Acrobat looking for joboptions file in a user folder that doesnt exist

I have a user that has Acrobat Pro XI installed on her machine. When she tries to create a pdf using Adobe PDF as the printer option, it produces an error that it cannot file the PDF_1.joboptions file. The error message indicates that it is looking for that file, in a User appdata folder, for a user account that doesn't exist, nor can it be made to exist on the machine. I have already attempted a repair of the installation... and I also have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the software and it is still looking in the same location. Is there a registry key that can be altered for this, or a setting in Distiller or elsewhere to fix where Adobe PDF looks for this joboptions file? Thank you,
Matthew M

Hi Matthew ,
Please refer to the following link and see if it fixes the issue.
Re: Selected PDF Job Option doesn't exist...
Could you please also share the error message so that we can replicate this issue.
Sukrit Dhingra

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    The small partition (50 GB) also has the System, Applications, Developer and Library folders. I would like to move my Documents, Pictures, etc folders from this small partition to the 200 GB partition, preferably without losing too much performance. Does it work just to physically copy them to the other partition and then delete from the Users folder, or does that create problems? I have read somewhere that this may cause a lot of disk searching delays or other more serious problems. Before I reformat the whole HD to a single partition, is there a faster, less drastic solution? Thanks.

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    MacFUSE: Full Read-Write NTFS for Mac OS X, Among Others...
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  • Looking for Windows files on a Mac

    On my Macbook Pro OS X 10.9.4 Processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR 3 when starting a existing project I get a message about a file the program is not able to load.
    So it asks me to point the location. The question is as follows: Where is the file 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Premiers Pro 1.5\Presets\Textures\Business Title_7.tga'?
    I'm using a Mac and when I search for the file it's not on my computer.
    It's looking for a file in a curtain folder.
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    Hello A.T. Romano,
    I’m using Adobe Premiere Elements 12
    Version 12.1 (20140225.12.1.620828)
    I get the message when opening an already made project in which I added a Title.
    In the ones without a title I don’t get the message.
    So it is something connected to the use of titles.
    I used RedBulbs as a title.
    When I click ‚Skip’ or Offline my project opens correctly and I don’t miss any media. Even the title part is OK.
    I hope this describes the problem enough and hopefully you can give me some advise.
    Best regards,
    Rob de Ridder
    Op 6 sep. 2014, om 17:30 heeft A.T. Romano <[email protected]> het volgende geschreven:
    Looking for Windows files on a Mac
    created by A.T. Romano in Premiere Elements - View the full discussion
    What version of Premiere Elements are you using on your Mac computer?
    Do you ever get this
    Where is the file 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Premiers Pro 1.5\Presets\Textures\Business Title_7.tga'?
    when you open a new project or do you get this message only when you go to open an existing project?
    If only for existing projects, then please tell us if this existing project was created with title templates and/or Instant Movie themes.
    If so please detail.
    If you click "Skip" to the "Where is the file....?" message, does your project open without problem? And if so, do you see any missing media
    displays in the workspace? And if so where?
    We will be watching for your follow up.
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  • Looking for a file manager with these features:

    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking for a file manager that has the following features (in that order of importance):
      - Designed with keyboard users in mind (but full mouse support also)
      - Easily configurable
      - Supports copying, moving, deleting and the usual operations
      - Good search functionnality
      - Can see a lot of files at once, does not take up too much room on screen
      - Can tie certain file types to applications (ex. open .avi files with video player)
      - Nice to look at
      - [opt.] Can preview pictures (thumbnails or a preview pane)
    Does such a file manager exist? What would you reccomend?
    By the way, my current window manager is pekwm.
    I am new to linux desktops, so this may change.
    Last edited by peets (2007-05-14 23:17:34)

