Accidentally partially deleted wrong iphoto library, iphoto won't recognised external HD copy

I'm trying to free up some space on my MacBook OS X 10.5.8. with only 9.27GB free space left. I work a lot with images/graphics.
As iphoto is the main space guzzler at 33.84GB, I was planning to move the iphoto library onto my external HD and access it from there. I now keep HD connected as my portable HD2 has started to develop problems.
First hiccup: when I copied iphoto library from Macbook to HD, an unreadable files alert popped up with 170 in the list. I did this the other day. I left it there to solve another day.  Coming back to it today, I opened it up to test it and it seemed fine other than the alert popping up again. I was trying to work out what the files referred to (files ending in ....cache...ithmb) so I could identify the problem files but it's all just a bit beyond me.
I was going to just delete that version and go through the process again using the sound info on this forum but doh! I only went and trashed the main iphoto library didn't I? I'd already started emptying the trash when I realised so I stopped the deletion immediately.
When I view Show Package Contents I can see that the most recent original 2012 photos are gone but they are in the modified folder ( I have other copies saved so that's not a huge problem) but  I can't really tell yet what's else further back might have been deleted.  Anyway I thought that if I pointed iphoto to the copied library on my HD that would be fine but it won't open it. I can highlight it and click on OPEN but nothing happens. when I look at the Package Contents it only goes up to the Cache folder, no library or other images.
What can I do to clean up this mess, have iphoto on HD so my macbook can run smoothly again! NB with my most recent accidental deletion I now have 13.31GB free.
Baby steps help appreciated!!

No, unfortunately. He has a 320gb HD and a 307gb library. However, that post reflects all of the symptoms we had. I'll check it out. Thank you!
If substituting "Old Masters" for "Masters" does not help, there is not much hope to fix this. The iPhoto Library First Aid Tools did not work in the previous similar cases.
The best option would be to restore the library from the most recent backup.  Otherwise you can only copy the "Old Masters" out of the library and reimport them to iPhoto into a new library and essentially start over. IPhoto has no tools to connect missing original image files to the edited versions like Aperture has.

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  • Accidentally clicked delete after iPhoto import

    Greetings, I just accidentally clicked delete all after importing from my wifes iPhone 4s to her iPhoto library. I very quickly grabbed the USB cable out of my mac mini and the photo's are fine in the library and phone. But I'm curious about what will happen now (leaving aside the ungraceful usb dismount).I've been backing the phone up nightly both into iPhoto and iTunes. If I plug that in tonight will iPhoto remember that bad click and begin deleting the 3k images on her phone? Her iPhoto library had 8k+ images, so if that happened I can't think of how I would know which ones to restore (of course, hoping someone can tell me "that won't happen" or double your money back ) Any ideas on what will happen and/or how to recover if the worst does?
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    Sorry to be a pest (here's the but);
    Larry I know it's unsupported, the warning dialog tells me so "would never be done" is a -completely- different idea. Users -often- use software outside it's design parameters that's why STE and STD's  lurk forums like this. I get that maybe they're not going to help me out but I'm giving them the option. Also, I grok usb, despite my mistake I've used Unix since the 80's and usb since the month it was released. Users make mistakes If I've corrupted the volume I'll take my lumps, and restore from iTunes. that's not really my question.
    I'm asking about iPhoto.
    iPhoto was where I clicked delete all. There's no danger of iPhone backup deleting images from my phones camera roll. -iPhoto- will interact with the phone the next time I connect it, I'm just curious if the expected behavior is for iPhoto to remember that the user clicked delete and the phone was  disconnected before the process ran, and go back to catch up on the request (despite the app being quit and the machine restarted). Or if iPhoto will detect that the phone went away and say "well, I guess we'll skip that one".
    I'm curious to know if anyone here has insight, if not I'll plug it in tonight (France time) and let you all know if it was easy or if I had to do a phone restore.
    -Pestarily yours, Boyd

  • How do I "Add to Library" when iPhoto won't recognise selected photos?

