Apple Please sort out the V 11.1.4 problems as I cant get iTunes to work now. You need to have a new version asap

Please sort out the V 11.1.4 problems as I cant get iTunes to work now. You need to have a new version asap

Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Win XP) or Programs and Features (later)
Remove all of these items in the following order:
Apple Software Update
Apple Mobile Device Support (if this won't uninstall move on to the next item)
Apple Application Support
Reboot, download iTunes, then reinstall, either using an account with administrative rights, or right-clicking the downloaded installer and selecting Run as Administrator.
The uninstall and reinstall process will preserve your iTunes library and settings, but ideally you would back up the library and your other important personal documents and data on a regular basis. See this user tip for a suggested technique.
Please note:
Some users may need to follow all the steps in whichever of the following support documents applies to their system. These include some additional manual file and folder deletions not mentioned above.
HT1925: Removing and Reinstalling iTunes for Windows XP
HT1923: Removing and reinstalling iTunes for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

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  • I downloaded the recent Pages update but now I can not open some documents done last year.  I get an error saying that I need to download a newer version of Pages.  I am running version 4.3

    I downloaded the recent Pages update but now I can not open some documents done in the past year.  I get an error saying that I need to download a newer version of Pages.  I am running version 4.3.  Do I have to purchase an update of Pages?

    You are not on Mountain Lion anymore, right? You are on Mavericks and have downloaded Pages 5 and then created docuemnts in it which can't be opened in Pages 09.
    No, you don't have to buy a newer Pages but you have to be particular about which version you use.

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    I was told to update iTunes. I did and it failed. Then every time I tried to open iTunes I get the following message: "The program can't start because MSVCR80.dll is missing from your computer.  Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." Then I get the following: "iTunes was not installed correctly.  Please reinstall iTunes. Error 7 (windows error 126)." I have uninstalled and installed iTunes a couple of times with no luck. I cannot even access iTunes support

    Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates - MSVCR80

  • Recent Pages update isn't recognized on my MacBook Pro. Tried to open a document I created and I get a message that says I need to update to newer version to open that document. How do I reload the latest update for Pages in Maverick?

    After updates to Pages and several other applications I received an update to Mavericks 10.9, all of which were downloaded and uploaded to my MacBook Pro. After the uploads I created a document in Pages which I saved to my folder. Now when I try to open it I      get a message that says I need the latest version of Pages to open this document. What do I need to do to reload the last update to Pages so I can open my document?

    In both cases you have 2 versions of Pages on your Mac.
    Pages 5 is in your Applications folder.
    Pages '09/'08 is in your Applications/iWork folder.
    You are alternately opening the wrong versions.
    Pages '09/'08 can not open Pages 5 files and you will get the warning that you need a newer version.
    Pages 5 can open Pages '09 files but may damage/alter them. It can not open Pages '08 files at all.
    Once opened and saved in Pages 5 the Pages '09 files can not be opened in Pages '09.
    Anything that is saved to iCloud is also converted to Pages 5 files.
    All Pages files no matter what version and incompatibility have the same extension .pages.
    Pages 5 files are now only compatible with themselves on a very restricted set of hardware, software and Operating Systems and will not transfer correctly on any other server software than iCloud.
    Judging from sterling r's response Apple has not only managed to confuse all its users, but also itself.
    Note: Apple has removed over 90 features from Pages 5 and added many bugs: 6fa05b6297cd00f8eb9&mforum=iworktipsntrick
    Pages '09 should still be in your Applications/iWork folder.
    Archive/trash Pages 5, after exporting all Pages 5 files to Pages '09 or Word .docx, and rate/review it in the App Store, then get back to work.

  • I have a macbook pro 10.5.8 and reformatted it, and now i can't install all the updates, it says i need to have  a newer version of mac in order to update...

    I reccently reformatted my macbook pro, and i have a 10.5.8.  It wont let me update any further and isnt showing me any new updates, and online the new updates i try to download it wont let me install saying I need a newer version of mac in order to do so.  How do i fix this problem, and how do I get the mac app store?

    Phone the Apple Store and order Mac OS X 10.6.

