Branching with random questions

Captivate newbie here...
I am trying to create a Jeopardy-style quiz in Captivate 3
using random questions which are contained in separate pools for
each question category. The game board is on slide 2 and it has 20
transparent buttons with "jump to slide" actions, each of which
points to a random question slide. The random questions slides have
a Submit button and a Back button, which I intend to cause a
backward jump to the game board. The branching tree view shows one
navigation arrow (black) from slide 2 to each question slide, and
each question slide shows "Jump to slide 2" actions for both
success and failure.
I had hoped that the jump back to the gameboard would be
automatic after the user answers the question, but it isn't. The
Back button on each slide must be used to get back to the
gameboard, but sometimes it takes the user back to previous slides,
with their already-answered questions, and the user must hit the
back button many times to get back to the gameboard.
I used the downloadable sample Jeopardy game from this site
as inspiration, but it's not really a quiz. In it, the user does
not enter an answer; instead, the answer is presented via a
So I guess the question is, can you use navigation with
random question slides?

Hi ImagineerBill and welcome to our community
As you have seen, Captivate isn't too keen on allowing
Question slides to be presented in any order. I know this probably
sounds contrary to how random question slides work. But please hear
me out.
Captivate normally moves from slide to slide in a linear
manner. This introduces a problem if you desire to branch backward
in a quiz.
The answer to your actual question of "Can you branch from
Random Questions" is that you can. But you need to consider how the
branching will work and how it may affect scoring.
We see a similar issue erupt when you wish to have a common
slide with many links that may be launched. Often, the person is
desiring that as the original slide is returned to, the visited
slide is somehow marked as having been visited. And as you have
seen, this is exactly how the Jeopardy style game works. It works
by exploiting a bug/feature/callit what you want with Captivate.
This is the feature of a slide retaining the moused over state when
you have a rollover on it that is combined with a Click Box object.
Because the slide is presenting the rollover as if you were still
mousing over it, it indicates the destination has been visited.
To be honest, I'm not sure a solution exists for what you are
seeking. Unless you might construct the random slides as a series
that must be answered in a specific order, but presenting random
questions until you exhaust the pool.
Cheers... Rick

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    Hi everyone
    I've just begun to use Captivate a month ago, so it is not
    that much experience I can contribute with by now.
    One thing I have recognized is that I get some problems with
    random questions slides made from different question pools when
    using Flash Player 8 or 9 in the output otions.
    When using Flash Player 7 everything works as supposed: one
    random question is shown for every random question slide using one
    distinct question pool for each random question slide.
    When using one of the two others some of my random question
    slides are not shown. There are slides that are played - meaning
    that the player shows an empty slide for the time of 3 seconds -
    but the content is not shown. This happens only for some of the
    random question slides, and those are the same question slides each
    time, I publish - but when working or dragging around with the
    random question slides and publish again, the problem would come
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    As written before each question pool is only used once. The
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    Some more info - and a working solution...
    I have worked on this topic a bit more - and found out, that
    I have a problem with output option set to Flash Player 7, too.
    When I delete every other navigation option than the "next
    question" (what is it called in english?) button, I get this
    The quiz now "freezes" randomly, not every time, but again
    and again. The quiz has both random slides from question pools and
    simple question slides.
    I have found out, that putting the simple question slides
    into question pools and then showing a random slide from those
    question pools fixes the problem.
    Has anyone experienced problems like that? Other solutions?
    Kind regards
    Maybe someone has a similar problem.

  • CP5.5 Navigation not working with 2 questions in different branches of a project.

    The project is a simple thing that advances to a two option menu.
    Each of the two options takes you down a branch of learning till you get to a single question slide (multiple choice)
    Once that is completed (either correctly or incorrectly) you can go back to the menu page and click on the button to go down the second branch which again ends with a question slide.
    Once that is completed (again either pass or fail) you progress through to the end of the product to the close.
    You can go down either branch.
    However, once you have done either branch 1 or branch 2 question (in either order), when you go down the alternate branch, the product hangs prior to the second question slide.
    Any ideas?
    I know quizzing in CP5.5 is a bit tetchy.

    Just had another idea.  This issue might be due to Quiz Scope.
    Try adding a score to the button/s that allows the user to head off down either branch.  Alternatively, try adding a True/False question on a slide BEFORE the branching slide. 
    If having a scored object at or before the branching slide solves the issue, then you know that what you're dealing with is a Quiz Scope issue.  Then you can just extend the quiz scope to at or before the branch slide to fix it.

