Itunes app no longer showing genres or the top charts/genius bar in the top bar ... it only displays a faint music in the centre with just the search box..why? i need them back:-(

itunes app no longer showing genres or the top charts/genius bar in the top bar ... it only displays a faint music in the centre with just the search box..why? i need them back:-(

Restrict access to modify Service Orders operations within IW32

Hello experts, We have a challenge due to our certifications programs. We allow certains users to create services orders and make the selection of the task list via IW31. They also have access to IW32 so that they can release the order later on. I am

Drop shadow on eps shape produces fine line when inserted into InDesign and PDF created.

Hi I am having a few issues with an eps file that I have created. Basically it is a eps file with shapes, a gradient and a drop shadow on the outlined text - created in illustrator. All looks fine until I take it into Indesign and create a pdf. I the

Program to add in the Assignment views Descriptive flexfields segments

Hi, I have added two context fields values in the descriptive flexfield "Additional Assignment Details". I see that the view hrfg_employee_assignments has reflected those changes and has included 4 attribute columns: CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW HRFG_EMPLO

BPM error: exception cx_merge_split occured,object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE

Hi Guys I am working on a interface involving BPM..... I am facing this problem while executing the interface... I am getting error texts as below: exception cx_merge_split occured, object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE I am trying to fix it....Please provi

Are points calculated correctly?

It seems that either the point calculation is off (for some users?) or the point information is not displayed correctly in 'Your Reward Points'. For example, in one user's profile (the name can be disclosed, if requested by a moderator) I see the fol

Encoder error in idvd

When I process a 75 minute imovie project to be used on idvd, I get an error saying the project is too long and I need to adjust the encoder setting.  What is the encoder setting? Thanks

SBO Backup

SBO Backup stops suddenly. I had schedule my SBO backup for daily, it works daily, but sometime it works for one week or two week and suddenly after two weeks or after some days it stop automatically. than i have to start once again. Why it stops aft

Failover cluster without replication

Hello, This might be a basic question to many, but I couldn't find a straight answer so .. is it possible to create a failover cluster with shared storage and without any replication/copies of the databases? i.e.: Create two exchange nodes with two s

Your wireless provider does not have a roaming agreement in this area?

everytime i try to make a call i get a message "your wireless provider does not have a roaming agreement in the area. message 6". i work out of chariton,ia my coworkers have verizon and have no problem. also data doesnt work anymore.

Export job

As part of my backup policy I want to create a Grid Control schedule job executing an export command. I have created a OS type job with this command in one line: export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/ora10g ; export ORACLE_SID=psep10g1 ; export NLS_LANG=spanish

C4780 ENV Printing in middle instead of the side as hardware requires

c4780 ENV Printing in middle instead of the side as hardware requires.  is this a problem with the new dirvers?  it started happening right after driver update.

HT201210 Restore issues iphone 3G

Hello I followed the advice of this article and I managed to restore my iphone via iTunes without an error. Once the restore was done the apply logo came on the screen, some progress bars appeared and then nothing,

Hello, relay access denied error

Hello, can someone help me with such thing: need to configure c170 as mail gateway for postfix. the thing is, i've done all the initial setup, set RAT to accept all emails for my domain and for other domains, as i use one interface deployment solutio

Music folder Erased after delete any song.

I use a MacBook Pro with Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6.8, I always used a External HD to hold my iTunes files. But now, I dont know if this is because of iTunes 11, I use the organized files option checked and the iTunes organized it in artist names subfo

ITunes 12 where has the podcast lyrics tab gone?!

I just to updated iTunes 12 and I am so annoyed that the lyrics tab has been removed from the podcast section, why would they do that? All my podcasts come with the tracklist in the lyrics and now I can't access them at all! It's a bloody joke and I

Audio driver fails to initialize when hires_tick=1 in /etc/system

Running Solaris 9 on Ultra 25 hardware. A customer's application requires hires_tick=1 be set in /etc/system. Once this change is made, audio does not work. Here is the error message from /var/adm/messages Nov 1 12:34:11 <hostname> audiosup: [ID 3844

Spotlight Language Weirdness

So I recently changed my computer's language from British English to French, logged out then logged in again. Before too long, I changed the language back, however spotlight is now being odd, in that it displays search results for applications in the


Hi there is a workaround to make DROP SHADOW EFFECT on a generic clip as in Final Cut 7 ?? I need it for border clips resized ( PIP) thanks silvio bonomi

Oracle error when rebulding index (transaction FMBSIDX_RECON)

when I test run transaction FMBSIDX_RECON it gives no error but when executing the program crashes and the error below appear in a dump. that is ORA-00604 error occurred at recursive SQL level string Cause: An error occurred while processing a recurs