Cant get Frontrow to work after installing 10.4.3 and updating it

I made a terrible mistake today and moved all my files from my harddisk to my external harddisk. I had to reinstall everything but I cant get frontrow to work properly. I cant find it on my external harddisk either.
Can someone please help me with this tricky question.

Can you describe your problem in a bit more detail? Why did you decide to move your files? What files did you move? What method did you use to move them? Did you move them over completely by way of backing up and then erased your disk prior to moving them back?
Any other information you can provide will make it easier to make suggestions on your issue.
Good luck.
PismoG4 550, 100GB 5400 Toshiba internal, 1 GB RAM; Pismo 500 OS X (10.4.5)   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   Beige G3 OS 8.6

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    Many of my System Preferences will no longer work after installing Mountain Lion. Software Update, Startup Disk, iCloud, Time Machine, Notifications, etc. no longer will launch even though they do show their icons in the system preferences window. I keep getting a drop down window saying I must restart system preferences in order to use with a "Cancel" or "OK" choice. After I click on "OK" the window just keeps reappearing with the same choices and the pane I wish to use still remains inoperative. Third party preference panes DO work.
    Reinstalling OSX Mountain Lion did not help. Neither did throwing away preferences.plist.

    Hi Jeff,
    Tried to reply with my iPhone but not easy! Anyway, back on the laptop now. Yes the crash was bad but Tek support at Prism Sound was really good. In the end I rebuilt the whole system on a new disk which took a couple of days with all the plugins, softsynths etc.... but there seemed to be no alternative in my case, and this was agreed with Prism sound as being the only alternative left to me. I still don't really know what caused the crash but ML and Orpheus are both working fine now. Let's face it, you'll have to update at sometime..maybe best to pick some time between projects On balance, I suspect that my problems were unique to my system and that your installation will go ok.
    Hope it goes well,

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    Hi Eric, it is Safari but I thunk I've solved it by dragging the autofill into the safari toolbar and clicking on it when I want to use the fearture. Nothing else worked. this OS is a crock as far as I am concerned.

  • How do you get outlook to work after installing iphoto

    has anybody been able to successfully start Outlook after installing Iphoto. I have downloaded all the updated fixes, and rebuilt Outlook's data base. but Outlook will not start...
    Thanks in advance.

    Why do you think installing iPhoto affects Outlook? I would ask that on an Outlook forum.

  • IChat video is not working after installed the 10.6.4 update

    Hi. I'd like to know, how to solve the problem for my iChat video that has stopped working after I installed the latest update. I dunno what's the problem but it shows that, when I clicked on the preferences for iChat on the Audio/Video, I got "This computer does not support video chats". But that thing is, my iSight camera's working just fine, even the indicator's also lighted up. Is there any solution to this?
    I would really appreciate it.

    The camera can only be used by one App at a time (unless you have certain Add-ons).
    However if it works in other applications and not iChat I would check that the Video Menu > Camera Enabled is ticked.
    This, if unticked, is the camera Off.
    IF you have just done the 10.6.4 update I would Repair Permissions as well.
    Try rebooting the computer.
    9:06 PM Wednesday; July 7, 2010
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"

  • How do I get firefox to work after installing an update (Can I go back to an older version if possible)?

    I recently updated from Firefox 3.6.3 to 3.6.8. I skipped previous updates because of similar problem I'm experiencing now however now it is worse. Immediately after installation, messages windows pop up. The FIRST window says: “Firefox has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”
    The SECOND window (with a red circle surround a white ‘X’) says: “firefox.exe – Unable to Locate Component. This application has failed to start because xul.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
    The THIRD window is called the “Mozilla Crash Reporter. We’re Sorry. Firefox has a problem and crashed…” where it gives me the option of submitting a report and restarting (which I have done).
    The problem happened during previous attempted updates which is why I tend to avoid Firefox updates until today. However, in the past all I would do is manually power off the computer and restart the computer. Firefox never completed the installation so I was able to use the older version of Firefox.
    Now I cannot do that because Firefox is updated to 3.6.8 which refuses to open. How can this problem get fixed? I am not “tech savvy” but loyal to Firefox (and for now I have no access to all my bookmarks).
    Thank you.
    == User Agent ==
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US) AppleWebKit/533.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/5.0.375.125 Safari/533.4

