Can I have two iTunes account on one iPad?

can I have two different iTunes account on one iPad

No, not at the same time. You can use two different Apple ID/iTunes accounts on one iPad, but it is not advisable since you can lock yourself out of one of the ID's for 90 days if you download previously purchased content using the second ID.
iOS: Sign in with a different Apple ID in the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store - Apple Support
Associating a device with another Apple ID.
iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID - Apple Support

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  • How can I have two itunes accounts on one computer?

    How can I have two itunes accounts on one computer?

    Not sure what you mean.
    An account is a user name and password.
    Sign into whichever account you want to use for purchasing.
    Authorize the computer for both account to listen to the content.

  • HT201269 can i have two itunes accounts on one computer

    can i have two itunes accounts on one computer

    Hello Barry
    It is a yes and no answer. Yes you can but you cannot have them in the same iTunes library or one of the accounts cannot be associated for 90 days. You would need to have either a separate user or separate iTunes library to have both Apple ID’s on the same computer. 
    iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID
    How to use multiple iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices with one computer
    -Norm G.

  • Can i have two iTunes accounts on one machine

    i have recently moved in with my partner and we both have our own iTunes accounts. is there a way to have both these accounts linked so that they can be kept seperate and still sync them both to our iPhones from one iMac. it is important that they are kept seperate as we have verry different tastes in music i want to be able to re split them should i need to.

    alfont01 wrote.
    my Question was if its possible to link two iTunes accounts to one OSX user account?
    iTunes accounts are not linked to an OS X user account..

  • Can we have two iTune accounts on one computer

    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to know if I can create two iTune accounts on one computer.
    My teen and I right now share one account and the problem gets confusing
    when we both want to use Itune gift cards (it's hard to keep track separately).
    I have a 2nd gen Touch and my teen has a 2nd gen Nano but might be getting the newer nano. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Just wanted to know if I can create two iTune accounts on one computer.
    You can. Log in and out as needed, or create a new Windows XP user account.

  • Can you have two iTunes accounts on one computer?

    Just bought a MacBook Air which I'm sharing with my husband. Is it possible to have two active iTunes accounts on one computer? We both have very different tastes in music and we have our own iPhones that we'd like to update differently. Would be great to have the option to separate our accounts.

    Yes you can... and it's not that hard uter.htm

  • Can I Have Two iTunes Accounts on One Computer?

    I have an iTunes account and no iPhone. My wife has an iPhone but has notestablished an iTunes account. Can we open her iTunes account on my computer? I so, do we have to download a second instance of iTunes on my computer to establish her account?

    Can we open her iTunes account on my computer?
    Yes. Log in and out of the iTunes Store as desired, or create a separate Windows user account.
    do we have to download a second instance of iTunes on my computer to establish her account?
    Only one instance of iTunes itself can exist per bootable OS.

  • Can I have two iTunes accounts on one Mac?

    Can I share my Mac with my wife so that we can both sync our iTunes accounts. I do not want us to get music or contacts crossed. Thanks

    Yes.  The easiest way is to create separate user account for each of you and log into iTunes with the appropriate AppleID in that account.  Purchases, contacts, calendars, devices, etc will be kept entirely separate in the two accounts.
    There is one caveat.  You can each play your content, purchase content, and sync your devices; however, only one AppleID *per computer* (NOT per account) may re-download content (including auto-download) or subscribe to Match. : That AppleID may only change once every 90 days.  It's a moronic rule that most people are unaware of until they get burned by it.

  • How can I have two iTunes accounts on one mac?

    I have a late model iMac and am running Lion. I have an account for myself with admin privileges. I also have an iTunes account and a music and video library in iTunes. I sync my iPod and iPhone to the iTunes account regularly.
    I recently added my spouse as a "Standard" user. She has an iTunes account, an iPhone and an iPad. How do I get her iTunes configured to download her music and apps to sync with her devices without destroying my own music and apps in the process? We keep getting a warning that all my stuff will be deleted without the possibility of reinstatement for 90 days! What is up?

