Windows 7   " Adobe Photoshop CS3 has stopped working "

Okay let me stir up a whole new kettle of fish WINDOWS 7 VS CS3 PHOTOSHOP. I have Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64bit. I am running (or trying) CS3 Master suite. Most all progams function except Photoshop. I try to load it and I get "Adobe Photoshop CS3

How do I select multiple clips in the timeline!?

Ok, not quite as simple as the subject! This is what I want to do: Just finished a multi camera edit and I now need to color correct and grade the footage. So, now that I've corrected the color on camera angle number 1 I want to apply that effect to

Recognized in iTunes, but not as a camera in "My Computer"

I have a PC, running Windows Vista Home Premium (64 bit) SP1. When I plug in my iPhone 3GS, it shows up in iTunes just fine. But I want to copy some pictures to my computer. It used to show up as a drive (with subfolders and files) but not anymore. W

Roles for Contact Person in MM-SUS Scenario

Hi ! When we create a contact person using the Create user option in SUS, we assign the roles to the contact person. These roles are basically the standard SAP roles for SUS. We have created Z-roles ( a copy of the standard roles) to restrict cetain

IDOC- XI- file.txt

Hello everybody! I have scenario as below. IDOC->XI->file.txt I must transfer my packing list from idoc to file txt. The file txt must have a lot of lines for several levels of packing. I think to try to processing an IDOC message many times over. Ho

Link to query Form and auto-execute

What is the secret after creating a link from a report for example, to not only pass the link parameter to a query form, but to cause the form to execute the query. Currently my query form shows the passed parameter but doesn't auto-execute..

EXS sampler can't find the samples anymore...

Hi there, there's hopefully/probably a simple solution to this problem but I'm too stupid to find it: Overall info: I bought a new Mac, installed a fresh OSX 10.5.5 system and used the immigration assistent to move my old user account including all a

HyperLink to external PDF files

On one of the pages of my projects, I am providing the users the option to view certain PDF files.  The problem is that after generatin the Primary Layout, nothing happens when I click the link to that file.  I made the hyperlink as a link to a file

Activation of the treasury management in EHP 7 verson ERP 6.0

Hi, Has anyone activated the TRM in EHP 7 for ERP 6.0 ​​version in the electricity sector? Regards, Tashiro

Flash Player 9 compatibility issue

Hi - I was hoping someone out there can offer a suggestion for a problem we are finding with Flash Player 9. I have, incidentally, contacted Adobe but they offer no support for FP9. We have created an online word game, called Linkudo, that is played

Oracle APEX bug tracker

I would like to find a copy of the APEX bug tracker that used to be on the web page. Does anyone know where I can find that? I know they moved this to the cloud and I am exploring that but I would also like a local copy to experiment

Why is Illustrator CC very unpredictable?

Hi, I recently had Adobe CC installed on my work computer, and Illustrator CC behaves very erratically. For example, in order to view a file I have opened, I must demagnify it to 50%. When I select an item on a page, sometimes it shows me the dimensi

W530 Windows 8 Intel Rapid Storage Technology

Hello, I am a brand new W530 owner, and new to Lenovo products. Has anyone here been able to get Rapid Start technology to work on a fresh install of Windows 8 on the W530? I have been trying to solve crashes when my laptop goes to sleep, and believe

Downloaded a trial version of the "Living Earth Desktop" screensaver and cannot get rid of it. I deleted the download and cannot find it anywhere else on my mac. I will change the desktop image and the living earth image will pop back up minutes later.

Downloaded a trial version of the "Living Earth Desktop" screensaver and cannot get rid of it. I deleted the download and cannot find it anywhere else on my mac. I will change the desktop image and the living earth image will pop back up minutes late

What setting should I use for exporting movies?

Hi I've read quite a lot of posts on these forums - I am getting the dreaded whitespace instead of the movie I want to see on my webpage. I created an flv from Premier Pro, put it in Flash CS3 + exported a SWF. the SWF plays fine in Flashplayer 9 and

Hard drive crashed on my computer, do I have to say goodbye to my music?

My hard drive crashed which means I lost all of my old songs on my compute. My iPhone 3G still has about 900 of those songs on it. Is there a way to get the songs from my phone to my computer? Maybe a way to sync differently? Or will my phone automat

Photoshop (CS3) Hangs When Started

I just purchased PS CS3 and after spending an entire evening and morning getting to the point where the software asked for my serial number, I still have not gotten anything other than a PS window and an hourglass cursor with the window indicating th

My ipad stold by people serial number can trace location what

may i ask you all product serial number can trace location

Why is my ipad so slow after upgrading to ios7

Why is my ipad so slow since upgrading to iOS 7....... ****** off!!!!

TM: disk storage needed??

Hi: I have been using Time Machine with an external HD for several weeks now. My Mac is using about 90GB and I have a 140GB external USB drive. I recently received a message stating that my TM drive was getting full. I did not expect that my drive wo