Changing Country for Payments & Billing and Shipping Info

Hi, New to this so please go easy on me.
I am trying to add my payment details, Billing and shipping address etc but I cannot, I live in the UK and it is defaulting to a presumed USA address system and will not let me save my details because of it.
How do I change the country so I can start purchasing music?
Many thanks for your help in advance.

Scroll down to the bottom and see if there is a flag. Click on it (even if it is the UK flag) and select the appropriate country.

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    Hi all,
      I want master data source names for  these SOLD,BILL and SHIP TO PARTY.
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    Dear Gunasekhar,
    There are no separate datasource for 0sold to, 0ship to and 0bill to parties.
    They are referrenced to 0CUSTOMER in BW. and the datasources for 0customer are 0CUSTOMER_ATTR and 0CUSTOMER_TEXT.
    Assign points if useful
    Venkata Devaraj!!!

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    Fold is a bit of a myth these days.
    What is the fold, where is it? Considering all the variation of screen sizes, widescreen, laptops, retina and higher resolutions, mobile phones... tablets... ITs a Dynamic fold so what you think is the fold wont be the fold for me on my macbook for example.
    Scroll is a big change, everyone has some form of scroll wheel or trackpad or touch screen to scroll down.
    Just good design will have good turnover and ease of use

  • Changing default province even after completing billing and shipping address correctly?

    I intend to buy in Apps Store, though I completed billing and shipping info with complete address, I am forced to enter value in Province field whereas it is not a mandatory field in my place of stay. Any hints are appreciated.

    As I reside in a country with no Province, the field is not applicable. however, I am forced to enter this value when I intend to buy an App in App Store. Is there a way to make this field optional?

  • Billing and shipping address changes

    I have tried to change my billing and shipping address from my New Zealand address to my Canadian address but there isn't an option to change the country from new Zealand to Canada. HELP I want to send a book I have created to my sister for Christmas!

    I believe that you shipping information must match your credit card information
    see for moe information and a form to ask Apple questions
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  • Automatic Payment program for Bank bills and Bill of Exchange.

    Helllo Sapients,
    I need to configure Automatic Payment Program for Bank bills and Bill of Exchange. This configuration is for Europe, where Bank bills are very common.
    Can someone advise me or send me the configuration steps for the same.
    Thank you

    Yes, as long you have an open item on the customer account that needs paying.
    In F110 you see vendor_and_customer in the parameter screen.

  • Give me the Configuration steps  for intercompany billing and third party s

    Hi Gurus,
    Give me  the Configuration steps  for intercompany billing and third party sales and give me a brief description with examples.

    Dear YSR
    Check the links
    [Cross Company Configuration|]
    [Third Party Without Shipping Notification|]
    Third party order processing is as follows:
    Assume three companies X, Y and Z
    X - The company,
    y - The customer
    Z - Vendor
    When ever X gets a PO from Y to supply some goods, X has an option of either manufacturing those goods or procuring those goods.
    If he is procuring the goods, there are two methods that are generally followed:
    Method 1)
    After receiving the PO from Y, X creates a sales order against Y.
    Now at the same time he also creates a PO to a vendor Z to produce the goods
    Z produces the goods and supplies to X
    X receives the goods from Z
    Then X delivers the same goods to Y.
    After that X invoices Y and Z invoices X.
    Note : Here there is no direct/ Indirect relation between Z and Y.
    This process is known as Trading Process. and the Material here is created  with Material type HAWA.
    The other method is a Third party order processing method:
    Here the glaring difference is that instead of Z supplying the material to X and X in turn supplying the same material to Y.
    X authorizes Z to supply the material to Y on his behalf and notify him once the delivery is complete.
    Now Z supplies the material to Y and acknowledges the same to X.
    Z  will send a copy of delivery acknowledgement and invoice to X.
    After receiving the delivery confirmation and invoice from Z, X has to verify the invoice and this process is known as invoice verification and is done in SAP through Tcode MIRO.
    The next step for X  is to create an invoice and submit to Y
    Only after the invoice verification document is posted  then only X can create an invoice for Y.
    This is the business flow that is followed for third party order configuration.
    There are few steps that have to be configured to enable the system to function as mentioned above.
    If you are always followwing a third party process for a material then you have to create the material using item category group BANS.
    The procument type should be marked as External procurement (F) in MRP 2 view of the material master record.
    if you are not always allowing third party order processing then u can create a material master record with item category group as NORM and the procurement type should be marked as ( X) meaning both types of procurment ( in house manufacturing and external procurement).
    Step 2)
    the item category in the order should be manually changed as TAS.
    For that you need to confugure the item category determination
    ord type + item cat grp + usge + Hiv level = Item cat + Manual item cat
    OR + NORM +      +       = TAN . + TAS
    OR + BANS +       +       = TAS
    Step 3)
    make sure that during the item category configuration for TAS  you need to mark relevnat for billing indicator as F
    Step 4)
    The schedule line cateogry for this type should be CS.
    make sure that you mark  subsequent type as NB - purchase requisition  in this schedule line category as this will trigger the purchase requision order immediately after the creation of the sales order and the PO to vendor is created against this purchase requiesion.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • EPrint Billing and Shipping Dropdowns

    I am trying to setup my billing and shipping preferences on ePrint but when I get to the dropdown for (either) shipping or billing, the state of Michigan is not listed, so I am unable to complete my preferences and save my billing information.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Hi Tandems82,
    I understand that you're trying to setup billing and shipping for ePrint.  I have a couple of questions for you.  What are you trying to setup billing information for? Are you trying to setup Instant Ink?  
    Let me know and I will get you pointed in the right direction.  

