Call Customer Exist Enhancement (EXIST_SAPLRSAP_001) CMOD with 11310 records

Hello Experts,
Extraction from 2lis_11_vaitm is taking longer time even there are only few records. Normally it takes 2-3 mins but sometimes it takes 2-3 hrs to complete. Even once it take 12 hrs. there is no idoc stuck in SM58. I've attached job log screenshot from ECC.. Please can any body siggess why this is happening.. if someone else face some issue.

Please see codes below:
* 1.0      D11K967555         16/03/2011    Peter Phillips Original
* Begin D11K967555 Supply Chain Project
DATA: l_mvgr1     TYPE mvgr1,
      l_noise_cat TYPE zsd_pressage_noise.
FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_data> TYPE mc11va0itm.
* SORDET data
* This method includes DTR SORDETs in table ZSD_OUT_SORDET, which is then
* used as a datasource in BW and SCM. DTR SORDETs correspond to quantities in sales order
* types ZRTS and ZRTR.
DATA: lo_sordet TYPE REF TO zcl_sd_sordet.
CREATE OBJECT lo_sordet.
    im_data   = c_t_data[]
    ch_errors = c_t_messages[]
* Processing for Field ZZMVGR1 (Title Group) ZZNOISE_CAT (Noise Category)
LOOP AT c_t_data ASSIGNING <fs_data>.
* Get Title Group from MVKE (Sales Data for Material)
  SELECT SINGLE mvgr1 FROM  mvke
                      INTO  l_mvgr1
                      WHERE matnr = <fs_data>-matnr
                      AND   vkorg = <fs_data>-vkorg
                      AND   vtweg = <fs_data>-vtweg.
  IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
    <fs_data>-zzmvgr1 = l_mvgr1.
* Get Noise Category from custom table ZSD_KNA1
* NB This must match the selection in APO for Info Provider Z_NOISE
  IF <fs_data>-auart EQ zcl_sd_constants=>WHO_OTYPE_SPEC_ACCTS    "ZWHN
  OR <fs_data>-auart EQ zcl_sd_constants=>CSV_OTYPE_FOREIGN       "ZWHF
  or <fs_data>-auart EQ zcl_sd_constants=>DTC_OTYPE_PRIMARY.      "ZWHZ
    SELECT SINGLE noise_cat FROM  zsd_kna1
                            INTO  l_noise_cat
                            WHERE kunnr = <fs_data>-kunnr.
    IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
      <fs_data>-zznoise_cat = l_noise_cat.
* End D11K967555 Supply Chain Project
*loop at c_t_data into l_s_MCVBAP .                 "4.7- Unicode
LOOP AT c_t_data.                               "4.7+ Unicode
  MOVE-CORRESPONDING c_t_data TO l_s_mcvbap.     "4.7+ Unicode
  l_tabix = sy-tabix.
*     Lookup the G/L account and Costcentre from the requisition
                 INTO l_s_ebkn
                 FROM ebkn
                 WHERE banfn = l_s_mcvbap-vgbel
                   AND bnfpo = l_s_mcvbap-vgpos .
  IF sy-subrc = 0.
    MOVE l_s_ebkn-sakto TO l_s_mcvbap-submi .
    MOVE l_s_ebkn-kostl TO l_s_mcvbap-kostl .
  ELSE .
    MOVE space TO l_s_mcvbap-submi .
*     Lookup the Approver from the ZCOREAPPROVAL table (workflow)
                INTO t_uname
                FROM zcoreapproval
                WHERE quote = l_s_mcvbap-vgbel
                  AND action = 'A' .
  IF sy-subrc = 0.
    MOVE t_uname TO l_s_mcvbap-qmnum.
    MOVE space TO l_s_mcvbap-qmnum.
  MOVE-CORRESPONDING l_s_mcvbap TO c_t_data.
  "4.7+ Unicode
  MODIFY c_t_data INDEX l_tabix.
  "4.7+ Unicode
*modify c_t_data from l_s_mcvbap index l_tabix.
*"4.7- Unicode
METHOD mass_load_dtr_supply_return.
  TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_data_to_process,
                  kunnr TYPE kunnr,
                  prsdt TYPE prsdt,
                  vkorg TYPE vkorg,
         END OF ty_data_to_process,
         BEGIN OF ty_vbeln_to_process,
                  vbeln TYPE vbeln,
                  kunnr TYPE kunnr,
                  uadat TYPE audat,
                  prsdt TYPE prsdt,
         END OF ty_vbeln_to_process.
  DATA: le_exception TYPE REF TO zcx_edi_exception,
        ls_message TYPE balmi,
        lt_data_to_process TYPE SORTED TABLE OF ty_data_to_process WITH NON-UNIQUE KEY kunnr prsdt vkorg,
        ls_data_to_process TYPE ty_data_to_process,
        lt_dates TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_data_to_process,
        lt_data_buffer TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_data_to_process,
        lt_vbeln TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_vbeln_to_process.
  FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_data> TYPE mc11va0itm,
