Making the UI more pleasing - how can I get rid of the colors in day view?

Hi - My calendars typically have 40 to 50 events per day (I use it for scheduling appointments). All that eye candy colored boxes gets annoying. Is there any way to convert the fully shaded boxes to just be colored outlines? I still need some color t

Help needed in tuning a query

Hi, I need some help in performing tuning of a big query. Explain plan is as under: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production Edited by: AbdulHadi on Sep 16, 2011 3:56 PM Edited by: AHadi on Sep 19, 2011 10:02 AM

Imac has crashed..need new hard drive....had external drive connected...was using time file should be on external do i import them to my new mac mini?

my iMac has crashed...was told I need a new hard drive.....meantime I bought a mac mini.....I had an external drive connected to the mac....and was using time machine for do i move itunes music files to my new mac mini from the e

Want to delete all the mails in the mail box configured for BPM Portal

Hi All, Do you have idea to perform this activity. I want to delete all the mails in the Dev mail box configured for BPM Portal. Server and mailbox details as given below : Mail a/c = Y00123 Mail server = Thanks, Sanjay

Order Output before Approval

We have found a case where a PO was changed (Header Note entered & value changed) at 11:02:57.  Upon saving, output was immediately generated.  However, at 11:02:59, the Release Strategy was reset and now the order is blocked and the WF is in Ready s

HELP importing folders of pictures!

I'm new to Macs. I'm making a presentation on iMovie. I've already imported one folder of pictures, and I have others that I need to import. However, when I import the next one, the pictures mix in with the ones already there. I need the folders need

Problem in displaying title in smartform

hi all, I m developing a smartform in dev server. While i m directly checking the output by executing smarform i  able to see the main title ( hard coded in title window, with no condition, font size 16, bold, arial) . While i test the same in testin

Time Out Error while execution of messages

Hello All, Our Env. is XI 3.0 , and this is related to PRD system, This problem is relating to an Outbound service. This particular message gets executed in some times and in some cases it throws Time out Exception . This is the following log which i

Default settings for Current View

Hi there experts, I am experiencing the a problem with the default current view on different PCs. I have input schedules that use EVTIM on the months of my time dimension. Every time a new user opens this input schedule on a new PC the default curren

Outlook Password prompt for Linked Mailboxes from certain Domain

Hello, As part of a migration project, I'm trying to connect Outlook with Linked Mailboxes from users in a trusted domain. I'm able to create the linked mailbox on the Exchange 2013 (CU7) server without any issue, but when I try to configure Outlook

Problem using JSTL tag libraries with OC4J 9.0.3

Hi I'm using the JSTL tag libraries with OC4J 9.0.3. I'm using JDeveloper10.1.2. I put the fmt.tld and c.tld in the WEB-INF directory and I'm adding the jstl.jar and standard.jar library to the EAR file. Both tlds have: <tlib-version>1.0</tlib-versio

How to display all important keys in the menu at runtime...?

Dear All. I need a urgent help from forms guru's,my requirement is i need to display all the necessary keys on the menu option i.e keys(if you press ctrl+F1) at forms runtime.if you see only un necessary keys are displayed instead of the very basic k

WebStart not recognizing installed jre

I have problem with WebStart - I'm not able to run ANYTHING with my installed jres. I have two JREs installed. One is 1.4.0rc, second 1.4.1beta1. Yes, I know that both of them are not final releases, but there should be a way to run webstart app even

To find Manager id based on Project id

Hi ABAPers,                    This is kishore. I am new to ABAP-HR Can any one tell me the logic based on Project-id (of its type HRP1001-OBJID) to find the Manager id, Manager Name, Manager Email. I know the logic find name and mail-id, but I need

Online access?

Because my online storage is full, I cannot create albums in my computer.  Is this right? (New user..sorry)

Screen capture function (Shift-Command-3 or 4) doesn't work

When I try to do a screen capture using the built-in utility, I hear the camera-click, but then get an error message saying the capture couldn't be completed because of this error: "unable to create type string". How do I fix this? Note: I normally u

Importing Hi8 via Pana-MX500B

Hello everyone. Got a strange problem where I'm trying to import via the DV passthru feature of the camera. It all seems fine, but when I press the "Import" button, the DV camera starts playing the tape! If I take the tape out, then the import button

Yet another ALERT: Cannot create class in system package

I've searched on the forums and seen several postings and none that really explained a solution, just the initial poster replying they fixed the problem. I am new to J2ME and java in general, I'm going off a book and my first test worked fine but thi

Photoshop CS3: How to Get This "Retro" Effect!

OK, I've been seeing this REALLY awesome retro look on images and am not sure how to do it! Any of you know how? Here is a link to a gallery that shows this type of effect: (you'll have to scroll over to image 3)

Unable to redownload OS X Mavericks to make bootable USB flash disk

Hi, I'm trying to redownload Mavericks from the App Store so I can make myself a bootable USB so I can do a clean install.  The only problem is when I click on the download button for Mavericks from with Purchases, I get prompted with a message sayin