    phrakture wrote:
    slackhack wrote:not trying to be a wiseguy, but the command line actually does everything you require (except mousing, obviously) better than any gui you are likely to find. give it a try, you might be surprised at how often you start using it by default.
    Hah, I was going to say exactly that... "keyboard users in mind? my file manager has some awesome hotkeys - like 'l' then 's' to list files, and 'c' then 'p' to copy, 'm' then 'v' to move, it goes on and on, and it has millions of 'plugins'!"
    Yeah. I fell in love with linux because of the command line. But it's not always the best tool.
    One advantage of graphical file managers is that they offer 'automatic ls': you always see the contents of your directory.
    Also, yesterday I needed to move most files in one directory to another. They had varied names. This would have taken a long time with the command-line: I could have named the files one by one, or moved all of them and then name one by one the files that I want moved back. With a graphical file manager, I can select all files and then 'unselect' the ones I don't want to move with just a few clicks. It's faster and simpler. (Or maybe there's some really fancy CLI tool that I don't know about)
    When choosing a tool for a job, first I look for the most ethical one, then the most practical one. In most cases I would say I prefer the command line, but sometimes a graphical interface is better. Computers are really good at both, so using both methods is the way I go.
    I absolutely love your humour though, slackhack and phrakture. Keep it up!

  • AccessControlException -- Where is it looking for my file?

    I developed part of my program using WebGain, but at my house I'm using NetBeans.
    My program (which consists of three .java class files) is using a FileReader to read in a file called "courses.txt".
    Example code:
    BufferedReader inStream = new BufferedReader (new FileReader("courses.txt"));
    When it goes to open this file, it throws an "AccessControlException".
    My courses.txt is located in the same directory as my .java files. Is this incorrect? I've tried renaming the courses.txt file to see if it sees the file at all, but it STILL gives me an AccessControlException even when the file is no longer present.
    So, where is NetBeans (my java program) looking for my file?

    I'm reading in the file from a set file name. I don't
    want the user to be able to select it.
    I'm getting an error when I do the following (as you
    BufferedReader inStream = new
    The error I get is "cannot resolve symbol".Is the above line within a non-static method? If not, then replace "getClass()" with [yourclassname].class
    Also, you'll have to play with the API. Since getResourceAsStream returns an InputStream (not a Reader), you may have to wrap it with an InputStreamReader as well.
    Also, how would I load an image using that method?The Image API have methods/constructors taking file names, as well as URLs. To load from the classpath, use the ones taking a URL. So, for example, instead of Image("fileName"), use Image(getClass().getResource("/filename"))

  • Startup hang looking for missing file

    DVD SP 4.2
    Hangs looking for a file it can't find.
    'stop" won't stop it.
    reinstalled and it does the same.
    i guess its a file from a previous job that's been deleted.
    how to fix?

    Are you clicking on a prior project to open DVD SP (it sounds like it)
    If so, just try launching the application directly.
    If that does not help, delete DVD SP preferences and/or repair permissions and try again. (Though you mentioned you reinstalled the app coulkd be something else then - did you get all updates?)
    repairing permissions -> go to Utilities folder open up disk utilty and then the first Tab is first aid. Highlight the disk then select repair disk permissions.
    As to preferences delete the file User->Library-Preferences-> and also if needed
    As an aside on prior projects you should be able to skip past the missing files, though if you have many files or bought in reference movies from Final Cut, it can take a long time

  • I have a large library that I ripped in AIFF using iTunes.  I converted to Mp3 to save drive space, keeping the originals. I have a new computer and want to revert to my original files. iTunes sees the library but is looking for Mp3 files.  Suggestions?

    I have a large library that I ripped in AIFF using iTunes.  I converted to Mp3 to save drive space, keeping the originals. I have a new computer and want to revert to my original files. iTunes sees the library but is looking for Mp3 files.  Suggestions?

    You're welcome.
    For tips on logical organization within iTunes see my article on Grouping Tracks Into Albums.

  • Attempting to upgarde itunes and I get an error message looking for "an alternate path to a folder containing 'iTunes.msi' location.  I've searched my hard drive and the file doesn't exist.  What to do?

