After IOS 8.3 update my music app shuts down everytime I try to open it!!!!!I

i Just updated my iphone 6 to the new IOS 8.3 software and now everytime I try to open my music app it shuts down inmediately!!! It never happend before the IOS UPDATE

The reset didn't work for me.
I was able to start Music and then really quickly tap to get out of the playlist I was on, and then I was able to play music normally from a different playlist. I just removed the offending playlist from my phone and now I'm re-syncing to see if the issue persists.

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  • IPhone 8.3 music app shuts down when I try to open it

    Since updating to 8.3, both my iPhone 6+ and my iPad 3 will not play music from my playlists.  The music app shuts down and reverts to the home screen each time I try to play music.

    I went to Genius Bar in an attempt to resolve this issue.  They suggested putting my device into restore mode while connected to my computer and restoring the software.  This did NOT resolve the problem.  It now appears that it is only the "Recently Added" play list that shuts down the music app on both my iPhone and iPad.  If I play from any of my other playlists, the problem doesn't occur.

  • Having trouble with music apps shutting down, even after I swipe them off the screen. They go off then come back on in a few minutes. This happens in my car either ubs plugged in, or bluetooth. ANy one else have that issue?

    Having trouble with music apps shutting down, even after I swipe them off the screen. They go off then come back on in a few minutes. This happens in my car either ubs plugged in, or bluetooth. ANy one else have that issue?

    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities.  
    I understand you have been experiencing issues with your iPhone restarting and showing you a blue screen.  I wont be able to give you an exact answer as to why this is happening.  However, this is the most relevant troubleshooting article for this issue.  This article also provides options to reach out to us via phone for additional assistance.  
    If your iOS device restarts, displays the Apple logo, or powers off while you're using it
    Jason H.  

  • TS3899 iPhone 5s Mail app shut down automatically when try to send email

    I just set up new iPhone 5s two days ago from iPhone 5.
    Everything works fine except Mail app.
    Due to Mail app, I had to set up new configuation instead of back up from old iPhone 5.
    Mail app works fine 1 day, but after the day after, the mail app shut down automatically when try to send email.
    Just one specific email account has problem. It worked fine on iPhone 5. Same setting on Pop and SMTP. Exactly same~~
    - I did try to reset iPhone 5s pressing home button and sleep button for 10 second. It did not work
    - I did try to reset all information and install iPhone 5s and the problem still exists.
    - I did try to delete specific email account and re-make it, but it did not work
    Funny thing is that if Lanuague is English, then sending email is working. Absolutely no problem.
    However, if Language setting is Korean, then Mail App shut down automatically.
    I'm heavy email maker and if it is very annoying.
    Does anyone have same issue like this?
    I believed it is iOS7 bug?
    Can anyone help me on this???

    Am having similar problems with a new iPad Air. It will recieve email in Mail as directd from my domain email account. It will not send, advising server does not recognise account. I have checked and re checked settings.
    My computer and old iPad work perfectly. Any ideas would be really appreciated.
    By the way sending email directly from the domain email account works perfectly but I prefer using Mail.

  • My video app shuts down when I try to view a movie . It crashes when I open it.

    The video app shuts down as soon as I press a movie. How do it fix it?

    I have this same problem. Tried the solution, but it didn't help. Is there another app out there, that will pull my video files for viewing?!
    It's annoying because I took my videos with me traveling, but now I can't watch them!!!!!

  • IOS 5.1 update and Music App Artist sort

    Since I have updated my iPhone to iOS 5.1, I have noticed something in my music app. When I select to sort my library by Artist, it now includes every artist that is included on any compilations I have. This wasn't doing this before.
    Whenever I had a song designated as a "compilation" it kept it listed/indexed separately and each individual artist did not show up in the Artist list...only those with complete/multiple albums did.
    Now that it's changed, it's really garbled up browsing. I have a big compilation of 80's music on my phone and each and every one-hit wonder from that decade has an entry in the Artist list...takes me forever to find anything now.
    I have scoured my settings and preferences but cannot find a way to make this like it was before. Did anyone else notice that this happened. Or am I just completely blind and missing a very obvious setting that might have gotten tripped to 'default' when the update was done.