    A few months ago I was unable to import photos from the same Canon camera I've always used with iPhoto. Despite a number of steps taken, the problem has not resolved.
    As I was getting a few erratic problems I decided to rebuild the computer (back up, wipe hard disk, re-install all software,etc.). I then imported the photos from the camera as usual. Last night they imported properly. Tonight those new photos are do not appear in the Library window of iPhoto. Those new photos are, however, in the iPhoto folder. When I try File/Add to Library, I get the message "Unreadable Files: 1 The following files could not be imported (they may be an unrecognised file type or the files may not contain valid data). The message then gives the path to the library "Users/Shared/iPhoto Library/2005".
    Extra information:
    *iPhoto Library in a shared folder so that my partner can access them from her Account;
    *there are 2500 photos in my library;
    *the photos are in .jpg format;
    *I've always used the same camera - Canon IXUS v3;
    *they imported OK yesterday but have disappeared today;
    *I get the same result whether I try to Add to Library one photo or multiple folders of photos.
    *I've read a few threads on these discussion pages but the answers don't seem applicable - if only because of the inconsistency (ie importing OK yesterday and being problematic today)
    I'd be grateful for anyone's help!
    iMac & iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  

    I think I understand now. I am thinking you placed these files in the iPhoto Library folder yourself. You need to drag them to the desktop and import them from there, by either dragging them into an open iPhoto viewing window or using the command File>add to library within iPhoto.
    Some more info for you:
    --First thing to know and remember is this...Do not drag any images, folder of images into the iPhoto Library in the Finder. Images have to be imported into iPhoto within the application. Do not scan images and save them into the iPhoto Library folder in the Finder. Save them to another location such as the Pictures folder or even the desktop. You can then import them into iPhoto.
    If you have already put files/folders in the iPhoto Library folder in the Finder then you will also find out that if you try to import them into iPhoto you will get an error message. No worry, just drag them to the desktop and import from there.
    --All images that you import are shown in the library view. You can choose how you want to view, by rolls, by date, by rating, etc. When you put images in an Album, slideshow, book, etc, you are actually just putting pointers to those images in the library. You are not adding more images. If you delete an image from the Album it will still be in the library. If you delete an image from the library it is deleted from iPhoto's database and your hard drive (unless you have it backed up somewhere else)
    --You have a folder of images on your hard drive and want to import them into iPhoto. Drag the folder of images into an open iPhoto Library window and the folder of photos will be copied into the library, resulting in a new roll with the name of the folder. You now have two copies of those photos, the ones in iPhoto's database and the ones on your desktop. You can keep the ones on your desktop that you just imported as backup or you can delete that folder.
    -- you scan a picture/pictures and save it in a folder. You cannot scan directly into iPhoto or the iPhoto Library folder in the Finder.
    You want all your photos in iPhoto so you import them into iPhoto.
    Now you have two copies of that picture/pictures, so you can delete the originals that were in the scanned folder and keep the one/ones that were imported into iPhoto.
    -- You download pictures from your camera into iPhoto.
    There is now one copy of each of the pictures. (DO NOT HAVE IPHOTO DELETE THE IMAGES FROM YOUR CAMERA! DELETE THEM MANUALLY WITH THE CAMERA-if something goes wrong with the import and they are never imported and then they are deleted from the camera you might end up losing those images)
    You want to change something about a picture you imported, such as
    cropping it or changing the size, or changing the orientation.
    Once you do that to a picture, you now have two copies of the picture
    in iPhoto, the original and the edited one. The edited one will be in the library organize view. The original is packed away in an Original folder in your iPhoto Library folder under the date of the roll. You can always revert to the original by control clicking on the photo and choose "revert to orginal" You will not have this choice if you used iPhoto Diet to get rid of the Originals.
    (a quick note on cropping within iPhoto...when you are in edit mode, you automatically will be in the crop mode with cross hairs to highlight the crop area. To finish cropping you must click the crop button and then go back to library view and your cropped picture will be there.
    3.You want to use Photoshop or another graphic program to edit a picture in your iPhoto library.
    You can open up prefs for iPhoto and choose "when double clicking on
    photo" choose "other" and select Photoshop. Now you can edit all
    pictures in your iPhoto library in PhotoShop by double clicking. If you save the photo with the same name and as a flattened file it will be saved right into iPhoto and you will see the changes. If you don't want to save it into iPhoto then do a "save as" and save to the desktop. You will then have the original photo still in iPhoto and your new edited photo on the desktop.
    Or, with iPhoto open, you can drag a picture from the library window
    to your desktop (you see a + sign on the pic you are dragging). You now
    have two of the same picture, one in the iPhoto library and one on your desktop. You can open up the one on your desktop in any graphic program and work on it. The one in iPhoto stays the same. You can also share/export the picture/pictures to your desktop or folder to work on them or do batch processing, etc. You will still have the originals in your iPhoto Library.
    Or, you can open up the ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library/folders and option drag any
    picture out of the folder to your desktop. Notice that you will see a plus sign while dragging the photo. This is copying the file to your desktop
    I would advise anyone not to do this as they might forget to use the option key and drag the photo out. Next time you open iPhoto the photo will be missing.
    Two Apple kbs for you to read
    Don't tamper with files in the iPhoto library folder
    About the iPhoto Library folder
    Don't forget that in Library view you can Control click on any picture and get a contextual menu with many options. One is to revert to original.