                 <fs_vbeln> TYPE ty_vbeln_to_process,
                 <fs_data_buffer> TYPE zsd_sales_doc_tab.
* Get all retailers
*    im_refresh        = ''
*    im_ignore_deleted =
*    im_no_pressage_id =
      im_kunnr_only     = abap_true
* Get Pressage deletes
  dtr_get_mass_deletes( ).
  LOOP AT im_data ASSIGNING <fs_data>.
    IF <fs_data>-vkorg = c_dtr_sales_org.
      ls_data_to_process-kunnr = <fs_data>-kunnr. " Customer Numbr
      ls_data_to_process-prsdt = <fs_data>-prsdt. " Pricing Date
      ls_data_to_process-vkorg = <fs_data>-vkorg. " Sales Org
      COLLECT ls_data_to_process INTO lt_data_to_process.
  IF me->dtr_deleted_items[] IS NOT INITIAL.
    SELECT vbak~kunnr  " Ship-to Customer
           vbak~audat  " Document Date
           vbak~vkorg  " Sales Org
           INTO TABLE lt_data_buffer
           FROM vbak
           FOR ALL ENTRIES IN me->dtr_deleted_items[]
           WHERE vbak~vbeln = me->dtr_deleted_items-vbeln.
    LOOP AT lt_data_buffer INTO ls_data_to_process.
      IF ls_data_to_process-vkorg = c_dtr_sales_org.
        COLLECT ls_data_to_process INTO lt_data_to_process.
  LOOP AT lt_data_to_process INTO ls_data_to_process.
    CLEAR: ls_data_to_process-kunnr, ls_data_to_process-vkorg.
    COLLECT ls_data_to_process INTO lt_dates.
  SORT lt_dates.
  CHECK lt_data_to_process[] IS NOT INITIAL.
* BEGIN of performance enhancement
  IF lt_data_to_process[] IS NOT INITIAL.
    SELECT vbak~vbeln
      INTO TABLE lt_vbeln
      FROM vbak INNER JOIN vbkd ON vbak~vbeln = vbkd~vbeln
      FOR ALL ENTRIES IN lt_dates
      WHERE prsdt = lt_dates-prsdt.
    LOOP AT lt_vbeln ASSIGNING <fs_vbeln>.
      READ TABLE lt_data_to_process WITH TABLE KEY kunnr = <fs_vbeln>-kunnr
                                                   prsdt = <fs_vbeln>-prsdt
                                                   vkorg = c_dtr_sales_org
                                                   TRANSPORTING NO FIELDS.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        DELETE lt_vbeln.
  CHECK lt_vbeln[] IS NOT INITIAL.
* Get all Sale Doc Items by Customer and Issue Date
  SELECT vbak~kunnr  " Ship-to Customer
         vbak~audat  " Document Date
         vbak~vbeln  " Sales Document Number
         vbak~auart  " Sales Document Type
         vbak~faksk  " Billing Block
         vbak~lifsk  " Delivery Block
         vbap~abgru  " Reason for rejection
         vbap~matnr  " Material Number
         vbap~kwmeng " Quantity
         vbap~vrkme  " Unit for quantity
         vbkd~prsdt  " Pricing Date
         vbap~posnr  " Sales Document Item Number
         vbak~augru  " Sales Order Reason
         vbuk~gbstk  " Sales Order overall Status
         vbak~vkorg  " Sales Org
         vbap~pstyv  " Item Category
         INTO TABLE me->sales_doc_buffer_audat[]
         FROM vbak
         INNER JOIN vbuk ON vbuk~vbeln = vbak~vbeln
         INNER JOIN vbap ON vbak~vbeln = vbap~vbeln
         INNER JOIN vbkd ON vbak~vbeln = vbkd~vbeln
*           INNER JOIN vbkd ON vbak~vbeln = vbkd~vbeln
**           FOR ALL entries IN lt_dates
**           WHERE vbak~kunnr = lt_data_to_process-kunnr
**           AND   vbak~audat = lt_data_to_process-datum
         FOR ALL entries IN lt_vbeln
         WHERE vbak~vbeln = lt_vbeln-vbeln      .
*           AND   vbkd~posnr = '000000'. " 0000 = Pricing Date of Document, not items
* Fix for Billing - remove any orders with Order Reason D99
  delete me->sales_doc_buffer_audat[] where augru = c_billing_fix_order_reason.
  INSERT LINES OF me->sales_doc_buffer_audat[] INTO TABLE me->sales_doc_buffer_prsdt[].
* END OF Performance enhancement
  LOOP AT lt_data_to_process INTO ls_data_to_process.
            im_issue_date = ls_data_to_process-prsdt
            im_customer   = ls_data_to_process-kunnr
* CR12,672 - want to include rejected orders for Sordet
            im_ignore_rejected = ' '
      CATCH zcx_edi_exception INTO le_exception.
        CLEAR ls_message.
        ls_message-msgty = 'E'.
        ls_message-msgno = le_exception->message_no.
        ls_message-msgid = sy-msgid.
        ls_message-msgv1 = sy-msgv1.
        ls_message-msgv2 = sy-msgv2.
        ls_message-msgv3 = sy-msgv3.
        ls_message-msgv4 = sy-msgv4.
        APPEND ls_message TO ch_errors.
* And do mass DB insert / update
  mass_update_sordet( ).

