Problem with Xalan and JDK and Tomcat

hi all, i have a webapplication under Apache Tomcat 4.1.30/Linux which use an XML/XSL transformation. I got the following error: org.apache.xml.utils.WrappedRuntimeException: The output format must have a '{}content-handler

I have a mac and when I read my emails, I find that emails are automatically rolled up into one, attaching all the emails under one 'group'.  How do I stop this grouping?

I check my emails on my mac, but find that emails which form part of an ongoing discussion, or where I have just clicked Reply to an existing email in my inbox (as opposed to creating a new email from scratch and rekeying an email address or using my

Goods Receipt Purchase order

Hi All, In Goods Receipt Purchase order(MIGO) Transcation, we r having delivery note (LFSNR) field, i want to retrive this field from data base , so can any body tell me the exact table for this delivery note field. BALU.

I'm trying to load the Snow Leopard disc into my older 20" monitor but it isn't working...

Hi, I'm old school still using the OS 10.5.8 on my 20" monitor iMac, I've purchased the snow leopard upgrade but the drive won't accept it and spits the disc out so how can I get the drive to read it? I put the disc in and about 30 seconds later it s

How do I create this kind of layout with JPanels?

Hi! I am wondering how I would go about creating the following layout. Which layout manager should I use? I have two JPanels in a JFrame. Jpanel1 should expand in size (width and height) and fill "the rest" of the JFrame when I resize the JFrame. Jpa

Flash player 10.3

My flash player stopped working/disapeared.  I am using vista 64 so I can't download the latest version.  I have tried downloading 10.3 via various routes from your web site but have not been successful.  I had google chrome but I think I have now un

CRM Web IC - Broadcast Messaging

Hi All, We are trying to implement CRM Web IC - Broadcast Messaging Component to receive messages from supervisors. Could someone enlighten us How to implement Broadcast Messaging in CRM? Is there any detailed guide that gives details on how to achei

X fi2 does not show playlists

Hi all, The title is pretty self explanatory. I've got this player for my birthday a few days ago and now it doesn't work properly. I was using mediamonkey to sync playlists/audio podcasts, which was working fine and they showed up in the player no p

Flash Resolution Problem

Hi, What I have: I have 1050x576 video footage created in After Effects and a psd Menu of the same resolution exported from After Effects. What I want: I want to link and export them in Ecore to a Flash document. My Problems: 1. When exporting to Fla

Swf Files in top of Images

I am fairly new to Dreamweaver so maybe someone knows the answer to this. I downloaded a basic template simply so I would not have to make the backgrounds right away as I am more or less just trying to learn the basics of Dreamweaver to start. I set

Report Writer Interface RGGD1300

Has anyone used this report to alter GR55 output?  I need to take the configured output and further define selection criteria (filter that can't be done in variables/formula due to the set definition) and move some rows into different sections.  When

In standby modus disconnect WiFi. Sollution??

When my Imac is going in standby modus he disconnect with WiFi. When i want to use the Mac again for internet of mail, i have to reconnect to my network. Is there a sollution for this so the Mac is always connected with my network?? Please help.

True colors are not showing on some photos.

True colors are not showing on some photos. Today a black sweatshirt displayed as blue. Is there an adjustment?

Keychains bug with german umlaut

Recently i found a strange behavior within keychains. If the name of a keychain contains a german umlaut e.g "geschäftlich" i'm not able to activate sync keychain with .mac. i set the marker at "sync keychain with .mac" and click save. When i open th

Itunes crashes when trying to download Podcasts

Just updated to, Everytime I press the Refresh button to download the latest Podcast, Itunes keeps on Crashing, I get the "Itunes has Stopped Working" error message and forces me to close it. Is this happening with anyone else? I am unable t

Problem with translate

Hi in XSQL i am one getting one row like this <REASON_FOR_REJECTION>1.Overhead line is not existing in front of the premises,2.The distance from the pole to the serice is more than 30 meters.,3.Another service is existing in the same premises with ar

Photoshop CS5 stops working on startup

I am running Window 7 64-bit on a system with two Nvida GeForce 7900 video cards.  CS5 stops working right after it opens.  I am currently using Nvidea driver version dated March 15, 2010.  When I install that driver, C

ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_INDEX_METHOD_10I", line 391

hi all, while doing shortest route analysis we are getting ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_INDEX_METHOD_10I", line 391 error in mapviewer log. how to resolve this?

Where do i find temporary internet files and how do i delet them

where are temporary internet files stored and how do i delet them from the computer

About sql query

create table test ( company varchar2(2), order_number number(4), item_id number(4), quantity number(8), item_desc varchar2(16) insert into test values ('A',70700000171,914,700,'a'); insert into test values ('A',70700000171,17,800,'b'); insert into te