Installation problem on Intel - IV Machine

Hi, I am having Intel P-IV machine, with 845 motherboard, sdram, seagate hdd and tnt vga. when i am trying to install solaris 8 in my machine after proceding upto booting from disk (or) cdrom i have selected cdrom then, when i say 1. Interactive or 2

How to disable webview cache for Windows Phone 8.1 Runtime universal app?

Is it possible to disable cache for the Webview control for a Windows Phone 8.1 runtime universal app? My App seems to be remembering the information it received the first time. My app logs me into a service and when I go back to rerun app in the emu

Mozilla crashed yesterday and now bookmarks are not showing along the left side of page as they did before. They are on the menu bar but hubby does not like this location. Anyway I can get it back to the left side of the page?

This spring we changed from IE to Mozilla after upgrading to Win 7. Everything has been fine with Firefox until yesterday when it crashed when I attempted to open an email. Since then the bookmarks (or favorites as my husband calls them) have not bee

Sales order not recongnizing customer reco account

Hi Gurus, User created Customer without reconciliation account somehow. On that account user created Sales order and in the incomplete log there is error that no GL account is mentioned for that customer. We have not changed customer master and updat

How do I install the Safari web browser on my iPad?

How do I install the Safari web browser on my iPad?

What are these features and how can I use them?

Why do I have SDM Profile, Dyanmic private IP, Pay per message, Mobile Hotspot provisioning,   My mom is on the same account and does not have these.  Everything I look at points to enterprise stuff and administration.  I'm not aware of any of that. 

I can't active my iphone 3gs after a restauration

Hello, yesterday I've make a restauration on my iphone 3gs and now he said me : Your iPhone could not be activatedbecause the activation server..... HEEEEEEEELLP !

Adding a second xserve

Hi we have 1 x Xserve G5 running OSX Panther server 10.39 connected via fibre channel to Xraid. We are buying a new Xserve G5 Dual 2.3 with OSX Tiger server. Does anybody have have any suggestions as to the best way to integrate the new server as our

Mac mini is starting in Darwin mode.

I am getting a black screen with a logon: field. I have tried to sign on using the sign on I have in GUI but it does not seem to work. Restarting does not seem to help any. Any ideas?

Multi monitor problem

hi everybody! i have the desktop expanded on 2 monitors. and now, if i play a game i can motion the mouse on the second monitor. so if i press a mouse button, the game minimized. do you know what i mean and can help me?


Pretty Basic Question... I Just baught a new ipod video, put all my songs on, now only, i wanna put Videos on it? Like Skateboarding Videos and movies i downloaded onto my computer...I Try put it into my iPod, except it says "Movienamehere" Was Not C

Oracle.adf.mds.MetadataDefException: Unable to find component with absolute

Hi, I am getting the below error when I press enter key after selecting a value lov value in the page. This page works fine when I press GO button. Exception Details. oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: oracle.adf.mds.MetadataDefException: Unable

About the use of JWSDP-1.2 package

I had installed the JDK1.42 and JWSDP-1.2 package in Win2000.According to the Jwsdp's documents, I had set the some environment variables, like "java_home" "jwsdp_home","path'. When I used the examples of Jwsdp, using Ant to compile and run is ok; bu

Call by reference in weblogic

hi all, i am using statful session ful bean ,where are i am using Vector ,when i retrieve the vector in to another Vector and do some manipulation on the new Vector ,but the Vector that is declared in the Stateful session bean remains unchanged , i h

Correlation condition in Aggregate Pattern

Hi Team, Just Started the Aggregate Pattern and My Requirement is to collect the 3 messages of Pencils based on their color(should be same for three messages) Below is My pattern: Start: I have initialized the Counter to zero CurrentPencilID is of ty

Problem empty trash

Hi everyone , I have a problem to empty the trash. when I clic on "empty trash" it look like it empty the trash but the trash is still full. I checked the permission of the disk and I get the following log: ACL found but not expected on "System/Libra

JTable column resize listener

Hi friends ! I want to trap the event when user resizes the width of any column. Which listener will help me for this. Thanks in advance. Ramesh


On my iphone4, I cant download any more apps until I have updated my security info. They automatically take me to a security info page, there are 5 blank questions i must fill in e.g. whatwas first job I had. but every time I select answer it refresh


Hi all, i have problem . my db is running on Oracle9i release 2. when i want to startup my db, it returns 'shutdown is initializing..' then i force by apply shutdown abort. then i retry to startup, then it give message as 'RECOVERY OF THREAD 1 STUCK

Dreamweaver CS6 quits unexpectedly, MAC OSX 10.8.2

Cann anyone help with thus? Cannot start the applicationb after install. Here is the dump: Process:         Dreamweaver [938] Path:            /Applications/Adobe Dreamweaver CS6/Adobe Dreamweaver Identifier:      c