Audio Playback: FireWire DV grayed out

Hi, I have firewire connected to Sony DSR-30. When playing video back, audio output from the player is normal. Also able to capture audio (48 kHz) and video. However, when playing from FCP, the audio only plays back via "Default" and "Built-in Audio". The FireWire DV is grayed out. Tried repairing permissions, restart, etc... This was working before upgrading to FCP 6. Thanks for any feed back.

Sorry for not being clear... I'm only getting audio when playing FCP through the built-in speakers from my G5. Prior to upgrading, I was able to output the audio via the DSR-30 (RCA out to a mixer) by choosing view> FireWire DV
Since the upgrade it's been grayed out (including "Audio Follows Video"). Only available options are "Default" and "Built-in Audio".
Yes, capture window is closed, refreshed, restarted, repair permissions, trashed prefs. and capture window is closed. Thanks for the response.

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    I changed nothing during this time, just accesed the feed via IP Cam Viewer Lite and did final postioning before trying to change alert area.
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    I rebooted it a few times and stil have the grayed out dropdowns.
    Also, where is the download for the recorder/viewer utility?

    Ok, I got a repsonse back from the programmer of IP Cam and he said choose either viewing on the cam or on the phone. Pick one or they other as both won't work.
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    If your nVidia card has at least 1Gig of video ram, use the nVidia Hack - which is a simple entry in a "supported cards" file - and Mac

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    I have a Samsung SC-D263 connected and when I try to capture video in FCE there is no audio. When looking in the settings, the check box for audio capture is grayed out... any ideas?
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    What audio checkbox are you talking about?
    Do you see the video in the capture window? Do the meters move?

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    Not sure what I am doing wrong here...
    I cannot directly insert audio crossfades into transitions on my audio timeline withought going to the transition point and then clicking sequence > apply audio transition from the main menu. But even then once it is added it appears inactive (grayed out) and I cannot change the lengh or style of the fade...
    Another thing that keeps happening is the program keeps crashing. I get the pinwheel of death and I have to restart the program manually. I dont have any other programs open and my computer is quite beefed up so I don't know what is causing this..
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    Try trashing the preferences with this free app as a first step.
    I had a slightly similar experience (but no black frames) a month ago, described here.
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    I am on a PC running Windows XP. I have purchased Quicktime PRO and the MPEG plugin.
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    However, audio is fine on my PC running numerous applications?
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    Thanks for responding, no there is no sound from the headphone jack either. It seems like the problem started with the last update installation. A couple of weeks before that I had changed out the memory for a 1g in the upper slot. Everything else working well and memory seems to be happy. Those are the only two things I can think of that have gone on with the system. Internal speakers show up as the choices in sys pref and it switches back and forth from internal to headphone promptly when you insert/remove plug. The tex instr sound card is showing up in the hardware description in about this mac. Most of this detail may be meaningless, but figured there might be a clue in there for someone more clued up than I am.

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    Video tutorials on my new PaintShop Pro wouldn't play until I downloaded QuickTime Player. They play now but there is no audio. I tried the instructions on the QuickTime Player Help page: "1.choose Window > Show A/V controls 2.Drag a slider to adjust the setting"
    I can't drag a slider because everything is grayed out.
    My system audio is working fine. I tried restarting the computer. Any other suggestions?

    What codec is the file you are trying it on? Are they greyed out for a Apple sample QT movie?
    If you don't have Core Image then they don't work at all:

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    A week or so after installing the Yosemite update, my macbook air went totally silent. The sound icon grayed out and the sound buttons show up a cross sign and there is basically no sound. Went to sound preferences and there is nothing in the output and input sections and the mute box is ticked and grey(can't be changed). What to do? this is ridiculous!

    If there's a red light visible in the headphone socket, it indicates that the leaf switch is stuck. The leaf is pushed aside by the headphone jack as it's inserted and cuts off sound to the internal speakers.
    Try inserting and removing the headphone plug a few (dozen) times.
    If that doesn't work, you can attempt to tease the switch back with a non-conducting probe (plastic toothpick or similar).
    And be careful; the leaf is fragile and it's an expensive bit to get to and replace, in fact on some models it's directly on the logic board.
    Not sure how true it is, but at least one correspondent claims to have fixed it by cleaning the red laser with a Q-tip, on the theory that dirt on the end may fool the system into thinking a jack is inserted. Not convinced myself, but no harm trying it if you can't sort it the other way.