    No one else have this happen to them....?
    If you run a restore on the iPhone, will that erase all of the apps as well? I'm thinking of doing that...

  • After trying to update Firefox, get a dialogue box everytime I try to open Firefox.

    Tried to update Firefox. Now have two separate Firefox icons on my desktop. When I try to open either one, I get a dialogue box reading: "The update could not be installed. Please make sure there are no other copies of Firefox running on your computer, and then restart Firefox to try again." Firefox loads fine after closing box. Fix?

    If there are problems with updating then best is to download the full version and uninstall the currently installed version.
    Download a fresh Firefox copy and save the file to the desktop.
    *Firefox 6.0.x:
    *Firefox 3.6.x:
    * Uninstall your current Firefox version.
    * Do not remove personal data when you uninstall the current version.
    Remove the Firefox program folder before installing that newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.
    * It is important to delete the Firefox program folder to remove all the files and make sure that there are no problems with files that were leftover after uninstalling.
    Your bookmarks and other profile data are stored elsewhere in the Firefox Profile Folder and won't be affected by a reinstall, but make sure that you do not select to remove personal data if you uninstall Firefox.

  • Apps shutting down when four or more open

    Sounds like the old days. Moved from an old G4 to a new Mac Pro. Installed my apps from the old system into the new from the install disks. Only moved files from the old system. Noticed today that my apps will not open when there is more than four open. Continue to close when I try to open them. This is with all apps not just Adobe.
    Any thoughts?
    2 gb of memory with 200gb available.

    I personally would wipe the hard drive and start over. If you have a memory test tool then I would use that to make sure the memory is good. Here is my pref way to install applications:
    1) Wipe the hard drive
    2) Install EVERY application via installer or DVD/CD disk (if you have applications that don't have installers or a DVD/CD disk then that might be your problem)
    3) Make sure you have the latest version of all the applications you are installing and do all updates before running
    4) The only information you want to bring from your old mac is personal files/media etc. But don't port over applications from the old mac
    5) Install and update the common mac apps and run them. Make sure you don't receive errors. Then start slowly installing lesser known apps. If one of the apps haven't updated in a couple of years I would be concerned about compatibility.
    6) Restart your mac after updates and makes sure you pick up the latest updates.
    7) Install apps in this order:
    a. Apple applications
    b. Adobe applications
    c. More popular 3rd party applications
    d. Less popular 3rd party applications
    Again make sure that these applications are supported and you have the latest versions of them. I always am watching 3rd party applications to make sure of regular updates. If they don't update often then I would avoid them.
    Hope this helps.

  • All apps shutting down when I try to print

    Updated to 10.4.11 about 2 weeks ago. All seemed to be working fine. Haven't changed anything else. Suddenly, whenever I try to print from any app (Word, Text edit, Preview, etc.) the program just shuts down.
    Rebooted several times, repaired permissions, and ran disk repair from install disk, no luck. I booted off my saved 10.4.10 version (saved on back up drive via 'SuperDuper)', and Print worked fine. Any ideas what might have cause this problem on my HD, and how to try and fix it?

    Have you tried updating your printer drivers? Several other threads with the same issue have found that updating the drivers solved many of these problems. Another was deleting the custom printing prefs in your Library. If you can't find updated drivers, try Another thread found that this had a lot of drivers that fixed many of these issues as well.

  • Itunes shuts down everytime i try to sinc music to my ipod touch

    I just updated my itunes to the newest version and i have a 4.1 ipod touch. Whenever i try to put new music on my ipod, the syncing is stopped because itunes shuts down every single time.. I tried to reinstall it but it wont help. What am i suppose to do ?

