Loading multiple flat file at a time.

hi experts, I am having 15 flat files with same data structure.so how do i load all the fileswith out creating 15 info packges . ( say all the files are on the desktop.) I had seen the option that ABAP code an be written in info package in extraction

How to Generate Statistic Graph in Report??

Hi, i am developing an questionnaire program together with 19 question... i am able to get value for each value.. Now my problem is how to generate a statistic graph whenever user can check their report ?? Can anyone help?? Thank you very much......

BADI UserExit Required for Before transport Request is created

Hi Friends, I have a problem in implementing  : We have two development client one for support and other for development. Same object can be worked together in both client simultaneously that is causing lot of synchronization problem in both client.

How do I get rid of the metadata hangin on my mouse arrow when I point on an image.

How do I get rid of the metadata hanging on my mousearrow when I point on an image in aperture. I hope it is possible to uncheck this feature. It is rather disturbing and not needed all the time. I hope someone can help me out! Thanks

MacBook and MacBook Pro competing for airwaves

Howdy, I have an Airport Extreme set up as wireless router, i.e., the cable modem is plugged into the Extreme. Elsewhere in the house, an Airport Express is set up to extend the network. We have both a MacBook and a MacBook Pro, both running Leopard.

Good software

does anyone know how to uninstall GOOD software program from Treo700p? Post relates to: Treo 755p (Verizon)

Servlet and awt.Frame

hello there, i'm a newbie with java and servlets... and i'm having this problem: public class main extends HttpServlet {      private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;      MyFrame a;      public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServ

Java and XML Parser. Please guide.

Hello there, I need to pass an XML document using the SAX Parser. Please does any one have an XML Parser routine to parse the document or can some one guide me as to what to do?

Custom Search Results web part: show only sites wherein the current user has access

Hi, I'm trying to create a custom Search Box and Search Results web part in one of my web application. The search result should show only sites wherein the current user only has an access. Do you have an idea how to implement this? Thanks. :) Regards

Using Data Services WSDL with Visual Studio 2008

I am attempting to use the Data Services XI 3.1 WSDL (I think this Data Integrator v 12.1) in Visual Studio 2008 and I am having some difficulty. I am getting the wsdl from the following location: http://devserver:28080/DataServices/servlet/webservic


제품 : MFG_PO 작성날짜 : 2004-10-13 PO HEADER LEVEL의 TOTAL AMOUNT 계산 LOGIC ========================================== PURPOSE Purchase Order 화면의 Header level에 보여주는 Total Amount 계산 logic을 알아본다. Explanation Purchase Order 화면에서 PO를 입력하거나 조회해 본 사람은 PO Header l

Charged for services I cancelled in 2008

Hello I was thinking of returning to BT for phone and broadband but now I'm not! I cancelled my service with BT in Nov 2008 and moved all services apart from line rental to Sky. On Sunday I had our accounts checked and found that BT have been chargin

Drop ship - SO- availability check - PR

Hello, Our client wants the drop ship scenario as follow: Create sales order which will trigger PR ceation. But the thing is when you create SO, system should perfom the availability check and based on results should create PR. (e.g. if material is n

V880 server is not booting

Hi, The v880 server is not booting due to can't open boot_archive error throughing. Please help me... Problem Description: I have done solaris multi-pathing (using stmsboot -e command). After multipathing the server is continuously rebooting due to f

Sub Contracting Problem.....

Hi..... I have a problem in sub-contracting process. If the Row material quality is poor and issued to subcontractor then how I can exchange the issued material from the sub-contractor to row material vendor. please guide me what steps used for that.

How To Right Align Images In A Cell?

I am a very amateur (i.e. occasional) web site developer using Dreamweaver CS3 and would be very grateful for any advice on the following. Several years ago I put together a very simple one page web site using HTML 4.01 transitional and consisting of

Connecting Java Application with Microsoft Word Toolbar

My project involves designing a GUI with which I will use Java for. And I also have to create a Microsoft Word Toolbar that will open the Java GUI. There will be other interactions between both the GUI and the toolbar. Is that possible? Or shall I us

About the Sound Blaster Live!

Ok.... Can you not buy this card anymore? Cause every place i go to order they say the manufacturing is no longer supplying them or some crap. I ordered one and waited for almost 2 weeks finaly i e-mailed them and they were no longer available (from

HT5622 where can i find account settings in order to change my country location ?

where can i find "account settings" in order to change my country of orgin ?

ID 1008 DFSR missing.

Hi, First, sorry for my english ... not a native one ... We got 25 2012 Server wich all got the same issue DFSR is not closing properly : - When the server restart we do get the 1006 ID telling us "okay i'm closing it" expecting a 1008 ID saying "it'