Changing Oracle Report Output Format at runtime

Dear All,
I've custom Oracle Report in Oracle Apps., and would like to give the users an option to select the output format (XML, TEXT, PDF, etc.) whilst submitting the request.
As a SYSADMIN, we can modify the Output Format value of the concurrent program(Oracle Report in this case) to one we like.
But I would like the user to select this output format option at runtime, rather then hard coding at SYSADMIN level. For that I've to create a Value Set with the desired report output format options, and attach this to the concurrent program.
My question is, how we can make the desired output format to work at runtime?
If any one can help?

Hi Steve,
I couldn't get it...???
I'm running an Oracle Report in Oracle Apps. release 11.5.9
The default output format of this report is TEXT, which is defined in its concurrent program.
This report is submitted using standard request submission screen, and after successful completion we can view the output by pressing "View Output" button on "Requests" screen. This will open an another window and we can view the output page by page. Using "Tools>Copy File..." menu option, we can view the same output in IE window.
Now, how does your resolution fits here and how can I view the same report in XML format?
Many Thanks,

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    Yes, it is possible.
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    I believe the only option for WEBI reports output formats are Web Intelligence, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat.
    We have been having problems with scheduled reports output format in Excel. WEBI report's page layout is set to Legal and Landscape. But, MS Excel does not keep the same WEBI page layout margins for legal and landscape, and the report does not fit to page on Excel. WEBI formatting works best on Adobe Acrobat.
    We opened a ticket with SAP... their response was it is a known issue with no solution.


    Dear Friend.
    I would be appreciate, if someone help me to sort out the following.
    . How to send Oracle Report output(.RDF) to email thr Application.
    and what are prerequisites required.
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    4. Server computer itself any modem is required to enable email output.
    pls. do this help. As I am not familiar in this Area.
    Pls.Pls. send the reply to mail id ([email protected])
    Thanks in Advance.
    laila syed

    This forum is for Forms questions. Please ask your question on the Reports forum.
    Robin Zimmermann
    Forms Product Management

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    Use desformat=delimited.

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    There is a strange case, we have an customize concurrent program to display output in xml format. Now Problem is, if query get single record on the bases of parameter then there is no column heading available in excel. However, if parameter meet more than one record then there is no issue with column heading and reports is working find.
    Pls have an idea?

    Dear Pk,
    Here is an example, will show the actual problem. Let explain you, first i have run report by restricting query on single record which output name is "output1", again i run same report by changing where clause so it return multiple row which is "output2". if you past code in text document each one and save it as xml but when you open this file in excel report you will find column heading which rows consist multiple row, however, ouput1 file have no heading columns that's a problem.
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    <!-- Generated by Oracle Reports version -->
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!-- Generated by Oracle Reports version -->
    Hope you got it.

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    Hello Andy,
    The APEX Query Builder was not designed as a report generator. It’s main purpose is to allow novice users to create SQL queries in a bit more friendly manner. After testing the validity of the query, with the displayed format type, you should actually copy the generated SQL code into an appropriate page region, like a report region.
    The configuration options of this specific tool are very limited, and as far as I know, the kind of things you are asking for can’t be done in this version. One of the major additions to APEX 4.0 will be something (I don’t know the final name for it) that will allow you to do the sort of things you are asking for.
    >> Also cant he number of records that are displayed by increased to say 1000 or 4000 rather then 15?
    You can’t change the displayed number of records in the Query Builder. A possible work around can be to copy the SQL query into the SQL Commands. There you can control the number of displayed records.
    &diams; Please remember to mark appropriate posts as correct/helpful. For the long run, it will benefit us all.
    &diams; Forthcoming book about APEX: Oracle Application Express 3.2 – The Essentials and More

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    With regards,

    The report is generated using Oracle reports 10g. But
    the oracle report was developed using 6i and its
    migrated to 10g.Hi!
    Yeah, I understand that you migrated 6i reports to 10g. But you didn't answer my question (how look like PDF - in Reader 7.0 - generated with 6i?).
    With this i just want to determinate is this problem has anything to do with migration from 6i to 10g or not?

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    I need ur help........plz tell me how to convert rdf report output in excel sheet format currently it come in pdf format. actually oracle apps version 11.5.9 there is no option for xml publisher report that's why i m facing prob.
    report builder version : 6i
    database : 9i
    Report belong from AR module......................... Debtor Ledger Report of AR.
    I hv tried Text,xml report output option but not worked.......plz give me idea how to resolve this issue...................................thanks

    How To View / Open Concurrent Requests With The Excel Application [ID 377424.1]
    Please also see old threads for similar discussion --

  • Report output format run in background

    Hi All,
    when I am running any report containing large volume of data in background,report
    output is coming only of 10 pages by default.Even when exporting to desktop,data
    of only 10 pages are being exported.While my data is of around 1000 pages.Every
    time I am going to "settings" button & entering last page no such as 1000 & first
    page no as 1.System is giving message as " Displaying 1000 pages could casue a memory
    loss". After long time ,report output is coming & after exporting to desktop in
    spreadsheet form,data is coming hapazardly .That is not in proper form like the one
    if we export from report output run in foreground. Such as IH08 t-code.In case of
    forground,each information ( field) comes in one column,but in case of background not
    like that.
    My requirement is how can we make display all the pages by default & while
    exporting to desktop,how can we export so that each information(fields) seats
    in one column like in case of forground run report output.Also why the message"
    "Displaying 1000 pages could casue a memory loss" is coming.
    Thanks in advance

    To avoid memory overflow SAP display only first 10 pages of spool request.
    However this value can be change, at risk of running out of memory, on 'list of Spool Request screen' using menu goto->display requests->setting.
    Edited by: pawankesari on Nov 14, 2011 8:34 PM

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    How to save a report output in "RTF" format in client system..
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    I'm unable to see the report in client machine as they appear in reports cache folder on server.
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    Thanks & Regards...

    You cannot save a file directly to a client PC. After running the report you have to open the generated file in the browser (with web.show_document, plenty of examples in this forum) and the user can then save the document on his PC.

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