Brand New Carbon X1 loses Touch Screen function!!!!

Hi there I just purchased Carbon X1 touch screen version for less than a week and all of a sudden I found out the touch screen was not working any more. I checked the system property and it shows "No pen or touch input is available for this display".

HELP PLEASE!!! ipod will not update!!!

i have had my ipod mini for a little over a year. i currently have about 900 song on my Itunes Library. However, once i got to almost 900 songs, my itunes started saying that "songs on the ipod cannot be update because all of the playlists selected f

I dropped my iPhone 4 & cracked its screen. Apple wants me to pay for replacement unit (I agree), turn in my old phone (??) & wait for 6 days (no problem). What do I do to access emails, Internet & make/receive calls during these 6 days?

I dropped my iPhone 4 & cracked its screen. I went to the service center to get it repaired. SInce it is not under warranty, i was willing to pay for repair charges. They told me that the screen can not be repaired or changed, but they can replace my

Tracking Goods movement based on Serial Number

Hi All, I need expert advise on the following regarding the usage of Serial numbers from MM Perspective: 1. Whether the Number range for Serial Numbers can be given. This is to take care of the Goods bearing serial numbers, being delivered by the ext

Trying to display an image with eclipse

this is the code: import javax.microedition.lcdui.*; import; public class DrawImageCanvas extends Canvas{      static Image image;      public void paint(Graphics g){           int width = getWidth();      int height = getHeight()

Inserting data in to table....

Hello, We have an assignment in tomorrow and are having a few problems! This code is to enter details in to an 'order details' table: insert into Order_Details values(order_details_seq.nextval, orders_seq.currval, '&&DVD_ID', (select dvd_details.sell

Setting Browser (Internet Explorer) setup as per my application to run on a new system

Hi,   I am using flex code to my project thats runs on Internet explorer after installing "Flash player plugin" and my application has POP Ups and it gets blocked by my browsers....We have to change our Internet setting as to allow all popups manuall

Not impressed with Snow Leopard

i upgraded to Snow Leopard, thinking it would make my computer run more efficiently, and expecting some of the problems with programs that were present in Leopard to be resolved (this was promised in the description of the upgrade on the apple websit

Mailbox will not load in firefox 4

The tiscali mailbox will not load within firefox 4. I am able to log into the mailbox but once logged in I cannot access the inbox or any other function apart from email composition. Attaching a file to an email also produces a 500 error within the u

Accidentally wiped wrong disc during backup, can data be recovered?

I was doing a backup prior to bringing in my MacBook Pro and accidentally wiped the wrong external hard drive.  Disk tools say it can't be repaired or verified.  Is there any way to recover the data?

Can you specify the full path to jar in archive_jini

can you put the full path to the client.jar file in the formsweb.cfg archive_jini parameter? like this: archive_jini=d:\something\somethingelse\client.jar or does it have to exist under %ORACLE_HOME%\forms\java ?

Can I Execute a function whose name is stored in a string variable?

Can I execute a function whose name is stored in a string variable? Like Depending on the condition I will stroed the name of the function in a string variable. Then using that string variable i want to execute the function. String str=�� iVal an int

Error activating logical port for service group

Hi, I reconfigured the Starter Services because I changed the backend. It all worked fine, but in SOAMANAGER it throws an error when trying to activate logical ports for service group /IWCNT/BPC_SERVICE_GROUP (error is thrown for all 4 service groups

Flash Video Insert Error

When I try to insert a flash video via Insert > Media > Flash Video, I get this error message: "URL cannot contain spaces or special characters........" The link shows "../flash/test1.swf " - a relative path in Dreamweaver 8. Any ideas to the cause,

Reading file content using Javascript

Hi Friends, is it possibel to read the contents of the child window opened from a javascript.for example am opening a window using function in javascript, after opening the window can i read the contents ?If so how can anyone help in this

Third Party Insurance for iPad?

Who is well regarded third party insurer (loss or theft) for iPad? I am not looking for warranty, I mean actual insurance. All my other computer equipment is under my State Farm personal articles policy, but State Farm told me today they no longer in

Database error. The database error is: (CS) WIS 10901

Hi guys i am using SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI 3.1 and created one report using webi, saved and exported to CMS when i opened it in Infoview it works fine but when i refresh it then i am getting below mentioned error:- Refreshing a document in Web In

ITunes Update Removed All File Associations in iTunes

This is ridiculous. I installed the latest iTunes update and when I opened iTunes, all of my music was gone. Did this happen to you? I found a way to fix this problem. Your music should still be in MyDocuments/iTunes in individual folders for your ar

Itunes: where has the english lanquage gone?

Can you assist, I have downloaded Itunes 11 many times hoping to correct the following problem. There is no english choices in the lanquage list and by default it uses the first listed  lanquage which I can not read nor any of the others.