Multiple condtions in a single if Statement in .rtf templete of Bi Publishe

Hi , I want to use a single if statement with multiple condition . For Example : If :Parameter1=10 and Parameter2=10 and Parameter3=30 then < ' mseesge '> end if ; Any body Please suggest me how can i do it in the .rtf . Thanks, Mike . Edited by: use

Oracle 11g install for WinXP 64-bit - is 32-bit client needed?

I just saw that the WinXP 64-bit version of 11g is now available. Does anyone know if it is necessary to install both the 64-bit Database and 32-bit Client on the same machine for a development server. This was the procedure for 10gR2 as the 64-bit O

Premiere CC crashing when dragging sequences to Media Encoder CC

I've always been able to do this in the past, but suddenly when I drag a sequence or multiple sequences to Media Encoder from Premiere, Premiere crashes and gives me the following: Premiere Pro has encountered an error. [/sirreact64/releases/2013.03/

S-Video and analog L/R is gone

After upgrading to Win 7 I no longer have input to S-Video/left-right analog Media Ctr m8034n PC. MuVee was the program used to input these analog signals into the PC. It also was lost. If I use any other program; and I have tried many, it does not s

GMA 950

Hello- I have a Summer 2006 White MacBook, and I really want to get the Sims 3 which is coming out in about a month. I just found out that "This game will not run on PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) based Mac systems, or the GMA 950 class of integrated video cards

K7t266 Pro IDE

When Looked at my MoBo I noticed two extra IDEs for the model I had. When I looked in the manual it showed the two extra IDE's on the K7T266 Pro-R, but my box says K7t266. Did I get the wrond Mobo in the box? Anyway when I went to hook a new harddriv

The hyperlink and number not clickable

The hyperlink and number not clickable in iPhone 4 text massage

Bt desktop help

Is there any information about the update for desktop help in respect of internet explorer 11, since I downloaded this have been unable to access the desktop help, anything on the horizon yet?

Has anyone been unable to restore their iPad after attempting to upgrade to ios5? error 1

Has anyone been unable to restore their iPad after attempting to upgrade to ios5? I get an unknown error 1 message. Thanks.

Reading Long Texts in BW

Hi, I would like to dump the contents of R/3 in a table in BW. One of the fields in this proposed BW table is going to be of more than 1500 characters length. I cannot use ODS because we can only include InfoObjects of maximum 60 Chars in lenght. Oth

Running ssh from within java program

Hi! I am trying to start ssh from within java e.g.: Runtime run = Runtime.getRuntime(); Process pro = run.exec("ssh -l xx"); But it complains: socket: Operation not permitted ssh: connect to host port 22: Operation not permitt

Broken keyboard buttons on Satellite 3000-100

Hello, I have a problem with the keyboard of my Satellite Notebook. Some keys are broken and I want to replace them, but it's really hard. Now I want to change the entire keyboard, but I don't know, how to do this. Do I have to call a technician of T

Error connecting KM system to external server.

Hello All, I am trying to connect to an external server from Portal (KM system - webDAV) can any one help me in resloving the below error Error 2008-10-27T13:42:15Z: PROPFIND /webdavtest: com.sapportals.wcm.WcmException: sending request to: http://10

Problem with downloading xdk for java - suggestions?

I am having problems downloading the xdk for java. Could someone please direct me to an alternate site for download?

Premiere PRO CS4 " unexpectedly quit error" since loaded Sorenson squeeze 8.5 is there a bug fix

Premiere PRO CS4 " unexpectedly quit error" since loaded Sorenson squeeze 8.5 is there a bug fix

Counter Based Strategy Plan

Hi Dear All, as per client requirement I want to create Strategy Plan (Counter Based) in which Maint call has to due on after every 100Hr & 300Hr. for that I created Meas Counter & assigned Lower Range: 0Hr & Upper Range: 100Hr. after assigning Maint

Safari is still not opening facebook or youtube

Safari 5 is still not opening facebook or youtube on my mac mini 10.5.8  although i've tried everything on here. This is getting very frustrating now. Can anyone help please?

I'm restoring my iPhone right now, need help ASAP

So I've had a corrupt file that's been taking up 7GB in my 'other' stuff on my iPhone 5 so I'm finally restoring it right now, but I'm guessing the backup data with have saved whatever that corrupt file is in it. So 3 questions: • If I don't want to

Udev Mounting - DBus error RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed

Hello. I have been using thunar-git for a while and every time a mount an external media (cd/dvd, flash memory, etc....) I get this error: "DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.Failed: An operation is already pending." The drive mounts and

Know more about checkpoint

checkpoint 分成很多种 full .file.thread.parallel query. object .incremental .logfile switch 每一种checkpoint 都有其自身的特性,例如Incremental Checkpoint会要求ckpt 每3s 更新一次controlfile 但是不更新datafile header, 而FULL CHECKPOINT要求立即完成(同步的) 且会同时更新 controlfile 和 datafile header.