Save As Dialog not responding - PDF Printer

Whenever I try and print to the PDF printer, (If preferences are set to prompt for file name) the "Save As " dialog locks up. The only way to clear this is to stop the Acrotray.exe. process. I have tried changing the printer preferences, but the only

Residual Clearing for Customer in F-32

Hi We have two instances, one with New GL and the other one on Classical Gl, but ECC 6.0 I am facing issue in residual clearing for Customer Open Items. I have a customer open item - Invoice of 1000 and Payment Recipet of 200. I am clearing 200 again

How to handle line break embeded inside CSV column

Hi there, I am under the pressure to make it work. I already put this question on APEX forum, but on second thought, I think it relates more to PL/SQL rather than APEX since APEX 4.1 already have utility to handle CSV Upload. If you read it already i

MBP retina slow booting after repartitioning and cloning OS X

I bought a Macbook Pro retina 15" (512/16GB) few days back. OS : Mountain Lion 10.8.4 I wanted to partition the SSD to have Windows 7 in Boor Camp (120 GB), then a partition with ExFAT (260 GB) for shared data between Mac and Windows and lastly Mac H

I transferred my 3GS photos onto my enw iphone 5 ust to look at them. Now I am running out of storage. I need to save them to a computer so I can delte them from my phone. How can I do this?

I transferred my 3GS photos onto my new iphone 5 ust to look at them. Now I am running out of storage. I need to save them to a computer so I can delete them from my phone. How can I do this?

Is there a way to make customisable buttons?

I think it's called a macro. Is there a way to make a button to put on your tool bar that can perform a series of actions. For instance, it would be nice to have a button that can bookmark a site and automaticly sort it into a specific folder. Or a b

Using HTML tags in Flash

Hello I have some XML that's loaded into Flash by ActionScript and in the XML, I have some text under a node as a parameter called "content" but the problem is that I need to have some HTML code in there (Anchor Tag for links) But it isn't rendered b

Runtime Errors  SYNTAX_ERROR in SAP Solution Manager 4.0

Hi every body,      After in install of support packages SAP_BASIS SAP_ABA and ST. When I logon in the SAPGui I received this error: Runtime Errors         SYNTAX_ERROR Short text     Syntax error in program "SAPLSCP2 ". What happened?     Error in t

IBOOK - Calibre crashes iTunes on Windows Vista with ePUB

I got a PDF of a book. It doe snot have any DRM. I then converted to EPub using Calibre. The I use the ePub file genrated an dropped into iTues, and everytime I do it, iTunes crashes..Any suggestions of what may i do Thanks IpAdJunkie

Oracle forms/reports on java

HI ALL, We are in the midst of migrating java from 1.3 to 1.42 or 1.5. So what I would like to know is that, is there any compatibility issue with oracle forms 6i running on jre 1.5 or 1.42 and Oracle Report 9i running on JRE 1.42 or Java 1.5. Is the

EBS Forms functional script runs fine in OpenScript but not from OTM

Hi, I have an EBS forms functional test script which runs fine in OpenScript, but when scheduled from OTM, the web part runs fine but when it comes to forms, the script fails with the following error: Forms Object Not Found! XPath: //forms:window[(@n

Any other Cox users having trouble sending?

Was just wondering if any other cox communications email users are having trouble sending email when using 3G? When I'm home and connected to my wifi, it's fine. but as soon as I leave the house and try to send from my cox accounts, it tells me the s

Load transaction data from ECC to BPC 10.1 using US GAAP starter kit SP3

I need to understand a bit more the process to load transactional data into BPC 10.1. We have US GAAP Starter Kit SP 3. Below is an screenshot from the config guide: It explains how transactional data can be extracted from ECC system to the SAP Netwe

Flat file upload in IP: Not finding ZRSPLF_FILE_UPLOAD service.

After transported and activated the planning function type ZRSPL_FILE_UPLOAD, I tried to activate the service ZRSPLF_FILE_UPLOAD by SICF but unfortunately it was not available under the path. To get that service where I have to run HTTP service

SOA server starting error

Hi All, I am receiving the below error when i start the SOA managed server. I am using weblogic and Soa server <Error> <oracle.mds> <BEA-000000> < oracle.mds.lcm.exception.MDSLCMException: MDS-01330: unable to load MDS configurat

Can Automator change my screen resolution?

I kinda ** with scripts, but I've used Automator for some easy tasks earlier. I'm not sure if it's even possible to make this but hope somebody around here can help me =) So i use my iPod Touch a lot to check on my computer using VNC (Screen sharing)

Email text not visible

Since last iOS upgrade I am not able to see yahoo mail text on ipad?

Edge Detection using Radon Transformation

Hello Do anyone have an idea about how to detect the edges in an image by using Radon Transformation Thanks Nghtcwrlr ********************Kudos are alwayzz Welcome !! ******************

Inserting & uploading records with Dreamweaver CS3, MYSQL & PHP

I'm able to build a web page that allows for images to be uploaded to a server folder. Also have a web page created to insert info about the image into a MYSQL/PHP database. My goal is to find a way to combine the two together so that when you click


I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the note(s) that I receive when I trying to compile the following source code. Here are the note(s),as well as the source code! I am still fuzzy on how how to compile using deprecation to show the lo