E4X: What happens to the root element?

I'm working with XML using the E4X notation. I'm used to the "old school" XML APIs that use DOM and I'm a bit confused. For example, let's consider the following XML <mx:XML id="myXML" >   <top>     <sub1 id="uno">       <sub2>hello</sub2>       <sub

F4 help for a single field in interactive form

Hi Experts, I am working in HRAS process.I created a Form Scenario and an Adobe Form.  I linked my interactive form in portal using standard Start Processes iView . Now I have to create a value help(F4 help) for 'STATE' field based on 'COUNTRY' field

TS1814 I have windows vista and this did not work for my ipod it still will not update PLEASE HELP!

I have windows vista and this did not work for my ipod it still will not update PLEASE HELP! iTunes for Windows: iTunes cannot contact the iPhone, iPad, or iPod software update server

Error 150:30 at start after miragtion from old to new macbook

My elements 8.0 did not longer start. Is terminates with error 150:30 . The adobe support could not me in this case. Hope somebody could help me. Thanks Berni

How to use the  FilterControllerClass with a sample

Hi, I am having a sample for adding new parameters at runtime. However I need more info. What I try to accomplish what I want runtime, can be compared when using the CR designer, where you first add a parameter and then use the report record expert s

Customer adapter module

I'm developing one customer adapter module that calls stored procedure on sender side. I'm not able to stop process when Resultset is empty. As interface is firing every 60s, it is happening quite often and I want to avoid this, like std. JDBC adapte

Starting and stopping Video File that is Attached to Augmented Reality

I'm trying to do a little augmented reality. I'm using an action script to call a video and play it. The problem that I'm having is that the sound is starting the moment the window is open and the video plays with the marker is shown. I want the soun

Problem converting XLS to PDF in SharePoint

When I try to convert an Excel 2003 spreadsheet that is housed in a MOSS 2007 document library to PDF using Acrobat 8, I get the following error message: "the filename that you're trying to convert has characters outside the system language. Please r

Function inside a trigger

Can i write function inside a trigger? My requirement is that i've to call a function inside a trigger. Since this function is not frequently used so what i am thinking that i should write this function inside trigger. Can i do that? i know that func

No password from the start

we bought our Macs from B&H. They did NOT put in a password. I am trying to write an applescript to mount the other computer but because there is NO password, it wont work. Here is the code I used tell application "Finder" mount volume "afp://Edit1:"

OWB and Oracle Express or other methods...

Hi Is it possible to connect Express DB directly from OWB and share some Objects or import some structures via EIF-Files? What's the best way to migrate from Express to "up-to-date" olap? We have little bit complicated structures with lot of permits

DW8 and "browser-safe" scripts

I don't know if this is a bug in DW8 or a local problem, and it's not really important either way, but I did want to get it off my chest. When I open a HTML page containing a Shockwave movie embedded with an <object> tag into DW8, I get the prompt th

InDesign CC: Crashes When Building TOC

I managed to get indesign to build a TOC once or twice. I added some TOC specific styles, and created a new TOC style. I hit update... and it crashed at the end. "fatal error encountered" or whatever. I'm not sure what to do. Before running pre-fligh

Create Material Master Revision Level using CC02

Dear oss , Using CC02 for a change number I can view object material and I can insert a new material. The revision level field is greyed. Can I have a chance to create  revision level for a material directly using CC02 ? Thanks.

Maps and email set up problem

i am new user in blackberry world, and my friends told me that i can access my email using blackberry so i buy one 8900 and it seems that it dosent have any options for email set up, and how can use the gps on this phone while itdosent have any map a

Word crashed on 10.4.7

Hello Last night I updated to 10.4.7. It isn't buggy at all. For the first part of the day everything seems te be normal (Entourage, Excel, Firefox, GraphicConverter, Acrobat. But when I openend Word and edit some old text I recognised a strange beha

TNS:internal network communication error at OCI call OCIServerAttach

hi, am using OBIEE 11g, i have made a new repository in obiee and when i done my analysis phase i checked the result and i recived an error : State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSE

URL coming in bottom of page in report printout

One doubt i have is that when i take the printout of the report from Internet Explorer(6.0), there is a URL of the report shown at the bottom. To remove this, once i have to go to Internet Explorer page setup and change the header and footer to blank

Toronto Final Cut Pro User group meeting *SPECIAL GUEST NOTICE*

OK GTA people The next meeting is Tuesday October 17, 2006 at Ryerson University, Rogers Communication Centre, Room RCC359, 80 Gould Street, Toronto, ON Pre-meeting Refreshments: 6:30 pm. Meeting start: 7:00 pm. This meeting will feature: Graeme Natt

Facebook album grayed out

Hi - bit of an odd one. I love the facebook integration in iphoto11 but at the moment i have an issue. I want to add a few more photos from a recent holiday to an album on facebook - the album was created in iPhoto and contains 224 pictures - i want