  • My MacBook Pro randomly froze during a sync to my iPhone and started making a scratching noise by the power button. I shut it off then turned it back on and it won't take me to the desk tops it will just flash a folder with a question mark in it. What do

    My MacBook Pro randomly froze during a sync to my iPhone and started making a scratching noise by the power button. I shut it off then turned it back on and it won't take me to the desk tops it will just flash a folder with a question mark in it. What do I do?

    You have a HDD problem (hopefully you have a backup).  Start with the information on this support article:

  • When I attempt to sign up for the Samsung website using Firefox on my macbook, it returns an error that the random question answer is wrong

    I was attempting to create a user at this site:
    It asks a "random" questions "Floors are horizontal, walls are ___?" When I hit submit, it returns an error that the answer was wrong. I tried several times using my macbook running firefox.
    I get to work, where I am using an intel based machine running Windows 7, IE 9 and am able to register on the site and answer the question with no problem.
    I have had the same problem on sites that use captcha - I cannot get past inputting the captcha phrase, as it returns an error every time, while using IE9 is problem free.
    Is there something wrong with my setup of Firefox?

    The Reset Firefox feature can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information.
    Note: ''This will cause you to lose any Extensions, Open websites, and some Preferences.''
    To Reset Firefox do the following:
    #Go to Firefox > Help > Troubleshooting Information.
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    #Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is done, it will show a window with the information that is imported. Click Finish.
    #Firefox will open with all factory defaults applied.
    Further information can be found in the [[Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems]] article.
    Did this fix your problems? Please report back to us!

  • Some random questions about integration features

    after working for a few weeks with Autovue's ISDK (web server) and having some sucess with its integration with our custom CMS, I have a few random questions about what can be done and what can't be done. So, instead of opening many new threads, I'll post them here together.
    1) Translation. We are localised in Russia, and its translation is incomplete. I have found a file in AutoVue/bin, and a description about how to create a properties file for custom actions. But no information about how to translate to other languages - and russian translation appears to be packed within the jar of the applet. Is there a clean way to translate, or refine the current translation, so we don't get a mix of russian and english commands in the applet? Because my tries using EXTRABUNDLES have failed, as I don't want to add a bundle for extra actions, but to replace it for existing ones.
    2) Attachments in markups. Markups allow to attach other files, but since our CMS is custom, we only get the option to attach files from our local drives. We did no browse integration with the CMS, as people with different levels of permission will have different access to files there, and we considered unnecessary to provide that level of integration. We are considering to remove this action from the GUI, but before that I'd like to evaluate how hard would it be to generate an upload file action, so the attached file would be stored in the custom CMS and linked to it so the whole thing worked. My guess is "it will be hard and time consuming", so for now, we are considering to delete this feature in our integration.
    3) Is there a way to resize the Open markup dialog? We have several properties displayed, and fit well within a standard screen, but the dialog is small and you have to scroll the table to see all properties.
    Thanks for any assistance with these issues

    As always, thanks for the fast answer, Artash.
    Yes, now I see attachments are stored inside the markup file. The problem is, when I open markup mode for the attachment, since the attachment uses some kind of default access method, my url's from the integration with the background CMS are broken completely. I believe the ideal state here would be to make some kind of inner markup for the attachment, maybe stored within the original markup file along the attached file. Or maybe it works that way, and I need to access it with the default gui action instead of my custom one. If that is the case, is there any way to tell the gui file how to differentiate a standard opened file from an attached one? If so, the issue has solution. If not... Well, then maybe something escapes me.
    Edited by: Jordi Bosch on Apr 6, 2012 12:27 AM

  • Publishing w/ Random Questions

    I am using random questions in one of my programs and about
    to send it off to the client. This client has Captivate and would
    like for me to send the CP files. My question is, if I send the CP
    file for the program, will the random questions in the pool go with
    it? If not, how do I get them there?
    Many thanks for your help!

