Java threads monitoring

I am using Java threads in my Java program, running on Windows Professional 2000. I am monitoring the threads using Windows Performance Monitor (WPM). However, even running a small Java program which creates only 2 threads, results in many (at least

After update 8.1.2 i had problem with sync my content from ITunes with IPod

After update 8.1.2 i had problem with sync my content from ITunes with IPod. It stucks on moment when its waiting for implementing changes (step 5 of 5) Hours and hours i'm waiting but still the same. So i cant use my Ipod at all. I restarted Ipod an

My iPhone 5 is not allowing updating to the newest iOS version 6.1.3.

My iPhone 5 is not allowing updating to the newest iOS version 6.1.3.  I missed doing the 6.1.2 update before 6.1.3 was available.  It wants to install the 6.1.2 update, but, once I agree to the terms it tells me I can't because I am not connected to

After updating my iPhone 6 to 8.1.1 the suggestion bar across the top of the keyboard is no longer there. How do I get it back?

After updating my iPhone 6 to 8.1.1 the suggestion bar across the top of the keyboard is no longer there. How do I get it back? I had it before the update and loved using it. Thanks

Why won't my plantronics 780 headphones work with itunes?

I have plantronic 780 headphones, the kind that plug in to a USB drive, and It is selected as my only default "speaker" on my actual computer but for some reason Itunes won't play any of my music because I disabled my speakers on the computer.  Tryin

How do i output a table in a teststand report

I'm using TestStand 3.0 and Labview 7.0. I have a string table in my labview step that i want to see in the teststand report. How do i do this? thanks

Itunes can't read korean characters since switching to google chrome

I switched to google chrome and for some reason every song with Korean hangul characters on my itunes turns into square boxes. I have songs with Japanese kanji on my itunes but I see them perfectly, it's only Korean characters. This happened before b

Here maps in Asha 210

I want to buy Asha 210 but let me know the following: 1. I use HERE MAPS on my Lumia 620, can i use the same offline maps in Asha 210. How if yes(because asha 210 has got very less internal memory). If no, provide me an alternative to here maps. 2. C

Short Dump when trying to display transformations.

hello Experts, When I am trying to display the rule details in the transformations i am facing the follwing shortdump messages. I just want to see the rooutine in the rule details of the transformation.Could you please help me to resolve this issue.

Small CF card reader that works with the iPad Camera Kit?

I'm looking for a small (not much bigger than a CF card) CF Card reader that works with the iPad Camera kit (USB piece) - Anyone know of one? All the ones I see people suggesting are big and bulky (made for a desktop). I know there are many smaller o

I don´t see the iPhoto library in imovie, how can a i use the videos of iPhoto? Thank you

I don´t see the iphoto library in imovie, how can i use the videos of iphoto, how can i get de library in imovie? Thank you

Work center in sap hcm

Hi, Could any one tell me how to link workcenter in saphcm please. Is workcenter created by hcm or any other consultant and how and where to link in master data Chandu Edited by: chandu77 on Jan 12, 2012 1:55 PM

HDD Error -36 question: Am I on the right track here?

Hey folks, HDD question here. I have a 13” early ’11 MBP, 320 GB HDD, came with Lion, now running ML, anticipating a soon upgrade to Mavs. 16 GB of RAM. All updates current. Started running out of HDD space with all my photo and video work and about

How to enable the "update file" button to update the data template

We have an escalated customer bug that the chinese character does not display correctly on report. We want to update the data template xml file on customer site to test the fix. However, when the customer login using "XML publisher Administrator" res

Rating filter moves images on light table into a single pile

Anyone seen this? I have a bunch of images arranged on the light table with various star ratings. The images are arranged by number of stars into various grouping - all the 5's together etc. When I use the filter in the browser to see only the 5's fo

Forwarding Agent and Shipping Point

Hello Experts! Where can I obtain these entire adresses (which table)? Service Agent's or Forwarding Agent's (from Shipment) and Shipping Point entire adress. Regards Ilhan

Business packages for BO in portal

Hi Team, I wanted to know if there are any business packages for Business objects which can be implemented in Portal. i tried to search in market place but am not able to find much. regards Bharat

Repeat not working in PC

Hi ALL, Today my process chain was failed with error ods activation failed. however i corrected it and i started to run the next variant with REPEAT, but the next variant was not running when i click the repeat option. what could be the reason? how t

Reflection on abstract classes

import java.lang.reflect.Method; public class MethodInfoDemo {      public static void printMethodInfo(final Object obj) {           Class type = obj.getClass();                final Method[] methods = type.getMethods();           for (int idx = 0; i

Files not uploaded to iCloud

It looks as if the files on my iPad & iPhone were uploaded, but they don't appear @, nor are they synchronized. Any hints what I could do? Thank you!