Can I connect Oracle Forms Builder 10g to MS Access Database

I have Oracle forms builder installed in my PC. I downloaded the Oracle Database Server from the oracle website and installed that as well. But due to the installation of Database server, my system has become very slow. In order to avoid this I wanted to know if I can connect the forms builder to MS Access Database.
Also, using ODBC I have created a database in my D:\ drive.
If using MS access as a database is possible, then kindly guide me how to proceed with it.
Shashank Senan

Hi Francois,
Thanks for your reply.
I have been working on Oracle forms from the past 1 year. I wanted to increase my expertise at the subject so thought I'll install it at my home and then try out developing and running a few small forms. So, in order to do this I downloaded and installed Developer Suite and database server. After installing the database server the system became very slow, as I mentioned earlier. Once I uninstalled the server, my system speed was back to normal. My system configuration is:
512 MB ram, Intel Pentium 4 2.66 Ghz processor, Windows XP service pack 3,1 CPU.
My requirement is very minimal. I just want a simple database where I can create tables, store data and connect form. If you have a have any other suggestion for my requirement then kindly help me in this regard.
In the meantime I'll act on your suggestion and try and install the XE server.

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  • Connect Oracle Form Builder 10g to Oracle Database 10g Express

    I'm new to Oracle.
    I've installed both form builder and database 10g express.
    I tried to connect form builder to HR sample database in 10g express with the following:
    user name: hr
    password: hr
    database: hr
    but I received message: ora-12154: tns could not resolve the connect identifier specified.
    Can anyone help me on that? Do I need to change the tnsnames.ora?
    If yes, what should I need to change in order to connect to the HR sample?
    Thank you.

    Yes you need to have an entry in the tnsnames.ora file for you database service name or sid. The service name or sid is usually XE unless you changed it when you installed 10g express.

  • How to insert special character from Oracle form builder 10g

    Dear all,
    I need help. how to insert special character like 'Superscript or Subscript ' from oracle form builder 10g. I had try in Oracle form builder 6i with press ALT+ASCII code in the text item and it work, but in the oracle form builder 10g this method doesn't work... would you like to help me...somebody please...
    Best Regard,
    Dedy P.T.

    What do you mean by insert ... from Forms Builder? Do you mean you want to add it as text in a string of pl/sql code or as part of boiler plate text (label) or a value on the Property Palette?
    For special characters you would need set NLS_LANG to something that would support the characters you want to use. For the Builder to see the change, you would need to set NLS_LANG to something like:
    This can be done in the Windows Registry or system. As I mentioned, this will only apply to the Builder and will have nothing to do with a running form. For running forms you would need to set this in default.env. As for things like super and sub scripts, these are font formats and not necessarily characters. For the most part, I don't believe these are supported in Forms.

  • Oracle Forms Builder 10g Questions

    Good day everyone,
    I want to start off by saying that I'm very new to Oracle Forms Builder (it was dumped on my table about a month ago) and I'm having some issues I need resolved in order to complete a project for a client.
    I'm looking mainly for documentation or resources that will show me how to do the following in Oracle Forms Builder 10g:
    * Use either the ENTER button or mouse click to navigate between mandatory fields in a form (currently only TAB works)
    * Populate a field[s] after pressing a search button based on a SQL query
    * Populate a field[s] on launch based on a SQL query
    * Throw a warning message if an SQL query returns with a specific result
    * Populate a drop down menu based on a SQL query (ie only show valid options to user)
    * Remove static highlighting (fields should only be highlighted if necessary, which is never on this particular form)

