Block business partner (vendor) for local purc. org

I have a problem regarding, block business partner for local purchase organization.
R/3: Transaction MK05, block vendor for ONE purc. org.
SRM: Transaction BBPUPDVD.
If I activate transaction BP, and look into the purchasing data, the bp is only blockt for my SAP purc. org.
If I activate transaction BBP_UPDATA_PORG, tape in the local purc. org. and the SAP purc. org, run the transaction, nothing happens. It is NOT possible to mark the block indicator for the local purc. org.
BR. Kim

<b>Please go through the following SAP OSS Notes -></b>
Note 805467 - BBPUPDVD/BBP_VENDOR_SYNC: purch. org. view deletion indicato
Note 613182 - BBP-GP: New field: Purchasing block
Note 805468 - BBPUPDVD/BBP_VENDOR_SYNC: Deletion indicator in POrg view
Note 563677 - Purchasing documents: No message when partner blocked
Note 859615 - Error 06 025 Partner is not created for Purchasing Organizat
Note 900620 - E WY017 Partner not created for Purch.Org.(BAPI_PO_CREATE1)
Note 1053064 - MEB1: Invoicing party partner cannot be used in agreements
Note 654416 - BBP_PARTNER_VALIDATE: Long runtime
Note 840215 - PO is created with wrong terms of payment in ECS
Note 702888 - ECS: Terms of payment in ECS
Do let me know.
- Atul

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  • Payment Terms not getting updated for local Purch Org Vendor Combination

    I have updated the vendor master with new payment term in EBP. The same got updated for Back End Pucrh Org. But it is not getting updated for local Purch Org. I am using extended classic scenario and have BE and local Purch Org.
    I anybody can tell me the solution on how to update payment terms for Vendor with local Purch Org. Thanks
    Vinod Raorane

    Which SRM version are you using ?
    <u>How you replicated the Vendor master in EBP ? Which transactions or programs you used ?
    Have you used  BBPGETVD Transaction or any other program ?
    And also checked the log of SLG1 transaction. ?
    Can you see the updated details in  BBPMAINTINT Transaction for that vendor
    Any other logs you noticed in SLG1 or ST22 Transaction ?</u>
    Please refer to following links.
    Hope this will help.
    Please reward suitable points, incase it suits your requirements.
    - Atul

  • No business partner found for ERP partner "Vendor" (role:LF)

    Dear Experts,
    When we create Inbound Delivery in ERP, it is getting distributed.
    But the IBD is not created in EWM.
    We checked in SLG1 and the deliveries were failed in the queue.
    The error message says "No business partner found for ERP partner EWM_TEST (role:LF)".
    We have maintained Business partner  and IT type = CRM004 in Identification Tab.
    Still, no idea how we can solve this issue.
    Please suggest with your valuable inputs.

    Hi Ulf ,
    Yes i have CIF ed vendor and seems ok now , but while task creation am getting error Please refer  below screen shots and kindly guide me on error message .

  • Can I use one Business Partner repository for Vendor and Customer?

    Can I use one Business Partner repository for Vendor and Customer? or do we have to use Vendor and Customer Repository separately. How can we do that? What are the pros and cons? can any one provide some examples:

    Hi Deepak
    The key purpose of SAP "enabling" the facility of multiple main tables in a repository is to primarily "manage" those master data objects that are related to each other. Typical examples will be a) Customer - Material, b) Supplier - Material, etc.
    While, it is pretty easy to add multiple main tables in a repository, it is also important to understand the purpose of doing so based on the business requirements.
    Besides, you got to be aware that in case you are "fixing" any issues with one main table (master data object) for which you have to unload the repository, the users will not be able to use the repository that has a main table defined for other master data object. Hence, there are pros and cons of using this capability of multiple main tables.
    So, it is really important to understand the "W's" - What, Why, When, Where, Who of Data modeling before actually working on the "H" - How to in the SAP MDM tool.
    Hope this helps.

  • Blocking business partner

    i need to block business partner in transaction FMCAC2 so that no transaction will be done for that business partner. there is a requirement for abap to do that. transaction XD05 is not meeting the requirent because its not in SD but in TRM which is specifically for Revenue Authority. What do i need to do

    i need to block business partner in transaction FMCAC2 so that no transaction will be done for that business partner. there is a requirement for abap to do that. transaction XD05 is not meeting the requirent because its not in SD but in TRM which is specifically for Revenue Authority. What do i need to do

  • E-Recruiting 6.0: Business Partner Role For Branches

    Hi Experts,
    In the IMG, SAP E-Recruiting > Basic Settings > Enterprise Structure > Define Business Partner Role for Branches
    Can anyone help in the following:
    1) What is the purpose of Business Partner Role and how does it relate the Branches? Or how can i make use of it?
    2) If i am going to maintain the Company & Branches via the Administrator function instead of IMG, do I still need to configure this step: Define Business Partner Role for Branches
    Thanks.  Will reward points for any helpful tips.