  • I did the itunes update on my computer and how I cant get Itunes to work.

    I am upset, I did the typical update that I tunes gives you and now I can't get it to work at all. It says I need permission to use it, or that the moible system is not working which I am not sure what that means at all.

    Hi ladyd172!
    Try the steps listed in the following article, as I believe they will be relevant for the issue you are experiencing:
    How to restart the Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS) on Windows
    Thanks for coming to the Apple Support Communities!

  • Cant get my pages docs that I created on my iPad (new version of pages) to open on my MAC.  Reads: "You need a newer version of Pages to open this document.". But I have the latest!

    Help - I cant get the docs I created in pages on my ipad to open on my MAC. I've used iCloud, emailed to myself - all I get is "You need a newer version of Pages to open this document.".  But my MAC has the newer version!

    I have Pages for iOS 2.0.1 on my iPad and Pages '09 (4.3) on my Macbook Pro.
    I haven't upgraded anything in the past few months. Still on OS 10.8.5.
    Suddenly, something has changed.
    If I open a new Pages doc on my iPad and later try to open it on my Mac, I get the error message saying I need a newer version of Pages.
    Also, if I open an existing doc on the iPad (one that I've worked on repeatedly from both devices) I get the same message. A couple did open, but only if I hadn't touched them on the iPad. Anything opened today on the iPad won't open on the Mac.
    I can open and edit these docs in the Pages beta at but not on my Mac.
    I don't want Mavericks and a new version of Pages now (I'm in the middle of a major project and have learned not to make major upgrades until major things are finished).
    For now, the best I can do is open docs in iCloud, copy all, and paste into a new Word doc. Yes, back to Word. Thought I was finished with Microsoft.
    Is there a better solution?

  • Is System Restore the only way to sort out the 11.1.4 install problem?

    After everything else, went for system restore to get 11.1.3 back. Apple owe me two hours of my life!

    Thanks but unfortunately I don't have that option (I'm im Australia) so this will be day 8 that apple have my money without authorisation. The amount has now increased due to the transactions that were pending prior to me cancelling my credit card. The total is now over $300 including the overdrawn fee. It is beyond comprehension that a company the size of apple doesn't have a *real* customer service dept that handle these types of *real* problems immediately via phone contact but I guess that's the point isn't it? If we want to use the apps they provide thru their services and devices we have no choice but to put up with their primitive third world service. I sent them an email via the link you provided 4 days ago. There is no excuse for me to be STILL waiting for this problem to be resolved - none whatsoever, it is disgusting. Thanks for responding I had a feeling that was the only way to get this resolved, only it is so unbelievable I had to make sure.

  • When will apple sort out the scrolling issues on iOS versions of iTunes and the App Store?

    When will apple sort out the scrolling issues on iOS versions of iTunes and the App Store?
    It seems impossible to get the horizontal scrolling to work smoothly and in a way that doesn't result in some albums/apps in the row being skipped.

    Working fine for me. Have tried resetting or restoring?

  • It is 2013 and has apple sorted out the tax problem for UK residents? Do we still have to have anEIN to publish on ibooksauthor?

    It is 2013 and has Apple sorted out the tax problem for Non US residents publishing on iBooks? Do I still have to get an EIN when I will be selling in UK?

    LaraBland wrote:
    ...  but it continues to tell us we need to enter the passcode.
    See Here  >
    You may need to try this More than Once...  Be sure to Follow ALL the Steps..

  • How do I sort out the troubles on the console?

