Sales order schedule line - additional fields

Folks, Need to add some custom fields sales order - at schedule line level. Does anyone know any screen exit/ BADI etc for this? ECC6.0 Thanks in advance.

How to use multiple clients within JCO?

Hi, I'm pretty new to configuring Web Dynpro's with it's JCO connections. I have the following question. We are using one portal (SAP EP 6.0_640 SP15) and one R/3 system (SAP ECC 5.0) with multiple clients (multiple customers who are all using the sa

Opening Balance & Closing Balance

Hi Guru's How could we evaluate opening balance, Closing balance and movements per GL accounts on FIGL extactor? Regards, Ramana.

BSEG - EBELN value

Hi All, I want the Ebeln, lifnr and matnr fields in BSEG table for Account Type = GL Accountiing. Because of performance i want to use other table to get the same datas. I checked in BSIS and BSAS table, but fields are not in the table. Could you ple

Monitor Shopping cart does not find Error in transmission

hello, We recenlty upgraded to SRM 5.0 stack SAPKIBKT15. Now we find that  Monitor Shopping cart doesn't display the shopping cart with errors in transmission. We know we have them in the system but it displays only when the shopping cart number who

Impossible to detect an AUTO_INCREMENT column in a table of PostgreSQL DB.

Hello, I need to detect an AUTO_INCREMENT column in a table of PostgreSQL DB. Note : PostgreSQL uses sequence number to create an AUTO_INCREMENT column. From a ResultSetMetaData, I call the methode isAutoIncrement(int index) which returns true if the

IOS7 missing contacts and deleting photos?

Hi All, After a quick search, it seems I'm not the only one whose contacts have mysteriously gone missing since upgrading to iOS7. Turns out the iCloud had mysteriously turned itself off and I ended up having to restore from the last iCloud backup. I

Older Powerbook compatibility with New iPod?

I have an older version of the G4 powerbook and I would like to get an iPod, but it doesn't appear that I can use the two together because my computer does not have USB 2.0. It does however have Firewire. Is there a built in Firewire port on the newe

I can't find my project!  Please help.  I can see it on  the desk top but it will not open.

I have a documentary due tomorrow and it won't play and it's not in my project library in imovie!! HELP PLEASE!!!

Returns item purchase order

Hi I have a requirement to create a returns item purchase order, Does this functionality exist in SRM5? Regards, Hila

How do I find-out what version OS I'm running?

New Apple user - how do I find out what OS I'm running on my Macbook Pro?

Opening of documents from Recent Doc/ dragdrop operation???

Hi, I m using InDesign CS3 on MAC OS. I have 2 questions: 1. I do not want my user to open files by dragging and dropping them into the app..How do i stop this drag drop action...I have no idea about this..I ve already disabled the open menu item..Pl

Creating an html email from a PSD

I have created a long vertical e - blast in Photoshop with graphics and places to make links and would love to know a simple way to convert this PSD to an html format.Any suggestions would be very helpful. Many thanks !

If I'm connected to my home wifi , and I make a call does it still connect to my wifi ro does it switch to my provides wifi .

If I'm connected to my home wifi , and I make a call does it still connect to my wifi or does it switch to my provides wifi . Thanks for helping

CC download error undefined

I can't download Creative Cloud. I keep getting the error message download error undefined. What am I missing?

Ipod major problem Help !!!!

I just got an ipod day b4 ..its d video ipod wid 30Gb space... I connected my ipod wid USb and downloaded songs into it... everything was fine.. Until next time wen i was trying to put video into it.. it just got hanged and nothings working now... it

Question on embedding

i have a client that we did a intro video for, for her website. We were using youtube but they pulled it saying it was promotional. Now she embedded quicktime player but she's freaked out because people get the "active x control" message. She wants i

Non working usb hard drive with AirPort Extreme, post here.

brand/model/size/format Thanks, J Riley