IPod 5th Gen doesn't find any WiFi signals after battery was dead for two days.

I recently bought an ipod 5th generation, it only has the selfie camera (no back camera). My battery then ran out, and my iPod was dead for two days. My iPod charging cable wasn't working, so i went out to buy a new one. After charging it with the ne

Multiple BPS variables in Bex web report

Hi Guys, I am trying to have a Bex report use the BPS variables in the web interface. I have managed to do so with 1 variable, but we have a number of variables. I have created the code below to get the result. however this doesn't seem to work. Can

Does anyone know how to transfer gift card credit from one itunes account to another?

I redeemed my daughters gift card to the wrong account and want to transfer it to her account?  Any suggestions?

Something went wrong. To try again, reload the page and then start the workflow, error on starting a workflow

i have already create a custom workflow with sharepoint designer and checked for error and it seem fine. i published it on my document library so apprear the first issue : the column that contain the name of my workflow apprear and the link to start

IMovie 11, v.9.0.4, How do I keep clips in the same spot in the timeline?

So I have random video clips, and an audio track, recorded all from one music recording session.  I want the audio in the background (I just dropped it in to the timeline as a background audio track) and I have various clips from different cameras th

When I go to the app store on my iPod and iPad graphics do not show in the description, why?

why doesn't the graphics appear when I click on an app for description?

Use of URL in MDM

Hi All, I want to know what is the exact use of URL in MDM? Please explain me with some procedures. Regards, Pramod

How can I get the position assigned to the user in CRM .

Hi all , How can we get the positions to which a  user is assigned as a holder in CRM . Thanks , Naval bhatt .

SM19 Transaction in Background

Hi ,    The transaction SM19 is currently executed on a specified time manually. The requirement is to write a program so that it can be scheduled and  made to execute automatically . The program executes correctly online , but does not work  when it

Java.util.concurrent versions: Doug's Lea X J2SDK 1.5.0b31

B31 version of java.util.concurrent has a class named ScheduledExecutor. The new Doug Lea's code (in his web site) has no such class, but a new one named ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor. He says that we must use the new code, not the code that ships with

Selecting a favourite doesn't close the list

Explorer (all versions from 3) has always closed the drop down list once the favourite has been selected. This is vital, particularly on a small screen netbook. After all who wants a third of the available viewing area taken up by a non-required list

How to design for YTD, Monthly & Last year Key figures

Hi Gurus: Can you pls tell me how to design a data model, where a user wants to get YTD, Monthly & Last year Key figures say Sales volume... Is aggregates the answer? Pls let me know...Thanks a lot

UME+LDAP issue

Hi SDN Guru's,             Here is my problem. I have set up UME to use ADS as backend. Now i have enabled SSL on ADS and i am able to write data into ADS, like creating users, groups etc. on 636 port. I have 2 problems now 1)The connection to the LD

Digital looking clock

Can anyone tell me how I could have a digital looking clock (hh:mm:ss) in the corner of my applet. I can't find a good java class to do this. I can get the date ok but the time never works right. Cheers

My back camara stopped working it won't take a picture. It's like stuck or something. Any suggestions

Help if you can tell me anything about camara beeping stuck close

How can I remove an icon from the status menu when command and drag doesn't work?

I am trying to remove a status icon for an application I uninstalled. When I try to drag it, nothing happens, so removing it by the "command"key & drag method isn't effective. Is there another way I can get rid of it?

Redo log recommendations...

hello, i have been getting the below error freqently in my alert log.. Thread 1 cannot allocate new log, sequence #### Checkpoint not complete after reading on it, figured out i need to adjust the size of my redo. right now i have 4 redo log groups (

Standard Cost and 'What if' cost

Hi Standard Cost and 'What if' cost Please explain what is the difference between Standard Cost and 'What if' cost estimate. Does anybody has the idea about 'What If' cost estimate. Raju

Backup of 500GB Database

Hi Guys, Database: 10g OS: RedHat 4 Archive log Mode: Enable I want to implement backup strategy of 500 GB database for daily, weekly and monthly. Please suggest your opinion. Regards, Prathmesh.

Using iTunes Match to find missing metadata

Hello. I'm trying to get my music collection in order. My priorities are adding missing album art, genres and years. After hunting around for software to accomplish this, I'm starting to wonder if iTunes Match might do it for me. I think I have a fai