Finder download from afp server failed one file larger than 2Gb

I am using 10.5.1 on iMac. I guess this shouldn't be a problem. I download a file from university's afp server, but fails when if has downloaded 2GB (the file is larger than 2GB) with error code 1309. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank

10.4.8 and cpu whine

Is there any difference with cpu whine after installing 10.4.8 patch?

How to fix lines in Illustrator

Hi! I need some help to fix some lines on a CNN logo made in Illustrator. If any pros out there have a couple of minutes to fix the lines so that the curves are more smooth, I need it for my computer class. Its a CNN and a Coca Cola logo. I would be

Active Users Request is still running for hours in Release 12

Hi Friends, Today I have installed the Release 12 in the Red Hat AS 4.0. Installation was successfull. All the Concurrent Managers are up and running. I have run some requests in the Paybles, Receivable.. Requests are running for hours..all are stand

Save As feature in many programs

I upgraded to Mavericks and use Microsoft Office 2011. When performing a "save as" action for a document, I normally search for the proper folder through the spotlight feature that shows up in the menu. Since the update, as son as I write any letter

Document is being distributed - changes are not possible

Dear Guru's I have an issue when making a quotation transaction. After i saved the quotation transaction, i would like to change the window into edit mode. So i have to click the display or change button and then after i click that button, there is a

Dest Delimiter parameter in bic module

Hi Experts, I am working on a IDoc to EDI scenario using seeburger modules (bic). While creating a EDI file on Target FTP server ,EDI content is written into file as a single line instead of a new line after every record. Please let me know if i had

Using synchronized lock in a cluster - will it work ?

          Hi all,           I'm going to plan a web application that should           run in a cluster environment.           Somewhere in the code I need to protect global variables           with "synchronized".           Will it work in cluster?  

Iphone 4 not recognised

at first laptop did not recognise iphone at all, but updated driver on phone and laptop sees it now, but itunes does not. it has lost it's 'name' identity

Correspondence Form

Hello experts,                     Can any one tell me step by step process to modify correspondence form for AP/AR. Points will be surely assigned. Regards, Greeshma

How to hold the display steady after zooming up

After zooming up to make a document easier to read the document does not remain locked in place but moves whenever the cursor is moved. I would like to use the arrow keys to navigate up and down and left and right through the document, but after enab

Re : criterias  that should be addressed during a signoff of funcs specs

hi , we are having signoffs for functional specs on MM in bw. what concerns should be addressed during the meeting as a bw developer ex: volume of data coming from source systems, how many source systems , data retentions etc. could any one pls adres

ECC to ECC via XI - Scenario

Hi, Scenario: ECC5.0 - XI3.0 - ECC5.0 Description: There are 3 ECC systems which need to send Service PO's to a 4th ECC System which in turn shall create a Sales Order for each Service PO received from either of the three systems. Could someone pleas

Looking for a third-party affiliate program that will integrate well with Adobe Business Catalyst.

Dear Adobe Community, I am looking for a third-party Affiliate Program that will integrate well with the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. The requirement is fairly basic, i.e.,  to track multiple affiliates and down-stream affiliate-to-affiliate ref

Attaching a BMP file to task list

Hi all,         we have attached a pdf file to a task list and when we are watching the print preview in work order it is appearing in different format. what might be the problem? how can i resolve it. please explain me in brief

Mistake in Forte WebEnterprise Designer

Hi : I have a "odd error" in my aplications, this error is ERRATIC. The error is the following : qqdb_ResourceException caught while executing EXECUTE tag named SUBMISSIONHandler.ProcessAction Original message: Execute failed for dynamic SQL statemen

Quick Question - Popup Window

I have an Applet program that has a JPanel that has a button. When that button is pressed, I would like a window to popup that has a bunch more buttons, checkboxes, etc..) An example would be a hotmail email account. When you compose a message, and c

IPhone 4s/BlueTooth/IOS6 update

I have not had a good experience with the IO6 update.  I have an iPhone 4s.  When I updated my phone other day, I lost all of my contacts for some reason,  I was able to recover them, but the next thing  I noticed was that my Bluetooth  (Plantronics

Financial Report Installation?

I need to install the Financial Report on a client desktop. As we know, there are 5 components: Financial Report Sheduler Service,Financial Report print server service, Financial Report report server service, Financial Report web application, Financi

Linking drop down boxes to selected layers

Hi all, Acrobat noob here. I've created a map with a legend. Exported it to pdf and then linked selectable buttons in the legend to the layers on the map so when I click on secondary schools in the legend all the secondary schools on the map show as