Address book sync with Yahoo

I am trying to sync my IMac address book with my Yahoo address book under the IMac Preferences and the option to "Synchronize with Yahoo" box is grey'ed out and won't allow me to select it. 
This applies to the Google also. 
How do I enable the Synchronize with Yahoo?

Unfortunately, mende1 method didn't work for me too. I am still waiting for a solution...
As I wrote here (, I think Yahoo is probably involved in the bug, but very dificult to contact :-(

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  • Address Book sync with .Mac

    I've done my Address Book sync with my .Mac in System Preferences. But the new addresses/changes don't show up when I go to email or look up the names from a web client.
    Am I missing somethings?

    Got it.

  • Old Address Book syncing with iPad via iTunes!

    Forgive me if I'm going over old ground but there seem to be a number of threads to do with Address Book syncing, but I haven't managed to find a definitive answer, so here goes ...
    I have an iPad [3] under iOS.5.1and an OSX.6.8 quad-core i7 iMac and I sync them via iTunes.
    Everything, absolutley everything, syncs just fine, Calendars, Photos, etc. etc. - except, that is, for Address Book and Contacts.
    The iMac Address Book is fully up to date, yet the version on the iPad is not only an old version, but a version which hasn't been current since before the iPad was bought and first sync'd!
    In an attempt to correct this, I unchecked the iTunes "Info > Sync Contacts button and resync'd.
    The ipad Contacts book was empty - which is what I expected.
    i then checked the button again and resync'd - and the old Address Book data was resync'd!
    What is clear is that the iPad's version reflects that which is in the iTunes "Selected Groups" window and not what is actually in the Address Book, so I presume that the error lies with iTunes and/or my iMac and not the ipad iteself.  The iPad is, after all, only reflecting what iTunes tells it.
    So, my friends, why does iTunes not show the current Address Book indiviudal cards and Groups?
    From where should it be getting it's information and how can I ensure that it does get the latest version?
    If there is a rogue old copy somewhere, what could it be called and how can I find it and delete it and then, perhaps amend the default path to the correct version?
    All software and apps on both devices are fully up to date at the time of posting this heartfelt crie de coure!
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Well, eventually I had to go to the Level 2 (or whetver they are called) AppleCare geeks to get this resolved, as the "normal" guys couldn't resolve it.
    After much "try this ...", "try that ..." and "try the other ..." they narrowed the problem down to a corrupt Address Book Group header in my iMac's Address Book.
    It appears impossible to find out just which of my 55 Group headers was corrupt and the only way around it was to export all Contacts individually as vCards, dlete every Group and individual card entry in the Addreess Book and reimport all the vCards - and then somewhat tediously recreate all my Groups again from scratch.
    It took  around two and a half hours on the phone to AppleCare and forever to recreate the Groups, but at least it solved the problem!
    Whether this helps anyone else i cannot tell, but if you have a bizarre syncing pronblem it might be worth looking at this as a solution.
    But take my tip:  before embarking on this, make an entry in the Notes section of each card so that you know to which Group or Groups a card belongs because it was a feat of memory way beyond me to remeber all of them and I still have the odd orphan in there awaiting a home!

  • Address book sync with Google broken?

    I've been having a hard time getting the address book to sync cleanly with my Gmail account. I'm using a standard Gmail account (not Google Apps), which seems to be supported. I set this up by going into the address book preferences, checking the box for "Synchronize with Google" and putting in my username/password. It seems to accept the login information.
    At first, I wasn't able to get it to sync at all, even when I manually clicked the sync button on the menu bar. Sometimes, when I would go back into preferences, the "Synchronize with Google" box would be unchecked. So I'd check it again, then a few minutes later it would be unchecked again.
    Somebody suggested also setting it up to sync with a Yahoo! account, so I tried that and it worked. Once I configured it to sync with a Yahoo! account, it successfully sync'd to my Gmail account.
    However, it still doesn't work a lot of the time. Sometimes it syncs, sometimes it doesn't. I don't get any error messages, it just doesn't do anything. And sometimes I still go back into preferences and find the box unchecked again.
    I've also found a problem where after my initial sync with Gmail, it detected two conflicts, but I can't seem to resolve them. When I click "Review conflicts now" nothing happens. Then when I sync again, I'm told there are two conflicts. But I'm never shown what those conflicts are, and the "Review conflicts now" option never seems to work.
    Gmail syncing works perfectly on my iPhone using Activesync, but it hardly works at all on OSX which is really strange and frustrating.

    Try this fix

  • Address book sync with 10.7.3 server - problem

    I have an 10.7.3 server to that I have 4 Macs, 2 iPhones and 1 iPad connected.
    I have enabeld Address book and iCal on the server, this works (after much headache). It works great for all devices except one of the Macs.
    It has recently been updated to 10.7.3 and it refuses with no apperent reason to sync against the servers address book.
    iCal works fine.
    No matter what account I use the address book never syncs, orc teh activity spinner starts at the given time.
    Spins for a while and the goes away.
    Anyone has any clues?
    The logs on the server doesnt have any kind of suggestion what could be wrong.

