HT4491 Trying to restore from a Time Machine back-up

Had bad HD replaced on my iMac by Apple. I updated the OS to Mountain Lion, boot in restore mode, start the restore from the last back up, get the "restoring..." dialog box with the progress bar, but it just keeps running and never finishes. Neither

Iphone won't sync properly after iOS4.0.1

Hi, I'm writing here after searching the web and Apple and finding no clue on what's going on I recently updated my iPhone 3GS to iOS4.0.1 and as a prerequisite I had to upgrade Itunes to After upgrading both my iPhone OS and Itunes I can't

Need help in group left report

i need help in group left report i am making group left report in which all group data on top is repeating as many time as detail record is . for axampel if group record: fielda fieldb field c fielda fieldb field c fielda fieldb field c fielda fieldb

Changing the table name while drill down at the dashboard query

I have a DAY fact table that has about 1B rows. The purpose of this table is to store on hand quantity for each item per day. On the presentation layer I have a dashboard that will display average on hand qty per year and then user can drill down to

Space under flash movies

Hi All, I am having an annoying problem:  when I use swfobject code to embed flash movies, it leaves a space under the movie that breaks the design.  This happens when viewing it in Chrome or Firefox (on a mac), but not in Safari.  I have found that

Safari 4 Public Beta and plugin problems

At the risk of provoking the wagging of many fingers and the raising of many more eyebrows all wondering what was I thinking when I installed a public beta of anything on my editing system I feel (sheepishly) compelled to report that the installation

Electronic bank statement MT940 format (field 86 structured)

Hi guru I receive from UBS bank an EBS in MT940 format. With trx FF_5 I need to import with format 'S' (MT940 field 86 structured). While import the error message 'Data lenght error in record 86' is displayed and I can't import the file. But If I cha

This is really a SQL question. How to get a record for the max value

I have a table ZTX with the following fields and values VBELN  POSNR SEQNR DESCRIPTION 3001             10   001  Desc1 3001             10   002  Desc2 3001             10   003  Desc3 I want to create a query so that I can join tables VBAK-VBELN, a

Creating a Solaris 8 branded zone

I am in the process of configuring a Solaris 8 branded zone using the SUNWsolaris8 package and the instructions in the Solaris8 Container Guide. Solaris 10 08/07 is installed in the global zone. I have the following kernel patches installed as requir

LSMW Issue at step -Run Batch Input Session

Dear gurus,                  While uploading service master through lSMW while processing the system prompts a message specifying "Buffertable not upto date" at Run Batch Input Session step .So please investigate what is missing/wrong. Wirth regards,

Xml as data source in Data Model

Hi All, For testing, I am using sales.xml as a data source for creating the Data Model. There is a region field which I want to filter using the parameter. I have created the parameter, I am not able to use this parameter to filter the xml values. Is

Decimal problem in Workflow

Hello expert, I have create new Workflow when we create trip request. This workflow work fine for many curency but not with Korea. because Korea curency it's customized without decimal, Workflow container show us 3.500,00 insted of 350.000 for exampl

IPad software update from iOS 5 to iOS 7

Hi all I am trying to update my iPad software from iOS 5.1 to iOS 6 or 7 but every time I go to software update keep telling me device is up to date. And I cannot install app because all the new apps asking me to update to iOS 7 so I could download t

I just updated Itunes.  Now I can't get my Library to load

So, I updated to the latest version of Itunes tonight.  Now I cannot get my libary to load.  All of my music is still showing on Itunes, but my library will not load.  First, it kept showing it was loading, and nothing happened.  So I rebooted.  Now

PSE 9 Backup question

I can do a full and incremental backup to my external hard drive without any problems.  I cannot do a backup to my 64 gb flash drive.  I have tried reformatting the flash drive to exfat 32 and to NTFS with no success.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for yo

Something's Messed Up

I recently acquired a Powerbook 17 to go with my PowerMac G4 DP 1.25. At the same time I upgraded the OS to 10.4.5 on both machines. I used Migration Assistant to move my Docs and 3rd party apps over to the PB. I use an Ethernet LAN with a DSL Router

WLC 2100 guest access with local web authentification

Hello I tried to create a guest acces with local web authentification. My Laptop is connected to the Wlan but My Browser don't ask my login and password

Problem with Arabic text with flash player 10 32bit under linux platforms

Arabic encoding characters do not show correct in the right form at all linux distributions . note: with windows platforms, it shows arabic characters correctly. this video contains captions and subtitles, in the attachement two snapshots, First, sho

How can I get the music in my ipod to my itunes

When I plug in my ipod to my computer my music shows on itunes, however when I unplug it itunes no longer shows my music.

Problem in displaying images using JLabel in Netbeans

hi all, i am trying to display an image on JLabel in Netbeans.The image is visible in the design view but not displayed in the runtime.Can anyone help me out with suggestions???