Can I upgrade iOS and still retain *everything*, if I didn't authorize Apple ID and didn'nor had I performed a manual backup?

I am an IT guy here helping 10+ iPad and iPhone users upgrading to iOS 5.  I have finished the first two devices, by the following steps: Obtain the user's Apple ID and password Get to a clean computer (precisely, logon to a clean profile) Authorize

Tags to be used in appraisal template

Hi We are on EHP4, implementing Performance Management, generic version. I'm trying to format the text displayed in the PM document using formatting in the description field (Web Layout) inside the template. I have used the tags h1, h2, em, p, ul, li

Can't see any of my photos in iPhoto for Mac

I've had an iMac Late 2012 for two years. Since then, I've kept all my photos from my camera and my iPhone in the iMac's iPhoto app. For some months, I'd been having a constant problem: The events' icons were empty and it said the event's name and th

Why isn't the plugin checker working anymore?

I check for updates to my plugins very often. The Plugin Check page has been saying that all my plugins are up to date. However, twice now I've clicked the button to check anyway, and found that a plugin was not up to date after all. Why isn't the Pl

Import (v. 7.1.5) iPhotos from old iMac to new iMac (v. 9.2) using Migration Mgr. over fire wire.  All photos (  many dups) appeared in EVENTS and PHOTOS in the new Mac – but NO ALBUMS.

Attempted to import 6.5 GB of (v. 7.1.5) iPhotos from old iMac to new iMac (v. 9.2) using Migration Mgr. over fire wire.  All photos (plus many dups) appeared in EVENTS and PHOTOS in the new Mac – but NO ALBUMS.  I read a previous response to a simil

Field codes in Word document

Hi, This issue keeps occuring when I generate a printed document from RoboHelp. I am not choosing the Word template in the final setting page, but just letting robohelp use the css template. Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this & how to re

How can I return to the most recent version of Firefox 3 (b/c Firefox 4 is trying so hard to be like Safari which is utter crap like all things Apple)?

Where is my refresh button on the toolbar? Why change the right-click options order? Are you trying to be Apple? WTF?? Please help me get back to the latest version of Firefox 3. I would really appreciate that. Sorry to be such a dick, but this new s

Search help

How to use a search help exit in module pool.

Seeburger BIC problem

Hello experts, I'm facing a nasty Seeburger BIC problem in my receiver adapter when converting from XML to EDI. The error is: - SEEBURGER BICXIADAPTER.MODULE Message could not be forwarded from the Module (CallBicXIRa) to the JCA adapter. Adapter Fra

FIFA2003 don't run on FX5200 T128 ???

I have just purchased a FX5200 T-128. I have this runnig on a AMD 2600 with 512 Mb. But my Fifa 2003 doesn't run. I can reach the introduction movie and the menu, but after setting all the match modes when the game is loading the program is shuted do


Has anyone used a BAPI/proxy interface for customer and vendor master data instead of IDoc?  If so could i get some pointers on where to start or some things that need to be done to make this happen? My scenario is File from MDM and want to use proxy

Cash journal - Credit card payment

Hello colleagues, Want some light in posting CR/DR card payments in AR... Cash journal does not accept this payment method... Any help is highly appreciated. THnks,

Itunes Crashes when scrolling down in Podcasts

Everytime I go into my podcasts in iTunes and try to scroll down, a window pops up saying iTunes has stopped working and tells me to close the program. I haven't had this happen before and it is only doing this for the podcasts. I can scroll down wit

Basic  Html  and script

Hi, Although I did programmation. I know nothing in mobile phone I would like to find a really basic script and css embedded in an html file   Especially for the iPhone 4. JPD

Client wanted  to delete the document created with the wrong GL with the WB

Dear All, The user had by mistake posted the the document in a wrong GL with with WBS element under the Project. We have tried to reverse it through a reversal posting. But it could not be done. Client wanted  to delete the document created with the

Entourage Sent Items on Blackberry

Hello all...very strange issue. I am hoping to get totally off of my PC (XP). I am using Entourage for mail with corp exchange. But when I send mail from Entourage I do not see it on my blackberry as a sent item. Yet when I send from outlook, I see i

How to Enable Owner on SD card, or any storage media for that matter?

I bought micro SD cards (patriot brand from Fry's) and when i insert them into my card reader they mount to the desktop as "read only" with owners enabled "no" What? How am i supposed to drag music files to it for use with my phone if it is "read onl

Persistence in jms

HI I am using JBoss4.0 as application server and I am using jbossmq as messaging service. I cannot seem to control the persistence behaviour of the server. I have edited the null-persistence.xml to avoid persisting to the database.. But persistence i

Starting up from pfile

Hi gurus, I need to change the memory of an instance from pfile regarding that I got some questions.. 1)Shall I use the spfile to make it a initname.ora 2)while making chnages shall I choose a figure wich is whole multiple of db_block? e.g: shared_po

Not discoverd cloud services in scom monitoring console

win2008r2-SCOM2012R2 We have imported the Azure Management packs in to SCOM and Added the Subscription successfully. But, the Azure resource inventory Not Discovered Cloud Services, Discovered Storage, Discovered Virtual Machines. N R Raju