Error message while activating a function

Hello guys I have just written a simple function and am trying to activate it. When I click on check button it says 'no syntax error'. However, when I click on activate button, I get the following error. Any feedback on this will be greatly appreciat

Can't get rid of a TX - message keeps appearing and being processed by OSB

I have some sort of a poison message or TX I can't flush. Every 10 seconds I get a log message like the second one below, and the number of pending messages in multiple places and OSB proxy service messages processed keep climbing - all without produ

What should I do; My Macbook Pro Retina 13" performing worse after a visit to the Genius Bar.

To give a little background; my MacBook is my baby. I keep it as safe and clean as I possibly can. The only damage that has come to it is a tiny dent in the left corner of the screen, when my little sister took it, ran, and dropped it on a wooden flo

TS2446 Why does my apple Id refuse to accept payment method

I am trying to download apps on an iPhone 3 my Mum gave me I have a iTunes account but it won't let me use it when I try I get a message to fill in all details when I do it says after filling in my debit card details that payment method not accepted

How I can find full model of my laptop?

I know my laptop is "HP Pavilion dv5" but it I need its full name for download its driver and softwares.

Coding a Driver. Please HELP

// I need to code a driver for Employee class below. // Need help getting started // I fix prior errors, thank everyone import java.text.NumberFormat; import*; public class Employee private String firstName, midInitial, lastName; private dou

Warning for those with unfinished iDVD 5 projects

If you have an unfinished iDVD project in V5 and it includes media from an iPhoto 5 library there are a couple of steps you'll need to take to keep your project from getting trashed. iPhoto 6 changes the folder structure of it's library folder drasti

How to capture mold change activity

Dear experts Our client has plastics injection moulding process. In routing we are already assigned the mould as PRT. There are mold change will happen for all type of molds to different workcenter combination every day.Mold and workcenter of each co

Trackpad sensitivity since upgrade

Ever since up upgraded to lion, my trackpad is ultra sensitive. I'll have my thumb hovering over the pad while scrolling around or circling on a page, and it will think i've tapped it. I've checked all my settings and can't find anywhere that changes

MDM Specific XI message types.XI Content BI Cont 3.53

Hi, I am working on XI and BI integration with MDM. Can you please tell me what all prerequisites do I need? I have one document which has mentioned that I would need "MDM Specific XI message types.XI Content BI Cont 3.53". Can you please elaborate m

9iAS Linux - ADMN 100999 - configuration tools aborted

Hi I installed on SUSE Linux 8.0 the 9iAS R2, only the option A - J2EE and WebChache. Now I have following problems. 1. Some configuration tools (OC4J, OPMN, DCM)were not initialized in the end of the installation. I read other postings with the same

How can I open my .cwk files on my new iMac OS 10.8?

How can I open my .cwk files on my new iMac OS 10.8?

How to add contents of hashset to file?

guys, i need to write hashset data to file.. here is my code: HashSet<String> hs = new HashSet<String>(); File outfile3= new File("C:\\test.txt");            FileWriter of3 = (new FileWriter(outfile3));                Iterator it = hs.iterator();    

Imessages are not being sent. why are they changing to itext?

Why doesn't my imessage transmit to an iphone recipient? it now converts to itext. it also happens with my wife's iphone.

Pdf forms Help!

1) Is possible to send pdf forms by email using Submit button, with other 3rd parties readers, or does it only work with adobe acrobat reader ? 2) It is possible to storage data in the form using 3rd parties readers ? (save the pdf again with the dat

Recording problem in Windows 7

I recently installed Audition 3.0 and its patch in my lap top running windows 7. I use the Line-In for the audio source and recorded several audio files without any problems. I tried to record some new files today and it will not do it anymore. It gi

Dreamweaver and Flash

Hope this is the right place to post since dreamweaver supports flash and adds its own code.... I have an html page with a flash movie embeded in it. This site is older so it is sitting in a table. Then I have another flash movie that is floating in

SD Transaction codes

Hi Friends, I just want to know what are the transactions codes in SD module related to BDC upload of Data during implementation process ? Regards, Dinesh

Not able to see components on Xcelsius canvas

Hello friends, Sometimes when I am in design mode of Xcelsius 2008, I am not able to see any component on my canvas but they are all in my component panel as well as I can see all functioning properly when I do the preview or export it to SWF. Since

LR mp4s don't open in Sony Vegas

I exported some AVCHD files to MP4 and Vegas crashed when trying to read them. I can't export AVCHDs because my white balance changes are ignored. Any ideas? Thanx - ChuckB