Third Party Process Issue

Hello Friends, Need Your Inputs for below issue" in third party process: SO is created with 2 line items, -->PR-->PO--> Vendor delivers only 1 item and MIRO is done for it, But During Creation of Customer invoice Both Line items are considered in the

Mail Contact Resolves to Wrong Address

Hello, I have a user that is sending a message to a email address and something is resolving the email address to the wrong address.  First of all, the email address in question is a mail contact on our system and is in the GAB. The SMTP email addres

ITunes 8003 error with Windows XP too

On Windows XP Pro I just downloaded 11 of 12 tracks. For the twelfth a 8003 error occured, with the message that the download was stopped because the network was interrupted. But the network is fine! I tried signing out/signing on and checking for pu

Copy Pricing Cond. from PO to Billing Doc. in 3rd Party Sales

Background For Third Party Processing, the standard SAP "Document Flow" is: Sales Order -> Purchase Order -> Invoice Receipt -> Billing Document Question 1 We have this Third Party Model described above mplemented with my current customer.  Standard

Connecting two BI systems to one R/3 system

Hi Experts, We are upgrading our BW 3.x to 7. This activity we are doing on a sandbox server. Now for integration testing we want to connect this BI sandbox to R3 QA system. RFC destination parameters are maintained in both the systems. Now when we g

Payment Run File destination

Hi guys, Our client is generating payment runs via transaction F110 using classic payment mediums. When a payment run is executed via transaction F110, I presume it creates a physical payment file as well as the payment report that is sent to spool. 

Ical won't launch with Leopard

Just installed Leopard and now says I can't use this version of iCal with my new operating system. Is there another version to download?

VGA BIOS Updates

I wish that someone Would Get MSI to get rid of the video BIOS flashing with live update. From what I know it don't work never has and probably never will. alot like the active X and install from the WEB witch don't work for $hit.

FCE Crashes on Export Quicktime conversion

Have captured and edited DV PAL. All goes well until Export-Using Quicktime Conversion. Software shuts down. All data lost from project. Anyone any ideas? Running FCE 4.0.1 in Leopard on an intel macbook with 2ghz of ram.

SSRS for Azure

Hi there, Looking at the recent article on the sunset clause for SQL Reporting on Oct 3, I'm wondering if I can still purchase SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) running on a Azure Virtual Machines (VM)? I actually want to point a reporting solutio

Can't import from Canon Rebel into Yosemite iPhoto.

Updated to Yosemite 10.10, iPhoto 9.6,  which recognizes my Canon Rebel T5i and shows a video but won't import because "there's a problem downloading" which tells me nothing. Any ideas?

CUCM, Why do we have to install firmware in every CPE?

Hi people, I was wondering, (and I'm sure I DID read), on some CUCM documents that when we upgrade a firmware for a Phone, we have to upgrade the firmware in every CPE (Active Call Manager Node), and on the TFTP server, then do a wide cluster restart

Possible to create a second handle on a point without moving the first one?

Hello again, Just had a question about something that often drives me crazy. Sometimes when I'm modifying an object (especially text that has been turned into outlines for logos etc) There are points on the path that I want/need to remove. Many of th

Upgrading oracle database to in windows platform

i want to upgrading oracle database to in windows that i can install oracle vault could anyone help

Adobe Muse without Creative Cloud?

Hi, Can I buy/subscribe to Adobe Muse without Creative Cloud?

Reader x will not allow me to convert word files to pdf

reader x will not let me convert word files to pdf's, even word files that have been converted before. unable to get support through adobe...

App Store must be built with Xcode 5.1.1 or later !

I just upload a new binary to one of my apps to iTunes but I got the following error when I submit for review: Apps and app updates submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 5.1.1 or later, and iOS 7 SDK.

Java process didn't stop.

hello, i'm runing oas10gR with Forms services. i have 2 java processes consuming 100 % of the cpu time ( nice time ). when a stop the oas with "opmnctl stopall" the java processes hagings didn't end ! i'm asking why these java processes are spending

Cant dowload programs w/o keychain.  help??!!

i need help.  i am trying to download programs to my mac and its asking for a keychain password.  its a new mac and i dont remember establishing a password.  how do i figure out?

Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC

What's the difference and do I need to install both?