    I have same problem i have spent 3 solid days reading every bloody manual, troubleshooter guide, and tutorial, i have reinstalled 3 times shut down started up and and tripple cheched reqired specs, tomorrow I am returning my I pod touch,

  • Apps shutting down when I try to print

    Installed 10.4.11 about 2 weeks ago. All seemed to be fine. Suddenly, whenever I try to print, from any app (text edit, Word, Preview, etc), I get a few seconds of the spinning ball, and then the app crashes with a 'shut down unexpectedly' message.
    I've tried re-booting, fixing permissions, repairing the hard drive from the install disk, and re-installing 10.4.11 from the combo drive, all to no avail.
    I did have a copy of my 10.4.10 system backed up on an seperate drive, and when I boot from that, printing works fine...
    Any suggestions?

    Try Reset Printing System, a menu choice in Printer Setup Utility.

  • Screen flickering after iOS 6.1 update and some apps crashing frequently on my iPhone 4 .. I didn't have this in 6.0.1 back when people complained about it

    hello, I had no keyboard flickering issues back when my iPhone 4 was on iOS 6.0.1 then I updated to 6.1 yesterday and now I have apps crashing frequently and keyboard flickering? anyone else having the same issue after the update? any known solution?

    I'm having the same issue on my iPhone 4 since yesterday when I updated to iOS 6.1 from 5.1.1.
    After about an hour after the upgrade, it crashed/rebooted itself and went completely white/grey screen with a brighter white line in the middle. My power/sleep button was broke already, so I couldn't do anything on it. I left it to drain the battery for about 6 hours.  During that time, the edges around the white/grey screen became darker and darker like burn-in effect. After it ran out of the battery, I connected the phone to the PC through USB and iTunes let me restore it to iOS 6.1 firmware I downloaded before.
    The restore was successful, but the entire screen keeps flickering rapidly, not just a part of the screen.
    Is it hardware or software related issue?? Any idea?

  • Multiple apps shutting down as soon as I open them up?

    My Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Spotify will not open.  They flash open when I click on them but then disappear.  I have cleared all my open apps--nothing is sitting open and I tried a hard reset.  Nothing seems to work.  Problem been going on for about 20 hours.  Ideas?

    There's no such thing as  "hard reset", unless you mean you erased the phone and started over.
    If you did a "reset" by holding the HOME and SLEEP buttons until an Apple logo appeared, did you do this before closing all of the apps or after? If you did it before, then close all of the apps again, THEN reset the phone. If the problem persists you either have a corrupted copy of iOS on the phone, the phone is jailbroken, or you have a hardware problem. The following diagnostic steps can narrow it down:
    If the phone is jailbroken, end of story. You are on your own.
    Restore the phone using iTunes, and restore your backup when prompted. Does the problem still exist? If so, try the next step.
    Restore the phone using iTunes, and DO NOT restore your backup. Set up as a new phone and install a couple of apps.
    Is the problem gone? If it is, you have a corrupted backup, and will have to manually restore your content rather than restoring the backup.
    If the problem is still present you have a hardware problem. Take the phone to an Apple store for diagnosis. Make an appointment first.

  • How do I uninstall iBooks on my iPad?  After the update the app shuts down every 30 pages or so. Super frustrating.

    How can I uninstall iBooks on my iPad?  After I upgraded the operating system, the app shuts down every 30 pages or so. It is super frustrating. Never had a problem before.

    With iOS 8 it's now a built-in app, it can't be deleted/redownloaded.
    You've tried closing the app (and other apps) via the iPad's taskbar and done a soft-reset to see if that improves things ?
    Closing an app :  iOS: Force an app to close
    Soft-reset : press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.

  • Video app shuts down when I delete a video

    When I delete a video, the entire "Videos" app shuts down. When I re-open the app, the video is gone, but its a real pain.

    Hi there,
    You may want to try force closing all open apps and resetting the device as an initial troubleshooting step. Take a look at the articles below for more information.
    iOS: Force an app to close
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Turning off and on (restarting) and resetting
    -Griff W.

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