  • Mac won't recognise external burner

    my mac has been working with my external apple burner, however, it now won't recognise it even though i have a blank cd inserted and i'm unable to eject it

    Turn off everything and disconnect the external burner, then do an NVRAM reset.
    Shut down your Mac.
    Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command (⌘), Option, P, and R.
    Turn on your Mac.
    Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys immediately after you hear the startup sound.
    Hold these keys until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for a second time.
    Release the keys.
    Reconnect the burner and try using it.
    (Excerpt from How to Reset NVRAM on your Mac - Apple Support)

  • IMac won't recognise external hard drive

    My iMac with OSX 10.8.4 won't recognise my external disk drive via either Firewire or USB Cable. It also doesn't show up on desktop or in Disk Utility. Disk drive and cables work fine with my old computer on Snow Leopard. It also wouldn't recognise my old computer via Firewire, when I tried to migrate info across to it (this was before updating system to 10.8.4). However, flash drives show up fine. Any suggestions?

    The EHD is a 2.5" WD SATA
    Two things:
    1) WD drives are fine. It's their enclosures that are useless. I had a desktop WD drive that was nothing but trouble with an older PPC Mac and a newer Intel iMac. Stalled, overheated, and generally made it impossible to use Time Machine.
    I ripped the WD bare drive from the enclosure and dropped it in an OWC Mercury Elite Pro and now the WD drive that apparently was the Devil's Own is working flawlessly.
    2) Drives that must get all their power from the USB cable can fail to be recognized. As electric motors wear, they can demand more powr. Eventually they need more power than any USB port can provide.
    Always get a desktop drive for a desktop computer. Having suffered through serveral "Name-brand" external drives, I now spend the extra money for the OWC products. They are made for Mac and very reliable.
    Possible fixes for your old drive:
    1) First, make sure the computer is set to "see" the drive. By default, it is not. While in the Finder, open Finder Preferences and make sure "External Disks" is checked:
    2) Reformat it as "Macintosh Extended (Journaled)" with Disk Utility. That often wakes up the drive.
    3) Get a POWERED USB hub. It makes up the power the drive can't get from teh port.

