Assets upload for the year 2008 which alredy closed

HI Experts,
I have a intresting concept which i want share you.
Problem: My clients want to upload some assets values in the local books to the fisical year 2008 which alredy closed.
For this i have tried through AS92(LSMW) but all assets are uploaded in the fisical year 2010(current year).
How to open the year and how to upload the assets for the year 2008.
Please guide me in this case.

Hi Dude,
generally you have to open the fiscal year in FI-AA and FI and upload the assets with AS91 (AS92 is for changigs).
I strongly would recometn you to contact your local consulter.
regards Bernhard

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        i am getting error while doing Year end closing in asset accounting for the year 2004. It is giving few assets and saying that "Depreciation not posted completely"
    Can any body help in this reagards.
    With regards,

    Dear Shree,
    Do u have the list of all such assets for which no depreciation has been posted. If yes, then go to AFAB, upload the list all these assets & then select the radio button as 'repeat'.
    This will post you depreciation for all the assets. then close the year.

  • APO-DP : Change in Fiscal Year Variant for the year 2008

    As per earlier Fiscal Year variant configuration, the data has been forecasted in APO system till the end of Year 2008. But recently the fiscal year variant configuration modified in R/3 which has been impacting APO-DP storage buckets which are not matching with that of earlier fiscal year variant. So, there is a mismatch in the storage bucket profile where in the data already stored in “Weekly, Monthly and Posting Period” based on the earlier Fiscal year 2008 configuration.
    Now the system is not allowing to do any Interactive Planning.
    The business would like to use the latest fiscal calendar and also not ready to loose the forecasted data for the year 2008. So, we are not in a position to deactivate and reactivation of Planning Area and also we are not using back-up infocubes functionality.
    Please update me if anybody experienced this type of situation or know the solution.

    I think your suggestion should work but it takes more resource time and need more database size.
    I am thinking to retain some important forecast keyfigures data in the following workaround method;
    1) Now the Planning Area Initialized for 2yrs historical + 1Yr forecast horizon
    2) Run first set of new macros to copy from year (say 2008) to year (say 2006)
    3) Re-initialize the Planning Area (Jan'2006 to Dec'2007)
    4) Re-build the New Fiscal Calendar from R/3
    5) Re-initialize the Planning Area for history and forecast horizon (ex: from Jan'2006 to Jan'2009)
    6) Run second set of new macros to copy back ( ex: from 2006 to Year 2008) and wipeout the duplicate records in 2006
    7) The above macros can be utilized to run every year end when ever the new fiscal calendar introduced
    Suggestions are welcome

  • How to load data to fact table for the year 2008 without modifying session sql

    I need to load data to OOTB Financial-General ledger related fact tables using new DAC execution plan for the year 2008 (just for the year 2008 not before or after). without modifying OOTB informataica session SQL. do you know how to do it?
    appreciate you for your help. thank you.

    Do you know why you are going for new Execution plan instead of using existing?
    let me know this will share what I know
    thanks for checking
    PS: JV its you!!
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  • Holiday calender for the year 2008...

    Hi Experts,
    I have to update // change the holiday dates for  the calender year 2008.Where should i have to change..Please advice....

      The automatic recording of customizing changes does not include the      
      holiday and factory calendar. All changes made to the holiday or factory 
      calendar must be transported manually. The holiday and factory calendars'
      own transport connection should be used.                                                                               
    Choose  the function Calendar -> Transport, in the holiday and factory   
      calendar initial screen to copy all the holiday and factory calendar data
      into a request.                                                                               
    Please pay attention to the information which you get when transporting  
      the holoday and factory calendar.                                        
    Changes in the public holiday calendar are not client-specific. The authorization for maintaining public holidays should not be assigned to all administrators.
    If you have generated work schedules before making changes to the public holiday calendar, you must generate the work schedules again.

  • Duplicates.  I use iTunes match.  When I run exact duplicates, I get duplicates that say uploaded for one and uploaded with a cloud for the other.  Which one do I delete?

    Duplicates.  I use iTunes match.  Two questions:
    When I run exact duplicates on the library on my Mac Air, I get duplicates that say uploaded for one and uploaded with a cloud for the other.  Which one do I delete?
    Some of the duplicates say matched and matched with a cloud.  Same question - which one should I delete?

    I'm not sure I understand the question.
    First I would update your iTunes match.  iTunes match will tell you what is duplicates and then you can just delete them from the library. 
    Second, the course in a situation like this is to delete ONE duplicate and see what happens.  Make sure you have that song backed up somewhere just incase it deletes it completely.  But usually I'd delete one and then see if it deletes both or just the one you pressed. 
    Thirdly, update iTunes match.  It usually does a good job of locating actual duplicates.

  • How to get Open Balance for the year and Total Ending Balance?

