Problems importing Hi8 to a PC for editing / archiving

Hey Video Experts, I'm trying to import Hi8 video from my cam-corder through a PCI-E TV Tuner card (s-video) installed in my PC. In PElements, I'm importing the video by "getting media," using the "Webcam or WDM device" option.    The video does impo

Any ideas on how to speed up iTunes downloads??

I've been attempting to purchase episodes of TV shows and have noticed that the download times are often quite a bit longer than the actual shows. A 44 minute TV episode recently took nearly 2 hours to download. The problem is not due to my ISP or mo

ITunes won't recognize Nono Gen 5 on iMac 10.10.2

I am using iTunes on my 27" iMac loaded with Yosemite 10.10.2 and it will not recognize my iPod Nano 5th Generation.  It will recognizr my older iPods, but not that one. I've tried connecting it directly to the back, via a hub but no differ

Mac OS 10.8 Installation Problems

After installation the computer will not boot up and constantly cycles. Did a safe start and lost my Safari application. I have an NVIDIA quadro 4800 Graphics Card installed and I was able to download the latest update in 10.7.4, but 10.8 doesn't all

WF_ITEM not generated

Hi, I've created an owf process with OWF Builder 2.6; then I've saved the proces on owf_mgr schema (the process is a simple "start -> stored procedure -> end"). Now I have to Create_Process() and Start_Process() to execute my process (right?)... When

HTMLencode? How to use it.

Hi, I am new to JAVA and I want to know how can I do HTMLencode in JAVA/JSP? I have all kinds of special characters which I need to render from my web app and if I do not user any encoding, it might conflict with HTML tags. Please let me know if ther

Problem in generating Helper class

Hi All, I have generated Helper classes using rmic -iiop tool of JDK 1.4. But the Helper class which is generating doesnot contain any bind method. So in my application, when i am trying to bind CORBA ORB with this helper class bind method, it is giv

Duplicate emails on BB when I send from Outlook

I've got a client with a bunch of BBs, they use BIS and Exchange.  Whenever they send from Outlook, they get dupe emails on their phones.  I found a supposed solution, which was to go into BIS and recreate the accounts with OWA instead of IMAP, but n

I canu00B4t run various records with BAPI_NETWORK_COMP_CHANGE

If I run the BAPI with several component to update the field WITHDRAWN, the records are not updated. Now if I run one compomente updating the data correctly.

Profile Parameter to execute Abap Program at user logon.

Hi Experts I've written a small printer selection program to change the users profile parameter. Is there another profile parameter that can be given to execute this program automatically when the user logs on.....The reason why I'm looking for a pro

Can a new Business Layer be tied to a specific schema?

I feel like I'm missing something rather simple. We have a dedicated Connection that provides exposure to multiple schemas (SQL Server) and we have a universe already built (dev environment), we want to use the same Connection, but build out a new Bu

AQ Propagation Notifications/PLSQL Callback Query?

I have the following scenario working but have a question: I have two databases, I Enqueue a message onto a Queue in Database 1 and scheduling Propagation to a Queue in Database 2. In Database 2 the queue has a PL/SQL procedure registered (using DBMS

Upload/download of user settings?

Hi all, currently I am working for a client with access to dozens of systems. For each and every system, I have to - configure my favorites - OK, Up-/Download to text file is possible change my user settings: - Extras-Settings: No background picture,

Is it possible to integrate a mentor graphics drawing file using labview or any labview toolkit..!!!

I m having a mentor graphics drawing file having drawn with the components like resistor,capacitors etc..I need to develop an application to interface to the file using labview or adding a toolkit to labview to access the components like resistors et

Problem with Weblogic Commerce Personalization

We're having problem that we have not been able to pin point yet. Originally when we started we were fine and our public view and personal view of portals/portlets was o.k. Somehow within a day, before logging to the personalization, in public view,

Constant java error

Hey all, So I installed Yosemite and when I logged in for the first time I entered my iCloud password and then screen with only continue and back visible and an error message saying "To view this web content, you need to install the Java Runtime Envi

Update from OS X 10.5.8 directly to Mountain Lion

Hi, I down loaded iOS 7 for my iphone and cant access it through itunes anymore. Now i'm thinking of upgrading from OS X 10.5.8 directly to Mountain Lion, will that work? Thanks

Desktop image will not change in IOS 10.8.2

When trying to change the desktop backgournd the system just spins its wheels (application not responding). Ver 10.8.2 MacBook Pro

Transport Monitor issue

When my Mac restarts, I get the message "Transport Monitor could not complete your request (-4960)" What's up?  Post relates to: Treo 700p (Verizon)

Monitoring health of a Java Component/Class

Hi All, Is there a standard design practice/mechanism for helath monitoring of a Java component/Class ? Any pointer, any related information will be really appreciated. Regards, Sourav