    Have you tried rebuilding the accounts in SystemPrefs>Mail, Contacts and Calendars?
    Are the machines bound to the directory?
    Try setting it up in a fresh account on the broken Mac.
    Try setting it up on a different Mac.
    Hope this helps,

  • Address Book sync with Google

    I updated my system software to 10.6.4 when the upgrade was released recently and have run into a strange glitch. My Address Book had been set up to sync with Google (in Preferences>Accounts) in previous versions of the software, and it worked without a hitch. After the system software upgrade, however, the sync no longer works. When I check the box next to 'Synchronize with Google', update an address, and then quit, the Address Book forgets the preference and unchecks the box. The result is that when I restart Address Book and go to the preferences, the Google sync box is unchecked.
    I've searched around various help forums looking for a fix to this, but have yet to find any workaround.

    somebody else also started a discussion with the same problem:

  • Address Book sync with lotus Notes is possible

    I'd like to know if it is possible to sync Personal Address book with lotus notes?
    Or there are Ip phone services that can query address book of lotus notes?

    I developed an application for a German customer who is using Lotus Domino too.This application should be accesed through Services button on IP Phone This application queries Domino directory or Notes Personal Address Book via WebServices and displays results on IP phone. You can find a User Manual in german on my website . I can develop this Application in English too.
    Regards, Robert

  • Address Book Sync with iPhone

    My Address book is not being recognized by iTunes. None of the groups are showing up in the info section of the iTunes, iPhone syncing panel. Because of this, my contacts are not being synced. Also, it is hanging up (or taking along time) to sync my calendars.

    I had the same problem. I tried all the typical suggestions, including:
    • resetting sync history in iSync
    • trashing iSync folder in ~/Library/Application Support
    • resetting iPhone to factory defaults
    • exporting Address Book archive and reimporting into Address Book
    None of these worked for me. What did finally work was this:
    1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes (so you can edit the sync settings in iTunes after the following steps, and before doing another sync.)
    2. Open AddressBook preferences. Click on the vCard tab. Select vCard format 3.0 and tick 'Export notes in vCards'.
    3. Export vCards for each group in Address Book, including the 'All' group. (Make sure you name each vCard file with the name of the group so you know which is which later.)
    4. Quit AddressBook
    5. Trash AddressBook folder from ~/Library/Application Support (or move it to another folder as a backup)
    6. Launch AddressBook. All your old groups and cards should be gone.
    7. Import the 'All' vCard file. (This restores all your cards but not your groups.)
    8. For each of your original groups, create a new empty group and drag the corresponding vCard file from the Finder into the new group. (This just saves you having to remember which cards belong in which groups.) AddressBook will let you know that their are duplicate cards (since the 'All' vCard was previously imported) which is fine — the cards are identical so none of them change.
    9. In iTunes, select your iPhone and click on the Info tab. Scroll down to the 'Advanced' section and tick 'Contacts' (so that all contacts are replaced with the new ones.) If you want to only sync selected groups to your iPhone tick 'Selected groups' in the 'Contacts' section.
    10. Click the 'Apply' button to sync groups and contacts to your iPhone.
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  • Address book Sync with Lion Server

    I have set up a Mac Mini with Lion Server and have OD users (no local user on the server). When I login "locally" (using the OD user account), I have my full environment, everything seems to work ok. Also the sync from my iPhone seems to work (only some calendar errors, sync doesn't come up with address book errors). But, as I now have noted, there is not really a sync of the address book. I have an old version of my address book on the server.
    How do I properly set up that:
    - my iPhone syncs with my OD user's address book only
    -  central address book is kept on the OD server as well (without any sync)?
    Or did I get something wrong regarding the concept of running an address book on the Lion server ... maybe it's not possible to sync the iPhone to an OD user's address book?
    Best regards,

    Have you tried rebuilding the accounts in SystemPrefs>Mail, Contacts and Calendars?
    Are the machines bound to the directory?
    Try setting it up in a fresh account on the broken Mac.
    Try setting it up on a different Mac.
    Hope this helps,

  • Address Book Sync with Google Contacts across computers (instead of iCloud with Lion)?

    I am trying to get ready for the port to iCloud and i am going to do this while still on Snow Leopard per Roger Wilmut's fantastic documentation. It appear to me I will simply lose Bookmark Sync (until I move to Mountail Lion) which is a small(ish) price to pay to not have to deal with an upgrade at the moment.
    The question I am hoping to answer is if it will be possible to SYNC MY CONTACTS across my devices (MacBookPro, MacPro and iPhone) using the Sync with Google Contacts Option in Address Book Preferences.
    Does anyone know if checking this option will put these contacts on both of my Machines and on my iPhone?
    ALSO, does anyone know if it is possible to put the ADDRESS BOOK CONTACTS in one folder and the GOOGLE CONTACTS in another folder so they don't all get mixed up together?