    Gmail - [#SAM-621717]: Trial of home intego          15/03/13 10:59 PM
    [#SAM-621717]: Trial of home intego
    2 messages
    Intego Support <[email protected]> Reply-To: [email protected] To: [email protected]**** Cc: [email protected]****
    Hello Monica,
    Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 3:52 AM
    If the accounts are on the same computer, you should not have to use a different e-mail address. If your son's account is not an Administrator account, this may be the issue. Are you able to launch VirusBarrier from your son's account from Applications>Intego?
    Kind Regards,
    John Intego Support Team
    ____________________________________________________________________ Intego Technical Support
    User manuals are available from the 'Help' menu in all Intego software. Keep up-to-date with the latest Mac security information.
    Visit the Intego Mac Security Blog: Follow us on Twitter: @IntegoSecurity
    Facebook: http://www.fa****.com/Intego ____________________________________________________________________
    Monica Kessell <[email protected]****>          Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 10:55 PM To: [email protected]
    Yes I am able to do that and the issue that we were having seems to have settled down after the computer crashed and I restarted it by resetting PRAM and repairing the disk. Can you help me understand what to do about the issues that the console in utilities is logging frequently? both before and since the crash yesterday; (see below)
    First issue; An instance 0x10062c110 of class CBX5KeyboardObservationController was deallocated while key value observers were still registered with it. Observation info was leaked, and may even become mistakenly attacked to some other object. set a breakpoint on NSKVODeallocateBreak to stop here in the debugger. Here's the current observation info: .......
    (lots of stuff I don't understand)
    Monica Kessell <[email protected]****>
    Gmail - [#SAM-621717]: Trial of home intego          15/03/13 10:59 PM
    Second Issue; barrier.daemon[51] launcht l: Error unloading:com.intego.virusbarrier.bm_controller barrier.daemon[51] launcht l: Error unloading:com.intego.virusbarrier.bm_injector_32 barrier.daemon[51] launcht l: Error unloading:com.intego.virusbarrier.bm_injector_64[1] ([25]Exited with exit code:252 e.WindowServer[95]Fri Mar 15 21:54;39 monica-kessellsimac. local WindowSever[95] <Error>: kCGErrorFailure: set a breakpoint @ CGErrorBreakpoint() to catcherrors as they are logged. d.peruser .501[146] ( Falling back to default Mach exception handler. Could not find: ReportCrash.Self d.peruser .501[146]          ([178])Exited with exit code 255 tions.enabled[186] launchct l : CFURLWriteDataAndPropertiesToResource(/var/db/launchd.db/ failed:-10 d.peruser.501[146] ([179]) Exited with exit code: 1 tions.enabled[186] launchct l : CFURLWriteDataAndPropertiesToResource(/var/db/launchd.db/ failed:-10 es.integomenu[185] objc[185]:ClassIFCrossCompatibleUnicodeString is implemented in both /Library/Intego/Family Protector.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Family Protector Frameworks/Family Protector Foundation.framework/Versions/A/Family ProtectorFoundation and /Library/Intego/ personalbackupd.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Personal Frameworkds/PersonalBackup.framework/Versions/A/PersonalBackup. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined
    and there are more messages like this regarding the Class IFTimeIntervalManager and the Class IFUUID and the Class IFMessanger and the Class IFMessangerClient and the class IFMessangerLion and the class IFMDelayed Messange and the Class IFSnowReply and the Class IFMessagerSnow and the Class IFMessanger and the Class IFMLionReply
    and on and on the messages go
    Can you shed some light on the subject and help me sort out the computer?
    Monica Kessell
    <Emails Edited By Host>

    Here's my latest list of complaints to Intego regarding Family Protector. I thought it should be shared:
    I have been using Family Barrier for a couple of years now, and may I say, it has so many problems that as soon as I can find a better alternative, I'm gone. Until that day, however, I expect some solutions.
    Issue #1: The application is 100% unreliable. The chances of it doing its job on any given day are seriously 50/50. Or worse. This alone renders the program useless. But that's not all.
    Issue #2: It's unbelievably easy to override. Are you seriously unaware that all one has to do is change the date on the computer to one before Family Barrier was installed, it will 100% not do its job. Awesome. This is straight out of Hacking 101, and any program should be able to defend against it. Otherwise, any demo I try download can be made to work forever. While some are, most are not. Get it together, People.
    Of course, making time changes impossible can be done from my end by the keeping admin password unknown to the protected user, but what if the protected user needs admin access? That happens to be my case. Nonetheless, I was willing to block admin access to fix the problem until you could tell me that YOU'VE done your job and taken care of it (you will tell me that, right?). But then I was left with Issue #1 (remember? the one where it only works 50% of the time at best?), so what's the point?
    I thought I'd try reinstalling it again, just for fun. I've done this before and it's worked TEMPORARILY (tell me the truth, would you pay for an application that constantly had to be re-installed so that it would work for a while? the truth, now). Why am I not surprised that now even that simple process is f'ing up. I punch in my name and serial and it won't accept it. Is there no end to the awesomeness? Somehow, I think that there is not.
    It's especially frustrating that there is no support number for me to call, forcing me to have to go through THIS process, which makes your job so much easier and is so much less helpful for your customers) just to get any answers... eventually.