    I've been able to reduce my problem down to the fact that Oracle Forms Builder 10g is not configured correctly on my machine for my environment. I can seem to get Oracle Forms Builder to see my libraries. When I load the form I'm working on I get the following error:
    FRM-18108: Failed to load the following objects.
    Source Module:utlf_gui
    Source Object: TOOLBAR_MDI
    +... (many more of the one above)+
    I press ok and get the following error:
    FRM-10102: Cannot attach PL/SQL library sdsl. This library attachment will be lost if the module is saved.
    +... (many more of the one above)+
    From my various searches on the internet I've learned that this is because Oracle Forms Developer can not find the listed PL/SQL libraries and I should check my Environmental variables. I've set up two Environmental variables with the following:
    Forms_Path = C:\<project path>\Lib\   (This is the folder in the project folder where all the PL/SQL libraries are stored)
    Forms90_Path = C:\<project path>\Lib\   (This is the folder in the project folder where all the PL/SQL libraries are stored)
    I created both Environmental variables because there wasn't any consistency on the sites I was checking to which was needed.
    Also if I try to attack a PL/SQL library I get the following error:
    Attached library name <name> contains a non-portable directory specification. Remove path?
    I press yes or no and get the following error:
    PDE-PLI038 Cannot open file for use as a PL/SQL library.
    Any help is much appreciated.
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  • Oracle Forms Builder 10g release 2 documentation?

    I'm trying to locate a book about Oracle Forms Builder 10g release 2. I'm needing a beginner's guide. I've seen the advanced techniques one, but I can't seem to find one for someone that is just starting out. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    There are a couple of books by Albert Lulushi that will give you the basics you can build upon. These are older books, but the concepts they present are still valid.
    <li>Developing Oracle Forms Applications (Aug 1996)
    <li>Oracle Forms Developer's Handbook (Dec 2000)
    Probably more helpful would be some online tutorials. Again, some of these are a little old, but the concepts are still valid for Forms 10g and 11g.
    Although a few of the following links are for older Forms versions, the concepts are still valid across all Forms versions.
    <li>A Tutorial on Oracle9i Forms and Reports
    <li>Tutorial for Oracle10g Forms / Reports
    <li>iSelfSchooling - Basic Introduction to Forms
    <li>Oracle Forms 10g: Demos, Tips and Techniques
    Hope this helps,
    Craig B-)
    If someone's response is helpful or correct, please mark it accordingly.

  • How to connect Oracle Form Builder - Oracle Developer Suite 10g - Windows 7

    Hi brothers and sisters,
    Hope all you are fine. I have installed Oracle Developer Suite 10g on Windows 7 successfully and it is working properly. But when I connect to Oracle Form Builder using Connect window asking:
    a. User Name
    b. Password
    c. Database
    a message box appear: 'ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified'
    I verify my Connect String with: 'SELECT * FROM v$database', but the problem remain the same.
    Please help me how can I connect to Oracle Form Builder.

    plz use Net Configuration Assistant or set tnsnames.ora with connect string and computer name.
    Net Configuration Assistant.
    when its opened then go to .
    *Local Net Service Name Configuration.
    *Click Next.
    *Click Next.
    * Service Name--Type here connect String which is XE or any Connect String.
    *Click Next.
    *Host Name--Enter here Computer name or Ip address.
    *Yes,Perform a test.
    you can enter correct password and username here.
    Note:- your Database should be Up if its not Up it will through the same error so plz startup your database first.

  • Variables Declaration in ORACLE Forms Builder 10g

    Dear Sir/Madam.
    I am new in Oracle developer suit(Forms builder 10g) .
    I want to declare three variables in Forms builder and when I press the button it will execute the querey/ retrieve data from the specific table.
    Table name= department
    Column names : dept_code number(5), dept_name varchar2(20), dept_location varchar2(25)
    Database User name; yassen
    database : test.
    Please help me to understand this problem.
    Thanks and regards,
    Ghulam Yassen
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    END;Hope this helps.

  • Facing Issue while running from on desktop through oracle form builder 10g.

    Dear All,
    I am facing No plugin to show content error while trying to run oracle from on desktop through form builder 10g. please help.

    I am facing No plugin to show content error while trying to run oracle from on desktop through form builder 10g. What is your OS version?
    What Java version are you using?
    Have you configured your Oracle Developer Suite (ODS) 10g to run forms from the Forms Builder?

  • Can Oracle Form Builder 10g open forms created with Developer 11g?

    Two different groups of developers developed forms in both Forms versions 10g and 11g. There will be call_forms between both versions and both will run under the same portal. Production is 10g. Is it possible to open 11g forms in 10g Form Builder? Suggestion/ solutions are appreciated.

