Why am I having money taken from my account and I do not know what it is for?

Why do I keep having money deducted from my account?? I do not download apps tha u have to pay for I only download them that are free? I do not know we're the money is going what can I do about it

How can I pass value in status and reason for rejection using BAPI_LEAD_CREATEMULTI when creating multiple lead

Hello, I want pass value in STATUS and Reason for rejection according to requirement when i am creating multiple lead using BAPI_LEAD_CREATEMULTI. Please help me how can i pass value. Please give some sample code that in which table i have to pass va

Apex 3.2 SVG Chart - How to plot Stacked Bar With Negative Values ?

Currently Apex 3.2 Flash Chart (AnyChart 3.x) does not support Stacked bars with negative values. I try with SVG Stacked bars with positive values only, chart ploting works fine. When I add a new series with negative values (i.e -1) and I get a blank

How to get a rowcount from two different schema in two different databases?

Hello, I want to count of rows in each table in a schema say test, of DEV1 database to another schema say test of DEV2 database. both have same schema data in both the databases. my output should look something like this. Tablename database name DEV!

Ease in/out for a scaling image?

I have an image with a keyframe on the first frame and one on the last, and I have the image scaling up on the last frame. I'm not happy with how CS6 is scaling the image up, I would like to have it do it smoother. I right click on the last keyframe

Problem with pictures

I am trying to import a picture into the new version of iMovie. I have them in my iphoto library and I used to just rag them down to the editing area below. Now when I do that it does not stay, it shows that it is importing them and then just vanishe

AVI files with iDVD??

does anyone know how to make a 45min long avi file work with iDVD? i want to burn them to a watchable DVD, thanks

IPM - Reconciliation Report

Hello Friends, Is there a way to to create reconciliation report mapping image flow from ODC TO OFR TO IPM. Our client is looking forward this report to track the invoice movement. Please advice if someone tried this in the past. Cheers, KK Chopra

Attaching Variable to the Library for Report Painter for Cost center report

Hi, I want to attach the Variable - "Cost element group" to the Library for Report Painter for getting Cost center report. The Cost center report should be cost element group wise with actaul, budget and variance. Please let me know the process.

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot open database "MSCRM_CONFIG" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

Dear ALL  After successfully shifting the CRM from 2011 to 2013 i found a problem in Reporting section none of the report is working after some finding i conclude that MSCRM_FetchDataSource is not able to connect successfully  Through my report manag

Download OBIEE for Windows 32 bit

Where can I find the older version to download? We have installed on our linux servers, but I need to install the windows version on my PC to get access to catalog manager. I tried to install the latest version but it gave me an error when c

E - Business Suite R11i on Windows Server 2008

Hi , Can E - Business Suite R11i be install on Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 (32 bit) OS? If yes, what is minimum requirements for installing on Windows Server 2008 SP2 (32 bit)? I am trying to install this in my laptop but at the file unzipping

Sending email problem

I got a replacement 3GS on 06/08. Everything seemed to be working well. A few days ago, I answered an email, hit send, and assumed the email was sent, but it never appeared anywhere - not in my sent folder - not in my outbox.  I decided it was an abe

Identifying the correct MIME type for file uploads

How does Apex identify the MIME type of an uploaded file? I have a page that uploads a file and accesses it via APEX_APPLICATION_FILES. That works fine. The problem is that, for certain file types, the mime_types column is "application/octet-stream"

NullPointerException in EntityEJBContext - WL 4.5.1

Hi people WL 4.5.1 SP 14 on Solaris. We are getting these two exceptions rather often: Wed Nov 21 13:07:18 CET 2001:<I> <EJB> Ignoring exception raised in ejbPassivate: java.lang.NullPointerException at weblogic.ejb.internal.EntityEJBContext.passivat

CS5 trial will not start

I down loaded trial CS5 extended.  It loaded to the computer. I opened and installed the trial version.  I opened the program and it goes to the license agreement and I click on accept and it come right back to the license agreement every time and ne

Yosemite won't download from app store

When i click on download/upgrade to Yosemite in App store nothing happens. Installer does not pop up or anything. I have tried looking in Finder -> Applications for the install as others have eluded to but nothing. Also tried looking in purchases in

Automatic Refresh of Purchase Order Worklist (POWL) needed

Hi, We are running SRM6.0 on EP7 SP14 Portal. After saving (hold) a newly-created shopping cart, the user must manually click "Refresh" to see the new shopping cart inside the Purchase Order Worklist (POWL).  Most casual users do not anicipate needin

Upload BI roles into Portal

Hi Everybody, Cud i know how to upload BI roles into portal? Thanks in advance. Regards, lina