Can the same name be used for both an iCal calendar and reminder list?

In iCal, I have a Reminder list named "Home".  I have been trying to also give a Calendar the name "Home", but iCal does not seem to want me to do this. When I try to use the name Home for a Calendar, it changes it to the name "Home C" (a name that I gave it when I couldn't get it to let me use "Home").  Is this a restriction within iCal?  I have iCal synched with iCloud, which in turns syncs with an app called 2Do on my iPhone.  I am not sure if that may be part of the problem. 

Yes, it can

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    hi, i want to be able to change what area the player goes to when they press the journey button. but the code i made can only display one message, and that is, "you journey on..."
    i want to be able , for each button press, to move the player forward to a new area, is that possible? here is the code so far.
    import java.applet.Applet;
    import java.awt.Button;
    import java.awt.Graphics;
    import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
    import java.awt.event.ActionListener;
    public class Buttondemo extends Applet implements ActionListener{
    String msg = "";
    String zone = "forest";
    String message = "Current zone is" + zone;
    Button attack,run, inventory, search, journey ;
    public void init(){
    attack = new Button("attack");
    run = new Button("run");
    inventory = new Button("inventory");
    search = new Button("search");
    journey = new Button("journey");
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){
    String str = ae.getActionCommand();
    msg = "You attack!";
    else if(str.equals("run")){
    msg = "You run!";
    else if(str.equals("inventory")){
    msg = "Here is your inventory";
    else if(str.equals("search")){
         msg = "You start searching...";
         msg = "You journey on...";
    public void paint(Graphics g){
    g.drawString(msg, 6, 100);

    Ofcourse its possible. Maybe you wanna consider using an specific actionlistener for the journey button instead of using the common actionlistener.
    Like this:
    journey.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
         public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae){
              //Move forward...

  • Do I need to buy a new printer, dedicated for my Mac or can I use the same one we use for our PCs?

    Do I need to buy a new printer, dedicated for my Mac or can I use the same one we use for our PCs?

    Hello stacksofamber and welcome to Apple Support Communities,
    You should be able to find a Mac OSX driver for that printer. Did you check with the manufacturer/'s website?

  • Can the time capsule be used as both a time machine backup and NAS storage

    Can the time capsule be used as both a time machine backup and NAS storage?   I want to use the drive as external, wireless storage for all of my files so all my PCs, MACs and iOS devices can access the files.  Plus, I want to use the drive for backing up my iMac via time machine.  Can the time capsule device be used for both these purposes simultaneously?  If not, are the other suggestions on how I can do this?

    Can the time capsule device be used for both these purposes simultaneously? 
    It can, but is really not recommended. Sooner or later there will be a fight for space on the drive between Time Machine and the other files.
    If you have plenty of free space on the drive, you can do this......but.....have you thought about how you will back up the "other" files that are stored on the Time Capsule?

  • My iPad will not charge and every time I charge it. It comes up with the iTunes icon and I will not charge, it is not a new I pad and the same charger I use for the I pad I use for my I phone and it will charge. What is wrong?

    My iPad will not charge and every time I charge it. It comes up with the iTunes icon and I will not charge, it is not a new I pad and the same charger I use for the I pad I use for my I phone and it will charge. What is wrong?

    What exactlyare you seeing on the iPad's screen ? If it's the iTunes icon and a cable then that means that it's gone into recovery mode - you will need to connect it to your computer's iTunes and you should be able to use that to reset it back to factory defaults and you can then restore/resync your content to it.


    I added a dlink camera and used WPS to do that. It apparently disabled my regular wifi. I reloaded the disk for my dlink router and now my laptop is getting a signal, but my ipad won't accept the [passwrd-the same one I used for the laptop.

    Just double check that reloading the disk for the router did not restore it to factore settings and reset the password to the factory default password.
    Try settings/general/reset/reset network settings and try again to connect with the ipad

  • On Apple TV. Can the USB port be used for a keyboard and mouse interface

    On Apple TV. Can the USB port be used for a keyboard and mouse interface

    A bluetooth keyboard can be used with the Apple TV.
    There is no need for a mouse with an ATV.

  • Is it possible to have a calendar and reminder list with the same name?

    I migrated from MobileMe to iCloud on the first day. MobileMe was then set up with my MacBook and so in iCal i saw my calendar events duplicated. I didn't like this so I tried deleting the MobileMe calendars first, then realised I couldn't delete all of them, it seemed that I must have one calendar. I then removed the the account setting (which would have been the smarter thing to do). A few hours later I notice that the calendars I deleted from MobileMe have been deleted from iCloud, as well as associated task/reminder lists. Luckily for me I made a backup before moving to iCloud so I've managed to recover my calendars.
    My question is: Can I make a calendar and reminder list by the same name?
    After the migration I did have some calendars and reminder lists by the same name eg. Work, Home.

    T-Storm, I'm having the same annoying delay on my X-Fi Extreme Gamer card, it's driving me nuts trying to fix it.
    I noticed that if I un-tick the Dolbly Digital Li've in the console it goes away, along with the 5. sound, %$*&^^&%!
    Is it he same with you? Try un-ticking the DDL while playing something and see if it stops the delay or not. At least it will see if the problem is the card, the connection, the optical cable, or DDL itself.
    Dolby Digital Li've works in real-time so I fear that is causing the delay rather then a bad cable or connection. But I don't know if others are getting the same delay or not, if it is DDL then everyone should be getting it.
    But, if they are not trying to play a digital signal at the same time as a anolog one they might not notice it.

  • I currently have an ipod touch 4th generation for my daughter.  I just bought the same ipod for myself. Before I set it all up, i want to know if i can use the same email/apple id for both of them???