  • CS5 Playback Settings grayed out and no longer can set playback on external monitor.

    I like to view my projects while editing on an external monitor but the Playback Settings are grayed out. I've done all my prior projects with external monitor display enabled with no problems and can go back to a prior projects completed and view them using an external playback monitor.  For some reason, the Playback Settings on my latest project are grayed out and I'm not able to set Desktop Video Display During Playback.
    The last project worked on was about 3 months ago. Last week, I started working on two new projects and noticed that I wasn't able to set playback to my external monitor. All my devices are hooked up and I can review older projects on the external monitor but can't set two new projects to use display on the external monitor.  
    Anyone have any ideas?
    Problem solved. My fault.
    The Sequence Preset Settings selected must support the device the external monitor is connected to. In my case, IEEE 1394 firewire. I corrected the new project to the correct Sequence Settings and can now view playback on the external monitor.
    "The Desktop Video 9.7.5 software update allows users to take advantage of many new features in the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications such as powerful new editing timelines and shortcuts and audio mixing with Adobe Premiere Pro® CC and new creative and visual effects tools with Adobe After Effects® CC."
    So everything should be covered on that front. And as I listed, I was getting playback out of AE CC, so I feel it is solely an issue in Premiere. That was worth checking out though since CC is so new. Thanks for replying.

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    i am trying to do a video chat with y friend but all the video chat and audio chat icons are grayed out and i have it enabled

    If the Buddy is a Jabber Buddy (this includes GoogleTalk and Facebook IDs) then you will not be able to Video Chat to them unless they are also logged in via iChat.
    Basically Jabber use a different Internet Protocol than iChat to Connect.
    This is called Jingle and is a part of some Jabber apps but is also part of the Web Browser Plugin you can get from Google and their PC Standalone app called GoogleTalk as well.
    Google's version is actually not that compatible with other Jabber apps (See Here)
    I do not have a Facebook account to know how they do the Video bit but it will be by using Jingle.
    If this does not cover the issue you are having please tell me the account types your are using.
    8:00 PM      Sunday; April 29, 2012
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"
      iMac 2.5Ghz 5i 2011 (Lion 10.7.3)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro 2Gb (Snow Leopard 10.6.8)
     Mac OS X (10.6.8),
    "Limit the Logs to the Bits above Binary Images."  No, Seriously

  • Audio playback delayed thru Firewire monitor - JVC BR-DV3000

    First I apologize for the length of this post, but I want to make sure I've adequately described the problem. For years, I've edited with FCP using a JVC HR-DVS2U (DV/SVHS combo deck) with great results. I use it to capture and output through firewire, also connected is a monitor and a UVW-1600 Beta machine.
    Now a buddy of mine also has a system using a JVC BR-DV3000. When I attempted to set his system up similar to mine, using the DV deck as the conduit for monitoring and recording to beta, he complained about audio dropping out at the beginning of transitions in the timeline. This was the weirdest thing! How does the DV machine know that a transition is taking place?! I thought it was just data out. I finally traded out machines with him and hooked it up to my system. At first, I didn't have any problems. I mainly edit 30-second commercials, so I played back a timeline with three dozen transitions in it without a hitch! So now I'm really confused, until one day I had a 20 minute long timeline of about 20 promos back to back, all digitized from beta. Sure enough there was the audio playback delay. I switched the audio playback from firewire to computer audio out and I did not have the problem, but I could not record out to tape in this configuration. Then I thought maybe it's just the length of the timeline, so I opened up a commercial timeline that plays back fine and pasted one of the beta promos in there. The 30 second spot played back fine and then when it hit the beta vid it had the audio dropout. Now understand, the audio is NOT out of sync, it just drops out for about two seconds when playing back from the timeline. You can watch the VU meter on the deck, it completely loses the audio for two seconds, mostly when you first start the timeline and at most transitions. I now think it may have something to do with the source material. I just digitized some video from DV that was shot on a JVC camera, when most of the stuff I shoot is from a Canon XL1. The JVC camera footage has this dropout issue. Any clues?

