Change color and font in two button dialog box

The two button dialog is boring.
I need to change the font (larger), the background color, the button color, and hilite the important part of the message.
Ex: is this color RED ? I'd like to see RED is red.
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Hi trout00;
I think it will be better if you create your own dialog window. Create a vi with all the features you want the dialog window to perform. Edit the connectors of the vi so they return what you want to retrieve (Right-click the upper right icon in the fron panel of the vi and select "Show Connectors"). Then, edit the configuration of your vi so it behave like a dialog box (Right-click the upper right icon again and select "VI Setup..."). Finally, add your vi to your main application vi.

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    Best to do so in the source document if it is available. If not, in Acrobat Pro XI for PC you can use the Edit Text and Images tool. The font and color appear in the Tools pane under Format. I seem to recall this worked differently in version X.
    Hope this helps.
    a 'C' student

  • "Two Button Dialog" is displaying OK and CANCEL button in different language..

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    That doesn't look like the standard LabVIEW Two Button Dialog (icon is different).  Have any code you can show?
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  • Edit a png file... change colors and text and then export to gif?

    First I want to state that I am VERY new to Fireworks and I am trying to figure out how this works!  I typically use Photoshop.
    I was sent a PNG file (from a friend).  The file has many buttons on it that I believe are somehow saved or exported out as gif images to be buttons on her website.  All of the buttons are basic rectangles that are gray with black text.  She was told she could edit all of the buttons quickly in Fireworks (change their color, font color, etc) and it would change them all together.  Then save them all out so we would have the individual gif files for the buttons to save to the directory.
    So... I am able to open the png file in Fireworks and I can select each button or all of them, but I cannot see how to change their color and font, etc.  I know this must be very simple!  Can someone help me?
    Thank you!

    Have a look in the ocument Library panel to see if the buttons are Symbols. If yes, then double click on one of the buttons to open it in the symbol editor where you can easily make changes in all of them at once.

  • Two button dialog have to press no twice

    I put a 2 button dialog in an event structure. When my stop button is pressed the value changes, it enters the event structure and a two button dialog pops up that says do you really want to quit? If yes is pressed the program ends. If no is pressed the dialog box stays open. If its pressed again, then the program continues running. Essentially it does what i need it to do, keeps the program running if no is pressed but its a bit annoying to always have to click it twice. Any way to fix this?
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    Is it possible that you may have 2 instances of this dialog in the block diagram, one on top of the other, so you can't see there's 2 of them there? Try moving the VI icon. If not, please post your code, as it may be a race condition.

  • Setting color and font

    I need a way to set the properties of a text box--color and
    font of the text inside it--upon an event, wether it's in the
    timeline or off a button release or even LoadMovie would work. Is
    this possible?

    Hi Firstodd,
    1. Try re-assigning the text after you set the format:
    blackjack.onPress = function() {
    var oldText=this._parent.field.text;
    var myFormat = new TextFormat();
    myFormat.font = "BlackJack";
    I haven't played around with the AS3.0 enough yet but I know
    that the
    2.0 one applies changes to new text so you need to add "new"
    text to the
    field by recopying the existing text. Basically...rewrite the
    text with
    the new format.
    2. Your formats are stored in the text field's format
    property. You can
    either keep a reference to the original format you created
    above), or use:
    var myFormat=this._parent.field.getTextFormat();
    The text format has a variety of properties you can read such
    as font,
    size, color, and so on. Have a look at the TextFormat class
    reference in
    the Flash help. Most of these are completely optional so you
    set/read whatever you want.
    About the text, you simply read or write to the field's text
    like we did in example 1:
    this._parent.field.text="This is new text";
    var fieldText=this._parent.field.text;
    If you want the user to be able to input text into the field,
    make it an
    input field:
    Otherwise, it's just dynamic:
    Do you want it selectable?
    If it's tall enough to support multiple lines, do you want
    Automatic line wrapping on lines?
    You can get even lower-level if you want. You can monitor
    what the user
    types character by character (assuming this is AS2.0):
    function onFieldChanged(fieldRef:TextField) {
    trace ('Field now has text: '+fieldRef.text);
    A field can also cut off if you exceed the available area.
    You can set
    auto-sizing so that the field adjusts itself to what you
    //Use 'center' to keep the text aligned to the center of the
    field, and
    'right' for right alignment.
    Dimensions of the typed text, in pixels, can be obtained
    (You can get the dimensions of the field using _width and
    _height but
    this is the field size, including borders).
    Speaking of borders:
    And background...
    this._parent.field.backgroundColor=0x00FF00; //green
    this._parent.field.background=true; //turn it on
    I could go on for pages...have a look at the TextField class
    to see
    everything else you can grab.
    The TextField class is the actual field...TextFormat is the
    format that's applied to the text.
    Hope that helps,
    Firstodd wrote:
    > Actually, I did this to embed the fonts I wanted (they
    are all non-standard):
    > The buttons to pick the fonts are broken down, so
    graphic and not text. Off
    > the the side, out of the canvas, I made a text box for
    each font I wanted, and
    > put a letter in each, anything would work. I applied the
    font to each of these
    > letters/text boxes, and then on the properties, I
    clicked the "Embed..."
    > button, and ctrl-selected "uppercase" "lowercase"
    "numerals" & "punctuation",
    > for each font on each text box.
    > Works great, the dynamic text that lets the user types
    in changes fonts and
    > colors correctly using the script you gave me, even on
    computers that don't
    > have those ornamental fonts installed.
    > --
    > However, I do have a couple questions that any advice
    would be appreciated...
    > 1. When the playing the .swf (which is just 1 frame
    stopped), the buttons that
    > change the font and color of the named dynamic box--they
    have to be pressed
    > twice the first time to apply it to the text. But after
    it's been applied, and
    > you change it, one click will do to get it back to that
    color again. I can't
    > figure out what would be causing this. My scripts are
    all clones of this:
    on (release) {
    > blackjack.onPress = function() {
    > var myFormat = new TextFormat();
    > myFormat.font = "BlackJack";
    > this._parent.field.setTextFormat(myFormat);
    > };
    > }
    > changed accordingly for the color buttons.
    > 2. My next step on this is to, upon the push of a
    button, extract the
    > information of the instanced text box. As you can see, I
    named it "field". I
    > don't know where to start with the script for these
    kinds of things.
    > Properties... I mean what the user has typed, it's
    color, and it's font.
    > Actually, this needs to go to some sort of check out
    system, which I'm not
    > familiar with at all, so I'm not expecting a walk
    through setting it up, just
    > some direction if you could =).
    > Thanks again
    > Woodbury
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  • Changing Colour and font of individual OAF pages

