My iPhone 4 will not charge, have used different chargers, cables, and docks, also a hard reboot is not working, what do I do now?

Ok so I woke up this morning and found that my iPhone 4 was 2% and about to die even though I had left it on the charger over night. Also, you may want to know that the charging icon does appear over the battery, it just won't actually charge.  So I

Batch Query with Batch but need address lines split by column

Hi folks, I have the following query I created with the batch number of the sales order: SELECT T0.[DocDate] as "Date", T1.[DocNum] as "Sales Order Number",  T0.[CardCode] as "Customer Code", T0.[CardName] as "Customer Name",T1.[Address2], T0.[ItemCo

Variable Substitution does not work

I am trying to use Variable Substitution to dynamically generate the filename but it doesnot work. Below is the info on my communication channel Adapter type: File Transport protocol: NFS Target directory: /usr/test File Name Schema: %var1%.txt Enabl

Form created in Muse now live and not working

I would greatly appreciate some assistance (and fast as my project is live and not functioning).  Basically, I created and edited a nice website with a form in Muse, then published to BC to chop it into code, then Ftp'd the files to myself and then o

Email Attachments Become Corrupted When Moved to a Different Mailbox

I believe that I have stumbled upon a bug in Mountain Lion mail.  Here is the set up: Server: Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server 10.8.2 running IMAP email service Clients: An assortment of Macs all running Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 using Mail as the m

Sender and receiver

Dear forum, 1 sender and receiver only can happen in CO? why not in FI? 2 sender and receiver are referring to cost object? 3 when use secondary cost element, the sce must be linked to a sender and receiver only can work? Thanks alot

Always play linked movie in QuickTime Player?

How do I craft an HTML link so that the mov from my web server always plays in the Quicktime player? I don't want the image imbedded in the webpage; I want a clickable link that will open QT Player and start the movie. I tried adding "target", "quick

SQL Developer Seems to have messed up SQL Plus & Crystal Connectivity

Hi all, previously I have been able to connect to a DB via SQL Plus. Also, I have been able to report on it with Crystal Reports XI. I'm not certain, but I believe this has occurred since installing SQL Developer?!?!? Since once I installed, no need

Repetitive flash task

Dear List I need to do the following: - 600 images are in one folder on my desktop - each image is labeled as "img0001.jpg", "img0002.jpg"... - import those 600 individual jpgs into flash 8 - convert each item into a movieclip - label each movieclip

Photoshop Ext. CS5 (Mac) suddenly crashing upon file open

Hi. Any help would be appreciated. I purchased CS5.5 extended about 3 weeks ago and all was working fine. Just yesterday Photoshop started crashing whenever I try to open files. I've deleted preferences several times, validated my fonts, restarted my

Ipod + bluetooth so I can use my old bluetooth sun glases ? yes / no ????

I know this sunglasses is 5 years old and primitive but surely Apple / Ipod has a bluetooth connector so I can listen to my music hands free while riding bicycle / roller blades / motorcycle . Anyone out there with a working option. Yes it has a mp3

"convert colors" causes jpeg compression?

I recently had to re-install Acrobat, and since doing so whenever I run my preflight profile which is set to convert spot colors to cmyk, it's also apparently increasing the jpeg compression at the same time. Everything seems to be gaining bad jpeg a

Search region help!

I have two tables as following: Department depart_id number(2), department varchar2(30) depart_id is PK. Depart_id,Department 1,PPT 2,FCT Room room_id number(2), room varchar2(30), depart_id number(2) room_id is Pk, depart_id is FK refernced to Depar

Materialiazed Views

Considering the standard EMP table I am now creating a materialiazed view on it Can anyone tell me the difference betweeen ENABLE QUERY REWRITE feature CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW EMPLOYEE_MV1 PARALLEL 10 BUILD IMMEDIATE REFRESH COMPLETE ON COMMIT ENABL

Read environment variable

Hi all, is there any standard way to read an environment variable (not a java system property) within the SAP J2EE Engine? There is no standard way to so in Java, at least not in Java 1.4. Thanks in advance, Matthias

EL being printer literally and not evaluted.

Hello, I am using EL in some of my pages but instead of it being evaluated it is instead printing literally. Below is my web.xml file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <web-app xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="http://www

Details about arrays

i what details about simple array function.. how to declare array function

What are the kind of devices supported by SAP Mobile infrastructure?

Hi All, What are the kind of devices supported by SAP Mobile infrastructure? Is there any document regarding this. Please provide your comments. Regards George

Linksys E2000 on Vista Home Basic Edition

Hello, I have just installed Linksys new E2000 on my laptop with Vista Home Basic edition. Somehow after a day of using it I am caught up with strange problem. Few minutes after booting my screen goes blank and I am no longer able to work. I do not s