Change chart legend order

I have bar chart with legend. I can change chart sort order from Chart Expert. When I change order in chart I can not see same order in legend list. How can I change legend sort order.

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  • Chart Legend order

    Hi All,
    I have created a chart ( line chart ) that shows trends. The egend shows up in alphabetical order which is fine but it does not match with the order of lines in chart which is confusing. Can someone please help me if there is any workaround to aligh legend value order with lines in chart.

    Please try the below this worked for me:
    Right click on Chart and Select u201CChart Expertu201D -> u201CDatau201D tab.
    Select the field from u201COn Change Of Fieldu201D
    Then u201COrderu201D button will enable.
    Click on the u201COrderu201C Button , it will opens u201CChart Sort Orderu201D window.
    From the Drop down box select any one of the Sort Order.
    It will reflect on your chart legends.
    Also you can follow the below Forum posting:
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  • Changing Chart Legend Title

    How do I change a legend title? I created a bar chart using the chart wizard, and the legend title was taken from the name of the column appearing on the Y-axis. I changed the axis label, but this change was not propagated to the legend title. Is there anyway to change the legend title, either directly or through PL/SQL?

    Oracle Graphics allows for the direct access to any object within a Chart via PL/SQL. This can be done either through a number of built-ins or even by traversing the Chart's Object Heirarchy (VGS tree) By getting the handle to the label object it is possible to directly change the text. The Reports Team is correct in that it cannot be done directly from within the Reports Builder (though may be passed as a parameter at run time). Instead create an OPEN_DISPLAY trigger in the Oracle Graphics Builder for the OGD which takes the desired text as a parameter.
    There are examples of getting the handle to a chart opject in the demos & documentation.

  • Cannot change chart legend data

    I am modifying an existing document and changing chart data in the data editor window. The resulting pie chart is accurate but the legend show the old data. I've deleted it and turned off/on the Show Legend selection and still the data does not match the chart. Any ideas ?

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  • How to programatically (dynamically) change the chart legend ?

    How do I add new labels/symbols to the chart legend dynamically ?
    I'm creating a scatter graph using the query
    select A,B,C from tableX group by A
    B is the y-axis, C is the x-axis. Points plotted for each grouping of A will be a different color. I know I can change the color of the point to be plotted thru the format trigger. The format trigger will change the color of the plotted points when there is a change in the grouping of A. My problem is how can I add a new label/color to the legend for each grouping of A as it is plotted ? The number of groupings of A is variable depending on what's in tableX. I need to programatically create the legend (each grouping of A will have it's own label/color) thru the format trigger as I won't know before hand how many groupings of A there will be.

    Try with Presentation variables.

  • Arranging Chart Legend Items

    Is there a way to change the sort or arrangement of items in a chart legend? I am doing a simple stacked bar chart with 2 measures - % Pass and % Fail (for a school system), but it always shows % Fail as the first item in the legend. I would like to show % Pass there any way?

    We can do using combine with similar request
    Col A Col B '%Pass' 1--Req 1
    Col A Col B '%Fail' 2 --Req 2
    Asc order on numbers(1,2) .So that the legends will come %pass and %fail try it in pivot table
    I didn't tried this but i hope it ll work...All the best

  • Chart Legend Labels

    Hi all,
    It's extremely annoying to have to go thru all chart legend label displays and rename them to something else other than the formula.
    For example, I have a Sum of @Formula that's displaying and in order to change that, I have to go into every single chart and right click > edit label
    Is there a more round about way to do this update once?

    yes that's annoying. try this if you are willing to try a workaround...
    1) put a crosstab on top of the legend that contains your formula as the row.
    2) while still in the crosstab expert, get rid of the gridlines, the cell padding
    3) exit the crosstab expert and change the row height to match the line height of the legend
    4) change the background of the crosstab so that you can't see the legend
    a bit more work, but it works.

  • Custom Formatting Of Chart Legends

    I've been playing with Flex Charting, and I have lots of nice
    looking graphs that I've created from database feeds. However, what
    I really want to know how to do is format the chart legend better.
    For example I have a pie chart that has about 50 different data
    items/series and the legend is huge in either horizontal or
    vertical mode it prints all the way down the page. How can I make
    it two, three or more columns?

