Reg Error: Message No FF 747 in MIRO Subsequent Credit.

Hello While posting a subsequent credit in miro system is giving error message. message is The tax amount must not be greater than tax base amount. it is like credit memo for high priced amount in invoice. could you please put some light on this. tha

IPhone 5 isn't being recognized by iTunes.

iOS/os/iTunes all up to date. I plug in through lightening and I get no Sounds to indicate connection and my device doesn't pop up in iTunes. However, I plugged my iPad into our iMac (same computer I tried the 5 on) and it works just fine.

Corrupt MBR on Yoga 2 Pro - Need advice

Hi, I have tried to install dual-boot on my Lenovo Yoga 2 pro, but unsuccessfully. Once I gave up on the idea, I rebooted and Windows woudn't start, instead I am getting the following error: Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed. Insert Recovery

Failed in Installing Oracle Apps 11i on RHEL5

Hi, I try to install oracle apps on rhel5. as instructed on the metalink id=316806.1, i follow all reuqired steps and rpm. but when i install the oracle applications 11i on RHEL5 i received an error: " RW-50004: Error code received when running exter

Transfer from ons subcontractor to another subcontractor

What is the process for transferrring the material from one subcontractor(A) to another subcontractor(B) and to recive the material from Vendor (B). Initially we will issue the material to vendor A, and vendor A will produce the material say semi-fin

Error with GLib

I'm getting this error with almost every program based in gtk GLib-CRITICAL **: g_key_file_add_group: assertion `g_key_file_lookup_group_node (key_file, group_name) == NULL' failed Everything seems to work well, but i still want to solve the problem.

Email Security

Hey Marvin here Curve 8530... I am trying to tighten security on my device. I just do not want the typical "can I use your phone" person snooping inmy email... Not that I have anything to hide, just some things are private and I wanna keep it that wa

Taking 2 separate data sets and putting them in 1 spreadsheet

Hi, I am sure this is a simple issue, but it does not seem to be coming together for me. I am currently attempting to take data from 2 different text files and put them together into 2 separate columns. The code I have attached manages to put them to

No content found on youtube....ANYWHERE!

Everything works fine except for youtube. I believe I am logged in but everything tells me "no content was found" there is a problem communicating with youtube. try again later Anyone please help me out! I am sure it is something simple. But zero exp

New BW 7.0 System (ABAP+Java) as two single-stack Systems? How?

Hello, as of the current recommendation not to install a dual-stack system anymore, we are planning to setting up our new BW 7.0 sandbox-system as two single-stacks. In my understanding, I have two install two separate systems (1. AS ABAP, 2. AS JAVA

Block lost iphone

I lost my iphone and had find my phone installed. I sent a message to block the phone, but still shows as pending action because the phone has been offline since. does this mean the phone is blocked and cant be used by anyone?

Finding Non Standard Service Accounts from all AD Computers / Servers

Hi Guys, I am trying to get the list of all Service Accounts, which are non-standard from an AD domain network using PowerShell. The code is provided below. But it is not working (Through individual cmdlet through console, working fine.) Tried withou

Error: ora-12560 while installing OEM 10g

I have oracle db and i was trying to install OEM everything went fine until i had that error error messagne while creating the clone database instance. ora-12560: TNS protocol adapter error... anyone can help?

[SOLVED] Pacman Key Signing Strange Activity

Hi, I was just setting up the package verification system with pacman when I noticed it was doing something unusual.  When I ran: pacman-key --init instead of waiting for entropy, it just returned the prompt.  Next, when I ran: pacman-key --populate

Lightroom 4 and NON Raw format

I watched this video ( in adobe TV. I am new to Lightroom. It mentioned in the video that RAW file will always be treated as read file only and it will never be altered othe

Over Head  on Subcon PO for Varaint Configuration Part

Hi, We have scenario where we issue the PO to Subcontractor for part which is F-30 ( Procurement Type in Material Master - Subcontract) and has Varaint Configuration. Requirement -While doing the GR against the PO need to calculate fixed OverHead and

Failed to Load Oracle.jdbc.PreparedStatement

Hi all, My application says "Failed to Load either oracle.jdbc.PreparedStatement or oracle.jdbc.driver.PreparedStatement . I have oracle driver in <server-instance>/lib directory. Anybody has an idea about this ? Thanks

I just bought the new IMAC with the Fusion Drive 3t. Can I use the Bootcamp systemwith it? If not what do you suggest? I relly need the bootcamp for quicken

Good morning, I just bought the new IMAC with the Fusion drive 3T. Can I use it with bootcamp beacuse I need for Quicken?If not any suugestion?

Shortcut on MAC for a filter menu

In windows I always use ALT+T shortcut to open Filter menu in Photoshop. That make my work faster. How can I do the same thing on MAC? I can not understand. Help please.

License Type Requirements To Use Data Guard For Oracle EE

Hi, I haven't been able to get a straight answer on this, so hopefully someone can help me. We currently have two physical servers, both licensed to run Oracle Database 11gR2 EE, however one is running a cpu-based license (primary server/production)