Any option to get the list of Invoice with respect to Sales Area

Dear All,
Is there any option to check the list of Invoices with respect to the Sales area.
Because, in VF05, we are getting the list either for a Payer or a Material.
I want to see the list of Invoices for a Sales area. I mean, it should be similar to VA05, where we can get the list of Sales Orders even without providing the Customer and Material information.

Use the T code VF05N and select the option Bill documents in Fi
Here you can get the list of invoices
Try with MC+2
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  • Looking for a bapi that gets the list of customers with a credit limit

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    Thanks [email protected],
    I had read that discussion about the tables with the info. However, I have an external program that is integrated to SAP sytem (using webservices). The external program when needed has to retrieve the list of customers who have exceeded certain credit limit. So I was wondering if there is any standard BAPI which I can use. Or do I need to write my own BAPI using the tables info that you have indicated.

  • Table  name in  CRM   to  get  the list  of  customers

    Hi  Gurus
    What is the  Table name  or  T  code  in  CRM  for   getting the list of  customers  with  reference to  sales   area. ie  Sales  org , Distribution channel  and  Division.
    Similar  to  the    KNVV table in   SD

    Hi Raj,
    There are some tables with this information. You can use CRMM_BUT_LNK0011, but you can also check for tables with prefix CRMM_BUT_LNK0* for more information.
    You have to use the partner GUID, to read this information.
    Kind regards,

  • REPORT for list of invoice with an order reason.

    Hi SAP Gurus !
    Is there any standard SAP report which will show me a list of invoice with an order reason field?
    I have tried VF05 and VF05n,but in both of them, order reason as a selection parameter field is missing.
    In case of any clarification kindly revert back to me.

    Thanks to all !
    Actually i was going  to create a query with VBRK and VBAK  tables but sales order number is not the common link as sales order number is present in VBAK table only.
    Apart from that i had tried to add VBRK and VBRP table then i was getting the list of invoice with order reasons (because order reason was getting copied from an order to invoice) ,but in this query i'm getting Order reason number with list of invoice only(Description of order reason is not coming).
    Please guide me for this if i'm wrong.

  • SQL Query, to know the list of Invoices associated with a sales order

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    Please do the needful.

    Hello All,
    Please let me know is this possible to have the list of Invoices for an associated Sales Order.

  • Table to get the list all the RFCs

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    Is there any way to get the list of all the RFCs which are using a particular communication user ?
    Can you please let me know any sap table such that it can provide the list of all the RFCs which are using a particular communication user ?

    To my knowledge, there is no such table.
    If I want to know which RFCs are called by a particular user, I use ST03 for last month --> RFC Profile s --> RFC Server profile
    I select the USER tab, and I double click on the user I'm interested in.
    All the RFCs called by this user are now displayed. I hope that this is  the information that you need.

  • Report to show the list of Equipment with Attachment.

    Hi Experts,
    i have attached a file in Equipment Master IE02. Any report can show the list of equipment with attachments?
    Please advise.
    Thank You
    Best Regards

    If you are using IE02, then i think you are using object services - I have never seen a way to view these in an equipment list.  You can only view these while looking at the equipment.   If you use DMS (tcode CV01N) these will show on IE07 as well as in the notification or work order when you use this equipment.

  • List of materials with respect to Class type/

    Dear all,
    In which Tcode or table can i find the list of materials with respect to any class type ?
    Table name for Batch Class ?
    How to find KLART ?
    Edited by: Shailesh2510 on Feb 22, 2010 10:55 AM

    To get the class type and class , go to table TCLA or TCLAT.
    And one more thing , here standard system , there is transaction code to get class wise materials list.
    If u want u can cevelop custom reports with help of ABAPer.
    If u give the functional details to technical consuiltant , they easily build the report how ever and what ever u want in custom transaction code.
    Any clarification revert,.

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    Have a look at Install Adobe Output Module

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    How do I get the list of 1st level planned orders using msc_full_pegging table, is any one having the script.

    Do you mean supply_type? If so, yes it will be in pegging table as supply_type or otherwise you can join this table with msc_supplies by joining transaction_id column and get the order_type from that which will be the supply type.
    Abhishek Sharma
    P.S:- Try opening the discussion in a separate window and see if you get the option to mark it correct or helpful,

  • Is there any way to get the height/width of an image before importing it in the indesign document.

    Hi All,
    I need to obtain an image's attributes such as dimensions (height, width in pixels) without placing image in indesign document.
    I have full path of the image (say abc.jpg is stored at c:\my pic\abc.jpg).
    I have obtained the IDFile for this image, tried getting size using GetFileSize() which correctly return size in bytes.
    Is there any way to get the height/width of image without importing it in the indesign document.
    Please, give me some hints. I have spent quite a lot time digging in CHM. I have searched in FileUtils, IDFile API's but found no method which serves this purpose.
    At this point I am clueless where to search next.
    Any help will be appriciated.
    Just a point to mention, I am able to get image height and width for an image in indesign doc though Its not my requirement.

    You might be able to examine the contents of the PlaceGun after calling kImportAndLoadPlaceGunCmdBoss without actually placing the image in a document. Not sure, but would be worth looking at.
    Otherwise you will probably have to write platform specific code, ideally with a generic platform-independant wrapper (see SDKSamples/paneltreeview/PlatformFileSystemIterator).
    For the Mac, look at CGImageGetWidth() etc., not sure what the best option is for windows.
    Perhaps Quicktime could provide you with a platform independant solution.

  • How to get the list of IDM users in a workflow.

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    I used the same method in a form and it worked.How can I get the list of users in a workflow.It is for customizing reports.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Any Idea on how to customize reports including attributes from resources and auditing attributes etc.Any help would be really great.
    Thank you.

    Hi John,
    I get this exception WorkItemForm: no id.
    This comes when I click on the other column.I generate the data needed in a report and display it as a sorting table when I get the data.
    I want to give the user ability to sort data by different columns.But when I click any column I get the exception
    WorkItemForm: no id
    How can I save a workitem on a manual form before invoking it from a manual action.
    Here is the code snippet
    <Field name='tblUsers'>
            <Display class='SortingTable'>
              <Property name='selectEnable' value='false'/>
              <Property name='align' value='left'/>
              <Property name='linkEnable' value='false'/>
              <Property name='sortEnable' value='true'/>
              <Property name='width' value='400'/>
              <Property name='columns'>
                  <String>Account id</String>
                  <String>First Name</String>                      
            <FieldLoop for='row' in='_searchList[*]'>
              <Field name='enduserId'>
                <Display class='Label'>
                  <Property name='value'>
                    <block trace='true'>
                      <invoke name='getAccountId'>
              <Field name='lblfirstname'>
                <Display class='Label'>
                  <Property name='value'>
                    <invoke name='getAttribute'>
         <FieldLoop>      I think I may need to save some workItem,That is why this may be giving the error.How can I correct this.

  • To Get the list of sales orders for a Business partner in CRM.

    Hi all
    Is there any Function module or BAPI to get the Sales orders for a Business partner in CRM. I know there is a BAPI to get the list of sales orders for a customer in ECC, but I donu2019t know how to get the list of sales orders for a Business Partner in CRM.
    Can anybody tell me if there is an inbuilt function module or BAPI available?
    If not how can I pick the sales orders of a business partner in CRM? Between which tables should I apply a join and write SELECT statement to get list of sales orders for a business partner in CRM.

    Hi Jessica,
    Try CRM function module CRM_BUPA_READ_ORDER_OBJECTS.
    You'll get a table with the documents associated to that partner, where you can work on.
    Kind regards.

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