Home Share - 2 computers, can see one library but not other?

So home sharing is on on both computers, I can see the other computers library under "shared" in iTunes. However, the other computer cannot see my library. I have tried all the firewall things, turning home sharing off and on, closing computers down

How can I put ' into a variable

declare      v_wert varchar(200);      v_feldname varchar(200);      test varchar(200); begin v_feldname := :SYSTEM.CURSOR_ITEM; -- current field name is now in the variable v_wert := :system.current_value;-- aktueller Inhalt der Variable test := v_f

How to remove tag using filter

I want to use a filter to remove tags already on emails. I can add tags using a filter but cannot see how to remove tag using filter.

Documents are not displaying

Dear Experts, Some documents have been posted,but they are not being posted to the respective ledger and not even displaying in FB03.It is showing the documents do not exist. where as FBN1 suggests,the documents are being captured.What could be the r

Iweb site in  08 editable in 09 ??

Can an iweb site be edited in 09' if it was created in 08' version ? This would be done on two computers... Are they compatible to edit?

HumanTaskActivity not waiting for user to act

Hi In PROC2 I have FlowN activity, from each branch I'm invoking another process called PROC3 by passing some email as input to PROC3. PROC3 contains only HumanTaskActivity. The moment I initiate my PROC2 , it invokes PROC3, but in PROC3 HumanTaskAct

ICS Problems with D4

I just downloaded ICS to my Droid 4.  I know ICS is geared around 4G service.  Since downloading, I have had real good service in 4G areas.  However, my 3G area service has been terrible.  I live in a 3G area and before downloading, I would have 3 an

No luck reinstalling

My itunes update failed.  My reinstall is not working saying "service apple mobile device failed to start.  Verify you have sufficent priveledges to start system services.  Any advice?  Thanks.

Invoice block when no GR

Hi Folks, I would like to block an invoice for payment, when no GR has been made and we do not want to use GR based IV!!!! I tried to mess around with tolerance DQ, without success. I tried to set the tolerances to 0 but no block is set. Any ideas? T

MDM 7.1 installation / system copy

Hi, New to MDM administration here so please help. I have a MDM 7.1 Production system running on windows and ms sql. Now i need to create a new QA system as a copy of this prod system. I am confused as to whether i should use the archive/unarchive pr

Enhanced dictation shuts down other audio sources.

enhanced dictation shuts down other audio sources. So I cannot transcribe voice memos or listen to music as I type.  this is a 6 y.o. IMac.  4 GB RAM.  any idea why?

How come cookies are no longer visible in the cookies list when I've selected 'Accept Cookies'?

I always run Firefox in private browsing mode. Normally I don't accept cookies, but turn on the 'Accept cookies from sites' when necessary. Until recently when I've selected 'Accept cookies from sites', cookies have shown up in the 'cookies list'. No

Help, Quite suddenly I am unable to save  files.

When I went to save a file in Numbers I got the message "Couldn't create file" So I printed the chart and scanned it as a PDfF. still no joy. So I tried producing a Pages file and I couldn't save that either.with the message That I didn't have the Lo

Comcast will not let me open large document 150mb. how do I open?

Comcas.net will not let me open large e-mail document (150mb). More the 50 mb. How do I open

Product key

Hello! I have installed the uperform server. However, when I enter the product key and company name to configure the server, it pops up an error message," The wrong number of arguments were provided for this method : ValidateKey". Also, the web servi

How to create screenshot from iMovie video

in imovie 10.0.2, how do you create (or save) a screenshot from a video clip?

Can the Macbook Pro 13" graphic card be upgraded

My son has a Macbook Pro 13" and for school, he needs a 15" or 17" screen for the graphic card and I want to know if the 13" be upgraded to have the graphic card needed for his requirements for school?

Cannot upload PPT from Adobe 7.5

We upgraded to Adobe Connect 8 a few months ago. Some of our instructors had uploaded content in the previous version of Adobe Connect, but when we try to access the files now, they do not load into the share pod. We can see them in the content libra

System preferences panes won't open in M.L.

I just installed Mountain Lion on two machines, apparently with success. With a MBP, and only in one account, I can't open selected panels in system preferences panes: notifications, desktop and screensaver, security and privacy, date and time, dicta

Inactive objects

HI All, I am tranporting transfer rules ,structure n infoobjects from dev to prod.thru transport requests. I have tried with the correct procedure but few of the items remain inactive in prod. I dunno why.Please suggest