BDS + MS Word + changing

Hi, ABAPdevs.
Hope to receive some help.
I store Word documents in BDS and have their keys in my db table. So I need to show docs, may be to open it in MS Word or in other way, and then, in case user modify it and  want to save changing, be able to save modified documents in BDS. So there are a lot of way to open doc in MS Word, but how to handle MS Word 'Save' event in my ABAP programm and get modified text?
For exemple, I had'n found such possibility in OLE Automotion.

Have you looked into  <a href="">Desktop Office Integration?</a> Especially the part about Processing Office Application Events. Also, look at demo programs in dev. class SOFFICEINTEGRATION.
Regards, Gabriel

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    In MAC, I want to change document size from 8.5X11 to 18X24 to create a poster to print through Staples. I created the doc originally in WORD, changed the size in WORD, converted to PDF doc. But PDF doc is still in 8.5X11. Read ADOBE support help info. Terls me to change size in application rather than printer. BUT ACROBAT Pro does not give me a page set up option in FILE. I can only find one in the printer dialog box. Help!

    from the FAQs on Staples website:
    I have a file that I know is a PDF, but the website claims it is not in a PDF format. What should I do?
    Check to see that the file has the .PDF extension. Also, check that the filename does not have any special characters such as an ampersand (“&”).
    Regarding your measurements set to centimeters rather than inches; is it just in MS Word?
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    Check your Work preferences first:
    If it is happening in all your applications, check your Mac OS System Preferences.

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    My macbook in MS word and Pages changes language spelling dictionaries to some unknown langauge (to me), and I am unable to switch back to U.S. English.
    I have checked the Global/macbook settings and its correctly set for English.
    But in MS Word, I am not given the choice.
    I see many have had similar problems in the user groups, but I don't see the solution that applies to me.
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    Juba Mac

    MS Word and Pages use totally different spellcheck systems.
    For Pages, you set the language Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar
    For Word, you set it in Tools > Language

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    Hi. I'm using Acrobat XI Pro and converting PDF's to Word docs changes the main text to symbols. I've tried this several times and always get the same result. Any idea as to how to correct? Thanks.

    Does the same thing happen if you select some text in the document, copy it
    and then paste it to Word?
    If so, then it's most likely a faulty font encoding.
    On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 12:12 PM, noodles83 <[email protected]>

  • On reboot - wallpaper, safari and word change to previous settings.

    Thanks in advance for help. As aforemetioned, on reboot the computer seems to revert to an earlier state, where the desktop wallpaper changes to previous setting from a couple of days ago, with safari and word automatically opening with articles and webites that were open and being used at that time.
    I am still able to open and save new documents, but the computer seems to revert back to this 'set-point' on restart, meaning i have to close these webpages everytime, and change my background picture too.
    I updated to lion 10.7.3 just before this started to happen, too.

    Try disabling the Lion "resume" feature...
    Open System Preferences > General
    Deselect:  Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps
    Restart your Mac.

  • Word changed when font is changed?

    Has anyone ever had this happen? I pasted copy into inDesign (CS5) and then changed the font. Look what happens to the word certified. The word is correct in Story Editor but not on the pasteboard. Autocorrect is off.
    Very weird.

    I'd say it's best to be left on by default. A lot of font creators create beautiful ligatures for their fonts.
    But it's up to you.
    If you want to turn it off for any new documents then go to the Panel with no documents open and turn it off.
    Changing a setting, adding styles, deleting styles, adding/removing swatches or almost all behaviour when no documents are open will be the default for any new documents.
    If you have it in a bunch of documents that you want to turn off use the find change
    And change it in the formating options under Basic Character Formats
    And choose All Documents.
    But I'd prefer to leave it on.
    That dot over the "i" next to an "f" drives me crazy.