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    I can call and shedule publication with different promp values, however some promts are multivalue with various value count. (For example there is value 111 in first case and values 222 and 333 in second case).  Problem is i can fill such a many values how i set in publication by GUI (to understant i can change value but i can;t add/delete another value in one promt).
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    IProperties oInfoDocumentsProp = publication.getProcessingInfo().properties().getProperties("SIPROCESSINFO_PER_DOC");
    IProperties     oInfoDocumentProp = oInfoDocumentsProp.getProperties("1"..."N");
    IProperties     oWebiPrompts     = oInfoDocumentProp.getProperties("SI_WEBI_PROMPTS");
    IProperties     oWebiPrompt     = oWebiPrompts.getProperties("1"... "N");
    //to get Values collection
    IProperties      oWebiPromptValues     = oWebiPrompt.getProperties("SI_VALUES");
    //to get N value
    IProperty      oWebiPromptValue     = oWebiPromptValues.getProperty(1...N);
    //to set prompt value
    _publication.schedule/save.... .
    for now it is good, however when i do this
    oWebiPromptValues. add(x,x,x) or oWebiPromptValues.removeLocal(n) it do almost nothing when i look into publicaiton by GUI.
    Any idea how to change promt values count ?
    Thanks in advance.

    You can use the following code to add prompt values to a webi report :
    <%@ page import="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.framework.*" %>
    <%@ page import="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.exception.SDKException" %>
    <%@ page import="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.occa.infostore.*" %>
    <%@ page import="com.crystaldecisions.sdk.plugin.CeKind" %>
    <%@ page import="com.businessobjects.sdk.plugin.desktop.webi.*" %>
    <%@ page import="*" %>
    <%@ page import="java.util.*" %>
    <%@ page import ="com.businessobjects.rebean.wi.* "%>
    <%@ page import ="com.businessobjects.sdk.ceutils.prompts.* "%>
    boolean loginSuccessful = false;
    IEnterpriseSession boEnterpriseSession = null;
    String username = "Administrator";
    String password = "";
    String cmsname  = "localhost:6400";
    String authenticationType = "secEnterprise";
    try {
    //Log in.
    boEnterpriseSession = CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr().logon( username, password, cmsname, authenticationType);
    if (boEnterpriseSession == null) {
      out.print("<FONT COLOR=RED><B>Unable to login.</B></FONT>");
    } else {
      loginSuccessful = true;
    } catch (SDKException sdkEx) {
    out.print("<FONT COLOR=RED><B>ERROR ENCOUNTERED</B><BR>" + sdkEx + "</FONT>");
    if (loginSuccessful) {
    IInfoObject boInfoObject = null;
    String docname = "New Web Intelligence Document5";
    //Grab the InfoStore from the httpsession
    IInfoStore boInfoStore = (IInfoStore) boEnterpriseSession.getService("", "InfoStore");
    ReportEngines repEngines = (ReportEngines)boEnterpriseSession.getService("ReportEngines");
    ReportEngine widocRepEngine = (ReportEngine)repEngines.getService(ReportEngines.ReportEngineType.WI_REPORT_ENGINE);
    //Query for the report object in the CMS.  See the Developer Reference guide for more information the query language. 
    String query = "SELECT TOP 1 * " +
           "FROM CI_INFOOBJECTS " +
           "WHERE SI_INSTANCE = 0 And SI_Kind = '" + CeKind.WEBI + "' " +
           "AND SI_NAME='" + docname + "'";
    IInfoObjects boInfoObjects = (IInfoObjects) boInfoStore.query(query);
    if (boInfoObjects.size() > 0) {
      // This will schedule the first WebI document in the collection
      IWebi boWebi = (IWebi) boInfoObjects.get(0);
      int ID = boWebi.getID();
      boWebi.setTitle(boWebi.getTitle() + " - Set Prompt Test");
      DocumentInstance wiDoc = widocRepEngine.openDocument(ID);
