Moving house shouldn't be this hard!!!

I moved into a flat on 20th August. I was living with family before so I wasn't a customer of BT or anyone else. The previous owners of my flat were with Sky for phone and broadband. I contacted BT on 13th August to place an order for evening and wee

Editing a webi document

Hi, When I try to edit a document, edit() Javascript function is called from IVIntegration.js. From edit(), goEdit() function is called which is available in callback.js. From goEdit(), doEdit() function is called and I believe Editing document inter

0IC_C03 related Inventory Process - Logical Partitioning (Vs) Physical Part

Hello Everyone, After going through multiple postings throughout the form and documentation from SAP, it states that the 0IC_C03 InfoCube when used with Non Cumulative keyfigures is not recommended to be partitioned logically by physical year/calenda

Why is the "plug in" not working every time i try to stream?

Why is the "plug in" not working every time i try to stream?

How to determine dialog step agent in report

Hi I have to create a customize report of workflow status Like SWI1. problem is all the data is available in table SWWWIHEAD but the record of the step which have to execute have empty field WI_Agent . as soon as the agent will execute it . this fiel

Parsing HTML using Swing's HTMLEditorKit

Hi all, I posted this question on the "Java programming", but I think I posted on the wrong forum. So, please let me know if I have posted on the wrong forum, again. Anyway, I have read an article on parsing HTML using the Swing HTML Parser (http://j

Creating word files from html

I am working on a power mac g4 OSX 10.2.8 using safari 1.0.3 and I am trying to copy a webpage into a word document (Word v.x for mac service release 1). My coworker has no problem wih this on her PC doing a simple cut and paste. When I try that I ge

Problem with WebLogic 10.1 and SOAP request

I have some relatively simple code that is making a SOAP request and trying to parse the response. The code works fine in Tomcat 6, but fails when running under WebLogic 10.1. At first, the problem was with the implementations of MessageFactory and S

My Galaxy Note 10.1 White 16 gb HELP!

hello my tablet wont turn off like if i push down the power button a introduction video will come up and its soooooo annoying any answers will help please i would like if someone from bestbuy would answer it too thanks 

Lightroom Noise reduction versus DPP

I have been playing with DPP for al little while because the EOS 50d wasn't supported until a few days ago. DPP has some kind of intelligent support of NR depending on the ISO of the photo. If I analyzed it whell it is supporting the NR level of the

Keyboard location on my iPad 2

My keyboard now appears when required one andd one-half inches above the bottom of the screen.  How do I reset the keyboard to appear at the very bottom of the screen as it has since the beginning?

Unable to download because it says "You are running an operating system that InDesign no longer supports. Refer to the system requirements for a full list of supported platforms." But its updated according to the system requriements

Unable to download because it says "You are running an operating system that InDesign no longer supports. Refer to the system requirements for a full list of supported platforms." But its updated according to the system requirements. What can I do to

Nested DataSets?

Howdy! I'd like to start by saying that the Spry Framework provides a fantastic and fun way to create dynamic web pages. I've been having a blast toying around with it. But I've run into a situation I haven't been able to figure out yet. The Gallery

Constant connection drop - really weird

Since middle of december ive been having a really odd issue with my broadband.  Every so often (several times a day) my internet suddenly 'stalls' and nothing will load...then 20 seconds later my BB light turns orange and then back to blue and my int

HT200199 Still not seeing AVCHD in Aperture 3.3

I upgraded to 3.3, but I still do not see my AVCHD files when I try to import them (Canon m2ts files).  I tried changing the file extension to mts or m2t, but no luck.  Clips are not 1080p60 or 1080p50.  Any ideas?

Imap portlet problem

Hi, I have installed 9i AS on NT and I am trying to use the imap portlet to check mail.I add the portlet I am able to see it. When I customize the portlet information and add information like server info, mailuser name etc. I am no

Install crashed out??

I was trying tp update my Blue G3 from 10.2.8 to 10.3. When the install disc restarted my computer all that came up was a gray screen. Now I can't get the computer to boot up at all, not from the disc and not from the internal drive. I have tried reb

Backup hangs at 80%

I'm trying to back up my N73 with PC Suite on Windows XP SP2 via USB cable. It goes through 'User files from gallery', 'contacts', 'calendar', Notes', 'Messages' ok, then on the last bit 'Phone model-specific backup', the status bar just ha

Dcmctl listapplication Command Show Some Error Message?

Hi all, I am Using Oracle 10g Application Server Release1( on windows 2003 Server R2 Today when i run the listapplications command in dcm control, i am getting the below error message, i have no idea about this error message. Any Idea to r

A specific alert tone question

i had zedge and uninstalled after it force closed and i lost all of my texts (immediately after using a tone for my alerts). i still have the tone that was downloaded through zedge ("DROID" voice for text alerts). i thought i may be able to move the