BW BEX portfolio in EP700

On the BI JAVA (i.e. EP for the BI ),  usually BEX portfolio is in the KM content.
However, in one of my BI Java system, I cannot find the BEX  portfolio in KM content.
I searched some other tabs but also failed to find it.
could you please tell the path to BEX portfolio?
Thanks a lot!

Check in Content Admin>KM content>documents/Public Documents
Find the below links
My Portfolio and Bex Portfolio  in Portal
My Portfolio and Bex Portfolio  in Portal
Hope it helps...

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  • Saving a query in Bex Portfolio

    Hi all,
    I am new to this portal thing, But i need some advice from you.
    I am running a query from BW(writing a query in query designer and execute on web)which publishes it on portal. When i see the query, i see i save as button at the top and so i went there and i saw that i can save the query to bex portfolio ( which actually is my primary aim to get the query in left navigation panel of the page of BI or Bex). When i try to save under the Bex Portfolio its aske me for description so I put in some logical name and hit ok. But then it gives me two errors
    "the technical name must be between 0-30 chars and 1-9 numbers" which I have it in the same format
    "no valid element selected".
    I am not getting what does it mean by valid element not selected.?
    Can some one help me how can i save the query in BEX portfolio.
    If any one has a related document which helps with issues about this whole query execution on portal I will highly appreciate it.
    My email [email protected]
    Thanks a lot in advance,

    Hello Kris,
    I have the same problem as you and I didn't find any OSS note for that.
    It seems that it depends in the user. If your user id contains a decimal point at the second position, you have the problem. If not it seems to be ok.
    As we have many users with a decimal point at the second position, I have to find a solution. Thanks to give me your solution if you have one.
    Vanessa Roulier
    [email protected]

  • Open_save_dialog_layout , remove Bex Portfolio tab

    We are using
    <bi:open_save_dialog_layout with value="TEMPLATE_PERSISTENCY"/>
    from 0Analysis_pattern.
    I want to remove the Bex Portfolio tab.
    and I don't want to use value="DATAPROVIDER_PERSISTENCY"
    We tried restricting access thru KM, but the tab still appears.
    Is there another command Data Provider Command for Calling Save?

    if u try to restrict acess thru km folder
    the tab will be there, but can you check that eventhough tab is there , are u able to save the view or not....
    there might be possible it will not let u save or open the view saved there
    did u contact portal administrator
    he can definitely help you in doing management of km folders
    you can create your own buttons which will do save and save as and in order to that have to create web templates and u need to use web application designer....
    in web application designer u can use button_command_item
    then you can create the option which willdo Save and Save as  option...

  • Folders are not visible in BEx Portfolio tab of Save As popup window

    Hi All,
    when I try to save a report in BEx Web Analyzer by open Save As popup window, I can't see any folders in neither of Favorites, BEx Portfolio nor My Portfolio tabs, even though I've created some directories in "/documents/Public Documents" for example. I can only see the list of already saved reports.
    What needs to be done to be able to the folders in Save As (or Open) popup window?
    thank you,

    Please check Note No. 988406 and the role mentioned in this link:
    I would also recommend that you try with the latest java patches. BIBASE and BIWEBAPP patches.

  • Restrict authorization for saving BI query bookmark on BEx Portfolio

    Hi experts,
    I would like to find a way to control the saving query bookmark  functionality on BEx Portfolio. The problem is that every BI user can save in the BEx Portfolio which is observable to every user at global level. Is there a functionality to restrict the authorization so that only Power users are allowed to save bookmarks under BEx portofolio and where as non power user are allowed to access them

    Hi All,
    i'm also having same requirement, please reply with solution if any one did it,

  • Bex Portfolio location in KM

    Does anyone know of a way to change the location of the Bex Portfolio in KM? Currently it points to /documents/Public Documents. We would like to move it to another location in KM. I know how I can change the Bex Portfolio iview to point to another KM folder but that would not effect where KM bookmarks are saved from a web template using the SAVE_AS command with OPEN_SAVE_DIALOG_LAYOUT=TEMPLATE_PRESISTENCY.

