Since installing ICloud, and updating IO, programs and websites close whenever I scroll, going back to home page. I have tried turning it off, but that does not work. Can anyone help me out? Also, the keyboard is very slow.

I am frustrated with the new update and the ICloud. Any program i open, or website I am in, closes suddenly, an returns to the Home page. Also the keyboard is very slow. None of this existed until I did the two updates. Can anyone help?

How to store ,retrieve and display the data in the structured format?

Hi All, We have a requirement in which we need to store a information of type some thing like as below: "The PCM_OP_SEARCH opcode fails for the below search used in invoicing module: 0 PIN_FLD_POID           POID [0] /search -1 0 0 PIN_FLD_FL

How can I check for 'undefined'?

Hi, I am creating a custom MP3 player where audio playback is started by clicking on the title of the audio, but I also want to be able to start play abck from the Play/Pause button. In order to implement this dual approach, I am thinking of checking

External Hard Drive is not connecting or loading to my laptop?

Why is it when i connect my Western Digital External Hard Drive to my laptop it does not connect or is seen on my laptop?

Changing the selection screen based on the option in list box option

Hi Experts, I have a list box parameter in my selection screen, i have four options and i am changing my selection screen based the option selected. see my code below, at selection-screen output.   GS_VRM_VALUES-KEY = '1'.   GS_VRM_VALUES-TEXT = TEXT

Part of image shifts when inserting footer

Okay, when I go to insert a footer into a document, a portion - not all - of that document shifts.  The document is an exported pdf from ArcMap which contains several thousand elements.  All elements appear to remain in their original position with a

Strange bug when sending messages in parallel with same sender component

We have one sender business system sending messages to two different interfaces in parallel using an asynchronous soap channel : Interface1 and Interface2.  In this scenario the Interface1 messages appear to be conflicting in some way with the Interf

Why is the second row in the recordset not updated?

Hi, I have this problem. I have written a servlet named processPOItem. The following is the doPost Method in the processPOItem class: public class processPOItem extends HttpServlet { //attributes public String strPO; ConnectionPool connectionPool = n

Problem in file association and main-class in JWS

Hello , all I have a problem in JWS with file association and main-class. I have a java application that has two entry classes, one is appmain.class that is required to launch from web, and the other is player.class that is required to launch when us

Recording a last updated time for each record in a table

hi i have a table with 5 columns. and the table has 100 rows of data. i need to add a sixth column and this column should contain the last updated time of that particular row. i am allowed to use triggers. for example, if the 55th row undergoes a cha

Park N Go - problem with the Offline option

I am working with the BPC 5.1 and sometimes when I use the Offline option my report/Input Schedule is transformed in #RFR and #NODATA. This problem becomes a bigger problem when I use the Offline Distribution List to publish the reports to send to cl

'Page Info' doesn't support HTML5 'meta charset' tag?

Admittedly this isn't a catastrophic problem, but it seems that the Firefox 'Page Info - General' dialog does not support HTML5's '<meta charset="UTF-8">' tag - the dialog displays an empty line in my Firefox 21.0 browser. If the meta charset tag is

Issues faced while setting up SSL for ADS (Java + ABAP)

Hi, Connection test to test SSL connection to ADS using program FP_PDF_TEST_00 fails with the following exception: ERROR CODE    :    100.101 ERROR MESSAGE : SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionTransport : HTTP receive failed with exception communi

Problems with CellRendererP(AIN)ane

Hi, I have a serious problem in using the CellRendererPane when drawing components in a Panel. See this code fragment: public class A_PANEL extends JPanel private MyPanel myPanel = new MyPanel(); /* --> setOpaque(true) was invoked in this class durin

Frfx opens showing homepage in small icon on Windows 7 bar at bottom. But it will not open with a full screen. Tried uninstalling and downloading newest. Did not help..

I open Frefx and a small icon of homepage shows above taskbar at bottom of Win7. But I cannot open a full page or use Firefox. I tried uninstalling then installing newest version, but this did not solve the problem. Have had to go back to IE

SAPScript J_1B_BOLETO_ITAU for transaction F110 - program RFFOBR_D

Hi, everybody! I'd like to insert a field in a z-copy of SAPScript J_1B_BOLETO_ITAU, but I can't find the point of the print program where I can declarate the variable (I'm using a z-copy of the program RFFOBR_D). Is there anyone who help me? Thanks!

Insert JavaScript Error

Hi Guys, I have just completed a page and when I try to finish the insert behaviour I get the following error message 'While executing apply ServerBehaviour in insert Record.htm, a JavaScript error occured' Does anyone know if this is a know bug, or

Slide show error

Why do I get the error unexpected log when trying to save a slide show as a video in Light room 4? How do I fix it? Nee slide show very soon. Thank you in advance for your help.

Can't connect to remote mini

I have a headless remote Mini in which I was hoping to reduce bandwidth consumption by following the knowledge base note HT3789 (, "Mac OS X v10.6: Disabling mDNSResponder will disable DNS" which is a method to stop

OracleDBConsole on 11g

Have just installed Oracle 11g on Windows XP Pro SP2 After initilal problems with the service for OracleDBConsoleOrcl not starting (error code 2), I changed from DHCP to fixed IP address and also added IP address and host name to hosts file. The Orac