Problem with LSMW - RFBIBL00 "FI_INVOICES: No terminations have been found"

Hi experts, Hope you can help me. I'm trying to load open invoices into SAP from a legacy system using LSMW. I defined all the structures and finished all the step but didn't load any data. I looked at the converted data and everything looks Ok. This

Calculate interest on arreast: Time-sensitive interest terms

Hello, Can you please help me. I try to run transaction F.2A  I receive following error message: "The table of time-sensitive interest terms is not maintained for the following transaction types and interest calculation indicators. Interest ID  Trans

Can you span text boxes in Pages?

With Pages for Mac, a small arrow at the bottom of each text box allows you to direct overflowing text to another text box. Is there any way to do this with Pages for iPad?

Forum Moderator request (Sticky Clean-up and FAQ refresh)

Considering the amount of Dolby/DTS Decoding and Encoding questions on this forum,?the questions related to the X-Fi Extreme Audio limitations, and the sheer number of stickies I think it would be helpful to clean up this forum. I would suggest: . Gl

How to upload email from outlook to a sharepoint document library programatically.

Hi , I have a requirement where I need to create a outlook plugin which will upload selected emails to sharepoint document library. I am able to hold email using by creating the object of outlook.item.  but could n't find a way to upload created com

Any provision to configure Custom Duty or Excise Duty in Advanced Pricing

Hi, Any provision to configure the 'Custom Duty' or 'Excise Duty' in Advanced Pricing ? Thanks!

Unable to commit a transaction Using Oracle

Hi all, I have created a JDBC System using the following link. The JDBC Datasource is working absolutely fine , in my database actually autocommit is off , so

Sql query tuning

How can i do SQl QUERY TUNING in Oracle 9i Database

Lost link to a documention zip file wit the article on ele store (10.2g)

It was the article on: "An electronics store chain wants to distribute a discount card ". I had zip file that had about 30 pdf's in it and can't figure out where I got it from. If someone could email me a link, I'd be much appreciative. thanks.

Map Definition Tool support in MapViewer 10.1.2

Hello, What about Map Definition Tool support in AS MapViewer 10.1.2? We have used this tool with MapViewer 9.0.4, but after update to 10.1.2 it seems that there is no way to use Map Definition Tool. So, if Map Definition Tool is not supported in new

PSA request updated to data targets but not showing

Hi All, It must be a basic question for BW support activities. However appreciate if someone can help me out as I am unable to find similar post. In PSA the request shows it successfully updated to a data target but I can't see the delta request in t

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Keeps Crashing After Dragging anywhere (layers/fill to stroke etc)

Here's my report. I've tried uninstalling and installing. Restarting and it works the first time after my restart but crashes after. My illustrator keeps crashing after I've dragged anywhere. Thanks for your help Crash Report: Process: Adobe Illustra

Adding actionlistener to JTextArea

I'm trying to add an actionListener to my JTextArea, so that when the user hits 'enter', the action occurs. sort of like this: JTextArea.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ??????) { doSomethingToTextArea(

What is hp laserjet MFP1120n 'scanner error 14' error and how to resolve it?

Hi, I've multifunction network priter MFP1120n. it is now displaying error 'scanner error 14' and not accepting scans and xerox also. Please suggest me what is this problem related to and how to resolve it. Regards, Ajay


cannot launch premiere pro because of what appears to be a faulty dll file. Any ideas?

I cannot view video of the Moon I posted on facebook works on youtube the video I made

I cannot view video of the Moon I posted on Facebook works on you tube the video I made, i might reply Tuesday, i won't be available

Invalid serial number using Acrobat 8 CD

I am trying to install Acrobat 8 on a workstation I swapped out. Acrobat 8 was on the "old" workstation. I deactivated it from the help menu and Acrobat 8 reported that the license had been successfully released. Then I installed Acrobat 8 on the new

Is it possible to cut the hair details in photoshop with transperant background?

Hi buddies! I  want to cut the hair details in photoshop. But i need the background to be transeperant, so i can place the same transperent image in Adobe indesign. Pls. give your suggestions and views on the same. Pls. let me know, if there is any v

Disk read error, and Disk Utility won't open

Have a PowerMac G4 dual 800mhz, with two hard drives. Mac OS X 10.3.9 is installed on HD1. I use HD2 for miscellaneous files. Using the Azureus bittorrent client, I'm getting "Error: Disk read error - Input/output error, read fails" in the Status col

Material Status : Restricted Procurement.

Dear Experts , I need to maintain the Plant status for procurement in such a way that : 1. No POs should be created against external vendor . 2. Stock Transfer Orders to be created . That  PO with vendor as site . In define material status , plant sp