BE 3000 with Jabber (for Mac) and webex connect integration problems

Hi, This is my first question on the forum so please be gentle! I have a customer who has a Business Edition 3000 and they have purchased WebEx connect and Jabber integration to go with it. My problem is I am having difficulty getting the setup to wo

Difference between LIV and Normal Invoice document

Hi Guys, What is the difference between an LIV invoice and a normal FI invoice document. Are the entries different or something. In which cases do we go for LIV invoicing. thanks srik.

Long running query--- included steps given by Randolf

Hi, I have done my best to follow Randolf instruction word-by-word and hope to get solution for my problem soon. Sometime back I have posted a thread on this problem then got busy with other stuff and was not able to follow it. Here I am again with s

RAID Set not showing up - 3 severe events

Intelle Xserve running 10.6 RAID Card running firmware v E-, Two it drives set up with I think RAID 5. The main person for the  system is away as well as his backup. So I'm running on very little information at the moment. Log: Called in due t

Manual statistics in BW 7.0

Hi expert, I'm working on a BW 7.0 system. I'd like to know if is possible execute the ODS statistics manually as an alternative to TOOL-->Settings for BI Statistics. I should execute the statistics only for a single ODS and only when I want. Thanks

Status Hold in SM50 reason Private mode

Dear all, BIP PROD system , one of the work process got status shows hold (Reason private mode) 3    DIA     12699     On Hold     PRIV     Yes     1               11070     SAPMSSY1     400     MASOND      In SM04 i have checked that particular user

HP v221w 16GB drive problem

I got a brand new 16GB hp v221w flash drive that isn't recognizable on my mac book pro version 10.7.5 The only way it shows the drive is through the hardware list in the system report. it shows the following: v221w:   Product ID:0xf807   Vendor ID:0x

Macbook Pro 1st gen Unibody Firewire 800 problem

Recently I notice when I hook up a hard drive to my firewire 800 port and daisy chain another drive my mac pops up an error stating that the drives were ejected incorrectly.  I wasn't trying to eject a drive just daisy chain an additional drive.  Is

Igrabber won't recognise the igrabber under 'digitisers'....please help....:(

igrabber won't recognise the igrabber under 'digitisers'....please help....searched the web for a lot of people with the same problem but no one seems to have an answer!!!!

Problems after trying to reset Mac book pro

I was reseting my Mac book pro to factory settings and the hard drive is missing the Mac HD. How do I fix that?

My new ipod touch doesn't appear neither in Itunes nor in browser

my new ipod touch doesn't appear neither in Itunes nor in browser I have done everything explained on ipod website in vain... Could you please help me ?

Programmatically refreshing an LOV automatically generated in an af:query

Hello, I am using I have created a VO with LoVs created on two of the attributes, linked to view accessors. I also created a ViewCriteria which was used to create the af:query panel. The LoVs were created using the choice list option type a

How you tell what generation your iPod is

how may I determine what generation an iPod touch is? says just say model A1509 on back

How can I translate a saved alternative report

I developed my application in English. I saved some interactive alternative reports in the application. Now I wan't to translate the report to dutch. So the report name, labels and values will be displayed in Dutch. Is this possible?

Good Evening, I bought a Mac Book Pro in Miami and with Apple Care that was recorded in the Apple Store - Lincoln Road. Now I can not get access to Apple Care here in Brazil. Someone tell me what happens? Please help me solve this problem.

Good Evening, I bought a Mac Book Pro in Miami and = with Apple Care thatwas recorded in the Apple Store - Lincoln Road. Now I can not get access toApple Care here in Brazil. Someone tell me what happens? Please help mesolve this problem.

My iPhones 4S dies on me after updating iOS8.1.3, how to make it alive again?

I try to update my iPhone to 8.1.3 yesterday via the phone update within the phone's general tab. It was okie for previous iOS version update via phone(my phone latest iOS was 8.1.2). But yesterday after finish updating, the phone restarted and the p

MySQL Receiver CC

Dear, I'm setting up a new interface, this time from IDoc to a MySQL database. I've worked with databases before but always with MS SQL Database, there I just used "" as JDBC Driver. What driver do I need t


Hi,     I want to know how this "Call AUTH_CHECK_TCODE" for for authorization check works. How to see...the code written aganist this function "AUTH_CHECK_TCODE". Can somebody.....throw light on the above..... Regards, K Vijayasekar.

Final Cut Express to .flv

I shoot movies in Mini DV and import to FCE for editing. Up until now I've been content publishing my movies as .mov. I guess I should mention that my target audience is online (web). The typical length of my movies is 3-5 minutes. Depending on my au

Which Trans. table contain Indicator for billing plan in header

Hi All, I wnat to find out how SAP table storage the following field: In Sales Document Item with billing plan, the reference to the header billing plan 'check box' in the 'Billing plan' screen. -> Indicator for billing plan in header (RV60F-KFREL) A