    This has happened to me too. The problem is with the firmware in older DV3000 decks. JVC has an update, but you can't do it yourself. JVC or your dealer will have to do it for you. In the meantime there is a workaround. Make sure your DV3000 is powered on FIRST. Then start FCP. That trick always worked for me. Good Luck.

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    My iMac is over a month old, and the first week I had it I tried to talk on Skype with a friend. My mic wouldn't work, and after making an Apple Care appointment with a local Mac store last weekend, we found out that the iMac DOES hear me, Dictation works with my voice, but for some reason Skype won't pick me up. Another program I sometimes use is Livestream Procaster, and neither pick up audio from me, oddly though they do pick up finger tapping on the desk, which is no further away from the computer than I myself am.
    I Googled this issue with Skype and I found this page:
    It shows a screen capture using Audio MIDI Setup, and I opened mine to make sure everything was in order, but my CH: 1 & 2 are both grayed out, so I can't adjust them at all.
    I have a screen capture of my window as well:
    And I did check to make sure that my Interal Mic is selected in Skype, Livestream Procaster, and even my iMac's System Preferences. I wonder if it has something to do with this Audio MIDI Setup. I don't actually know, but from searching for solutions, this is the only thing that doesn't seem to match up with suggestions I've found online.
    Thanks guys for any help.

    I'm talking with a friend, and he says I'm muffled, and he can't understand me but can hear that I'm talking. When I turn on dictation to record what I'm saying he says I come through crystal clear.
    The problem is I don't know if this is a Mac issue or a Skype issue. I was going to go to Skype, but when I found that page that I linked to above, that's what lead me to believe it's a Mac issue again because I can't get my Audio MIDI Setup to match the suggestion made by the user in that link.

  • IPhone 4 audio playback cuts out after latest update (5.1)

    My phones audio playback ( podcast, audiobook or music) cuts out at random intervals during playback.
    This happens when listening through apple headPhones or my audio lead aux input to my stereo.
    This has only started since the last software update (5.1). It's really frustrating as you often hit the jump back or forward arrows when restarting, instead of the intended Play symbol ( they are close together). This is really frustrating when your listing to an hour+ podcast.
    Is anyone else having this problem since the update?

    Same problem here! My phone was functioning correctly after the update until today, when it randomly attempted it's own emergency call, then requested that I turn on location services. When I hit cancel, it repeatedly requested that I turn on the service. When I agreed to turn on location services, it defaulted to the screen with the iTunes logo and the USB cable. Since then, I have been unable to get it to function. The phone has been switching between a black screen and the apple screen and buzzing periodically. When I touched the apple, it pixellated and melted away. I did see a message that the iPhone needed to be activated once and very briefly. I managed to connect it to iTunes using an old troubleshooting guide, but when I asked iTunes to restore it to factory settings (politely, thank you), it gave me error 21 (unknown error) and said it was unable to restore.
    Hopefully someone has an answer...?

  • Newbie question - Regions grayed out, audio not playing... please help!

    Good morning,
    I've got a problem that seems like it should have a simple solution, but I don't know enough about Logic to know what the solution is.
    I had put together a few tracks and everything was working fine. Now, for some reason, the regions are grayed out and when I hit play, there is no sound and the meters do not register anything. I've checked the levels on the mixer, and I have the proper audio input-output settings in the preferences (I think); the audio just isn't playing.
    Note that when I double click the region and go into sample editor mode, the audio plays fine.
    Here is a screenshot:
    Can someone please help?
    Thanks so much!

    Logic has a number of ways to mute or solo regions, tracks and channels.
    Select the two regions (they are selected in the picture) and press the 'M' key on your keyboard. This will unmute them.
    There is a very good and easy to follow tutorial for new users I recommend very highly -

  • Audio Pans Grayed Out

    Hey everyone,
    My audio pans are grayed out, not sure why. I never encountered this problem before and wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to un-gray them.

    To get audio from my pans I use Calphalon cookware...sorry
    I'm not clear on what you're asking about (ie panning from the timeline, panning from the Audio mixer).
    What I can suggest though is double clicking the audio track to launch it in the viewer where you will have a great deal of control with your pans.

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