Since i upgraded to FF4 Beta. The suggestion bit in my Google toolbar, works but not when you click on a suggestion?

It gives suggestions but when you click on them nothing happens they just disappear.

How to use one query results in another query

hi, in I have founded that using variable type replacement path I can use one query results in another query. It is wrote there that I have to choose query name results I want to get in variable definition but I do not know where. How I can

How to avoid blank page in xml publisher report

hi, i have a xml report, it shows 7 rows in one page. the question is: if there are just 7 rows , when previews with pdf, it will generate 2 pages, the first page shows 7 rows, and the second page is blank. anyone can help? you can get the rar file t

Upgrade Premiere Pro CS5.5 on PC to CS6 on MAC? Use both at same time?

Can I upgrade from my Premiere Pro CS5.5 on my PC Laptop to CS6 on my new MAC machine?  If so, will I still be able to use my CS5.5 on my PC at the same time as using CS6 on my MAC? I'd be grateful for your advice and, if this is possible, how to pro

Ipod says searching when turned on

My ipod says searching when turned on and I am not able to do anything else! any suggestions

GR problem in case of last year excise document

SAP GURUS, help required, In our scenario what we do, we do excise invoice capture through j1iex, then migo(GR), then excise invoice post. The problem is coming in goods receipt(migo-gr), if the excise document date(bill date on paper) that is captur

PC Suite - Music Manager shuts down.

I just bought the nokia n73 ME, and I downloaded the PC suite from the net. However when I try to use the Music Manager to transfer music, after I select the songs and choose copy to the phone, my music manager shuts down. Please advise if t

WKT Contains Scientific Notation

I have a table with an SDO geometry column. Our data is stored in Web Mercator to simplify displaying maps on a web page. My team's preferred way of shuffling geometries around is via its WKT since this is human readable and widely used. So we are fe

Errors installing SCOM 2012 Reporting Services

I've run into an issue installing SCOM2012 Reporting Services, that I can't seem to figure out. I installed SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2 SSRS local to the SCOM server using an instance name of SCOM. I created the databases for this on another server (SQL s

64 bit RHEL 4 - runInstaller: cannot execute binary file

I have downloaded Forns and Reports services install of application server for itanium linux. When trying to run the installer, I get: /opt/oracle/depot/Disk1/runInstaller: line 135: /opt/oracle/depot/Disk1/install/runInstaller: cannot execute binary

Iphoto inconsistencies to be repaired

every start of iphoto requires to repair inconsistencies; any ideas?

Oracle Text contain query limit with 9i

The Oracle Text contain query is defined as this: CONTAINS( [schema.]column, text_query VARCHAR2 [,label NUMBER]) RETURN NUMBER; Is the size limit of text_query 4000 bytes with 9i? Is it increased with 10g or is it accepting CLOB in 10g? I always got

DB authentication for Reports 10g

Hi Following is our environment Oracle Application Server 10g ( - Infrastructure and Middle Tier on same node. Oracle Database 10g R2 ( Current Situation We are running Forms/Reports 10g that were upgraded from 6i Client-Server

Reading Adobe pdf (with search feature)

Is there a way for me to read adobe pdf's on the iPhone? Anybody mind explaining the best way to do this? And if so, is there a way for me to use the Acrobat search feature that allows you to type in a word and cycle through them in the text? Thanks

Printing/Disabling print button

Hi, I don´t want users to print using the standard print button of Acrobat. To do that, I used the PDF security functionality (in File | Form Properties). I do want, on the other hand, the users to print using a custom button on the form that uses th

Apple TV showing wrong artwork...

When playing music in iTunes and selecting Multiple Speakers, sending the music to my Apple TV, the Apple TV plays the songs fine, but the artwork is incorrect. It is always off by one song. For instance... when I play song 1, it shows fine on Apple

Different numbers of songs

I have an Ipod classic 160gb. On my iTunes appears that I have a certain number of songs, on my iPod a different number of songs and when I put to play on suffle songs it appears another number os songs. What's going on? What should I do to keeps all

TM2- no pressure sensitivity in photoshop!

hi guys, i just installed photoshop cs3 , which both do not work when it comes to pressure senstivity, ive tried updating  it but still no go, please, need help!

Decimal and formatted search

hello, I've defined an UDF as Price. Number of decimal for prices is set to 3 in the general settings. the actual result of my formatted search is rounded to 2 decimals although 3 decimal are displayed. here is a simple formatted search that illustra

Resource_view and ORA-30757

Hello, I saw in an old thread that select * from resource_view is a method for checking if XDB is correctly installed. I checked on three different instances and none is returning anything, I always get ORA-30757: cannot access type information What'