Images from KM are not getting displayed in EP

Hi All, I am using EP7.0 SP11.When I run the portal, the images are not getting displayed. When I right click on the * mark and click on Show picture, then also its not appearing. Location of the Images that I received from EP is mentioned below. htt

Opening stock will be the closing stock of previous date

Hi All, Good day. I am developing an ALV report that will show opening stock(LABST) as well as closing stock(Calculated) for a range of date and materials. Problem here is that from MARD table I am getting only the last opening stock, because it has

Error while saving invoices or clicking the invoices tab in R12

Hi All - We are getting an error in the Payables Invoice Entry screen in R12. We have 4 custom triggers enabled recently and from then we are getting the error ORA-04088: error during execution of trigger. APPS.CUSTOM_AP_INV_AFT_TRG in AP_AI_TABLE_HA

Which HP Printe ?

I need to get a new printer and want to make sure I can print to it via my network/WIFI and my iphone/ipad. It seems confusing which HP printer is airprint enabled. Any one can give me a UK list Thanks

I used a clorox wipe to clean my macbook keyboard and some of the keys stopped working. I tried restarting and then all the keys stopped working. Now it won't turn on. I took the battery out and flipped it upside down to let it dry. help! what do I do?

It really wasn't that much liquid but now I'm freaking out. I've always used clorox wipes and this has never happened to me. I'm going to leave it for a few days to dry just so I don't mess it up anymore. I'm debating putting it in rice. I just can't

Synaptics touchpad on 4540s works for one person but not another

The Synaptics touchpad on my ProBook 4540s (Win 7) works normally when I use it but when my wife tries to use it, the touchpad is unresponsive after a very slight initial cursor movement.  (Anticipating replies - Yes,  she casts a shadow, pictures of

Line Items Data Source for General Ledger

Hello everybody, I'm trying to generate a Data Source for Line Items (new General Ledger) in transaction FAGLBW03. When I generated a Total Record-Data Source, everything was done correctly. When I try to generate a Line Item-Data Source, I receive f

Making Code Backward Compatible (SDK 1.4 - 1.3)?

In SDK there is a method added in Toolkit class: "public void setDynamicLayout(boolean dynamic)". Is it possible to generate code which is compatible no matter if the bytecode runs on a 1.3 VM or a 1.4 VM? I would like to do something like (pseudocod

Iphone 5 keeps switching to silent on its own

My Iphone 5 is stuck on silent mode, or more accurately it keeps switching to silent on its own. The problem started about 2 days ago, after upgrading to iOS 7.1 last week. The phone keeps switching in and out of silent mode (without the button being

I cannot play music with my slideshows. I setup the music but it does not play, even with my older slideshows I hear no music.

I cannot play music with my slideshows. I setup the music but it does not play, even with my older slideshows I hear no music.

Invoice Reversal in Closed Period

Hello everyone,                          Can an invoice, whose posting period is closed be reversed?Also, in the transaction MR8M( for invoice reversal) under the "reason for reversal" field, what is the difference between "invoice reversal" and "act

Icloud crash on windows

Each time I start my Windows 7 Pro laptop, I get a message that iCloud has crashed and there is no known solution.  I'm assuming that there is a conflict with some other app (maybe SugarSync) on my PC.  Anyone aware of a solution? Fred

Standard batch input program for Routing

Hi, Please inform me if there is any standard batch input program for uploading routing data. Regards Ramakanth

Enable data protection in the FDM application

Hi All, I just added a custom member in HFM and I would like to enable data protection in the FDM application for the particular custom member. Can anyone tell me how to enable the data protection in the FDM application. Regards, Sanjeev

PDK portlet and JSF

Is there a way to use jsf in pdk portlets? Or a least does someone have experience writing some kind of wrapper provider for jsr168 portlet. thanks for advance

Live type letters are showing all broken up...

Live type letters are showing all broken up, more so when I export them to FCP Studio

Where can i locate my installed add-ons on a Mac?

when i re-opened firefox 3.6 - a pop-up window said "1 new add-on has been installed" i want to know what that is and what other add-ons i had installed - but unable to locate where that information is. on a Mac OS 10.4 thanks for any help

Photos grayed out

Some, not all, of my pictures are grayed out in the All Photos view. I can click on the light gray square and the picture is revealed. But when I return to the All Photos view it reverts to a light gray square. Any ideas?

Recordset paging in cs3

I am trying to use the recordset paging button in dreamweaver it seems to load right but when I hit next it says 0-0 zero and is empty even though the first page says there is 517 items to look at . I am not getting to the second page and beyond for

Controlling PCI-1422 with Labview instead of MAX

Hello Experts, I want your help in one of my problem. I have a camera from Sensors Unlimited which is SU-640 1.7 RT-D and a NI parallel card PCI-1422. I can use and acquire data with MAX from the camera but I want to operate,use and acquire images fr