  • My iPhoto won't recognise raw files from my new camera

    ... (it still recognises them from the old camera). The specs are different and I've upgraded iPhoto to the latest list of supported cameras. Any ideas?  Thanks, Lee

    The Raw on that camera simply isn't on the supported list:
    iPhoto Menu -> Provide iPhoto Feedback and let them know you want it supported.
    I would expect the DNG to be accessible though, but I'm not terribly familiar with the format. I would google around a bit. IIRC there are variations within the DNG format - linear/non-linear or something like that - one of which will work with iPhoto and Aperture.

  • Iphoto won´t recognise photos I am trying to download from my Canon 50D

    I have been using iphoto and downloading photos with no problem, with both a card reader and direct from my Canon 30D. I recently purchased a 50D and I installed the Canon software to take a look and see what it was like. I downloaded a few photos...fine. PROBLEM is when I tried to go back to using iphoto to download and store photos... message comes up saying ´download failed... files not recognised´ PLEASE HELP!
    I have tried restarting the mac plus I´ve uninstalled the Canon software (I think)..
    Thank you so much.

    bsoutas wrote:
    I also just purchased a 50D. I had around 200 pics to upload (all jpeg - none raw), it uploaded all but the last 12, then iphoto told me it couldn't recognize the as well. So frustrating! I would like any ideas as well. Thanks!
    Well I know this is one of those "drop back ten yards and punt" type suggestions but have you tried repairing your permissions on your boot drive? Especially if you have done several updates recently.

  • Hit 'use other' now iphoto won't recognise my camera

    I got a new camera & when opening iPhoto & it asked me if I wanted to use iphoto with that camera or 'use other' & in my rush I hit 'use other' (Which was a mistake, yesterday I hit 'decide later' as I was still looking at the software that came with my camera to decide whether or not to use it)
    Now, I can't import from the camera from the file menu, which I could do before I said 'use other'. I can only import by hitting the 'import' button, which then imports everything from the camera. I want to be able to only import selected files, which in the past (with my old camera) I did through the file menu.
    How can I undo that choice & get my camera back? It doesn't show up on the desktop as a removable volume any more.

    No Canon cameras and several Kodak cameras don't show on the desktop - a choice of their makers. An alternative is to use a USB Card Reader. Safer and saves wear and tear on your Camera too.
    To selectively import, use Image Capture - in your Applications Folder - to select and move the files to the desktop, then import them from there.

  • Time capsule won't recognise external hard drive, even when formatted correctly and connected to a powered USB hub

    i have an apple time capsule (not the very latest one, but the one before that) and i am trying to connect my 1.5TB toshiba hard drive to it. i understand that it needs to be powered, so i purchased a usb hub ("usb hub man" by Gadget Geek) and bought an adapter to power it.
    The hard drive won't show up in finder or disk utility, however i can see it in airport utility.
    it is formatted correctly - Mac OS Extended (Journaled, Encrypted) and works perfectly fine from my macbook pro usb port.
    Also, when i connect a smaller hard drive to the hub (16GB) that shows up in finder as normal.
    so it seems that everything is perfectly fine, however this 1.5TB hard drive just wont show up in finder.
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is the case? my guesses are that i need to get a better quality usb hub, or that i might have to get a powered hard drive altogether rather than trying to power it with the hub.

    The hard drive won't show up in finder or disk utility, however i can see it in airport utility.
    You would not expect it to show up in disk utility .. it does not work on network drives.
    Finder may or may not be able to see it.
    If the airport utility is showing the drive you have some possibility.
    Did you GUID partition the drive .. or is it still MBR.. ie if it was originally formatted for PC it will be MBR and won't work.. so put it on the Mac again and change the GUID partition.. I would also set a smaller partition size.. the internal drive of the TC is partitioned though you cannot see them.. put a first partition less than 1TB and see how it goes.
    In finder.. don't forget ML has issues with network drive.. make sure you tick all the extras in finder preferences.. and if the drive won't mount try to do it manually.. go .. connect to server.
    AFP://TCname or TCIPaddress.. where you use the actual name or IP.
    Also is the power supply for the hub at least 2A preferably more.. so the hub is powered but the disk is not powered??