    For a given account, how to get Open Balance for the year (Cumulative Ending Balance) and Total Ending Balance (Cumulative Ending Balance)?
    Is there any function module available? or should I read from some tables? Please advice.

    Hello Paul,
    You could try calling one of the following BAPIs - see which one meets your requirement. They are documented well so shouldn't be a problem finding out the correct one for your requirements.
    You might have to put in some of your own logic after the BAPI call to get what you want.
    Hope this helps,
    p.s. Also look at FM FAGL_GET_ACCOUNT_BALANCE
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  • Transaction type to dispose the asset only for the depn areas 01 and 02

    One of the Company codes XXXX plant XXXX has an isuue for asset # XXXXXXXXXX-0 this asset was partially retired in Nov.2008 and now its acquisition value is JPY312,428
    which should not be an asset under US GAAP but qualify for asset under Tax book . So it needs be removed from US and JCC book(01 and 02 area) but keep the record on the Tax book(area 15).
    Is there any transaction type to dispose this asset only for the 01 and 02 area but keep the historical data for 15 area?
    Thanks for helping in advance

    Can I suggest you a way to handle this? Just give a try and see whether  it works for you or not.
    Post a Credit entry to the Asset only to the area 01 and 02. Please follow the below steps before you do this.
    1. Go to main SAP screen => System => User profile => Own data => Parameters
         Add parameter ID FAA_FB01_AREA_SWITCH (Turn On Value Entry at Area Level for FB01) and mark "x" against it in Parameter value. Save this changes.
    2. Go to F-02, Enter the Asset number (posting key 75 and transaction type 105, which ever you feel like) and then in the next screen, enter the amount. Here in this screen, you will find a tab named area values. Click that tab and change the values Area 01 & 02 to $0.01 and leave the Area 15 as it is. Enter the appropriate dr line item and save the document.
    3.Go to AW01N and see tha values against each of the areas.
    please revert in case you have any questions.

  • Fiscal year variant AM is not maintained for calendar year 2008

    Hi All,
    I want to have a different fiscal year variant for asset accounting do to the company go live will be at the third quarter of the year we want to use a shortened fiscal year variant.
    I've already create a fiscal year variant called 'AM' for year 2008 and it is a shortened year-depent variant. Next step is to assign this year variant to the company code in this customizing path
    spro>Financial Accounting>Asset Accounting>Valuation>Fiscal Year>Fiscal Year Variants>Specify other versions on company code level
    When I try to set this and press save button this message is displayed
    "Fiscal year variant AM is not maintained for calendar year 2008"
    Do you know why is displayed this message? Am I missing any customizing step?.
    Many thanks.

    Hi Suresh Upadhyayula ,
    In fact it appears in the proposed value when I press F4. When I press save button this message appears.
    I mean that in this path
    IMG>Financial Accounting>Asset Accounting>Valuation>Fiscal Year>Fiscal Year Variants>Specify other versions on company code level
    You can assign a diferent fiscal year variant to the company code at AA level keeping the one that you have in global paramenters at GL level. We are cosidering this solution due to we want to depreciate the assets in a shortened fiscal year variant at AA level.
    Many thanks.

  • Splitting is not working for fiscal year 2008

    hai experts,
    The splitting is not working for fiscal year 2008. This is critical for month end.
    pls explain me ful cycle and advise me what i have to do,
    thank you

    Please check the documentation in the links below.
    This gives yuo a brief on Document splitting. Please let me know if you need any further help. Please do award points if found useful.

  • In Bdc I have huge volume of data to upload for the given transaction

    Hi gurus,
    In Bdc I have huge volume of data to upload for the given transaction, here am using session method, it takes lots of exection time to complete the whole transaction, Is there any other method to process the huge volume with minimum time,
    reward awaiting
    with regards

