I have windows 7 and itunes wont open

my problem with itunes is The file "itunes library.itl" cannot be read because it was created by a newer verison of itunes...can someone help me resulve this issue

Safari keeps crashing...have system error. can anyone help?

    Safari [1989] Path:            /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari Identifier:      com.apple.Safari Version:         6.0 (7536.25) Build Info:      WebBrowser-7536025000000000~1 Code Type:       X86-64 (Native) Parent Process:  launch

Free good on the transaction VBN1

hello, how to add multiple item as free good on the transaction VBN1 apparently adding one item is possible. Otherwise what's the altenative solution. thanx

Adding iOS7.0.2 to my iPhone5

Phone is telling me that I have an update: iOS7.0.2 but I cannot add it because it requires 2.9GB and my iPhone5 (verssion 6.1.3) doesn't have that much storage available. Thinking I could correct that, I purchased more storage on iCoud; however, the

Question about Y_?????? trace files

We have a SAP ERP 6.0 system runninng in Windows. I am checking the trace files in our system, and I have found that there are a lot of Y_??????. I have been looking for information about them, but I cannot find it. Does anyone know how and why these

HD to dvd?  How do I do it?

Now I have been reading endlessly. Very confused. I shot a short on the Varicam, 720P. Final edit was 37min. I compressed it and still the only format I have been successful getting it to transfer to is my Ipod. Now I built the DVD in DVDSP. It wont

Many idoc to one unix file tranfer

Hi, I have a requirement where in i have to extract all the vendor master data into an idoc.For this i am using BD14 transaction and i am giving vendor number and message type as selection criteria.So I am generating the idoc for each vendor number a

PDF to Word docx errors

How do I eliminate or minimize conversion errors from PDF to Word docx?

Odd cPU detection and a bios issue

hey guys got somemore info about my super odd cpu updated mobo biod to latest 5.5 cpu detected as athlon xp 3000 as it "should" do cpu-z detected as athlon xp 300 = multi 13 x 166 now all of a sudden its not detecting it properly i'm back to using th

Best strategy for importing organized images

Hello, I have recently started using Aperture in my photography workflow and I need some advice from the experts on the best strategy to import the existing .JPGs from my hard disk into my Aperture library. Prior to using Aperture, my workflow was as

Select List with the current value

Hi, I have a Page suppose Page1 with 2 region. Region1 is having SEARCH button (target page 1 itself) and a SELECT LIST called Deptno (10,20,30,40) Region2 is just a simple employee report based on Deptno (where deptno = :p1_deptno) Now when I suppos

Is there a promo code for i photo books?

is there a promo code for i photo books?

How to receive my photoshop CS5 extended back after downloading an trial CS6 version ?

In februar I bought my Photoshop CS5 Extended and received my serialnumber from you services (case number 0207762909).  This week i tried to download an trialversion of CS6.  Then the troubles were coming. NOhting worked.  Is can't open anymore my CS

Won't print color

1) I was given this printer as a gift about four years ago. The first time I got the "Low Ink"message,  I replaced fhe cartridges. Now it always tells me I'm low on ink, even after I've installed new cartidges. 2) Just installed a new set of cartridg

Xcode issue after upgrade

I had Xcode 4.0 installed on SL, then I updated to Lion and got Xcode 4.1. But now when I try to start it I get that Xcode 4.0 requires SL. According to App Store I have both installed. But I should probably have uninstalled 4.0 before going to Lion.

Photoshop CS3 quits

Hi all In my workstation when i try to open Photoshop CS3 it open and quits immediately. This happens frequently in my Mac Anyone Pls give a solution for this.

Premiere CS6 Crashes in Effects Controls

I have a 2012 iMac with the AMD 6770M 512MB and Premiere allows me to enable GPU accel. but with it turned on, everything I adjust something in the effects control, it freezes the program and requires a force start. It works fine if I disable GPU acc

Giving permission for apps to connect to skype ver...

I have skype version I would like the facility to record my audio calls to other phones, and so i downloaded a number of apps that do this (e.g. g-recorder, call burner) They all require that I give permission for the app to connect to sk

Idocs not sent ?

Hello All,           In my scenario some Idocs will be sne from my server to the other server every 5 minutes. But they are not being sent. The status of all of the IDocs is 30. Can any one tell me what's the reason could be ? Regards, Deepu.K

Disable "server connection interrupted" message

Does anyone know if there is a way to disable the "server connection interrupted" message that appears when a connected server goes down. This message serves no purpose. It presents the user with the choice to either "ignore" or "disconnect", but cho