ICal does not display all items in month view

Hi, in month view, iCal displays ... to show that some items are not displayed. However, this happens many times when there is ample space to display the item, and even happens when there is only one item! Does anybody know how to force iCal to show

MSS Team Calendar available for Employees

Hello Colleagues, We have a requirement to make the "Team Calendar" available to employees view own team data. Is that possible using just customization and/or iview changes? Or it requires development? Another solution we've been thinking is creatin

I am getting 100s of emails from Apple Support Communities. How can I stop that????

I have been trying to load my ITunes music to my IPhone 5 and had posted a question on ASC. Since then I have been deluged with e-mails, despite going on my preferences and clicking No to all the questions. How can I stop that PLEASE. MB

Help moving itunes library from old PC to new mac

Well, I followed the online directions for moving my ipod library from an old pc to my new mac. It says files have been copied and now I see all the song files in the music folder of my new mac, but they won't show up in i tunes....what's up? Afterwa

...cannot be updated. The required file cannot be found.

I just got my 2gig iPod nano for Christmas and it works fine, i uploaded like 109 songs on it aleady and a few photos. I only connected it to my computer like twice but now when i tried to add a few more songs to it from iTunes an error occurs with a

Pasting a Pages template page on desktop to a blank page in pages document

I write reports on a daily basis with a photo page at the end. I have recently moved from iwork to pages forced by updating OS to snow leopard. Anyway, I have created a photo page template and keep it on the desk top, however I cannot paste the compl

Property Editor Missing

Hi, My situation: I created a role and tried to create a folder as a point of access in my role. My problem: Logging on to the portal as Administrator User, I can see the Property Editor for this folder and define this folder as an Entrypoint. By Log

Error in Default return XMLMap

Hi, I am trying to finish my first web service with Weblogic Workshop 7. The problem is that workshop doesn't appear to like my return class, which is a custom business class of ours. The relevant section of the .jws looks like this (real names remov

J2EE Server does not start  -  jcontrol.exe  stopped

Hello, I have read a lot of messages on this topic on SDN. But I did not find any dealing exactly with my problem. Indeed, I got these two following errors : <b>** in log file dev_bootstrap</b> : [Thr 3720] *** ERROR => JHVM_LoadJavaVM: Cannot create


How can I specify target(frame) in call_controller. I have a sub controller which I would like to launch from DO_HANDLE_EVENT of my MAIN controller but would like to load the view in a particular frame. How can I do this? Please help. Thanks, Partho

Open hub destination ---Additional property needed--

Hi, I have one open hub destination object which is writing data from infocube to an external file (in appliaction server ) and the file is distributed to customers via Email--- This is absolutely working fine. Now, i also need to extract the data fr

Trace file errors interpretation

We are running Oracle on a Windows 2008 R2 Server with an app server on the same. Our app has a search function that has recently started timing out on us. Sometimes intermittently but often now. I've ran a trace in our dev environment, belo

Cannot login at all

Hi there, I tried to install a kids game and was getting the message that I had no "classic folder" it said that it should be on the start up disk so I put the disk in again and now it is totally stuffed! I only get the main login screen coming up bu

Can someone help with device authorisation for adobe digital editions?

This may not be the right forum, I could not find one for Adobe Digital Editions. As you can see in the attached image the activation server is not responding. I tried with another email address, same problem. Have reset password on both accounts and

Anyone having issues with lightroom mobile?

it's not syncing my collections...the outlines of the images show up with a broken image link. see screenshot - http://i.imgur.com/63grLFH.png

ADF Security Design Question

Hi All, I am developing an ADF web application. The security design is such that user authentication is mapped to database users. The design I see several pros and cons 1) Different database users means I cannot take advantage of connection pooling.

Can I delete files in My Music

Apologies for the tone of this question: I've beenĀ  trying to understand iTunes for the past 4 weeks, without much success. These days one expects software to be intuitively self-evident; that's why we don't have manuals anymore. In my case I have fo

Numbers cannot open an excel file (in my ipad).

Numbers cannot open an excel file (in my ipad) sent from an email. I get this message: "the document can't be opened because it contains cells outside the boundaries of Numbers"...what this means?

OMS login to Repository

I know we should be using the NEW Enterprise Manager forum. But since Oracle has not included the facility to post a new topic yet, I will try my question here. I have just installed OMS on a Linux server. I let the EMCA utility create the new databa

VISION demo database creation scripts

Does anyone have a copy of the VISION demo database creation scripts that they could give me. Have to try and add this into an already installed EBS system. rgds Alan