      Prompts prompts = wiDoc.getPrompts();
                for(int j =0, m = prompts.getCount();j<m; j++)
                   Prompt prompt = prompts.getItem(j);
                   String name = prompt.getName();
                   String str[] = prompt.getPreviousValues();
                   String [] values = {"US","Holland"};
                   String s[] = prompt.getCurrentValues();
                   out.println("success prompts");
      //Retrieve the ISchedulingInfo Interface for the Report object and set the schedule
      //time (right now) and type (run once)
      ISchedulingInfo boSchedulingInfo = boWebi.getSchedulingInfo();
      out.println("WebI document scheduled.");
    } else {
      out.println("WebI document not found!");
    Please let me know if you need any more details.
    Shreyans Surana
    Edited by: shreyans_7 on Dec 9, 2011 3:39 PM

  • What is Customer Exist?

    Dear All,
    What is Customer Exist?
    What is Different Between User Exist & Customer Exist?

    Hi ,
    <b>Customer Exits :</b>
           Pre-planned enhancement to the standard SAP system.
    SAP anticipates potential customer requests not already implemented in the standard system by predefining them as 'empty modification modules'. Customers fill these modules with their own logic according to their own requirements.
    SAP creates customer exits with transaction <b>SMOD</b>. From these customer exits, customers then use transaction <b>CMOD</b> to choose the enhancements they want to process, assign them to enhancement projects, edit the components, and activate the relevant projects.
    Using customer exits guarantees upwards compatibility. This is because jumps to exits are predefined in the standard software and the validity of the call interface are both retained, even in future release upgrades.
    <b>Difference Between User-exits and Customer-exits</b>
    1. USER EXITS are FORMS and are called by SAP standard programs using PERFORM.
                CUSTOMER EXITS are FUNCTIONS so they are called using CALL FUNCTION (or more exactly CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION).
    2. Inside the form (user exit) you can read and change almost any global data from host program.
                 Inside a function (customer exit) you can only acces your import/export/changing/tables parameters.
    3.User exits are more flexible because you have more information to use in your code but on the other hand , it is very easy to manipulate erroneously global data and lead the standard program to a dump or even to make database inconsistent.
                  Customer exits are more restrictive but you are sure any change you can make to any parameters will never lead to inconsistency.
    4.User-exit doesn’t have any classification.
                   In customer-exit we have function-module exit , screen exit , menu exit.
    5.User Exits are Basically designed For SD module.
                  Customer Exits are available for MM,SD,FI,HR…..Basically designed for all modules.
    6. User-exits can be written only using access-key.
                  No need of access key to write a customer exit.
    7.With user-exits the code , the developer has written will not be there for next version unless modification assistance tool is used.
                 Customer-exits are not wiped during upgradation.
    thanks  and regards,

  • Unable to debug an exit in CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION 003

    Hi Guys,
    I have an exit EXIT_SAPMV45A_003 that is called by CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION 003. I had placed a break point at
    CALL CUSTOMER FUNCTION 003 and the debugger stops here but i am unable to debug inside this to reach into
    the code in EXIT_SAPMV45A_003 even after setting the system debugging on & Update debugging
    Can someone help me with this?