    Hi gbcvette
    Yes, your random questions would be contained inside the .CP
    Cheers... Rick

  • Export multiple images with random layers

    I have this texture file that has many different variations to it. (3 different kinds of pants, different hairpieces, some optional items, etc...)
    What i want to do, is export it with random layers selected. (there are also folders inside, it's fine if i have to merge the folder into a single layer, but it would be better if it could treat the folders as a layer)
    There are 2 layers that must always be on,
    then there are 6 other layers that can be mixed and matched completely at random.
    Finally: there are 3 layers that only one of them can be active at one time (if one is active, the other 2 cannot be). Those last 3 layers I wouldn't mind if i had to go through manually and remove the combinations that couldn't work, but it would be much better to have it automatic.
    Is there any way to script this so that it exports all of these textures as *filename*_*variation#*.png

    -the first 8 lines just make sure there is a valid document open, and if there is, find out the file path and everything
    But I cut corners, if I were more diligent I would also check for the existence of more than one layer and that the file has been saved at all (otherwise it has no path and an error occurs) etc.
    -line 14 just makes sure it outputs no more than 20 images (which i find odd. the texture files are extremely small ~6.82 kb each, so loading them won't be a problem. it would be good if it got stuck in an infinite loop)
    Feel free to change it to a higher number.
    To create 100 files change to
    for (var p = 1; p < 101; p++) {
    Why is thearray2 put in thearray, but then never used separately?
    The function RandomShow checks if the elements in the Array are Arrays themselves
    if (theObject.constructor != Array) {
    and just assumes it is a Layer if it is not an Array.
    But when it is an Array the function RandomShow is run with that Arrays elements as arguments.
    This is intended to enable the various rules – for example if you have two or more Layers of which only one may be visible you could put them in such an Array with minimal and maximal set to 1, which should only make one visible.
    But – and again I should have included checks for this – you should not put a Layer in more than one Array.
    In the example changing theArray2 to
    var theArray2 = [[theLayers[0], theLayers[1], theLayers[2]], 1, 1, "no"];
    would mean that 7, 8 and 9 would only be visible individually.
    But as theArray2 is itself part of theArray it may be visible or not unless it is set as the baseLayer.
    Or rather it would if I had not forget to check the baseLayer item for being an Array itself …
    So please change the affected if-clause (should be about line 34) to
    // show the baselayer;
    if (baseLayer.constructor == Number) {
              var theObject = theArray[baseLayer];
    // show baselayer if layer;
              if (theObject.constructor != Array) {
                        theObject.visible = true;
    // run function if baselayer is an array;
              else {
                        RandomShow (theObject[0], theObject[1], theObject[2], theObject[3])
    -baselayer is defined (but i can't find out where to input what it is, do i put it in place of the "no" on line 15?)
    The function takes four arguments,
    • the Array
    • the minimum number of visible elements
    • the maximum number of visible elements
    • a layer that should always be visible identified by its place in the Array
    So when invoking the function RandomShow and wanting the first layer in the Array to be visible it would be:
    RandomShow (theArray, 1, 5, 0);
    -for the layer array do I put in the actual layer names?
    If you want to address a layer with teh name »Layer 1« by name (top level layers that is, layers in Groups are filial to the Group) you can use
    myDocument.layers.getByName("Layer 1")
    -If I currently have layers hidden, how would i tel it to not add those to be randomly shuffled and made visible (it was randomizing the texturemap and the other layer that is there for future reference into the compiled pngs)
    Whether a Layer is visible or not is irrelevant in the curren tform of the Script, the Layers are addressed in the Array.
    Introducing a check for visibility would be possible, but make the function a bit more convoluted as this would also affect the maximum number for example.
    I don’t think I answered all questions, but maybe you’ve made progress on your own already and you can always post again if matters are still unclear.
    Maybe the function is more complicated than it would need to be or maybe it will not be able to accomodate all your needs currently, but one could for example extend the baseLayer argument to an Array itself to have more than one element (either Layer or another Array) that will always be visible … there are still possibilities but the issue might be a bit complicated.

  • HTML random question score incorrect.  SWF works fine

    Question pool 25 questions. Random Question slides inserted. All questions set to score 1.  24 are multichoice, all standard.
    Published as HTML
    Score reported is 1 out of x. 
    I have tested with 3, 5 and 25 random questions from the pool.  But the score is always 1 out of x
    Published as SWF
    Works correctly
    I really need the HTML version.
    Closed, reloaded.  Saved as - retested. Turned it off and turned it back on. Sacrificed a mouse...

    Correct questions
    ....Should be same as total points scored anyway as there is 1 point for
    each question.

  • Convert to Question Pool random questions?

    We are updating a course we developed last year (prior to
    Captivate 3). This year we want to apply Captivate 3's "Question
    Pool random questions" to this course. Is there a way to create the
    question pool(s) in this existing quiz, and then add last year's
    questions to them without having to re-enter each question into the
    Question Pool Manager?
    Thank you for any tips!