    Hey David,
    Did you find a way to do this?  We're looking for the same thing.  Either change the location or remove it from the BEx Web Save As dialog.

  • Portal Content error when opening BEx Portfolio in EP

    I am trying to open BEx portfolio but an error is coming when i tried to opne it. The error is as below :
    Portal runtime error.
    An exception occurred while processing your request. Send the exception ID to your portal administrator.
    Exception ID: 02:06_21/04/11_0097_35740651
    Refer to the log file for details about this exception.
    Also the End User flag is set(checked) in the System admin->System config->System landscape -> permissions-> everyone role.
    Also in content admin->portal content->System landscape -> permissions-> everyone  the enduser flag is set
    Thanks in advance.

    I am trying to open BEx portfolio but an error is coming when i tried to opne it. The error is as below :
    Portal runtime error.
    An exception occurred while processing your request. Send the exception ID to your portal administrator.
    Exception ID: 02:06_21/04/11_0097_35740651
    Refer to the log file for details about this exception.
    Also the End User flag is set(checked) in the System admin->System config->System landscape -> permissions-> everyone role.
    Also in content admin->portal content->System landscape -> permissions-> everyone  the enduser flag is set
    Thanks in advance.

  • Problems with URLs generated for My/BEx Portfolio in a FPN

    Has andone successfully configured a FPN that uses My/BEx Porfolio?
    We are facing a problem with the URLs generated when launching a BEx web query stored in either My Portfolio or BEx Portfolio after it has been saved from the BEx Web Analyzer.  After saving the KM document in My/BEx Portfolio in BEx Analyzer attempts to execute the link from the Portfolio IView result in "Page not found or not avaialble".  The KM document appears to be correct as it can be opened correctly from the BEx Analyzer template.
    Current Setup:
    Consumer Portal:  EP 7 (SP17)
    Producer Portal: EP 7 (SP17 patch 11)
    BW System: BI 7 (SPS16, BW SP18)
    SSO and Trusts are configured and working.
    WebDav is configured to store BEx Portfolio entries on the Consumer
    Currently RSPOR_T_PORTAL is configured with hostname of Producer, however it was initially configured with Consumer host, resulting in the same problem, though this should not matter, as the RDL IView is used regardless of the setup.
    Existing Roles have been imported from BW System into Producer Portal, the roles are not used, only the imported IViews
    IViews of the Queries have been included in Consumer Roles using RDL
    IView has been added to this role to display local BEx Portfolio links
    RDL IView has been added to this role to display Producer My Portfolio links
    1. Launch IView of Query included in Role
    2. Use Save As functionality to store KM document in My Portfolio or Bex Portfolio
    3. Open the cooresponding Portfolio IView and click on the link
    Here's an example URL resulting from launching the link!3aportal_content!2fevery_user!2fgeneral!2fdefaultDesktop!2fframeworkPages!2fframeworkpage!
    Thank you.

    In fact I have exported a master file and I have brought it into Compressor.
    Master file exported from Final Cut:
    Transcoded file:
    Compressor is not able to open the file it has just transcoded:

  • BEx Portfolio Authorizations

    We would like to create a folder structure in BEx portfolio, that contains folders and queries. Now my question: is it possible to give autorizations to this? For the end user only the folders should be visible, which contain queries, that he is allowed to execute.
    After a SDN and Google Search I couldn't get any findings. We are on BI 7.0.
    Thanks a lot for your effort.
    Klaus Hirschegger

    check out this ..
    S_RS_DAS: Authorizations for working with Data Access Services
    S_RS_BTMP: Authorizations for working with BExWeb templates
    S_RS_BEXTX: Authorizations for the maintenance of BExtexts
    Authorization objects for the administration of analysis authorizations:
    S_RSEC: Authorization for assignment and administration of analysis authorizations
    S_RS_AUTH: Authorization object to include analysis authorizations in roles
    with regards,
    hari ..