    I can't even get manual Google syncing to work with iCloud enabled. Without iCloud, everything works fine.

  • Address Book synced with MS Outlook

    I have synced my MS Outlook Contact list with  my BB Curve 8330.  All of my contacts are showing in my BB, however they are not in alphabetical order.  I have the BB address book set to sort by Last name.  For example, when I look at my BB address book, my contacts appear in the following order:  A thru F, then it starts back at A thru P, then M thru Z.  None of the contacts are repeated.  Can anyone help me figure out what the problem is?
    Go to Solution.

    I would do the following:
    To delete all contacts from the BlackBerry device, complete the following steps:
    Connect the BlackBerry device to the computer, and start BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    Double-click on Backup and Restore, then click Advanced.
    Under Device Databases, highlight Address Book and click Clear.
    Click OK.
    Click Refresh to verify that the Address Book database is cleared.
    Do a battery pull as listed, and reload from Outlook.
    No data will be lost when doing the following: pull the battery while the device is ON.
    Replace after a minute, Let the device reboot 1-3 min, see if the problem is fixed.
    Click Accept as Solution for posts that have solved your issue(s)!
    Be sure to click Like! for those who have helped you.
    Install BlackBerry Protect it's a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure.

  • Why doesn't my address book sync with my phone?

    Hi everybody,
    I have used isync with my Nokia 6230 ever since I got my first Macbook Pro (had loads of trouble with the first one, and finally support changed it for me: LONG STORY). Today, I was syncing my phone as I normally do and I noticed that nothing happened. To my surprise, I looked at the phone only to find duplicate (sometimes triplicate) entries of every single contact. I erased all duplicate entries (real hard work..) and tried syncing it again. What happened was that the whole address book in my mac got erased. After that I tried to sync it again and again, but the contacts simply did not leave my cell phone and enter the computer's address book. They still don't and I'm pretty annoyed :-S!
    I tried all the back up routine but nothing worked... I guess all the sync tries ended up ruining the address book's backup system. Since I did not make a backup of my address, I'm pretty stuck. Fortunately everything is in my cell phone but, as I said, I can't put it back in the address book for an unknown reason.
    Any thoughts on what I should do?
    Thank you very much in advance

    Thank you Julian, I think your idea might end up in a solution.
    Even though my phone (Nokia 6230) doesn't have the "Send all contacts" option, I tried to send an individual vCard for testing purposes: the address book accepted it with arms wide open (like that silly Creed song). Because I'm stubborn, I tried to sync my phone with my one-contact address book and ended up with two different people on my phone with exactly the same name and number (along with everybody else fortunately...).
    I'm guessing if I do this for the WHOLE cell phone contact list, I'll have an address book on my mac by Christmas eve . I'll mark this question as answered when I'm done doing this and follow the rest of your advice.
    This raises two important questions:
    - What happened in the first place?
    - Is Apple going to develop a more complete syncing software where weird things such as these do not happen?
    Any thoughts on these issues? It really annoys me when I don't understand what's wrong with the equipment I use...
    Thank you for your time and patience.

  • Address Book sync with Google Contacts

    Does anybody have a good solution to syncing the Address Book with contacts in Google. I don´t have an iPhone

    If you google you'll find a workaround to do what you need.

  • Address book sync with google contacts - first names and last names flipped

    I am trying to sync my mac address book with my contacts in google/gmail and I have a strange issue.  All my contacts written in english alphabet is syncing correctly, but when I have names in Korean characters, the last name and first name gets flipped.  Without fail.  All other fields seem to synch correctly, but the first name is mapped to the last name field, and vice versa.  I have recently upgraded to OS X Lion on an iMac.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    can anyone answer this?
    at some point, I remember being able to do this. 10.5.x maybe? With 10.6 . . . .
    I do recall, however, that I stopped doing it because the sync went haywire. I did it the other way around: I have all my contacts in Address Book, so I exported them and uploaded the vCards to Gmail, after deleting all Gmail contacts. That's not such a great option. Surely this is well-automated by now?

  • Address Book sync with google contacts *without* iPhone?

    I have all my contacts in google, but when I set this up in address book, although it says it will synch with google, it never does. I have read that this needs an iphone to work - I don't have an iphone, so how do I set up 2 way sync between google and address book, without buying mobileme or some such tool...

    can anyone answer this?
    at some point, I remember being able to do this. 10.5.x maybe? With 10.6 . . . .
    I do recall, however, that I stopped doing it because the sync went haywire. I did it the other way around: I have all my contacts in Address Book, so I exported them and uploaded the vCards to Gmail, after deleting all Gmail contacts. That's not such a great option. Surely this is well-automated by now?

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