"Adobe Application Manager quit unexpectedly" when trying to install AfterEffectsCC

Just purchased AfterEffects CC. Already own desktop version of Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, Indesign) When I try to download from online store after purchase : " Adobe Application Manager quit unexpectedly" Report: Proces


Hi, Info on ITS_TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUND. Short text : Template interpretation failed. Template does not exist. What happened? : The ITS service "bbp_poc" failed since not template could be found for the screen with the number 100 in the program "SAPLWDTM"

How to fix loop value of column in crosstab BI publisher report ?

Hi all, I have a RTF template of crosstab report.I facing the problem: Some value of each column is loop for each row. EX: I have data: row1,co1(1000), col2(0),row2,col1(2000),col2(500).Then value of col1 loop from row1 and row2. Please help me!It's

How can I use my music as a ringtone on my iphone 6?

How can I use my music as a ringtone? ... I have an iphone 6 with iOS 8.1 and my computer uses Windows 7

ABAP Proxy to SOAP using PI

Dear Friends, I have the requirement ABAP Proxy to SOAP using PI. In R/3 I had generated the proxy , after that what I need to do. Please suggest me. Regards, Shalini Shah


Is it posible to use fillers( Box.Filler) in other layouts than boxlayout?

Really slow copy and paste function

I'm having alot of trouble with the copy and paste function in Numbers on my Mac.  I work from home and have to copy and paste alot of spreadsheets and numbers but when I copy a large set of numbers from one spreadsheet to another it takes FOREVER to

Where are the desktop pictures  located in 10.6.8

i have personal photos landed in APPLE > nature when i right click on desktop pictures where are these located thanks

What are some cool things you can do with TWO Macs (one MBP and one MB)?

What are some interactions that can happen between two Macs? I have a MacBook Pro, and my sister just bought a MacBook for herself. I can sense that there must be something cool we can do between them, because it's Apple ! Any input would be apprecia

Speaker Stands for I-trigue 5600

hey I just bought I-trigue 5600 system and i was intending to get back speaker stands so that i can have them positioned properly. Creative sight is not giving me any accessories for I-Trigue 5600 does any one know what are the stand style number of

Launching Mail becomes a runaway process and creates a massive memory leak in the kernel task

I have 16gig of ram, my kernel task is currently using 12gig, Mail is no longer responding while using all remaining ram Mail has been jammed at 100% of one i7 core for about 2 hours now, disk activity is almost nonexistant. it was running poorly yes

Banner should be displayed on top of all pages

Hi i have some 20 pages, i have to include a image as banner in the top of the page & bottom of the page too. how to do it ?

Help ! TextArea doesn't work w/ html property

IDE version : Flash 8 / CS2 Hi, I have big troubles with TextArea component using html and embedFonts properties with integrated font. In brief words: - When embedFonts and html properties are true and using integrated font, my textarea is empty. No

Icons not showing up on desktop...

Hi, I've encountered what seems to be an intermittent, though frequent, problem with Leopard. When saving items to the desktop, or when mounting external drives, the icons do not always appear there. However, when I look at the desktop's contents via

Verizon Appearance when I open my screen

I always get Verizon logo home page  appearing when I open my pc.  How do I get rid of it permanently ?  I DO NOT WANT IT AS MY HOME PAGE!!!!!

ITunes Version 11.0.5 Home Sharing

iTunes version 11.0.5 can't find menu "items not in library" when trying to use home sharing.  Any pointers?

ECess & HSCess in PLA

Hi Gurus I have created Excise JV through J1IH For PLA The entries that i have passed is H & S PLA - ECess------Cr PLA BED 220           - Cr PLA - ECess 220      - Cr CENVAT Clearing     - Dr I have extracted the register through j2i5 and when i m d

Do i need to keep mp4's on my computer as well as itunes after i transfer them?

ihave a ton of mp4 movies and just bought an apple tv so i threw a bunch on my itunes so they could work together but now i'm really running low on space, can i delete the mp4's in my downloads folder after they were copied into itunes? thanks a ton

Displaying the time on DVR box

Sometimes I see the time on our DVR box and sometime it's the channel. How do we toggle to see the time?

HT1937 Password Error

I've been trying to purchase some things from a game app latley and every time I type my password it says that "The apple ID you entered couldn't be found or your password is incorrect. Please try again." Its been like this for 3 days now. I even cha