    Hi Jan
    Sure thing. Just convert the version 1 or 2 project to a
    version 3 project. Then define a Question Pool. Once you have done
    that, switch to Storyboard view. Select the question slides you
    wish to add to the pool and right-click. You should be presented
    with an option to add the selected slides to the pool.
    Once you have moved the question slides to a pool, you would
    then insert Random slides that point to the pool.
    Cheers... Rick

  • Random questions on a DVD quiz?

    For one of my college projects I have to produce an interactive DVD quiz. The main issue though is, can I make a DVD quiz that will have random questions (video / screenshot) everytime?
    Is this possible with DVD Studio Pro?
    If so, how? Is it a simple thing, or will I need a long tutorial?
    Thanks for any help guys

    LOL - I did think of doing so, but saw that Drew had linked to a plethora of similar threads... some quite recent.
    I am wondering how much of this needs to be your own work for assessment and how much you can just crib from others? Not that I have any particular moral standpoint, it's just I used to be a teacher!
    So, to undermine the entire system, just head to that link Drew gave, scroll down and look for the one near the bottom dealing with 'non-repeat quiz'. There is a link to a download there which has all you need in it, I think. It certainly has the basic scripting and structures you'll need to use - whether you want to extend this or not will depend on what you need to achieve, but do look at it, see what it is doing and then adapt it for your use. I provide it with no limitations to its use, but can't guarantee an 'A' from it!

  • Generating Random questions

    I am trying to get random questions which are stored in the database. I used the following code but questions are not unique.
    public void loadQuestion(){
    int len = qs.size();
    Random r = new Random();
    int[] rint = new int[6];
    for (int i =0;i!=6;i++){
    rint[i] =r.nextInt(len);               

    public void loadQuestion(){
    int len = qs.size();
    System.out.println("Length: " + len);
    Random r = new Random();
    int[] rint = new int[6];
    for (int i =0;i < 6;i++){
    rint[i ] =r.nextInt(len);     
    System.out.println("Number: " + rint[ i ]);     
    }NOTE: when posting here you have to put a space in [ i ], otherwise
    the forum software thinks its an italics tag.
    Dont get clever with constructs like i != 6 its i < 6
    Use lots of verbose debugging lines like the 2 i added.
    Post the results you get.

  • QUIZ: Randomizing Random Questions

    Hi all!
    We are working on creating several new quizzes for our
    certifcation programs. Currently each of the quizzes contains
    several Question Pools , each covering the a particular area of the
    topic at hand. Each of these pools is then pulled from using the
    Random Question slides in the story board. What I would like to
    know is; Is there a way that I can randomize the random question
    slides so that Topic B doesn't always follow Topic A and so forth?
    Thanks alot!

    There isn't a way to auto randomise random question slides,
    but you can mix these up in the storyboard in any order. Have the
    Random question slides mixed ie slide 1 picks from Topic pool B,
    slide 2 picks from Topic A, slide 3 picks from topic C, slide 4
    from topic B again, etc etc
    This will achieve the desired effect, with randomised
    questions being pulled from each pool by the random question slide,
    so they always get different questions.
    This deal with your question?

  • Quiz of random questions

    i have made a question pool of some 30 questions various
    types.... fill in the blanks, matching, multiple choice etc
    now i want to create a quiz of some random 10 questions....
    one question on each slide. at the end i want the result to be
    now what i do is create a new slide with random quiz and it
    creates one question from the pool and declare result. i dont want
    that. what do i do.

    Hi Nicky
    I'm a bit confused. I thought you said you *wanted* to
    present ten random questions. If that's what you want, that's how
    it's done. You declare a pool, add questions to the pool, then
    insert Random Question Slides. So if you want ten, you insert ten
    different Random Question Slides and when presented to the user,
    they see randomizing.
    Perhaps it will help if you state what you want or how you
    expected it to work.
    Cheers... Rick

  • Random Questions about Airport Extreme Card

    I have an early 2006 iMac with the built in Airport Extreme card, and so far I've managed to use it to share my ethernet internet connection with my Nintendo DS, Wii, PS3, Apple TV, etc.
    But I have some random questions that I'm hoping some of you people can answer.
    1. Does my Airport card support UPnP (or whatver the Mac equivelent is), and if so, how do I enable it?
    2. With my old router I used to be able to type it's IP address into the address bar of my browser and access the settings for it. Anyway of doing this sort of thing to access the Airport's settings?
    That's all I need to know really. Any help would be appreciated.
    1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo, 2GB RAM Mac OS X (10.4.10)

    UPnP is handled by your router/modem.
    You cant get access to the airport extreme card it has no settings to my knowledge(apart from network prefs).

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