  • Help me sort out the problems with Java 2 SDK SE

    I install Java SDK 2 standard Eddition version 1.4 in my computer (Window NT4). When I test the installation by typing in "java -version", it displays the following message.
    C:\JavaPractice>java -version
    java version "1.4.0"
    Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.0-b92)
    Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.4.0-b92, mixed mode)
    But, When I compile a simple programme, it doesn't work and displays the following message.
    The name specified is not recognized as an
    internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
    Could anybody help me sort out the problem, Please?

    i might guess that you have j2sdk1.4.0\jre\bin on your PATH, but not j2sdk1.4.0\bin ...

  • PLEASE sort out podcasts not refreshing in store,costing me 100 subs a week

    OK, Please can some sort out the problem that me and others are reportedly having with our podcasts are not updating in the store, and for me right now, it's costing me 100 listeners a week, it has been like this now for 2 weeks.
    The problem right now is simply it is not updating in the iTunes store.
    The cast has been going for nearly 3 years now, and never had a problem.
    But I'm getting messages from a lot of people saying the latest shows are not in there.
    And sure enough, go look now at cranky gamers UK, and you will see in the store, episode 91 and 92 are there, well if I tell you I uploaded episode 94 last night, episode 93 never showed up, BUT, and this is the major problem, the casts are on the host,as I downloaded but they are not showing up in store, and it's crippling me.
    So PLEASE, someone sort this out, it is costing me listeners each week.
    If no one can, can someone pease inform me of the proper contact details for itunes support for podcast owner problems.
    This is killing me people, someone please help.

    I appreciate the reply, but on a is clear by a mere few minutes scouring these forums, what is happening to me is happening to others, and has been for a while, some with a lot more podcasts on there hosts at a time.
    Yes my situation is unique in a small way, as I only have 2 shows on at a time due to space restrictions.
    However, I still say something is completely off, for the simple reason, I was getting emails from listeners who have never even seen episode 93, that's over a week old now, so the delay thing doesn't work.
    And to finally put another slant on it, why in 3 years next month has this NEVER happened all that time, my show I upload, not only downloads right away, but more to the point...also appears in the store, ithin minutes, not days.
    So like I say I appreciate your theory, but it's way off...simple facts are, in the last 2 weeks iTunes store is failing to refresh casts...not hours, not days, but in my case right here..weeks...don't forget episode 93 was put on the server a week yesterday...and is still on explain just how the itunes store is...say..slow....
    And as described, I'm losing listeners because of this....

  • Petition: zencast- please sort out rw / ff / time display on podca

    I am enjoying the new Zencast software but I really would like Creative to sort out the rewind, fast-forward and time display for audio podcasts, in time for the final version. I believe that I am not the only one experiencing problems. On my Zen Touch I cannot use the rewind or fast forward functions for podcasts, and the elapsed time displays 0.00 and no progress bar. If you are experiencing similar problems and would like the matter sorted out, please sign below.

    Same problem here, is really anoying to have to listen 20-30min again because there is not fastfoward working, also not able to see how long that show is going to be,or if its almost over, hopefully soon we'll see a final version

  • How can i sort out the N lowiest elements from an 1D array faster than using the build in sort function (1D-array) in Labview?

    I need an algorithm that is based on the same sorting-algorithm that Labview uses (or one that is just as fast) but it only needs to sort out the N lowiest elements (and the N-element output array don't need to be sorted).

    I want all three zeros in the output. You can se the algorithm that I'm looking for as a soft version of Labviews own sort algorithm that only gives you the N (always less then the length of the array) lowiest values as output.If two elements contain the same small value both should be sorted out.

Maybe you are looking for