Bookmark option is greyed-out, how can I create a bookmark from text?

In the Link Inspector the Add bookmark option is greyed-out. I want to make a heading on page 4 a bookmark so that readers can jump to that page from the beginning.

Confirm your process against the topic '- Hyperlink two words/text -' in iBA Tips and Tricks 01.
If a jump to page 4 is that important, I'd consider moving the content around so the user doesn't have to travel to see it - otherwise, just link to the first word on page 4 if using the title/heading gives you trouble.

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  • I updated my iPod touch 3G to iOS 5.1.1 and the wifi option has greyed out. how can i fix this problem quickly ?

    i updated my ipod touch 3g to ios version 5.1.1 and the WiFi option has greyed out
    how do i fix it ??

    iOS: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings grayed out or dim
    If not successful, an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store is usually in order.
    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

  • In photoshop elements 12 I try to delete a folder but the delete option is grayed out. how can I delete a folder from my catalogue?

    how can I delete folders from photoshop elements 12. the option to delete is grayed out an I don't know what the alternative options are

    Got it fixed!  The Folder was set to Open With Terminal!
    Maybe when you moved it over from your other system, the Open With got changed?  To change this, in your Finder, select the iPhoto library from your User/Pictures folder and do a Get Info on it Command+I.
    Then change the Open With to iPhoto application! 
    Then from the Finder, double click the iPhoto Folder and it will be opened with iPhoto!  WALLA it worked!

  • Simple passcode greyed out - how can i switch it back on?

    Simple passcode greyed out - how can i switch it back on?

    Turn Off your current passcode. You should now be able to turn on Simple Passcode.
    Note that your iPad may have a profile installed which prohibits using Simple Passcodes.

  • How can I create a link from a CHM file to a webhelp file?

    How can I create a link from a CHM file to a webhelp file?
    The CHM output (accreditation.chm) is stored in a parent directory, and the webhelp output (index.htm) is stored in a child directory.

    Open the usual Link dialog and enter the relative path from where the CHM will be installed to where the webhelp will be installed.
    See for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

  • How can i create proxy service from another proxy on different domain

    i have a demo webservice. it has many operations on proxy service's message flow. How can i create proxy service from demo's wsdl on different domain
    Edited by: fresh man on Jul 1, 2012 11:17 PM

    You can either export the WSDL in a sbconfig.jar and then import this sbconfig.jar in the new domain. Then you can create a new Proxy in new domain based on the WSDL you imported.
    Alternatively, you can open the WSDL in the old domain, copy the text content of WSDL, then open new domain sbconsole and create a new WSDL type resource and paste the content you copied from old domain WSDL here. Then you can create a new Proxy Service based on this WSDL resource you created.
    Although, may I ask why do you need to create this new Proxy Service on a different domain? If you want to create a service similar to existing Proxy Service on different domain, then you can export the existing proxy service along with any dependencies to a sbconfig.jar and them import them in any other domain.
    If you want your new Proxy Service to invoke the existing Proxy on different domain, then you need to create a Business Service in the new domain (calling domain) which can invoke your existing Proxy service in other domain.

  • How can i create proxy service from wsdl on different domain

    i have a demo webservice. it has many operations on proxy service's message flow. How can i create proxy service from demo's wsdl on different domain

    Hi fresh man
    This is the Oracle Forms forum, and your query has nothing to do with Forms.
    Please post on {forum:id=75}.
    Please search first. It usually helps to search before you post.

  • All iWeb options are greyed-out, and can't make a new sites or pages.

    I am having a very annoying problem with iWeb. Every option is greyed-out! I can't make a new page or site, and it quits as soon as I close the iWeb window. It is version 1.1.2 I have tried installing useless updates for iWeb that did nothing, and I've tried to open iWeb from iPhoto by clicking the iWeb button, which also did nothing. I'm just about to give up on it.
    Can anybody please point me in the right direction or have a fix for this? All help will be appreciated!

    Hi ineedagoodalias,
    The answer to your problem isn't necessarily the simplest, but I'm 99% sure that it will work for you.
    You need to delete and reinstall iWeb. Not hard to do; you just need your installation DVD's that came with your machine.
    Drag the from your Applications folder to the trash. Spotlight for other elements of iWeb, and trash those as well. Empty the trash and restart your machine.
    On your recovery disks, as you move through the prompts, look for "Install bundled software". Customize the install to include only iWeb. After reinstalling iWeb you will be back to 1.0.1.
    Update the app to 1.1.1 directly from this link:
    This will get you going, and you can update to 1.1.2 when you are sure everything is working properly. For other FAQ on iWeb, please see this link:
    Be sure to let us know how it goes.

  • Edit is greyed out, how can I cut and paste

    when I want to copy something from a web page, I click on the orange "Firefox" but the edit option is greyed out and not usable. How can I cut, copy, and paste in this new format?