  • Where are Bex-web favorits and Bex portfolio stored

    At the moment we use the portal and I views to execute queries. After executing you can add your own filters, drag and drop object, key figures, etc.........
    SAP offers to save this variant as a Bex-portfolio(available for all users) or favorit(available only for user who created the favorit) in the portal. I have seen that this favorit or Bex-portfolio is saved in the portal but has a size of 0 Bytes. Does anybody knows where the favorit of Bex-portfolio is saved? and is it possible to show these variants in SQL?(Like it is possible to show queryviews in SQL which are created in the Bex-analyzer)

    they are stored in CM of the portal. Check out following link:
    Best regardsa

  • Bex Portfolio

    I wanted to know the difference between "my favorites" and "My Portfolio" when a user saves a webtemplate in the portal.
    I would like also to know where to define authorisations to unable the possibility to save into the Bex portfolio.
    Thanks for your help,

    check with Basis or Security people for required access

  • BEx Portfolio configuration

    I would like to know how can i add additionnal folder of the Bex portfolio and restrict users (two categories)  to save their navigations in their corresponding folder

    Hi Cyril,
    This is mostly like using KM Repository files at Bex portfolio Iview. Please check the below links .
    Hope these are helpful.

  • BEx Portfolio Folder

    Hi, I found the documentation that states the "BEx Portfolio" IView displays the documents in the public folder.  When I try to open a document in the "BEx Portfolio" from the "Web Analyzer" I only see "BEx" items and not all of the items in the public folder.  Is this just a feature of the "Web Analyzer"?
    <a href="">Link to "BEx Portolio" Documentation</a>
    Thanks for any help
    Ken Murray

    Ken there shouldn't be any restrictions other than the permissions in KM. To verify goto Content Admin -> KM Content -> Toolbox -> Permissions then Documents -> Public Documents and click on the key to verify the permissions and owners of the folders.

  • Bex Portfolio control

    Bex Portfolio is for publishing public documents or reports. But we would like to control the users to publish/open only the BI Reports which they are authorized to. for example, if a user has access to finance reports but not to supply chain reports, then he should not open supply chain reports(saved under Bex Portfolio) which supply chain users saved under Bex Portfolio.
    Thanks in advance..

    Hi Adi,
    I'm in the same boat.
    What I'm going to do is not store anything in the Bex portfolio folder (this is defined as \documents\public documents).  I would create folders under \documents and restrict access based on roles.  The user will store the bw report onto his/her My portfolio folder which only he/she can access.  If the user wants to make the report available to other people, the user would just copy/move the report to a folder that he/she has access to as well as access to those targeted users.
    My only problem is how to get rid of the Bex Portfolio tab.   If you know how to do this, please tell me.
    Mel Calucin
    Bentley Systems, Inc.

  • Bex Portfolio/My Portfolio in KM for Rpeorts

    Hi All,
    when i run the report on web through query desinger or wad i am getting the output fine,where as i can see several option in the web as
    new analysis
    save as
    export excel
    Now when i click on open one pop up is displaying with the tabs like favorites,Bex Portfolio,My portfolio.  i founf bit about the bex portfolio.
    can anyone who worked on this,could you please let me know

    Hi Srini,
    new analysis
    save as
    export excel
    Do you wish to know more about BEx Portfolio or all these items?
    That help link explains many things, in addition to that...
    New Analysis is the new as-hoc navigation, created by slicing and dicing in the query/wad output.
    Open is opening of already saved navigation created earlier.
    Save as is for specifying where you wish to save your present state of navigation so that later you don't have to drill down and filter again.
    Information is about query, filters and other technical details about the query.
    Send is used for broadcasting reports. (you'll find many docs about broadcasting on SDN)
    Print is a button with PDFprint. In WAD you can select item on your layout to be printed.
    Export Excel is for taking data to an excel file for more cell level analysis (Finance ppl love that)
    Comments is another web item for putting comments from users on info object level for that particular report.
    Saving can be done at various please and same way open will show you those locations on tabs favorites,BEx Portfolio,My portfolio. These portfolios are on Portal side, created as different folders. According to your user rights accessibility you can see those view in your portal login.
    Hope it helps...

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