  • CP 5.5 importing localized text from Word changes formatting in text boxes - Localization in general

    Hi All,
    I need to localize my English CP 5.5 project into multiple languages, up to 27 .
    To check that I will not run into issues I tried out on how it works.
    This is what I did:
    Make copy of the English project
    Renamed the project with extension of language, xyz_German.cptx
    Exported Project captions and text captions to word
    Open file looks it does NOT look good, the two columns OK but the formatting is NOT as in project - Bullets are missing etc.
    Nevertheless I changed some of the text in the 'Updated Text Caption Data' column
    Went back to the project and imported the Project captions...
    The project was updated
    And I saw the items reflected from the Word doc were I did not make the language changes.
    Now I am puzzled on how to proceed:
    Why do I not see formatting such as bullets in text boxes in the Word doc. - BUG? - Fix?
    Is Word the right translation media for so many languages?
    Is Export to XML a better choice?
    How can I ensure that formatting in different languages will be OK - Icannot read all of the languages such as Chinese (S)
    If Word would be the choice, how do I ensure that the translation company does not change the formatting?
    OK this for a start.
    I would highly appreciate input !!!!!

    Hi Svendsen2,
    If "Import Project captions and closed captions" is not working for you,Mail me the word document. Please mail it to ashwin at adobe dot com. Do not zip it as it might not reach me.
    Ashwin Bharghav B

  • Microsoft Word change: command to option for navigating?

    I recently got a new MacBook Pro through my company which came installed with Microsoft Word 2004 v. 11.2, a newer version from that which I was using previously. I've noticed that in Word I now need to use the "option" key to navigate around a file while using the arrow keys and avoiding using the mouse; previously I used the "command" or "apple" key to do so. Yet in Powerpoint the "command" key is still used to maneuver around and select text (when used in conjunction with the shift key). Perhaps I'm just resistent to change, but it bugs me to have to alternate between using the command key and option key among two applications (from the same company, no less). I've also just notcied though that in this email I navigate using the option key.
    So my question is, what's with this non-standardized system and is there a way for me to specify in my version of Word that I greatly prefer using the command arrow to navigate and select text?
    MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Online help (as of LabVIEW 7.0?), Index, Command Line, User-defined arguments - It will show you the following:
    You also can pass LabVIEW-defined or user-defined arguments when you launch LabVIEW from the command line. To pass user-defined arguments in the command line, enter two hyphens (--) surrounded by spaces before the set of user-defined arguments. LabVIEW does not use any arguments after the two hyphens to launch labview.exe. LabVIEW passes the arguments after the two hyphens to the block diagram of the VI you launch. Use the Application:Command Line Arguments property to read the user-defined command-line arguments passed when LabVIEW launches.
    For example, to launch and pass user-defined arguments, use the following command:
    bview.exe c:\coolapp\ -- 1000 sine
    On the block diagram of the, use the Application:Command Line Arguments property to read the 1000 and sine arguments you passed and handle the values.

  • Microsoft Word change Language ID

    I am completely new to Applescript and was trying to make one of my first script without much success. I was writing with the following code to change the language of document in Microsoft Word. I want to prompt the user with several options:
    tell application "Microsoft Word"
              set langList to {"spanish", "spanish modern sort", "english uk", "english us"}
      choose from list langList with prompt "Choose Language"
              set language ID of text object of active document to result as text
    end tell
    This is what I tried but the following error appears. It is in Spanish but I guess you guys might know what is the problem... I think it has something to do with language ID not accepting strings but I have no clue how to solve it.
    error "Microsoft Word ha detectado un error: No puede ajustarse language ID of text object of active document a \"english us\"." number -10006 from language ID of text object of active document
    Any hints?

    WMF is a Windows (Windows Meta File) vector format that doesn't include fonts, which means that you might see some font substitution when placing the art in Indesign. You don't need that option in Word, you only need the import filter in Indesign (which is definitely there). If you have wmf clipart, you can definitely use it in ID.
    If the art is in some other format, what format is it?
    A really simple method of getting art from a Word file (if that's the only way you can get the art into anything) is to Place the Word file with graphics included, go to the Links menu and unembed it. Then you can open it with Illustrator (if appropriate, depends on the kind of art) and fix the colors (which are almost certainly RGB).

  • 6i, OLE2 to word, change an option?