    You can do one of the following after you have highlighted what you want to copy:
    *click the Firefox button, the middle icon (looks like 2 pages with folded corners) will be available for clicking; that icon is "Copy" if you rest your cursor over the icon
    *click the Firefox button, click the small triangle at the far right of Edit, click "Copy"
    *in Windows, click Ctrl+C to "Copy" (Ctrl+V will "Paste")
    I have "Copy", "Paste" and "Cut" buttons on the Customize Palette which you can drag to a toolbar. To open the Customize toolbar window, click Firefox button > Options > Toolbar Layout; if using the Menu Bar, click View > Toolbars > Customize.
    <br />
    <br />
    '''You need to update the following.''' The Plugin version(s) shown below was/were submitted with your question and is/are out of date. You should update to avoid known security issues with the version(s) you have installed. Click on "More system info..." to the right of your question to see what was included with your question.
    *Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape
    #'''''Check your plugin versions''''' on either of the following links':
    #*'''Note: plugin check page does not have information on all plugin versions'''
    #*There are plugin specific testing links available from this page:
    #'''Update Adobe Reader (PDF plugin):'''
    #*From within your existing Adobe Reader ('''<u>if you have it already installed</u>'''):
    #**Open the Adobe Reader program from your Programs list
    #**Click Help > Check for Updates
    #**Follow the prompts for updating
    #**If this method works for you, skip the "Download complete installer" section below and proceed to "After the installation" below
    #*Download complete installer ('''if you do <u>NOT</u> have Adobe Reader installed'''):
    #**SAVE the installer to your hard drive (save to your Desktop so that you can find it after the download). Exit/Close Firefox. Run the installer you just downloaded.
    #**Use either of the links below:
    #*** ''(click on "Installing and updating Adobe Reader")''
    #***''<u>Also see Download link</u>''':
    #*After the installation, start Firefox and check your version again.

  • How can i print double sided from my macbook? The option is not highlighted., how can i print double sided from my macbook? The option is not highlighted.

    How can I print double sided from my MacBook? The option is not highlighted,

    This function is related to the printer driver and the printer you use. If you do not give details, nobody can suggest a solution. Usually, the correct driver solves the issue.

  • How can I create back up from ipad 2 before opting for restore setting

    how can I create back up in my computer from ipad2 before opting for restore setting, as I have forget my password for ipad and it has been diabled and not at all open by making several attempt

    Recovery Mode:
    1. Turn off iPad
    2. Connect USB cable to computer; leave the other end alone
    3. Press and hold the Home button down and connect the docking end of cable to iPad
    4. Continue holding the Home button until you see the "Connect To iTune" screen
    5. Release the Home button
    6. Open iTune
    7. You should see "iTunes has detected an iPad in recovery mode"
    8. Use iTune to restore iPad
    Note: You need to be patient and repeat the above many times to recover your iPad

  • The import option is greyed out, how do i imort my bookmarks from Safari

    I've had FF on my computer for awhile, just recently I d/l'ed FF4. I would like to import my Safari bookmarks. However the "import" option, under the file menu is greyed out. How can I import my bookmarks.

    If that answer solved your support issue, please click the '''Helpful''' button next to the answer that solved your Firefox support issue, '''''when you are logged in''''', so this thread gets marked as '''Solved'''.

  • On iPhone 5c iOS 8.2, I go to settings, cellular, use cellular data for: Under "use cell data for are my apps but they are greyed out how can I ungrey them??

    iOS 8.2 on iPhone 5c, goto settings, cellular, use cellular data for: all my apps under "use cellular data for" are greyed out. I've restart and hard reset. Looked thru all settings. Can someone help??

    Did you try to reset the phone by holding the sleep and home button for about 10sec, until the Appel logo comes back again? You will not lose data by resetting.
    If this does not work, did you try to switch off Cellular Data, restart the phone and switch it back on again?

  • TS3992 All of my ICloud options are greyed out, how do I activate them?

    I cannot get iCloud to activate.  It instructs me to go to my email and follow instructions. There is nothing there.

    Ensure that your document is either RGB color or grayscale and 8 bits/channel for the filter gallery to work.
    Which shortcuts don't work with smart objects?
    Certain ones may not work, because smart objects are not pixel layers.
    Did you look on the menus to see if those commands are greyed out?

  • Iphone 4s Choose a Network is greyed out, how can it be resolved

    I have been experiencing this issue for 3 days now. I am worried that my data will be way too much for my budget. I went to Apple Retail store today at Fairview Mall but have missed the time of my appointment and was told that the next booking they have is not until Monday, February 4, 2013. Wow! That means using more data and incurring more charges on my phone bill. How on earth can Apple be dependent on their Genius bar to set appointments when you see staff in that store just standing and doing nothing? Even the Manager is not helpful and mistake because I was so frustrated I forgot the name. I could have escalated that person...he houldn't be in the front line..when he doesn't know how to deal with a frustrated customer who cannot use the proper service of their product...
    So can this be resolve? How can I submit a ticket to rsolve this issue?

    Try the suggestions here to see if they resolve your problem:
    If these don't work you may have a hardware problem. Visit an Apple store for an evaluation or contact Apple Support.

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