How can I use multiple icloud Accounts with Fotos?

Hello. Yesterday, my wife and I started using the new App "Fotos" on OSX and iOS. What I can't figure out, and where I would like to get some insight and help, is how we should use our icloud Accounts. How it is right now: - Wife (MacBook and iPhone)

Problems with my playli

I have a 40 gig nomad jukebox zen xtra and I'm having troubles setting up playlists. I had about 25 playlists and somehow they were wiped off my player. Ever since then, when I try to make new ones or edit ones that I made on my player through the Cr

How to create table in Oracle 9i of name USER

To whom so ever forum member, Please help me for creating table in Oracle 9i with the table name USER, though i know that it's reserve word for the Oracle DB Please give me the query if any for the same. Thanks in advance for timely help. Kiran.

I lost iLife after reinstalling Mountain Lion

I bought my iMac in April last year, it is the 21.5 inch mid/late 2011 iMac (if I'm not wrong), the thing is I used to install lots of things in here until I decided it was worth to erase all the unimportant content, but to make myselfe sure I decide

Issue in change incidence via email.

Hello All, I have configured a rule in SO50 to process an incoming email. I have maintained my sap user ID for testing purpose in the Receipent address column. In the rule I have also maintained the class which is used to change the status of the inc

Time Machine Picture Library size is 2GB smaller in backup than computer disc.

Time Machine Picture Library size is 2GB smaller in backup than computer disc using Cmd I (Eye, not EL-don't we all love sans serif fonts as default) for both info.  Ah, this is readable at faster reading speeds.  Now ( oops the return key killed the


I try to configure HP ML10 PROLIANT SERVER G8, but the HP Intelligent Provisioning not appaer, the F10 option not appear on server boot, in the RBSU --- SERVER SECURITY option not appear then Intelligent Provisioning option  i try to solve with this

What's the benefits of Illustrator CC over Illustrator CS3 for print design?

What's the benefits of Illustrator CC over Illustrator CS3 for print design? I'd like to know the advantages and features – all those I read about are to do with EPUB, collaborative working, teams or digital designs, and those don't reflect my work.

Oracle 11g rel 2 installation error

Enterprise manager configuration failed due to the following error- failed to allocate ports in the specified ranges for the following process (es):JMS[5540-5559],RMI[5520-5539],Database Control[5500-5519],EM Agent[3938]|[1830-1849] Refer to the log

How to retrieve the Foreign key information in Oracle

I want to know how to retrieve the Foreign Key information in Oracle while using SQL Statement? I have use three SQL statement to retrieve such information, but the performance is very bad. The three SQL Statements are: Select constraint_name, r_cons

Vendor consignment price change

We have maintain vendor consignment info record for a material at $10/pc,  we have 100 pcs vendor consignment stock. Over the month we have transfered total 90 pcs to our own warehouse/plant to use it, so the sytem capture $10/pc from the info record

Additional Fields on Selection Screen of VF04

Hi, I need to add a new field to selection screen of VF04. How can i achieve this? Regards, Jayant Edited by: jayant vikram on Oct 6, 2009 9:15 PM Moderator message - This is almost a duplicate - post locked Edited by: Rob Burbank on Oct 6, 2009 11:4

Report Painter and Report Writer (URGENT)

Hi All,      Please can you send me Step by Step screen shots Configuration document for Report Painter and Report Writer, If any body send relavent data i will give reword points, Regards, TML

No able to open hierarchy variable in production system

Hi,     I've have a strange issue in my BEX analyzer 3.5, i have kept product center hierarchy as one of the selection variable for my query, when i click the "Input help" button on my product hierarchy variable, its not opening the window were we ca

Unable to execute java api method with another user than OWF_MGR...

Sorry if this question seems stupid but I just begin with oracle products... ;-) When i specify another user than the owf_mgr, as KWalker for instance, I get permission problems when I use Java API. But when I do the same via the web it is OK. Dis I

Pricing Procedure for RFQ and Contract

Hi All, I have  configired new pricing procedure for external purchaseing documents import and export business. This pricing procedure is working fine for  PO but while manitan quatation and create contract Iam not able see configured pricing procedu

ERROR com.rsa.jsafe.JSAFE_PaddingException: Could not perform unpadding: invalid pad byte.

          Hi,           I am trying to setup cluster environment with weblogic7.0. I have two managed           servers in my cluster. The first one I am able start without any problem(The first           server and admin is on the same UNIX m/c). Wh

Windows 8 from TechNet/MSDN to Windows 8.1 via Windows Store, Possible ?

Windows 8 from TechNet/MSDN can not be updated to Windows 8.1 via Windows Store. It says this edition dose not support update via Store. Considering that Win8.1 is free for Win8 users, is there a way to bypass this ? Can MSDN Windows 8 be converted t

HT201210 Ipad stuck in the recovery mode from Itunes

  Stuck In the recovery mode from Itunes on the Ipad? What is do i do?

Conversion from sql date

hi Am not getting the date in the correct format . Even though teh DB returns me 24-Nov-2008 in java am able to getonly as 0008-11-24 cstmt = this.getConnection().prepareCall("{call scheme_header.p_scheme_dates(?)}");                     cstmt.regist