SSO for various applications within the same portal

Is it possible to implement SSO at the application level in an EP 7.0 environment? Ex:  One Portal with ESS and BI Functionality (BI is connected to the BI backend, ESS is connected to the ECC backend, but all of it exists within the same portal inst

Error while activating BW infoset

Dear experts, Here I tried creating the secondary indices to one of the dsos from infoset. after that I tried moving across the Quality and production system. When I moved to quality, the update rules for the DSOs and infoset has got inactive. Then I

I cannot see the search bar. only the tabs. how do i fix this?

i have tried to uninstall and reinstall mozilla firefox to see if i can get my toolbar and search bar back. all i can see is my tabs and the minimize/mazimize/close buttons at the top right corner of the browser. i have searched for ways to fix this,

How to suppress multiple lines for a single day on a PE50 form

Hello everyone, I'm working on a timesheet based on a PE50-form. Currently, the following line is used to display one day: Group: ED Priority: 1 Row: |WE CD|TEXT_________________ |ANZHL_|ANZHL_|ANZHL_ |       |                    | WE = SCHLW-WEEKDAY

Last year I would watch tutorials on my iPad and using my Apple TV view them on my tv. Since maverick I can't airdrop from my pad to my Apple TV ? I can't even watch purchased tutorials through my tv and would like to know if there was a way to get it bac

Way can't i do this now? Last year I would turn into creativeLive and watch tutorials on my tv using my Apple TV screening from my iPad . This was great. And allowed me to move around while learning. After Maverick that service disappear, I went into

Itunes crash on windows 7 64bit

Hey, I'm running the 64bit version of itunes on windows 7. Everything seemed to be fine until the most recent update. Now whenever I try to access my music library or the itunes store, itunes crashes within seconds. Any idea what might be going on?

How do I move an iBook from my iPad to my Macbook Pro?  I have iBook on the Mac and the iPad, and Kindle for Mac.

How do I move an iBook I bought with my iPad II from the iBook store to my Macbook Pro so I can read it on the MacBook Pro?

Not showing the button

Hi, Further to this thread I don't know why the vbs file is not showing which button has been clicked, when it is running this file Many Thanks & Best Regards, Hua Min

Saving Sessions 100% Correctly For Launching On Another Computer

Hi, I have GB 2.02. On Mac OS 10.4.11. PowerBook G4 17". I have made a few songs, some have actual recorded audio in them, some have samples, and some of course have the midi stock sounds in them. What I was wondering is, where the heck are all these

How to I get rid of the black outlined box that tells me everything I am clicking on?

My friend pressed random keys on my computer, and now there is a rectangular square that is black and outlined with a white line, and whatever i put my mouse on, the black box tells me what i have clicked on. And then when I do click on something, it

How do I convert a large file which show error after is converting?

I've tried to export a PDF to Excel and  word file and have not been able, show error after downloading and show converting in progress File is les 100MB and 936 pages

Why did my store app for apple come up in Spanish after I downloaded new download

After downloading the new down load my IPad  my App Store now comes in the Spanish can I get it back to English  I have looked into all the settings but can see nothing.

.MOV file "not supported..."

Hi, I have uploaded some .MOV files from my Canon EOS550D camera to my PC and they display fine boith in VLC and in Windows Media Player.  However, when I try to open them in Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 (M178 -9/8/2009)  get an error "This type of fi

How do I delete my free membership? I resistered in Chrome browser under my real name but creative cloud won't let me use that one.

I need to know how to delete my free membership under one name (variation of my real name). because using Chrome browser, I paid for a membership using my real name and now I can't access that account using Firefox. I can't install any products.

Numbers 3.2.2 is not sorting the last entry

I have simple list of books I've read with 295 entries.  Entry 296 will not sort alphabetically either ascending or descending.  Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Nita

Scheduling agreements and batch

Hello We have some customers that need to recive the same material-batch combination if possible due to the fact that then they dont need to recalibrate. So we thought that could be solved with scheduling agreements, but when i create the LD agreemen

Bs evaluation

hi, 1 what actually is balance sheet evaluation? 2 may i know if balance sheet evaluation is done on both map and standard price? why? 3 may i know how often need to run bs evaluation? 4 the variance thown out from bs evaluation (planned against actu


When will you guys release 4.0.10? Is it available as a patch on Sun Solve?

TS3212 bonjour64.msi - Big problems - Can anyone help?

Hi everyone! I have a huge problem with upgrading my iTunes to the new one.  Have been struggling with this for months with still no joy have tried everything suggested , the latest being to install a trial of the WinRAR archiver which seemed sucessf

Trying to re-install E-6

I am trying to re-install Elements 6 and it keeps asking to instal disk 1. I only have one CD. The reason for re-instal is that I must have a corrupt/missing library.