Acrobat 11 Standard Office 2010 Pro Convert Word documents to PDF not working

Adobe community,
I can create PDF's inside Word 2010 using the Acrobat Add-in but right clicking a Word document or dragging a Word document into Adobe Acrobat 11 Standard does not work. I have updated both Acrobat 11 and Office 2010 with the latest updates available. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi markl16215442,
In order to convert word document to PDF by right-clicking or dragging the file, you must have Adobe PDF printer installed.
For Windows, please check that Adobe PDF is set as default printer under "Start > Devices and Printers"
While for MAC, Adobe PDF printer option is no more available and as it was removed with some changes in Apple's policy regarding virtual printers.
So, check with your OS and then let me know.

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    I am having trouble converting Word documents to PDF files. Whenever I try to convert the file, I receive the following error message: Missing PDFMaker files. Do you want to run the installer in repair mode? When I run the installer in repair mode, I still receive the same message. I have Adobe Acobat Professional 8 and MS Office 2007 installed on my PC.

    Cannot delete or repair Adobe Acrobat Professional 6.0, nor access original disk since "accidently" using a registry repair program. I have used system restore to no avail.
    The following scenarios occur when trying to "change/remove" Adobe program/updates:
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    Click OK to try again, or enter an alternate path to a folder containing installation package Adobe Acrobat and Reader 6.0.6 Update.msi in the box below.
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    Adobe Acrobat/Reader 6.0.1 Professional
    This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package.
    Anyway to recover functionality to remove/change (uninstall/repair)?
    I also am unable to access the original disc now. WINDOWS INSTALLER window:
    This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer patch package.
    Any help available?

  • Convert word document to pdf in the same directory with right-click

    Hi everybody,
    With Adobe Reader X Standard, I want to convert word documents I have in a directory.
    I do a right-click on a file, but when I try to convert the file I would like to save in the same directory (where the word document is). By default it suggest default documents location.
    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards,

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    Note: There is no Adobe Reader Standard X program. There is Adobe Reader X or Adobe Acrobat Standard X. Reader cannot create pdf files, Acrobat Standard can. Please let us know exactly what software you are running together with OS.

  • Convert word document in PDF,e pub,by using third party dll in Sharepoint designer workflow 2013?

    I want to convert word document to PDF,  EPub, by using third party (.dll).
    In SharePoint designer workflow in 2013.
    So that I have question, Can we Install third party (.dll) in SharePoint workflow Designer for conversion?
    Means I have created one simple application conversion of word to e Pub, PDF, Image by using (Spire.doc dll) in Visual Studio.
    So this same conversion I want to work in SharePoint designer workflows?
    So anybody has any solution then please provide me.

    it might be worth looking at these CodePlex steps, that plug directly into the Word Automation Services.
    It'll provide you with a configurable step like the below that should help you achieve your aims
    Steven Andrews
    SharePoint Business Analyst: LiveNation Entertainment
    Twitter: Follow @backpackerd00d
    My Wiki Articles:
    CodePlex Corner Series
    Please remember to mark your question as "answered" if this solves (or helps) your problem.

  • I would like to upgrade my subscription to allow me to convert word documents to pdf

    I recently purchased the adobe reader which allows me to convert pdf to word; but now I would like to upgrade and be able to convert word document to pdf.  Can I get a credit for the cost of purchase of the pdf to word version for the upgrade to word to pdf version?

    Best Contact Customer Care - use the blue Still need help? button.

  • Idea  about convert word document to pdf using java api

    idea about convert word document to pdf using java api if any one find it mail me at [email protected]

    api if any one find it mail me at
    [email protected]
    What happend to your other mailID :
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    messageID=3756910It received the Spam Of Death. RIP

  • My adobe acrobat 9 standard does not work recently for converting word documents to pdf - what up?

    why would adobe acrobat 9 standard stop working for converting word docs to pdf?

    Are you running at least version 9.2 of Acrobat? Are you able to log in with a new user account on Windows to see if it works?

  • Convert word document to PDF file in SAP

    Hello experts,
    I've been searching around to get some code examples to upload a word document and convert it into a PDF file and then store it in unix. I hope one of you can help me, because many explanations and threads exist, but I did not get wiser reading them...
    I don't want to use 3rd party tools to do the conversion, but do it directly in SAP with abap coding and if necessary spool processing.
    System details:
    SAP ECC 6.0 (unicode system)
    SAP_ABA     700     0014     SAPKA70014     Cross-Application Component
    SAP_BASIS     700     0014     SAPKB70014     SAP Basis Component
    Thanks in advance!

