How do i remove a user and make myself the main user?

I originally bought this MacBook Pro for me and my boyfriend. He entered in all of his information into the computer and now I am the only user of the Mac but i can't figure out how to stop getting all of the notifications for his facebook and twitte

I have just started receiving a warning that I am about to leave an encrypted page when I log-in to my AT&T mail on Yahoo, plus the lock symbol in the bottom right corner no longer appears.

This problem started within the last 24-36 hours. I have been using the Firefox browser for well over a year. During that entire time I have had it set to warn me when I am about to view unencrypted pages, but I have not encounter this problem until

Error in the installation - ORACLE 10g on SUSE LES 9

Hi folks, I am installing ORACLE 10g on a SUSE LES 9 . While I launch the Installer I get the following error: Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2007-09-26_07-11-46AM. Please wait [email protected]:/home/lrougkal/Ora

Very slow boot due to USB controller?

Hi all, I bought your barebone MS-6251 with combo DVD-RW. (other params are pentium IV 2.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 120 GB HDD Seagate, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra). I already installed your LiveUpdate software. I was absolutely satisfied with this product

HTML markup in email

Starting some time late last night (Eastern time), it appears that email notifications started getting sent with HTML markup (i.e. carriage returns are being replaced with < br />). The MIME type of the message, though, still indicates that the messa

30 GB Video Ipod reports Capacity 27.8 GB, Available 27.1 GB ???

I have the 30 GB Ipod Video and when I go into Settings & click About, it says my capacity is 27.8 GB and Available is 27.1 GB. I know this is wrong because I've used almost 25 GB of space already. Why am I getting an incorrect availability number? T

Error Message: file is empty or cannot be read

Hi there I am using a Sony Xperia to send files to an hp printer.  When I send pdf files that have been stored on my computer there are no issues.  But when I use the "share with" feature, I often get the "file is empty or cannot be read" error messa

Best way to export from FCP X to iDVD?

I believe this question must have been dealt with a number of times already but since I could not find a clear answer with a reasonable amount of searching I post my question here. I have Apple ProRes 422 footage (HD 1920 x 1080) in FCP X out of whic

OS update now my wifi connection doesn't work properly HELP

My wifi worked perfectly until the recent OS update.  Now I can only get a connection to last for minutes before it stops working.  The green wifi signal will show but it won't actually work.   Is there anything I can do?  Try to reload the OS update

Are GPIB (PCMCIA) drivers available for Windows CE (H/PC2000)​?

I am trying to install a gpib card in an HP jornada 720

User/library folder moved

The Problem is that my library folder accidentally is moved. Then mac os x made a new Library Folder. The strange think is that i can't move that folder or overwrite it with my original library folder. So how did it move in the first place? How can i

Interview questions on column alias

Hi Interviewer asked me this question. Why do we need an alias for column and is it improving query performance? I said if we select columns with same name from different table, alias is useful but no way related to query performance. is it correct?

CrystalDecisions.Web.resources.dll for Crystal Report 2011

Hi, I recently install Crystal Report 2011and I try to use localization for Crystal Report Viewer in a .NET web application. I read several tutorials which say to use CrystalDecisions.Web.resources.dll. I don't find this dll for Crystal Report 2011.

Categorie Failure

Hi, I have recently been upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 Professional and work with Office 2010. With the upgrade a certain category function stopped working. When I want to catecorize my emails in a shared mailbox, I get an error message. I se

I got the Advanced Calling update (12b) and have started seeing frequent crashes/reboots.    coincidence?

My LG G3 is only 3 days old, so this might not have anything to do with the update... Anyone else have stability problems with the LG G3 12b Advanced Calling update?

Global Directory fail, Callmanager 4

Revently had a need to log into CAR. ADmin password not know (and not default). In order to reset it I needed to log into the DC Directory tool. The Directory Manager password was also not know or default. Followed instructions to reset this via the

I down loaded iBank on a trial basis and have decided not to use it.  How do I delete the program from my Mac

I down loaded iBank to my computer but have decided not to use it.  How do I delete it from my Mac

How do I open raw files from a Panasonic DMC-GF5 using Elements10 on a PC?

How do I open RAW files from a Panasonic DMC-GF5 camera using Elements 10 on my PC?  When I try to open a Raw file I get a message 'wrong type of file'

HTML -- Image (in the background)

Hi All, I want to be able to create an image from an HTML file. I am thinking about writing my own FAX library and need to send G3 images (JAI - JCA). Can anyone point me in the right direction? I do not want to do a screen shot since that would requ

MRM mode on standby database

Hi all, I have setup standby database ,and it was working fine,but when i switch archives in big numbers,the archives are being shipped to standby location but the log apply is very slow, what could be the reason for this.? my db version: lin