I have a MSI 790FX-GD70 and bought the OCZ3BE16000C8LV4GK memory to go with my Phenom II 965 BE CPU. Memory is supposed to work with 790 chipsets and BE CPUs. It is not listed on the "Test" list for this MOBO. When I set the AOD BEMP the system will

Want to use a Credit Card from a Country which is not in Apple's List

Recently, I moved to Serbia, where I now live and work, and I would like to change my Apple ID account so that it it uses my credit card number here. Having said that, Apple has just about every country in the list except for Serbia. I'm aware that t

Adobe lifecycle pdf is not working in adobe reader

Hi Team I have designed one form in Adobe lifecycle designer. In that form i have button to export pdf to xml.it is working in adobe lifecycle pdf preview screen,but if you open in adobe reader export functionality is not working.How the end user wil

Problem using text boxes as the "image" to drag and drop over audio file

I have been adding audio files to my page in iWeb (previous version, not '08), but I am having a problem giving them titles. When you first drag a file from iTunes into iWeb, it provides a space for you to drag and drop a picture. The online iWeb gui

Clear Item Cache after validation failure

Hi Guys, I have a page validation that fires when two items (P6_LOCATOR_ID & P6_NEW_LOCATION) are equal which is working OK. The field validation is on the P6_NEW_LOCATION field. When this validation is true, I want the validation message to appear a

Lost my ringtones with the update

I have noticed this week that all my notifcations, ring tones, etc have changed. I went to change them back and nearly all of my default tones are gone ""Invalid ring tone selection, please make another selection". My guess is they disapeared after t

I need power adaptor for a Mac Monitor

I bought a Mac monitor but it must need an adaptor to get power from my Mac Pro.  HELP.

Get synced photos in order of date

I've just synced my iPhone with my Aperture library for the first time. I used to sync it with iPhoto. I never had a problem getting my albums (projects) in order of date since I managed them manually. Now.... I have my folders organized in years (20

HT1689 I have a positive account balance why is my credit card charged?

I have a positive account balance by the use of gift cards from friends.  So, why is my credit card charged instead of deducting the amount from my balalce?  Can I choose to debit my account balance instead of charging on the card?

Trying to use Process Control in session bean

Hi, In Workshop, I have a session bean that is <i>trying</i> to call a method on a business process control. (The control was created in a process project and then moved to a control project to make it visible.) The problem, in the example below, is

No posting to GL for revaluation

I have done ABAW for entering revaluation amount. After entering it, i entered opening depreciaiton of previous year. Then i ran ASKB for posting the values to GL account. But amount are not posted for the revaluation & depreciation on revaluation. I

Please Nokia bring back the ((6310i)) with the lat...

Hi Please Nokia make our wish become true Bring back Nokia ((6310i)) with new software  because this cell phone is the best ever you create  thanks

Logging to Oracle

Hello, I wanted to log on to Oracle server. Basically we have SAP XI and the database is Oracle. how can I log on to ORacle? Thanx

User event or event structure time-out

Hi, I have two VIs one is a producer, one consumer. The consumer VI is called programatically (i.e. not wired) when the producer VI is run Both have user interfaces using an event structure. I have a control on the producer that i wish to use to trig

Keyboard interfacin​g in starter kit 2.0 Robot

Hello                  I want to control starter kit 2.0 robot using  keyboad . anyone  worked  in Keyboard interfacing in starter kit 2.0 Robot ?                  I use event structure to get  scan code of press key . according  to this code control

WD ABAP - Search help using Selection-options

Hi Experts i am using interface IF_WD_SELECT_OPTIONS method  ADD_SELECTION_FIELD for filling the selection parameters add a new field to the selection   wd_this->m_handler->add_selection_field(   i_id = '/DMF/EXT_PROD_ID'   it_result = lt_range_table

Setting the -client option on invocation of Java via JavaApplicationStub

I'm in my info.plist. I've added VMOptions. I've tried <key>Java</key> <dict> <key>VMOptions</key> <array> <string>-client</string> </array> </dict> I've tried <key>Java</key> <dict> <key>VMOptions</key> <string>-Xclient</string> </dict> And yet when

XML digital signature XAdES support

Are there any plans for supporting XaDES Advanced electronic signature as specified by ETSI TS 101-93? It's a quite common format, and well acknowledged (for instance by italian and other EU countries regulations). Should i file or vote an RFE?

Can I work with .docx files with snow leopard?

I'm told if I use windows, I can fill out .docx files after I down-load them, rather than printing them out, filling them out by hand, then scanning/attach to an e-mail or 'fax' them. Can I do this with Snow Leopard 10.6.8 ?

Creating OTD from a WSDL

Hi to all, unfortunately I'm stuck in a problem. I have a wsdl and I want to call a external webservice out of a jcd. Question: How can I build a OTD from a WSDL? The OTD Wizard only provides creating an OTD with the help of an existing XSD, but not