10.5.2 share point for folder not showing all the sub folders via afp?

Hi, I just set this up late last night. I have a sharepoint set up for a folder. Under this folder there are maybe 8 other folders, with their subsequent folders there after. My issue is I set this point up for the higher level, set proper permissions and only half of the folders show under all the log ins? First thought was permissions. I set up myself full control ACL and propagated throughout. Same issue. To skirt this for now I am sharing the folders that do not appear and it works fine but kind of a pain for all the users. Any thoughts? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Others are all read only. I did unshare and share this again thinking that would work but nope... Thanks

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  • Process Chain got struck and not showing all the variants in the log view

    We have some process chains which are running daily.The problem here is that one of the process chains got struck at some point
    and it is not showing all the variants in the log view but able to see in planning view.
    Could any one please let me know why this is occuring.

    Hi Ramanjaneyulu,
    Thanks for the reply.
    As you said,i clicked on the 'display message' but it is not showing any errors.It is showing
    that the process completed successfully.

  • BI publisher report is not showing all the data

    Hi All,
    I have created a report using BI Publisher in R12. The report is not showing all the records.
    I have checked the result XML it is also not having all the data. My query returns 846 rows but my report only has 662 rows.
    what might be the issue.please give me some idea to resolve this issue.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Arun,
    In the following code: public SelectItem[] getAllPrinters() {
    if (allPrinters == null) {           // allPrinters is not defined. what type of object it is
    PrintService[] printers = PrintServiceLookup.lookupPrintServices(null, null);
    allPrinters = new SelectItem[printers.length];
    for (int i = 0; i < printers.length; i++) {
    SelectItem printer =
    new SelectItem(printers.getName(), printers[i].getName());
    allPrinters[i] = printer;
    return allPrinters;;;
    Variable allPrinters is not defined. what type of object it is?
    And also the same variable is referenced here <af:selectOneChoice label="Available Printers" partialTriggers="cb1"
    <f:selectItems value="#{pageFlowScope.applicationPrinterBean.allPrinters}" id="si1"/>

  • In solution manager system not showing all the system in SLD

    Dear Gurus,
    During the installation of solution manger sysyem i selected as a Central SLD as solution manager
    Later installed ECC 6.0 and EP systems selected SLD as solution manager system during the instllation.
    If i login in to http://hostname:50000/sld (solution manger system) and the screen also not showing all the options also. some options missing in the tab. Wat I need to do to see all the options clearly.
    It is not showing all the systems if i check in EP and ECC for SLDCHECK it is not givng any errror.
    But if i login into solution manger not  able to see all the system in SLD.

    Thanks for reply
    it is not showing all the systems

  • ALV not showing all the rows! Please help!

    Hi Experts,
         I have webdynpro ALV report and I am using SALV_WD_TABLE as the reusable component. In component controller's WDDOINIT I have written the code for pulling teh data from R/3 table and binding it to ALV table.
    In the view's WDDOMODIFYVIEW event I have written the following code to get subtotal and grand total of Qty column based on product column.
          I have coded like this:
          lr_field_settings ?= l_value.
    lr_field = lr_field_settings->get_field( 'PRODUCT' ).
    lr_field->if_salv_wd_sort~set_group_aggregation_allowed( ABAP_TRUE ).
    lr_field->if_salv_wd_sort~create_sort_rule( ).
    l_sortrule = lr_field->if_salv_wd_sort~GET_SORT_RULE(  ).
    l_sortrule->set_sort_order( if_salv_wd_c_sort=>sort_order_ascending ).
    l_sortrule->set_group_aggregation( ABAP_TRUE ).
    *...Aggregate Field PRODUCT
    lr_field = lr_field_settings->get_field( 'QTY' ).
    lr_field->if_salv_wd_aggr~create_aggr_rule( ).
    lr_aggr_rule = lr_field->if_salv_wd_aggr~get_aggr_rule(  ).
    lr_aggr_rule->set_aggregation_type( if_salv_wd_c_aggregation=>aggrtype_total ).
    It is working now but my ALV table is not showing all the rows. I have 6 products and it is showing from product 2. But it is calculating grand total and subtotal correctly. I am not able to see the first product row and subtotal for that. Even if I click on the ^ icon in the ALV table below it is not showing all the rows.
    What could be the problem?
    Please help

    did you somehow manage to set the "first visible row" property on table object
    to 2.   Only thing I can think of that could cause this effect.