    Hello, using OLE2 to call MS Word's spellcheck on a form field. I got code online somewhere down the line. It works fine, just that it does not work on an uppercase field, since the spellcheck option is set to ignore uppercase.
    I cannot seem to find an example of how to programatically change the "ignore uppercase" option using an OLE2 call. Anybody?
    Thanks for any info,

    Ok, I give up :-(

  • Icons in MS Word changed since moving to OS 10.5

    Does anybody know how to get the MS Word documents to display the icon (blue with a ‘a’ in the middle) in stead of the grey ‘Doc’ icon?
    My documents did have the blue icon in 10.4 but now they al have this the grey icon since moving to 10.5.
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    After posting that last post, I found that the view option did not apply to other windows. I found a tip in another discussion thread: it seems that there's a glitch, so when you're on column view (or if you've just selected the desktop rather than a finde window) and you select view options, the "Use As Defaults" button does not show up. To fix that, open a finder window, select it, select list view instead of column view. The "Use As Defaults" button should appear grayed out at the bottom. Make the choices you want and you should be able to select "Use As Defaults." I just did that and am hoping that it will stick now!

  • I cannot get a confirmation email from apple regarding my recent pass word change

    cannot log into I cloud despite changing password

    I completely understand that it's my responsibility to back up my data but I have it set to every 2nd month, not on a weekly or daily basis to back up the data.
    Apple might not be in data recovery business but could they not acquire a third party to do this?
    This is what happened:
    It was on sleep overnight and when I tried waking it, it was lagging badly. So I shut it down and restarted it. I phoned into techincal support to find out whats wrong, but they were giving me advice to reset the params etc. But i think it made it worse because it didnt want to get passed the white start up screen.
    So I phoned back to ask if it's a usual issue with my version of iMac and the man replied that it isn't common and that I should run the disk utility to check the hard drives health.
    I installed Mountain Lion on a USB and started the disk utility. Then it highlighted in red that it's a hardware fault and cannot be repaired by the disk utility. Therefore the hard drive has a serious fault with it.
    That's when I Google'd for a replacement drive and came across the program. The techincal guy didn't even tell me about it or anything.
    If I knew about this sooner, I would have taken it in for a replacement.

  • Microsoft Word: Changing user/reviewer in track changes

    Apologies for posting about non-apple software. Just hoping someone can help:
    I often review drafts of long documents multiple times, sometimes weeks apart, using track changes in the latest version of MSWord. I would like to be able to differentiate between reviewing sessions by changing the color of the tracked changes. I feel like there should be a way, could I change the user even if I am using the same computer?

    You're correct, wrong forums. Post to and search at

  • Guess what I replied to Apple's Survey (no word changed except name) ?

