Update Photoshop CS2 (Adobe Bridge, AdobeStockPhotos)

Ich habe das angebotene Update für Photoshop CS2 durchgeführt. Angeboten war wurde dieses für Adobe Bridge und AdobeStockPhotos. Am Ende des Updates wurde zum Neustart des Computers aufgefordert um den Akutalisierungsvorgang abzuschließen. Gesagt, ge

Error: while populating the target.

While populating the target table gettig the following error: ODI-1228: Task Int_HDM_IND_PRTY_ETHN (Export) fails on the target ORACLE connection ORACLE_ETLDEV_INOVA_3. Caused By: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01471: cannot create a synonym with same na

X crashes on startup with AMD dual screen setup

Ever since I bought my AMD Kaveri A10-7850K at the end of January last year I've been having trouble getting a dual screen setup to work properly. Initially I put this down to poor beta drivers, and as I had far too much going on to investigate the i

Cannot see SWFVISU tasks in Portal UWL after re-registering

Hi, I am using EP7.01 SP3, ESS 1.0 SP 15, ECC6. I do not see the tasks listed in SWFVISU in UWL even after registering the system alias in UWL Administrator. I have registered the alias on webflow connector, cleared cache. Logged off, logged on and I

Need help figuring how to track DVD drive usage

I work at a public library and need to track how often the DVD drives are used by our patrons.  Is there some count somewhere of how many times the drive is accessed?  The only other way I can think of to do this is to run a script that will check if

Can I use mini dvd's in my new imac?

Have several movies made with sony mini dvd camcorder, can I put the mini-dvd in the dvd slot of my imac, or will it get stuck? Thanks, Dan

Image field in an Oracle table

I want to create a table STUDENT which will be able to contain the name, the first name, ..., and a PHOTO field, which will contains a photography of the student in JPEG format. I understand that I must use the BLOB datatype for this field, and I thi

Unable to refer a OAF form field value and pass it as a parameter

Hi, I have a requirement to call a custom Oracle form from a OAF Page (Purchase Agreements form). Using personalization I have created a button on the OAF page and have set its Destination function to form:PO:XXOX_PO_SU_OCM_FG:STANDARD:XXOX_QTY_ADJ:B

Scrollbar in a tabStrip

Hi all, I have many elements inside a tabstripitem,including a textbox,whose size increases with contents.Now ,naturally a scrollbar comes with the tabstrip.I want this scrollbar to start from a particular height of the tabstrip not from beginning. i

Sales value in fd32 showing '0'

Hi Friends, The 'Sales Value' field in fd32 is showing '0'.  IT is not updating the s066 and s077 info struc.  I have maintained all the credit mgmt settings as per the note 18613 and 377165. The point is, this is updating in our D system but in our

X64/x86 Solaris DVD Install hangs...

I'm installing Solaris on an AMD 4800 64x2 and I'm getting som strange behavior. When the installer is testing X, the screen scrambles and the machine freezes. The video settings are correct: I'm using an nVidia 7800GT I've tried taking default param

Parameters in retraction to PCA

Hi! I am tring to create a planning function to retract planning data from SEM-BPS to profit center accounting in R/3. I have the name of the needed function modules (UPR_PCA_PLAN_EXEC, UPR_PCA_PLAN_INIT) but I don't know which parameters should I as

Is it possible to Clone system dr.230Gb 7200rpm drive to 150Gb 10,000 rpm?

For some reason i remember reading a artical stating that you cannot clone from bigger drive to smaller if you do it does something with the system id and you will have to re-enter serials for your software Is this true if so is there a work around?

Unwanted Pictures in Gallery

Hi, I have Tomtom 6 running on my N95. However in the Gallery I have a load of icons from Tomtom (custom icons) and also some pictures from the map application. Is there any way to set them so that they are not visible in the gallery? The best way to

Bridge- get photos from camera... no valid files found

I am using Photoshop CS3 on a laptop with Windows Vista and a Canon 30D camera. When I go to Bridge > File > Get photos from camera > select Canon EOS 30D, I get the message 'No Valid Files Found' What are the possible causes? There are raw files on

Why aren't Yahoo contacts syncing to iCloud?

I have 2 contacts groups on my iPad. I have an iPad group and a Yahoo group. I can see all of my contacts on my iPad, but on iCloud.com I can only see my iPad contacts.  If I click the groups ribbon, it only shows one group. What am I doing wrong?  A


Lately, everytime I open my msn, my display name disappears and it never stays. It has NEVER happened before and honestly it is starting to get really annoying. How do I fix this problem?????????

If we use result_cache_mode=force in oracle 11gr2 database then we don't ..

If we use result_cache_mode=force in oracle 11gr2 database then we don't need QSEl (third party software). is the result cache feature is work same as qsel. I am not able to find anything regarding it..please help... http://www.qsel4oracle.com/FrameP

Reporting in Test Manager

I went through the demo version back when it was Empirix and I know I saw pdf reporting cababilities. We just got the Oracle version installed and I only see .xls and .jpg. How can I get pdf or a more printer friendly version of my reports? The scree

BCP utility uploads 0 rows to SQL Server Azure

bcp azure_db.dbo.db_table in calendar_dates.txt -f ../../../scripts/format_files/calendar_dates.fmt -F 2 /S tcp:azure_server /U [email protected] /P password When I issue this command through a PowerShell prompt, I get the following response: start