    Hi Justin,
    I think, there is no way to do such a customization with the standard Javadoc (i.e. powered by the Standard Doclet).
    After all, the job of the standard Javadoc is doing standard (general) things and I just cannot imagine any general rule (setting or option) that would embrace all kinds of possible customizations about displaying of annotations.
    So, the only way in your situation would be to modify the doclet itself. You can try tweaking the standard doclet: overload some its classes or change sources (according to the license they provide). However, I just can say, that way proved to have lots of limitations.
    Fortunately, I could suggest you a different rote that would allow you solving your problem in a few minutes. We have a product called "DocFlex/Javadoc":
    This is a highly customizable Javadoc doclet. More exactly, this is a system for rapid development of professional quality doclets (with the support of both framed/single-file HTML and RTF output).
    With that tool, the generation of every sort of Javadoc output is programmed in special templates (using graphic Template Designer). The product is provided with the "standard template set" that generates the HTML Java API documentation very similar to the standard Javadoc.
    In fact, to solve you task, you will need to modify a subtemplate called "annotations.tpl". See on this page:
    If you are interested about all this, we could help you to modify the necessary template absolutely free. Then, you will need only to buy a full product license to have everything work without limitations and that will be all!
    So, if you are interested, please let us know by sending a e-mail to the address found on this page:
    Leonid Rudy

  • Flash Chart Legend Problem

    Im having a problem with my flash chart legends in Apex3.0.
    I have changed the name of the Series to what i want to appear in my legend - however the legend just shows "Value" for all my Series.
    Does anyone else have this problem?

    I need a legend like this
    No of Clicks('000)
    If i give l" No of Clicks('000)" as column alias, chart says Error :No chart data available.
    If i give "No of Clicks('000')" or "No of Clicks(''000)" as column alias in the query, it displays the correct legend..
    Would anybody tell me how to show the legend like this
    No of Clicks('000)

  • Chart Legend: Worked in Beta, No longer working in Prod

    Hi everybody,
    The legend attached to the LineChart is no longer displaying the proper color. That is, the line, in the linechart is red (as requested) but the "legend" is black. It is supposed to be a red square and the word "Jobs" but I get a black square (as it is not picking the fact that it should be red).
    <s:SolidColorStroke id="s3" color="red" />
    <mx:Legend dataProvider="{myChart}" />
    <mx:LineChart id="myChart"
      x="10" y="40" width="600" height="400"
      showDataTips="true" >
    <mx:LineSeries yField="id" displayName="Jobs" lineStroke="{s3}"/>
    This worked in Beta but no longer works in Production. Is this a bug or I need to make coding changes to accommodate to new Production ways of dealing with this?

    Seems like a bug to me.  If you remove lineStroke="{s3}", the chart legend loads fine.
    Might have something to do with fill color perhaps?
    In any case, the fills documentation says:
    "If you specify the fills property and you want to have a Legend  control, you must manually create a Legend control and add LegendItems to it."
    Perhaps the entry for lineStroke should say the same.
    In the mean time you could use the defaults, or a custom Legend, like this (place into an AIR 2 project if you try running it):
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:WindowedApplication xmlns:fx=""
                                xmlns:mx="library://" width="1059" height="722">
                   public var platformsData:Array = [{id:1, jobs:'Test1'},{id:4, jobs:'Test2'},{id:6, jobs:'Test3'},{id:9, jobs:'Test4'}];
              <s:SolidColorStroke id="s3" color="0xFF0000" weight="2" alpha=".8"/>
              <mx:LegendItem label="Jobs" fontWeight="bold">
                        <mx:SolidColor color="0xFF0000"/>
                        <mx:SolidColorStroke color="0xFF0000" weight="2"/>
         <mx:LineChart id="myChart" x="53" y="124" width="600" height="400" dataProvider="{platformsData}" showDataTips="true">
                   <mx:LineSeries yField="id" displayName="Jobs" lineStroke="{s3}"/>

  • Chart Legend issues

    Is there a way to force a Bar Chart legend in Crystal Report 11.5 to display its objects in a particular order?
    For Example, say I am reporting on the consumption of "Bananas" and "Apples" by State. The Bar Chart should display the percentage of people who eat these fruits by county (Percent Bar Chart). The "Apples" percentage always displays on top of the bar chart and the "Bananas" on the bottom. The legend for this graph also displays the "Apple" color first, then the "Banana" color. However, if the "Banana" percentage is 0% the legend displays the "Banana" color first on the legend. This creates a inconsistent report (with plenty of complaints).
    I would like the "Banana" color to always display second in the legend. Hope I didn't confuse anyone and any ideas would be helpful.
    Thanks in advance!

