CD-Rs I burn on my iMac skip when played back

Hi there, when I create songs in Garageband and then "send to iTunes" and burn the disc, many of the songs skip randomly. I've tried playing back the disc in multiple stereos and computers, and it's the same thing. The discs are not scratched. What could be the problem?

Two things to try:
Unless you're using a high quality brand, change the brand you're using (the Superdrives are very finicky about the media - mine only likes Verbatim), and
burn at the slowest speed available (which cuts down on burn errors).

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  • Final DVD made in iDVD skips when played back

    Made slide show in Final Cut Express.  Exported as a QT movie and placed it in iDVD.  When I play it back it pauses and skips in certain spots.  I also have video on this movie and it paused on it also. 

    The usual causes would be poor media (like Memorex or TDK) and/or burning at a high sped (8X or higher).  Use Maxell or Verbatim and burn at a max of 4X.

  • DVD skips when playing on standalone

    I have a Dual 2.7 withthe Pioneer 109 Apple OEM drive. Typically I burn 4-7 dvd's a week. For the last week I have had problems with the disc skipping or hanging. It's very sporadic on where it occurs on the disc and doesn't neccesarily do it at the same place on each player I use. Other discs I've burned in months past using the same media are fine. I have replicated this with 3 different types of media. Anyone have similar problems?
    FYI: I use a high end Sony on one tv and I also have a Oppo 971 upscaling player for my HT projector. i also have a third Sony dvd in the HT room which also does it as well. So I've ruled out the Player as the culprit.
    I'm thinking it's the laser when burning. That error correction is preventing the error from showing up when I verify it in Toast, but that the laser is slightly off track or unfocused when burning causing the poradic issues when playing in a stand alone.
    Any other suggestions or experiences.

    This may or may not be the answer you seek, but I have found that Mac Burners are very very sensitive to Media.
    By this I mean if there is even a hint of a fingerprint, a scratch, of any kind, or a smudge, almost anything other than a pristine piece of media, both when burning and playback can and will cause.
    Color fading.
    Errors on playback.
    as well as several other issues that can carry over to and show up on your computer as well as stand alone players.

  • I have recently upgraded my iMac Intel G5 iSight to OS 10.6.8 and now the internal mic does not work with skype or facebook. I can here static when playing back clips. Do I need to update firmware or reload old sys parts

    I have recently upgraded my iMac Intel G5 iSight (iMac5,1) to OS 10.6.8 and now the internal mic does not work with skype or facebook. I can here static when playing back clips. Do I need to update firmware or reload old system parts. I have zapped PRAM. The blue indicator in system audio panel will appear for a second as I slide the bar for internal mic but then it disappears. Is there a fix?

    The sound seems very faint but can here static on playback.

  • TS1717 i loaded music from a flashdrive from my old computer with a windows xp os onto my itunes library.  Now all the songs in my library skip when played or downloaded from store

    I decied to load some songs from my old computer which had  windows xp.  I used a flash drive and loaded them onto my new computer with windows 7.  Ever since all songs from my itunes library skip when played, even the ones purchased or imported.  Help how can I fix this?  Would it help to deauthorize my computer and then authorize it again?  I tried diagnosing the compatibility and changed it to windows xp service pack 2, but it did'nt ffix it.

    Songs purchased from iTunes Store?



    Is the Battery level is low?
    The harddisk might be dying, run the disk diagnostic, the procedure is
    if it is too technical for you, but it does gives you the condition of your harddisk.
    What's happening is that some songs are on bad cluster, which need to be moved or reallocate to good cluster.
    To fix it in Windows simply run
    chkdsk drive: /R /F
    where drive: is the iPod drive ID. D: or E:
    in Mac run Diskutilty -> FirstAid -> repair.
    Good luck!

  • Export QuickTimes freeze and skip while playing back

    I’m new to Motion, and growing concerned. I’ve purchased and learned Motion for a specific job. I’ve built some very cool elements with many layers. I’ve grown accustom to the slow performance, skipping etc. while working on the project. That’s ok.
    What concerns me is exporting. When exporting Draft or Best versions, most all the time the movies freeze or skip while playing back, either in QuickTime or Final Cut Pro
    When exporting I select Export, as QuickTime Movie, using current project settings
    I’m using Motion 3.02-HDV 1080-60i project, 10 seconds long
    4x 2.5 Ghz G5
    5 GB Ram
    I would appreciate and advice or tricks to be able to export a decent version of what I’ve built.

