Apply distinct to all the columns in a select list

Select distinct name, date , venue , duration from tableA the above query distinct onlu the first column in the select list but is it possible to distinct all the columns. current out put is 1 , raj, 25-may-2009, uk , 10 1 , raj, 25-may-2009, usa , 1

Question on use of multi-mappings in interface mappings

We have the following scenario : 1. XI receives a orders05 idoc - xml and does a first message map - splitting this xml into two - a lookup key msg type and a copy of orders05 msg type ( 1:n ) 2. These two messages from the first mapping are used in


HI. I i wanted to no the best web cam i can use on tiger or a power mac g4 dual 500. there is many brands and some are usb and firewire. i hear that most will work with a mac . i dont want to spend alot of money and want a clear cam not a slow one to

Custom Validation Routine not getting triggered

Hi, I need some information regarding the Validation Routines that is maintained in SPRO. I created a validation routine and activated it. And also I maintained all the configurations needed. But when I create an ASN in VL60, the program control is n

Iwlwifi disconnecting every few minutes

Hi! I've got an intel wifi card (Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6230 (rev 34)), using iwlwifi. Every few minutes I get disconnected from the AP and when trying to reconnect it fails most of the times. Reloading iwlwifi or t

Problem registering database in RMAN on a different node

Here is the deal .. setup a backup catalog instance name rcatdev1 .. with code, registered a 9.2 database (dbname=TEST from same node) no problem installed 10gr2 upgraded catalog .. no problem .. upgraded TEST no problem, Registered (DBNAME=B

Any way to print an SMS Text?

I have an 8830. I need to print some SMS Text messages received and sent.  Is there any way to at least forward a text to an email for printing purposes?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Todays date plus a set number of days

I know I'm just having a brain fart here, this has got to be easier than I'm making it. Essentially, I have a variable bit of text that I need to display todays date + 10 days. Getting todays date and formatting it are simple I know: var today_date:D

Mega 865 and TV Tuner

Hi ALL: I have just bought the 865, and the TV Tuner is on the way... I am just looking for any shortcuts to knowledge.  I have read about the adapter cable here, but I would like to know any other quirks, etc  with the card. Any advice, or experienc

Mac OS X firewall and Java.

Hello, 1) I am using the built in firewall 10.5.8, and I was wondering what functionality I will lose if I select "Block Incoming Connections" for "java". 2) If "Block Incoming Connections" is selected, for a specific program (java), does that mean t

Losing metadata when adding watermark

I have a .jpg file that was created in Photoshop. If I import it into Acrobat and save it out, the metadata stays. If I add a watermark to this file, it erases the metadata. Any ideas on why? I am using Acrobat XI Pro on a Macbook Pro running Yosemit

Looking for a good pair of (full or midsized/not ear bud) headphones

Hey guys, just want to know if you can direct me to a good pair of headphones for my 3gs as the standard apple ones arent so good. Thanx

Page total in adobe forms

Hi Experts, I want to do page total on a particular field in adobe forms . I am getting grand total but cann't get the page total. Is their some java script or adobe script is required for it . If yes then provide me the solution for it.  Its very ur

Not able to start oracledbconsoledev

Hi, Recently I insatlled db on my laptop with windows vista. the db version is Till yesterday I was able to access the db but today i see in the services that the oracledbconsoledev services is not up and when i tried starting its not happe

Premiere export option are grayed, only two options aren't gray, and neither are what i need please help!

i am new to premiere pro, i recently edited a whole short film, effects, music, everything, but it will not give me an option to export. the only export options are: AAF and FINAL CUT PRO XML, can anyone please help me figure out how to fix this? i r

JEditorPane always scrolls down to the bottom, how can I prevent this?

Hello, I have the following code that contains a JTable and JEditorPane in a panel. When I click on a headline on the table, I have some text showing up in the lower pane. My problem is that the lower pane (that is inside a JScrollPane) always scroll

Is there a newsgroup reader that works w/ Yosemite?

I have a new iMac 27 running Yosemite V 10.10.1 and need a newsgroup reader that works w/ this new iMac.  On old Mac Power PC I was using MT Newswatcher but the latest version doesn't work w/ Yosemite.  Any help greatly appreciated.

Sending an ALV List screen output to SPOOL

Hi Guru's,      I am working with a standard transaction FBWE. In this transaction we are displaying a remittance list using ALV LIST.  Now the requirement is I need to send this ALV List output to SPOOL.                1. Please tell me how to send

New API in Flash 10?

I have a short actionSript in Flash that simply sets some values in the Flash Cache. When I hit the page that triggers this actionScript, it'd create a folder under the Flash Cache directory in my machine and writes a file within that folder. So it's

Adding Standard Segment in New Message Type

Hi There, In the standard Idoc type of delivery DELVRY05 , I am not getting pricing condition segments, These pricing condition segments are available in INVOIC02. Could you please tell me the step by step approach for creating a customize idocs say