How to send email but not receive it

Hi, I have 2 email addresses, one for work, and one for other. I like my work email to be forwarded to my Gmail because it archives all of my messages. But in Mac Mail I want to send email from both accounts and only receive from my gmail. Currently

Macbook Pro 13" Screen scratch?

Well, I purchased my 13" Macbook Pro earlier this year, roughly march time, and since, have been very careful with it, with the intent of keeping it for a long time inn pristine condition. A little bit of OCD I guess. Well, what I've noticed is a scr

Payment to vendor after Sales Order Creation

Dear Experts, We already mapped and doing full process fm Sales Order to Outbound Delivery & giving payment by Shipment, shipment Cost & MIRO. Now we want to do as follows: - another sales order with reference of existing sales order - Create Invoice

Disable Auto-Rotation in OCR Process (Acrobat 9 Pro)

Is there a way to disable the auto-rotation step as part of the OCR process? I have documents which I assemble in from images of tables. (If I had acces to the text of the tables, I wouldn't be using images of them). I place each screenshot in the co

GO URL with Session Variable

I want to use interaction between two reports in different dashboards, which do not share the same tables but the same values. When clicking on column A values in Report A, I want to create action link with option to open Report B, presenting column

Cannot use IDE drive with SATA drive

I just installed a 60GB Maxtor Serial ATA hard drive in VIA port 1. However, when I install my previous Maxtor 20GB EIDE hard drive in IDE1, bootup hangs at the "Serial Ch. 0/Ch. 1 device" detection screen. Is there a trick to this??? I really need t

HDTV exchange

I just bought a 42'' HDTV two days ago, and i think it's a little big for my bedroom. So i want to change to a smaller size. I already open the box because i need to try it first at home (but everything is new and no missing parts). So if i want to b

Using Syle Function to colorize the backgorund of cells in an AdvancedDataGrid

I would like to use a Style Function to colorize cells in an AdvancedDataGrid. I can get the foreground color set sucessfully with {color : "yellow"}. I cannot seem to get the background color set -- I have tried background, backgroundcolor, backgrou

In CO06 tcode if confirmed quantity change it becomes '0'

Hi All, In SD, if the confirmed quantity change from 200 to 100 it becomes '0' in CO06 tcode, after becomes '0' in the table level the entry is getting deleted.why it is happening, is it functional related or  technical related, if technical where it

Leading Spaces in CSV file while sending Email

Hi All, Iam sending CSV file via email, Iam getting leading space for the first field from column second. I have used the below code for appending internal table. Concatenating all the fileds with comma separator and aded 'cl_abap_char_utilities=>new

IDoc object filter of BAPI

Dear all,    I want to add several fields in object filter of BD64, but there are some confusions due to I used a BAPI message type 'PROJECT'. It seems like different from normal message type. After i add items in BD59 for the message type 'PROJECT',

How to execute OS command on client's machine

Hi, How to invoke for example MsWord on client's machine from APEX? I'm trying to use MSWord mail merge. Andrija

Strange network track quirk...

Yes, yet another annoying and time-wasteful feature that is Logic "Pro" 8. Can anyone explain this,please? If I create or change to a network-based track, ie: ctrl/click/hold and select from "reassign track object", whereupon I choose a multi-instrum

Enterprise Manager not working after installed Patch Set 6810189

I installed the 6810189 patch for Windows 32-bit and now I can't bring up Enterprise Manager (I don't have Grid Control, just plain jane EM). Any ideas on why this would be? Thanks, ivalum21

MVC Web API json response truncated?

I have an MVC 4 Web API in C# hosted in IIS 7 Basically this service has a queue that has items enqueued every minute. I expose a GET method that allows for all the items in the queue to be returned in a json array. the queue is really this: Queue<Li

FBL1n segment not shown

Hi friends, In FBL1n report segment is not showing on all line items even it is entered in document. sapians

My apps will not open says i need ios4 but i can,t update my touch.

My apps will not open says" need ios4" please help!

Has anyone ever solved the OID problem on redhat 8

I have noted the OID assistant failing on RedHat 8 problem discussed in a number of threads in this forum but haven't seen anyone with a clear solution. Her is how far I have gotten. [[email protected] bin]$ ../ldap/bin/ldapcheck Checking Oracle Internet D

MacBook slows down to a crawl when using iSight

Hi! I have a 2006 MacBook (Core Due 2 GHz), which I have upgraded to Snow Leopard (via Leopard). I am trying to use the built-in camera ("iSight") for video chat, but when I do, the computer slows down to a crawl, and the application that is using th

Outofmemory problem during webserver startup

Below error log which starting the web server. No changes were made the JVM options and im getting suddenly. Checked the memory size, path and everythings looks ok. Any suggestions please !! [22/Oct/2003:12:06:01] info ( 1013): CORE1116: Sun ONE Web