Can not open pdfs w/adobe reader for android on archos 10i tablet?

I can not open pdfs w/adobe reader for android on archos 10i tablet? How to fix it?

Hi Dennis, thank you for the reply. I have Adobe Reader installed and open. When I click on the pdf documents an error message box opens and says "Error. The document cannot be opened beacause it is not a valid pdf document". Perhaps the pdf's on the USB memory stick are corrupted. I can't open them on the laptop either. I'll reload them and try again.

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    I can't open PDF in Firefox with Adobe Reader for Mac, what should i do?

    I have come across this problem, but i have solved my problem. The default PDF viewer with Firefox browser on Mac is Preview, so you can't use adobe reader to open PDF files, if you want to use Adobe Reader to open pdf with Firefox on mac, you need set adobe reader as your mac's default pdf viewer. Do as follows:
    1. Select any PDF file and choose File > Get Info.
    2. Choose Adobe Reader as your default PDF files viewer from the Browser in Download Action window.
    3. Click OK to set Adobe Reader as your default PDF files viewer.
    If you want to learn more, you can go to this website, -plugin-with-firefox-on-mac_g.html

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    What problems would that be? Maybe we can help if you give us some details?

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    I can not open documents using adobe reader because I have to accept "end user agreement".  How do I get to agreement?

    thx but the only thing that happens when I open Adobe Reader is that a small icon appears in the bottom-line. There is no dialogue box where I can accept!

  • Cannot open PDF on Adobe Reader for iPhone

    When I click on the file to open in the App it says, "The document has features that are not supported in this version of Adobe Reader". I have ensured that I have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader onto my phone. The PDF, "material is copyrighted and does have digital rights content protections on printing, copying and saving", there is no opportunity for me to enter a password or other verification. I can open this file on my computer, and I can also open other PDF's on my iPhone using the Adobe Reader App. Any help would be appreciated as I am trying to access study material for a rigorous upcoming exam, all materials were purchased legally.

    Adobe Reader mobile products (Adobe Reader for iOS, Adobe Reader for Android, etc.) do not support DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected PDF documents even in the latest version.
    Please use the desktop version of Adobe Reader XI for a Windows or Mac computer to open the PDF document instead.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Can't open from skydrive in Reader for Android

    I have adocument I needtowork in whileIam travelling. It had tobedownloaded fromanon-linesource and I THINK I had to use Microsoft Explorer to open it nitially. I startedtoworkon it (its a document one had to enter data into in stages). I saved it an uploaded it to my Skydrive. Now trying to open it on an android tablet (HP Slate 10 HD) and I am getting the following message:
    "Please wait.............if this message is not eventually replaced by the propercontents of the document your pdfviewer may not be able todisplay this type of document." This is followed by advice to go downlaod the latest version of Adobe reader -Idownloaded the android version only yesterday -I have tried viewing the cloud document ANDdownloading and trying to open it.
    Any suggestions please - I really need to work on this whileaway.By the way other windows documents open fine and allow meto edit without diffficulty. Although thispdf is specific to me it isn't password protected in any way.

    the source document is a blank master for each user to complete so doesn't contain any confidential information and resides at: mv3.pdf 
    it opens in adobe reader for windows but if I save to Skydrive it won't open in adobe reader for android.
    I then thought I might be able to download the original to my tablet and open in reader for android (hoping  I
    could then upload the completed document to Skydrive and open it in windows on my laptop) but no luck.
    Am also posting to e-mail as requested.
    Thanks CH1
    Depressingly it opens in Explorer with no problem at all. Not much help having made the decision to go down the android/Chrome route
    I do hope you can help.
    many thanks,
    Chris Harris

  • My free Acrobat trial expired and now I can't open PDFs with Adobe Reader

    I recently downloaded a free trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro before purchasing the software.  I already have Adobe reader installed on my computer (Dell PC -- Windows 7).  I attempted to purchase Adobe Acrobat as the parent of a student and I was told I had to wait for verification, which could take 1-2 days.  In the mean time, EVERY time I try to open a PDF, it asks me to buy the software and reminds me my trial has expired.  How can I revert back to using the free Adobe Reader I have always used?  If I had known it would be this much trouble, I never would have tried the free trial!  Can anyone help me out?
    Thank you!!

