How can I change my email address in my OTN profile?

Would be great if you (otn people) could implement something like that Thanks Maurice

OIM 9.1.0 prepare_xl_db script

I am trying to run that script as follows : prepare_xl_db.bat oimd c:\oracle\product\10.2.0 ....etc etc I get an error which says that the ORACLE_HOME C:\oracle\product\10.2.0 is not a valid ORACLE_HOME... My installation directory for Oracle 10.2 is

Portal Runtime Error on sdn

Hi, On sdn , in the Contribution Points Table , there is a Tab named  Additional Points. I got a link there with text Invitation to SAP Network Profiles When i click on that A Page opens with message Portal Runtime Error. An exception occured while p

Capturing shipping cost at the time of GR

Hi Dear all LE consultants I have one problem .I have created PO. At the time of PO creation , i do not know some shipping/transport costs.So I have configuring Transport module and done VL31n,VT01n,VT02n and VI01 Shiping costs are being full

How to make peazip (file archiver) work on 64 bit?

Hello Archers! How do I make peazip run on my 64bit arch? The AUR packages are only for 32bit, so I downloaded the portable gtk version ( … TK2.tar.gz) and I get this $ ./peazip (peazip:7797): Gtk-WARNING **: /u

Validate Terms of Payment in MIRO against vendor master

Dear All, I have a requirement to Validate Terms of payment in MIRO with Vendor master data. I am using INVOICE_UPDATE  BADI to check if Terms of payment in MIRO is same as Vendor master table LFB1, However I also need to check days which is not in L

JDBC - How can I detect a Stale Connection?

Hi There, So here is my problem. My software is using a simple implementation of a connection pool to create/store/provide connections. Every weekend the database is being shut down and restarted by my DBA. On Monday morning the application can no lo

I am having trouble re-installing Elements 12. when it try, it says my serial number is invalid

I bought elements 12.0 in December 2013. my computer recently crashed and I have to reinstall Elements. But when I try, it says the serial number is invalid. I've tried all the Adobe technical support contacts but they won't help and have told me to

Problem video streaming?

when i try to watch episodes on hulu or, the video doesnt' play, it's just a black screen...why is that? yesterday it was working fine. It doesn't even seem to load, nothing.

DW 8.02 IEFix doesn't work for me

G'day Guys, Anyone having problems with the javascript fix for the IE (Eolas) issue? I've been trying to update existing pages with QTVR content on them, DW findes the code asks if I want to change it with the new scripts etc, makes the change, creat

Problem running forms in Oracle 9i IAS iSuites

Hi, I'm trying to get Forms 6 running on an Oracle 9i IAS iSuites application server. When I try to access a form via the web I get a HTTP-500 Internal Server Error. The Apache\Apache\logs\error_log file contains the following entry: [Tue Oct 06 11:3

Alv report colour display

hi i have a requirment in my alv report ,i need to show values of material description i.e  only gsm values in different colour i. 296 GSM and corresponding below values 285 GSM,.below show is sample output onf my alv report. materialno              

Differences in 4.7 and ECC6.0.

Hi, What are the major differences between 4.7 and ECC6.0 for HR module from technical side. How many HR related Enterprise Services are exposed. Do we have any other services for ESS and MSS packages.? Thanks, Uma....

J1IEX - Excise part 2 not posted

Dear guru's, User is trying to post the Excise Part-2 by using the T.code : J1IEX , but he is getting the error message " Balance in transaction currency". Detailed Error message is "A balance has occurred in transaction currency 'INR' with the follo

Process order management

Hi All, I'm learning PP-PI. Can anybody send the doc in process order management? pls send my mail id to [email protected] thanks in advance, praisy

IPhone/iTunes crash

Can someone please tell me why suddenly today when I sync my iPhone with iTunes, iTunes is crashing. This never happened before. What is the problem and what is the fix. Thanks,

Names of contacts disappear and only phone number remains on phone.

Iphone contact names keep changing to just numbers. Have manually re-entered several times but goes back to numbers only after a short while. Started after I updated to os5 and only occurs with recent (last few months) iphone contacts. thanks for any

WRT54G Pushing Through Wrong DNS

Instead of using my router with my ISP I want my business network to be my ISP and I want a second network to offer internet to wireless users. My current network (old Intel IP address space): IP - Sub - DNS -,

How to stop a singleton class being clonable ?

Do we have any way to stop clone method being invoked on a singleton class. One way I guess is to implement clone method and throw an exception inside the method.

Convert tables from 4.6 c to Ecc

Hi All, Please provide me the list of tables which is replaced from 4.6 C to ECC 6.0. Regards, Sudheer