Jabber Options - Phone Accounts - Voicemail -- "Spinning Wheel"

Been trying to resolve a nagging issue.   We currently have CUCM 8.6.2-20000-2, CUPS 8.6.4-10000-28 and just put up Unity Conn 9.1.  Jabber Win clients are 9.2(1).   Several people have not been able to integrate voicemail into the Jabber client.   W

Error while refreshing  WEBi Report : Supplied XML Invalid

Hi, I have a universe buit on BI query in production environment. I changed the query in BI directly in PRD. The only chnage i did was ,unhide the keyfigure which was hidden originally as i wanted to see the data it brings in BEx analyzer. Then i agi

Mac Mini won't boot up (CPU Halted)

Hi all, I have a Mac Mini with Leopard that has started refusing to boot up. I generally leave it switched on all the time but a couple of days ago the fan (I think) was getting pretty noisy so I shut it down. When I attempted to reboot the next morn

How to know item type in a .fmt???

My problem is that I don't know item type when I read a .fmt Please, Help Me. Thank You

Changing logo image in search page

Hi Mr Roger Ford, Would you please to help me. I'm using SES 11.1.2 on SuSE Linux SLES 10. I would like to change the logo image in search page. I have followed step by step in: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14507_01/apirefs.1112/e14133/objects

Eloqua Wishlist/ Functionalities for Campaign Canvas

Campaign Canvas wishlist: As eloqua already has most of this functionality in parts and components, it would be good to see this all on campaign canvas. This will deffinately help all users across all campaigns, minimizing time and effort to setup an

Sub reports In Crystal reports XML as a data Source

Hi, I am facing one problem related to Sub reports functionality in crystal reports as XML as a data Source. We are using CrystalReports XI for this. I was generated PDF's using crystal reports from ruby on rails, by using the JAVA API to produce the

I have 8GB Iphone is there anyway that i can add another 16GB

i wan add some 16GB or 32GB is that possible my Iphone it has only 8GB so i want keep my phone in same time i want more GB is that work ??????

Getting the record count from result set

i'm retreiving the result set using the executeQuery method, now i want to know how many records are there in the result set, that is the record count of the result set. one solution to that is to first use the executeUpdate and then use the executeQ

Setting resolution for widescreen monitor

i have a samsung syncmaster 2253lw 22inch widescreen monitor which is recommended to use a resolution of 1680 x 1050 at 60hz but when trying to adjust this in the preferences it is not available as a setting. The 'detect display' button does nothing


does anyone know if it's possible to use iglasses while recording video from isight in iMovie '08? Any answers appreciated

Offset issue for Fiscal Year Quarter

Dear All, There is a requirement to develop a report for balance sheet to compare the fiscal year quarter like if user is going to give input 20143 then comparison quarter is 20142 where I did offset (-1) and if user give input as 20141 then the comp

Different views in PA20 (Display Personal Data)

Hi, in our (IDES) system I have seen that different persons could have a different view in PA20 (Display Personal Data). For example one have a field 'First name' and a field 'Last name' and another have only one field full name. Could somebody expla

Error "401 Unauthorized" calling wshandler service

Greetings, On a 620 system I'm trying to complete a webservice workitem via the wshandler service using CL_SWF_IFS_WS_EXPORT=>LAUNCH_CALLBACK. It fails with cx_swf_ws_http_exception after getting a response 401 - "Unauthorized". WF_HANDCUST is setup,

Any Specific Guide for Ecc 5.0 upgrade to ECC 6.0 (linux/oracle)?

Hi Gurus Is there any  specific guide available for the Upgrade of ECC 5.0 to ECC 6.0 from service market place. for the linux operating system and oracle database. or atleast , I want to know what are the mimimum checks to be done (prerequisities) i

Problem with the comunication

Hi Experts i got this problem, i got 4 interfaces Proxy(abap) to jdbc in production exactly the same scenario, but one of them interface don't works, i tried to run  Dev. but i dont receiv any record in PI, I checked the RFC conection and it works, t

Error on start-up PSE 9

I've removed PSE 8 from my system and now I've have this error message everytime I start PSE 9, the program seems to work normaly: Knows anyone to repiar this error ???? TIA.

Having problems linking two java classes getting a "deprecated API" error??

Hi, I am tryin to link one page to another in my program, however i get the followin msg:- Project\alphaSound.java uses or overrides a deprecated API. Note: Recompile with -deprecation for details. Process completed. this only happens when i add the

MBP not closing flush..

Hello all, My dad has taken delivery of a new MBP and I have noticed the lid does not close properly, it looks bowed and there is about 3mm (1/8") gap at the L/R corners, although the latch does close. Just wanted to know if this is a common thing am

Getting "process android.process.acore has stopped" error message on S4 at startup.

OTA upgrade to Kitkat was successful, however, i now have the error message "unfortunately the process android.process.acore has stopped" at startup. cant make or receive phone calls, also cannot access apps due to error message being constantly disp