Audio Capture not available / grayed out

I have a Samsung SC-D263 connected and when I try to capture video in FCE there is no audio. When looking in the settings, the check box for audio capture is grayed out... any ideas?
I managed to find drivers for the camera, but i don't know how to install them...

What audio checkbox are you talking about?
Do you see the video in the capture window? Do the meters move?

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    I have not used the camera in a few years. Pulled it out recently and everything was working great. Went to change the area that the camera monitors for motion and both audio/email dropdowns are grayed out. They were there initially while I was getting everything working, and even had a few test emails sent through.
    I changed nothing during this time, just accesed the feed via IP Cam Viewer Lite and did final postioning before trying to change alert area.
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    Also, where is the download for the recorder/viewer utility?

    Ok, I got a repsonse back from the programmer of IP Cam and he said choose either viewing on the cam or on the phone. Pick one or they other as both won't work.
    Does anyone have a recommendation for any other Android apps to use with this camera?
    Here is a thread on the IP Cam message boards with a few others having the same issues:

  • Capture Panel is gray out

    We click capture to capture the video.  However, we cannot stop it.   We try to click on the pause the the option is gray out.  All the function keys on the capture panel is gray out.
    Please help,

    Is this a double-post, as I see the same thing in the PrE forum, on this THREAD?
    Exactly which version of Premiere are you using? PrE and PrPro are somewhat similar, but different enough that one should post to the specific forum, as users of PrE might not know PrPro, and vice versa. Also, directions for one might not translate to the other - similar, but different.
    Let us know about which version of Premiere you are using. If PrE, then the MOD's can delete this post. If PrPro, then the MOD's might want to branch off that Thread's Replies to here, as some material has already been covered there.
    Good luck,

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    Just upgraded to Yosemite trying to add signature in Safari mail photo testing Annotations and trackpad is not available (greyed out) only camera is anyone have suggestions?

        I certainly understand the need to have an operable device!  Please DM me your name and mobile number, so I may further assist you.  Thank you!
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  • Audio Playback: FireWire DV grayed out

    Hi, I have firewire connected to Sony DSR-30. When playing video back, audio output from the player is normal. Also able to capture audio (48 kHz) and video. However, when playing from FCP, the audio only plays back via "Default" and "Built-in Audio". The FireWire DV is grayed out. Tried repairing permissions, restart, etc... This was working before upgrading to FCP 6. Thanks for any feed back.

    Sorry for not being clear... I'm only getting audio when playing FCP through the built-in speakers from my G5. Prior to upgrading, I was able to output the audio via the DSR-30 (RCA out to a mixer) by choosing view> FireWire DV
    Since the upgrade it's been grayed out (including "Audio Follows Video"). Only available options are "Default" and "Built-in Audio".
    Yes, capture window is closed, refreshed, restarted, repair permissions, trashed prefs. and capture window is closed. Thanks for the response.

  • "Access Control - Do Not Inherit" Grayed out when setting up a backup on Server 2008 R2 when trying to use remote NAS

    I see one response here:
    But it makes no sense to me. Running that command doesn't do anything.
    How do I make the box stop graying out when setting up a backup with the GUI interface? This should be really simple I would think and for some reason the backup utility is graying out the "Do Not Inherit" option so I can backup to the NAS
    device that has access control enabled in order to backup to the NAS.
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    From this article, it mentioned that it is by design that we cannot choose "do not inherit" in backup schedule when backup target is a remote shared folder.
    Checklist: Schedule Automatic Backups
    If you use a remote shared folder, make sure that the folder is available, that you have write access to the folder, and that you are a member of the Administrators group or Backup Operators group on the computer hosting the folder. Each time you create
    a backup, it will overwrite the older backups so that you will only have one backup at a time.
    The backup will inherit the access control list (ACL) permissions of the folder.
    For the account it required, as mentioned above, it should be "a member of Admin group or Backup Operators group, and it should have write permission on target folder".
    Also map a network folder as a drive will not help show the mapped drive letter in backup destination. It is still a remote shared folder.
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  • Audio crossfade appears inactive (grayed out) when adding it to audio transitions

    Not sure what I am doing wrong here...
    I cannot directly insert audio crossfades into transitions on my audio timeline withought going to the transition point and then clicking sequence > apply audio transition from the main menu. But even then once it is added it appears inactive (grayed out) and I cannot change the lengh or style of the fade...
    Another thing that keeps happening is the program keeps crashing. I get the pinwheel of death and I have to restart the program manually. I dont have any other programs open and my computer is quite beefed up so I don't know what is causing this..
    Thanks for your help!