    Hello Michael.
    Hopefully this support article is what you need:
    In any case, it's possible that you are having a problem with some Firefox add-on that is hindering your Firefox's normal behavior. Have you tried disabling all add-ons (just to check), to see if Firefox goes back to normal?
    Whenever you have a problem with Firefox, whatever it is, you should make sure it's not caused by one (or more than one) of your installed add-ons, be it an extension, a theme or a plugin. To do that easily and cleanly, run Firefox in [ safe mode] (don't forget to select ''Disable all add-ons'' when you start safe mode). If the problem disappears, you know it's from an add-on. Disable them all in normal mode, and enable them one at a time until you find the source of the problem. See [ this article] for information about troubleshooting extensions and themes and [ this one] for plugins.
    If you need support for one of your add-ons, you'll have to contact its author.
    If the problem is not disappears when all add-ons are disabled, please tell me, so we can work from there. Please have no fear of following my instructions to the line, as all can be easily undone.
    Also, if you want to use an older version of Firefox, please use Firefox 3.5.11. Only versions 3.5.11 and 3.6.8 are supported, and both contain all the latest security fixes. Using any other version is unsafe and not recommended.

  • I can not get wifi to work after installing new hard drive...

    I have a a505-s6965 laptop running vista and I had to replace the hard drive. After doing so and running all of the recovery discs I keep getting an error message about my wifi driver and card reader and also a couple others. Now my computer works but I can not get online even if I do not use wifi. PLEASE HELP!!!
    Go to Solution.

    I've enabled your account ID for searching the general drivers and support pages for specific downloads based on entered model number and descriptions.
    The web site search feature is an experimental unsupported BETA currently in its 27th year of testing. The hidden link that is only usuable by yourself and everyone else is:
    I've also removed all age verification checks for your account so you won't be challenged for proof of minimum age or style when searching the free web site of drivers available to anyone else and yourself.
    Please notice that your search and downloads have been enabled for high speed acceleration and could likely be completed in less time than any unimaginative and ignored response you'll struggle with disguised as your return fire.
    I love your user ID, you must remember to bequeath it to me in your expansive trillion dollar estate plan.
    "hello, hello, IS THIS THING ON ?!?!!??!!! --Mr. Tinkles "

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    Now Itunes wont open, so I tried to reinstall it and I get a message saying it cant find Itunes.msi
    With those symptoms, try the procedure I outline in the following post:

  • Cant get buttons to work after linking back

    I have built a flash page that links to html pages. The buttons in the flash movie also link to movie frames in the flash and external html pages. Once movie plays and stops, all links work fine, the links to the anchors and the links to the other html pages, however when I try and link back to the flash movie from an external html page, to specific frames in the flash movie, the html link will link back to flash movie frame fine, however once your back in the flash movie, none of the buttons in the movie work anymore.
    I have embedded the flash movie in an HTML and published it with anchors,"home, about, events etc.
    used this code for several buttons in the flash linking to frame anchors in the movie:
    home_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, handler);
    function handler (event:MouseEvent):void
         gotoAndPlay (300, "Scene 1");
    This code for the buttons to html pages in the movie:
    members_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, clickHandler);
    function clickHandler (event:MouseEvent):void
         navigateToURL (new URLRequest (""), "_self");
    And this code for the html link back to flash frame anchors:
    <a href="">the button in html page<a/>
    I can't get the buttons in the movie to work once you go back to flash from html links. What am I doing wrong?
    I have search for days now... till I'm blue, can anybody steer me in the right direction please.

    The flash is 410 frames main movie ends at 393. Buttons appear at lets say frame 115, so at frame 115 I have an action layer with the above code, and blocked(?) extended out all the way to frame 410. Every frame has the action panel showing that code. So like 295 frames its on? I did that beacause flash would not let me put code in layer on each frame more than once told me duplicate code. I would like the buttons to work as soon as they appear, but maybe not possible?
    So when the movie runs and then stops (another layer with a stop(); on frame 393) everything works, if you link to frames 401, 402 etc, can link back and forth in flash movie no prob.
    The frames 401, 402 are continuations of several layers of the main movie, and some additonal content layers just for those "pages". Each has an anchor layer, a content layer, continuing layers of main, and a stop(); layer for each.
    So when you choose a button (in the movie) that takes you out of movie, to an HTML page and then try and link back to flash from that HTML page link, you get sent to correct page, frame, in the flash, but as you suggest and as I feared, the code is not being run. Buttons react to mouse but don't link anywhere.
    Any suggestions would be dearly appreciated.