  • Ibook won't recognise external western digital hard drive

    I have just got a new external hard drive. The setup instructions say I need to go into disk utility and erase the drive before it will work however I cannot even see the hard drive in disk utility.
    Before you ask yes I have connected all leads e.t.c properly!
    Any suggestions on how to get up and running?
    The hard drive is the 160gb Western Digital, dual option back up, firewire and usb unit.

    check the formatting and be sure it's something like FAT32(i prefer it so i can have pc compatibility)if it's FAT it won't work and some companies use FAT i know my flash drives i got aren't mac compatible right away you have to format them to FAT32(which i did and got extra space on my 1GB).

  • Mac won't recognise external hard-drive

    Hi there,
    I've just tried to transfer some files from my external hard-drive which I usually use with my OS 10.5, onto another PC, and was unsuccessful. Then when I plugged the hard-drive back into my mac, the device doesn't appear on screen as it usually does. I've also looked in my computer and the hard-drive isn't showing and I can't access any of the files on it. Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue please? Would really appreciate some help!

    How is the HD connected - USB or Firewire?
    USB and FireWire Quick Assist
    What to do if your computer won't recognize a FireWire device
    Dealing with FireWire problems (drives not mounting, devices unrecognized, etc.)
    Common fixes for USB device issues (unrecognized, etc.)
     Cheers, Tom

  • Won't recognise external hard drive.

    Hi there I don't know If this is the right section, If not please forgive me.
    Right I have a MacBook an I connected my external hard drive to it for time machine. I have windows installed on my laptop an I wanted to transfer a few files between the partitions so tryed connecting the hard drive, but it doesn't seem to sense that it's connected. It recognises mini USB sticks so it's not a USB problem.
    Has anyone experianced anything else like this? An know how I can get windows to recognise my HD?
    Thanks for any help u can give

    Windows can't read Mac Extended formatted drives (which is the drive format that Time Machine requires). Two options are: either connect the drive back on the Mac, and use network sharing, or purchase MacDrive if you think you'll need regular drive sharing between the two machines.

  • HT202664 my iphoto is under an old apple ID, how do I upgrade using my current ID? The current Iphoto is not working after the software upgrade. If I delete the iphoto app will i lose my photo library?

    I have a MacBook pro I recently upgraded to OSX. iPhoto is now not working as it was purchased under an old apple ID and I cant find a way to use my current ID to upgrade it. Also if I delete iPhoto to then repurchase it, will I lose my photo library?

    1. iPhoto won’t run any differently based on the Apple ID it’s associated with, but can only be updated from that one.
    2. No. Back it up anyway.

  • Can I safely delete my iPhoto library?

    As the subject says, is it safe to delete my 1.69gb iPhoto library file? I have all my pictures in various folders elsewhere. So my question is, if I delete this, it won't delete any of my pictures in those other folders.
    I assume that an iPhoto library file is basically imported pictures copied into a self-contained file.

    Deleting the iPhoto Library will delete just that, and not affect files in other locations.

  • I accidentally updated iPhoto on my (now) external hard drive and now it won't let me access any of my photos. What can I do?

    I accidentally updated iPhoto on my (now) external hard drive and now it won't let me access any of my photos. What can I do?

    So, you have two versions of iphoto? One from the old machine and one from the new?
    If so, forget about opening with the older version of iPhoto.
    For the newer version:
    Download iPhoto Library Manager and use its rebuild function. This will create a new library based on data in the albumdata.xml file. Not everything will be brought over - no slideshows, books or calendars, for instance - but it should get all your albums and keywords back.
    Because this process creates an entirely new library and leaves your old one untouched, it is non-destructive, and if you're not happy with the results you can simply return to your old one.  

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