[how to delete the wallpaper in iPhone wallpaper folder ]

I don't like the wallpapers in iPhone wallpaper folder, how can I change the pictures of mine to wallpaper folder? PS. I found a free wallpaper site. It's wonderful, more than 30,000 pics! http://www.tootoo8.com and have many function, such as Favor

Why is my 7th Generation Ipod Nano not placing music in the same album?

But to be more specific. Let's say I've bought a music album from iTunes. All the music is in the same album. But there is this other song I've downloaded and I want to put it on that same album. On my ipod, for some reason, they are on separate albu

Unable to update iPod after upgrading to iTunes 7.0.1.

Ever since upgrading to iTunes 7.0.1 from 6.x I have been unable to update my iPod. (60Gb with Video). It says on inserting my iPod a new version is available (1.2) from 1.1.2 I get "The iPod "name" could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (14

How to create an XML file from scratch ?

Hi all, I'm afraid that I will seem dummy, but I think I really misunderstand something or I'm trying to do something that is not possible... I would like to create a XML file containing the following:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <?xml-styl

Greyed out permissions buttons

After installing the latest Safari update (3.1.1) and restarting, my 20" 2.4ghz aluminum iMac was a bit buggy so I decided to repair permissions. While I was at it, I wanted to do the same with my external hard drives, but the Verify Disk Permissions

Itunes 10.5 has stopped working message on windows vista

Hey Guys. I've just updated to iTunes 10.5, currently running vista 32bit. I get an error message when i try and start up itunes saying itunes has stopped working, then this... Problem Event Name:          APPCRASH   Application Name:          iTunes

Specifications for the report regarding the invoiced quantity.

Hi all SAP gurus, I want to give specifications to the abaper regarding the layout of a report. The details are sales order, materials in it, order quantity, invoiced qty, balance qty and stock against the balance qty. I want to know the table & fiel

Exception handling in mutator versus constructor

Hello, In my class, an AlchemicIngredient has a basicName. This name has to be fit under certain strict regulations on which we have to check (see my last question on the pattern class). Ofcourse I made a static verifier to check this called isValidB

How do I load photo's from a mac running OS X10.4 to my IPad 3?

How do I load photo's from my Mac running OS X 10.4 to my IPad 3?

I want to post my iPad from Australia to the US but Australia Post will not accept it because they say it has a lithium battery and cannot be put on an airplane. Is the battery in it a lithium battery?

I need to post my iPad from Australia to the USA but Australia Post is refusing to do it because they say the lithium battery in the iPad mini will be detrimental in the aircraft. Does anyone know if the iPad mini DOES have a lithium battery? The alt

Zoom with swipe in xcode 5.0.1

Hello, I have a problem by working in Maverick, after rapidely after some hours of use, the use of the zoom in the storyboard was not availble with the mouse. I think that the problem is related with the same bug as safari (see:https://discussions.ap

MBP 13' 84% battery?

I just bought my new MBP 13' and I was wondering what do I do with the battery. I booted it u and setup everything with just the battery but my battery is 84% charged. Does this mean I have a refurbished model or is this normal. This is my first time

David Powers Lesson10 - 'doesn't meet the requirements for an image'

Hi, I have a  problem to upload image in lesson10. It always show the error message of 'doesn't meet the requirements for an image' even the image size, width and height meet the validation. Below is upload_images.php My upload file size is 160K with

Play SWF in Catalyst

I need to know how to make an SWF file i made to reproduce none stop in catalyst. The idea is to make an initial portal to my web where there is an animation runing and an enter button where to click to get inside the website. How can i do this? I ha

BOM and PDS in integration model

Hi, All!! Could you help me colleagues? I try to create integration model in ECC (transacion CFM1), but at choice PDS or BOM the system gives out the message: "Integration model contains object types not valid for this APO release" How to transfer in

PCG Seed Data Invalid characters displayed in FRC

Hi, I'm not certain this is the correct forum or not. Customer has PCG 7.3.2 on 11i, using FRC. Many menus and concurrent program names & messages (all seed data) that use accents, are displaying garbled characters. eg: GRC Controls : Règles associÃ

Regarding User Exit Run time errors

Hi Guys, Can you please tell me few example of  Run Time error which could possibly occur in only User exit and BADI During Upgrade from 46C to ECC. Appreciate for reply in advance. Thanks Priyan

Exporting Email Signature

I am trying to export an email signature that I designed in InDesign to a JPEG format. What's the best options to use to avoid the email signature going fuzzy when I put it into the signatures section in Microsoft Outlook?

Scan a Pin barcode

my blackberry curve is 8520 when i click the scan a pin barcode in BBM the camera hangs up. what should i do so that it whould be fix again? Solved! Go to Solution.

Help Changing Fonts colors on Podcast Page

I have went crazy over this... i am tryin to change the font color on my podcast page but no matter what i do it still says this brownish color.. can someone help me with this.. thanks... here is the page link... http://web.mac.com/xavier.kiyoko/iWeb