    Selection of BDC Method depends on the type of the requirement you have. But you can decide which one will suite requirement basing the difference between the two methods. The following are the differences between Session & Call Transaction.
    Session method.
    1) synchronous processing.
    2) can tranfer large amount of data.
    3) processing is slower.
    4) error log is created
    5) data is not updated until session is processed.
    Call transaction.
    1) asynchronous processing
    2) can transfer small amount of data
    3) processing is faster.
    4) errors need to be handled explicitly
    5) data is updated automatically
    Batch Data Communication (BDC) is the oldest batch interfacing technique that SAP provided since the early versions of R/3. BDC is not a typical integration tool, in the sense that, it can be only be used for uploading data into R/3 and so it is
    not bi-directional.
    BDC works on the principle of simulating user input for transactional screen, via an ABAP program.
    Typically the input comes in the form of a flat file. The ABAP program reads this file and formats the input data screen by screen into an internal table (BDCDATA). The transaction is then started using this internal table as the input and executed in the background.
    In ‘Call Transaction’, the transactions are triggered at the time of processing itself and so the ABAP program must do the error handling. It can also be used for real-time interfaces and custom error handling & logging features. Whereas in
    Batch Input Sessions, the ABAP program creates a session with all the transactional data, and this session can be viewed, scheduled and processed (using Transaction SM35) at a later time. The latter technique has a built-in error processing mechanism too.
    Batch Input (BI) programs still use the classical BDC approach but doesn’t require an ABAP program to be written to format the BDCDATA. The user has to format the data using predefined structures and store it in a flat file. The BI program then reads this and invokes the transaction mentioned in the header record of the file.
    Direct Input (DI) programs work exactly similar to BI programs. But the only difference is, instead of processing screens they validate fields and directly load the data into tables using standard function modules. For this reason, DI programs are much faster (RMDATIND - Material Master DI program works at least 5 times faster) than the BDC counterpart and so ideally suited for loading large volume data. DI programs are not available for all application areas.
    synchronous & Asynchronous updating:
    synchronous & Asynchronous processings
    Asynchronous refers to processes that do not depend on each other's outcome, and can therefore occur on different threads simultaneously. The opposite is synchronous. Synchronous processes wait for one to complete before the next begins. For those Group Policy settings for which both types of processes are available as options, you choose between the faster asynchronous or the safer, more predictable synchronous processing.
    By default, the processing of Group Policy is synchronous. Computer policy is completed before the CTRLALTDEL dialog box is presented, and user policy is completed before the shell is active and available for the user to interact with it.
    You can change this default behavior by using a policy setting for each so that processing is asynchronous. This is not recommended unless there are compelling performance reasons. To provide the most reliable operation, leave the processing as synchronous.

  • How to find compensation data for the year

    Dear All,
    A company wants to know the comepnsation data for financial year 2009-2010.
    Problem: I couldnot find a single report which can provide the compensation of an employee for the year.
    We are trying to build a report however needs input if anyone has done that:
    Table which stores this data is PS_COMPENSATION.
    Problem is : it stores data in effective date.
    How to then convert it into a year -April 2010 to March 2011
    For example: cases
    a. existing employee: whose effective comp data will be less than April 2010
    - Plus, there are pay rate changes between April 2010 to march 2011. (Pay rate change can happen on any date of the month)
    - How can I add them to find the Compensation as per comp page from 1st April to 31st march 2011

    I'm afraid what you're looking for is not likely to be a trivial task. If you have all of the modules required for the "Report Total Compensation" product, then you should take a look at the associated PeopleBook. I think you will have to be on HRMS 9.0 at a minimum, and using Payroll for North America and Benefits Administration.
    To create a custom solution, you may have to consider a variety of other factors such job status--leave, terminated, terminated with pay, etc.--hourly vs. salaried, part time vs. full time, multi-job, variable compensation. It will depend entirely on the specific features that are being used at your site.
    If you provide a very detailed example of the output you are looking for with sample data, someone might be willing to offer a solution.

  • When I updated by iphone with IOS7, my calendar entries did not follow the icloud.  I am only showing pre set calendar entries for the year?

    When I updated by iphone with IOS7, my calendar entries did not follow the icloud.  I am only showing pre set calendar entries for the year and lost all other calendar entrie and it will not take any new entries.  They show up in my outlook, but not on my iphone, which they did before I updated my software to the new i0s7

    Before syncing, select each calendar on your Mac and back it up by going to File>Export>Export.  If anything goes missing, you can use these to restore your calendars.
    Have you tried simply force closing the calendar app on your iPhone?  To do this, double-tap the home button, locate the calendar app, then swipe up on the image above the app icloud to close it and tap the home bottom.  Then test your calendar again.

  • Update Manually planned ordinary depreciation for the year - TC - ABCO

    Hello Asset's Gurus.
    I need to update a Manually planned ordinary depreciation for the year (ANLC-NAFAM).
    I'm looking for a BAPI  that will do this update.
    I'm using Batch-Input right now with transaction code - ABCO , and I'm having a lot of problems such as updating only some of the selected assets - (no memory problem - no DUMP) while others remaining unchanged.
    Please help me find a BAPI  that can do this job.
    The system is ECC6.
    Thanks ahead.

    I have used Batch Input...

  • Open Purchase order can we maintain commitment item for the year

    my requirement is for the year open purchase orders we need to maintain commitment item previously it was not maintain from this year we need to maintain is it posssible

    If your PO has an IO or WBS or a Cost center maintained in it - Run the Program RKANBU01 in SE38 and it will push all the past data of commitments into the CO objects
    You need to activate Commitment management in OKKP as well as in IO Type... If IO was created w/o the tick ON, then I believe you dont have a choice here..
    br, Ajay M

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    Hi, I have an order in which material was not confirmed on a day when that material was present. I noticed that the commited quantity was 1 but confirmed qtty was 0 on the shedule line of that day. Later the order confirmed on a later date with both