    Can you post an example .rpt (saved with data)?
    I can throw it up in the debugger and see what's going on.
    -[Dan3D|] (who quite possibly wrote the legend code many years ago).

  • Pie chart legend options

    I have a spreadsheet with "expense categories" in one column and "dollar figures" in the second column.
    When I highlight the columns and create a chart I DON'T want to have to use "show legend" (with the color circles at the bottom) as it repeats my expense categories and just takes up space.
    What I want is what shows up with I click on the pie chart. When I do that, it changes my spreadsheet and shows the corresponding colors to the left of the categories.
    Is there a way to have my spreadsheet legends show up like in the picture below to the left?  It goes away the minute I click off the pie chart or try to print.
    Thanks in advance.

    See if this gets you started s
    I put the legend in a separate table that consists of a single column. The column contains formulas that refer to the data table (Table 1). The formulas are not affected by sorting the data table, you can sort it all you want and the legend will be correct. I filled each cell with color and used conditional formatting to make it white text on a white background if there is no header text for that row. I also made the borders white so they would blend into the page. Add text in one of the empty rows of the data table and you'll see how it acts.
    Notice that a pie chart has only six different colors, then the colors repeat. You can modify that but you'll also have to modify what I did by changing the legend cells to the the new colors. I changed the colors by turning on the legend, using the magnifying glass in the Color window to get the color, then drag/dropping the color on the cell. I do not know how many different colors you can use.
    I recommend locking the legend table so it cannot be modified by the user.
    I recommend turning Wrap off in the data table.  If text wraps it makes the row taller which will cause the legend and the table to become misaligned.  Changing the font, changing rows sizes manually, or moving the table will do that too.
    I recommend locking the chart so it cannot be modified by the user.

  • Pie Chart legend label icon

    Hi, is it possible to change the label icons of a Pie Chart legend? I have a pie chart with genre distribution % and would like to set the male and female genre icons instead of the color. 
    Thank you

    Hello Pedro,
    in general you can' t change the label icons in SSRS - I assume you mean with "label icons" the small colored rectangles indicating each of the sections in a pie chart. But I have a workaround for you: Simply not to use the build-in labeling mechanism
    of the chart, but to create an individual textbox with the needed symbols for your purposes. In that textbox you have to set an expression for showing the needed male or female symbols as Unicode-chars. There's a text function for that, I mean something like
    "=ChrW(&XXX)" is the appropriate expression. XXX has to be the character string of the Unicode-chartset, if you want e.g. the male symbol as an icon. Unfortunately, I can't post links, but it's quite easy to find via Bing or Google the needed
    chars or signs in the Unicode-Table (use e.g. "Unicode table" as search string and you find a great site for retrievaling chars and symbols in the Unicode-Table).
    Generally spoken, I wouldn't use pie charts at all, normally bar charts are the better choice in visualizing data - with bar charts it's easier to recognize skales than in a pie chart and you can often label bars in a direct way, so you don't need an extra
    I hope I could help you, but feel free to ask me, if yo have further questions

  • Chart legend fails to print correctly

    When I print the front panel of my vi, the text in the chart legend is not visible on the printed document.  I have tried changing the font and style of the text in the legend, but that usually causes the program to crash.  I am using Labview 8.5.1 and Windows XP. Is there a way to get the entire front panel to print correctly?

    Yes, it would be very helpful if you could upload a simple VI that one can use to reproduce the issue.
    What type of chart is this happening with?
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  • Chart Legend Formatting.

    Post Author: c93293
    CA Forum: Charts and Graphs
    Does anyone know how to remove commas in a chart legend for numeric data?

    Keynote is now version 6.1
    Selecting the text and changing attributes works as it should.

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