    Attempting to upgarde itunes and I get an error message looking for "an alternate path to a folder containing 'iTunes.msi' location.  I've searched my hard drive and the file doesn't exist.  What to do?

    This worked...found on a prior discussion:
    Download the Windows Installer CleanUp utility from the following page (use one of the links under the "DOWNLOAD LOCATIONS" thingy on the Major Geeks page)...
    From the link above (near the top of the page)....Under 'download locations'   click on '[email protected]'
    To install the utility, doubleclick the msicuu2.exe file you just downloaded and ran.
    Now run the utility ("Start > All Programs > Windows Install Clean Up"). In the list of programs that appears in CleanUp, select any iTunes entries and click "Remove", as per the following screenshot:
    Restart your computer.
    Re-download Itunes (latest version form Itunes website) and install.  It worked!

  • Looking for a file manager with copy queue

    I'm looking for a file manager with a file-copy-queue feature.
    It is useful when browsing mounted samba shares, and you find something you want to copy.
    You'll then start copying the files, and then spot another useful folder. You start copying that as well
    and suddenly you got 5 different file copies processing at the same time, which decreases the copy speed.
    I also miss the feature when transfering files from my external harddrives.
    If there is a lot of FM's with this feature, I prefer one without kde-dependencies, as I am using xfce.

    Ranguvar wrote:If MC really does have that as a feature, it's once again proved itself _the_ graphical (sorta) file manager.
    sorry for misinformed.
    mc has a background job option while copying, it is not exactly a queue like functionality, but simulating to be a queue, and you can stop/resume a background job.

  • Looking for APXXTR files on the database

    Hi to All,
    I have raised an SR with oracle to resolve a expense report issue that takes place in import process. SR asked to locate the following files. Currently looking for the files. Can you anyone shed some light where these files may be on the DB. We are currently using EBS and running Oracle DBMS 10g on windows 2000 server.
    src/apxxtr/apidbl.lpc src/apxxtr/apicdl.lpc include/apxxtr.h 115.20
    I have asked oracle to specify path of files...but they didnt give much of a good answer.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You are likely to get better help in the EBS forum :-)

  • Looking for saved files in Adobe

    Please help me to open Adobe on a specific directory on my computer when looking for saved files?

    Actually, it's not written into the GUI for the app. That's just where Windows looks (to oversimplify a lot) if you don't tell it where to look. It's intended to be the default for all apps.
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  • HT2128 Does any one know how to attach a document from your mail, while you are already in your e-mail, meaning not having to look for your file first and then open the e-mail.

    Does any one know how to attach a document from your mail, while you are already in your e-mail, meaning not having to look for your file first and then open the e-mail.

    Good question - and one that a lot of (business) people would like solved!
    Your question prompted me to do some research, and I found this workaround posted by Scott Grossberg:
    His solution actually addresses a second problem too - how to attach a document when replying to an email message. In your case you may not need to consider the "reply" aspect - but if not right now, it'll come in useful someday!
    I've pasted it verbatim - if it works for you (it does for me) then all credit goes to Scott for solving the problem. There's just one thing I'd add to his solution: you will probably want to rename the message, as by default Goodreader gives it the Subject line: Mail with GoodReader attachments.
    1.  CREATE the document you want to send.
    2.  SAVE it to GoodReader (this will require you to buy and install the app).
    3.  Go to your email and OPEN the email thread to which you want to Reply and attach your file.
    4.  COMPOSE your Reply.
    5.  DOUBLE TAP the message.
    6.  TAP SELECT ALL. This will copy the entire email thread.
    7.  OPEN GOODREADER on the iPad and go to the file you want to send as part of your Reply.
    8.  At the bottom of the GoodReader screen you will see an EXPORT icon (it looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing to the right).
    9.  TAP the Export button.
    10.  TAP EMAIL FILE. Depending on your needs, tap either SEND FILE “AS IS” or “FLATTEN ANNOTATIONS.” This will open a compose message screen with the chosen document already attached.
    11.  TAP in the body of the email screen. TAP PASTE. This will place your composed Reply and the prior email thread into the message.
    12.  ENTER the Recipients’ names in the TO: field of your message.
    13.  SEND your email Reply.
    The modified version (= when composing a new message rather than a reply):
    1 Make sure that the doc you want to attach is saved in GoodReader
    2 In the message you are composing, double tap, select all, and then copy.
    3 Open GoodReader and select the file you want to attach
    4 Select the export button at the bottom of screen
    5 Select e-mail file
    6 Position cursor in body of the email message, tap and paste. You may want to delete the "sent from GoodReader" text that precedes the attachment.
    7 Rename your message (as by default it will be Mail with GoodReader attachments)
    8 Add the recipient's address in the To field.
    Hope this helps! All thanks to Scott for this workaround.

