Wifi not picking up on my iPhone

My wifi has stopped working on my iphone but works on my macbook as normal. this just seemed to happen out of the blue yesterday. the phone seems to recognise the wifi signal but when i try to use it, it doesn't work and I can't use it to get online!

I am residing in India and have purchased Ipad 3 from US, I have lost my invoice and also the small pin which helps in inserting sim card, Can anyone help me how can I get a copy of duplicate invoice from India and a PIN for my Ipad 3

Dear Friends, I have purchased Ipad 3 from the US but unfortunately while returning back to India I have lost in transit the copy of Invoice and a tiny PIN which helps in inserting 3G card. Can anyone help me how can I get the duplicate copy of my in

Print Button on Drop-Down window

Hello, our internal customer wants to be able to print topics from a drop-down window. This worked well with "RoboHelp for Word" and WinHelp output, but I fail to add the same functionality in a "Robohelp for HTML" (R 7) project with HTML Help (CHM)

Problem importing a table with blob's

hi all, I'm facing the following situation. Source DB : (client's DB) Destination DB (mine): I've a dump file (traditional) of a particular schema. I'm running import (imp) to import on my DB. It runs fine until it reaches one parti

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus losing wireless connectivity, cannot scan to computer

In our office, we have roughly 4 computers using the HP Officeject Pro 8600 Plus, all of which are connected wirelessly. The printer was previously connected to the internet wirelessly with no problems. A couple of days ago however our computers star

How do I make a window expand to full screen?

I am using Dreamweaver MX 2004 with Windows XP. My question is a page from my homepage www.artmanphoto.com > Portfolio > Business Portraits then click on the Gallery button. When my web designer built my site there was only two business portraits and

How to restore from time machine with Lion preinstalled?

Yesterday I got an iMac and OSX.7 Lion was preinstalled.  I set up a time machine disk and performed a full backup, and it will work for file histories, but if my main disk fails how do I restore from this time machine backup? I never had to restore

Laptop drive as an external?

While I'm waiting for my MBP to arrive I began thinking about what I can salvage from my pismo (MB fried). I spoke with the local Apple store, and their tech guys use a FW case that takes a hd from a laptop. They use it to transfer data from an old l

FCP Movie squeezed in quicktime

I've output a 720x486 quicktime movie from an 8 bit SD timeline. when I play the movie in quicktime, it is squeezed from top to bottom, even though it says it is 720x486. If I drag that same quicktime movie back into final cut, the perspective looks

2008 IMac screen problems

need some advice here please .. i have a imac 24"Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz bought in aug 2008 , now i am starting to see what i think are "dust fans " on the display and they are really annoying i have researched and took the outer screen off to clea

I am receiving duplicate and triplicate emails how do I stop these emails

I am receiving my emails in dulicate a d triplets how can I stop this

Cannot connect to the console.

Getting the following error when trying to connect to the console Using VMware vSphere Mobile android client 1.4.610000. "The console has been disconnected. Close this window and re-launch the console to reconnect." I am able to connect with a comput

IPod stops playing when using Safari

Ever since I updated to 1.1.2, everytime I'm listening to the iPod and open Safari to surf, the iPod stops playing after about a minute or two. The song isn't over, and its not at the end of the playlist. The music doesn't fade out either, like its r

Expdp all the tables execept 3 and filter for those 3 in one script

Hi , I want to take export as follows. 1) all tables except table a,b,c 2) Export of table a with filter condition specific to a 3) Export of table a with filter condition specific to b 4)Export of table a with filter condition specific to c I have t

Ipod nano's nike+ kit not showing any of my workout other than in the hist.

My nike+ kit does everythign. But when i want to see my last workout it doesnt show it. But when i check the history on my IPOD it shows it there. When i connect it to Itunes it doesnt load the workout. I've only done wone workout so far. But I am wo

Invalid port: com.apple.storeClient-21411 in process: 52016

Hi, I've been looking for solutions for this problem for ages, however, I haven't had any luck. I get a shedload of the below console messages: Invalid port: com.apple.storeClient-21411 in process: 52016; and com.apple.SystemStarter[35] waiting the v

Can't upload serial file for Orgchart

Hi, I was trying to open the http://sapnkd:50000/OrgChart/manager.jsp page inorder to applly the serial key and I am getting Error: Application error occurred during the request processing.   Error occurred in invoking event "contextInitialized()" on

Debit memo and debit residual

Hi All, A debit memo referring to an invoice has a posting key 06 Also A debit residual would anyway be referring to an invoice and has posting key 06. So how can i distinguish a debit memo referring to an invoice and debit residual? All answers will

How do I reinstall my photoshop elements on a new computer

I was issued a new computer and have my serial number but don't know where to go to get the download underway.

Is Quicken 2005 compatible with Mountain Lion

Is Quicken 2005 compatible with Mountain Lion, or is any version of Quicken compatible?