Adobe creative suite 4 and windows 7

Hi, I am about to buy a new laptop and dell have advised me to upgrade the operating system on my new laptop from windows home 7 premium to windows 7 ultimate in order to install and run adobe creative suite 4 web premium better. this will cost an additional £ 120 I wondered if this advice is corrrect. Thanks Mete.

Hello Mete,
  The system requirements are available here:
  You should not need to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate.

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  • I replaced my hard drive and then tried to reinstall adobe creative suite and it tells me that the serial number is invalid, what do i need to do?

    i replaced my hard drive and then tried to reinstall adobe creative suite and it tells me that the serial number is invalid, what do i need to do?

    You will need to contact Adobe directly:
    Contact Customer Care
    What version?

  • Switching Adobe Creative Suite from windows to Mac.

    I purchased Adobe Creative Suite 4 for windows a few years ago. We recently purchased a Mac and I'd like to use it on the Mac. Is there a way to switch computers without having to pay for the whole thing again?

    There is a platform swap process but it only applies to CS6. CS4 is too old to qualify.
    Order product | Platform, language swap
    Unfortunately your options are to:
    Install Windows via Bootcamp or Parallels on the Mac then run CS4 in the virtual Windows environment on the Mac, or
    Buy the full version of CS6, or
    Join the Cloud

  • Adobe Creative Suite Development:windows vs mac

    When Adobe develops Creative Suite applications do they develop for the Mac or Windows platform first?

    The builds for both platforms are done in parallel for Windows and MacOS from common source files with underlying libraries serving to differentiate how the programs work on particular platforms. The functionality is effectively the same for both platforms except where the underlying OS may prohibit some type of functionality (such as the Adobe PDF PostScript printer driver instance for MacOS was suddenly prohibited by Apple a few releases of MacOS ago).
              - Dov

  • Adobe creative suite 4.Windows.

    I can't install Disk 2. It says "Application is not found"

    Hi DNatasha,
    It seems system unable to read the content from disk.
    Please refer to the following direct download page for CS4.
    Note Please read the "Very Important Instructions" before start download in order to avoid any error.
    Hope this helps.
    Please let me know in case of any problem.
    Sumit Singh

  • I just installed Adobe Creative Suite and ended up with 29 more icons in LaunchPad.

    Most of which are 'apps' that are one-time or little used sub-apps that have nothing to do with the day to day usage of the 7 main apps.
    And there they sit waiting for me to assemble them into a 'folder' to get them out of my way.
    It's my understanding that I cannot delete them, unless I delete the actual application.
    Is this true and what do you think about this?

    Maybe this can help:
    From Launchpad, you can uninstall apps you downloaded from the App Store, but not apps such as Safari and Mail that are part of Mac OS X Lion.
    Click the Launchpad icon in the Dock.
    Hold down an app’s icon until all the icons begin to wiggle.
    Click an app’s delete button (x) to uninstall the app.
    If an icon doesn’t have a delete button, that app can’t be uninstalled.
    I'm not sure if this will completely remove the App you don't want to see in launchpad or just remove the icon, so be careful what you delete (if you can!)

  • Adobe Creative Suites for PC... and Mac?

    I have 2005 edition of Adobe Creative Suite and it was purchased at the time for my work computer, which is PC. I really like to work at home now and made the conversion to iMac 10 mos ago. Didn't have the moolah to buy a whole new set of software as it is pretty $$$. Still struggling in the Mac world and studying these forums, am I reading correctly that newer macs can read all software?
    Can I load my Adobe Photoshop CS and the rest of the suites on this???
    Please tell me there is a way!!!

    You'll need to get Virtual PC to run Windows in your Mac and through them run CS. About Virtual PC look here: and use the search box of the Forum (there's plenty of information).However you won't get equal performance...
    PS: I once asked Adobe to "switch" my license from PC to Mac and they said they couldn't.From what I understand this is the same everywhere.I wish it would change...

  • Macbook and original Adobe Creative Suite (CS1)

    Will the original Adobe Creative Suite and all plugins, intended for powerpc, run okay on an intel mac? I realize that it would have to run with the rosetta emulation, and thus slower if at all, but will this performance be equal to that of an iBook g4 1.33ghz 12inch? Many thanks in advance if anyone has any experience on trying to do this. CS1 still does great for what I need it to do, and I don't care to go spend a huge amount of money on CS3.

    No problem. If it is just Photoshop you are worried about, there are many alternatives, and many of them very cheap or otherwise affordable.
    Photoshop Elements is arguably the most popular prosumer photo editing software. You might also check out Pixelmator, as it's cheaper and does many of the same things as PS Elements (and more, in some cases).
    There is also GIMP, which I think is completely free.
    Please be aware that Elements and Pixelmator do not support CMYK editing, so if you are doing print work it's best to stick to the 'real' Photoshop. I cannot speak for GIMP, as I have never used it.
    Of course, if you need InDesign or the other CS apps, then all this is moot.
    There is definitely a version of Photoshop CS4 out there in beta form. Screenshots have made their way to the Internet, so I don't think you will have to wait TOO much longer, whatever you decide .

