Assign Production Order To Asset

Please Advice
I have a scenario where in I need to asssign the Producten Order Created for material to Asset for accounting point of view in the sense that all the expenses done for that Production order is transfered to that particular assigned asset.
We have the option of assigning the Asset to the Purcahse Order in case we procure the same material. So it is possible in the case if the same material is produced inhouse.
Rahul Bhardwaj

Thanks For the reply
Tell me few things,
1) Are you producing this material in house or some time purchase from out side also?
Ans 1: Yes the die is produced inhouse or sometimes we procure it from outside.
2)whether you want existing produce die to available in inventory or you want to have it as Asset only?
Ans 2:  See they want the dies to be available for the inventory. But either they can have inventory for that or can define as asset so still the decision is pending.And I have checked in case of asset that when you create a Pur.Order of asset and do migo and than miro than the quantity of asset is updated along with its cost. I think they will go for asset as they can post the depriciation value for that.
3) Are you talking about Die Amortization cost?
Ans 3 : No sir amortization is not involved.  Actually what happens is that when I produce the die inhouse i receive the quantity produced and the value for the die is updated in the material G/L account. Now when i go like this i cannot do the depriciation. So even here in case of inhouse produced die  I have to create an asset for that , but the probem is that they  want system to propose the  value of that asset i.e. inhouse produced cost which includes (the raw material cost + Activity cost + Overheads) , every time they produce it inhouse. so they want this cost to be transfered to the asset they create.
Hope sir I am able to answer you questions, but still in case any further clearance is requiered , please do write in.

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    Hi All,
    I have been trying to assign production order number to batch number when clicked on create icon in t-code CO02, and successfully assigned Production order number to batch number through EXIT_SAPLV01Z_001
    Now i want to assign same production order number to batch number automatically... is it possible"
    If yes, provide me the exit or badi.
    Best Regards,
    Krishna K

    Try to use any enhancement point in below mentioned  FORM.
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  • Assigned investment order in Asset Master

    Hi Guys
    We have to do budgeting to restrict the asset purchase over a particular value
    We are doing investment management for the same
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    2) IM22, done investment progrma structure
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    Warm Regards

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    I have availablity control with 100 % and message i gave is 3 (Error)
    Should i perform IM52, and if so when iam doing IM52, iam getting a message as "NO MEASURES FOUND"
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  • Asset Production order

    Dear Expert,
    In our company we make die in house by using raw material and this is  we are using as Asset of Company.
    How to create Production order for Asset?

    It is not possible to capitalize the value of production order to Asset directly unfortunately.
    I suggest you value the FG material, receive into inventory as normal.  Then use movement type 241 to issue inventory quantity (as well as value) to asset. 
    For the variance in production order (assuming FG is std.costs).  If it is serious for your asset valuation as well, you may want to discuss with CO team about how to do it (i.e., settlement to IO then IO to asset, for example).
    Bear in mind that the posting date will be your asset valuation date which is important if your depreciation is in days (some countries use number of days in calculate depreciation).
    Hope it helps.

  • How the material PRT issue/receipt to the production order can be handled?

    Hi PP Gurus,
            For one of our clients, the handling of PRT is to be controlled with the issue/receipt for the production order.
    1. What is the procedure for issue/receipt of PRT material in the SAP?
    2. What is the procedure to block the PRT for the creation/release of production order when it was already assigned to the other production order during the same time?
    3. The PRT is to be available automatically once the assigned production order operation is confiremd.How it can be handled in the SAP?
    Appreciate your early response.

    Hi Ramanujam,
            Thanks for your response.
         1. The dies can be used for the production of Pressing, Casting and Forging etc. These dies will be managed in the stores. The stores representatives will issue the die to the shop floor for an operation of a production order.They will return back the die once the production is completed at that operation using the die. How to map this process in the SAP.
            Typically, these dies can be treated as PRT materials in the SAP system.
         2. OPJK configuration is not sufficient. The same PRT will be assigned to the many production orders during the same time.The system won't block with only this setting. There are some other steps involved to complete the process.
                     I would like to know the complete procedure with all the steps to block the PRT once it was assigned to the production order operation. The same PRT is to be available for other production orders automatically once the operation is confirmed after production.

  • Goods Issue (MB1A) for production order - no stock reduce happening in WM

    I try to do a Goods Issue with transaction MB1A for a production order, but no stock reduces happens within WM (HUM).
    I did the following.
    Created a Production order - CO01
    Created a TR - LB01 - (assigned production order to the TR)
    Created a HU for the materials. (HU02)
    Created a Transfer order to storage type 914 with L_TO_CREATE_MOVE_SU.
    At the end I want to do an goods Issue with MB1A. This seems not to work correctly. When I fill out the ordernumber and process the transaction a Delivery is created.The materials are already on 914, so it can be issued directly.
    What can I do to solve this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Please find out is there any accoun t assignment is there for the component in question.
    pl got production order disply screen and goto  --> material list
    check is there any value on the filed account assignment. If that is the case then you need to have special stcok for that account.
    If it is empty then check
    are you entereing the correct storage location and plant.
    if that is also fine then check whether the component is already issued, i.e. goto the component detailed screen and check wthere final issue tick is there for the component...or the componentb is deleted...
    come back after these checks.

  • Production order as a subnetwork

    Hi PS Gurus.........
    pls let me know ...
    why we can't assign production order as subnetwork??
    I highly appreciate ur explanations in advance...

