HT201272 Hey I just got an iphone 4S as my 4 was stolen. I synched it and I can see all of my music but I can't get the songs to play... When I hit play it screen starts flipping thru all my music then goes back to main screen. What do I do. Thanks :)

Help! On my new iPhone 4S, I can see all of my music and vidoes that I downloaded from itunes that I had previously purchased on my iPhone 4, BUT I can not play any of the songs! When I hit "play" from my 'albums' and 'playlist' or 'songs' it looks l

Mail Attachment with attachment name = mail subject name

Hi, I am using the mail adapter and today I am using hard codes attachment names using the MessageTransformBean. I have read the blog /people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2006/02/23/xi-dynamic-name-in-the-mail-attachment--pseudo-variable-substitution about

Error in Sender JDBC communication channel

Dear All, We have an interface in which we are fetching data from SQL database through sender JDBC communication channel. Last week SQL server was upgraded from 2000 to 2008 and the communication channel has stopped working and is giving the followin

How to check  last mint change in sap system

hi all, last night someone delete some packages of abapdev from DEV system, how can i insure that who has done that ? plz guide Regards Khan

IPod Won't Finish Sync

So, today I've had to restore my iPod to factory settings about our times now. Every time I try to re-sync all my music back, it'll slow down significantly and stop around after 1700 songs or so (out of roughly 3700). When I try to eject my iPod, iTu

Azure Cloud Service Scaling - do I have to configure a Load Balancer?

I'm a little bit confused by how scaling in Azure works. I'm using a Cloud Service and have 2 web roles running a PHP application. I can RDP on both machines and both applications run great on each machine. Also I don't have any problems calling the

What is Sizing in XI ? How to do ? What is the Use ?

Hi  All       I am learning XI is excellent tool...more interesting       My Question is what is sizing  in XI ? How to that ? What are the advantages?       How to decide weather that project need sizing or not ?      More inputs on this pl...

Word document goes blank mid-typing, why?

I am a teacher and a student was typing a research paper. All of a sudden the whole document went blank. I have tried to go to the saved file on the Flash drive and it reopens as a blank document. I have tried the Ctrl+z to go to the typed item, noth

Where is the Facebook integration?

Looked through whole system and not one thing about facebook integration or anything which is one of the main reasons i bought this app its just not there and it should because thats how it was advertised.

1 website, 2 authors, how not to undo what the other has done

Hi, I have begun working on a large (many pages) club website with another person. She is using DW CS4 (I beleive on a Mac), I am using DW CS5. However for some reason I don't believe she uses DW to put the pages up to the website, don't know why, bu

How do I download iTunes on my windows 8 surface RT????

Please help.... And my iphone is jacked up and will not find or connect to my wifi or any wifi unless I stand about a foot away from the router. I have reset the network settings and rebooted the phone. and nothing helps. but all me other wireless ph

Full Optimize - Space needed in BW/Oracle

Hi. This is kind of a SAP basis question, I think. We are doing full optimization, which eventually ends in an ABAP dump indicating that the Oracle database is running out of table space. We have had similar problems before, and just had the Oracle D

IBooks is using "Sort Name" and not "Name". How do I fix this?

I need help. I have sorted through all my ebooks, changing them to epub, editing metadata to have correct title, author, and even series (title and order) using a program called Calibre. When I sent these to my iTunes-iBooks it chooses to sort them b

Black (or White) Box appearing on photos sometimes when zooming in and out.

I just recently upgraded to Adobe Photoshop CC and something really odd is happening:  On some zoom levels I have this empy black or white box appearing.  When I zoom in or out it disappears, or reappears.  However, when I save the file as a JPEG, or

Taking a Mac purchased in Australia to Canada

Hi, Could anyone advise if there are any problems taking a Mac Mini or iMac purchased in Australia to Canada? i.e. powersupply voltages and international support. My friends are really interested in getting a new Mac for their family but are moving t

MessageBox click

Dear all, How could i get messagebox form and click the OK button in 2004B UI API?? Regards, Kit

How do i start using Sharepoint under Windows 8.1 on Surface RT?

How do i start using Sharepoint under Windows 8.1 on Surface RT?

I live in Azerbaijan, but I want US businesses cou...

Hi. I live in Azerbaijan, but I want US businesses could contact me at their local rates through phone number... So my question: Though I live in Azerbaijan, Can I buy Skype online number for US so that any business in USA could reach me at their loc

MiniStore doesn't display anymore

My ministore is stuck as a really thin window that I can't resize. When I hit cntrlshftm, I can se a very thing (about 5 or 6 pixels) grey line appear and disappear. It's like the ministore is showing up, but it is too thin to work with, and I can't

BAPI_ALM_ORDER_MAINTAIN' on error. What's wrong ?

Hello, I would only change the "description" text on the header of service order. I'm uising this bapi with these parameter, but I got this error: IWO_BAPI2     118: Impossible to save the order because no one operation managed. Why this error, I dan