  • Service monitoring is not showing all the services when i create a service monitor under Management pack templates.

    Hi All,
    I am using SCOM 2007 R2 CU4 in my environment. I want to do a service monitoring on specific agents. When i try creating this service monitor which comes under the Management pack template  when i select the service which i want to monitor it does not
    show all the services in the drop down.
    For example - I have Windows audio service which is present on the machine, But it is not showing in the service list. 
    So from the services stating from "W" i see only 5 in SCOM and in services.msc in the Agent i see more than 5.
    Below is the screen shot.
    Can any one please help.

    Hi Yan Li,
    So based on your above suggestion, If the services are already managed  / monitored by a specific
    management pack those services will not appear here in the Wizard while creating this type of a Management pack object alert right ?
    If that is the case why does not the same reflect here in the operations console in the Services monitor
    TAB ?

  • Apple mail not showing all the messages?

    In Apple mail, for my icloud account, I have some mailboxes which show the wrong number of messages, it shows too few.
    As an example, a mailbox contains 150 messages, but apple mail reports there are only 146.
    I rebuilt the mailbox and let apple mail do its thing. In the activity window I can see there are 150 messages. Yet, once apple mail has finished rebuilding the mailbox, it still tells me there are 146 messages. What's going wrong? Why would apple mail not show all the messages while in the activity window it clearly shows it knows there are 150?

    This was too weird to be real. Apple mail does not show messages it believes to be duplicates, and buy, does it make big mistakes in deciding what are duplicate messages and what not! Some of my mailboxes had over 100 "duplicates" not showing according to apple mail.
    I found a solution thanks to this topic:
    defaults delete com.apple.mail AlwaysShowDuplicates
    does yield an error in 10.8.2 ( Domain (com.apple.mail) not found. Defaults have not been changed. )
    defaults write com.apple.mail AlwaysShowDuplicates -bool true
    Does work brilliantly though!

  • Vertical scrollbar not showing all the records when I scroll down.

    Vertical scrollbar not showing all the records when I scroll down.
    Using Oracle forms 10g , operating system windows
    I have two fields with number of items dispayed = 15.
    I have a vertical scroll bar with them. There are 34 records in the table but the scrollbar only shows 15 records.
    Here are the properties for block / scrollbar.
    - Subclass Information                           
    - Comments                                       
    * Navigation Style                                Same Record
    - Previous Navigation Data Block                 
    - Next Navigation Data Block                     
    - Current Record Visual Attribute Group          
    - Query Array Size                                0
    - Number of Records Buffered                      0
    * Number of Records Displayed                     60
    * Query All Records                               No
    - Record Orientation                              Vertical
    * Single Record                                   No
    - Database Data Block                             Yes
    - Enforce Primary Key                             No
    - Query Allowed                                   Yes
    - Query Data Source Type                          Table
    * Query Data Source Name                          WORK_CATEGORY
    * Query Data Source Columns                      
    * Column Name                                   JOB_TYPE
    * Column Type                                   VARCHAR2
    - Column Type Name                             
    - Parent Column                                
    * Length                                        30
    * Precision                                     0
    * Scale                                         0
    * Mandatory                                     Yes
    * Column Name                                   WORK_CATEGORY
    * Column Type                                   VARCHAR2
    - Column Type Name                             
    - Parent Column                                
    * Length                                        30
    * Precision                                     0
    * Scale                                         0
    * Mandatory                                     Yes
    - Query Data Source Arguments                    
    - Alias                                          
    - Include REF Item                                No
    * WHERE Clause                                   
    * ORDER BY Clause                                 job_type
    - Optimizer Hint                                 
    - Insert Allowed                                  Yes
    - Update Allowed                                  Yes
    - Locking Mode                                    Automatic
    - Delete Allowed                                  Yes
    - Key Mode                                        Automatic
    - Update Changed Columns Only                     No
    - Enforce Column Security                         No
    - Maximum Query Time                              0
    * Maximum Records Fetched                         0
    - DML Data Target Type                            Table
    - DML Data Target Name                           
    - Insert Procedure Name                          
    - Insert Procedure Result Set Columns            
    - Insert Procedure Arguments                     
    - Update Procedure Name                          
    - Update Procedure Result Set Columns            
    - Update Procedure Arguments                     
       Don't know where am I going wrong. I'll really appreciate if you can help me in this.
    Edited by: 831050 on Sep 14, 2011 8:05 AM