  • Adobe Creative Suite -Windows

    I am thinking of making a switch to iMac..I have previously bought the Adobe Creative Suite for I was wondering will I be able to use the same CD to install on the iMac since it has windows operating system? or will I need to buy another suite for Mac system!

    If you run Windows on your Mac, yes.  Otherwise, no.  Contact Adobe about your options.

  • I am trying to download Creative Suite for Windows and it is taking forever.

    I just purchased Adobe Creative Suite and th programs that I selected are taking forever! Its been sittingon 0% for @45 minutes. How long will it take?

    Hi charlenepagan,
    Which OS are you using? Also let us know the Creative Suite product version you are trying to install.
    Romit Sinha

  • How to install Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection 5.5 on another disk than C: ?

    My new computer has 3 HDD.
    C: The first HDD is 32go SSD and is used for Windows 7.
    D: The second HDD is 512go SSD and is used for programs.
    E: The third HDD is 1to and is used for Data.
    When I try to install the Adobe Creative Suite, and I choose D: as the HDD to install it on, here's what happen :
    - it first install on C: and fullfill it (which is bad)
    - then switch to D:
    - the installation program ask to insert disk 2
    - it try to install more programs on C: wich is already full
    - the installation crash
    I've tried to sheat and tell Windows that the "programs directories" are on D: and here's what happen:
    - it first install on D:
    - the installation program ask to insert disk 2
    - then it try to install programs on C:
    - the installation crash because it detected that there is not enough space on C:
    Does anyone had this problem and solved it ?
    I really need some help.
    Thank you.

    Installation Preparations | Mylenium's Error Code Database

  • Install of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium upgrade on Mountain Lion

    Just wondering is anyone had issues installing Adoeb Creative Suite 5 Design Premium upgrade on Mountain Lion. I can't seem to completed the installation of the components. The "INSTALL" button just doesn't work. I have tried install from desktop and under new admin user.

    According to the blog, 8/, you should have no problems installing Creative Suite 5 on Mountain Lion. If you still face problems, I'd suggest that you contact Adobe Customer support. (

  • I have the product code for adobe creative suite but not the serial/redeem number. What do i do?

    I have the adobe creative suite and  have the product code that comes on the paper but i do not have the redeem number.

    Redemption Code Help

  • Any discounts on Cloud membership if I already own a Adobe Creative Suite?

    I already have  purchased Adobe Creative Suite ,
    and woudl like to upgrade to a cloud version,
    having already spent a lot fo money do I get a discount on the monthly charge ?

    Refer the Cloud membership plans on offer on the Adobe website
    If you own any Creative Suite from CS3 to CS6 inclusive then you can sign up for the US29.99/month offer (instead of the usual $49.99/month). Offer expires December 3, 2013.
    Note that the offer only applies to the first 12 months of membership. After 12 months, you will pay $49/99/month like everyone else.

  • I have had  adobe creative suit 6 design standard for 2 years and all of the sudden it would not open. I do not have the windows disc anymore however i still have the product code, number and serial number. is there anyway to get my photoshop back?

    I have had  adobe creative suit 6 design standard for 2 years and all of the sudden it would not open. I do not have the windows disc anymore however i still have the product code, number and serial number. is there anyway to get my photoshop back?

    uninstall, clean and reinstall per Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6
    for the installation file(s):
    Downloads available:
    Suites and Programs:  CC 2014 | CC | CS6 | CS5.5 | CS5 | CS4 | CS3
    Acrobat:  XI, X | 9,8 | 9 standard
    Premiere Elements:  12 | 11, 10 | 9, 8, 7
    Photoshop Elements:  12 | 11, 10 | 9,8,7
    Lightroom:  5.5 (win), 5.5 (mac) | 5 | 4 | 3
    Captivate:  8 | 7 | 6 | 5
    Contribute:  CS5 | CS4, CS3
    Download and installation help for Adobe links
    Download and installation help for Prodesigntools links are listed on most linked pages.  They are critical; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click a link that does not have those steps listed, open a second window using the Lightroom 3 link to see those 'Important Instructions'.

  • I am trying to install Adobe Creative Suite CS2 and I am at the last stage of installation but the pop up window is asking that I insert CD

    I am trying to install Adobe Creative Suite CS2 and I am at the last stage of installation but the pop up window is asking that I insert CD #2 but, of course, there is no cd! I tried clicking okay and double clicking the image for CD #2 or file #2 but nothing works - Help!

    CS5-thru-CC PPro/Encore tutorial list will help
    The bottom section of the link above has several Adobe links, and other information, on downloading Premiere Pro CS6 and the bundled Encore CS6, and the TWO ADDED downloads for the Encore library content, to author a DVD or BluRay... and the tutorial list includes learning how to use Encore... pay particular attention to the picture in reply 3 at this link - (picture first posted by Ann Bens and reposted by Stan Jones)

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