  • Wireless connection not working after installed newest Lenovo ThinkVantage System Update programs

    Hi, everyone!
    I've installed some newest programs through Lenovo ThinkVantage System Update and just after that my wireless connection has stopped working. Here are the installed programs:
    ThinkPad UltraNav Driver for Windows 32-bit version;
    ThinkPad Power Management Driver version 1.60;
    ThinkPad Modem Adapter version;
    ThinkPad Hotkey Features Integration Package Setup version 3.11.0001;
    Inter Wireless WiFi Link for Window XP version 13.02.0000;
    ThinkVantage Access Connections for Windows XP version 5.62;
    ThinkPad Power Manager version 1.88;
    Lenovo ThinkVantage Toolbox (32-bit) version 6.0.5514.61.
    I've got a Lenovo T61 with Windows XP SP3.
    Also in Device Manager, there are now the two "Other devices" bellow with a yellow question point and a yellow exclamation point by side:
    Bluetooth Hands-free Audio;
    Bluetooth LAN Access Server Driver.
    Does anyone have any idea what can be done to have these issues solved?
    P.S.: when I click Fn+F5 it shows only the Bluetooth Radio.

    Hello and welcome,
    I've seen something like this on XP machines after updates a couple of times now - my T61, a friend's T400, and his daughter's T61.  I guess that makes 3
    _Maybe_  your situation is the same.
    The fix in all 3 cases was to go to device manager and uninstall the wifi driver.  Then scan for hardware changes and let it reinstall the driver.  Something about how Access Connections or some other networking mangement thingy was hooking the drivers I guess.
    On both of the friend's machines, the wired networking was also b0rked.  Same fix there.
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  • HT5463 i cant get it to work - i've followed the instructions and audible notifications still come through on my I5 phone and my Ipad

    i can't get do not disturb to work - on my phone or ipad - notificatsions still audibly alert

    It's a new feature. I would certainly like it to work the way your describing also. I'm hoping it's something they add in time. You can submit feedback directly to Apple requesting that feature:

  • GPS not working after installing new 2.0 and slow iPhone!!!!  HELP!!!!!!!!

    upgraded to new 2.0 and installed some new application but now by GPS/MAPS doesn't work. when i tap on it 5 seconds later it return back to the main screen and my iphone is slow!!! i rebooted 3 times and nothing and i even deleted the new applications and still nothing!
    any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

    You are Crazy Latino. You never had GPS capability with your original iPhone. Maps is using skyhook and cell tower triangulation to locate your position.
    You can't say that you meant maps when you wrote GPS, and then roll your eyes when you do not accurately present your question and someone answers your original question...
    crazy latino.

  • Epson Stylus Pro 7700 will not work after installing Mountain Lion, I have update all drivers and firmware

    This is a large format printer used for proofs that I cannot use since upgrading to Mountion Lion, anyone else had printer issues?

    Checked RoaringApps App Compatibility Table.  These are apps not drivers but.. 
    All I see listed is:
    - Epson LFP Remote Panel 3.6.1 and with a ? under Mountain Lion
    - Epson Printer Utility 4 8.6.1 and red X indicating non-compatibility with Mountain Lion
    - Epson Scan 3.7.5 and a green check mark showing compatibility with Mountain Lion
    On the Epson Website.  Under Drivers and Downloads for the Stylus Pro 7700 with Mountain Lion, it looks like there is:
    - Printer Driver v8.63
    - Remote Panel 2 Utility v1.30
    - Uninstall Center v1.1.0
    - Firmware Update version KND14BA
    Epson Stylus Pro 7700 Printer - Drivers & Downloads
    Did you download and install all of these from the Epson website?

  • Dvd/cd player won't work after installing windows 8.1

    I recently installed windows 8.1 on my Pavilion All in One Desktop Computer and now the computer won't recognise the DVD/CD player. I have downloaded all current drivers, but still not working. Any ideas?

    Hello Gindel95,
    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how the DVD/CD player will not work after installing Windows 8.1, and I would be happy to assist you! To begin, I will need to ask you a few questions:
    What is the Product and Model Number of your desktop computer?
    What version of Windows did you have installed on your computer before upgrading to 8.1?
    Has your computer completed all of its important Windows Updates?
    In the meantime, I recommend following this document on Download or Update Software and Drivers for HP Computers, which should help configure your DVD / CD drive.
    Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, as well as the requested information above. I look forward to your reply!
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the right to say “Thanks” for helping!

  • HT1386 i can not activated my iphone 3GS after i tried to restore and update iOS5.1.1

    please help cause i cant activated my 3gs iphone after i tried to restore and update to iSO 5.1.1

    This Apple document might help ya out -> iOS: Troubleshooting carrier activation issues

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