Premiere Pro CS3  (Version 3.0) will not start following upgrade to Windows 8-- rest of CS3 is fine

Recently upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8 Pro; next time I tried to open Premiere Pro 3.0 (Adobe Master Collection CS3), splash screen scrolled normally through files being loaded until "SolidComposite.AEX", where it white-screened & cra

How many logic remotes can you have

I love the logic remote app and was wondering if it was possible to have it on multiple Ipads running at the same time with different views. This would be awesome to build a console of IPADs.

Configuration settings for RFC-FILE interface

We have a requirement to test the SAP ECC6.0 connectivity with SAP PI7.1 system with a scenario. We need to use a RFC in ECC6.0, import the function module in PI and build the scenario. For this we have created a 1. Logical system in ECC6.0 2. Port i

Restore from time machine to SSD/HDD iMac

Hi, I had to erase HDD/SDD on my 2011 iMac with both SSD and HDD drives. The system was installed on the 256 GB SSD ("Macintosh HD) and the user accounts on the much larger 2 TB HDD ("Macintosh HD 2"). I was able to restore the SSD with the system, s


How simulation can be executed in CRM with help of SEM / BI.

Problem with web dynpro

Hi, 1) Whenever i used to update anything on my view page i get page not found error. i got IE 7. is that the browsers problem??? 2) When i click on the mapping window it simply DOESN'T open!!!!! plz help me with it...............

IWeb Podcast Art Not Displaying in iTunes Store

I recently submitted a podcast to iTunes, and so far it has been displaying in the store fine. However, I cannot figure out how to make iTunes display the art for the podcast. I just used iWeb to make the podcast, RSS feed, and submit it to iTunes, a

2 pages to work on Pages

I'm looking to have 2 side by side pages to work on Apple Pages (5.2) and I can't find ... Thanks for help Anaïs

Budget exceed

Hello Everyone, I have a Project which runs from 01/2006 to 12/2007 with Availability-control set for the Budget, the project is technically complete and the Project cost report shows a excess value posted to a particular WBS in the structure. when i

Nikon D7100 and Premiere Pro

I have experience editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and want to upgrade to CS6. I have recently changed to using the Nikon D7100 to produce video instead of a traditional video camera. It is my understanding that Adobe does not directly support the .

DNS & routing on a new Solaris 10 installation

Hello all. This will be my first time posting, so let me know if I breach ettiquette or something. I just installed my Ultra 10 with Solaris 10, and I love the look of the OS. However, I can't ping or connect to anything on the network with the serve

Get table ID for drill down (javascript functions)

I want to implement some custom drill downs. When you click on a column to drill down, it uses the following javascript function: RTDr(saw_5_6,0,0) where in this case, "saw_5_6" is my current table. Since this is dynamically set and the table name ca

How to remove letterbox from a 16:9 video in Premiere Elements

I imported widescreen DV video via FireWire into Adobe Premiere Elements 8, but it displays with letterboxing (black bars on top and bottom). How do I get rid of this? The frame size is not editable in Project Settings.

Viewer Filters not showing

When I select the filter Tab in the viewer of FCE HD I have Video filter and stereo 1 filters. When I turn the triangles nothing shows. The filters are can be selected from the menu bar and Browser. Is there some procedure that has to be taken to mak

I keep getting error message U44M1P2003 when trying to update photo shop elements 12

I keep getting error message U44M1P2003 when trying to update photo shop elements 12 can any one help an OAP Luddite?

Email a webpage?

How do you email a webpage from the Z10?

Problem compiling PHP5 & libiconv problem

Hello, I just tried to recompile php5.3.1 on my Mac mini Server 10.6.2 but It's impossible for me to compile because I always get the follow error: Undefined symbols: "libiconvopen", referenced from: doconvert in gdkanji.o _php_iconvstrlen in iconv.o

Download Master Collection CS5.5

Please help I need to reset the login to be able to download an older version of the master collection. The person who's email address was used has since left the company, how do you reset the login details to be able to download the software?

Open plea to Apple re video capture

Dear Apple, The election coming up is hugely important and there are a lot of worries about irregularities taking place, both with people being allowed to vote and with the voting technology itself. Video capture with the iPhone would make it possibl

Error Downloading iphone update.

*I try to download iphone firmware 2.1 using iTune but after sometime downloading stops wit error = -3259 (Network Connection Timed out, Make Sure your network Connection are correct and active and try again later).* *im really fed up wit this, pls c