Changing From Workgroups to Domain

Hi Alli know this has been floating around the community but i have not seen a answer that explains what i need. Here goes.I am support a company with over 500+ users across 4 sites.At our main site, they have decided to change to a domain instead of

Previous iTunes Library - how to "force" a backup

Hi there Running iTunes 11.4 on Windows 7 64 bit With the Previous iTunes Library folder I notice iTunes seems to make Library backups at "random". Is there a way I can force it to do a library backup whenever I want? Am asking as this morning opened

Ralink RT5390 Does Not Work on the UEK Kernel

We installed OL6.3 and Ubuntu 12.04 on a new Asus X45A notebook. It has a Ralink RT5390 wireless card. With Ubuntu, both wifi and video work flawlessly. However, the wifi driver (from elrepo) does not work for the the uek kernel (2.6.39). While the w

Issue with dreamweaver and PHP on WordPress theme

Hi all Im trying to create a WordPress theme for my blog, however I keep getting this issue (CS6) "Dynamically-related files cannot be discovered because a testing server is not defined" I have been through my preferences and set everything how I thi

IMac G5 with Built-In iSight - System Freezes

Hi, I have the new model iMac G5 that is now consistantly freezing. When I say freezing, I get the spinning wheel and nothing is accessable. I have to hold down the power button to reset it. I have called Apple and reset NVRAM, clear the cache's, etc

Digital signature on xml string

Hello I'm trying to sign an xml string, but when I do so, I receive: HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR: An attempt was made to insert a node where it is not permitted.      at Source)  

Troubleshooting problems with printing PDF's from Revit and Cad files

I am unable to print a readable pdf from AutoCad and Revit.  Any Suggestions?  I do not have problems with Microsoft or Adobe products..Just AutoCad.  I have already spoken with my AutoCad dealer and they concluded it was an Adobe issue.

Multiple Lines In Report Output

Post Author: deanrhurst CA Forum: General Hi I am setting up a report off the back of taking customer orders. Each customer will place one order that can contain several products. My client needs an output file that gives full details of the customer

Ios not showing web pages correctly

Anyone know why some database driven web pages show up fine on Macs, Windows, android, linux, etc but not in ios? This page works fine apart from when viewed on iphone/ipads. The schedule page is blank on iphones/ipads. All browsers http://www.metros

Help on Initial Context in Weblogic 10

Please see the following thread Exception in Initial Context Weblogic 10 thx in adv.

Behaviour of AP Timers

Hi there, I am currently fumbling around a little bit with the AP timers on our WLCs in order to improve convergence. For this I activated the fast heartbeat for local mode APs. The documentation states the normal heartbeat timer must be at least 3 t

Sync'ing Files Between Computers

I've just invested in a MacBook Pro to go along with my iMac in my daily workflow. I have one folder where I save all my work files (graphic designer). What I'm trying to do is find a way where I can have a copy of this folder on each Mac, and it wil

Encoding in XML

Hi, I am using the C++ XML parser with solaris and oracle 8.1.6. I have set my ORACLE_HOME pointed to my oracle installtion and do have all the NLS files. I dont have any problem with ASCII and UTF-8 data. But i encounter some problem when parsing IS

Custom Toolbar Buttons - built from my SQL - feature request

I would like to request a feature to be added to SQL Developer. I'm on EA, v I would like to be able to create edit and add custom toolbar buttons. I do have some of my SQL saved as Snippets. As long as I want to keep the Snippets pane open

Forest / Domain Trust across firewall

Good evening, we have the following situation: Forest-A (Domain-A): centralized application for mail archiving, IP range Forest-C1 (Domain-C1): Customer 1, IP Range, PDC Forest-C2 (Domain-C2): Customer 2, IP Ra

Applet font

Is there possible to have multi-font in a text area in an applet Claude

Statspack repot interpretation

Dear all, I have a customer who is using 9i and I am studying the performance issue from the statspack report. There are several points I would like to ask for your help: 1. There are two events (CPU time; db file sequential read) usually shown in th

11g system表空间满了,请问是什么原因造成的

数据库版本: 系统:linux 5 问题描述:突然两三天system表空间满了从将近90%升到100%,表空间大小总共4G,平时每天表空间都只涨一点点. alert日志信息: Fatal NI connect error 12170. VERSION INFORMATION: TNS for IBM/AIX RISC System/6000: Version - Production TCP/IP NT Protocol Adapter for IBM/AI

Why am I doing this - in reference to Linked List Assignment

So I have a programming assignment to do for class, and in it the instructor wants us to write our own class for LinkedList. Upon browsing the java library I found that there is a java.util.LinkedList class with appropriate methods already defined. I

Creating a Sine Wave Chart with Continue if True

Hello,  I want to create a simple sine wave chart using a while loop and using the continue if true mode. I want to use a Not icon to accomplish this. I also need to have a stop button that a user can press to terminate the process. I have attached m