    One of the items is a list item.. here are it's properties:
    * Name                                          JOB_TYPE
    * Item Type                                     List Item
    - Subclass Information                         
    - Comments                                     
    - Help Book Topic                              
    - Enabled                                       Yes
    * Elements in List                             
    * Label                                      
    * List Item Value                             LIST20
    * List Style                                    Combo Box
    - Mapping of Other Values                      
    - Implementation Class                         
    - Case Restriction                              Mixed
    - Popup Menu                                   
    - Keyboard Navigable                            Yes
    - Mouse Navigate                                Yes
    - Previous Navigation Item                     
    - Next Navigation Item                         
    - Data Type                                     Char
    - Data Length Semantics                         Null
    - Maximum Length                                30
    - Initial Value                                
    * Required                                      Yes
    * Copy Value from Item                         
    - Synchronize with Item                        
    - Calculation Mode                              None
    - Formula                                      
    - Summary Function                              None
    - Summarized Block                             
    - Summarized Item                              
    - Current Record Visual Attribute Group        
    - Distance Between Records                      0
    * Number of Items Displayed                     15
    - Database Item                                 Yes
    * Column Name                                   JOB_TYPE
    - Primary Key                                   No
    - Query Only                                    No
    - Query Allowed                                 Yes
    - Insert Allowed                                Yes
    - Update Allowed                                Yes
    - Update Only if NULL                           No
    - Visible                                       Yes
    * Canvas                                        CANVAS2
    - Tab Page                                     
    * X Position                                    47
    * Y Position                                    137
    * Width                                         187
    * Height                                        18
    - Visual Attribute Group                        DEFAULT
    - Prompt Visual Attribute Group                 DEFAULT
    - Foreground Color                             
    * Background Color                              white
    - Fill Pattern                                 
    - Font                                         
    * Font Name                                     Tahoma
    * Font Size                                     10
    * Font Weight                                   Demilight
    * Font Style                                    Plain
    * Font Spacing                                  Normal
    * Prompt                                        Job Type
    - Prompt Display Style                          First Record
    * Prompt Justification                          Start
    * Prompt Attachment Edge                        Top
    - Prompt Alignment                              Start
    * Prompt Attachment Offset                      10
    * Prompt Alignment Offset                       0
    - Prompt Reading Order                          Default
    - Prompt Foreground Color                      
    - Prompt Font                                  
    * Prompt Font Name                              Tahoma
    * Prompt Font Size                              10
    * Prompt Font Weight                            Bold
    * Prompt Font Style                             Plain
    * Prompt Font Spacing                           Normal
    - Hint                                         
    - Display Hint Automatically                    No
    - Tooltip                                      
    - Tooltip Visual Attribute Group               
    - Direction                                     Default
    - Initial Keyboard State                        Default
    - Keyboard State                                Any

  • The library module in 4.3 version does not show all the images

    The library module in the version 4.3 of Lightroom does not show all the images. They are marked with gray boxes instead of images. This is especially true of the images which I tried to import to Lightroom since I downloaded 4.3 a few weeks ago. If I want to seen an image, I have to go to the develop module to see it. What should I do?  Get this fixed now!!!!!!!!

    My bet would be on a corrupt preview folder.
    Your preview folder is located in the same folder as your catalog. It has the same name as your catalog with the word Previews.LRDATA at the end of the name. Rename this folder and let Lightroom rebuild the previews. Go to Library>Previews>Render Standard-sized Previews.  See if that fixes it.
    If it doesn't, you may want to have a look here: http://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/kb/photos-appear-black-gray-rectangles.html

  • BP interaction history does not show all the activities in portal

    Hi Experts,
    We have a problem in application CRMM_ACCOUNT when we go to BP interaction history does not show all the activities in portal as it is thr in activities screen.

    Hi Glenn Michaels,
    Thanks for your response , If I look at the activities tab there were more activities than on the interaction history tab .
    In allowed channels for transaction type we have 3 channels.
    Can you guide me what to do next?

  • Z10 not showing all emails in folders (imap + gmail imap)

    My Z10 is not showing all the emails in my imap email accounts (inc gmail).  e.g. my inbox has 20 messages but the z10 only shows 10 of them.  Same issue applies on some other folders.
    Issue also applies on gmail imap account but does not seem to occur on my exchange account.
    It also only appears to be affecting emails that are approx 1 or 2 weeks ago in this month.
    Please help!

