How to add a new table or view in the view object

hello,every one. I wanna add a new table or view in the view object's query statement. when the table or view not in the where clause,the query statement is working fine. If they in the where clause,I got the "java.lang.NullPointerException". who can

How can i set resolution in ipad

Dear Friends, I am facing a problem with resolution, i installed one of my enterprises software on our ipad am not able to view some features when i checked with the software vendor they are saying its due to resolution problem is there any one havin

HT5621 I've changed my AppleID because I had to change my email address. But I keep getting asked about my old AppleID because I can back up on iCloud with my new AID or the old one. How do I delete this old ID so I can use iCloud with my new ID

As explained above, my system keeps asking me to fix my iCloud preferences for my old and new AppleID since it's not backing up my files. I don't have access to my old email address and don't have my password for my old AID. How can I delete this and

Rebate account determination

Hi, I am trying to create rebate based on customer ..agreement type 0003. First I created rebate agreement number and condition record for the customer I created Sales order ...when I was trying billing ..I got the error in account determination.  Fo

Unable to find database up in OEM 10g

Dear ones i installed oracle 10g realease 2 and every thing was working fine. but now unable to find it up when i open the oracle enterprise manager . when i connect through sqlplus i find the database is up and running as i can connect through diffe

Have a 64GB flash drive that used to work and after an update, now doesn't show up in finder

I have a 64GB flash drive that worked just fine and Finder would show it when I would insert it, well it seems that after I updated my mac it now doesn't recognize or show the flash drive. I am unsure if the update did something but like I said it wo

JMS Adapter to remote JMS Server in ESB??

Has anyone successfully setup a JMS adapter in the ESB to talk to a JMS server on a remote host? We are using OC4J JMS and so I followed the instructions in section in the Adapters guide on this. I updated the oc4j-ra.xml file. The guide didn

Constant "spinning wait cursor" when using firefox 3.6.13 on a MacPro 1,1 2006 with 11GB of memory

After about 1 hour of use I am getting the "spinning wait cursor" in firefox when I do pretty much anything. Scrolling, link hovers, switching tabs, inspecting DOM tags in firebug, typing in textboxes, you name it. This only recently started happenin

Digital DIN no working (inspire 5700)

hi.... i have some problem here, when i use digital connnection (digital DIN) connect to my soundblaster audigy, and switch to digital output, but it no sound at all, i only able to use analog connection now. is that the decoder problem or my soundca

Alt key make my keyboard stop working

I have notice this in photoshop,most time i hold alt make the keyboard stop working,until i do restart,Now it happening in mac..when i try to view my library by holding the alt key in keyboard stop working anyway to fix this?

Is it possible to have Webcenter Portal11 source as oracle database

Oracle WebLogic Server Oracle WebCenter Oracle Database for WLS/WC repository Oracle EBS Oracle EBS database with above configuration, is it possible for webcenter Portal to make a call to oracle data

After 3.1 Email Attachment Unreadable

After installing 3.1 some of my attachments that came in by email are now unreadable. They now are mime attachment. Before they are just readable. Typically these are attachments of letters. What happened? Thanks Rick

Pre-purchase Q's - Pagemaker features and font "problems"

I am running a PB G4 17" 1.5 gig memory with B/W Postscript printers and a Brother Inkjet. I have not purchased Pages but i have been following this forum for several days. Two pre-purchase questions. I have used Pagemaker for a long, long time (my s

How does one recover lost photographs on the computer?

How does one recover lost photographs on the computer?

WL6.1 and Iplanet

I'm trying configure a mapping in the obj.conf file on Iplanet. This is what I want, --> https://weblogic:7001/myportal From the edocs, I've only been able to do the following,

Change/Merge Adobe ID's

I hope someone can help with this. I am closing down the email address I used when I signed up with adobe, years ago. I am a creative cloud member, I use Muse and business catalyst to publish several websites.  So a couple weeks ago, I was able to fi

Unit Problem

Dear Gurus. We have different process on one product.After every operation code changes. Operation are Cutting  unit KG  (after cutting) Forging  unit PC  Heat Treatment unit PC then Machining unit PC  we done all the operation on single rod but my p

Question about creating Web service for Xcelsius

Has anyone successfully written a Web service in .Net C# that Xcelsius can use? I was just trying to create something simple and it will not work. I get data in my Xcelsius report, but it is all lumped into one 'cell' and the XML tags are still in th

LSMW testing - Development server to Production server

Dear Experts, I have made a LSMW for ROH material in development server by changing External number ranger to Internal number ranges. It is working fine & is generating internal number ranges. What i wish to know is, what kind of testing (tables or t

SCOM 2012 Probe for Omnibus (Netcool)

Hi Team, One of my client is using SCOM 2012 I have asked customer if they use a load balancing solution and they answered that no: if the RMS fails the system will switch to the next MS "in line" (let's call it MS2) and when the RMS will finish rebo