BAPI not commiting

I am using the BAPI, BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_CHECK to park a GL doc.
After using the BAPI the get the below message.
Document posted successfully: BKPFF 010000024512002008 DE2CLNT400
Structure name : BKPFF
In this Doc no is : 0100000245
Company code : 1200
Fiscal year :  2008.
Server details : DE2CLNT400
I have used BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT to commint the trasaction code.
But it does not park the document (i.e) I cant see it in FBV3. But I can see the document number in tables BKPF & BSEG.
While pasiing the header details in BAPI 'BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING_CHECK', I am leaving the fields OBJ_T, OBJ_KEY, OBJ_SYS blank.
Do I have to fill them or is there any thing I am missing.
If more information is required from my side,Please let me know, I ll provide.
Thanks in advance.

when you use BAPI and execute it, one table return the error values.
use the following logic.
    accountgl            =
    return               =                      it_returm  <------ pass this.
  EXTENSION1           =
if it_return is initial.
then commit work.
this shd solve ur problem

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