    You can get the spool no from transaction SP01 and later use this spool no to convert the word document to PDF
    using the function module CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF and give the import parameter as ur spool id.
    once the doc gets converted to PDF u can use CALL METHOD CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>FILE_SAVE_DIALOG
    to get the path where the file is to be saved and later give the path to function module GUI_DOWNLOAD to download the file.
    or else u can manually execute the following reports:
    RSTXPDFT4  (give the spool no. as input)
    RSPO0068  (give the word doc with its full path as input)
    Hope that helps u

  • Error converting Word document to .pdf

    The office staff here has a couple of custom templates that they've been using for several years now to generate company letters. The company was bought by another firm, and about two weeks ago this office's network was attached to the new company's domain; login scripts were changed, security permissions, desktop settings, and so forth. Since that time, staff has been unable to convert their documents. Monday I started digging into the problem and found an Adobe Knowledgebase article referencing corrupted .icc files at this link:
    The error referenced was not exactly the same, but it was the closest thing I've been able to find, so I decided to give it a shot.
    Late Monday I went through the steps in the article on one of the problem workstations, and the error went away - was able to do seven or eight conversions successfully, so I saved the files and instructions for use the next day. Yesterday I started to do the same process on the other three workstations, but it had no effect on them, and in the middle of this, I was notified that now the first workstations has stopped working again, also - it was neither turned off nor rebooted overnight, but the same error is appearing again. Repeating the process from the day before does nothing now to correct the error, nor can I convert the *same test document* that I converted successfully multiple times the day before. Hopefully someone can point me in a direction to start looking.
    Machines: Dell and HP, various hardware.
    Example: Dell Pentium 4, 3.20 GHz, 3.00 GB RAM
    OS: Windows XP Pro, v2002, SP2
    MS-Word 2003 SP2
    Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard, v6.0.6
    Adobe Distiller v6.0.1
    Inside Word, Adobe Conversion Settings:
    Use and
    Conversion Settings file: Custom template settings (standard doesn't work, either)
    Enable accessibility & reflow with tagged PDF is checked
    Compatibility - Acrobat 5.0
    Color settings file - "None" (some machines have Web Standard selected, which also doesn't work.)
    Color management policies - Leave color unchanged
    Imbed fonts - checked on two W/S, one has several fonts excepted
    - unchecked on two W/S
    Letter template has macros which insert a logo in the document at print time, check tables, do calculations, check for "forbidden words". Template also contains a TOC. To test this, I simply open Word, make sure the macros are loaded (since the login scripts changed, this has to be done manually,) and create a new document from the proper template. There is a startup macro that can be simply bypassed (all it does is allow operator to change the office location, otherwise just leave the default,) and then from the "Adobe PDF" option on the Word menu bar, select "Convert to PDF". If the complete conversion runs, this may take up to a couple of minutes to finish, then the converted document is opened in Acrobat. What happens now is that the conversion process starts, then the process bar hangs for a few seconds and we get a messagebox stating: "Adobe pdf printer failed to create the pdf file"
    Most of the time, it doesn't seem to produce an errorlog, but if it does, this is what I see in the log:
    %%[ ProductName: Distiller ]%%
    %%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: pdfmark ]%%
    %%[ Flushing: rest of job (to end-of-file) will be ignored ]%%
    %%[ Warning: PostScript error. No PDF file produced. ] %%

    Try printing to the Adobe PDF printer. That may give a work around. I noticed that there was a pdfmark error. PDFmarks are added to the output file by PDF Maker prior to being sent to Distiller. That is how all of the links and such are transferred with PDF Maker. It is worth trying to take that out of the loop and see what happens. It almost seems like the folks that took over wiped out some of your logos and such, but there may be something much simpler at work.
    Don't you just love corporate takeovers! I guess you can't comment though. Your link seems to discuss some related issues. It may be that access to specific settings files that may have been customized may have been lost or those profiles were deleted.
    So much for my ranting with guesses. Hopefully I gave you some useful thought items. Bill

  • Converting Word document to PDF

    I am having problems since changing to a Mac and using Word 2011 and Acrobat 9 pro.
    I need to be able to convert a Word document by setting certain PDF requirements. So the Save as PDF doesn't quite cut it, as far as I can tell.
    For  example:
    I need to make sure it is not printed to "standard" but PDF/X-1a:2001 along with other requirements, like paper size. I can see where to do this in Distiller but I am not sure how to connect the Word document to Distiller...
    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks for this Philip. I am using Snow Leopard. I had thought about upgrading to Lion but may be I'll hold off!!
    Ok, well I did as you suggested. I held down the PDF option until the menu popped up. You called this the Context menu but I am not sure what that is. However, the menu that came up did allow the quality to be picked. So that was good. After choosing the quality I did not receive any other options about how I wanted Acrobat to open. It just seemed to skip that bit and ask where I wanted it to be saved.
    Does that sound all ok? Is that all that has to be done?
    So, please excuse a silly question here. But what is distiller, if we can do what we need from the Print menu?

  • Printing error when I convert Word document to PDF file

    When I convert a Word document to a PDF file, I get a notificaton that there was a printing problem, but the document is converted anyhow.
    The error message started to occur after I installed an upgrade to Acrobat Pro X and is shown in the task bar with the printer icon alongside a red and white question mark next to it.
    Is there any way to get rid of the problem?