    You have to include that Enhancement of that exit in the Project and Activate that project in the CMOD.
    The Enhancement for the exit EXIT_SAPMV45A_003 is V45A0003.
    Create a project in CMOD
    And inclue V45A0003 in the project.
    Activate the Project.
    Now, it will stop at break point.
    Naimesh Patel

  • Call customer-subscreen causes dump in one box but not in another box

    Hi guys,
    Just wondering if anyone here encountered this situation before and knows of any explanation or solution.
    There's two development boxes with a program that contains the following code/statement:
    call customer-subscreen SSCR903 including 'SAPLXXXXXX' '2000'
    SAPLXXXXXX happens to not exist in both boxes. In the first box, when execution reaches that statement above it will generate a dump saying that 'SAPLXXXXXX doesn't exist'. But in the second box, when execution reaches that statement above it won't generate a dump and execution continues to the next statement in the program.
    I checked SAP documentation on the CALL CUSTOMER-SUBSCREEN keywords, but I didn't find anything that would explain why it dumps in the first box, but not in the second one.
    Anyone encountered the same situation before? Any explanation why it's dumping in one box, but not in the other box?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
    Kind regards,

    Welcome to sdn.
    Abap doesn't check existence of the dynpro, it only check activation of the exit in CMOD, that may explain the, difference.

  • How to call custom BSP application (copied from standard)

    I came across 1 interesting link in SDN.
    [Enhancement procedure of BSP application HRRCF_RECRUITER in eRecruitment]
    My requirement is also similar.
    I need to copy the HRRCF_TRM_SRCH application.
    I know how to make the changes for the logic (like copying the standard controller & iterator class etc.)
    But I donu2019t know how to call the custom BSP application.
    One requirement is, I need to call a BSP application, in which there are only UI(user interface/screen) changes .
    That is, if there are only changes made to hitlist_cand.bsp page . And no changes made to page.
    Eg: Removing one button from screen.
    Second requirement is, I need to call a BSP application in which there are logic changes also.
    (I know how to  change the standard controller class to custom class)
    Eg: Changing logic of button.
    We tried renaming the application name from standard to custom one (with Namespace=SAP itself, though it gave a warning) in the table T77RCF_LOG_APPL .
    Then we used this name to configure the start page link. But still the execution control is going to standard page & not to custom BSP application.
    How will I know which BSP application(Appl A), is calling the BSP application (Appl B) in which I want to make changes ?
    The starting application is HRRCF_START_INT.
    Would really appreciate solutions posted.
    Nisha Vengal.

    Hi Nisha,
    I think you have an issue to call custom BSP.
    -     Ignore the warning message (in the table T77RCF_LOG_APPL) as it is just a warning message. I did not touch start page link at all.
    -     Additionally you need to make (I had to made) an entry in table u2018V77RCF_SMG_NAVIu2019.
    Let me know, if you need anything else.

  • Call function and call customer function

    Can anybody let me know what is the difference between CALL FUNCTION AND CALL CUSTOMER- FUNCTION .
    i know call customer- function is used while we r working on user exits .
    but is their any specific reason of difference ...

    CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION function_exit parameter_list.
    This statement can be used in programs delivered by SAP. It includes the function module exit specified in function_exit . The function module exit is a customer exit. In an SAP program, it enables you to call a function module provided by SAP and implemented by the customer.
    The indicator function_exit must be a three-digit text field literal. A function module exit is specified by SAP using the transaction SMOD and can be activated using the transaction CMOD in customer systems.
    Specifications by SAP
    An empty or partly implemented function module must be assigned to the function module exit using the transaction SMOD. The name of the function module consists of EXIT_, the program name, which contains the statement CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION, and the three-digit indicator in function_exit. The interface of the function module is completely defined by SAP.
    Activation in the customer system
    The transaction CMOD enables the customer to implement the source code of the function module within an enhancement project and to activate the function module exit. If the function module exit is not activated, the statement CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION is ignored. If the function module is activated, the corresponding function module is called in the same way as the general function module call.
    Syntax and meaning of the parameter_list for the assignment of the actual parameters to formal parameters and for the exception handling are the same as in a general function module call. It is not possible to dynamically fill the interface.
    CALL FUNCTION func { parameter_list
                       | parameter_tables }.
    This statement calls the function module specified in func. The identifier func must be a character-type data object, which contains the name of a function module in uppercase letters during the statement execution. Each function module of an SAP system has a unique name, which is why you need not specify the function group.
    Use additions parameter_list or parameter_tables (as of release 6.10) to statically or dynamically assign actual parameters to the formal parameters of the function module and return values to the non-class-based exceptions.
    If the name of a function module is specified by a constant or as a literal, the extended syntax check can check the statement.
    Catchable Exceptions
    Cause: The called function is known but not active.
    Cause: The called function is unknown.
    Cause: The type of the actual parameter does not fulfill the requirements of the function interface.
    Cause: The actual parameter does not have the length expected by the function.
    Cause: The actual parameter does not have the type expected by the function.
    Cause: Only those functions can be called in the update task that are intended for it.
    Runtime Error: CALL_FUNCTION_NO_VB
    Cause: An actual parameter does not fulfill the alignment requirements of the respective formal parameter.
    Cause: The function expects a parameter, which has not been passed by the caller.
    Cause: The caller has passed a parameter, which is not known to the function.
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  • Is it possible to call custom designed RFC function module, apart from BAPI

