MS-6378 Memory nightmare

G'day folks First things first, what a great forum very informative Now lets hope you can help me and my old yet beloved machine. I have a MS-6378 which is stock standard with a 750 mhz Duron CPU and 128 mb SDRAM pc133, Running Win XP which is all up

Excel automatically create .tmp file when open after close Excel, tmp file still there

Anytime I save a change to one of my Excel files, the TMP file appears in the destination folder and remains.  The "main" Excel file saves the retains the changes that I made and after each subsequent change, a new TMP file is created...old TMP files

Can two different accounts coexist in messages?

My wife and I have separate accounts for our iphones and computers. We share a third computer. On the third computer, I installed messages beta. I entered my account info (same as computer and iphone). Is there a way for my wife to enter her info ind

I want to set up my time capsule on a completely new network & location without losing the old backups. How do I do this?

I want to set up my time capsule on a completely new network & location without losing the old backups. How do I do this? I cannot find anything in the user manual.

Search doesn't find a particular song...and another problem...

I'm going to keep this on a particular music file because all of this is related to THAT music file: MacBook Pro 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB of 1067MHz DDR3 RAM, running OS X 10.9.5 iTunes iPhone 5 running iOS 8.1 song file: "I Don't Wann

IPod recognized by My Computer but is not recognized by iTunes

I have an iPod Nano which is recognized by my PC but not recognized by iTunes I have tried most everything and still does not get recognized. Any assistance would be helpful iPod Nano   Windows XP  

[Solved] X won't function after I log out of a DM (Awesome, i3)

I boot into arch, and I log in the tty. I hit startx, in my .xinitc there's the line: exec awesome Or exec i3 I manage to log in to awesome/i3. If for any reason I want to change to another  desktop manager (i3, awesome always). I close down my curre

OS X fails to start up: kextd_watch_volumes: couldn't set up diskarb sessio

I put my Macbook Pro to sleep (something it's not very good at) last night, and when I opened it this morning, it had shut itself down. The battery was full, though. When I attempted to boot OS X, the blue status bar under "Starting OS X" gets to the

Problem with GetBinaryEntry

Hi everybody, First of all, this is my first post in this forum. Thank you very much because this forum is really usefull for people who are starting with AI SDK. I am trying to save information in a Binary entry in the dictionary of my document. I d

Imported source file name changed for the external table

Hi, I have external table from flat file. Now the source file name is changed. I can change the file location to point to the new file name, but I can't update the source for the flat file property(as seen under flat file properties,structure tab. th

DataPump Import

Hi, I am facing a small problem with datapump import, i exported a schema using datapump export(expdp) the same dump file i used for import using (impdp), once when the import is over i see all procedures,triggers and etc are all created with double

Backup Suspended on Agent Unreachable - 11GR2 Windows

Hi as the title suggests an RMAN backup has gone into a state of Suspended on Agent Unreachable. I have a 2 node RAC and have run emctl status dbconsole on each node. On node 1 I get a message: EM Daemon is running. On node 2 I get a message: Oracle

I have problem with zorlu apple store

i have iphone5, i was buy it in USA and i m living in turkey now, screen is broken and i go to zorlu apple centre for change my iphone5 they says we can not help you because this iphone5 from USA, you have to go USA or europe apple stores. I cannot g


I am using Weblogic 7.0 and while deploying an EJB during startup I get this error? Somehow, this application deployed in some developers' machines and failed on others. I have no idea why? Pls help! Wen [exec] weblogic.ejb20.UnDeploymentException: c

Please what can i do for this message

Dear all , please when i record invoice in miro this message appear Account 307050 has been set as not relevant  for tax . what can i do ??? Thanks

How to fetch first 4 records from database.

hi experts.i am inexperience in this field. please tell me suppose i want to extract only 4 records from the database , what is the select statement for this . best regards. subhasis.

Procedure to connect bw with r/3 systems

Hi All, can anybody kindly help me with this knowledge. Any reg. material mail me at '[email protected]'. Best Reg, Sus.

VF01 - VF03

Hello !! I have to add additional authorisations for transaction VF01,VF02,VF03. Is there any common user exit for that transactions i can use to fill my authorisations ?? BR, Jacek

Java cmd doesn't find a created package during execution

Hi all, I created a package and modified the CLASSPATH in order to compile a program using my package. The compilation passed without errors nor warnings. Problem: When I invoked my program by using the following cmd line: java <Main Class Name> I go

Gb3: problems recording and importing sound file to new track

since i upgraded from version 2, i can't record or import files into new tracks, including loops! anyone experienced this or have an idea what i could try to fix it? existing files still play, but nothing new will work.