CRM 7.0: set up IPC product configuration

Dear experts, we set up a CRM 7.0 with ERP 6.0 backend integration. In the ERP we apply ERP variant configuration (Materials). Quite simple: some configurable materials (material type KMAT) with a few characteristics and product variants of them (mat

Expanding text field

I  converted a form I was using in word format to a PDF. There are several text field that could require a long or short narrative. Is it possible to make a text field expand as the user types. I don't want to babes large empty text box is narrative

Mail 5.0 shows to:.... instead of sender:.... in message list

Hi, In the new Mai program of lion in the message list I see my own adress (where people send the mail to). Ofcourse that's not what I want to know! I want to see the senders names in the list! So I can search more easily for mails from certain peopl

Ipod video with no audio

when i download a video to itunes, and convert it to my ipod it no longer has audio, can you help me

New Tab - How to prevent opening the Home Page

I've got Safari set to open the 'BBC News' web page as my Home Page on start up. For some reason it has also started opening this page when I click 'Add Tab". If I click 'Add Tab' when I want to navigate to somewhere else (but not lose where I curren

How to Include Date variables in the Attachments sent via ibots

Hi Experts, I have a requirement that when i configure an i-bot , i need to get a mail with attachment as an excel say "attname".This is fine,but how to customize such that the attachment contains date variables like "attname_24April2010" when recipi

Call a function with variable function name

Hey guys, I have a func_table which maintains function names (each one makes reference to a dynamically generated stored function) I need to make a procedure that calls the functions in that table one by one using its name retrieved from SELECT func_

Why are my hidden layers showing up in a PDF when i convert it from an Ai file?

When I convert an illustrator file to a PDF the hidden layers are showing up when openned by a mac or iphone. This does not happen when i send it to people with a pc and is only happening to one person. What could be causing this and how can I fix it

Preview .Folios and temp files

I'm assuming that when we Preview a spread using the Preview button in the Folio Builder Panel in InDesign, a temp .folio file is created. Is this correct? If so, where is this temp file stored in Mac OS? Thanks.

Audio freezes during photos transitions

Hello, after burning DVD, when playing the disc on a regular dvd player, the music jumps during the photos transitions in the diaporama. When playing the disc on the macbook, everything is fine. My wish is to send the disc to other people so they can

Oracle 9i Release 2 on SUSE 10

Dear Sir, It is stated that i have installed SUSE LINUX ENTERPRISE SERVER 10 with SP1 with oracle check box checked during SUSE installation. Now i am trying to install Oracle 9i release 2 on that machine i have completed almost every prerequisit for

OTL: Purchasing timecard attributes for Contingent worker

Hi, I am trying to create a timecard for a Contingent worker (a purchasing timecard). Using the APIs, I am able to create the timecard in the specific template (having PO NUmber & PO Line Number). But the issue I am facing is : All the fields are get

Redirecting a servlet response to a file

Is there a way to redirect the response objects output buffer to a file instead of to the client (browser)? I am using the jsp to process a set of jsp templates (using the RequestDispatcher's include method) and I would like to send the resulting htm

How to set classpath for third party jdbc-driver

my application contains bc4j jsp. when i try to run this jsp application which connect to postgresql, i get a error message "Application Error Return Error Message: JBO-30003: The application pool (App_ModLocal) failed to checkout an application modu

Is there a short cut=key stroke that will make APPLE logo?

Would like to have this in my signature in Apple Mail. Wondering if Apple has some built in short cut to make the logo of if I need a special FONT set! Thanks

HT203164 Of the few songs Irecently purchased , 1 bought twice , all but this 1 will burn to disc, can someone tell me why?

Just recently purchased A Few songs fron I-tunes Burnt them to disc , but one of them will not burn disc , purchase it again still will not burn to disc took all of theothers songs off of my List , and tried to burn just that one still will not burn.

Pop up screen for warranty

Hi Gurus, In equipment master when I enter details of the warranty period like start and end dates, and when i try to generate a notification or order, pop up screen appears indicating the period of warranty. Now this pop up screen I wanted to appear

Converting Twitter Mentions to Links

Basically I think it will be useful if the BlackBerry mail client will automatically convert Twitter mentions to links, just like it does for web address ( and Email addresses ([email protected]) it should also convert mentions to acti

N73 ME - Music Player Not Recognising Music

Hi all, A slightly strange issue has just started with my N73 ME (Orange, UK, V4.0735.3.0.2) I recently wiped all the music from my 2GB memory card and replaced it using the Nokia PC Suite. I have the s/w set up to automatically change everything to

Loading *.llb first loads to folder view

When I first load a llb file it doesn�t go directly to the top level vi. What I get is windows explorer view with all the sub routines which then I have to select the appropriate top level vi. I was able to load directly by setting the top vi in Labv