Zen micro firmware on tou

And what about porting zen micro firmware on touch? Zen touch is victim of a very lite firmware... when I say very lite, it's really lite :
no sleep timer fonction, a (only) 4 band equalizer, not detectable as a hard disk by the PC...
But I think that, since December, Creative has really had the time to correct this enormous lack, isn't it's

Okay, okay, It's just a question of money, but, It's not all good for creative, it doesn't make them a good advert, when I speak with my friend, I tell them that, if they ad 50? to their price, theu'd have an Ipod, with a really usefull and full of fonction firmware...
And a second point is that, most of MP3 players consummer are student, (just as me) so they don't have enough money toi buy more than one player...
<FONT color=#222222 size=><B>Title</B><FONT color=#222222 size=><B>Date</B> <A target=_blank>[/url]<IMG height= alt="" src="http://images.americas.creative.com//images/dot-clear.gif" width=8 border=0><IMG height= alt="" src="http://images.americas.creative.com//images/dot-clear.gif" width=378 border=0><IMG height= alt="" src="http://images.americas.creative.com//images/dot-clear.gif" width=73 border=0><IMG height= alt="" src="http://images.americas.creative.com//images/dot-clear.gif" width=3 border=0><IMG height= alt="" src="http://images.americas.creative.com//images/dot-clear.gif" width=58 border=0>
<FONT color=#330099 size=>. <FONT color=blue>Creative Zen Touch Firmware Upgrade version .0.03 (<FONT color=#222222 size=><B>968.00 KB</B>) <FONT color=#222222 size=>9 Dec 04 <IMG height=8 alt="Download Now" src="http://images.americas.creative.com//images/support/downloads/download-icon.gif" width=3 border=0><FONT color=#ff0000 size=>Download Now<IMG height=5 alt="" src="http://images.americas.creative.com//images/dot-clear.gif" width= border=0><IMG height= alt="" src="http://images.americas.creative.com//images/dot-clear.gif" width=8 border=0><IMG height= alt="" src="http://images.americas.creative.com//images/dot-clear.gif" width=522 border=0>
Oulala, 9 dec 04 !!! they are lauthing at us
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  • Next Zen Micro Firmware Suggesti

    I thought it would be a good idea to have a section where people can put in their ideas for new zen micro firmware updates, as for myself i have 2
    . when you select "random play all" from the DJ section it sets your micro to play in shuffle mode, then afterwards when u play music it shuffles the songs you had selected yourself. I think it would be a good idea to add to the next update when "random play all" is off, and one has selected the music on their own it resets to normal mode.
    2. the Creative Jukebox Zen had some EQ features that the Micro does not have. It was able to speed up and slow down songs by 2x. as well it had some EQ settings to make songs sound like they were being played in different enviroments, such as bathroom, concert hall, living room and such. I think the next firmware update should have these features included.
    Anyone else got some ideas? :P

    No, that's not true.
    Where exactly did you read that? Do you have a link?

  • Zen Micro Firmware Ha

    Hi there!
    Does anyone knows if there is any Zen Micro Firmware Hack avaliable out there. Not that I dislike the original one, bot I love hack around. I used to have Podzilla (a linux distro) on my IPod and would be nice if there was something similar for my ZM.
    Anyway, as a software developer, I could start coding something intereseting (what about a firmware that always use deep sleep? ), but to start, I really need some technical papers about zen's hardware and memory system, since reverse engenering the firmware would take much of my (:sigh busy time...
    See ya!

    It's illegal and probably not a good idea to discuss this here. You can however visit nomadness and see if there is anything on it. I have read people hacking their Zen Jukebox or Zens (not micro) but the hacks aren't that great, most of them only managed to change their menu screens but nothing major.

  • [Zen Micro] Firmware upgrade has bloc

    I'm upgrading my Zen Micro firmware from ..0 to 2.2.02 version right now, but it looks like the process has stuck. My processor seems not to be working, the progress bar is no more advancing and the arrows on my player are white. There's a message on the window that says "Rebooting your player. Please wait." But nothing actually happens. What should I do? If I plugged off my player, can I cause it any damage? Should I restart the upgrade? As the 'Close' button is available for clicking, I can assume the process is stoppable and its terminating shouldn't cause damages... can't I?
    Please, help me.
    Thank you for your suggestions.

