Problem with correlation on QA systems

Hi all i need help!!! I have a problem with correlation on QA systems!!!! I have exported file (SCVW and CS) from DEV system and imported into QAL system! I ve changed the parameters of CCs!! But messages on sxi_moni doesn't meet correlation!!!! The

How do i get my itunes library on a new windows laptop?

I need help getting my itunes library from my old pc onto my new one! when i sync the ipod a message comes up asking if i want to erase all the contents on the ipod touch which i dont want to do. i want whats on my ipod to be in my itunes library on

Do you value customer service in a cell phone company?

I am a military member currently living in Arlington, VA.  On August 10, 2013, I visited the Verizon Wireless at Fashion Centre store at the Pentagon City Mall (1100 S Hayes St., Ste 3032, Arlington, VA 22202).  I visited the store because my cell ph

How to recover a Yoga tablet 2 with Windows 8.1

How to : Recover a Yoga tablet 2 version with Windows 8.1 Bing  In case of emergency, if you need this option , or other circumstances ... last hope .. without keyboard ... Yoga tab 2 as tablet itself ...equipped with three manual function

How to Open DJVU Files in Lion?

Do any of the free utilities to open djvu files in OS X work on Lion?


Hi,   I am getting Short Dump in this Program - ASSIGN_BASE_TOO_SHORT in DBPNPF03 (SAPDBPNP). Kindly advise me what I have to do for this one. Is there any SAP Note available for this Dump. Also, I have checked the SAP Note. There is no SAP note spec

In Service contract, to change the valid form date on service code level.

Hi. I want to change the price valid form date on service code level ( i.e. in condition)  in Service contract. I know i can  do that with ME32 transaction but i have lot of Service contract with more then 10,000 line items Is there any way that i ca

Associating a Windows app with my camera on my Mac

I am trying to associate the attachment of my digital camera with the launching of Darwine-mediated Picasa2. I have tried the RCDefaultApps utility but it greys-out all .exe files. I tried but could find no way in the GUI to affix a 'P

Opened my ipod touch now screen is black

I recently got a silica ball stuck in my head phone Jack and tried everything to get it out, including opening my iPod. That didn't help so I closed it and then tried to turn it on and nothing happened. It looks like it is turned off but will I go to

List out all synntax errors pf report at a go

Hi all,     I have a requirement to copy the entire customised report from 4.6 system to ECC 6.0 and to clear all the syntax errors. In ECC6,there are no customised objects which are in 4.6 system. So, in syntax check, I am finding only one error at

Safari is constantly playing some classical music.  How do I make it stop?

A couple weeks ago, Safari started to play some sort of classical/symphonic music all the time, and I cannot figure out how to make it stop.  I'm more of a classic rock fan.  Anyone have this problem and have ideas how to stop it.

Titles in Premiere render washed out.

I don't usually use Premiere for titles, but current project necessitates I used the titling tool. Because of time constraints I'm hoping this is a quick fix. I notice that my titles render their color perfectly and vibrantly in the title edit panel.

Error inExportToDisk method for Excel (nvalid export DLL or export format)

Hi, I'm new to Crystal Reports and facing a problem with its ExportToDisk method. I'm using Crystal Reports 2008 with MS .Net v3.5 SP1. I get the below error while trying to export to a Excel file. The Datasource is a dataset. Could you please help m

My MacBook Pro died suddenly when I was removing a flash drive (LG up3 neon ps4) and is now both unresponsive and unchargable. Is there anything I can do to fix it on my own? (There aren't any apple stores in my current country)

My MacBook Pro died suddenly when I was removing a flash drive (LG up3 neon ps4) and is now both unresponsive and cannot be charged. Troubleshooting.... Is there anything I can do to fix it on my own? (There aren't any apple stores in my current coun


Hello, Does anyone know when JDK 1.4 is going to be released in non beta form? I truely do not want to have my clients pull beta plug ins and then real plug ins. Thanks in advance. Jay

I can not access Itunes Store from my computer. When I run the dianostic I get a red light that says "Secure Link to the Itunes Store Failed".

I can not access Itunes Store from my computer. When I run the diagnostic tool for network connectivity, my network connects but I get a Red light that says "SECURE LINK TO THE ITUNES STORE FAILED". Can anyone help me on this problem?

Where is the gradient tool?

Hi, Where is the gradient tool in Flash CS4? Please reply. Thanks.

Inner join Statement

Hi All, I am using this inner Join Statement       SELECT *       FROM vbap AS a INNER JOIN vbak AS b                      ON avbeln = bvbeln                      AND amandt = bmandt       WHERE a~vbeln IN lr_vbeln AND             a~posnr IN lr_posnr

Speed dials on N96

Hi Speed dials not working on my n96, tried all usual things, anybody else got this problem or ideas how to fix?