Mail Won't Open (Just Installed OS 10.5)

I installed OS 10.5 a few days ago. After doing that, everything worked for a few days. But now, I'm getting a bunch of issues. Most notably, I can't open Mail. It just bounces up and down for a bit. Then I get an error message: Symbol not found: __u

Oracle: Problem creating package via CF

G'day I've got a <cfquery> that creates a package header, another that creates the body, and then a <cfstoredproc> which calls one of the procedures in the package. I am getting this error, when my code comes to execute the procedure: [Macromedia][Or

Can I Access my iCloud mails from 10.6

Hi Haven't upgraded my mail mobileme account to icloud because I need access to the mails while working in 10.6. I do spent a fair amount of my sparetime editing in Final Cut Pro Studio on my Mac Pro. And I have been unable to get it to work proberly

IPod Touch 4G Battery Life Is Awful on v4.3.2

Hi there, I own a iPod Touch 4G on v4.3.2 & the battery life on it is awful & decreases way too fast. Please do something about it please, Apple. Maybe release a new update to under-clock the device..? I don't know, something to increase the battery

Mac OS mail (PDF) attachments cannot be read after upgrading to Maverick

After upgrading to Maverick receiver of e-mails with PDF attachment cannot see or open the attachment. Everything works normally with attaching and sending but it seems to disappear on its way to receiver.

Database in suspect mode

i was going through this article about recovering a database in suspect mode : in the article the error seems to indicate corruption in the log : Error: 9003, Severity: 20, St

Work flow in pgms

is there any way to find the work flow(pgm flow) in a java pgm. i have netbeans and edit plus.

Why is Bridge CC so slow?

I'm trying to figure out a way to diagnose why Bridge CC is so slow. I regularly use programs like Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere and don't notice any kind of inapropriate lag or delays at all. However, when working in Bridge it just feels slow. O

Purchase order capturing text

Hi while creating a purchase order after entering all the details their is a text tab in which the enduser will type something and save the purchase order and now my requirement is to capture those text and print it in smartform and now i want to kno

How to setup Slingbox AV with Linksys E2500

I just purchased a new Linksys E2500 and I am unable to setup internet viewing with it.  I have went in and done the port forwarding and still I have not had any success.  I would appreciate any helpful information.

Recovering image metadata on deleted images

I deleted images on the hard drive by mistake, does that delete the catalogue data as well? I'm not sure if it does because when reimporting those same images from a backup the image names are changed to xxx.DNG-2 and not xxx.DNG as they were origina

Intel Mac Tower / RAID Utility question

I have a new Intel Mac tower with three 500 gb hard drives and a RAID card inside. I am attempting to create a RAID5 with 2 partitions (one 60 gb for os and other programs, and another partition with just under 900 gb for file sharing) - Trying to in

Custom SQLDeveloper snippets on Mac OSX

Using Object Group.

I am using the forms 6i. And i have a problem with attach Object Group. After attach, the form do not execute. I have a question: What the values the Object Group utility on the registry? Or if another sugestion... Thanks, so much. Martônio.

Error in create  OUIProcess ():-1while installing oracle8i

Hai When installing oracle8i on pc-linux7.2 i got the below error Initializing java virtual machime from /usr/local/jre. Pleas wait... Error in create OUIProcess ():-1 :NO such file or directory Thes steps i follwed while installing oracle8i on linux

Why does my Safari screen keep zooming in?

First off, I LOVE OSX Lion. It's the fastest system upgrade I've ever seen on a Mac. With that said, I have this problem. I'm using a Magic Mouse. Just since my Lion upgrade, while I'm in Safari, browsin', every so often it just zooms in close on the

I can't send a gift card?

When i click the final kind of transaction button for purchesing a gift card, i says that it has failed?

How to read all material documents created for a service order /maint.order

Hello, in my Z-Program i need to read all material documents which are created for a service order or maintenance order. Is there a function module which could be used or do you have some other hinds for this requirement? Thanks a lot. Kind regards M

Linux RH 6.2 & Edaq - driver

Linux RH 6.2 & Edaq - driver Few experiences Edaq for Linux installation. - NationaI Instruments ftp area has latest driver version 0.9.4 - edaq-0.9.4 turns (make gives some warnings). - c- test programs ok (my card is 6025e). - Labview for Linux 5.1

A confusing thread problem

is it possible to use tow threads in the same void Run() for exemple thread1.start(); thread2.start(); void Run() while(thread1.isAlive()) while(thread2.isAlive()) }