    Try trashing the preferences with this free app as a first step.
    I had a slightly similar experience (but no black frames) a month ago, described here.
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  • Synchronize from audio option not available in 'Create mutli-camera source sequence' command?

    I watched Jason Levine demonstrate the 'create multi-camera source sequence' feature that allowed you to sync multi-camera clips automatically by clicking on an 'audio' option:( -pro-cc-part-3-multicamera-dslr-workflow-with-automatic-audio-sync/)
    I loaded in three clips from three different cameras of the same shoot, and when I follow those instructions and select the above command, it doesn't present the dialogue to select the synchronize from audio feature:
    Am I doing something wrong? All three clips have audio...can't figure out why this feature isn't working for me??Is this not available in the Premiere Pro version we have available for download? I'm just in the process of upgrading to 6.02 now to see if thats the case...

    This will only be available in Premiere Pro CC due out June 17th.

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    In CC 2014, when I want to transcode something to Quicktime/ProRes codec, the usual "Codec Settings" button in the Video Codec field is greyed out or not available. It was available in CS6... I could click on it and choose settings, but now I can't.
    Just a little bg, but I don't think it matters, I can't choose it no matter what QT codec I choose: I have 23.976 final output that I want to convert to 29.97i for broadcast. Unfortunately, through various tests, in order to get the pulldown correct (without field blurring frames), in CS6 I would set it up in AME, then click the Codec Settings, and select Interlaced. Under Basic Video Settings field all is the usual 29.97, Upper First, etc. But to actually get the correct pulldown (repeat frame every 3 or 4 frames) I need to select the Codec Settings and select interlaced. Unfortunately, in CC 2014, I can't seem to access this option.
    Any ideas? Codecs are in the system, everything else seems as it should be...

    If the volume/disk is setup to be handled by ACLs (the default for 10.4.x) the older style "inherit permissions" is greyed out.
    You can achieve inherited permissions from adding ACL permissions to the shared volume/folder by going to Sharing, Access "tab" in WGM. The first level of the share is never inherited (no) but the next level "down" will be (yes).
    ACLs on or off is set in WGM by using the All "tab" in Sharing, choosing the volume and the General "tab".
    ACLs override the POSIX settings: owner, group, everyone, and is hierarcial (permission list is read/enforced from top -> bottom, first matching "rule" goes)

  • Smart Guides not working (grayed out).

    I too am having problems with the 'Smart Guides' option being grayed out in the 'View' - 'Grids and Guides' column. I've replaced the preferences, checked all the appropriate boxes, yet nothing I do works. Additionally, the 'Smart Guides' did work for some time. However, for reason(s) I'm unaware of, they just stopped showing up. I'm stumped. Any suggestions?

    I've branched your question out of the Replace Your Prefs thread into one of its own and changed the title so more people will see it. I'm not able to make the menu item go gray here, and I'm going to presume that you followed the instructions in the other thread for trashing the prefs, so I'm not going to suggest you do that again, at least not yet.
    It would help if we know your OS and version of ID (including the update patch applied).

  • Audio A/V controls grayed out - no audio

    I am on a PC running Windows XP. I have purchased Quicktime PRO and the MPEG plugin.
    MY Question is: My Audio A/V controls are grayed out. When I go to Window->Show A/V Controls my Audio A/V controls are completely grayed out. No audio.
    However, audio is fine on my PC running numerous applications?
    Any ideas,
    Gary Young

    Thanks for responding, no there is no sound from the headphone jack either. It seems like the problem started with the last update installation. A couple of weeks before that I had changed out the memory for a 1g in the upper slot. Everything else working well and memory seems to be happy. Those are the only two things I can think of that have gone on with the system. Internal speakers show up as the choices in sys pref and it switches back and forth from internal to headphone promptly when you insert/remove plug. The tex instr sound card is showing up in the hardware description in about this mac. Most of this detail may be meaningless, but figured there might be a clue in there for someone more clued up than I am.

  • "Capture MySQL" is grayed out

    Hello, I'm trying to migrate a MySQL 5.0.22 database to Oracle using SQL Developer. I have installed the proper drivers (mysql-connector-java-5.0.5-bin.jar) and I can connect to the MySQL database fine. However, when I right-click on the SQL Developer connection as per instructions, the 'Capture MySQL' option is grayed out. This happens even when I am logged in as root. Any suggestions?

    We should really put this in a tooltip. However, the getting started guide would walk you thru the process normally and this situation wouldnt arise.
    Good news that ur up and running.

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