Invoice Date needs to be date when Customer receives goods

Client when shipping by sea would like the Invoice Date to be the same day the customer received the goods, basically the Pick Up Date even though the delivery might have been 'shipped' from the jetty. How can this be done? Would the Invoice Date be

I can't sync Calendars after upgrading to 1.2

I've just upgraded my iTunes to version 7 and my 5th Gen iPod to version 1.2. Before this I could sync the calendar in Outlook quite happily (I always got a warning from my security software first) Now it says that it is unable to sync the Calendar.

Can I use my apple Id on my iPhone and iPad 3

Can I use my apple id on my iPhone 4 a d my iPad 3

HP 1300 wont print from Remote Desktop applications

I have an HP 1300n attached via USB to a windows 7 computer.  I log onto a clien'ts windows 2003 server using remote desktop application.  I have installed the driver to HP 1300 PCL 5 on the remote server and of course it's installed on the windows 7

Mac OS 10.6.8 Parental Controls interfere with Firefox by preventing access to websites and plug ins

Mac OS 10.6.8 iMac, running FireFox 15 in grade school computer lab. When Parental controls are enabled in system preferences Firefox does not work properly. Can't use Google to search from the search bar at the top, can't access plug ins, there are

How to restore the Camera App./Icon that comes with the iPhone ?

I accidentally deleted my Camera app icon when I was rearranging icons on my iPhone 4S. Since it's a "standard feature" and not an "App" from the App store I cannot find out how to "resinstall" what came with your phone as standard feature. Yet, I ca

Siri won't work in data mode

siri does not respond in data mode.  I have tried resetting, restarting, turning siri on/off, data mode on/off.  Siri is not available in data mode.  My carrier is AT&T.

Networking With Pc's =-(

I need to create an LAN with my mac and PC. The MAc has Tiger. The PC has Windoes XP Pro.

Pipelined function issue

I have a function which populates a collection, pipe the elements in the collection and throws the piped table object. Its working fine. But when I pass the collection to this function instead of populating them in the function. Its throwing a error

Use of all document versions in TREX searches

Hi, Does anyone know if TREX supports searches that include all versions not just the actual version of documents. Thanks. Dick

Problem registering my iPod

It seems there's a problem with the Registration Information page when I choose to register my iPod. No matter what I do, it keeps saying that the postal code i've entered is incorrect: "The postal code you entered is not valid for [?]." I've chosen

Java Coding

hi Guys i wrote a bean for the database connection. In my bean i use the class[b] Product for creating the instance .Code goes like this ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery(sql); while ( Product product = new Product(); = rs.getInt(1);

XML DB as a web service provider

Does anyone know where I can find some info/sample programs that use XML DB as a web service provider. I'd like to start publishing PL/SQL packages as web services and can't seem to find anything other than high-level info. Thanks for any responses.

Use partial view in MVC 4

Hi, for explain: i've a class contact and a contact can have one or more category (seller,customer,admin,...) I'd like to develop a partial view with 2 listbox. (one with all category and the other with the selected category) My issue is how can i pa

ITunes causing I/O error

Hi, I recently started using iTunes again on my laptop, but when I opened the program, it goes as far as the make-iTunes-default-media-player dialog screen before it crashed--and then it crashed my entire computer. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a

Weblogic Messaging Bridge stops working

Hi, we are having a Weblogic Integration Domain (WLI 8.1). This domain has several JMS distibuted destinations and Messaging Bridges. In Production environment, the Messaging bridge stops then and there and lot of messages get piled up in the queues.

EXP/IMP on Oracle RDB

I am being told that I can simply use the exp command on Oracle RDB to export a database, and use the imp command to import this database on HP-UX 9i. Obviosuly this is not the system tables, just the application tables, but I cannot seem to get this


can any body tell me about what is pipeline and what are pipeline services

Integration of Oracle Financials (OF) with Oracle Retail (OR)

Hi , We are currently doing a integration of Oracle Financials with Oracle Retail. We have deployed BPEL processes for this. The Bpel process which transfers set of books from Oracle Financials is SendGLCCToRetek. The problem is that the process is n