Adobe Reader 11 w/Windows 7 not responding

Why does Adobe Reader 11 fail to respond sometimes?  Re-installing allows it to function several times then we get a "not responding" message.  A plank screen is displayed and the number of pages but NO text!  Using repair produces the same results. 

Photo extensions are not working

Whenever I attempt to edit a photo on my iPhone 4s with an extension, Afterlight in my case, my Photos app just hangs and requires me to force quit. At first I thought this might me because the photos I was taking with my iPhone 4s may be too big. So

How to use sql "IN" operator with named bind variable in where clause ?

Can one bind variable be used for the "IN" list ('1','2','3') ?

Bluetooth connect not showing up as option

I had a computer problem and had to reset my laptop back to factory settings. Now my blackberry is not working correctly with bluetooth. I have a curve 8310 and a laptop with vista 32bit. When I open desktop mgr, it automatically recognizes my bb thr

Receiver JDBC query

Hi Experts, I would like to know can we find the Query in the PI system at runtime  if the JDBC channel is at the receiver end. I am sending the values from SAP to database for updating the data. Thanks,

41 seconds to open a directory...

We are about to run a Pilot Project and are experiencing very long response times. We have loaded 111,175 Files under 12,372 Directories for a total of 6.55 GB. The directory structure is: /HOME/MDDM /A, /B, ...etc for the 25 letters of the alphabet

Printing bold text in char mode report

Hi all, I have developed a character mode report. I am able to print some text in big letters and some in condensed. But I am not able to print some text in bold. What printer cde should be used for printing in bold. Please help. Thanks in advance Mu

Transferring to a new library

I have music on my iPod from a library on an old computer.  How can I transfer it to my new computer into a new library?  I don't want to lose my current library on my iPod or computer.

How to Block mails for HR only

Dear   expert/guru     Please let me know how to block mails for HR only.    We don't want to block  mails for all.....

IP address missing, cable company says its my iMac

We've have Road Runner high-speed access for more than a year, no problems. Last week, we started getting "You are not connected to the Internet," or REALLY slow/incomplete downloads, but it was hit or miss. Called the cable company, they had me rese

Automation of OBIEE 11G services in Windows OS

Hi I had put in lot of effort to find a way to automate the OBIEE 11G services in Windows OS whenever the system reboots but to no avail. Any workaround to achieve this would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks

Distribution of Management Packs for Agents

Hello Can someone please help me with the following question? I have been watching some of Brian video’s on Authoring and one thing he says make sense and does not make sense at the same time. 1: Install the Management Pack (MP) via the console on th

Contacts problem after IOS5 update.

Anybody here having problems with their contacts? After updating to IOS5 I can no longer edit my contacts. The " +  " icon that appears at the upper right corner of the screen before is now missing. Anyone here having a similar problem?

I have set hyperlinks within my ibook author document, they work perfectly until i export and view on the ipad, when only one or none work, (hyperlinks to website not working at all) what am i doing wrong?

I have set hyperlinks within my ibook author document, they work perfectly until i export and view on the ipad, when only one or none work, (hyperlinks to website not working at all) what am i doing wrong?

Tabs no longer saving, browser.showQuitWarning set as true.

So I closed out of Firefox today, and I noticed that I did not get the message asking me if I wanted to Save and Quit, Cancel, or Quit, even though I have browser.showQuitWarning set as true in about:config. I have never had this problem until today,

Lumia 720z vol down key izz not working properly

Frm last few ,my fone vol down key izz not working properly,i tried my best but getting no good result

Media Encoder not keeping duration metadata

Ok, first off, I'm still new to using the Media Encoder, so I am asking, if you have a solution, please feel free to treat me like a 3-year old or like someone who doesn't know how to change their own tire.  Yes, I am asking of hand holding here, mai

Can't sync one specific artist?

Ok so the other day I backed up my ipod before updating it with iOS 5... or whatever it is So after it updated it restored all my original apps and music... apart from only ONE artist. It's technically a compilation but i've put it under the common n

Is it possible to completely erase itunes

A good majority of the songs I have in iTunes, I no longer listen to. Is it possible to change the fact that they come up in the main page of iTunes? Or even just store them somewhere elsse so that just what I actually listen to is shown on the main