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My wife and I are having trouble with her iphone and ipad.  They were given to her by her employer and their tech support is minimal.  When she downloads an app to one device, it may or may not appear on the other device.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.  We even went as far as resetting them and activating them both with a brand new apple id so that we could start fresh and smoothly govern the apps.  The same problem exists.  Any suggestions?

Wow!  Way, way behind.  Jailbroken?
With 4.2, there is no purchase history displayed.  You (probably) can safely download it and won't be charged.
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  • (Not) synchronizing apps across multiple devices; how to?

    Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but I would like to sync an iPhone and iPod touch with iTunes but do not want the same apps and content on both devices. I know I can set what to sync individually when it comes to movies, music and photos.
    When I transferred my apps from iPod to iPhone (the iPod prior to this did not sync apps), all I did was press sync, then connected the iPhone and pressed sync and all (well, almost. 12 went missing, including two paid ones) went over. So it seems that whatever apps synchronized to iTunes will sync across all devices connected to it.
    Which is good when I want to transfer but I don't want it now. I try to stop app sync between iPod and iTunes and it tells me "all existing applications and data will be erased". How do I manage apps on each device individually?

    Sign into iCloud with the same Apple ID on all your devices:
    Settings > iCloud

  • Syncing apps across multiple devices

    I am needing help to automatically sync all my apps to all my devices (ipad2, ipad mini and iphone 5  Thanks in advance!

    Sign into iCloud with the same Apple ID on all your devices:
    Settings > iCloud

  • Buying apps across multiple devices?

    Okay, so my son recently bought the app Word WELDER on his computer (he uses my iTunes account, though). I am not able to use my computer currently (and this will be for the next week or so), but I want this game. I would prefer not syncing with my son's library until then (because there are lots of complications with iTunes and syncing to different computers). But when I look at the App Store on my iPhone (4), and I get to the Word WELDER app, it asks me to buy it. Why doesn't it just ask me to download? I mean, I already bought this app in my account. Will I need to wait for my computer back? Or is there a way to get it without buying it again on my iPhone? I think that clicking on "buy" may prompt a window to open that says I already bought it, and downloads it, but I'm too afraid because it may not. Help?

    Wow!  Way, way behind.  Jailbroken?
    With 4.2, there is no purchase history displayed.  You (probably) can safely download it and won't be charged.
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  • Managing installed apps for multiple devices

    Is there a way to create an "app playlist" in order to easily create a common set of installed apps across multiple devices?  I'm tired of having to install the same app on each of my kids devices.  Also, I don't want to enable auto install new apps because I don't necessarily want my kids to get apps that I'm installing on my devices.

    The un-compatible updates will not install on the iPod.
    Make sure that you retain a copy of the version that is compatible with iOS 4.2.1 since you can only redownload the latest version version from the App store.
    I would backuyp the library to an external HD by:
    iTunes: Back up your iTunes library by copying to an external hard drive
    Note that when you update an app on the iPod and then sync, the update apps is also synced to the iTunes library.

  • Does lion server support a single email address across multiple devices??

    I am looking to move from an outdated Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to OS X Lion Server but I am unsure as to how Lion will handle email. I do not want to spend money on a new windows server if I can get a Mac Mini Server to do the job. I am a very small business with a number of email accounts for a couple employees and need access to email and calendar from both the office iMac's and my Macbook Pro when on the road. My IT guy says I need Exchange but he's been off base on a few other items recently and I wanted to check with other sources.
    I have 2 new iMac's, a MacBook Pro, an iPad1 and and iPhone4 on the mac side of things and 2 windows computers running XP. I would get rid of the windows computers completely if not for my CAD program which runs best not in a virtual machine mode.
    How well will email and calendar entries sync across devices?

    I have a very similar setup at my office. Lion Server will push email, calandar, contacts to all of your apple product with out a hitch.
    As far the Windows XP machines, you can access email over IMAP with Thunderbird, and calandars via sunbird or the built in web app.
    I would ditch the exchange server move to Mac OS X Server, and never look back.
    God Luck!
    PS. All of your devices will be in sync all the time.
    Shore answer:
    Does lion server support a single email address across multiple devices??

  • Messaging across multiple devices

    Me and my family use the same account across multiple devices. How can I make sure they do not have the ability to view my imessages and more specifically the ones connected with my phone number?

    But in order to have access to the same music and apps library they need the password. Is there anyway to password protect iMessage separately or even get my phone number to not be associated with iMessage in any way?

  • How do I stop games from syncing across multiple devices?

    Hi there,
    My kids all have their own ipads (super big blessing from a grandparent).  My husband and I each have one as well.  We like to play some of the same games, and sometimes the game progress syncs between our devices.  Eg. We like to play Disney's Frozen Free Fall game, and for some reason, my ipad doesn't sync to my husband's.  When my kids asked for the game on their ipads, however, the games automatically synced to my husband's, so I didn't let them keep it (I didn't want them using all his items/lives).
    My kids all like to play Angry Birds Transformers, and with the latest update to that game, their games are all suddenly connected to each other (they all have the same characters, number of gems, etc.).
    How do these games sync (game center, icloud, etc.)?  Does anyone know how to disable the feature so that our games do not sync across multiple devices?  I would like us to not be sharing the same game progress.  We all share one itunes account.
    Thanks so much!
    (If it helps, I have the ipad2, my kids have ipad mini 2's, and my husband has the ipad air.)

