SAP J2E Engine Terminates on Portal Application Servers.

Short Text  SAP J2EE Engine Terminates  Long Text  we are experencing a problem with SAP Enterprise Portal Server 5.0,where SAPJ2E Engine service failing almost once in a week on either of the two servers. Server details Os: Window 2000 Service pack

Accounts Payable Trial Balance in R-12 report rows don't balance

Hi, Background: I am in a municipal government using encumbrance accounting in R-12. In 11i the AP Trial Balance (APTB) always balanced line for line when comparing the ORIGINAL AMOUNT to the AMOUNT REMAINING. This is not always the case in R-12. In

Can I share my icloud with my partner who has a differentt apple id

My Partner is working abroad and has an iphone a pc and his own apple id. Can we share our icloud?

How to create internal table in Adobe form - SFP transaction?

How shd i create an internal table under Global data ??? Regards, Gurmukh singh

Checking the Allocation of General Ledgers to Cost Centres

Hi Gurus, Can anyone help me to find out that how to check the allocation of General Ledgers expenses to various cost centers. Since in production concern , one GL might be getting allocated to various cost centers . I just wanted to know that a part

ITunes for Windows 7 64 Bit. Download is where?

Having been forced to a 64Bit Windows 7 PC I have to install iTunes on that. The Apple download site detects the Windows 64 Bit OS and offers the iTunes software for it but it does not down load it. Any ideas?

I set an access control on all my computers by mistake, how do I reset it?

I thought I was restricting my child from accessing the internet, but I locked myself and my whole family out of the time capsule router. I set the access to weekends between 9 am and Noon. Do I have to wait until next weekend to reset everything? Th

Quorum/Witness Disk Offline every 15 minutes error - Event ID 1069 - Event ID 1558

2 node active passive, 2008 failover cluster.  I keep getting the following error events: The cluster service detected a problem with the witness resource. The witness resource will be failed over to another node within the cluster in an attempt to r

PDFs Created in OS X Can't Be Printed in Windows

(Scanned for this topic on the forums - it was mentioned once without resolution). My office is a mix of OS X, Windows, and Ubuntu, so I create PDFs regularly, using the PDF creation tool in the printer dialog. The documents come from a variety of ap

How can i copy the text in cr11 screen dynamically.

Hi, In cr8 with VB, i can able to copy the text dynamically by using rigth click on cr8 screen and click copy. And able to paste the text in notepad. In same way,Rightckick option is not available in cr11 screen with that i created "Contex Cannot close the same input stream twice

I m writing a servlet that trigger by java URLConnection. Below is my code. When i use request.getParameter I encounter Exception but if i remove my request.getParameter. is run without Exception. Thank You public void doPost(HttpServletRequest reque

Trying to track down process bound to port ucp/513

A security audit has detected one of our Solaris 8 servers(Generic_117350-38) has udp port 513 open. I've verified this using nmap and can even see it in netstat output, but can't track down which process is the culprit. # netstat -an UDP: IPv4    Lo

Calling multiple records from SP

Hi, I tried to use a CallabaleStatement to call an SP that would return multiple records but wasn't successful. The Problem is the 'cstmt.executeQuery()' statement returns NULL. How to solve this? I have tested the SP and it works fine. Pls help! And

Anyone know how to stop the "activate" box from blocking usage of a perfectly legal copy of Ilisten? I want to help my dyslexic grandson and this box, including the activation code, keeps popping up, keeping me from using the software. I activated the pro

Anyone know how to stop the "activate" box from blocking usage of a perfectly legal copy of Ilisten? I want to help my dyslexic grandson and this box, including the activation code, keeps popping up, keeping me from using the software. I activated th

Change language in Creative Media Sourc

I have CMS5 installed in my computer with Brazilian-Portuguese language, and I would like to change it to English. How can I do this?

Using Oracle Transport Agent to get the XML File

Hi, This is Vishal and I have setup XML Gateway to make my Supplier's specific site XML Enabled. When I am approving the PO, the PO Communication method is XML and once the PO is approved, through "Workflow administrator Web Application" responsibili

CE 7.30, CM Services/CTS+: Error when creating DEV system in STMS

Hi, first of all: Happy new year This is our scenario: CM Services are running under CE 7.30 and CTS+ is running on PI 7.11 system (Support Package 7). I followed this guide to configure CTS+ on our PI 7.11 system: [

CS 4 under Windows 8

Up to now I was working with CS4 with no prblems at all under Windows Vista. Now my computer is broken down. I need to buy a new one. Does anybody knows wheter CS 4 is working under Windows 8. Since onlx new Pc`s with Windows 8 are obtainable .

Error in Oracle 10g RAC Env

I get the following error for 15 mins repeatedly Errors in file /oramsglog/RACPROD/bdump/racprod3_smon_18974.trc: ORA-21779: duration not active. Pls help

Is there a way to revert to 3.1.3?

I updated my iPhone 3GS to v4.0.0 and is was lagging ever since... so is there a way to go back to ver.3.1.3? or maybe anyone knows when will the next update will be out?