Assigning digital Spidf in / out put in logic LE using TC KONNEKT 24 D

hi there..
i know LE doesnt support digital in/out puts but ive been told i have to configure is manually through my KONNECT 24d audio interface.. that i have no clue how to configure and assign these in/out puts... if any one knws how to do that .. many thanx in advace

hi there,
ALL i want to do it route voice works using chanel 9/10 and i got an answer from TC. but im still clueless i must b thick!!
Dear Nazeer,
Setting this up of course depends on how everything is cabled.
If you set it up via spdif you should send and recieve via channels 9-10. You can ofcourse do the same analog with channels 3-4. Express unfortunately does not have the I/O plugin, so you will need to do all the routing manually as with the Konnekt. The exclamation mark is a sample slip indicator. Make sure that the Konnekt is setup to be the sync master, and not the VoiceWorks.
I hope this helped. If you have any specific questions on the subject you are welcome to update this incident.

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    i know general config of out put deterimination for general out put,now i need ur help to config different output type eith different message types.
    Thanks and regards.

    I need to know to configure the out put determination for 3 different out puts from delivery by using different message types vis-a-vis delevery advise,shipping application,and release confirmation form.
    i know general config of out put deterimination for general out put,now i need ur help to config different output type eith different message types.
    Thanks and regards.

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    We want to assign 2 separtae pre printed stationary for printing excise invoice printed trhough J1IS
    one is alredy assigned to out put type ZEXC, is there a away to assign one more out put type to printing through J1IS.

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    Do you see a red light shining in the headphone port?

  • Report Out put by Push Button ???

    Hi SAP-ABAP Experts .
    Boss Please suggest me that i have to create a Screen in which only one Push Buton ,
    As user Click this Push Button , a report should run and give it's output , the point is how selection screen will get a
    perticular input when user will click this Push Button .
    How to do this Boss .?
    For Ex : program's Selection Screen has two input parameters
                                                             A = 5
                                                             B = 4
                                  output of the report : C = 10 .
    Requirement is when user click Puch Button , it will get out put C = 10 .
    My Best Regards : rajneesh .

    Use Module pool program for this.
    SAP ABAP Tutorial: Module Pool Programming. Part 2
    Once the program 'ZSALESORDSCREEN' is created Saved and Activated, run Transaction SE51.
    Enter screen number '9000'
    Screen numbers can be up to 4 characters long, all of which must be digits. Screen numbers from 9000 are reserved for customer-specific screens.
    In the Screen Painter enter a short Description and Activate the screen.
    Once this is done you will be presented with a screen that will have three tabs, namely Attributes/Element List/Flow Logic
    Click on Element List and type Ok_Code and Activate.
    Now click on Flow Logic.
    You should see the following code in the Flow Logic.
    Create MODULE STATUS_9000 by double clicking on it.  The following code will be automatically created.
    INCLUDE ZSALESORDERTOP                          .                      "
    INCLUDE ZSALESORDERO01                        .                    *
    INCLUDE ZSALESORDERI01                          .                    *
    INCLUDE ZSALESORDERF01                          .                    *
    *&      Module  STATUS_9000  OUTPUT
    SET PF-STATUS 'xxxxxxxx'.
    SET TITLEBAR 'xxx'.
    ENDMODULE.                 " STATUS_9000  OUTPUT
    Uncomment the following code.
    Menu Bar for the custom Sales Order Screen.
      SET TITLEBAR 'ZSL'.       -
    Give appropriate names to PF-STATUS and TITLE BAR. Once the code is uncommented and the appropriate names are given. Double click on the name ZSALES. Once you see the prompt click on create object.
    You will see the following three options in the resulting screen.
                                                                                    Menu bar                                     Status for Sales Order Screen                                          
    Application toolbar                      Status for Sales Order Screen                                          
    Function keys                              Status for Sales Order Screen
    Click on the Function Keys Drop Down Box. You will see the Standard Tool Bar with Icons that you normally see in the SAP Screen.
    Enter the following values in the empty fields.
    Standard Toolbar                                                                               
    Activate the PF-STATUS.
    You will be prompted to enter the Function Text and Info Text for the button Enter.
    Please enter the following values.
    Function Text   'Ente'
    Info Text          'Enter'
    Execute Transaction SE80 and Activate the complete program by right clicking on it.
    We will now create a transaction code for our program. To create a transaction code right click on the main program and from the pop-up menu select Create-----Transaction.
    In the dialog box enter the following values.
    Transaction Code     'ZSALESORD'
    Short Description     'Create Sales Order'
    And Click on Save.
    You will now be asked to enter Program name and Screen Number. Enter the following values.
    Program         ZSALESORDSCREEN
    Screen            9000  
    Save and Activate the Program
    Now we need to enter code to create the Sales order. We also need to create the Screen Elements.
    In transaction SE80 in the left pane click on Screens and then double click on 9000.
    Now from the menu click on LAYOUT button.
    We need to create Labels and Text Boxes for the following fields.
    Filed  (Label Display)          Label Name              TextBox Name         Def Length
    Order Type                           lblordtyp                     txtordtyp                               2
    Sales Org                             lblsalesorg                  txtsalesorg                            4
    Distribution Channel            lbldistchnl                   txtdistchnl                             2
    Division                                lbldiv                           txtdiv                                    2
    Sold-to Party                        lblsoldto                     txtsoldto                            10
    Ship-to Party                        lblshipto                      txtshipto                            10
    Purchase Ord                       lblpurchord                 txtpurchord                        10
    Material                                lblmat                          txtmat                                18
    Quantity                               lblqty                           txtqty                                 13
    We also need to create a command button as follows
    Label                                 Name
    Create Order                     lblcreateord
    We will now look at the property box which is displayed after double clicking on each screen element.
    Order Type (Label)
                       Name                  lblordtyp
                       Text                    Order_Type
    Order Type (Text Box)
                       Name                  txtordtyp
                       Def. Length         2
    Similarly fill the Property box for other fileds
    Property Box for Command Button in this case the Function Code is important
    Create Order  
                               Name                  cmdord
                               Text                    Create Order           
                               Fct Code             ORDE

