Installed eprint app on ipad2 and iphone, have compatible printer hp oj 8500a , but can't print

I have installed the eprint app on my Ipda2 and Ipone 3gs and still not able to print anything except pictures??  can't figure out why when I'm in email, documents, etc eprint nir airprint come up.  My printer is an HP OfficeJet Pro 8500a Plus, compa

Can only play one podcast at a time

Hi, I have just upgrade from a 3g iPod to a 5g. On the older iPod I could pick a podcast and it would play all the episodes one after another. Now it will only play one at a time and shows 1 of 1 in the display. I can see 5 episodes if I actually go

HP Laserjet 1012 and AP Express--PUZZLED

I cannot get my HP Laserjet 1012 to print wirelessly from my Airport Express. I had an Airport Extreme before and I it worked flawlessly. In the Printer Setup Utility, the 1012 printer is recognized quickly—no problems with that. But it can't find a

I want to restore my Mac BookAir to bran new

i would really like to erase it all and start again... what must i do...

ORA-01422,,, Very Strange Error in my code!!!

Dear, I need your help please,,, I have the below code in a database package which always throws (ORA-01422) SELECT (NVL(amount,0) - NVL(cash_disc,0)) INTO v_bill_amount FROM pac_bills WHERE pac_bills.bill_no = v_bill_no AND pac_bills.bill_type = 3;

How to add HTML tags to 'mailto' body

i'm trying to figure out how to add font color and bold to an email body. i have the code working properly to build the email and drop the text in the correct locations. however, when i try to add the html tags to the process, it doesn't work. when i

[SOLVED] swap usage when there is plenty of ram availibale

Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is correct subforum, but here is the question By default linux kernel uses swap partition even if there is lots of ram availiable. What's the purpose of this? And is there a way to turn this off in Arch. Last edited by o

Oracle tags and JavaScript

Attention JavaScript and Oracle Guru's, My company has come up with a great requirement using JavaScript and dynamic pages to provide end users with a Systems Availability Information portlet, which scrolls text along the screen. This is as follows..

Pointing existing RAC nodes to a fresh Shared Storage discarding old one

Hi, I have a RAC Setup with the Primary Database on Oracle 10gR2. For this setup, there is a Physical Standby Database Setup (using DataGuard configuration) also with 30min delay. Assume that the "Shared Storage" of the Primary DB fails completely. I

Can i replace the glass on an ipod touch 4th generation

Can i replace the glass on an ipod touch 4th generation? My son dropped his ipod and the glass is shattered.

Support of RedHat EL 5 for TREX 7.0

Hi, Does anybody know when the RedHat EL 5 is expected to be supported for TREX 7.0? Thanks, Zareh Vazquez

Can anyone help with this error? ;At line 102 of file"C:/Program files (x86)/Macromedia/Dreamweaver

Can anyone help with this error please?;At line 102 of file"C:/Program files (x86)/Macromedia/Dreamweaver 8/Configuration/Objects/Common/Images.js"; TypeError: cmdDOM.parentWindow.setFormItem is not a function

HT4673 App store issue

I bought a used MacBook pro with lion. App,store asks forprevious owners password and their id is populated. That account has been deleted from users but how do I get it off app store. I want an app that they obviously bought at some point but I can'

DDP UMDF driver failed

Got a message the Lenovo Solution center that the DDP UMDF driver was disabled due to critical error (31).  Tried updating driver and it says it's the most recent driver.  Driver was installed 2-Nov-14 and I got the computer 6-Jan-15, so it was obvio

Setting the CLASSPATH from the JVM by a class

Hy experts I have an application thats searching a jar file and have to access classes from this jar file. There are two ways to do this: 1. Loading the jar file byte by byte and create the classes to load them into memory. This is the hard way. 2. S

Ios7 music playlist & shuffle

It seems I can no longer shuffle songs within a genre nor can I create a playlist by selecting a genre in my music app. Am I missing something or is Apple trying to make listening to music the most tedious thing ever now? Also, how do I get iOS 6 bac

Somehow I have deleted a very important folder. It isn't in my Trash and is nowhere to be found. Ive even taken it into the Apple store and the guy has said that it is there but he can't retrieve it. Can it be retrieved?

Hi I have inadvertantly deleted a very important folder from my computer. Ive taken it into the Apple store and the guy says he doesnt know what to do. Can anyone advise as this folder has my life on it????? Sam

Filter images by categories

Is there a way to filter a set of images by clicking a text/image? For example, my portfolio page has two different set of photos, portraits and landscape, and I would like to add an option for the user to filter them accordingly within the page. By

How do i save my photos from iPhoto to a back up drive?

how do i save my photos from iPhoto to a back up drive?

Oracle services

hi, i am using oracle 10g on solaris 10. i am using rac database with asm. from os i execute ps -ef|grep oracle.... can ay one tell me oracle>ps -ef|grep oracle oracle 3366 1 0 10:21:30 ? 0:09 */oracle/ora10g/product/1020/db_1/bin/racgimon startd fts