    Is it possible to change colour and font for individual OAF pages?I am aware of CUSTOM.xss but that changes it for the whole application.I want to make the changes for specific pages.

    Try using HTML:
    Set the text to:
    area.setText("<html>My <b>Text</b> Here</html>");
    and see if the word Text is in bold. If so, then you can go as far as you want using HTML tags to set bold, color, etc.

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    I have added some custom colors and font families in our partner portal > online editor settings for a client site. When editing a page or web app item in the Manage tab of the admin console, I can see these colors and fonts in the editor. However, when going to the Edit tab (in context editing), and clicking on a block with ice:editable='html' I only see the standard fonts and colors.
    Does anyone know if this is a known issue? Or is there some workaround to get the custom colors and fonts into the in context editor?

    It's all type, and afew 3D shapes I created, but I noticed when they were printed out by the printer at work, everything was quite fuzzy. However this occured when I saw that 24 MB was way too much to e-mail through my works server. So at that point I decided to make everything into a .gif and place them into Indesign and PDF them, by doing that i completey reduced the quality and the size, so after it printed it was very pixailized on the edges, and the colors were a few tones off....
    I guess I just want to have the best of both worlds a small pdf and good quality...

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    There is nothing you can do with that unit
    Apple should exchange it for an Out of Warranty exchange  identical 5S  for $269 if you are in the US ,similar pricing elsewhere

  • May have down loaded a trojan or virus while down loading torrents.  My menu and windows change color and pattern now.  Anyone have this happen before?  I repaired the permissions and everything was fixed except one.

    My dumb *** may have down loaded a trojan or virus while down loading torrents.  My menu and windows change color and pattern now.  Anyone have this happen before?  I repaired the permissions and everything was fixed except one.
    Warning: SUID file “System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ ent” has been modified and will not be repaired.

    You didn't do anything wrong.
    Not malware or a virus.
    But how do you explain this?
    My menu and windows change color and pattern now.

  • Quiz Drop list- How to change fontsize and font colour

    Request for guidance to change fontsize and font colour. I tried changing the colour in droplist property, but it doesn't work.
    There is no facility to change font size. Any work around?

    Are you talking about the dropdown-list for a Fill-in-the-Blank Question? I'm sorry, there is no way to change the style of the items in the dropdown-list. You can change the other Text Captions: Title, phrase, ... but not the dropdown list.

  • I have an Apple TV Gen1 and it has a blinking light that changes color and I dont get any video displayed

    we have lost a few AV items due to a recent storm and i am trying to find out if my apple Tv model: A1218 is dead or fixable. It has a blinking light that changes color and I dont get any video displayed. the color looks to go red, green, off and keeps repeating that cycle.

    All I could find is this:
    It looks to have an issue, i.e. possibly bricked.

  • Two button dialogue box

             In my VI i have used a two button dialogue box, i.e yes or no buttons.keyfocus will be on yes button, In run-time I  can interchange keyfocus from one button to other using Tab key. Is it possible by using left/right navigation key of keyboard? If so, how?
    Thanking you,
    Thanking you,

    Hi sushmith,
    create your own VI with two buttons and a text indicator. Create all the logic needed to handle button or key events. Create all the logic needed to increase size with text (as the "Two ButtonDialog" does). Set that VI to "dialog" in its properties. Do all this and you will have a VI to replace the original TwoButtonDialog that additionally handles left/right key...
    Btw. is there a standard UI/OS that doesn't use the tab key to switch between UI elements? I never came across some UI that faciliate the left/right key, atleast not for selecting UI elements...
    Best regards,
    CLAD, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2014SP1 on WinXP+Win7+cRIO
    Kudos are welcome

  • HT2500 How do I change default color and font

    Trying to change the default font color of my font when I reply or compose a message and the font window will allow me to change the font style but the color won't budge. d

    you cant alas! however you can  set your signature with a first letter with the font and colour of your choice
    It work well for me and really stop to anoye me to reset each email with the  font and colouur I want ! Hopefully Apple smart people can do something on this very basic issue!

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