  • What method u use to out put text

    what method u use to out put text  is top ....end top or write_form.
    say me 1 reason for using write_form rather than top...endtop.

    Logic Pro is a professional application that is available very cheap, so that professionals and amateurs alike can use the same tools. This is because the cost is subsidised by the cost of the mac computers.
    A reciever that has optical, coax and HDMI would be a consumer grade home theatre system. Mixing to 5.1 is a highly specialised task, and you are very unlikely to get good results through a home theatre system, even if you could plug it straight in.
    Professionals who do 5.1 mixing with Logic (I am one of them) would have a serious multichannel external audio interface, and would plug the disctrete outputs from there into a monitoring system setup in a properly designed room. Anything less would result in a mix that would sound different everywhere it is heard, and probably only good in your room.
    The mix as done by logic provides a file or files that are 6 discrete channels. You would then use a program like "Compressor", (previously available with Logic Studio and not to be confused with an audio compressor) to convert the files to one of a number of possible formats.
    The format that your receiver would be looking for would be a Dolby digital format, a licensed format designed especially for home theatre. If every mac was designed to deliver that natively so the very few who might use it are able to access it directly, every mac user would have to pay more. This wouldn't make sense.

  • Is it possible to display only dynamically selected fields in the out put?

    Is it possible to display only dynamically selected fields in the out put? i need to display set of columns in the selection criteria, but in the output i have display only input given fields. because i need to convert it into .csv file. So i have to display selected fields from internal table. In oracle they are using"execute immediate". is there any equivalent in SAP?
    thanks in advance.

    Hi Remya,
    Are you talking about dynamic programming in ABAP ?
    If yes, there are concepts like RTTS which facilitates it.
    Yes, the select query also supports dynamic selection of fields. ( Please care about ( ) in dynamic sql ).
    Do more research on Field Symbols and statements like ASSIGN COMPONENT OF.

  • Print out put of Invoice Verification

    How to get print output of Invoice verification? How to get print output of  subsequent credit/debit of Invoice?

    You need to create a new Message type copying any relevant message type.(tCode M806). Maintain the processing routines  with medium as print out put.
    Create  the form required for Print out put & assign it to the routine.
    Maintain the message schemas , Assign the new Message type to the existing schema.
    Now create the conditoin record using transaction MRM1 with th required key combination. Invoicing party & Company code.
    Now when ever you create the invcoie with combination the Message will be created.
    Execute transaction MR90 for the print out put. If you want the print after saving the invoice , maintain the despatch time as Send immediately when saving the application.
    Reward points if useful
    Thanks & Regards

  • Reg: Out put could not be issued

    Dear All,
    when i am excute VL03N to get output of smartform  i am getting message like Out put could not be issued message vl086

    Hi Reshma p,
    For that U have to assign output type...
    Check out in NACE transaction whether it has been made or not...
    In VL03N>Give a document number and enter the tcode then in, Menu>Extras>Choose Delivery Output>Header/Item(choose one), and here you have to give the output type in general.
    Have a look on similar issue with VF03
    VF03 smartform: Output could not be issued
    Hope it will solve your problem..
    Thanks & Regards
    ilesh 24x7

  • Adding schedule agreement & schedule lines in one out put

    Hi Friends,
    Can we add schedule agreement & schedule lines in one out put. What settings to be done. I am using document type as LP.
    I am in ECC 5.0 version.

