How to generate PDF from XML output without XML publisher

Hi, I am facing a problem while splitting the rdf generated XML output. Problem Description: I have a oracle invoice report which runs once every day (scheduled program). This report fetches me the invoices generated on that day and needs to be Maile

Select query in not working for Count(*)

Hi, Our batch team running one query that is selecting one table TSFHEAD and this query is hanging. Below are diffrent shenario in which the select query is running on this table. select * from tsfhead where create_id = 'BATCH' and create_date = '26-

Purchase requisition with operation item

Hello all, When I create a maintenance order with one operation with control key PM02 and with one component the system generates PR with 2 items. The first item is always created from the operation. I would like to know if there is a way to prevent

PI 7.1 upgrade related issue (With removeContexts node function)

Hi all, We have upgrade from PI 7.0 to 7.1, there was no changes done to the maps...but when we execute the old maps it give no value in the queue error: (this occurs during run time)... But when I test the payload it executes fine...I have found and

How to make a form direct to different pages depending on which answers you select?

I am creating an online application.  Before the user can get access to the application, I want to create a pre-qualification form.  I need to create it to where if they answer a certain form field one way, it will take them to a page that says "Sorr

Numbers formula assistance needed

I'm having a problem coming up with a formula for a schedule worksheet. Every template and tutorial that I've come across so far only allows for one length of lunch break to be subtracted from the total hours worked and what I'm trying to do is subtr

Applet Button acting weirdly...

Hello I'm quite new at Java, and new to this forum, so don't be too hard;) I've got a problem with a awt.button in an Applet. When i click on the button it seems to send two events, and thus executing twice the code. I would like it to execute only o


Hi experts, I am working as ABAP developers in CRM 5.0. We often use FM CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN in our development, to create (or modify) several order types. I have heard about the ACTIVE_SWITCH input parameter of CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN. It seems this parame

Green Screen Fix

I have a green screen whenever I try to watch any video on my laptop. This just started within the last couple days. I tried right-clicking on "Settings" when in the video, but there's no place that allows me to enable "hardware acceleration". How ca

Ipad 3 question

I still have the original ipad but am thinking of upgrading. How far away do you see Apple announcing a ipad 4? I am wondering if I should just stay patient and wait for a new one or should I go ahead and order the ipad 3?

Secondary index issue

HI Experts                 I am having certain doubts in Secondary index i,e..           for the table MSEG i created secondary index with LFBNR ,LFBJA, LFPOS fields ,Now in the select query if i used all these three fields in WHER condition then onl

SAP JPA - case-insensitive search

Hi there, is it possible to have a case-insensitive search with SAP JPA? The keywords UPPER, LOWER aren't available in the query (OpenSQL limitation I guess). The only way I see is to create a duplicates columns for the search relative atributes and

JDBC to Lotus Notes, only 255 bytes be read for each field. Any clue?

Hi, I am programming with JDBC to Lotus Notes. I can extract data from .nsf files but for each field, only 255 bytes can be read, all the rest got truncated. I ran the ResultSetMetaData.DisplayColumnSize(), it returns 255. What is the problem? How ca

Best way to test performance?

As there is no pure java cycle test method, I constructed a simple class to test the basic performance boost of using a StringBuffer over a standard String object. Is the following code sample the best solution to detecting performance? Are there any

Help! iphone wont turn on...

ive had my iphone for about 6 months and now it just randomly turns off and will not turn back on. ive tried plugging it into my computer and a regular wall-adapter charger. nothing works. i cant get to a mac store because the closest one is about an

Reusing display objects problem

Hello All, I have a custom component that I instantiate and add it to a Canvas. Then I remove all children of the canvas and add a tab. Then again on a user action I remove the tab and add the already present custom component (created the first time

Specific number in Thailand has become unavailable...

Hi Every now and then i need to call DTAC`s call center in Thailand to renew an internet subscription. From approximately two months ago calling +6622028100 (DTAC`s call center) gives the following message translated from norwegian "you can not call

IPad calendar on Google calendar?

Hello - How can I view my iPad calendar on my Google calendar? When I update my calendar on my iPad, I can see them on my phone/desktop but not the other way around... Thanks in advance for the help!

MOV to DVD editing in premiere and encore

Hi.. Sometime ago I bought a digital still camera which can also shoot 640x480 30fps quicktime mov files. To edit,combine and share the videos I am planning to write them in dvd with premiere pro cs3 and encore cs3. Although I have learned some about


ok final question for the day people: If you have to choose 1-5 websites to search for new plugins for purchase what would they be? A website that strickly dedicates it's self to new upcoming plugins and exsistanting plugins and there performance.