    Hello William,
    the Business Partner is an application / module which belongs to the base components of the SAP. It is used and partly extended by various other applications / modules. Next to E-Recruiting it is used for example by CRM and the financial service solution (FS-CS, FS-PM, FS-RI). All of these modules can put their data for a person or an organization into the same tables. Depending on the installation / system environment or even within one single module the requirements for available fields and business checks as on authorization differ between kinds of business partners (e.g. in FS-CS the commission solution for the financial service sector knows external agents and internal employees which have to be treated differently). The business partner is the element to assign the logical / business role in which a person is handled by the system.
    For E-Recruiting you have 2 kinds of business partners, too. On the one and there are people being candidates and on the other hand there are branches of your company which hire people. The configuration allows you to seperate them if you need to identify anywhen which business partner is a branch and which is a candidate. So far I never tried if this is really working as there is no real use for this I never set it up. The attributes and the business checks are the same anyways.
    Hope that helps a bit to understand the context
    Best Regards
    Roman Weise
    PS: please remember that you have to maintain the branches via administrator bsp application. Using the IMG entry won't work.

  • Business partner maintenance for Product catalog view - Problem

    Hi All,
    I am using the FM 'CRM_PRP_MAINTAIN' to create Business partner assignment for product catalog view.
    Can anyone help me with this FM?
    I am passing the following:
            gs_prp_bupa_i-ref_kind = 'B'.
            gs_prp_bupa_i-processing_mode = 'A'.
            gs_prp_bupa_i-bupa_ref_guid = gv_partner_guid.
            gs_prp_bupa_i-partner_id = gv_partner.
            APPEND gs_prp_bupa_i TO gt_prp_bupa_i.
            ls_input_fields-ref_kind = 'D'.
            ls_input_fields-objectname = 'PRP_BUPA_I'.
            ls_input-fieldname = 'BUPA_REF_GUID'.
            APPEND ls_input TO ls_input_fields-field_names.
            ls_input-fieldname = 'PARTNER_ID'.
            APPEND ls_input TO ls_input_fields-field_names.
            ls_input-fieldname = 'PROCESSING_MODE'.
            APPEND ls_input TO ls_input_fields-field_names.
            ls_input-fieldname = 'TYPE'.
            APPEND ls_input TO ls_input_fields-field_names.
            APPEND ls_input_fields TO lt_input_fields.
                it_prp_bupa_i                   = gt_prp_bupa_i
                ct_prpadm_h                     = lt_prpadm_h
                ct_prpadm_i                      = lt_prpadm_i
                ct_input_fields                   = lt_input_fields
                cv_log_handle                   = lv_log_handle
               error_occurred                  = 1
               prp_locked                      = 2
               no_authority                    = 3
               status_change_not_allowed       = 4
               prp_id_already_exists           = 5
               invalid_prp_id                  = 6
               OTHERS                          = 7 .
    But i don see the partner assignment working.
    My doubt here is wat GUID shud b passed in the field gs_prp_bupa_i-GUID. As of now i m not passing any value here.
    Please help me.
    IF not this FM wat else can i use?

    Hi Ganesh,
    Thanks for your response.
    i hope you understood my question.i have already performed all the steps which you have mentioned.Understand my query first.
    I could solve that query myself.
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  • Business Partner Number for Org Model

    Hi Experts
    When we are maintain a Sales org Business Partner Number will automatically generated how it will generating let me what are the customizations for that
    I have one scenario
    Ex: I am taking number range from 10000 to 99999
    We created 99999 customers now we want to maintain anther 10000 customers so how should is increase the number range in system 10000 to 99999 only available so how should I will maintain
    Please tell me
    I will be very happy to reward points.
    Thanks and Regards
    Edited by: Kumar on Sep 24, 2008 12:48 PM

    The integration settings are maintained in the below path
    Img -> Customer Relationship Management -> Master Data -> Business Partner -> Integration Business Partner-Organization Management -> Set Up Integration with Organizational Management
    hopes this answers your query.

  • Same business partner number for SRM and backend system

    Hello all, I am working in SRM 7.0 in a classic scenario.
    I am trying to replicate vendors from backend system to SRM, but I want that all vendors have same number in two systems, for example:
    Vendor 1000 in backend shows as 1000 in SRM
    How can I do it?
    Thanks in advance
    Rosa Rodríguez

    A. You need to customizing settings in SRM system
    1. Define Number ranges as External  (Same number ranges which are maintained in R3 backend sytem)
    (Tcode:BUCF / Path: IMG --> Cross-Application Components --> SAP Business Partner > Basic Settings> Number Ranges and Groupings --> Define Number Ranges)
    2.  Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges (Path: IMG --> Cross-Application Components --> SAP Business Partner > Basic Settings> Number Ranges and Groupings --> Define Groupings and Assign Number Ranges )
    B. Before replication you need extract payment terms and UOM in SRM system & Create the Vendor root org structure (Tcode: PPOCV_BBP)
    @Experts: Please add if i miss any thing apart from this.
    Suneel Kumar Singan

  • How to block set of vendors for creating PO but allowing them to create RFQ

    Dear Experts,
    I want to block the set of vendors created by GS01 for creating Purchase order but allowing them for creating RFQ. I tried using XK05 but its blocked even vendor for creating RFQ. So is there any way to do so in my business practise ?
    I already tried several way but no one is fullfilling my requirement. So i need all you experts valuable input on this.