    In std there is no possible .But still we can develop a Z- programme with the help of ABAP Person if you explanin the logic they will develop the same
    Murugan J

  • How to take out put of each documents

    dear all,
    i want to know the detail configuration and settings in sd for out put.
    such as i need to take the print of sales order or invoices so what type of settings i have to do
    how one can take a print out after creation of a sales order,quotation ,invoice and scheduling agreements with the necessary fields i need in it.
    if possible how it can be emailed to the concern person.
    with regards

    Output can be configured in following way.
    1.In SPRO Create output type.
    2.Create access sequenece.
    3.Assign output program to the output type.
    4.Add the output type in output determination procedure.
    5.Assign the output procedure to document type i.e.Sales order,Delivery docuement,Billing docuement.
    6.maintain the output condition record.
    7.You can also enter the output manualy in all the documents.
    For mails to be sent,maintain processing medium as Mail the output type configuration.Maintain mail Id in customer master.Maintain proper access sequence.
    Reward points if useful
    Amrish Purohit
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            AMRISH PUROHIT

  • Alv and excel sheet out put.

    hi friends,
    now i am working on sales and purchase order report. For this i have created three radio button on selection screen one for sales 2nd for purchase and 3rd for both. when i click sales radio button it is going to display only sales data in ALV out put list as well as in EXCEL sheet.
    Some layout fileds (out put fields) i am storing in VARIENT and when i have passed this VARIANT in a SELECTION-SCREEN so here the output is ok for me, and i am unable to display these same fields in EXCEL sheet for this Please could u tell that how we do this. please send the logic for this.
    thands and regards.

    Hi Amol,
    you are not getting me ...
    see your itab will have all the fields irrespective of variant used. so you can directly use itab to download.
    i guess you are using alv tool bar option to download.
    but i am telling to use your own button to download the report using your own button with GUI_DOWNLOAD Fm.
    for this you pass your ITAB and and then give the file name then this will save all the fields to excel file.

  • How to generate idoc  PODRCH02 using out put type

    Hi All,
    I need to generate outbound idoc PORDCH02 and message type PORDCH using out put types (messages).But i unable to generated this idoc using message type. System is giving error as  *No recipient found for message type PORDCH in the ALE model*
    To do this , i have done the following steps.
    1. In BD64 i have configure the business object BUS2012, using add bapi. ( In cust.distn model it doesn't allowing the message type. so i have given BAPI )
    2. In partner profile (WE20), for sending logical sytems
    i have configure the message type in outbound parametes.
    3. In NACE for out put type NEU  i have given medium as Distribution (ALE),  Partner function as LS     
    Could you please help me out , what are the necessary steps i need to take care and what are the steps i missed out.
    Thanks and regards

    In distribution model, you have to configure both the sending system and receiving system. The Tcode of Distribution model is BD64.

  • Out put logistic invoice verification (print out need in chinese language)

    Hi All
    In MR90 out put logistic invoice verification I am getting output (Printout) in English the requirement is chinese language has to add in output.I know however I need to take help of abaper.I want to know what r the configuration steps to fill this requirement.can any one help me regarding this. Points will be added..

    Check this link and coordinate with ABAper.
    *assign points if useful

  • Out put determination error in billing

    In my current  project I have to do printing of mass billing documents at once
    For this i configured output condition type ZD00 and access sequeunce ZBNG
    I have defined procedure Z10000 and assigned condition type to it  and done all necessary configuration
    When i create billing document and take print preview the values come correctly .but when i go to the t code vf02 and see the header --output the out put is determined but shows color RED indicating error
    My abaper has debuuged the programm and found that two tables T682V and T683S should contain the entries of condition type ZD00
    Table T683S containes the entries but in table T682V the enrtires of condition type ZD00 are not found
    What i want to know is that is there a config setting to pass entries into this table so that i can do the same
    Thanks and Regards
    Suneel Srinivasan

    Pleae compare your configuration with below article. You should be able to find the missing configuration. Output configuration is done under the transaction NACE. If you configure it correctly and then maintain output condition records correctly, system should issue them.
    [Output config|]
    Please let us know if you can't find what is missing!
    Best regards,

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