    And no software will acknowledge mine since I stupidly upgrade to the 2 level firmware. I've been on a three-week merry go round with email customer service...they've even had me go into the registry of my computer (yikes!) but no solution.

  • Another question about the Zen Micro Firmware Upgr

    Hi there,
    I have just successfully installed the Creative Zen Micro Firmware .02.05 on my 5GB Zen Micro but I have a question regarding Windows Media Player. The Set up Sync button and some of the properties still appeared greyed out. I thought the upgrade would solve that problem.
    Any thoughts?

    As per the?BEFORE you post, READ THIS FIRST (FAQ) post, all downloads can be found at Nomadworld.com downloads.

  • Zen Micro Firmware 1.10.02 to 1.11.01 (issue with instructio

    This may seem a little picky. I had previously updated my Zen Micro to firmware .0.02. Now Creative has issues firmware ..0. All fine but my question is:
    The applicability instructions for ..0 state:<FONT face=Verdana size=>
    align=left>You can upgrade from Creative Zen Micro firmware .02.05 or earlier, or Zen Micro
    align=left>PlaysForSure? firmware 2.00.2 or later.
    So technically I cannot update from .0 to .. Does anyone know if there is a technical reasion or just an oversite in the instructions?

    It's a bit of an oversight. Creative had actually removed .0.02 from the website just days after it was released because we, the users, found it to be severely flawed. Those instructions were written as though it was never released.
    You can update to ..0 from .0.02 without a problem.Message Edited by dingus on 08-8-2005 06:08 AM

  • Zen Micro Firmware 2.20.05 with Audible suppo

    So I was checking out Audible.com to see what devices are listed and I noticed the Zen Micro was there. It was weird because non of the firmwares listed on Creative.com showed Audible Support. So I e-mailed Audible asking what firmware they tested out for the Zen Micro that supports Audible. So they e-mailed me back saying go to this website: <a href='http://www.audible.com/muvo_upgrade.html' target=_blank>www.audible.com/muvo_upgrade.html[/url] (yes it says muvo but that doesn't mean anything). Click on Creative Zen Micro or scroll all the way down. The link they gave was a download from their website as a file named: ZenMicroP4SAudible_2_20_05.zip Now it doesn't take a smart guy to notice that 2_20_05 is the firmware version of the file. And any firmware beginning with 2 is considered the PlaysForSure firmware if going by Creative's convention of firmware numbering.
    Only one problem. I dont have a Zen Micro to try it out. And its not even listed on Creative's support pages as a download.
    I'm curious and I'm sure many others here are as well, does this firmware fix the battery drain issue? Also does it have any new features or does it fix anything else?
    Direct link: <a href='http://download.audible.com/creative/ZenMicroP4SAudible_2_20_05.zip' target=_blank>http://download.audible.com/creative/ZenMicroP4SAudible_2_20_05.zip[/url]
    I checked the properties of the file and it is indeed made by Creative, not Audible.
    Enjoy!Message Edited by DM on 09-8-2005 09:34 AM

