Print current view greyed out in Acrobat 9.4.1

I can't select Print current view for some reason.  I tried selecting different printers but am unable to select this option.  I saw an earlier post that said take the cursor off of page navigation, but I've done that (and don't even have page naviga

My built in camera is not working after upgrading to a new Skype version

my built in camera is not working after upgrading to a new Skype version

In CAT2 - The search help populating the input field with wrong data

Hi Guys, I have created a ZCITY table for which has below 2 field ZZCITY (Code ) (5 Char) u2013 Key field ZZNAME (City Name ) (40 Character) I have added a custom field ZZCITY & ZZNAME in CI_CATSDB. Funtional guy has configured to make ZZNAME as  VIS

AirPort Express shows lowercase in AirPort Utility

I use an AirPort Express 802.11n (v7.5.2) to extend my wireless network with a Time Capsule 802.11n (2nd Generation / v7.5.2) as a base router. When I enter the 'Logging & Statistics' of my Time Capsule via the AirPort Utility (via: Manual Setup > Ad

How to use TC as TC in my current wi-fi.

Hello, I bought 2 TB TC this November. So it seems to be last model. In my home i have wireless network. Router is TP - Link. Internet is plugged into this TP link router (l2tp connection). So i want my TC join to my current TP-Link network. I tried

Get attachments from pdf

I have a problem that is urgent. I want to extract attachements from a pdf file using java apis. I started from an example buf the BIG problem is that i don't have a documentation for certain java classes.<br />A piece of my code:<br /><br />PDFDocum

Serial Numbers are not downloading after creation of Delivery in ECC

Dear all, As per client business process, we need to download Serial numbers after creation of Outbound delivery. I could see the generated Serial numbers in ECC Delivery document, but those Serial numbers are not downloading into CRM. I have already

BED AED SED are not getting capture in J1IIN

Hi, I have problem in capturing Sales Excise from J1IIN T Code. Sales order is been done Excise condition is given which is showing in the condition properly. So after doing its Billing Document and generating Accounting Document is generated. So in

SelectionManager blinking i-beam removal

I have an application that for all intents and purposes can be considered similar to the Pagination example. I do not want the end user to be able to edit the document however I need to do certain operations when the end user interacts with the text,

Access denied in an applet that uses the jai jars

Hello there I have a problem while I am using ParameterBlockJAI pb = new ParameterBlockJAI("scale"); Interpolation interp = Interpolation.getInstance( Interpolation.INTERP_BILINEAR); pb.addSource(orig); pb.setParameter("xScale", dScale); pb.setParame

Cannot delete newly inserted row from a table

Dear all, There is a table where I have just inserted a new record. I can do a select query on that record and even update it. However when I try to delete the record, my session hangs and the record does not gets deleted. I also do not get a error m

Manual bank configuration

Hi Guru's, What are the manual bank configuration steps. what is the use of manual bank configuration. Thanking you

Newbie Request for Assistance

Hey All, Forgive my ignorance here, I am not that well versed in networking. I have some things in place that I’ve had running (and well) for the better part of two years. I recently acquired an ASA 5505, and have been trying to get it setup. My exis

Reason Codes not displaying when performing emergency access management(SPM

Hello guru, I am experiencing a little problem when using superuser privilege management (emergency access) functionality in AC 10.0. My problem is that the reason codes created in the AC system via the reason code link in the workcenter does not app

TS2972 i can't access my home sharing in itunes ? :( when i fill up the apple i.d there's a pop-up window "Home sharing could not be activated because an error occurred (5506)" what's with that?

i can't access my home sharing in itunes ? when i fill up the apple i.d there's a pop-up window "Home sharing could not be activated because an error occurred (5506)" what's with that?

Importing my iPhoto library into Aperture.  Best way to avoid duplicates?

Hi, I'm a new Mac user.  I have been in the very slow and tedious process of transferring my photos from my HP hard drive to my Mac.  I used iPhoto for a very brief time before purchasing Aperture 3.  (I've used photoshop for years.)  I haven't yet I

How do I convert on my computer Internet Explorer files, gif, jpeg nav.. to become Firefox (3.6) files

using a file manager for my website, I see files are IEand want them to be firefox (where the icon is next to file) the website was built with firefox. Wish to have all files in firefox so I can open them with Firefox as my browser default

Some Hostname is not seen in DNS Manager ( Windows Server 2008 )

Hi All, DC Server OS - Windows Server 2008 R2 ( Active Directory Integrated DNS Zone ) Client OS - Windows 7 I am unable to understand, why some hostname are not dynamically registered in DNS Manager. For example -My windows7 which is added to corp.a

Questions modifying the Personalization Portal

Hi there, I have some questions regarding the customization of the Personalization Portal: I got the MailAdapter working, but how do I prevent the Portal from displaying the Password Input-parameter when entered in the Form? Shouldn't there be an add

Question about the Filter type for the trace provide "Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-File"

Hello all, I have moved this question from the Windows Server General Forum accorfing to the suggestion from Mr. Justin Gu  I have a question about the Filter function for the trace provider "Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-File". I can find the Filter func