    My daughter has an ipod touch 4th gen.  I just bought one for myself but dont' know if I can use the same email/apple id ???  i'd like to but dont want issues w/ facetime, etc.  Please help!!

    I recommend that you
    Create a NEW account/ID for her using these instructions. Make sure you follow the instructions. Many do not and if you do not you will not get the None option. You must use an email address that you have not used with Apple before. Make sure the birthdate yo specify results n an age of at least 13 years old.
      Creating an iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store account without a credit card
    Use the new ID on her iPod but only for:
    Settings>Messages>Send and Receive
    and Settings>iCloud if you want her to have separate Contacts Calendar and some other things.    
    Continue to use the same/common Apple ID for Settings>iTunes and App stores so you can share purchases.

  • Can the Time Capsule be used for scanner sharing?

    I have successfully replaced my Linksys router with the Time Capsule and also hooked it to my USB HP 2200 all-in-1 printer. Works great except I can't get my wireless iMac or MacBook to see the HP all-in-1 as a scanner. The "network" printing works great via the TC.
    Has anyone successfully integrated with a USB scanner yet?

    I have this exact same problem, but only with a different printer/scanner (I even switched from a Linksys router). My printer is the Epson RX595, and as you stated, I can also print wirelessly to it from both my MacBook Pro and PC (connected wirelessly and via ethernet to the TC respectively). Now everywhere I've read is pretty much pointing to the "USB scanning not fully supported with TC", but I was wondering if Apple or Epson would have a solution for this in the future as I bought my printer not too long ago and don't want to have to upgrade just yet. I really want to keep it connected to my TC, since my PC doesn't have to stay on to act as a print server (previous setup).

  • How can I substitute characters in a string when the same characters are used in both input and output strings

    Hi Numbers users,
    I am trying to get Numbers 2.3 on OS X (10.9.1) to convert  cells containing variable length strings composed of 6 letters, A, B, C, a, b, c into a second string containing the same 6 lettersusing the rule A to c, B to b, and C to a and vice versa, so for example cell A1 might contain string "AcBbCaaB" and I want Numbers to convert this into "cAbBaCCb" in cell B1. I have tried to use the SUBSTITUTE function (nested) without success so far as I end up with the letters either all uppercase or all lowercase. I understand why this is happening and maybe it isn't possible using SUBSTITUTE. Does anyone know if there is another function I can use to do this?
    Thanks, Hugh.

    you can use this method:
    Add a new table, called "Translator", show as the bottom table:
    Enter the data in columns B anc C as shown
    cell A1 contains:
    select cell A1 and fill down
    For the table on top enter your code in column A.  The converted code will be in column B.  Make sure there are enough columns (I went out to column AD):
    D2=MID($A2, COLUMN()−2, 1)
    select D2, copy,
    select cells D2 thru P2, paste
    R2=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(CODE(D2), Translator::$A:$C, 3, 0), "")
    select R2, copy,
    select cells R2 thru AD2, paste
    select B2 thru AD2 and fill down as needed
    You can hide columns C thru AD

  • We upgraded to Mavericks on two computers at work, and now Favorites from one computer show, while Favorites from the other don't. The same AppleID was used for the upgrade on both computers, but we have separate logins.

    At work, we upgraded to Mavericks on two iMacs, using the same AppleID. Now, in Safari, the Favorites bar shows only my coworker's faves on both computers, and my Bookmarks are in the bookmark listing, also showing on both computers. How can we fix this, so that I only see my Favorites and Bookmarks and she only sees hers?

    I hope it's okay that I post about my progress with this!
    I restarted both computers and tested our Safari connection by deleting a couple of bookmarks on my computer. They did NOT delete from the other computer, so that problem seems to be resolved. I'm not sure what will happen if she signs back into iCloud, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
    I hope this helps, if you have a similar problem.

  • Can I use a different I'd for developing on the same Mac I use for iTunes?

    I Want to become an app developer but I would like to use a new account. I already have an apple I'd that I want to keep using for everything else on my Mac. Is it possible to use one for music and apps and another for developing on the same computer?

    Hi Schatzie246,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    You can create a new Apple ID for use with the Apple Developer Programs if you'd prefer:
    New Apple ID
    Create a new Apple ID if you have an existing iTunes Connect account, participate in the Volume Purchase Program, are enrolled in the iOS Developer Enterprise Program, or prefer to have an Apple ID dedicated
    to your business transactions.
    From Apple Developer: Sign in or create an Apple ID.
    See this page for more information about the Apple Developer Programs:
    Best Regards,

  • I can't sign in b/c "your acct is inactive" and I can't register a new acct w/ the same email I used for the original registration. FF7.0.1

    When I try to sign in I get "your acct is inactive" message and no info on how to activate it. When I try to register a new acct, I can't use my email address b/c its associated w/ my "inactive" acct. So I opened a new email acct in order to register a new FF acct.
    The original problem I have concerns ReminderFox in FF7.0.1, Windows 7
    It's there but I can't enter any notes/reminders in it??

    That can happen if you have used the account for quite some time.
    Try to post a request to reactivate on the Contributors forum if you can't set a new password.

  • Can the same iphone be used to develop on two different mac hardware sets?

    My co-worker and I are both developing iPhone code. I am the only one around with an iPhone. A couple of questions:
    1.) It is possible for him to use my iphone to test his code (with HIS mac), then I do the same on MY mac. Will this conflict? Will iTunes freak?
    2.) If we were to purchase another iphone, we'd prefer not to get a contract (which Apple makes you do). Can we use an unlocked phone, or an ATT phone purchased on eBay (assuming there is no current subscription).
    We are running identical OSx versions. I have and air, he has a pro.

    Nevermind! The answers are all in the apple signup process. Sorry bout that.

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