  • I am looking for a File Manager

    I'm looking for a file manager that will let me see what files I have on my BB itself and on the card.  I would also like to be able to move files from the BB memory to the card in some cases.  Does anyone know if there is such a utility available in the BB world?
    Along with that, I am wondering if I can run applications from the card as well as the BB memory?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi there!
    Concerning file management, I find that using the USB tether method is the simplest as it lets you treat your Device and Media Card memory as USB drive letters in Windows:
    There also is a native file manager app:
    Homescreen > Media > BBKey > Explore
    I recall some posts here somewhere about might dig into AppWorld to see if there is anything you might like.
    Concerning your second question about running apps from the Media Card -- no. BB's restrict apps to being installed into the protected and fixed AppMemory location. There are some tricky add-ons that will swap apps in and out of AppMemory when you are not using them, but to run, an app must be installed into AppMemory. There is no option.
    Hope that helps!
    Occam's Razor nearly always applies when troubleshooting technology issues!
    If anyone has been helpful to you, please show your appreciation by clicking the button inside of their post. Please click here and read, along with the threads to which it links, for helpful information to guide you as you proceed. I always recommend that you treat your BlackBerry like any other computing device, including using a regular backup here for an article with instructions.
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  • QT is looking for nonexistent files

    Brand new Dell Dimension 9200, WinXP Pro SP2 (fully updated), Core Duo 2.66, Quicktime 7.1.3.
    I installed QT Pro 7.1.3 and soon afterward started getting random alert windows saying: The movie file "filename.aif" cannot be found. Without this file, the movie cannot play properly.
    I did a search of the web and this seems to be a problem associated with iTunes. However, iTunes has NEVER been installed on this computer (as I said, this is a brand spanking new machine).
    I am offered the option to either Cancel or Search for the file. If I cancel the window just keeps popping up again and again. If I search I get a new window that allows me to try to locate the file. The directory that it initially opens up is System 32 and says: Please locate the file "filename.aif" It was previously on "NONAME".
    What the heck is going on here? I haven't a clue why it is looking for this file. Is there a way to stop this craziness or should I just uninstall/reinstall Quicktime? Should I use a different version of QT?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Look in the Open Recent item in the File menu and see if there is a movie that may be looking for that file. If there is any thing in that window try using the Clear Menu item at the bottom and see if that stops this behavior. This behavior sometimes showed up in QT 6 for Windows and may have resurfaced in QT 7.

  • Using cRIO Profibus master/slave module with Siemens device. Looking for GSD file

    Using cRIO Profibus master/slave module with Siemens device. Looking for GSD file. Would NI or Siemens be able to provide this?

    Hey Kurt,
    For Profibus, only the slave needs to be defined with the GSD file, so you would likely get that from Siemens if their device is acting as the Slave in this setup. If you are using the NI Profibus module as a slave, then the GSD is automatically included with the driver.
    Take a look at the following article for more info on how to use the included GSD file.

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