    It is likely you will run into issues, so I would say best not to. I have done it a couple of times by accident during migration of Forms 10g to 11g. You can still open and view the 11g forms code in the Forms 10g builder, but will likely see some objects appear as incorrect types. Saving the 11g form in such a state from the 10g Forms Builder may result in corruption.

  • Running oracle form builder 10g in windows 7 64 bit

    i am working in windows 7 64 bit
    oracle db 11g enterprise edition 64 bit
    form builder  32 bit
    my default browser is Google Chrome
    i have java 6 standard edition  1.6.0_34
    when i am trying to run any form this message appear " java (TM) is required to display some elements in this page"
    what can i do to run those forms?

    You can also refer to this OTN reference:
    Oracle Application Server 10g (10.1.2) Certification Matrix
    Other comments:
    1.  I would not recommend using Forms with Oracle DB 11.2.x.  Patching Oracle Forms to would be recommended.  Using version Forms 11 would be better.
    2.  Attempting to use the Developer Tools on Windows 7 is not a great idea although it can be made to work.  Developer Suite 10 is no longer supported and was never really intended for use on Win7.  Again, patching to is recommended and required if you plan to follow the Oracle instructions and certifications.
    3.  Installing the Forms Builder (Developer Suite) on Win7-64bit is not at all certified and was never supported.
    4.  Using Java 7 was not certified and therefore not supported for use with Forms 10.x
    In general, Forms 10.1.2.x has been desupported.  Customer using this version or older should be working on a migration plan for getting to the latest supported version which is

  • Oracle form builder 10g is not opening any form ,on Vista

    I have installed DevSuite 10g and its update in my Vista machine. Everything is working fine ,but when I try to open any form in form designer(form builder) the form builder crashes and it gives me error saying-
    "Oracle form designer has stopped working
    A problem caused the priogram to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."
    It does not get any problem if I try to open any other file. But it crashes when try to open any fmb file. Please help how can we resolve this issue.

    Please try this and report back:
    In your Vista platform, create a simple form. No canvas required, just two procedures:
    First, create procedure P2 and compile it.
    Then create procedure P1 and compile it.
    Go back to P2, and remove the semicolon after the NULL. If you try to compile it, it will fail.
    Go to procedure P1 and try compiling it.
    Does Forms Builder crash at this point?

  • Oracel Database 11g Release 2 Connection with  Forms Builder 10g

    I installed Oracle Database 11g at Microsoft window 32-bit , Now I want to connect it with my forms buider 10g developersuit.
    Please tell me ho do I connect it.

    Ghulam Yassen wrote:
    yes I set the tnsname.ora file of form builder but still not solved.
    again error is showing
    TNS could not resolve the connect identifier specified.if your oracle database sid or service name is orcl
    your tnsnames.ora should look like this:
    ORCL =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = ip_address_of_server )(PORT = 1521))
    (SERVICE_NAME = orcl)
    cmd>tnsping orcl #to test
    for more info:

  • Create user from oracle form builder 10g

    dear all,
    anyone to help me? I want to try, to create a new user from form builder oracle 10g in windows, I use a default script like 'create user user_name identified 123' in toad 9.0 for oracle and the result is success but when I try to combine with form builder oracle 10g this script doesn't work...I hope somebody can help me to solve my problem..
    thank you,,,
    Dedy Prasetyo T.

    Dear Francois,,
    I've tried the way you suggested and success. but how if I take the value of user_name and password from the data block to insert table dba_users ? would you like to help me?
    Dedy P.T

  • Tool suport Grid in oracle Form Builder 10G!!!

    Hi all!
    Do you know oracle suport tool to create Grid?
    I need a Grid to add data in it because data block only suport 2 tye: Freeform and tabular.
    Please reply me as soon as availiable!

    Oracle Forms does not support Grid.
    But you can create a Grid of you rown and embed it inside forms as PJC(pluggable Java Components)

  • How to connect oracle application server portal to MS access DataBase

    I am facing one problem here.
    Our client is having their database in MS access and they want to implement the oracle application server portal for their organization then how to connect the MS access DB to oracle Application server portal

    There is a worked example of how to connect oracle to an Excel spreadsheet, which is easily modifyable to read from an Access Database.
    I had some concurrency problems - only one person could use the link at any one time, so I used it to load the data into oracle tables.

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