    Hi Friends,
    1.     Is it possible to call custom designed RFC function module, apart from BAPI.
    2.     Why we call it Adaptive RFC layer, Since every time the JCO layer updated with SAP, Why can’t be dynamic.
    Thanx for Ur time.

    Also check <a href="">here</a> for more information on aRFC. Here you can find why it is called adaptive.

  • Transfer Existing Number between accounts, with out the penalty of a New 1 or 2 year agrement..

    I currently have 4 Cell Phones on my Personal Verizon Account and have been with Verizon for longer than I can remember.  None of my lines are under any type of Time restrictive agreement (i.e. One or Two Year).  The company I work for uses Verizon as well and said they will pay for on of my lines, if I transfer it to their Business Account.  I was told by a Verizon Representative that because all of my contracts/agreements are more than 13 months old that when the day comes to transfer my phone number back to my Personal Verizon Account I "Will Not" be forced into a new 1 or 2 year agreement. (i.e. Existing Personal VZ Number, with no pending agreements, transferred to a Business Account and when transferred back I will not be forced into a New early termination agreement...)  Is this correct?

    This is a personal observation. I would not transfer the line (number) to your company. First reason once transferred to them the line now becomes the companies property.
    Usually a company will issue a line of service and device if they require you to have one for work use.
    Secondly, the company will have total access to your calling, texting and internet history. Not good.
    Third, transferring the number back to you at a later date may not be possible. You would be doing an assumption of liability on the line even though you previously owned the line. Credit check and possibly a security deposit. And your plan or service may be impacted in ways I am not thinking of.
    When I was in charge of adding users to our account we opened the line and number and had total control of the billing and use of the line.
    A few employees would use their own cells and submitted the copy of their invoices with work calls highlighted. This was also a nightmare especially not really knowing if the calls were business or personal. We forbade the practice.
    Good Luck

  • Jco connection error while calling Custom FM in CRM Internet Sales Application

    Hi ,
    I am trying to do some customisation in the CRM ISA 4.0 development component.
    Have followed the steps given in the Development and Extension Guide and tutorial PDF
    Steps done for Custom RFC Call
    1.       Create RFCs
    2.       Edit file backendobject-config.xml in folder project_root\b2b_z\WEB-INF\xcm\customer\modification:-
    3.       BackendBusinessObject Jco -
    4.       BusinessObject -
    5.       Edit file bom-config.xml in folder project_root\b2b_z\WEB-INF\xcm\customer\modification
    6.       BusinessObjectManager BoM
    7.       BackendAware-
    8.       config.xml - to add custom actions
    9.       Action  creation
    10.     Page : Order_change.jsp.
    The backend is the CRM system while making a call to the CRM system the connection to the CRM system is not working .
    Similar to what is given in the tutorial the  getDefaultJCoConnection() is used .
    But gettting null at the JCO connection.
    JCO.Function func = getDefaultJCoConnection().getJCoFunction(‘CRM_ISA_SHOP_GETLIST’);
    This is how my custom FM is being called.
    Can someone help me with what may be the possible reason for this call failure.
    While debugging and checking it shows null pointer exception in the JCo connection .

    Hi Hamendra,
    When the code debugging was done in Java then we got just the NullPointerException for the JCo.
    In the nwa log shows
    where BackendBusinessObjectBaseSAP is the standard Java Class in the ISA
    Error at

Maybe you are looking for

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    hi Gurus In SPRO  in defining document types for PR/PO/RFQ/CONTRACT , in link to purchasing req/ document types there are two columns of item categories. why they are given so?