    Acrobat X Pro has problems with Explorer 9.0 and Office 64 bits version.
    I started having similar problems when I upgraded X pro to 1.2 or 1.3 version and upgraded Explorer to 9.0. I was unable to print web sites(converting to PDF) correctly causing distiller errors, or printed some pages but the fonts were illegible. You could correct the problem by going to printer property, and uncheck "rely on system fonts".
    On the other hand, technical support told me that X pro 1.2 version caused issues with office 64 bits version, and told me to upgrade 1.3 only. I did that, but by converting web sites or office files into pdfs with success, but print listing folder get error messages for each print command, and I had to clear them out. otherwise yellow triangluar mark will be attached to printer icon of Acrobat.
    Obviously, upgrade to 1.3 did not solve all the issues, and I have to stay without any upgrade at all.

  • Converting Word Documents to PDF Loses Header

    OK, so a two page Word (2010) document with headers on the second page. Using the latest update for Adobe Acrobat XI.
    If I print>save as .pdf, it works fine. However, we often combine multiple files together into one PDF, so it is inconvenient to have to do this for each file first.
    If I right click on the file(s), then combine or convert to PDF, the headers disappear from the top of the second page.
    Can anyone offer any insight?

    You mentioned the print function, but the combine feature you mention does not use the print functionality, but PDF Maker. Try creating the PDF from WORD using the Acrobat menu. Does that give the proper result. If not, you may have the settings messed up in the converter. You might also want to check the options for DOC to PDF in the Edit>Preference (to PDF) options. You mention the latest update of XI that should give you 11.0.09.

  • Problem converting Word Documents into pdf

    Hi Folks - and Happy New Year to You!
    I'm using version Adobe 7.0. 
    I written an e-book and can't get the darn thing to convert into a pdf file. Sometimes it works -- sometimes it doesn't. 
    I suspect the problem is with my many embedded graphics. I have created Microsoft Powerpoint slides, and have cut and pasted them into my ebook as objects inserted between the paragraphs of text. 
    When converting from the "Convert to Adobe PDF" button in my Word Toolbar, it gets all the way through and finally has an error at the end saying: "an error occured while creating a temporary file; Word was unable to write some of the embedded objects due to insufficient memory or disk space" 
    I have Adobe set with a password to protect copying, and the Word file size is around 1Mb. 
    My computer is only a year old, and I have 23 Gb of free space. 
    I'm using Windows Professional XP and Word 2002 
    Please reply asap or email me on [email address deleted by host] 
    You Have My Best Regards 

    I have tried to get this right for a few days now Finally found some info at
    See point 2 below.
    Creating PDF files by using PDFMaker
    You can convert Word files from within either Word or Acrobat. Because both applications use PDFMaker, you can achieve the same results in either application.
    To create a PDF file from within Word:
    1. Exit from all applications except Word to minimize processing time. To further minimize processing time, complete the following:
    -- If the document contains several fonts, either reduce the number of fonts or replace TrueType fonts with Type 1 fonts.
    -- If the document contains large or complex tables, reduce the number of columns and rows.
    2. If the document contains hyperlinks, make sure that the page margins are .8 inch or larger.
    3. To add features such as font embedding and compression to your PDF file, choose Adobe PDF > Change Conversion Settings. (To create customized job options settings with these features, edit the conversion settings. For more information, see "Editing the PDFMaker Conversion Settings" in the Acrobat Help.)
    Isn't it totally obvious to anyone that the margins have to be at least 0.8 inches for hyperlinks to work.....
    I made a new page format slightly larger and increased the margins. After making the PDF file i trimmed it in Adobe. Worked like a dream...

  • Convert Word documents to PDF with SharePoint Online 2013 - C#

    We have a client with a requirement to automatically create a PDF copy of a Word document when the Word doc hits a major version.
    I am aware there are third party apps for this, but we'd prefer to develop this ourselves.
    Word Automation Services is not available in SharePoint Online, so we do not have that option.
    We'd prefer not to use Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word as we'd then need a client running with MS Word.
    It would seem like the CSOM Microsoft.SharePoint.Client would be able to do this somehow.  I'd imagine that's how the third party apps are accomplishing this.  However I'm not seeing specifically how to save to PDF via CSOM.
    Can anyone provide insight on how to accomplish this programatically?

    Hi Mr. Craig,
    you can create provider hosted app and use the below thread
    Please let me know if this is helpful
    Kind Regards, John Naguib Technical Consultant/Architect MCITP, MCPD, MCTS, MCT, TOGAF 9 Foundation

  • Convert word document to PDF - FONT keeps changing

    Good afternoon,
    I am the coordinator of the CRC Manjimup, I have been working on our business plan.  Under our marketing brand style guide I have to use a font purchased on the internet and added to my computer font...I am very concerned as if I try to convert the file to PDF it changes the font.
    Ranui Donaldson
    CRC Manjimup Coordinator
    PH 9777 2774

    Hi Ranui,
    You can find instructions on how to use the CreatePDF Desktop Printer here:

Maybe you are looking for

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