

  • I cant load the Media Sync software for Ituens

    I run windows XP.   Bberry Desktop software 4.7 downloaded and installed.   When I go to Media Sync for Itunes it tells me the software is not loaded and then starts to download it. 
    I then get a mesage simply that "windows has encountered and error and install will be stoped".  no other messge or error info.
    I tried downloading the Media Sync software separatly from the web site and installing it but it will not install either.   When i try to install the media sync this way i get message that "windows needs to reboot before continuing with the install".  I reboot but still cannot load the sync.  I have even tried to remove all "non-essential" software from loading automjatically at start up after reboot but still no luck.
    all other BBerry desktop software seems to be working fine.
    Please help.  Thanks.

    I have the same result when trying to load the Media Sync for iTunes.  Looking forward to getting an answer soon. 

  • Not able to download Actice Sync software for windows XP

    Dear All,
    The below link is not working, how i can downloadActice Sync software for windows XP, please help.
    Faisal Inam
    [email protected]
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    Hi..  Welcome to the Palm forums.   I just tried the link that you had and was able to succesfully download activesync for XP.  Try it again, if it still does not work try going to google and do a search for "download activesync 4.5" which should give multipul options for the download.  If that does not work then the problem is on your end and you may need to talk to a computer repair shop. 

  • Best folder sync software

    I have an iSCSI device attached to my Mac (two actually).  On drive one I have several hundred gigabytes of data.  I would like it on both iSCSI devices so I downloaded Sync Folder Pro.  What I expected was that after the first pass, all other passes would be the difference, but this is not the case.  It appears Sync Folder Pro is doing a full sync each pass.  Well, this takes forever to sync that much data...
    So, on to my question...who makes the best sync folder/file program for Mac?

    Synkron is the best file/folder sync software for Mac. By a country mile.

  • Suggested Sync Software

    This seems to be the best place to post this question. I have local folders on my machine that need to be synced everyday to a Lacie Ethernet HD. There are 2 or 3 other people that will view these files, so the sync needs to be 2-way, if someone changes the file at the destination in the next sync I need the most recent version copied up or down. I have tried to using Lacies Silver keeper, but it is inconsistent, they are not endorsing it with Leopard either. CCC won't work either because it just makes disk images, I need working files.
    Any suggestions for good sync software?? Please help.
    Thank you

    I would recommend the built-in rsync.
    Read here for more:

  • 7290 sync software

    I'm trying to find the sync software for my Blackberry 7290. I need it to sync with Outlook and my machine's OS is Vista. I've downloaded several versions. From what I can see, version 4.1 is what I need but it doesn't show as being compatible with Vista. Can anyone tell me where to get the software?

    I would recommand yout o use version 4.5. Click on BlackBerry Desktop Manager to get the software.
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  • Phone Sync Software

    Other than the PC Suite what other software do people use to transfer files and sync phones?
    I'd prefer free software which is compatible with other make phones also....

    Again, not having a Windows Mobile Treo, have you checked the software download section on the VZW customer support area?  I found this article which might be helpful.  If you are talking about the VZW Sync software that sync your data and email with your VZW account, to restore that, you may need to hard reset your device.  As a Sprint user, I don't know for sure.
    Alan G 
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  • Download for sync software

    Does anyone know where the sync software for PDAs can be downloaded?

    If you are referring to the Calendar Sync software, you can download them from OTN.

  • Free SYNC software?

    Does anyone know of any freeware sync software (perferrably Universal Binary) that allows you to sync the contents of 2 folders each on 2 separate machines (macs)?
    Also, prior to syncing, will/can the software be able to scan the dates of the nested files of parent directories and extract/sync only the new ones?
    [For eg. If I have 2 folders with a bunch of files in each (some identical, some newer, and some different altogether extras) and I would want an 'ultimate updated' folder which contains ONLY the newer revisions of the same filenamed files and the new extra files altogether.]
    MBPC2D $2499 option.   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Off hand, I can't think of any, but I am sure you can find what you are looking for by checking the downloads section of Apple's Mac OS X web site at http://www.apple.com and/or

  • Trouble with the creative cloud desktop sync software

    I've been using the creative cloud for about 6 months now and haven't had a single problem, though after this morning when I returned home from school my software is no longer able to connect to my cloud to sync files to and from the cloud. Is there an outage or a known issue with the software? I repeatedly get "cannot connect to the cloud" when I disable and re-enable syncing.
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    Please restart your computer and then try to work with Creative Cloud Connection to sync the data.
    If you are still not able to use it download the update version AAM from below given path then try.
    For Windows :http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4773
    For Mac: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4774

  • Sync software for Mac?

    Does anyone know of any other software to sync BB with apple mac (OSX 10.5) other than pocketmac? PocketMac is pretty unreliable, and has crashed and failed to sync on just about every attempt. I have successfully managed to get my info on just once, and it has never synced properly since then.
    Following all the advice regarding corrupted PIM's has not helped. It is just poor software and I am desperate for something better (and something that can allow me to install third party software on the BB from a Mac)

    Just a thought but you may want to close this thread and open up another in
    Blackberry's for Mac. I would think you would get more specific information there
    Just my opinion.
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  • Syncing Software for Linux?

    I am using a Linux System at home (Kubuntu Gutsy). Is there an equivalent to the Synchronisation software for Windows and Mac that will run on Linux? Or else, does anyone here have a suggestion for me how I can sync my phone with my Linuxbox?
    Many thanks!
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    It works fine for me with libopensync
    I use it with Evolution and Thunderbird with Lightning
    the are many nice sites for setting it up, like:
    or type
    ubuntu libopensync nokia obex
    in Google
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  • Z22 sync with Win7 64 bit via IR: error that port is in use by another application.

    I've read the solution for syncing a Z22 with Win7/Vista 64-bit. I have a USB-to-IrDA adapter that is working. I've set Hotsync on both the Z22 and PC to Infrared. When I start to sync, I get a message on the Z22: "Unable to initiate HotSync operation because the port is in use by another application". I can beam files from the Z22 to the PC with no problem.  I'm not aware of any other app using the port. (When I put the Z22 in range of the IR adapter, the "send files" window comes up on the PC. I've tried syncing with this window open and closed, and the error's the same either way.) Any suggestions?
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    We followed a suggestion from another post.  And I wanted to add it here since it helped us after a lot of struggling.  We connected/synced a Z22 to windows 7 64 bit PC via a IR adapter Startech USB2IRX. Using a driver downloaded directly from their website, not the CD that comes with the adapter, driver installation was smooth. The installation application installed it without problems. (I also tried an adapter from cables unlimited IrDA wireless bridge. Then I had to install the drivers for windows vista 64bit manually onto my win 7 64 bit machine.)  After driver installation, we were getting an error indicating that the port is in use by another application.  And we were stuck until I read a post which suggests a soft-reset on the palm.  After that it was smooth sailing.
    Palm really is going the way of the dinosaur-otherwise they would have had a usb driver for windows 7 64 at this point. But it you need to as I did you should be able to sync your device.

Maybe you are looking for