    Subnetwork is a combination of different activities.
    Production order is to produce/manufacture a material.
    The material whose production order is created may have been attached to the activities under the subnetwork.

  • Investment order to asset class

    Is it possible to assign investment order to asset class (apart from AUC) instead of Asset Master.

    it may not be possible, because the Asset class is defined in Customizing. At the time of customizing it is not known which investment order it will be used.
    Further more, Investment Order is basically created to monitor the capitalisation of Individual assets and not the Consolidated assets within the Asset class. This could be the reason that SAP has not provided the field in Asset class.


    Respected All
    we have one material which is used for three places FIRST IN MILL1, 2ND IN MILL2 AND THIRD IN TRIMMER MILL.
    the only thing which differentiate this single material is  the production order. we have 3 different production order but one single material. for this we have created 3task list. my problem is when we create batch and confirm it through co15, the lot reflects in QA32. but is not allowing for USAGE DECESION. For that we have to go to QA02, assign the task list and then again go to QA32 and do the usage decesion. is there any method by which we can assign three task list to three production orders so that qa02 step could be avoid.
    pls reply

    thank you for the reply could you please tell me in which transaction we find this user exit.

  • Actual cost of Production Order settled to Fixed Assets

    Dear all,
    My client is doing in-house production of moulds (internal order suggestion is not accepted by the client) for which
    they have the following
    1. BOM
    2. Machine hour
    3. labour
    4. overhead etc
    5.plan value
    6. actual value
    Can i settle the actual cost of production order to Fixed Asset ?
    If yes
    what are process kindly give me if any process other then the below
    1.production order created
    2. settlement profile - FA is settlement optional
    3. allocation structure
    4. Asset created
    5 define asset in settlement rule
    Kindly give me your valuable input

    Although i am not CO expert , please check with your FICO consultant who are expert before make the final call.
    During settlement to a G/L account or a fixed asset, the system ignores additional account assignments that were manually specified in the distribution rule.
    Based on what i know .
    you can stipulate that settlement may be made to cost centers and orders, but not to fixed assets.
    The Settlement profile is something that you need to create a settlement rule to settle the actual costs of a sender object.
    About the Settlement rule is something that  contains the distribution rules for the sender. It will define how the way to settle the cost.
    Allocation Structure
    In the settlement structure you combine the primary and secondary cost elements into groups, in which debits are then posted to the sender objects. For each group, you specify whether (for settlement to a given receiver type) settlement is performed
    by cost element or using a settlement cost element.
    For example, you might use settlement cost elements:
      To document the purpose of an order (such as, repairs or maintenance)
      To reduce data volumes (you can combine a number of debit cost elements
    under one settlement cost element).

  • Is there any function for the Batch assignment of production order

    There is one function in the CO02(Production Order) which named "BATCH ASSIGNMENT".
    CO02 -> Components -> Batch assignment
    But the function only can assign one material one time.
    This is very boring.
    So we are planning to create a new program for it.
    But I can't find any function moudle or BAPI can be used.
    Could anybody give me some function moudle or BAPI for it?

    Hello~~~Is there any body here?

  • Assignment of production order to network

    How can we assign a production order to the network or vice versa.
    I know the WBS can be assigned to production order through assignment tab in production order.

    Thanks for your response
    however while creating the planned order iam encountering the below message
    "Account assignment category N invalid"
    Message no. 61143
    suggest me which planned order profile to be used while creating planned order with transaction MD11
    Please also explain me where to assign the network in production order
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  • Assignment of Production Order to Internal Order

    Can a production order be assigned to an internal order so that the manufacturing costs can be seen in the internal order?
    My scenario is such that I want to manufacture sheet metal dies. The various costs involved are design costs, procurement costs and manufacturing costs. The design costs and procurement costs will be captured in the internal order. I want to capture the manufacturing cost through the production order.
    Now the problem is how can I see the total of all three costs in the internal order?
    Thanks in anticipation.

    As I know,
    You can assign internal order as a settlement receiver. Since production order itself is a cost receiver.
    Why connot you use internal order instead of production order. You can do GR/GI to internal order.
    One more option is you can use cost centre/internal order as a receiver, maintain a minimum price (1unit=1$)in production material and when you settle all the cost will be settled against the cost centre/internal order.

  • Report to view Production order wise atcual cost when PO is assigned to PCC

    Hi All,
    Can anyone help me to get the report for production order wise actual cost incurred when that Production order is assigned to PCC (Product cost collector).
    Is it possible through Summarization hierarchy or Product drilldown?
    If yes, can u explain the steps.

    Hi Bhaskar
    You are in Alaska and you wanna eat vegetarian food
    You cant get values at Prod order level if you have chosen PCC as cost object.... You will only get Qty at Prod order level
    To get a bird's eye view of costs incurred in PCC, execute report MCRY with PCC as the input...  MCRX shows only Qty info for components
    br, Ajay M

  • How to link Purchase Order using account assignment category "F"* to asset

    I'd like to know how to link Purchase Order, using account assignment category "F" to asset .
    When I enter asset no. in my ANEK table, po no(ebeln) and po item(ebelp) field is blank.
    whether every line item in a Purchase order have differrent asset.
    can anybody give me the link between asset and materal no?

    Hi Rachel,
    Your message is a little bit confusing. There is no link between the asset and material number. If you want to post your purchase order, using account assignment F - that is internal order - you may do it. Futher, you can settle the postings from this order to asset.
    You can read more here:

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