Can I unblock the iPad mini to use in other countries in Latin America with another SIM Card?

I recently was in Panama and found out I could unlock my iPhone 5S to use it with a SIM card from a local phone company including data.
Can this be done with the iPad mini? Or with any iPad? It would be great if I can unblock it and work with my iPad without the need of wi fi.

iPads are sold unlocked.

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  • I want to store movies on an SD disk, watch them on the way to Europe, then use the chip to record photos in my camera.  I can't get the iPad mini to recognize the videos I've recorded.

    I want to store movies on an SD disk, watch them on the way to Europe, then use the chip to record photos in my camera.  I can't get the iPad mini to recognize the videos I've recorded.

    I'm a bit lost - you first say
    "The only file(s) I can sometimes get it to recognize are the ones shot with a camera onto an SD card"
    then you say
    " If I take an unused SD card and record video with my camera, it will see, and import the file to the Photo app."
    In the first statement, aren't you using an SD card in the camera?  And what do you mean by "unused SD card"?    Cameras put their files in specific folders on a card, and your device only reads photos and video from those folders, not from anywhere else on the card.

  • Which SIM card does the iPad mini take? Does it have to be specific type of SIM for the iPad mini?

    Which SIM card does the iPad mini take? Does it have to be specific type of SIM for the iPad mini?

    Welcome to the Support Communities. The answer to your question is available in Apple's website — see the Input/Output section here:

  • Can I have the warrinaty of IPHONE 4S in other countries?

    Can I have the warrinaty of IPHONE 4S in other countries?

    The warranty of the iPhone 4S is valid only in the country of purchase.  The EU is considered to be one "country" for the purposed of the warranty.  It is NOT a global warranty.

  • Can i activate an iphone that is from Australia with another sim card?

    can i activate an iphone that is from Australia with another sim card?

    If officially unlocked, can use any valid sim card. If carrier locked, no...requires a valid sim card from the carrier the phone is locked to.

  • Can you turn the iPad mini into a "phone" ?

    Is it possible to turn the Ipad mini into a "phone" ?

    If you have Vonage for your home phone, you can get the free Vonage Extensions app that links to your home phone number.  It is a great app and it works on the iPad and will not incur any additional charges.  They also have options that work without a home account.  Another option is the Free Calls with magicJack app that lets you make free calls to telephones in the US and Canada.  If you just want a free over-the-top service to call or text people who use the same app, and you don't need to call landlines, I recommend Viber.  Of course, all these options only work when your iPad has an internet connection, but they are all free and worth trying out.

  • TS2634 Where can I find the Ipad mini smart cases?

    I cant find the ipad mini cases no more wat happen to them??

    So far I've only seen smart covers for the mini in the online store, I don't think that any smart cases have appeared for it yet

  • Use of Iphone 3Gs with another SIM card

    I purchased an Iphone 3Gs in France from Orange without a contract, i.e. paid the full price and therefore it should be unlocked. I now want to use it for trips and put another SIM card in it. Now after resetting it, it simply tells me that the SIM is invalid... Any suggestions?

    Call Orange.  Even though it should have been unlocked, they still lock it until you ask them to unlock it.  They're obligated to unlock it, so don't let them tell you otherwise.

  • Touchscreen defect? Can't open the iPad mini

    My daily appointments show but I cannot open the calender itself, the photo-function is working - but nothing else.
    I can't open the device, as the touchscreen does not respond. Tried to turn it on and off - no help.
    Does any one know, what I can do without doing a reset and risk loosing my calender, my notes, my photos ...?

    Hey there LouTH,
    It sounds like you are unable to swipe your screen to open it because that part of the touch screen is not responding. I would use the troubleshooting from the following article to help resolve the issue:
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Troubleshooting touchscreen response
    Clean the screen with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth.
    Avoid using the device while wearing gloves, with wet hands, or immediately after applying hand lotion.
    If you have a protective case, or if you are using a plastic sheet or film on the display, try removing them and testing the device without it.
    If the steps above don't resolve your issue, please schedule a service appointment with an Apple Retail Store for evaluation. If an Apple Retail store is not an option, contact Apple to find out your best service option or see theService FAQ for your product.
    Additional Information
    Tip: To isolate an issue related to a portion of the Multi-Touch display, follow these steps:
    Open the Maps application and double-tap each corner, then the center, to verify that it zooms in to each section.
    If a specific area is affected in another application, note the location and try to verify touch functionality for that location in the Maps application.
    On iPhone and iPod touch, you can also use Calculator:
    Open the calculator app to test all but the top row of the screen. Press each button on the calculator and verify activity.
    To test the area at the top of the screen, rotate the device to change to the scientific calculator and press the buttons in the left or right two rows.
    When speaking with a Mac Genius or Service Provider, you can use this information to assist with evaluation of your issue.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    All the best,

  • I can not connect the iPad mini to mobile hand set wia blue tooth?

    My iPad mini does not connect with mobile hand set using blue tooth?

    That is not a feature of the iPad.

  • Is there any possibility to upgrade the iPad mini for using more GB?

    The Last update needed 1,9 GB and i had to cancel some apps to start the update. I would like to upgrade my iPad mini.

    No, you cannot upgrade the amount of storage.

  • I have the iCloud backup screen up and it won't let me do anything.  It's stuck and I can't shut the ipad down or use the screen at all.

    The iCloud back up screen it on my ipad.  It won't let me do anything, turn it down or use any of the screen.  I have even tried to force shut it down but it won't let me use the screen at all.  I plugged it into my main computer to do a backup and it's still stuck. 

    It's rude not to share your solution and then mark your answer as correct so that it may help others. So in case anybody else reads this ....
    Reboot the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons.
    That will get you out of that backup screen. There is a reason that screens shows up. You haven't backed up your iPad! Make sure you backup regularly!

  • How do i use a 3gs as an ipod touch with no sim card

    i upgraded to iphone 5 and i have a 3gs that i want to use as an ipod touch , they removed the sim cards at at&t , how do i do it?

    You must have a SIM card in the phone to activate it. I've never known AT&T to actually remove the SIM when you upgrade, they simply deactivate the old one. Go back to AT&T and ask for an inactive SIM.

  • Can t Unblock the IPAD after updating it using my Apple ID

    bought ipad two years ago for gift , couple of days ago i tried to updating the system and when it finished, it asked me to sign in using my apple ID. When i tried it told me i can t use this ID to unblock this device.  what can i do ?
    I tried on Find my Apple ID, on the website, but can t find it.
    Any suggestion?

    Try contacting the designer of Find My IPhone. iTunes offers app designers "Rate My App" feedback from it's users. Scroll through it's responses. I've done this step before purchasing a proposed app for personal use. I've learned through other users what they've experienced using the designer's app. Also, sometimes a contact address is provided by the designer to contact them personally. Try tracking YouTube users for Find My iPhone. Sometimes valuable knowledge is gained by their tutorials to overcome iPhone problems. Hope this helps you. You're in my prayers.

  • How can i activate the ipad mini without the old owner user id and password

    I bought an ipad second hand went home and restore it to find im lock out and can't activate it can someone hep me with this the owner cant figure out witch email they use to activaite it and said he remove it off his account already but it still asking for the same thing inorder to activaate it

    Could be a stolen iPad.
    iCloud: Find My iPhone Activation Lock in iOS 7
     Cheers, Tom

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