    We all share one itunes account.
    This would  be why the syncing occurs. Until a more knowledgeable person comes   by ...
    You can have one, two or three apple id accounts per idevice. Assign a second apple id to all the kids machines. Same or multiple apple ids. depending on how you want the game to act. Does a family account differ?  delete the game from the current apple id.  Install the game on the new apple id ( or apple ids ).
    Look into family sharing:

  • Sync Thunderbird across multiple devices

    Can anyone tell me how to sync my Thunderbird email accounts across multiple devices?  I've got this weird situation where incoming emails are showing up on one device but not another, and the contents of the inboxes are different across iMac; Macbook; iPad and iPhone.  I'm using IMAP  but just can't get the inboxes to look the same across each device.  I use this account for work so it's very frustrating.

    I have the same setup here for me any my wife. We each have a separate apple ID used for iCloud (but share one ID for iTunes).
    We each have personal calendars but we also have a shared one (named shared). On we have that calendar shared where we can each add/edit the events. And it is shared accross our iPad and iPhones.

  • Numbers vs. iCloud across multiple devices?

    I'm confused.  I am a long time mobile me user and I consider my self a mac poweruser.  I just made the switch to iCloud and my main purpose was to use Numbers across multiple devices.  I have a MacPro, iPhone 4 and iPad 2, all running the lastest versions of iOS, Lion, and Numbers.  I understand that the Mac version can't sync seamlessly like iCal or Contacts.  I have to upload and download files with changes to work on them on the Mac.  However, I can't see any of the files on my iOS devices or in my iWork page on my iCloud.  If I make a file or make a change to a file in Numbers on an iOS device, shouldn't it upload that file to the cloud automatically?  Shouldn't the iOS devices "see" the newly uploaded changes from my Mac?  I got it to work once as a test right before Thanksgiving, but since then, nothing.  I've made sure all the correct settings are turned on, however, still no communication to the iCloud.
    Am I expecting too much?  I'd really like to buy a MacBook Air to use Numbers at work, however, I can't justify the cost if none of these devices will talk to each other.  What I really need is for my iPhone or iPad to have up to the minute versions of my Numbers files which will be mainly edited on a laptop or desktop.  Any suggestions.  Thanks.

    Your understanding of how iWork document syncing works is correct.
    Have you enabled document syncing on each of your iOS devices. (settings > iCloud, and setting > pages > iCloud etc etc)
    If you still can't get it all syncing try turning off syncing on all your devices and then turning it on all of them again. (you might ant to save any documents already on your iOS devices to iTunes for safety before turning syncing off)

  • Frequent Connection Drops Across Multiple Devices (Macs, PC's, iPhone)

    I have the Airport Extreme Base Station, running the latest firmware (v5.7) and across the entire house, across multiple devices (Macbook Pro, iPhone, Dell Laptop), the Airport's signal will drop from 5/5 bars down to 1/5 or to 0. Even while very close to the access point itself.
    The Macbook Pro is running the latest version of Leopard with all firmware updates applied. The Dell is running Windows XP SP3, all latest drivers installed. The iPhone (first gen) is running the latest firmware.
    What can I do to fix this problem?
    Everytime the signal drops from 5/5 to 1/5, sometmes 0, ... if I click on the airport status in the menubar, it says Scanning. Disable Airport, re-enable, and I'm good to go. This is very frustrating especially when using the iChat video chat.
    I could have purchased a far lesser expensive generic Linksys or Netgear router, but decided to go with Apple for their trusted name in electronic devices. I paid a pretty penny expecting a better product than the competition, yet it doesn't seem to perform as well as the generic routers out there.
    What can I do to fix this problem, or do I need an entirely new Airport altogether? If it's the latter... I learned my lesson and Linksys/Netgear here I come.

    I see the base station has a port for an external antenna. Is this a standard jack (like RP-SMA) that I could use any antenna with? Or does that port still pass through the (failing) Airport card inside?
    The external antenna would, effectively, bypass the unit's internal antenna. However, as you already surmised, it would still require the internal AirPort Extreme card as well.
    And price wise would it make sense to invest in a new antenna or just get a new WAP?
    I would go with a new WAP. Either way, I would go with a vendor that has a good return policy just in case this doesn't solve the problem.

  • ITunes match across multiple devices?

    Is it possible to use iTunes match across multiple devices?  My wife and I use the same computer when at home and we have music stored on that computer. She had her own Apple id to use with her own iPhone, as do I.  We don't want to have multiple music libraries since we liste to most of the same music.  Is it possible to have iTunes match between 2 iPhones that are using different Apple id's but the same iTunes account?