    Yup..it's finally here. I recieved a reply from a rep at Creative with a link to Audible to download the new firmware for the Zen Micro. Here is the message I recieved from him. I have already downloaded the new firmware and my Zen Micro works flawlessly with Audible....thank god the wait is over.
    Here is the e-mail I got from him...
    <FONT face=Arial color=navy size=2><SPAN>This Fix just came in from our Best Support rep about 0 mins ago.
    <FONT face=Arial color=navy size=2><SPAN>He personally tested this with a li've customer and confirmed it working.
    <FONT face=Arial color=navy size=2><SPAN>
    <FONT face=Arial color=navy size=2><SPAN>John Anderson<FONT face=Arial color=navy size=2><SPAN> Audible.com Supervisor
    <FONT face=Arial color=navy size=2><SPAN>
    <SPAN>The following are the requirements & instructions to use your Creative Zen Micro with Audible content.
    <SPAN>Windows XP SP or SP2 </LI>
    <SPAN>Windows Media Player 0 </LI>
    <SPAN>Latest version of AudibleManager 4.0 for Audible audio content playback </LI>
    <SPAN>Creative Zen Micro player </LI>
    <SPAN>Firmware version 2_20_05 or later.</LI>
    <I><FONT face=Arial size=4><SPAN><EM><I><FONT face=Arial><SPAN>Install the updated Zen Micro firmware</I></EM></I>
    <SPAN>Visit our Creative Firmware page ( http://www.audible.com/muvo_upgrade.html ) and click on 'Creative Zen Micro'
    <SPAN>Download the updated firmware ( http://www.audible.com/software/ ) and click on <IMG height=9 src="http://us.f8.mail.yahoo.com/ym/us/ShowLetter?box=Rebates%20Purchases&MsgId=9269_9984 37_62_209_523_0_32356_88660_3208906486&bodyPart=3& YY=389&order=down&sort=date&pos=0&view=a&head=b&Id x=" width=9 border=0><FONT color=#35d65><SPAN>Download for Windows 2000 or XP.
    <SPAN>Choose to Run the software.
    <SPAN>When the installation begins, choose 'Creative Zen Micro' as your Mobile Device and then click 'Install.'
    <SPAN><IMG height=620 src="http://us.f8.mail.yahoo.com/ym/us/ShowLetter?box=Rebates%20Purchases&MsgId=9269_9984 37_62_209_523_0_32356_88660_3208906486&bodyPart=4& YY=389&order=down&sort=date&pos=0&view=a&head=b&Id x=" width=355 border=0>
    <SPAN>AudibleManager will begin to the installation process and may prompt you to install a Windows HotFix. Please choose to allow this as this is required to be able to use the device properly.
    <SPAN>You will then be prompted to restart your computer, please save all documents and restart your computer.
    <SPAN>Once your computer is restarted, open AudibleManager. You will be prompted to enter your Audible Username & Password to activate your Desktop & Creative Zen Micro device. After completing the activation process, you are ready to transfer and listen to your Audible content on your Creative Zen Micro device.
    <SPAN>Audible content can be located on the device by going to <B><I><SPAN>Genres > Audiobooks</I></B>

  • ZEN MICRO : firmware history (in

    I'm offering here an overview of the Zen Micro firmware history, as it's impossible to get a full release history from the Creative download website
    Please do NOT use this thread to ask for firmware features (etc). Only to clarify what's IN the existing firmware versions, and what the relations are.
    Each version contains all improvements from the version it is based on. Note that I'm only mentioning the most interesting novelties per release (IMO). Check the actual release notes on the Creative download site, for official info.
    ps: I had this originally in a nice table, but then I discovered that the forum blocks html table tags :-(
    Generally speaking :
    v line of firmware works with all recent Windows versions, and requires you to install Micro-specific drivers on the pc before connecting the Micro. </LI>
    v2 line is so-called "PlaysForSure" (download + subscription) and works only on pc with Windows XP + Windows Media Player 0. You don't need to install any other driver.</LI>
    Version: .00.06
    - Comment: the version installed on the Micro I bought Dec 4, 2004
    Version: .0.03-US
    - Released-On: 2 Dec 04
    - Based-On: .00.06
    - Comment: fixes battery charging (wall plug inserted before player attached) + touchpad sensitivity + lock symbol
    Version: 2.00.2
    - Released-On: 28 Dec 04
    - Based-On: .0.03
    - Comment: adds MTP/PlaysForSure support + max 4GB mass storage
    Version: 2.0.05
    - Released-On: 05 Feb 05
    - Based-On: 2.00.2
    - Comment: BETA! adds Napster To Go support (for subscription-based services)
    Version: .0.03-LB
    - Released-On: 8 Feb 05
    - Based-On: .0.03-US
    - Comment: adds more languages for menus
    Version: 2..02
    - Released-On: 0 Mar 05
    - Based-On: 2.0.05
    - Comment: fixes bug regarding N2G song licenses [note: until 27 May, this version was marked BETA on Creative download site]
    Version: .02.05
    - Released-On: Mar 05
    - Based-On: .0.03-LB
    - Comment: can be installed over 2.x.xx + minor GUI improvements (lock, volume bar) + max 4GB mass storage + bugfix "lookup artist" + fix redirect to begin of WMA track<SPAN class=time_text>
    Version: .0.02
    - Released-On: 06 Jun 05
    - Based-On: .02.05
    - Comment: reduces standby time to 4 hours (unless the alarm is set) + Fix to charge battery (via USB) on a PC without drivers ("lock-charging") + Russian language + Play continues from position in song where it was stopped, even if player went to deep sleep. (Downgradeable to .02.05 and to 2..02).
    - <Warning: this version causes battery draining for many users, and was withdrawn on 0 Jun. The workaround is simply to remove the earphones when not in use. (download + workaround info)
    Version: ..0
    - Released-On: 0 Jul 05
    - Based-On: .0.02
    - Comment: has same functionality as .0.02, and fixes the battery draining that caused .0.02 to be withdrawn. (Downgradeable to .02.05 and to 2..02).
    Version: 2.20.05
    - Released-On: 26 Sep 05 (released by Audible on 5 Sep)
    - Based-On: 2..02
    - Comment: adds audible (format 2,3,4) support + better PlaysForSure subscription services compatibility + the new features of .0.02/..0: reduced standby time 4 hours + Russian language + lock-charging + always continue playing from previous position in song. Discussion
    <FONT color=#cc6600>[bookmark keywords : Zen Micro firmware release history changelog]
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    SSR wrote:
    It would be kinda short wouldn't it's
    It would indeed be <EM>very </EM>short!
    Also, was there any need to quote the entire first post? I can understand you're trying to emphasise a point but...
    Well, I quoted the entire first post in a rage of fury, so I did not think, I guess. Sorry!
    If you look at the Micro firmware in detail we mostly have two different firmware version, the MTP firmware that was promised, and some bug fixes. That's about all it amounts to.
    Yeah, I know - but it is so typical... The ratio between Micro/Touch updates is like ten to one... bloody ridiculous is what it is, anyway.

