Acrobat  8.1.2 standard quits unexpectedy

Acrobat 8.1.2 standard program quits within 30 secs of opening any document. Reader OK. Vista folks clueless. Have run the maintenance/repair program and no change. Please help--thanks!
GC in DC

JR I have the same problem - and I tried all the solutions offered in the knowledge database (
My task manager does not show Adobelmsvc.exe it does show the other. How do I re-enable it??

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  • Adobe Acrobat X Standard quits unexpectedly after 7-10 seconds

    Adobe Acrobat X Standard quits unexpectedly after 7-10 seconds.  I've tried updating and uninstalled and reinstalled the program.  I can create pdf's but can't view them fpr more than 7 seconds.  Also the check for updates under the help command reads "updates have been disabled by your system policy" Please advise.  I've also noticed after opening the task manager and under processes the acrobat program uses a small amount of memory at first then increases to 60mb and ccloses even with no files open.

    I was having issue with "Acrobat quit unexpectedly" when the application was launching. But the problem was solved after I reinstall acrobat using a new admin account.
    Today the problem re-surfaced. I could launch Acrobat but it would give me "Acrobat quit unexpectedly" after 5-10 sec.
    My acrobat has been patched to v10.1.8.

  • Adobe X standard quit working on Sept 16th.  Reinstall from disc failed.

    Adobe X standard quit working on Sept 16th.  Tried to reinstall from disk, then from Adobe Download.  Both setups "rolled back" and failed.  Downloaded Adobe XI Pro (trial version) and it installed and ran fine.  Adobe X Standard is paid for and should work. 

    Please follow this document: Acrobat X and XI installation rollback | Windows 64 bit
    Thank You

  • Embed Video in Acrobat 8.1. Standard

    I have Adobe Acrobat 8.1. Standard and I want to embed a video. I've seen plenty of tutorial videos on doing it in version 7... but I'm unable to figure out how to do it in 8.1.
    Adobe Acrobat 8.1 Standard for Windows.
    In my menu Tools --> Advanced Editing, I don't have "Movie Tool". I'm uable to find anything regarding this.
    In the section on Plug-ins it indicates there is a multimedia plug-in... but where do I get this plug-in and how do I install it.
    Please help! What am I missing?

    Sorry, didn't read your post before. So it's only available in professional version..hmmm..

  • Cloud Licensing - Can Adobe Acrobat 9.0.0 Standard / Professional both be used on Windows RDS 2012 R2?

    We have users that share a remote desktop server, Windows 2012 R2.  
    We use Adobe Acrobat 9.0.0 standard and professional.  Is there a conflict in software or legality for allowing our users both these programs simultaneously on the remote Cloud server?  Thanks! 

    You should probably ask to Adobe, but as license states: "You must have a valid Acrobat software license for every computer that has access to Acrobat software."
    Because you predeploy this SW to these devices without user intervation, you must sign in to Adobe Runtimes / Reader Distribution License Agreement.

  • Adobe Acrobat 6.0 CE Standard edited forms do not display fields

    I have a user who has Adobe Acrobat 6.0 CE Standard, she uses it to fill out an editable form created with Adobe and send it to clients. When this form is saved and attached to an e-mail, anyone who recieves it and opens it in Reader 9.0 the fields that were edited do not display. However, If It is sent through the "Send by e-mail for review" option under the "File" menu option in the Adobe Acrobat 6.0 CE. It arrives and opens up with the input data in the fields.
    Can anyone tell me what the difference is and why It cannopt be opened in Reader if just sent as an attachment in Outlook?

    Do you know if your users that cannot use the forms have access to the ADSCerts view in the Key Storage service?  Check out slide 26 in the below link:

  • PDF/X-1a from a Word doc. using Acrobat 9.5.2 Standard?

    Can I create a PDF/X-1a file from a Microsoft Word document using my copy of Acrobat 9.5.2 Standard?

    You say the setting does not work. What happens?

  • Acrobat 8.1.3 standard crashes when opened

    Hi guys,
    I have Acrobat 8.1.3 standard on my laptop and whenever i open a pdf file, it opens up and just crashes in few seconds. Tried installing security patches but in vain. pls cud u suggest a solution.
    i am currently using an alternate solution by installing acrobat reader 9.

