Thunderbolt partitioned and formatted hard drive not recognized on USB2/3

I have a MBA (mid 2012) and recently purchased a Seagate Desktop Thunderbolt Adapter (STAE129), a Seagate Backup Plus 4TB USB 3.0 external drive (STCA4000100), and Apple Thunderbolt cable. The 4TB hard drive can be separated from the USB 3.0 adapter

CS6 Apps Asking to "Renew Your Subscription" for Creative Cloud, for some reason.

Hi community, I recently purchased a retail version of CS6 Production Premium because I did not like software as a service/Creative Cloud. Unfortunately, I got a good deal and tried it for a year. I did not renew, and removed all the CC apps. When I

Getting error message when updating to 9.2.1

I just installed 9.1 from 8.6. I also downloaded the Mac OS 9.2.1 update and about 1 minute into the update, I get an error message saying: "This version of Mac OS can not be installed over the localized version of Mac OS on the disk named "Macintosh

Javax.mail.MessagingException: Connection refused: connect on localhost

Hello, I am using Tomcat5.0.28 for a javamail servlet program. I am giving the hostname as localhost. After entering the input details in my html file, i get the error- "javax.mail.MessagingException: Connection refused: connect; nested exception is:

Bluetooth paired and connected, but not showing up in device list

I have a iphone 4s and a plantronics discovery 975.  It was working fine, I don't recall doing any updates...  But now, it's showing paired and connected, but when I make a call, it's not connecting and doesn't sho up in the the device options - only

NIO Help - Dividing clients on different threads

Introduction: I'm currently working on a free time project witch basically accepts connections. As we know with NIO, you can use one thread to listen to many different connections using Selector. I've followed this guide on how to make a non-blocking

Loading Date in Sales Order

Hi Could any one help to advice on the "Loading Date" derivation in sales order item detail (shipping view) in detail including customization settings. In addition; -- I have a part sufficent stock -- Loading date is say 11-02-2009, but delivery is h

Image Filename - Relative Location

Hi, I am a pretty new programmer, and ran into a situation where I feel pretty stuck. I have a program that involves putting an image on the screen. Currently, I have a static filename: "C:/Program Files..." I want to be able to move a folder with my

How do you add video effects-slow motion

Not real happy with 08 over previous versions but I would like to gain back some of the functionality that I regularly used. How do I add special effects, such as slow motion to a video clip or a portion of a video clip.

Ios7 apps missing from purchased tab in app store

Hi all, After a difficult - but successful - upgrade of my iPhone 4S to iOS 7 (I haven't restarted my PC after upgrading iTunes, put the device in DFU mode because it was not recognised by iTunes while remained in "connecting to iTunes" screen) I hav

HT1750 I changed the keyboard language from English to Vietnamese, then the computer went into slee. I turn it on, it asks for the password, but the keyboard doesn't take vowels. what can I do?

I changed the keyboard language from English to Vietnamese, then the computer went into slee. I turn it on, it asks for the password, but the keyboard doesn't take vowels. what can I do?

Nokia XL speed dial settings: no possibility to se...

If I set a number on the speed dial settings it is obvious that I will call the contact always using a specific sim. why not have the possibility to set the sim to use.

Why does mac mini power shut down when trying to use external harddrive as boot drive?

I connected a OWC Mercy Elite Pro external hard drive that has it's own power source to my mac mini. It's connected by firewire and I'm trying to use it as an external boot drive. The problem is when I have the power turned on the OWC before I turn t

Why can't i double click to open

I'm sure i could just double click on a folder in finder and it would open up. Now I've upgraded to Yosemite I can't do it, I have to tap, then select open in new tab. ITS SO ANNOYING!!! Surly theres a way (and i don't want to keep on pressing comman

Burning CD-R Verification Error

Hi, I'm trying to burn a simple 5 track EP to a cd-r which includes ISRC data in Adobe Audition CC. To do this I've added the audio tracks (.Wavs) to a new CD Layout where I've included the relevent meta-data. I then update the CD Text details in the

A how to question for JDev team

Hi, I am learning to develop JSP application using BC4J. Using wizards, I am able to get a default view of the current record. However, I would like to change the layout display. Probably this needs to be done without using the wizards. How can I do

APERTURE TETHERING: How do I prevent Aperture from going to the most recent shot.

I'm planning on a photo day (kinda like a school portrait) for my company and will be using a D700 tethered to a Mac running Aperture. Currently when I take a photo, the person at the computer doesn't have enough time to enter the name of the subject

Call list from Campaign

How can you create call list from Campaign for a selected target group ? Can anyone help me in this.

ML Sleeps While Programs are Running

Twice now, my iMac running Mountain Lion has fallen asleep while a program is actively running.  (Ex. Encoding a movie in Handbrake and burning a BD disc with Toast.)  Does anyone know why this is happening?  I have never had issues with my Mac sleep