NEED help on choosing a new VGA video CARD for 875pNEO-LRS mobo.

I've purchase a GEforce4 MX440SE 4x/2x 128mb DDR (Taiwain base company made it)...however on their manual & web site..I cant find the voltage info. of it. Thats why I worry that if its not 1.5v 4x AGP card, I will ruin my new mobo.  My first question

How can i change my email address on elements 10.

Hi I am trying to change my email address on Elements 10 so when i send an email it will be the one i want.                                                                                                                              Thanks           

Ipod 4th gen.Wont turn on.

My ipod touch 4th generation took water damage from a small cup of water. As soon as the water had contact with the ipod i dried it out and turned the ipod off. Now it will not turn on. Iconnect it to the charger or pc and it will show the black scre

SAP to External Non SAP Systems C++ Connections

Hi guys, i should develop a C++ application that should transfer/receive data from an external Non SAP System to a SAP System (MM SD FI Modules) and viceversa, This bidirectional integration should be synchronous and asynchronous, depending on the da

Is it possible to Create Material Master without Profit Center ?

Hai,       1) Is it possible to Create Material Master without Profit Center ?        2) How SAP System Validate Profit Center in material master. ? is it material Type wise ?       3) Whether PO Order Creation,GRN & MIRO Possible for those material

I want to Learn webcenter

I want to Learn Oracle WebCenter. Please guide me. I have jdeveloper 11g( installed. Thanks, Dilip

Two windows open when I open Firefox. I just upgraded to 6.0.2

I just upgraded to 6.0.2. Now two windows open each time (your firefox is updated). There is also a lag becasue it is checking ad ons. I tried deleting prefs.js. I also reinstalled Firefox. Nothing works. Very frustrating

Updating to 9.2.1

Hello mac people, updating my blue imac 350 mhz from 9.1 to 9.2.1 and confused about the updates..Do i choose international 9.2.1 or North American 9.2.1 ? I live in North America but just want to make sure i'm downloading the right update..Does it e

Adding custom fields to notifications-approval tab alv grid

Transaction IW21 - Create PM Notifications. on the Approval Tab - there is an ALV grid that contains lots of fields. I know that i can click on the upper right hand corner and modifiy the layout by hidding fields. I want to add some custom fields to

Navigation for screen is not supported

Dear experts, I am translating a screen and i can see the changes on this system from every clients. but when i want to transport changes to target sistem i am creating a request from se38 with report RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER. then i am assigning what it

Itunes is showing accessing itunes store after waiting for 30 minutes also

itunes is showing accessing itunes store after waiting for 30 minutes also

Regarding edit_mask in ALV ?

hi , can anyone provide me an example where edit mask option is used.. becoz whn i use this option it is giving me a dump.. any prior conditions to be put before using this option Regards.

Resolution of a picture

I am working with Flash, Windows vista. When I finished designing my banner I saved and exported image. After I opened front page and inserted this picture as background of my page. The resolution is not the same. When I open the picture in Flash it

Is there a Go To function in Numbers?

I really like the function in AppleWorks' to be able to link to other parts of a document. I don't see anything like this in Numbers unless I am missing it. Can anyone prove me wrong?

The power adapter

Hello all, i can't find out this any where yet does any one know if the megasafe power adapter that you get with mac books is a real power adapter in that if i take my mac book to another country as long as i change the plug it will work?

LEAD is not determining the Questionnaire

Hi, Guru's My Problem is that we have done all the customization in IMG even though the questionnaire is not triggered into the LEAD ---> Evaluation Tab ---> Drop down box. customization's are  as fallows -->Define Questionnaire -->Define Determinati

SM30 - V_TIBAN . How to maintain ?

Hi , While trying to maintain an entry for view V_TIBAN , following error message is coming. View/table V_TIBAN can only be displayed and maintained with restrictions Message no. SV792 Diagnosis You tried to call a maintenance dialog for the view/tab

Which is better ipad or ipad mini

thinking about getting an ipad but unsure whether to get a big one or a mini

Firefox has zoomed in on facebook and made everything really big, how can I put it back to normal size??

Firefox has enlarged facebook and made everything really big. What do I do to put everything back to normal size?

HT3275 I cannot restore from Time Machine. Error 8003.

This is what happened in sequence: • I had problems with Microsoftt Word. I checked the disk utilities and got a message saying that I needed to reformat the disk. I erased the disk and reinstalled Lion. * I restored all my files from my external dis