    There could be many reasons it could crash. You could try to run the licensing repair tool.
    You could try to look for disk directory problems.
    If all the above fail, I'd look for a damaged font.
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  • Where can I find the download link for Adobe Acrobat 8.1.0 Standard?

    I do not need Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro. Can anyone point me in the right direction for Adobe Acrobat 8.1.0 standard?
    Thank you

    if you purchased or registered with, check your account -

  • Background Color in Acrobat 9.4.3 standard edition

    When I view a pdf in Acrobat 9 (not adobe reader), the background is black.
    Many of the pdfs I view have black edges or bleed, and I need to see where the pdf starts and finishes for proofing purposes.
    Does anyone know how to change the background colour in Acrobat 9.4.3 standard edition to white or grey or anything else?

    wow. i wondered why i couldn't find anything to change it.
    So Adobe's going backwards! Good to know!

  • My boss wants to buy Adobe Acrobat X (or XI) standard package. What features does it have?

    Hello All,
    My boss has asked me to do some research into the Adobe Acrobat X (or XI) standard version. Can you please help me on the following issues:
    If we are to purchase the Adobe Acrobat X (or XI) standard version, will I be able to edit PDF documents?
    Will I be able to combine numerous PDF documents into one file?
    Will we be able to install the program on more than one computer?
    Will we be able to password protect the PDF files?
    Thank you for your help.

    You can't buy Acrobat X any more, not from Adobe at least.
    You'll find a general comparison of the different versions here:
    The answer to all of your questions is yes, with the partial exception of the one about installing it on multiple computers. The EULA allows you to activate the application on two computers, as long as its not used on both at the same time. This is the same for Standard and for Pro, though.

  • Are chinese fonts supported in Acrobat 10.0.3 Standard?

    I have Adobe Acrobat 10.0.3 Standard installed, but it was from a remote location. When I try to open a pdf with Chinese font in ACROBAT (not Reader), it prompts for the installer location (which I do not have). Is there just a patch I can run to allow chinese fonts in Adobe Acrobat 10.0.3 Standard?

    Download the patch from this location:

  • Safari (and Adobe Acrobat Pro) take minutes to quit!!!

    Safari 4.0.4 (and Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.2.0) take several minutes to quit on Mactel with Mac OS X 10.5.8. I thought that they had frozen after selecting to quit such applications, or logout, restart or shutdown the Mac, but if I leave the Mac for several minutes, they eventually quit.
    What can it be? The Console does not indicate any special activity.

    Thanks for the reply. Short answer: Safari, or Acrobat Pro.
    In short, if I open Safari (or Acrobat Pro, or both), and quit them after a while (a few minutes or so), no problem. They quit as expected.
    But if I open any of them (or both) in the morning (I cold boot the Mac in the morning and shut it down at night every single day) and try to quit any of them (Safari or Acrobat) at night, each one of them takes several minutes to quit. In fact, if instead of quitting them I try to shut down, I get the error:
    "Logout has timed out" - "The application Safari failed to quit and is not responding"
    "Logout has timed out" - "The application Acrobat failed to quit and is not responding"
    If then I leave the Mac idle a few minutes and them try to shut down the Mac again, it shuts down (this time, immediately; in one second or so).
    IN SUMMARY. Something is preventing Safari (and the same for Acrobat Pro) to shut down normally in a few seconds. Instead, they need minutes to shut down.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 standard

    Hi i will like to know if Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 standard can be install on window 7 64 bit OS?

    I have problems with the "standard" bit of your question; are you asking about Adobe Reader, or Adobe Acrobat?
    If Adobe Reader, then you should download the latest version from
    If Adobe Acrobat, then most likely it will install on Windows 7, but you may need to run it in Windows XP compatibility mode.  I'm doing the same with Photoshop 7.

  • Acrobat 7.1.4 Standard flattens .ai file when adding a page

    I save an Illustrator CS4 file as a .pdf.
    I open it in Acrobat 7.1.4 Standard, and add a cover sheet.
    If I reopen the file in Illustrator the file has lost its layers.
    This does not happen if I don't add a 2nd page in Acrobat.
    Is there some setting in Acrobat that will prevent this flattening?

    Another thing to consider when using Acrobat 7.x is that Adobe has announced Acrobat 7.x support ends December 2010.

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