Aero switches off when extern monitor is rotated by Nvidia ControlPanel

Please see subject
Aero works fully when desktop is expanded to the 2nd monitor in normal view.
any workaround ?
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sorry, I forgot to mention my hw: Satellite a100-02b ( geforce go 7600 )
.. and when I reboot Vista behaves a bit strange.
a few seconds all seems ok but then it sets back the external monitor to 16-bit colour and minimum Vfrequency ( 60 HZ )
and a message pops up that the "Desktop windows manager" has been closed due to a problem.
Is this perhaps because..
1) It's an old CRT, not specially known ( standard pnp-driver )?
2) the vista capability of the graphics adapter is not sufficient in this configuration ?
I heard somewhere that there is a switch in the registry, that disables the dwm.exe's test, whether the hardware is
able to support the aero-technologies. would that be a way to fix that ?

and thanks!
> Anyway, I try to understand what you did on the
> notebook
> You have switched the display to the second external
> monitor then you have changed the display position
> (you have rotated the display) and you have tried to
> use the Aero on the external monitor.
> Am I right???
No I've EXPANDED the desktop to the 2nd monitor. In normal view Aero works right then on BOTH monitors.
Only when I rotate the extern monitor this problem occurs.
I think, that this special configuration is a bit unique ( but very comfortable to work on )
and therefore not foreseen ( eeh, sorry for my english ) by the programmers of the drivers or
the dwm-team at MS.
ok, when I add the 1280*800 of the laptop screen and the 768*1024 of the CRT
I end up at 2048*1024 ( the unused area included )which is quite near to the absolute maximum of 2048*1536 the graphics adapter
supports on ONE monitor at all. Perhaps that's just too much...
on the you mentioned, the limit for aero with my 128 MByte VideoRam
would be 2.304.000 pixels - but only when one monitor is in use. There's no information about multi-monitor use.
so what, Aero is not that important, but when I have some time again, I will experiment a bit...
Ciao !

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    I was runnig into the same problem. Plugging in to the apple 23" display at work worked well, but when I plugged in my Dell 23" at home the fan started being noisy...
    ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION: it seems to me that putting the air to into SLEEP MODE and back solves it as well!!
    I will confirm later on.

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    Whenever I have the VGA monitor plugged in to my laptop at boot time, when I log in using GDM it takes FOREVER to start XFCE. Super slow motion.
    If I wait to plug in the monitor until after X starts, and then type 'xrandr --auto' there is no problem whatsoever.
    In both cases, X correctly sets the video mode with no problem. Any idea what is causing the slowdown? Thanks!

    No, but I haven't tried in a while since I don't use an external monitor currently. Is it slow all the time, or only if you connect the monitor before X boots? Do you have intel graphics?

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    Under this same configuration, my iTunes library has no issue playing back any of the content only podcast refreshing causes the Extreme to shutdown after the specified time.
    Three disks connected to the airport extreme using an unpowered hub by technika. All three disks are powered through their own power supplies and are formatted in HFS+ Extended (Journaled)
    You can find a youtube review of the hub here,
    iMac running Mac OS X 10.6.5 and all the latest updates. Disk Utility already run on the internal Macintosh HD and there are no errors to report.
    Mac is connected wirelessly to the extreme's wifi network using 802.11a (I have yet to get it to connect using 802.11g.
    Despite the two other disks not being accessed by the mac, as a workaround I conducted two isolation steps.
    I removed the other two disks from the hub while keeping the one disk with my iTunes Library connected through the hub, selected podcasts from the left hand side of iTunes and clicked refresh on the lower right corner of the iTunes window to get the latest podcasts to download.
    -With the one disk connected to the hub, music playing back and podcasts downloading everything seems fine.
    -I am now wondering if it's the hub or a limitation of the extreme or if it's because I am connected using 802.11a.
    -Although I didn't finish downloading all the podcasts, I paused all intentionally and switched my mac to 802.11g successfully by changing the radio mode on the extreme to 802.11n only (5GHz) - 802.11b/g
    -relaunched iTunes
    -refreshed podcasts again
    -The podcasts all stopped due to an error (sorry for not noting it)
    -connected to hard drive directly to the extreme and restarted the extreme for good measure
    -airport extreme not visible by mac wirelessly, reset extreme by pressing the button on back of extreme, which didn't do anything for some reason, power-cycled extreme.
    -Launched iTunes and refreshed iTunes Library
    -I noticed a few things, podcasts stop downloading due to err= -3150 or -3259
    -more spinning beach balls in uTunes than usual (disk and network activity are the likely causes.)
    -This setup seems flaky at best. Apple does not document this so I don't believe it's directly supported but it would be nice but I can see a lot of caveats beyond what I described.
    I don't know if this helps anyone who is trying to do the same but I would say this should be avoided as I don't think the firmware on the extreme can support this, iTunes 10.1 doesn't seem to work well with this setup as there are errors when downloading and it gets a bit sluggish with iTunes experiencing so many disk and network activity issues (beach balls)
    Moral of the story, I will go back to connecting my iTunes library disk directly to my mac unless someone has some clever solution or suggestion.
    Here are the setting as per Airport Utility in Manual Setup
    Airport Icon>Summary
    Version 7.4.2
    Wireless Mode: Create a Wireless Network
    Wireless Security: WPA2 Personal
    Internet Icon>Internet Connection
    Connection Sharing: Off (Bridge Mode)
    Disks Icon>Disks
    3 hard drives connected.
    Tried with iTunes Library Disk alone connected through the USB hub and directly into the Airport Extreme in an effort to isolate the issue.
    Disk Icon>File Sharing
    Enable File Sharing - on
    Secure Shared Disks: With Airport Extreme password
    Airport Disk Guest Access: Not allowed

    Hi... mine crashes too, but it has to do with erasing a large amount of files.
    I got my airport extreme the other day, very excited to be able to plug my 500 gb drive into it so my wife and I can back up our machines using wireless (time machine). I had already had a years worth of backup on the hard drive, and didn't realize that over the base station the way its backed up is different from when the HD is just hooked directly to the computer.
    So, well... took forever to do a fresh back up, and then I went to erase my old time machine folder on my drive and every time I would request the delete over the network... crash the airport. I tried several more times, incl just doing a little folder. I ended up having to plug the drive directly into my machine and erasing it that way (over 700,000 files... so, not sure the Airport is designed to handle all that).
    This might explain why the time machine works differently over Airport (and Time Capsule?) as the hardware that Apple uses just isn't up to handling large files. Over Airport it creates a disk image which it writes to, somehow, rather than directly writing a large amount of files to the drive. Seems like a work engineering work around to me, otherwise why change the method?

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    As i remove it from charge works until the battery level comes to approx 60 % and then turns off.
    Then i must again put it on charge , not because the battery is low but to start the phone.
    i have no idea whats goig on, first t ime apple usr and such horrible experience, any ideas?
    P.S - read many threads saying toggling on /off for cellular data. I cant do it without sim as i am on 6.0.1 .
    Please help phones really not doing what its supposed to. just switches off anywhere in meetings or on the go when i need to make calls.

    wyattrv wrote:
    Thanks Keith
    3g now working, didn't need the info after Password no filed on my settings for them. Don't suppose you know thw MMS settings do you?
    On my phone it says BT GPRS MMS settings are
    username bt
    password bt
    proxy not set
    port not set
    server not set
    MMS proxy
    There are some useful help pages here, for BT Broadband customers only, on my personal website.
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