GUI_DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD Function Modules?

Hi All, What exactly done by GUI_DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD Function Modules? Akshitha.

Photoshop CS3 & CS4 crashing on open (iMac 10.4.11)

I've had Photoshop CS3 for a while now and working just fine on my iMac OS X 10.4.11. All of the sudden it started to crash upon opening it. Bridge opened fine, but when I double-click to open a file in Photoshop, it crashes too. I have tried Disk Re

Inventory Report

Hi Experts..... I'm trying to write a query which gives the on hand stock for a warehouse with serial number and expiry date. My query gives the output when inventory transfer and Goods receipt po are made but when invoice or delivery is made the sto

Hauppauge 850 works, but not through MythTV!

I have a Hauppauge 850 (model 72301, 2040:7240). I have loaded the necessary drivers, and firmware. I can get video working just fine in tvtime (no audio, but I hear that this is normal), VLC works through DVB, but the MythTV program seems to be inca

Error message: Quicktime version 7.1.3 is installed, iTunes requires v. 7.5

So yeah, I plugged in my iPhone into my new computer that I just built for the first time, and I got this error. iTunes was working fine 2 hours before this. I have Quicktime v. 7.5.5 installed, and just downloaded iTunes yesterday. I tried reinstall

Running disk utility resulted in an error... what should I do next?

My MacBook Pro wasn't booting up today. I was getting the spinning wheel and after a minute or so it would restart, and it just continued to restart like that. Looking through the forums, I found some steps to take including starting in safe mode whi

Watching my Blueray/DVD movies on my iPad Air

I want to watch my Blueray/DVD movies on my iPad Air. I have a PC with a Blueray optical drive. How do I do that?

E61 : Wish list for the next FW update

Since I have E61 with me right now, I am talking from this perspective. Many of these will be applicable for other S60 devices too. 1) Moving from Nokia 7250, I miss 'birth year' in E61's anniversary calendar events. This should be included in next u

Podcasts removed from iPod Touch and not synchronised

I downloaded several podcasts (A-Z Climbing) directly to my iPod Touch via iTunes and watched them with no problems; however, as soon as I connected and synched my iPod all the episodes were removed and iTunes now refuses to put them back because it

Material to material conversion

How its possible in SAP  that  Material to material conversion required in the contract keeping the total quantity remain unchanged. Kindly send me the solution on my mail  Text Removed Edited by: Lakshmipathi on Dec 15, 2011 3:46 PM Dont ask to shar

Compression feature is not supported ?

I'm running an export from my Oracle database. In the Parfile, I've stated COMPRESSION=ALL When I've run the export, I've got the following error ORA-39005: inconsistent arguments ORA-39055: The COMPRESSION feature is not supported in versio

Oracle DB compatible with HP UnixWare ?

I have a server with HP UnixWare 7.1. IS it compatible with any version of Oracle DB installation ? I have checked the certification metrics for the 10g and 11g DB. But for it I don't see this compatible. And what to check with you guys , if there is

Discoverer portlet error: blob content is empty.

I created 6 disco reports and some are giving error, Failed to retrieve an entry from the cache in the Discoverer Portlet Repository. The BLOB content is empty. This error only happens with certain users. The users can log directly into discoveer vie

Actual Template Allocation - Process Order Handling

Hi all Could somebody give me some input to an issue I am facing. I am working on a best practice baseline for Chemicals and have setup a Template to allocate overheads to materials. The allocation is fixed no matter the lot size of the process order

PSE 4.0 Compatibility with CS3?

Simple question from a newbie. . . Are .psd files from CS3 downward comaptible with PSE 4.0?

My time capsule erased all my files, is it possible to recover any of it?

My time capsule erased all my files, is it possible to recover any of it?

Query erroring with OutOfMemory exception


Saved InDesign files have blank thumbnails

Ever since I updated to InDesign CC 14, and uninstalled CS6 and CC, the thumbnails of all my saved files are now blank. Also when I click on file in Folder to open it, a dialogue box with the following message pops up: "This file does not have a prog

Problems with starting ifs after installation

Hi Gurus, please help me. We have install iFS ( on a HP machine. Starting the iFS System, the ifslaunchdc and ifslaunchnode works fine, but starting ifsstartdomain i become following error message: An exception occurred while starting Domai