    Andy, thanks for your help.
    I have 30 gigs available on the hardrive. The file exports are usually less than a gig. I have a GeForce 6600 card.
    When I select export setting from “current project settings” it uses the Animation codec and plays with freezes and skips. But with in that video that does play well, it plays very clean and clear.
    When I change the export to 1080i60 at best quality, I’m guessing it uses the HDV codec? It does play back with out the skips and freezes. But it looks like **** with horizontal lines in titles stripes etc.
    Is there a way to make the 1080i60 video playback clean?

  • PAvillion DM4 Sound constantly skips when playing music

    My HP Pavillion constantly skips when playing audio
    Any suggestions?

    you may need to update the audio drivers and Intel Rapid storage driver(if applicable) from
    Please visit and select suport & drivers>drivers & softwares> type the the complete model of your PC such as dv6-6100 dv6-3100 etc... select your computer model (if listed), or select the CTO(such as dv6-6100 CTO) model(which works for whole series) now select the OS you are running. you have the list of drivers for your PC.
    hope it helps, Good Luck !!!
    “I am an HP Employee“
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  • Music burned to CD skips when played

    When I burned my playlist to a CD, the music skips when replayed in my car.  Any suggestions?

    Make sure you are using CD-R blanks, not CD-RW, since the latter often have problems in normal CD players.
    Also use a nice low burn speed, such as 2x.  This selection can be made on the dialog that comes up when you request the Burn.

  • ITunes skips/pauses when playing back .wav or .aiff files

    Hello all,
    Ever since I upgraded to iTunes 6.01, every .wav or .aiff file I play results in skipping playback. Sometimes the sound will pause, other times it will skip half a second or more. It sounds like a scratched CD without the screeching.
    The iTunes visualiser goes 'flat' during these periods of silence, implying that it thinks the silences are breaks in the music. Rewinding the skipped portion usually results in it playing back satisfactorily, although it will continue to skip throughout the remainder of the track, as it would have done without my intervention.
    They still skip when opening the files in QuickTime Player, although not as much - perhaps once a tune rather than the five-almost constant in iTunes. Also, they worked perfectly in both programs before I upgraded to 6.01.
    Anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?
    I've sent feedback to Apple, but other than that, I'm at a loss as to what to do. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your time,
    Tony Ghirra
    Powermac G5 Dual Processor 2.3   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   2.5 Gb RAM

    I updated the AE firmware and made sure my airport and AE software were current, but the problem is still there. One thing that makes it hard to track is that the amount of skipping varies during the day, so sometimes it will play an album without skipping, and others it will skip a few times per track (i.e. unlistenable). Still fiddling with channels to see if that helps...
    There is one peculiar thing that happens only with playback involving AirportExpress, even if there are no skips in the track:
    When iTunes approaches within (approx) 10-15 seconds of the end of a song, it will jump the time-display forward to the beginning of the next song: then the display will wait at the 0-second mark of the new song till the current song almost finishes (it will clip a couple of seconds off the end): then iTunes will start playing the next new song.
    G4 iMac   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

  • Songs skip when playing on itunes

    Is anyone else having problems with their songs skipping on itunes (both saved audio files and audio cds) when they play fine on other players like windows media player. My itunes was working fine until about two weeks ago when the program seemed to create havic on my computer. It killed my internet explorer, then itunes and quicktime wouldn't uninstall on my computer. Finally removed programs using windows cleanup utility program. Have installed/ uninstalled program several times since with no luck. The songs keep skipping and slowing down. Even tried updating drivers. Seems to play fine as long as I'm not running anyother program on the computer, but as soon as I run another program or even minimize/ maximize the itunes media player skipping starts (even though only using like 4% computer power). Even tried installing stand alone quicktime player. Nothing works. The apple techs have to be the worst support on the planet. Sent hrs on the phone with them. Please help or let me know if u are having similar problems. Thanks Tom

