Issue: Ipad iTunes Wi-Fi syncing to wrong PC

On my Ipad, General Tab - iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, my Ipad wants to sync with an old PC.  How do I change this so it will sync with my new PC? I have authorized my new PC to sync with my Ipad. I see no options on the Ipad to change which PC it syncs with. 

Cross Reference within external Database using XREF API

Hi Experts,    Can we do Cross Reference within external Database using  XREF API uses JDBC to access the Oracle Database Stored Procedures in SAP PI? How to use a JNDI Data source to access the DB and how to do the Connection Pooling will be done by

My Mac Keeps Crashing and making me sad...

Hi there, So I am on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.6.8. Recently my Mac will just crash out of no where. This first started happening a way back when I was running a Google hang out and all of a sudden it would just crash out of no where. I don't have

How do I get rid of the white background in text boxes in Dreamweaver?

I use a lot of reversed text on my site, and not being able to see the text in the split view means I have to edit in the code view slows me down no end- I've tried changing the obvious view options, but can never seem to find the one that makes the

LV 8.2 install error - system doesn't meet min requirments

Minimum system requirements for 8.2 are pasted below.  I'm trying to install on a 2GHz P4, 256MB RAM, w/100GB HD space yet I get a message effectively telling me my system in not good enough . What gives? Processor Pentium III/Celeron 866 MHz or equi

Hello and a question about connecting to SAP B1 c#

Good morning I have been having a few issues trying to connect to a SAP B1 database via c# I have installed the SDK but find the documents to be a bit sparse.  Would anyone be able to point me towards a decent example or manual? Thanks. I basically n

How do you transfer iTunes music and movies from an old PC to a new PC.  I have all data svaed on an external hard drive.

How do you transfer iTunes music and movies from an old PC to a new PC.  I have all data svaed on an external hard drive.

How do I install Photoshop on my new computer?

My old computer broke and I bought a new laptop.  When I tried to install Photoshop on my new computer, I got an error message because it had been registered to my old computer.  Can you help me with the installation on my new computer?

Is there any way to retain the formatting of text being imported from Excell as datasource?

My client has given me text formatted with italics, bold and colors. I have all the data for my app in an Excel spreadsheet. In Excel, the text formatting is preserved. However, when I import the data into my Siena app, all of the text formatting rev

Adobe website not loading correctly

Adobe website is not loading correctly. It does not display good.

Copy and paste of images still broken?

I use Firefox 14 and Windows XP, and I can't copy and paste images from the web into, say, a Word document. I used to do this all the time for knitting patterns, and it's very frustrating to have lost this function. I see from the knowledge database

Confused about the use of TONE and AUTO buttons

After moving an image from Library module to Develop moddule (in LR4) , I open the basic panel.  In the basic panel, I see two text buttons: TONE and AUTO.  The AUTO button seems to be the default setting. I could re-adjusst the tones  as it requires

How can I change the width of bookmark toolbar buttons?

I would simply like to alter the width of bookmark toolbar buttons to better display the bookmark title. I also have MultirowBookmarksToolbar addon installed.

How to clone a 2-node ASM RAC db to a 3-node ASM RAC db by RMAN?

We need to clone a 2-node ASM RAC db to a 3-node ASM RAC db by RMAN. I would think this will be about the same as a regular single db procedure by RMAN mostly. However, in 3 node RAC, there will be additional instance thread in redo (thread 1,2, and

What is the best way to manage tabIndex

Hallo. I am trying to understand what is the best way to manage the taborder inside flex. If, in my application there are several account and thus several states (1 for each account) i can prepare my states so that some components are visible and som

Place static variable in special section

With GCC I can use the "section" attribute to place a variable in a special ELF section, e.g. #define LOG(lvl, fmt, ...) { \     static logprobe_t somename __attribute__((section("__logprobes"))) = LOGPROBE_INITIALIZER(__FILE__, __LINE__, __func__, l

Problems registering my iphone 4

I've bought a second hand iphone 4 and when I've tried to register it, Apple wont allow me to saying that 'According to our records, this serial number is registered to another Apple ID.' What should I do?

The Software Protection service entered the running state.

I noticed this event fire once in minute.  I can't see tree from leaves in System Log Log Name:      System Source:        Service Control Manager Date:          18.10.2012 08:44:17 Event ID:      7036 Level:         Information Keywords:      Classi

Macbook early 08'

When I start up my mac it goes to the apple screen then to a gray screen with a circle with a line through it. I recently re-installed the OS. I can't get to the screen for disk utility. What is happening?