    When I try to go to iTunes music match on her phone it asks me to sign into match, which I am assuming is the same as her Apple ID name and password.  This is a different name and password than my account.  So, it seems that she cannot access my "cloud" from her phone in order to download music that I have purchased.  I guess since she has her own iClud account, she needs to sign up for iTunes match through that account and pay the fee.  I was hoping we could access the same 'Cloud" to have the same library of music? Hope that made sense.
    Thanks for the help.

  • How do I set up imessage across multiple devices

    I am trying to link my phone mobile number and my apple ID to the same imessage account, so I can text across multiple devices.

    In addition to Amy's comment, set the Caller ID on your phone to the same email address that is associated with your apple ID (and which should be used on iMessage on your other devices).  This way the messages will stay synced across all devices.

  • Syncing Across Multiple Devices Simply Doesn't Work

    I use an iMac for work, iPhone, iPad and MacBook. I use iCal with multiple calendars (some with repeating events) and sync across all devices via Mobile Me.
    My MacBook always seems to have problems with showing the most updated changes. It almost always shows old events which have been deleted on my iMac already. The only way to fix so far is to Reset Sync Data and replace data on my MacBook with data from Mobile Me cloud.
    I know I'm not the only one with this issue. Everyone is saying that iCal basically *****, especially for syncing. I'd like to believe otherwise.
    Appreciate any help. Thank you.

    I only have two screens, and the second one is not even full.
    I might as well explain you my trouble:
    When I sync, it appears as if the iPhone would not recognize the apps, even when I try to sync only the ones that have the problems, they wouldn´t sync.
    How come?
    There are other applications I have downloaded, where it says, that it won't work with my iPhone due to country permits. whatever, but there's a reason, here I get no reason at all.
    I'd be glad if you have any answers.

  • Purchased music saga across multiple devices!!  Oh and greyed out iTunes tracks!!

    Ok, this has been bugging me for a while now!  This post spans many common questions regarding the iTunes store, purchased music held within iCloud and how that purchased music relates to multiple iOS devices.  I cannot work out how this is all supposed to fit together and I honestly believe there is some fundamental issues with either my account or the system as a whole.  To explain I am going to use my iPhone 6 and my iPad Air 2nd generation to show you the current situation.
    Ok, below is my iTunes store music purchases, as viewed in iTunes on my Mac Mini.  31 albums in total, some may not be full albums as it may have been a single that I bought from an album.
    Ok, both my iPhone and iPad are set to "Manually manage music and videos" in iTunes and all music has been deleted from them both via Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage.  There is ZERO music held on either device, neither manually moved there from iTunes or downloaded to the devices from my purchases in the cloud (the 31 albums above).
    Ok, within Settings > Music on both devices, "Show All Music" is off.  This should mean that if I go into the Music app on both devices, my device should show no content.  My understanding is correct about this yes?  Here is the result on each device.
    iPad: This is to be expected
    iPhone: Something is wrong here (8 albums showing in total)
    None of the above can be swiped left to delete and all play while in airplane mode so they ARE stored locally!  They may have been synced to the iPhone in the past via iTunes, however now they should not be there.
    The questions here:  Why are they on my iPhone?  Why has the first album been split (if I add it manually to my iPad using iTunes then it goes on as one album)?
    More importantly, how do I get rid of them?  They don't show as present in iTunes when connected, they don't show in "Manage Storage" and I can't swipe left to delete.
    Moving on!  I will now turn on "Show All Music" on my iPad.  I expect now to see all music purchased from the iTunes store, i.e. the 31 album's.
    Nope! I now see 29 albums and 1 of those will be the split album so 28 in total.  Where is the other 3 shown in iTunes purchases?  Hang on, see below the first album?  Professor Green! I bought that from iTunes come to think of it but it doesn't show as one of my 31 albums!  The same can be said for the other 21 albums that now appear!  8 that seem to be stuck and 21 more when "Show All Music" is turned on.  The 31 albums showing in my iTunes as purchases are nowhere to be seen!!
    Also worth noting is that Cream Club Anthems 2012 is also split into 2 albums on my iPad displaying whats in iCloud so not just on the music that seems to be stuck on my iPhone.  Sigh!
    Ok, on my iPhone, when I turn on "Show All Music" i get the exact same 29 albums as shown above on my iPad.
    So 2 issues based on this!  My purchases in the cloud are not complete and have split one album, this is proved by my iPad showing no content when "Show All Music" is turned off.  Second is that when I turn that setting off on my iPhone, I am left with albums on my device, despite all music being deleted and one of the "sticky" albums is split into 2 albums.
    I will throw this one in too.  "Show All Music" set to off and all music deleted by iTunes and swiping left on my iPhone.  Connect to iTunes and have a look what is on my device!  What the **** is all this crap?  Can't be deleted and definitely not present on the device!
    Not good enough Apple.  I have seen multiple threads with people asking questions relating to all the above and no one has given a comprehensive answer as to why this happens!  I use Apple products exclusively now as everything is supposed to fit together seemlessly.  As you can see from above, it just doesn't!

    I am assuming someone at Apple has seen this as today all my music shows with "Show All Music" selected.  However, the split album is still split and when I turn off the aforementioned setting the 8 albums still show.
    It's reminding me of the old Windows Media Player days!

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