    I've had problems as well. I get "crackling" when I play songs using iTunes. When it happens, it appears that the program is getting bogged down because the mouse doesn't move smoothly across the screen. I've been trying many ways of troubleshooting it including the "waveout" option and keep coming up empty. I've tested identical tracks on Windows Media Player and found them to play perfectly on WMP. What is also baffling is that I can still burn playlists using iTunes and then play the burned CD on another computer or CD player with no sound problems whatsoever. Someone suggested it could be connected to compatibility with a Windows update like Service Pack 2 for WINXP, but I know for a fact the program was fine when SP2 was installed.
    Here's a brief history of my troubleshooting:
    Everything with my system was working fine.
    Computer was getting bogged down playing Sim City, games on, and itunes was crackling.
    Left for work one day and iTunes was working. Came home the next day and the program dumped EVERYTHING. It did not carry a single song in the library and all 52 playlists were gone even though all files were still sitting in the iTunes folder as they always were. Each playlist xml file I found and opened with Notepad showed only the playlists that come with the program and nothing I had created. I'm assuming this issue occurred because of a corrupted xml library file or there was a conflict with my old 20GB hard drive that used to house the old OS and program files (that hard drive has since been wiped).
    Did major utitility maintenance: 3 Spyware programs, 2 antivirus, Norton Utlities Disc Cleanup/defragged/etc and what little spyware found were cookies.
    I considered that there may be files corruption, so I tried playing mp3 tracks from the library using Windows Media Player and had no sound problems at all!! Of course, the majority of my library is in apple's aac fomat.
    I also decided to see what would happen if I burned a CD through iTunes. The CD works great!
    I also get crackling when I play CDs through the CD Rom with iTunes and do not when I use Windows Media Player.
    I also considered that it was a specific format causing the issue: mpeg layer 3 or 4. Songs crackle across the board.
    Uninstalled iTunes again. Downloaded and installed iTunes 5 today. Songs still crackle!
    I also used regedit and ccleaner to clean up the computer as well. Still no luck.

  • The sound on my G5 imac disappears when playing itunes

    The sound on my imac just cuts out when playing itunes. If I press the Sound Increse or Decrease button on the keyboard it comes back - for a while !
    The problem doesn't seem to be affected by anything else running.
    The only thing that does seem to have an effect it is the volume - the lower the volume, the oftner it happens.
    Anybody help me?

    One thing that helped was getting a toothbrush and scrubbing the dock connector on the phone.  I scrubbed the connector and used compressed air for about 1/2 hour till the connector looked much cleaner.  An Apple employee told me that the pins on the phone had a little corrosion and sand.  The problem hasn't gone away completely, but has been significantly reduced.  I'm going to hold out until my contract expires after which time I'll switch to an iPhone5 (or newer) or Android phone.

  • My itunes player on my desktop skips when playing songs. I have re-installed but the problem continues. I have Windows7 64 bit.

    My itunes player on my desktop (Windows7 64 bit) skips while playing songs. I have re-installed but the problem continues. Any suggestions?

    I'm expreriencing the same conditions with the same environment.  Windows 8, iTunes-64, iTunes Store with a processing bar up to 80 +/- and the POPUP MESSAGE OF "iTunes stopped working. The error ...."
    My iTunes StoreS from my iPhones ARE OK.
    I'm spending a lot of time of research for WINDOW'S iTUNE with no solutions.... 

  • Audio CDs skip when played on iPod

    when playing audio books on a 20gig iPod I get occasional skipping _ no actual noise but silent spots which break up the speaking _ this will usually happen once or twice per book & usually toward the end of one of the original CDs _ but with a new copy of the Harry Potter "Goblet of Fire" audio CD the skipping is happening on nearly every CD _ tried redoing the CD's & the skipping is happening in different sections _ any suggestions as to what causes the skipping ? _ any suggestions as to how to prevent it ?

    It could be a couple of things. Are you running the very latest version of software for your iPod and the latest version of iTunes? You can update these at Apples home page. Also, it may not be a CD/iPod communication issue. It is a problem most likely with the format between the CD and iTunes. You can check this by playing it from iTunes through your home PC. If it still skips there then it has to do with the Book to iTunes. Are you disconnecting your iPod after you eject it in the PC's software? If you disconnect prior it may mess up files,
    songs and books that are on the iPod.

  • 7.5.2 Update causing skipping when playing via AirPlay

    Since the iOS 4 iPad update, I have been streaming music from my iPad to my AirPort Express from Pandora. There have been no issues with this until I performed the 7.5.2 update to my AX. Now, I am experiencing pretty consistent pauses/skips when trying to listen to music.
    I checked my AirPort Express logs, and the only items I'm seeing that seem to be happening pretty frequently seem to be:
    - Dec 18 18:51:43 Severity:5 Rotated TKIP group key.
    - Dec 18 18:44:31 Severity:4 AirTunes stream from stopped.
    Anyone have any thoughts?

    Interesting. I just set up a test and things to working ok for me (no skipping). Here is the test:
    AirPort Express 7.5.2
    iPad 4.2.1
    Pandora (latest and greatest off iTunes)
    My iPad sits about 7 feet from my AirPort Express. I am stream Pandora music through it (with the "Higher Quality Audio" option enable). My Express is set up for WPA2 PSK, Auto Channel and 802.11N (with b.g compatibility). I am also using Bridge mode since I am behind a NAT firewall already.
    I know one difference between our setups right off the bat is you are using NAT (well at least I am assuming you are). Can you see any other differences in our configs? I would like to try an reproduce the problem, gather a wireless sniffer and send it to Apple via ADC.

Maybe you are looking for