URL go to wrong vhost

I have searched the forum without finding a definitive answer, and now I am going crazy about this! The problem is that no matter what domain I want to reach on our multihosted server, I'll always end up on another one! Example: I want to reach "www.

Calendar / Outlook Sync issues

Since the recent upgrade to Yosemite i have had problems with the syncing of Calendar and outlook. In short my calendar is generally used for personal appointments however I have added in my work outlook account so that i can see all appointments, an

IPhone Will No Longer Sync. HELP

I connected my iPhone to charge last night and grabbed it this morning to go to work. At work I noticed that there were no songs or podcasts on the phone anymore... hmmm strange. When I got home I tried to sync the phone again and got the following m

IPod not showing up in iTunes (but it worked before)

Hey... this is my second day of having my iPod and all was working fine. I had loaded songs into iTunes and was able to transfer them onto the iPod.. The problem I am having now though is that I always leave my computer on at night, but I turn off my

How to change font in CS4

Hello All, I have just got used to working with Dreamweaver CS3. I created a template in CS3, and it is quite obvious how to change the font face for an editable region in CS3 properties area. I have just moved to CS4, and am editing a template I cre


I decided to take my work flash drive home to work on a file. At home I saw that some weird files were on the flash drive and wouldn't delete, so I decided to save my files on my Mac and erase the USB flash drive. I selected the flash drive (by the w

HT1212 I cannot connect my I-Phone it says to connect to i-tunnes

I cannot connect my I-Phone to i-tunnes it says to connect to i-tunnes on the screen and on itunnes says that it is locked which it is not - Please help

How to remove spaces after description.

hi all, i need to supress spaces after writing material description and i want to keep comma after description. but it displays comma after field length (i e after  40 chars).But i need to keep comma after description it self. example like this. GR N

LMS 3.2 not archiving configuration (Suspect SSH)

I have 8 devices added to RME 4.3.1 (LMS 3.2), 3 devices are running telnet and their configs are backed up fine. However the other 5 devices are running SSH and when i do sync archive, I get this message.. CM0151 PRIMARY STARTUP Config fetch failed

Bill of exchange receivable FBW3

So far I have done f110, fbwe but while doing the fbw3 system is giving error The selected contra items are not permitted and must be corrected. Can you guide me. Any user manual on bill of exchange receivable? Best Regards, Sangeeta

XMII v11.5.3 and JRE1.6

For xMII v11.5.3, doco suggests clients should have JRE 1.4.2_13 to 1.5.0_06.  However, is JRE 1.6.0_* OK on the client side?  (Note: xMII server runs 1.4.2_13).

Can Web dynpro Java application run as background application

Hi Experts, Is it possible to execute the Web dynpro java application in background without opening the application in a web browser. We just want the WD java application deployed on the SAP Web AS server to be invoked and get executed as a backgroun

Can we Install Peoplsoft on WIndows 7 Home Premium

Hi, Just want to know can we install Peoplesoft on Windows 7 Home Premium. if yes then is there any version restriction like only peopletool 8.49 or 50 or HRMS 9 or 9.0; or any drivers or other solution requires to install it.

Safari displays a .qfx file rather than writing it

When I connect to my local bank and direct it to download my transactions record as a .qfx file, Safari displays the contents of the file on the window, rather than writing the data to a .qfx file. I do not see this behavior with FireFox. Java script

User generated subforms not saving

I have a form with a button that creates a continuation page and then on each continuation page a button that uses the addInstance() method to create more pages. When the user saves the form, however, the newly created pages do not save with the form

Elements 6 Cannibalizes

Since I installed Elements 6 a few months ago, I am unable to download images from my camera to Pictures (in Windows Vista) without Elements opening and importing the new images. I find that upon closing Elements and opening Pictures (in Windows Vist

Urgent.JDBC & Encoding & dbSwings

Hi All. I wrote an application that work with MS-Access and JdbcOdbcBridge. My developement tool is JBuilder7 and the OS is WindowsXP. My problem : I insert some records in a table(Customers Table) with UTF8 format. Now,in a frame , I have a JTable s

Installing Elements 12 from Purchased CD

Should I uninstall the trial version of Elements 12 before installing my purchased version from CD?

Handheld presenter for Adobe Bridge slideshow?

Does anyone know of a handheld presenter that works with the slideshow of Adobe Bridge on a PC? Most only seem to work with PowerPoint which is not much use for photography because it is not color managed. Bob frost

Simple firewall implementation

Hello, I'm pretty new to the cisco product and want to setup a simple firewall. I found some exampels but can't get it to work. For now we are using Cisco routers 88x and 89x series. When I activate te script I the remote connection to the router is