Acrobat XI PRO: Create a Table of Contents (TOC) automatically in top, after I have combined several pdf.files into a single pdf.file

Hey I have now tried for hours, but now I give up! MY WISH - Create a Table of Contents (TOC) automatically after I have combined several pdf.files into a single pdf.file. I have already bookmarks, shown on the screen (see screenshot below) but I wan

How to configure oracle 9i server

Hi, I am a newbie to oracle. I need to configure oracle server for studying PL/SQL. I have SQL*Plus: Release in it. I need a username and password on my localhost to login to it. I dont know how to run Oracle Database Server for it and how

How do I select the Poster Frame when exporting to video?

PP CS6 I cannot find how to select the frame that I want to appear as the Poster Frame in the exported video. I can select it I can change one by right clicking an imported video OK but not the sequence! I've been through every menu I can find & even

IPod Touch  not recongnized in Windows or iTunes

Hi , My iPod touch is not recognized in Windows or iTunes . I am using the most recent version of iTunes . iTunes 8.1 . Has this happened to anyone else ? I would appreciate any help. lizabler

Problem about .xml file from PPro CS5 to FCP with RED and P2 file.

I have create a Project in Premiere Pro CS5. I import the RED file R3D or P2  file XMF and editing my media. From menù File i select Export to "Final Cut Pro XML.." I open FCP and Import file XML but the media are not reconnect. "Warrnig: Non-critica

Color does not match printing in preview

Printing a photo directly from iPhoto ('08) does not match the color on screen. Using an Epson 2200. The colors are dark and saturated. Maybe the problem is setting color management in the advanced dialog box- I have it set to: "No Color Adjustment"

DVD drive not ejecting discs

MacBook Pro UniBody with MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-868 I have to eject a CD or DVD 10 or 20 times. It makes the eject noise then the disc doesn't come out and it gets remounted again. After 10 or 20 goes suddenly one time it comes all the way out. Any clues

Report Supplier Lead Time - Days

Hi All, Can anybody give me the characters, key figures, CKF's, RKF's and other fields that are usually used in Supplier Lead Time - Days Report in general irrespective of the requirement.....come up what ever you remember from your side. Thanks All,

APD read data from Web Analyzer or BEx Analyzer?

Dears, We are on SAP BI7.0, recently we upgraded to enhancement package1. SInce then, "suppress zeros (all values=0)"  setting in the query is not working properly in Web Analyzer while it's working correctly in BEx Analyzer. We are transfering data

Automatic Numbering

I am trying to automatic number one of my Number's Sheets. In other words, if at some time I need to insert a new row and entry between numbers 10 and 11, how do I program Numbers to automatically insert 11 for the new row and allow the old row 11 to

Cannot see profile

Hi. After recent clone, I am unable to see the profile of a user. [email protected]:more .profile .profile: A file or directory in the path name does not exist. I source the env file but still cannot see the profile of this user. Is there somewher else I

Moving bookmarks, printing bookmark outline

I'd like to use my bookmark hiearchy as an outline.  Unfortunately, I cannot move the various subheadings around, or at least not entirely.  For example, I get that to nest one heading under another, you simply drag and drop it under the heading you

Confusion about installation of Air 2.6

Hi everybody, I would like to update to Air 2.6 but I get confused when I read information on the web. I am using MacBook Pro iOS 10.6.5 and flash CS 5 for apps development. 1. Is installation of  Air 2.6 a simple step by using the Air 2.6 installer

Craxdrt.dll Error : Application Error.

Hi ,      we installed VB application on a windows 2003 server. Our Users runs this application and tries to run a report when they get the General Microsoft error. The terminal server is accessed from different location. Some body locally (toronto)a

Get specific eventId from sensor using browser

Is there a way I can use just a browser (no java) to request only a specific eventId (alarm) from a sensor? XML results are fine. Thanks, Matt

Xcelsius support which Adobe Flex SDK  (Software Developer Kit)??

Hi @ all, can anyone tell me what Xcelsius which Adobe Flex SDK (Software Developer Kit) support? Xcelsius                                                     = Adobe Flex SDK 2.0.1 SAP Crystal Reports Dashboard Design 2008           = Adobe

External spam authentication

I cannot get external SPAM authentication working or SPAM logins. I have a valid LDAP profile configured (tested working), I have added a valid "Spam Quarantine End-User Authentication" with domain assignment working, I have enabled "External Authent

Installing error-closing browsers

Hello, I am trying to install the latest version of Flash Player to my Mac, but installation is being interrupted by an error message stating that I should close my browsers. Although I do so, I keep receiving the same error message. What should I do

How to handle Webservice

Hi Experts, I want to know how to handle webservice in web Dynpro Application. I need some documentation regarding this. can any one help me. Advance Thanks, P.J.Balaji