IMac - slow to boot, bluetooth not found.

System: iMac 24" (Early 2009) 2.66GHz 8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 memory (upgraded from original 4GB with 3rd party memory about 4 years ago) Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB Disk (upgraded from original 640GB about 2 years ago) NVIDIA GeForge 9400 OS X: 10.

IBook G4 will not recognize Super Drive

There is a DVD stuck in my optical Super Drive. The drive now is no longer recognized in the system profiler either. There is no noise at all coming from the drive on startup or when an eject is attempted. This is a second-hand iBook so unfortunately

Desktop HP Pavillion running Windows 7 freezes on start up

Let's get a few things out of the way right now:  The computer is 3 months old, has never had a problem like this before, no changes have been made to the hardware since purchase and nothing has been downloaded in about two weeks. there are no CDs or

How best to handle hundreds of similar objects?

Hi. I'm a relative newcomer to Java. I've been working on an application that involves a table of data. Each column in the table represents a different type of data. The data can be numeric, dates, Strings, etc. If I were to create an interface descr

No pictures

Hi, thanks, Don! I do use the tabs, but never when I should... (And I call myself technical.) Okay, here's the problem. I copied the "photo album" code, set up my albums/galleries and made sure that the various files were where they're supposed to be


Hi, the issue after upgrade XI SP16, I have been looking at all of contents from this site, but still having this problem. here is my test. i can see all adapters on adapter monitoring. 1. JDBC2JDBC, call adapter(receiver) on payload of SXMB_MONI, er

Scratches on iphone 5c back, can apple store replace it?

My new 5c has deep scratch on back of it, can this be replaced at all? thanks in advance

How to make net price field in Purchase Order Uneditable

Hello all, I am facing a problem. During creation of purchase orders the material price is picked up from the Info Record, but the net price field is editable. Please guide me how through standard SAP can i make this net price field uneditable. Thank

The conversion of the varchar value '11100000000000000000000000000000000000' overflowed an int column.

IS THERE ANY ALTERNATE WAYS TO DO THIS QUERY SELECT        VI.AssessmentId, VI.SubmissionDate,                     CASE WHEN(ISNULL(VI.Screening,0)+ISNULL(VI.BriefIntervention,0)+ISNULL(VI.TreatmentPlanning,0)+ISNULL(VI.IndividualCounseling,0)       

Levels in Certification

Hi Experts, What are the differnt levels we have in BI Certification.? Which one is the highest level and what is the corresoponding Test? And finally which is considered high in teh market? Thanks in advance. DV

Urgent Help Regarding Using Sound Files

Hello, Using Java is it possible to a) represent a .WAV file in WAVE FORM Format (Graph) output.i.e to represent a audio file pictorially. b) Spilit a .WAV file into n small pieces or portions. Please guide me in this regard.Its Urgent Thankz

Finder only shows root folders, no folders or files within those

2010 Mac mini. For some reason, Finder now only shows root folders such as Music, Library, Movies, Pictures, Downloads, Documents, etc. But when I open those folders, there is nothing contained INSIDE them. They appear empty. I know there ARE files a

Having Admin Account problem

I recently joined the Adobe Creative Cloud and downloaded many of the applications I use. Some of those applications will not open and in working with an Adobe service rep we discovered that it has something to do with my current Admin Account. I've

Image selection and canvas

hi friends i am downloading multiple images from my image database. i am displaying them on the mobile device or emulator. I want to know which of these images the user selects.i have an idea but please tell me whether i am on the right track 1 I pla

Dell Inspiron 3847 and MX100 256GB SSD

I bought several new Insprion 3847 and was planning on upgrading with MX100 256GB SSDs.  I'm getting BSOD after cloning the hard drives on all of them with any SSD I try.  Can anyone confirm this is a known incompatibility or suggest a fix?  I've use

Thread conceptual problem

Hi there; I have a stream from which I get data continuously, in an ordered fashion. I have a thread opened other than the main thread to listen to the stream. After I get a portion of data, I send this data to a module with a lock on the module to p

Legal Error: Partner Function Mapping not Maintained

Hello SD Gurus, When i create a order and save, i get this pop-up (but i can save the order if i click ok)... the pop-up is: <u>Legal Error: Partner Function Mapping not Maintained</u> Can someone explain why is this appearing and how to correct this

AutoCreate Final Assembly Orders - Pre-requisite setup details needed

Hi , I am a technical person and bit new to  WIP module but to my understanding when AutoCreate Final Assembly Orders program runs, it creates a WO and also Requisition. I was doing few test and found that for some sales order it is creating WO but n

Multiple Joins - or Joins in General -- Impossible in Discoverer????

I would like to do multiple joins in Discoverer and/or custom sql.... How do I do this? Currently I can only do joins on Aggregated/Calculated Items

Blackberry won't start up: broke?

Some background info: Carrier: Vodafone (holland) Model: Blackberry curve (I think 8520 but I am not 100% sure). OS version: unknown (I think maybe 5, but I am not sure sorry, since it won't start up I can't check. my phone is about 3 years old, I've