  • Zen Micro Firmware 2.00.12 not list

    I got FW v2.00.2 loaded up on my micro. If I wanted to update to a non-beta MTP firmware, which one should I go with?
    I'm guessing there isn't any firmware that matches my needs, is there? The download page only lists:
    Creative Zen Micro Firmware .02.05 (<FONT color=#222222 size=><B>2.0 MB</B>)
    Creative Zen Micro PlaysForSure Firmware 2..02 Beta Release (<FONT color=#222222 size=><B>2.33 MB</B>)
    <FONT color=#222222 size=>
    So I'm pretty much stuck with the one I got (ghost lines in volume meter and faulty "Lookup artist" function), right? And why isn't v2.00.2 listed anymore? Maybe to avoid confusion? What if someone was looking for the same as me? v2.00.2 is the version for them!Message Edited by noroom on 03-23-2005 09:9 AM

    Firmware version .02.05 is a PDE firmware and not a MTP firmware. Also, note that if you wanted to update to version .02.05, you will not be able to downgrade to MTP version 2.00.2 after that but you can go to the beta MTP version 2..02.

  • Zen Micro firmware update prob

    Hi everyone,
    I've got a problem trying to upgrading my Zen Micro Firmware. When it says that I have to wait while it's rebooting the player, nothing happens. When I do it manually, the firmware is still the old one. Does anyone know what I have to do?

    I too have exactly the same problem. Micro reboots once, then just sits there doing nothing. I have tried the on/off method ,as you said, it goes back to the old firmware. Having tried to load the update offline with no background programs running I still got the same fault (even leaving it for half an hour.) I have now given up as i am worried that it may corrupt the existing firmware. I have turned of the snooper setting as requested . I think that it shows signs that after the first reboot the computer is not recognizing the players USB. So it may be that after the st reboot the usb may need to be removed/reconnected. But i'm not going to take that chance as you will be losing power when trying to upgrade. Best way to corrupt a download on any item plugged to the USB is to remove it will been accessed.
    Still waiting for a reply from Creative.
    Having read threads about the new firmware upgrade I think were best to stay with the old one for a little while longer.