    Hi Aleksey Tkachenko,
    Well i am also trying to do the same using the badi you had told me but my query is how can i do this if i create a set of vendor using gs01 or provide an interface to user to update the vendor account to whom we dont want to allow for creating PO but they can create RFQ. and using this BADI how i can read this set of account of vendors?
    Can you tell me how to handle this scenario using any of the method?

  • How to create Vendors for local scenario

    Please let me know how to create vendors for locla scenarion in EBP.

    Goto the path as mentioned by Muthu and create the business partner of type vendor.Make sure that you have the administrator role(SAP_BBP_STAL_ADMINISTRATOR).
    Also see these related threadS:
    Vendors in Standalone scenario
    Standalone scenario - create vendors

  • No Business Partner generated for new employee transfer from ECC to SRM

    Hi All,
    I am working on SRM 5.0 with ECC 6.0 backend. The HR structure is replicated from ECC using ALE, message type:HRMD_ABA.
    When I am trying to replicate a new employee from ECC to SRM, I run the O-insert first, then the S-insert and then the P-insert using PFAL transaction.
    The Org structure was already in place in SRM, so it just adds the new position to it by A003 relation. The S-insert generated idoc shows status as '53' in both ECC and SRT with the relation A003, B007 and A008. But, when I check the table HRP1001, the A008 entry is missing. Due to this, no CP is generated for this position and also no business partner is generated for this user.
    When I run the P-insert for this employee, the idoc is posted in ECC. But, the status of the idoc in SRT is '52' and the message shown is "The Parameter Country Has Not been Entered During Naming Format Check" Message No. R11206.
    I checked the Name Format for this employee, and it is maintained as 2.
    Where am I going wrong? Why is no CP person generated even when the idoc status is 53? Why isn't the new employee getting transferred to SRM server?
    I have checked the SAP notes related to HR-ECC Org transfer, but I am unable to figure out the reason for this problem.
    Could anyone help me out in this?

    Maintained the name format tables (SA13)on ECC and SRM side.

  • Business Partner number not assigned to ORG unit

    hello colleagues,
    I cretaed an Org Unit at the highest level, i have assigned Basic data, address data and i have assigned  function and attribute, but when i save the Org unit,I am not getting the BP number,
    can anyone tell me what could be reaosn for this, but normally whenever a new org unit is created
    a BP has to be assigned to it right
    please help me with this problem

    Hi Chandu,
    To create a bp number & relationship for org unit follow the below process
    ==> SPRO
    ==> Customer Relationship Management
    ==> Master data
    ==> Business Partner
    ==> Integration Business Partner-Organization Management
    ==> Create Business Partner Initially
    Click on Organisational Unit(s) and provide the input as 'ID' of the ORG and Execute
    Click on the line and right click and select 'Start Repair'
    If Bp is already existing, u wnat to build only relation ship follow the below process.
    ==> Use Tcode SE37
    ==> Use functional module as 'HR_OBJECTBUPA_INSERT' and Execute
    ==> Click on the value button and enter OT as 'O', OBJID as ID of the org BUPAGUID as
    Businesspartner GUID and Execute

  • Blocked Business Partner List

    can anyone help me to find how this blocked list updated?
    1. Some of the business partner updated automatically in this blocke list
    2.  Some business partners added into blocked list after SPL screening.
    Also please confirm the below questions
    1. when ever a customer/document blocked in SPL screening then BP will be automatically added into blocked list.
    2. If yes then after releasing document in SPL screening, i have to release BP also from Blocked list to avoid feature blocking?
    Thanks in advance

    it would be helpful if u can you provide the answer for that
    thank you

  • CRM based Business Partner Reporting for Retailers

    has anyone build a Business Partner Reporting based on CRM Data?
    We want to report roles, relations, marketing etc.
    What is the basic datamodel you use? Do you save Data in ODS using InfoSet or do you use InfoCubes or else?
    At the moment we use ODS and InfoSet but we are facing timeouts and performance problems when there are too many business partners chosen.
    Thanks in advance!

    you have to use ODS objects for loading data into BW no alternative available.
    I think you have to solve performance problems by fine tuning the system or by changing the datamodel.
    with regards

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