  • I'm going to another country for a year and I would like to unlock my phone to take another sim other than my carrier. My contract with my present carrier is finished yet they still wouldnt unlock the iphone 4 for me. How can I be able to unlock it?t

    I'm going to another country for a year and I would like to unlock my phone to take another sim other than my carrier. My contract with my present carrier is finished yet they still wouldnt unlock the iphone 4 for me. How can I be able to unlock it?t

    Only the carrier to whom the device is locked can unlock it.
    If you do not meet their requirements or they do not offer unlocking there is no official way to unlock the device.
    Who is your carrier?

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    I got a message saying that the batteries were low, so changed them for new ones and now the keyboard cannot be 'found'. There seems to be no way to turn it on and make it 'discoverable' to the system.  At the moment I'm typing this on a spare keyboard plugged into the  back of my mac via a USB.  Please help!

    Have you checked to make sure the batteries are inserted the correct way? Have you tried to turn it on by pushing the right upper (round) edge of the keyboard - if you do that, do you see a tiny little green light? Since you have a wired keyboard, can you get to the Bluetooth setup/preference pane so you can manually try to sync the keyboard?
    PS - posting duplicate posts is not helpful - it makes things too confusing, so I've asked the hosts to remove your other (identical) post.

  • Layout set name for Payment advice and Cheque

    Hi All
    Pls let me know the SAP standard Layout name for Payment advice and Cheque
    Madhan D

    Layout name:  F110_PRENUM_CHCK

  • Contract for Back-Billing and Period End Billing

    Hi ,
    I have done the required configuration for Period-end billing with schema steps for back-billing , However when I try to execute the Billing simulation for period -end billing , I am unable to select contracts and system informs me that contracts are not activated for Back-billing and period -end billing . Please suggest me how to resolve this / How to activate the contract for period-end billing. I have gone through screens and fields in contract but I do not see any relevance for the above . Please suggest , Thanks in advance
    Warm Regards

    The Problem has been resolved , It was nothing to do with contract . I had maintained wrong Rate category in the  installation .

  • HT1657 Have a $15.00 credit and wish to rent a movie on Ipad but am being asked for payment method and redemption is not an option.

    Have a $15.00 credit and wish to rent a movie on Ipad but am being asked for payment method and redemption is not an option. Any suggestions?

    To Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
    Use this Link  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

  • Can't change country for account

    I recently moved from the UK, and though my cards are still attached to banks in there, they now have billing addresses in the US. So, I've dutifully gone off to my iTunes account to change the address details to my US billing address -- but it doesn't work!
    Or it doesn't work all the way .... When I go to change country, selecting the US, I follow the onscreen instructions to change my card billing addresses. But after clicking "Done", I get an error saying my account was changed while I was editing it (errrr, yeah ....) and my details could not be saved (wha ...?).
    Except some of the account details are saved: I've now got a US street address and phone number, but the town, post code, and (all importantly) country are still the old UK info. This is very interesting, but not very helpful. Nevertheless, no matter what I do, I can't seem to get the account details finally switched over to my US address.
    Any thoughts? Is this some bizarre insoluble problem caused by having a UK card with a US billing address? (That would also be interesting, but very annoying!)

    A couple things I'd like to mention since last posting.
    First off, I called Apple again about my issue to see if they were getting close to fixing it. During the conversation the rep i spoke to suggested a work around. Basically, she pointed me to go back to the myinfo site and at the bottom where it says "Don't have an Apple ID?" link to click that and create a new one. So i did and set it all up as US (instead of Canada which it wasn't letting me change from). I went to iTunes and logged into the US store with my new ID and it of course pops up a window saying to verify the info and such and enter your form of payment(or select none). By doing this I was able to authenticate my iPhone and get it all up and working.
    Now my initial concern with setting up a new Apple ID was that the music I had previously purchased with my other account while living in Canada would no longer play because I'd have to authenticate the new ID. So I tested it. When you download a song with a different ID and then click play, it does ask you to authenticate but I am still able to play my older songs too. They also all sync up to the iPhone just fine and all play just fine. So right now it's my recommended work around.
    Little problem though. while I was able to make a new ID with a US address that showed up properly in iTunes, it still would not accept my credit card. My credit card is a Canadian card but I have changed it to a US billing address. iTunes, however, knows this and when you enter it in the payment options and click ok, it tells you that you must enter a valid US credit card. So all im doing now is buying iTMS gift cards with my credit card and then adding them to my new Apple ID when want to purchase something.
    Hope this helps a bit.

  • Print photo book with billing and shipping addresses in different countries

    I live in the U.S. and would like to create photo books for family living in Europe. Rather than sending the book myself to Europe after having it first printed in the U.S. and shipped to me in the U.S., I would like to simply submit the book to the Apple print service in the country it is destined to anyway.
    Unfortunately, the Apple print service bases the country in which the order is fulfilled solely on the billing address of the credit card used, i.e. U.S. in my case. In addition, one can not choose a shipping country other than the country of the billing address.
    Has anyone else found a way around this limitation?

    I can't offer a way around, but at least for me in Europe it doesn't seem to be a problem: I have had Aperture books sent to England whilst the bill comes to me in Switzerland. I think I read once that quite a lot of Apple's European printing is done in Holland, maybe that makes a difference.
    More generally I do find Apple's way of dealing with international customers a bit irritating - I can only order software through the Swiss Apple-store in French or German...

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