How can I implement a status bar at the bottom of a resizable application?

Hello all, I am a JavaFx newbie and I am implementing an application (a Sokoban game), with a menu at the top of the frame and a gaming area covering the rest of the frame. To support the game, I have to load images at certain positions in the gaming

As previously asked question of lost music I noticed that I have a exclamation mark in front of them when I click on them, not an astrick as I said before, does anabody know what this means?

As I  previously asked about loss of my music, showing in my library, but not there; I have an exclamation mark after the check and when I click on it it says if I want to locate it. When I click on it it opens a file of lists of itunes files with di

Welcome to the Legacy Conference

Welcome to the Legacy series discussion board! Got a question about your older model Thinkpad?  Ask the members here for assistance.  Lets not let those wonderful older machines go to waste! Whether you're visiting from the forums at, N

Mapping tool creates new columns one at a time

Hi All, I'm using Kodo 3.2.2 with MySql 4.1. I have a fairly large table (over 2million rows) representing one persistent class. I need to add several new fields to the object, which will require a refresh mapping on the database to add new columns f

Error while upgrading - iPhone4 locked

I just tried to upgrade my iPhone 4 to OS vs. 4.3.4 After downloading and during the install I got a non-descriptive error message and now my iPhone is "locked" with the picture of the iTunes and USB icons on the screen. How do I fix this? Thanks!

Install arch on a virtual machine

I am following a tutorial to install arch linux on my virtual box, oracle. when it comes to the command mkinitcpio, it gives me an error, command not found. #arch-chroot /mnt #mkinitcpio -p linux sh: mkinitcpio: command not found I added /sbin to my

Hi!!!Can anyone suggest how to change data block dynamically using input

Hi all, Here is my requirement...I have a datablock which has 7 columns, these coloumn represent dates. I have a header in which I will input the date[b] from and to ( this is restricted to not more than one month). Now when I enter these 2 date fiel

1-2 hr. Load time for previously purchased iTunes TV shows

I just bought my Apple Tv and it is taking 1-2 hrs. to load my TV episodes that have already been purchased and downloaded to my iTunes library. Why? It doesn't have any trouble loading my Netflix movies, just the iTunes TV shows. I have already decr

MAC OSx Tiger loses connection info

I am running a newly installed Mac OSx Tiger OS on my G5 and have setup Oracle Calendar to connect to the server. The connection is maintained for as long as I have Oracle Calendar open. When I close it, Oracle Calendar reverts to a "new installation

Sharing desktop with Leopard

Hi there everybody. Not sure if this is the right place to post my question so my apologies if it has been done already somewhere else. Question is simple: is it possible to share a Tiger desktop remotely from Leopard OSX? Leopard to Leopard desktop

A bug? Photoshop Action Playback is too fast after CS5-CS6 upgrade!! My action wont work

On a PC I upgraded from CS5 to CS6 (cloud) over the long weekend and I'm now faced with a massive headache. The process actions I use intensively for my work are all foxed by the simple problem that the action playback is going too fast for scripting

Syncronisation time takes ages

I recently purchased an Ipod Touch but after connecting to the computer it takes more than 2 hours to syncronise with my IPOD Touch - I thought this was just because it was the first time - but every time since it takes more than 2 hours - I do not t

TS4036 iphone 4 will not restore purchased apps from icloud

only my most recent perchases (30 days or less) and my I apps restored to my iphone 4 from my stolen 3gs backup. and the app center will not allow me to download my already purchased apps from icloud. This event was the 4th failure out of 4 Attempts

Blackberry 7290 Doesn't Have Memopad??

I just bought a GSM unlocked Blackberry 7290 from, and upon getting it home and charging it, I found out it was missing some key applications; memopad, tasks and Help being the most noticable...  Tasks and Help I could care less abou

Wrapping Tool for Windows and Android Platform in Microsoft Intune

Hi, I know that there is wrapping tool for iOS. Is there any similar tool for Windows and Android platform? I hearad that the one tool "XapSignTool" for Windows. can we use this toll in intune? Regards, Venkatesh

Custom Segment field is getting cleared in ZCOSMAS01

Hi All We have created Idoc extension ZCOSMAS01 for Basic type COSMAS01, with custom segmetn having one Z field. This is inbound scenarion. The Sending system has confirmed that they are sending this field, but in receiving system this field is blank

Converting Multiply Bitmaps to JPEG's?

Hi. Is there a way to say convert 100 Bitmap images to JPEG using Photoshop? Instead of opening up & saving each image which would take a long time. Photoshop compresses the JPEG to really good qualty over 3rd party apps. thanks.

How to user oracle intermedia and plpdf to display image

Hi all, AS i know plpdf is very retriction to display images and i think it only valid for jpep and may be gif file extension. Can i display any kind of different file of format if i've both oracle intermedia and plpdf in my database. If yes, can you

Problem with a purchased ringtone...

Hi Today I purchased a ringtone directly from the iPhone through the iTunes app. Once back home, I synched my iPhone and on doing so got an error message from iTunes (on my Macbook) stating that ringtone was not copied to my iPhone because I am not a

Unrecognizable XML document by XI

We have a document to be mapped in XML, this document has the different fields of a table that need to be read by the XI integration engine so they can be send to the target company of the message, the fact is that at the moment whenever we do a test