How to install Windows 8(8.1) on my MacBook Air (mid 2011)

When I try to install Windows 8 in EFI mode, install complete successfuly, but after Windows EFI boot, I haven't  Audio and have basic Video driver. I try to install  native (from BootCamp) drivers for this devices, but Windows don't want to install

How do I keep multiple pages signed in?

I am a past Pc user. Can someone please help me? Trying to figure out how to keep signed in to multiple sites at the same time. When I minimize a site and then hit safari to open a new one the same site just comes up. This was so easy on my pc. Thank

Error after sync, cannot read or write to ipod disk

when my computer has sync'd with i tunes i get the error " Attempting to copy i ipod"my ipod" failed. the disk could not be read or written to" PLEASE HELP

Can't attach files to email, only folders

This problem happens with Apple Mail, when I click the paperclip icon - the subdirectory appears but I cannot open any folders. I also cannot adjust the view (list, icons, etc). I can attach entire folders, but that's not what I want to do (I want to

Packaging on FB 4.7 - AIR 3.7 fails

While packaging my app for debuggin on device, it compiles fine for a bunch of times, then suddently I get: 'Launching application-device' has encountered a problem. Error packaging the application: Error:  application.xml is not a valid AIRI or AIR

Moving ok and cancel buttons

Hi, When I do JOptionPane.showOptionDialog(...); Can anyone tell me how to make the ok and cancel buttons appear at the bottom right of the dialog instead of the bottom center. Thanks, Jim

Front Row on external monitor?

I have a Dell 2407WFP connected to my MBP. Is there anyway to get Front Row to display on the Dell monitor instead of the MBP? I did some searching, but haven't found a good answer. I want my MBP to be the primary display, not the Dell.

Zen Microphoto Error, detected by computer but nothing el

Ok, so one night i was importing some new songs to my mp3 player and went to bed. Then the next morning i turned my comp on and i saw on the mp3 player "re-building-library" and the computer detected the mp3 player but Zen Microphoto Media Explorer,

PSE 7 slideshow view  New

In PSE7 When I create and then view a slide show in full screen preview it will not refocus/resize as it does in the organizer when you go to full screen preview. When I tried to burn to CD it was also not in focus. Am I missing a step?

Dependent requirements in pp module

I am new to pp and leaning PP module. following terms and concept I am not able to understand 1. what we mean by dependent requirements? 2. what we mean by independent requirements? 3. what we mean by  net  requirements? 4. what we mean by total  req

Time series questions - how to do AGO function for prior year end

Question on how to perform the following calculation in OBIEE: I need to create a time series calculation that will calculate a metric as of Dec prior year. For example, my users will select Mar 2010. I want to show the amount for Mar 10 as well as t

Report Server

i bought a new siemens server and i want to install only the report server of 10g AS, how i can install only the report server and which AS i should use. thank u all

Can I change background with Lightroom?

Can I change background with lightroom?? Please help me. Thank u

Can't set document ownercode

I'm trying to set de ownercode of a Delivery Note, this is my code:     DNote.CardCode = MyCardCode     DNote.DocDate = Today     DNote.DocDueDate = Today     DNote.DocumentsOwner = MyId     .....more code I add correctly the SBO object(result=0): Re

Pdf file to Xml Scenario

Hi friends, How can i do PDF file to XML scenario in XI. Please help me in this Thanks in advance Sreedivia

Screensaver for Macs?

Hi I created a screensaver with flash and then put it through axailis software for the installer but it doesnt work for macs. I have looked for a program that this would work on but the only thing I could find is screentime, which makes screensavers

Initial update of Excise Registers (India - CIN)

Hi Team, Please let's know the process to be followed and the cares to be taken for initial upload of entries into CIN - Excise Registers (from legacy) during data migration at the time of Go-Live. Request you to provide the details of tables as well

How do i reset security questions on my ipod

Cant remember my security questions on my ipod.  how do I reset them?

My macbook wont find my iphone on OS X 10.9.4

I updated my MacBook to OS X 10.9.4, which is Maverick, and now when I try to plug my iPhone in nothing will appear, all it will do is charge the phone. My phone is updated to iOS 7.1.2 and I cant find a new update. Please help, I need to get picture

Misunderstanding about RAC

Hello all, I've installed today Oracle10 with RAC, running on two nodes. I've some theorical question. RAC is not a normal cluster with one master node active, one slave node inactive, and a virtual IP that moves wherever node is active. With RAC I'v