  • ZEN MICRO: firmware improvements suggesti

    Some suggestions and bug-signalations to improve firmware of Zen Micro. (actually I use fw .02.05): [*]play songs in a album not in alphabetical order, but using track number order, for me has more sense, do you? Because concept album, but all albums really, are betted listened in theway artist put their songs... I hope had been clear in my explanation.. [*]insert contacts and appointments direcly in ZenMicro without sincronize with Outlook...
    for other useful suggestions people post here!!!
    UP THE IRONS! :mrgreen:

    . Tracks do play in order of the tag track number, if queued by album.
    2. Fair enough.
    There are several petitions and wishlists already on the go, so it would probably be better to add your information to them. See Part 2 of the FAQ.

  • Zen Micro firmware help

    Last night my Zen micro locked on the "creative" screen. It wouldn't power up or down. So i removed battery, held the on button and placed the batery in. I navigated to the "reload firmware option" and selected it. How long does this process take? Its been at it for 20 mins only on "erasing firmware". Any ideas/help?

    It should only take a few seconds.
    If functions in rescue mode aren't working properly the player is faulty.

  • Zen Micro Firmware Upgrade 1.01.03: Problems when Downloading and Installing the Upgr

    Yesterday I downloaded the new firmware upgrade .0.03 to my computer without problems. I then attempted to open the upgrade and initiate transfer to my Zen Micro unit through my USB 2.0 cable. I kept getting a dialog box, informing me that there was an interference problem... So I shut down my Norton anti-virus and my Zone Alarm firewall, and tried again, and again, and again. I was unable to initiate the transfer program...
    I was about to contact you this evening for advice, but I decided to first switch my USB cable to another connector and try one more time. Surprise! It worked... A rather long connection, but the upgrade is now in my Zen Micro unit, just where it's needed...
    I've had my USB cable connected to what I believe is a USB 2.0 connection on my computer, and I often see the "not connected" dialog box. Each time this happens, I disconnect the cable from the Zen Micro unit, then reconnect it... Bells and whisltes sound, and I'm connected again, until a few minutes later I get the "not connected" dialog box yet again... Is this a normal procedure?
    Now, tonight I plugged the USB cable into what I've always considered to be a slower USB connection point... Mybe that's why the transfer took so long? But it stays connected indefinitely... no "not connected" dialog box.
    I've been having other transfer problems through the USB 2.00 connection point. I downloaded 23 tracks to my Zen Micro yesterday afternoon, and three of the tracks didn't make it... Frustrating as hell...
    I'd appreciate any comments from my peers, since everyone here has more experience than me...

    Try turning off the Media Sniffer feature from MediaSource and try updating the firmware again.
    JasonMessage Edited by Jason-CL on 2-4-2004 0:27 AM

  • Zen Micro Firmware Not Reload

    I am trying to reload my firmware onto my Zen Micro 5GB but the firmware tool keeps asking me to connect the device. It is connected to the USB cable and my computer recognises it (i can access it through My Computer and it shows up in the device listings). The firmware tool doesn't recognise it though. Before I lost the firmware, the Zen Media Explorer also would not recognise it, even though the Media Source did. I don't know how to reload my firmware on to the player now.Can anyone help?

    I've had a look at some posts that state that roll back (or install) WMP0. However, I can't do that as my system won't let me. It states that WMP0 is incompatible with my Windows (XP Home SP2). It says to go to Details for further information, but this brings up a Windows webpage that is no longer present. I just can't figure out how to force the firmware to upgrade when the firmware program wont recognise that it is connected.

  • Zen micro Firmware placement (physical

    Okey, where in the Zen micro is the firmware stored?i want to know since i had a zen micro, but the hardri've died and it cant startup (weird hd noises)so i bought one with damaged jack-plug and switched the hardri've. thing is that the "new" one gets detected as a "unknown device" in any windows, but the old one gets detected fine only cant use it cause of hd error. I cant update firmware, or innstall drivers on it.Anything i can do?Thanks

    Okey. i must have put the same HD back in the same player when i was suposed to switch them :PAnyways i got it right now, and windows detects it as it should, but i have reformated it and erased the firmware. and now i cant get the new one in. The update button is grayed out (cant click) and it sais i must connect the device. but shows up as zen micro in device manager.Anyone got any tricks?

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