IOS 8.1 Music app not allowing search by artist

On my iPhone 4S, I usually search music by artist. Since the update to 8.1, my phone no longer responds to searching through the alphabet down the RHS for Artist. It does for the Category Songs , but not for Artists. Have others experienced this?  Is

Purchase Invoice Report fields

hi,        I need to create a purchase invoice drilldown report. the hierarchy for report is.. Company> Plant> Location >Vendor->Invoice here company and plant are available in RSEG. Where can i find  Storage Location and vendor?.. Thanks Sri

Change Manager and Person Responsible

Why the Change Manager partner function is defined with function category "Person Responsible" and the CRM relationship "is responsible BP for"? This is related to the "Person responsible" field of a change document in the transaction crmd_order, whe

HT1551 I have a USB cable showing up and the iTunes logo, what do I do?

I have a USB cable showing up and the iTunes logo, what do I do? 

BPC 7.5 NW on BW 7.3 - Unable to post journals

Hello All, We're in the process of migrating from MS to a Netweaver version of BPC 7.5 A few issues and one of the main ones relates to posting journals. On a consolidation app I try to post a journal and it disappears. Here's what I do. 1 Created Jo

Can anyone explain this ADVANCED problem?

I created a RAM disk on my Performa 6360 (running OS 9.1 136MB RAM) one day and after I rebooted the Mac was not bootable. I did the following to get it to boot, none of which worked. 1. Booted with extensions off 2. Booted with the OS 9.x, OS 8.5, O

If someone makes a photo stream. Can I send them pictures through that same one?

If someone makes a photo stream. Can I send them pictures through that same one?

KB3011780 returns "the update is not applicable to your computer"

I was able to install KB3011780 to all Wind2K3 & Win2012 non-R2 DCs, except our only Win2012 R2 domain controller.  that server will not pick the KB from the WSUS server, from MS Updates online and when I try to install via WU Standalone I get: the u

IPhone showing crazy colors on screen when recording video?

I seem to be having a problem with my iPhone when I go to record video. I get this crazy colored looking screen (it shows up in the video and you can see it on screen when recording). Any ideas as to how to fix this? Thanks in advance, David

Can anyone help with problem updating iphone5s cant get anything only apple on screen sometimes screen flashes blue

can anyone help with problem updating iphone5s cant get anything only apple on screen sometimes screen flashes blue

Having problem with caseIgnoreIA5Match

Hi, I am in the process of building a S1DS 5.2 server to replace an existing NDS 4.12 server. We use the LDAP_ROUTE feature of sendmail, and so I have to define the mailLocalAddress attribute and inetLocalMailRecipient objectclass as a schema extensi

Time Confimation - iw41

Hello Frnds ! I am doing the time confirmation for the operation,but system is still allowing to enter the time again and again for the same order .I want to generate a error msg if it confirmed once .Please suggest what to do in SPRO Regards ! Ajay

Can't use external display w/o magsafe connected while lid is closed

I've got the latest 15" MBP with Retina Display. At work I connect it to a 23" Cinema Display and at home I us a 20" Cinema Display in my studio. The desk I'm using isn't big enough to host my MBP with the lid up with my 20" display side-by-side , so


Dear All, I am trying to implement OSB service where is accepts JSON input and provides the output in the same format. Any pointers to this would be helpful. I tried converting JSON to xml using JSON lib but however failed to do so. TIA. Regards, Mit

DAQmx Timing

Dear all, I have this following VI solution that stems from the LabVIEW example for Continuous Digital Data Output. The issue concerns the System Clock - when set to a low sampling rate value (say, 1S/s), the rate seems to be much higher. The LED ind

Problems with Stuffit Expander!!!

Just got an iBook G4. After transferring some of my files from my PC a few of the videos were in Windows Media Player format. I downloaded the Media Player but it was compressed to a .sitx extension. I downloaded stuffit and installation was normal,

Help adding e mail address to bt .

ive just received a messagein yahoo mail from bt. but i uually get messages in my outlook mail too. when i looked at bt it has an old e mail adress and my bt one. how do i add my outlook adress to bt mail so that i get  messages in both accounts. i d

Sales Order in Entered Status are being considered in planning

Hi, We're having issues in ATO items, where we've sales orders, which are not booked yet so there is no supply created; however, ASCP is considering these entered SO in planning and suggesting the planned orders. Regards Nikhil

External FireWire Drive Stops Mounting

Friends, I did quite a bit of searching on this, and didn't find any answers. I have a 160 GB external FireWire that suddenly won't mount on my eMac, running the latest OS X. I store all my music and all my photos and videos on the drive. I can see i

New WLAN in 7.2 WLC WPA gtk-randomize State?

What does the option WPA gtk-randomize State do when configuring Layer 2 Security under a new WLAN in a WLC (Code level 7.2)? Thanks