IOS/Android client - Open document from another app

Hi, Is it possible to call the SAP Mobile Documents client for Android and/or iOS directly opening some specific document? I would like to know if I can integrate Agentry Work Manager with Mobile Documents, so the goal is to have some kind of link fo

Need help with Boot camp assistant!!! (partitioning disk)

when i click partition disk in boot camp asistan after 5 minuts this message appears: *+Verification failed. This disk could not be partitioned.+* +Use Disk Utility to repair this disk.+ anyone know how to fix this?? i really want bootcamp!

Mod jk_2

does mod_jk2 comes with Apache server by default ? i have installed Apache. my tutorial says you need to install mod_jk2 also .......i visited the apache website . but i did not find the mod_jk2 package to download ! i need the binary package to down

I downloaded the update (Firefox 5.0), but never got an opportunity to install it, so it's not listed on my computer.

I have a Dell Inspiron 300m laptop. I went to your web page and downloaded Firefox 5. Doesn't it have to be installed? This version does not appear on the list of programs, so I presume it has not been installed, but I don't know how to do that.

Plz help me out im fresh gradute wanna learn sap

im fresh gradute comlpeted engeenering n my dept is information tech as i want to learn sap plz can some suggest what is sap in detail n which part of sap is good for freshers to learn

Why don't our links work in browser based help?

We are using RH8, Windows 7 and outputting to browser based AIR help. We cannot get our links to work in browser based air help. These are links between projects. Links within projects work fine. We output our help and it worked fine on our test syst

Document number in SP01

Hello Freinds, Could you please help me out for the below issue. My client requires document no to be appear in the transaction SP01. Say for ex: currently if we use tcode SP01 we get the fields like, Spool no, Type, user name, Date, Time, status etc

Issue with XML encoding

Hi, I am querying an SAP instance for data, and I am getting back the data in an XML which I need apply XSL transformation. The instance is an German one... so I am getting a few strange characters because of which, the parser is uanble

Gmail acct suddenly not syncing

I'd been using Gmail via the Mail app as an Exchange account with no problem, as well as gmail's Contacts and Calendars, and suddenly this morning it's not working. I can access Gmail in Safari fine, and do not have 2-step verification enabled. I res

DVD Write problem

I have previously burned DVD's on my Computer with no problem. Today I tried to burn a DVD and I've gone through 5 DVD and keep getting the same error when the disc is about 60% done burning. This is what console shows: Finder: Burn started, Tue Feb

Safari Toolbar Keeps Disappearing. How Do I Lock It In Place?

After launching Safari each morning I typically have to select View > Toolbar, or just use the keyboard shortcut, before I can start surfing the web. The problem also occurs sometimes when I select File > New Window, or using the shortcut, the toolba

Maximum number of accounts allowed in Mail?

Here's a unique one for you: Is there a maximum number of email accounts you can set Mail up to receive? I'm involved in three businesses, which means that between my personal accounts and professional ones, there are 25-30 different email accounts t

Getting error while using odiRef.getPop("POP_NAME")

Hi, I am trying to insert interface name while running using below command added as step in IKM. INSERT INTO STG.CNTL_TAB VALUES(NULL,'<%=odiRef.getPop("POP_NAME")%>',SYSDATE,NULL) when I try to update the same inserted record in another step it is g

Please suggest me which features of SQL 2014 suit my situation

Hi all, I would like to have HA databases across two different geo locations. The infrastructure is as follow: Location 1 Database Server A, Database Server B I would like to have this two databases mirrored or something like that without using datab

Edit init.ora at host or client machine ?

Hi all, i am trying to use UTL_FILE to write errors to a log file if an exception is encountered when running a stored procedure . I call the stored procedure from a client machine I have some basic qns: 1) Can the log file exist on the client server

Can open some web pages but not all including bookmarked ones

safari acting strange - not allowing me to open all websites i usually vists just a random few. connection ok as i can send and get emails as usual... explorer behaving in the same way advise - as always - appreciated k x

Automator - Can I set this up?

I run RDC at work, and in that I connect to a software program that allows me to upload pictures and then circulate those uploaded pics to other coworkers via their e-mail. Now the system has bugs and some of the e-mails are not going through, pushin

How do i transfer photos from iphone 4 gb, to a windows 8 laptop?

  i tried, but when i right-click on my device all i get is that there are no photos or videos.  is there another way to transfer and delete the photos once i get them off my iphone?

Any good sound free sound effects links?

Hi, Ive stumbled upon a few sites that have free sound FX's but the ones I want which I wuld think are the easiest to get I cant find. I want a sound for when someone clicks the right thing, like a under a sec tiriring or something like when you kill

How to Get Period DateKey in Import Script.

Hi, I need to get the Period DateKey in an import script. In a general script I would simply use this line of code. dtePeriodKey = API.POVMgr.fPeriodKey(API.POVMgr.PPOVPeriod).dteDateKey However in import scripts API does not work, seems a bit odd to