    Please check carefully your settings for your GMail account, especially the portion concerning "Sync Timeframe" (if visible to you, it depends on the integration method).
    Check carefully also how these are labeled on GMail...Gmail technically uses labels and not folders, and the BB must interpret the labels into folders. So if a stray label is applied to these items, then that may be why they are suppressed from view.
    You can also try removing and re-integrating the problem account.
    You can also try ringing up your mobile service provider for formal support and potential escalation to BlackBerry for enhanced formal support.
    Good luck!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup schedule...click here for an article with instructions.
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  • HT1351 My ipod Classic is not showing all the music from iCloud.

    My ipod Classic is not showing all the music from iCloud. I have "show music" enabled.

    Glad 7.7.1 worked for you, I updated itunes on my macbook, and every time i try to sync the music to my ipod classic, it goes for 23 songs and then it freezes and I get "Cannot read or write to this disk", and it ejects it. I tried uninstalling itunes, reinstalling an earlier version (7.6.2) same problem, plus a new issue with itunes. (It was a clean uninstall, btw, I got everything cleaned out, I think, lol). Video's transfer fine. And no good way to get ahold of apple. That's great. If I have no music on my ipod, it's useless. Think they'll give me my money back? (lol)

  • I recently updated my e-mail address with apple, but now it does not show all the "purchased" music that I purchased under my old e-mail address.  How can I re-gain access to those hundreds of purchased songs?

    I recently updated my e-mail address with apple, but now it does not show all the "purchased" music that I purchased under my old e-mail address.  How can I re-gain access to those hundreds of purchased songs?

    You are trying to find a loophole to circumvent a basic rule that prohibits the transfer of purchased content from one Apple ID to another.
    Content tied to an Apple ID are bound to that Apple ID forever. You can not merge or trade accounts. Well, not (officially) anyway...

  • Music on my phone does not show all the iTunes artwork, even after doing a backup restore, eliminating all music and restoring

    Music on my phone does not show all the iTunes artwork, even after doing a backup restore, eliminating all music and restoring  I have an iphone5 64 syncing about 8000 songs, so updating all is a time consuming, and now maddening process. Never had a problem before iOS 8. Someone (hello Apple) needs to develop a utility to help manage artwork recovery.

    See earlier post by tt2

  • Finder does not show all the files in a folder.

    I have created a folder in Photos in which I put all the photos I want to use for social media. If I access the folder through Facebook, all the photos are there, but if I go to the folder through Finder, none of the photos I have added in the last two to three weeks are to be found.
    The only way I can find them in Finder is to go through All My Files/ images and then scroll through hundreds of images. This is time-consuming and very frustrating.
    I have tried relaunching Finder several times but it has made no difference. Any photos from the past 2-3 weeks can not be seen in the folder, even though they are clearly there when I open the folder from Facebook.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your reply. I have only had my new Macbook for a few weeks and do not have DropBox or GoogleDrive (or anything else) on it. It is a very weird problem.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Rendering Error when using more than one DataSheetView on a Enterprise Wiki-Page

    Hi Experts, how to reproduce: Add two Custom Lists with some Fields (Add Lookup-Columns to both Lists). Add a DataSheetView to each List and mark it as Default-View Create a Enterprise Wiki-Page Add a WebPart (Custom-List-1) You will see the Content

  • Wrong price picked in purchase order created with reference to RFQ.

    Hi Experts, We are encountering an error when we adopt a service RFQ. We maintained 3 RFQs at different prices for 3 different vendors. When we try to adopt the RFQs in the PO, the system picks up the price of the last RFQ maintained. The system give

  • 'Music' tab not appearing on iPod mini

    At first I thought all my songs were gone from my ipod mini, since the 'music' tab wasn't there, but when I pressed play/pause, the songs began to play. They're in itunes as well; I just can't navigate through my songs on my ipod. What's wrong?

  • How to reverse geocode in LR4 if image is already tagged with latitude/longitude

    I've seen Terry White's video about geocoding by importing a .gpx file, but what if I've already got the latitude and longitude, and what I need is for Lightroom 4 to look up the city, state, country, etc.  Is this possible?

  • Patching Solaris 10

    I am unable to patch solaris 10 through the smc console. I keep getting the following error UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/sun/patchpro/model/PatchProListener (Unsupported major.minor version 49.0) Does anyone know of a fix for this?