    I agree with Chris CA that this is the way I would *expect* iTunes to behave.
    When I look at iTunes from my account (my music is in ~/Music/iTunes/ and not available to my spouse's account), I can see in my music library all my rips and my purchases, just as I would expect. I can use Store>View My Account (<myAppleID>) and all is as expected. Home sharing is NOT on.
    Doing the same from the other account is not much different, actually. Nothing in the library yet, of course. Store>View My Account (<herAppleID>) also works. I CAN authorize my computer to play her music. I CAN view her iTunes purchases. When I attempt to download the purchases to HER library, though, I get the following dialog box:
    Now I interpret this to mean that this computer (mine) will not download from a different AppleID (also mine) for 90 days. Is that [interpretation] correct?

  • I have an itunes account for my 4GS, but just bought a 3GS off ebay for my daughter, can I have two itunes accounts on one laptop?

    Hi, I have just bought my daughter a second-hand Vodafone 3GS phone on ebay, she lost hers but was not insured.  Vodafone have giver her a new SIM, but when she puts SIM in and tries to switch on it is looking for an itunes account.  She has one on her ipad, but of course it has no usb port.  I have itunes on my laptop but it is set up for my 4GS phone.
    Can I plug her phone into my laptop and create another itunes account where she can use her login and password without it impacting on all my itunes material?

    This should help:
    How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer

  • Can I have two itunes accounts on one laptop

    Can I have both my husbands and my account (2 seperate ids) on one laptop

    Hello Jannette92
    You can authorize to play his and your content but you are going to want to stay away from singing in and out each others Apple ID in the same iTunes library as that can lock out one of the Apple ID’s for 90 days. The best way to handle that is to create a separate user and have it just for his stuff and then use your user for just your iPhone.
    Authorize or deauthorize your Mac or PC
    iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID
    How to use multiple iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices with one computer
    -Norm G.

  • Can you have two itunes accounts on one mac

    My husband bought a mac book pro with a larger screen and I have his smaller screen mac pro. His itunes are on my mac book pro. Do I have to delete his itunes to add mine? He has his itunes on his new mac book pro and iphone.  Thanks!

    Yes, you can. Use separate Mac OS X user accounts, or launch iTunes with the Option key held down and switch between libraries as needed.

  • Can I have two itunes accounts on my pc? I have one account on the computer and the second on a portable back up.

    Can I have two Itunes accounts on one pc? One is on our PC now, and I have another on a portable back up. I hope I can.......thanks.

    Yes, you can have multiple Apple IDs within one iTunes copy.
    Note that all purchases will forever be tied to the Apple ID that was used to buy them. You will have to authorize the computer to the new library, as each device can be synced with just a single computer.

  • TS3988 Can I have two iCloud accounts on one device? / Paul

    Can I have two iCloud accounts on one IPad?

    Yes, you can add a second ("secondary") iCloud to a device as mendi1 stated.  There are some limitations with secondary iCloud accounts.  Only the primary account can be used for Photo Stream, syncing Bookmarks and Documents, iCloud Backup and Find My iDevice.  Also push email only works in the primary account; only fetch mail is supported in a secondary account.  See

  • Two iTunes accounts on one iPad?

    Hi. My husband and I have itunes accounts on two separate laptops. However the laptops are now old and both don't work anymore. I can access my itunes from my ipad.  Can we have both iTunes accounts on one iPad without merging the accounts? Thank you!

    Yea, but here's your problem...... You have to go into settings, store, tap ID, sign out, then sign in with the other. You can download everything from other account. If you have to update an app that's with the opposite account, then you have to repeat that process. Since the apps are tied to that apple I'd, updating requires to sign in with that account. The iPad technically is a 1 user device, but it is possible. Just if you don't mind logging in to his once and a while to update.

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