Installation problem in CRM 2007 Server

Hi All,       Installation of CRM 2007 IDES giving the trouble at importABAP phase. The installation is going on Windows 2003 server 64 bit, on Oracle and J2SDK-1.4.2_17.. It finished 17 steps out of 19, 1 failed and 1 is waiting.. I done

Critical Error when trying to refresh a workbook

Hello all, We recently upgraded to OFFICE 2007 and have the latest SAP GUI aswell. A lot of the users are having no issues at all. But some are getting an error "A Critical Program error has Occurred. The program will now terminate" when they try to

My AppleTV shows up as a speaker in itunes but nothing else

I've been wrestling with this all night instead of sitting back and enjoying some movies on my memorial day weekend.... My Problem: When I open itunes, the appletv does not appear connected. It doesn't show up in the left pane of itunes. BUT it shows

HP MediaSmart Home Server EX 490 won't boot up and can't recover - running Windows XP

Recently my Home Server launched successfully and I had it available on my new home network. I played a video on .api format via ethernet cable to my tv and I could see the server in my network directory. A few days ago I tried to access the server w

Help Please? Flash Player not working, windows 7 32 bit IE.

Hi. I cannot get the Flash player to play content in Internet Explorer 32 bit. I am extremely frustrated.  My info is: Windows 7/64 bit All windows updates are current Dell studio 1749 Lap top IE 8 32 bit IE 8 64 bit 32 bit Flash Player 64

Problems with network settings under sys preferences on a macBook 10.4.11

When I try to open my network settings from System Preferences I get a box telling me "Your network settings have been changed by another application". Clicking "OK" does nothing other then popping the box again. To get out I must kill the process. L

Can I intall a 32-bit version of Windows?

I just purchased a C650D Laptop computer with 64-bit version of Windows 7.  I have a 32-bit version disc of Windows 7 at home from another computer.   Will I be able to use it to install a 32-bit version on the C650D?  Can I simply use the product co

Sending an HTML email with Automator

I am trying to send a HTML postcard that I created to a list of 200 friends for a golf tournament. I would like to use Automator to send the emails to each user individually and not to the entire group at once. So far I found one Automator action tha

Dwm and non-english keyboard layouts problem

Hi all, I am using dwm 5.5. I'm Greek so I change between keyboard layouts all the time, see the relevant xorg.conf section: Section "InputDevice" Identifier "Generic Keyboard" Driver "kbd" Option "XkbRules" "xorg" Option "XkbModel" "pc105" Option "X

IMac Intel or iBook?

I want to spend £1000 on a Mac...I'm tempted to go for an Intel iMac, but I'm also keen on a laptop of some kind. I know that it depends on whether I want to take a computer with me to places, but there doesn't seem to be any laptop equivilent to the

Fifa 12 airplay via appletv, black screen problem

FIFA12 Appletv airplay black screen problem. Hello, i wanted to play fifa 12 iOS with tv via airplay. But it dint work, i see game picture for half second then tv goes black screen. Audio still working and game i can go to play, but i cant see the ga

My traffic conditions dont show up on the notification center even when it is turned on - ios 8

my traffic conditions dont show up on the notification center even when it is turned on - ios 8 I have tried hard resetting. I had a similar problem with the weather but got that resolved now. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks

Is there any way to use a aunetreceive for a track within GarageBand?

Is there any way to use a aunetreceive for a track within GarageBand? I have an application, Soundboard, which sends audio via the aunetsend plugin. I'd like to manage the output of this application within Garageband as a track. Is there any possible

New Document Types and new Number Ranges

Hi, Plz tell me How to configure New Document Types and new Number Ranges for Services and Asset Purchases. How can i maintain Services with or without Master data. Plz tell how much services are there and how to configure step by step

Can We Do???

Hi All, Can we write Views, functions and Stored Procedure for SBO databases in SQL Server Mangement Studio and access it from SAP B1. Thanks And Regard, Vivek

Adobe Business Catalyst shoping strings

I am trying to make custum alert messages in Portuguese on a Adobe Business Catalyst website using this code from : Customizing Online Shop Alert Message Strings and also customize the online shop layout strings like "Shoping cart is empty! continue

When in Edit mode the site preview only shows 1/3 of the site

How can I get it to show the full page? This is what I see when I go into Edit mode, and I can't pull the edge of the page across. Being a newbie, I'm sure I've got some setting inproperly filled out, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Alert saying SMPT (outgoing) password is missing - but it's not!

I have a POP mail acccount on the iPhone that uses a password for both receiving & sending mail. Since I upgraded to 3GS and OS to 3.0.1, I can no longer send mail on this account. When I try, I get an alert saying that I need to enter a password for

Aperture Slide Shows vs iPhoto?

Is their a difference between the two slide shows...iphoto vs Aperture?

Exhange rate calculations in SAPScript

Hi, I am trying to calculate the total invoice amount for different currencies in a  SAPScript.    I am running into a couple of  problems. 1:  I cannot seem to find the exchange rate ( KURRF ) in KOMK/VBDKA or VBDKR, do you know where else the exhan