    Hello everybody,
    Here's what I told to Apple today. My issue is about fsck command.
    There's no need to read all,
    and any part of text judged inappropriate (and I apologize) is removable.
    "Dear Apple Teams,
    I have to repeat you that I'd appreciate very much (and I'm not alone) the creation of an AppleCare site who would provide precise answers to precise issues (Apple Advisors don't go on, and where you could also join screen captures to explain your remarks a better way.
    My problem with Apple Assistance is that I (first) have to talk to a first-level advisor (last one was at Bengalore), who always has to redirect me to Ireland (Cork, I believe), so I can talk to high-level Advisors like Jonathan, Thomas, Stephan etc.
    And how much does it cost, instead sending you an e-mail ?
    I received my new MacBook Pro 17" last Wednesday, and surely will buy a Protection Plan for this new machine (I gave my 15" to my wife). I'll also increase my MobileMe storing space, but I will do this so that people (with a given password) can access my Public Folder, and download from it 10 GB (maximum) that I can't send them by e-mail. BUT I don't know actually HOW MUCH I'm able to upload.
    One remark : As usual, and that's not fair, my warranty starts at the DOP (Date of Purchase), and NOT at delivery date, so I loose there obviously the warranty days between purchase and delivery.
    Another remark : When receiving the product, I first thought you had forgotten the DVDs. In fact, they where in (poor and cheap) plastic sleeves, hided inside one of the two little white books.
    The 13" MacBook Pro is delivered with DVDs in fair, strong, white quadrichromic color printed separate sleeves. How do you explain that ?
    Third remark : Why is there no "anti-reflet" treatment customizable for the 13" ?
    Fourth remark : Why are customizable additional memory (8 GB) and correct (7200 rpm) internal hard drive so expensive ? Why, doing so, are you loosing so much money ?
    Fifth remark (excuse me, but you say you are interested) : Guess the date of your documentation about BOOTCAMP ? Do you think it's compatible with Apple's leadership (in anything) ?
    Last remark : Why can Windows (I hate Bill) users have access to USB 3.0 since already month(s) ?
    Do you know that I bought a 17" ONLY because you have kept on this product the ExpressCard/34 slot ? I now have a Sonnet card in it, with two eSata ports (but I have 5 eSata drives) … Why don't you have eSATA ports (at least one) on your beautiful laptops ?
    My problem actually (I also have a problem with the 17" Install DVD) is to repair 3 disks with fsck command, as the filesystems are damaged. I phoned Apple Assistance Saturday, for about 30 minutes, but finally the Advisor sent me a link to one of your thousands (and sometimes obsolete) articles, and the solution wasn't there entirely.
    I'll describe you the problem, but you won't, as usual, answer me, like people who receive my detailed crash reports and never tell me anything (even one poor single line).
    One of the external disks (4TB data) I talk about doesn't appear after Startup, but when I use the Install DVD and Disk Utility, the application tells me it's OK, that the disk "SEEMS" to be alright etc. That's false.
    When I reboot with Cmd + S (root level), and tell Terminal (I have been obliged to print the four states of an American Extended keyboard) :
    "sudo fsck -fy /dev/disk4s1"
    Reply :
    So, I use the -b option of fsck command, and :
    "fsck: -b flag requires a number"
    "-b size Specify the size, in bytes, of the physical blocks used by
    the -B option."
    So, I'm searching since 3 days the info command to know what sector address I have to tell -b to install an alternate superblock, because I need to know exactly at which places filesystems and data start and end.
    You understand, I suppose, that I can't use any of my softwares, because the disk is INVISIBLE (doesn't exist). It's not MOUNTED nor UNMOUNTED.
    If you can transmit what I say to someone who has the solution (and is able to send it to me), thank you very much in advance !
    Any sign of life, anyway, would be greatly appreciated …
    With my best regards

    I apologize having posted this,
    and I have restricted the text to the question I had to post, finding that way to do more appropriate. Apple Customer Survey and my answers to it had indeed nothing to do there.
    Let's say it was a mistake, due to my bad humor about AppleCare.
    Best regards to all

  • Can't Type Numbers and Letters in a Word Change Order or Dont appear as typed

    i am having trouble typing this. if i type a password of all numbers they show as letters on Droid 2 then when I correct them they jump to someplace else in that field. so they are out of order.
    also cant paste text in websites like do i need an add on for that? I have one that makes websites think your on a pc not mobile browser but not sure what else I need to stop this because firefox is unusable like that.

    Sorry, and thanks for the report. We are working on fixing some bugs in Firefox that affect hardware keyboards on some phones, so hopefully this will be fixed in a future version.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi, I am getting an error when trying to access the RBAC User editor and Message tracking on the Web Mgmt interface. I verified that the admin account trying to access is in the Organization Management group and has the correct Role Assignment Policy

  • Pictures won't save as valid files

    Whenever I take a picture on my Pearl 8220, it displays the image, and then saves it to my media card. however, when i attempt to view any pictures using my blackberry, the images can't be opened, and display as a black screen with a red x in the top

  • Problems restoring partition after bootcamp failure

    Hi! I'm using a new MacBook Pro (Retina, 15") with OS X 10.10.2 where I tried to install Windows 8.1 with the help of the Bootcamp-assistant. Everything went well to set up the partitions and I decided to set aside 50 GB for my Windows partition. But

  • Deflation Animation not Working

    Hi, I have got a code from this forum which create a ellipse on the client area. First it creates a rectangle equivalent to the size of client area. I have put the deflation code in the ::OnTimer( ....) but its not working. void CTestingCode1View::On

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    I'm trying to configure a routing load-balance with Cisco ACE Module based on the following scenario: local users has a router (R1) as it default gateway, this router (R1) has a default route to the VIP that represent the serverfarm with two linux se