    Open Adobe Reader | Edit | Preferences | General: use the Select Default PDF Handler to specify Adobe Reader instead of Acrobat.

  • Can't open pdf with Adobe reader 11.0

    2009 24" iMac G5 OSX 10.8.2
    After downloading pdfs, even Apple's iPhone manual and saving it to my hard drive, I cannot reopen it. The Adobe Reader error message says that the file is damaged and cannot be opened. I tried reinstalling 11.0 but to to no avail. The adobe site offered this link to their forum:
    Anybody with a similar problem. I'd greatly appreciate any ideas on how to resolve this.

    It sounds like that you downloaded the PDF in Safari and tried to open it later. The fix is to delete the Adobe plugins from your Library's Internet-Plugins folder or to use another browser, not Safari, to download your PDFs.

  • I can't open pdf with adobe reader

    I had to download Adobe reader to open a PDF.
    Now I can't open the PDF and get a message that I must accept Adobe conditions forst which I did when installing it.
    I notice that it is a problem across different platforms all with Adobe reader.
    Any solutions?

    Open a Finder window then from the menu bar click Go > Go to Folder
    Type or copy paste the following:
    /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
    Click Go.
    If you see the:  AdobePDFViewer plugin in the Internet Plug-Ins folder, move it to the trash.
    Restart your Mac and try opening a PDF file.

  • Can't open pdfs with adobe reader 11

    I was directed to download adobe reader 11, but am now unable to open any pdfs. I am using OSX version 10.7.5 and using safari. Previously I had no problem with viewing pdfs. I tried downloading again, but get a message that it is already downloaded. Any suggestions?

    I face the same issue, tired downloading on both Mac and Ubuntu, but unable to open a pdf doc, it keep saying cannot find adobe reader, please help.
    Thank you
    Syed Ahmed

  • Open comment pop-ups for highlighted text (on Adobe Reader for Android)

    On my computer, I use the software Docear which allows to import highlighted text and comments from pdf documents. This function in Docear only works, if the reader copies highlighted text into the comment fields at the moment of highlighting. When using a reader on a PC, the settngs can be adjusted in order that this works. (Preferences>Commenting>Automatically open comment pop-ups for comments other than notes).
    It would be very practical for me to do this on my tablet (Android). However, as far as I know, this is not possible in the Adobe Reader for Android. Or is there any possibility to do this? If not,would it be possible to include this on a wishlist?

    This functionality is not available for Adobe Reader on Android. However, we have made a note of the same and shall try to incorporate it in one of our future releases.
    Adobe Reader Team

  • Even I have the latest version of Adober reader I still can not open pdf file on safari

    Even I have the latest version of Adober reader I still can not open pdf file on safari.

    Save the file locally, open the Reader application and try to open it from there. If it still doesn't work provide the full details of your OS, Reader version and the exact error message you're getting when you try to open the file.

  • Not able to open pdf and adobe reader on windows xp sp3.

    I am not able to open pdf and adobe reader on my windows xp sp3 computer. I have reinstalled adobe reader 11.0.3 twice, but, no luck. I would appreciate if you could help me in resolving this issue. Thanks in advance.

    You can try using this tool to first remove all traces of Reader from your computer:
    Then, you can download the full offline Reader installer from
    After downloading, restart your computer and run the installer before doing anything else.

  • Hi! I've just downloaded my PDF file but when I open it with adobe reader for iPhone, the toolbar do

    Hi! I've just downloaded my PDF file but when I open it with adobe reader for iPhone, the toolbar doesn't show! Can please anybody tell me why?

    Hi Elena, you have to tap on screen of iPhone, toolbar will just slide in.

  • After creating a form from an existing document, viewing it in Adobe Reader for Android only shows the form fields, and not the document behind it.

    Using an existing PDF file to create an editable form that I can update on my tablet as I go, but when I open the file on my tablet (using Adobe Reader for Android), it only shows the blue editable fields that I've created, but not the actual form that's supposed to be behind it. However, it views properly on my PC. Am I not saving it out correctly?

    Please share the sample file with me. I am sending you instruction via private message.

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