MB5B report having discrepancies in stock

Dear All, I have checked the stock balance using MB5B for date 07.04.2009. The system while executing the transaction gives a warning message saying u201CFI document summarization is active / the results may be incorrect But on 31.03.2009 in MB5B sto

HT3625 i can not see the line in/built in input on the menu?do you know why?

i can not see the line in/built in input on the menu?does anyone know why? i am trying to broadcast a live dj mixing but with the set up, i cant find the lin in input not even on the menue. any clues will be appreciated.

Kernel Panic at boot but works in safe mode

I am getting a Kernel Panic at boot on the grey screen If I boot safe mode it works fine. Whats the procedure to find whats cause the problem? Is there a log file I should look at or what is the best way to figure this out

Logic 7.2 doesn't run on MacBook Pro - crash report

Hello everybody, freshly installed Logic 7.2 over my existing old Logic 7.1.1 and now it does not work. This is the error I am getting..reinstalling from scratch didn't help..I am stuck with this now. Here is the crashreport log: Host Name: MacBook-c

How to use one commandButton  to execute two task in JSF

I have a form in JSF page which contains different faces components. These faces bind to ADF BC to insert one row in the database when the user press commandButton. Also I need to bind the value of one inputText in that form to managed bean to execut

How can I put form user exit logic into PL/SQL?

I need to translate the following into a SQL query: SRW.USER_EXIT('FND FLEXSQL CODE ="GL#" OUTPUT ="&P_ACCT_SEG" APPL_SHORT_NAME="SQLGL" MODE ="SELECT" DISPLAY ="ALL" NUM = "&P_chart_of_accounts_id" TABLEALIAS ="GCC"'); Where is this data stored in t

Error in running a simple JSF app developed in Jdeveloper over weblogic

I have a developed a simple JSF application using Jdeveloper 11g. To this application i have added a webservice proxy which generates the proxy client which communicates with the peoplesoft webservice. when i run the standalone proxy class, it is abl

Problem loading data into write optimized dso.....

Hi , I am having problem loading the data from PSA to write optimised DSO I have changed the normal DSO into a Write Optimised DSO. I have 2 data sources to be loaded into the write optimized DSO. One for Demand and one for Inventory. The loading of

TS3276 error message when trying to send email

On my Apple Iphone 3G, using Rogers as a cell provider, when an email came in and I tried to reply to it, it came up with an error message " A copy of this email has been placed in your outbox. The senders (me) address "[email protected]" was rejected b

Need Help in creating Unix Shell Script for database

Would be appreciable if some one can help in creating unix shell script for the Oracle DB 10,11g. Here is the condition which i want to implement. 1. Create shell script to create the database with 10GB TB SPACE and 3 groups of redo log file(Each 300

GroupWise 7 Gateway For MS Exchange error

"The gateway is attempting to reestablish the GroupWise link" when starting the gateway on the Exchange server. It's in a loop restarting. The user logged in the the server has full rights to both AD and Edirectory and the GW Domain. Any ideas what i

Can't remember if my iPad is an iPad 2 or a 3.....how do you tell,can't find

I cannot find the info about what iPad I have....a 2 or an iPad 3.......where do you find the #'s??

Emac will not connect to LCD projector while running iMovie

I am working on an eMac running 10.3.9. We have the eMac connected to an LCD projector in a computer lab setting. Things work fine - until we try to run iMovie on the projector. A message appears on the screen asking for a resolution of 1024 X 768. W

UJD_TEST_PACKAGE - How to use variables in Answer Prompt

Hello BPC gurus, I'm using report UJD_TEST_PACKAGE in order to schedule BPC packages inside BW process chains, as proposed by Pravin Datar in his bolg (/people/pravin.datar/blog/2009/08/28/automate-execution-of-any-data-manager-package). This solutio

QM in procurement

Friends, How to maintain in house as well as third party inspection activities in case of procurement in SAP? Third inspection have done outside. Thanks

Roadmap UI Component

Hello all SDNers,                         I am carrying out development for a particular requirement on NWDS using WebDynpro Java on CE 7.1 Platform of Netweaver My requirement is of a Inquiry to Quotaion Process. So there are three Dynpro pages that

Good or Bad Design

The following is the design for a reporting module. Any suggestions on the same would be appreciated. 1) ChartGenerator implements Generator. Attributes � private int ncompID = UNDEF      private int njobId = UNDEF      private String storedproc = ""

Bridge cs3 preview and slideshow question

Hi i have a question does bridge cs3 need cache (drive space) to preview a photo or to see my photo with the slideshow feature ? i mean does bridge need to render and store the photos in the database to let me see in the slideshow or browsing i don't

Using Sound Fils in Applications

I have created a sound file in as a .wav format. I now wish to include it in an application to be audible when a button is pressed. how would i attempt this?

Irregular and annoying HD click noise (mostly in idle mode)

Hi there, do you know the "click" noise your MacBook HD makes when you shut down your laptop? Yes? Well, it seems my MacBook HD makes just that noise at irregular intervals, especially in idle mode (i. e. when no programs are running and nothing much