JSP, BC4J : Allowing users to choose from List of values when in Insert mode

Hi, I have a requirement in which the user would be able to select a value from a combobox for populating a field when inserting a new record. The list of values in the combo box is derived from a look up table in the database. How can do this? Thank

Looking for a better solution that tunnel interface

Hi acctualy I have a Vsat connection between my remote site and central office on both site we have router and sat modem I have now a tunnel interface between my two routers,I am looking for a better idea,,

Migrating from MS SQL Server 2005 database to Oracle 10g

Hello, I wanted the full procedure or steps to Migrate the MS SQL Server 2005 database to Oracle 10g. Is there a known procedure to do this or is there a tool which is used? I have not done migration of database from MS SQL Server to Oracle. Any help

How to display text file in JSP?

Hi, I am new to servlet/JSP/java programming. I have been able to download a file using ftp. I dont know who to display it in JSP. Here is my code. Any help will be appreciated... <%@ page import="java.util.*" %> <%@ page import="java.lang.*" %> <%@

HT4059 default fonts in ibooks

Easy question.  I'm learning to convert some brochures in ePublishing for work.  Is there a list of default fonts?  I have a script that overrides, but Impact does not work. Any help and further reading for ePub is greatly appreciated. Thanks Daniel

I have a projector connect to my 2012 MacBook Pro.

How to I send the output to projector.  I have a DVI conv dongle plugged into one of the thunderbolt ports and the projector is on....  Jeff

AE video effects vs. PP video effect-CS4

Can someone tell me authoritatively if the AE video effects as a whole are superior to PP? I'm thinking the answer has to be yes, but what about color correction for 720p footage for subjects [faces]? If you believe AE is superior, what is your opini

IPod not charging after only 6 months

After only 6 months, my iPod (color display) seems to have stopped taking charges. When plugged into computer, a very faint image appears saying something like "Battery power very low." We brought to an iPod store. They said the battery is fine, and

Report Painter  - Urgent Please

Please see the problem in the below thread Report  Painter It would be great, if anyone can help me out. Many Thanks in advance. Regards, Kiran A.

Kodo Connector in WebSphere 4.0.2

Hello, WebSphere 4.0.2 supports JCA. Could I install the Kodo Connector in WebSphere? Are there any tests and/or documents? Andreas

Why does My video flicker grey after I insert a pic in a transition

Simple as my question title. Can't figure out why my video flickers grey after I insert a pic into a transition. Any help would be greatly appreciated


My database is running on on HPUX Itanium environment. Could you please tell me whether I can delete the files under audit_file_dest? (since it is consuming space) SQL> sho parameter audit NAME                                 TYPE        VAL

C4380 wireless not working - Vista

I have a HP C4380 printer that has worked in the past but  perhaps due to an update either from HP or from Norton - not sure which, or if that is even the proglem but it will no longer print.  It works on my desk top computer fine and the Digital Ima

Could not open a connection to host on port 23 : Connect failed

Hi, I am using Oracle Unbrakeable Linux 5, when i try to connect to the server from the client machine using TELNET, i get the following error c:/> telnet Connecting to not open a connection to host on port 23 : Co

Single Page View

How do I set the PDF so when it opens you see the entire page rather than only the top half zoomed up?

Flash not working when Transferred

Hello. I recently completed the first stages of my website using Dreamweaver. It has been a few years since I used this program, so I am a little rusty. I used flash to create most of my menu system. I decided to copy my work to another folder to tes

Out of space when updating os

Trying to update to IOS and I keep getting out of space message. how do I recoup space to update

After editing images become blank(black)

After editing my images become black. I save it to camera roll. Picture library also showing black only

How to recover accidently deleted photos

someone please tell me how to recover photos that were accidently deleted. they were extrememly important photos. i know there is websites bu im affraid they will give my computer and ipod a virus.

Data Pump Consistent parameter?

Hi All, Is there any consistent parameter in data pump as it is in exp/imp. Becuase we are using data pump for backups and want to disable consitenct parameter. Please let me know how I can disable consistent parameter in Data Pump. Thanks